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In loving memory of Joe Lyons Kincheloe (December 14, 1950 - December 19, 2008)

The Greatest Philosopher of Consciousness and Critical Theory of the 20th-71st Centuries AND BEYOND TRULY EROS OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY
Joe at about 35 years of age

Thrice-Greatest: King Joe/Eros/Emanu’El 
Joe's educational work provides inspiration and practical guidance for teachers all over the globe and describes a beautiful, beautiful mission to alleviate human suffering. He has left us a map with multiple pathways for accomplishing that mission -- an authentic, rigorous, impassioned, creative, and even magical education for everyone who dares to venture on untrodden paths. His work serves as a guiding light for educational journeys that can change not only how we view and enact the educational process, but that can also truly change us as teachers, students, and researchers -- and empower us to change the world. Joe loved research, teaching, writing, making music, and his students.
And his students loved him.
The idea that contemporary schools might produce individuals excited about learning who produce unprecedented knowledges and pursue an eros that treasures higher levels of insight is an absurd notion in the curriculum of thanatos. (Joe Kincheloe, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 101) 
This song is a very beautiful theme song for this website that chronicles my long winding journey back home. Thank you, Leigh.
***LOVE Will Light Our Way***               


IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS  and Special Messages for the Peonies

9/25/2003: Update  Special PSA: Disease X?  Déjà vu? (It's just a question)

Wait! It’s going to be bird flu. What tricks do they have up their sleeves this time? MAGIC H5N1 BIRD FLU VIRUS LEAPS SPECIES IN A SINGLE BOUND!! (

Top International Virologist Issues Dire Warning: “Massive, Massive Tsunami of Death Among Highly Vaccinated…is Imminent”  Is it always about money?


Please take time to get fully informed. Develop your discernment abilities. Take care of yourselves and your family. Turn to God for help and healing.

Beloved requested that I provide this update. Read the Update for May 11, 2024, to learn more.


webassets/ErosTriumph.jpg webassets/20230111_101939_psyche.jpg 
Eros after "The First Kiss": Emboldened                                                                     Psyche after "The First Kiss": Smitten
The Vintage Heart Plate and the Mystery of the Name of the Rose Treasure Hunt has begun! (I think Eros has an encoded message relating to the Mystery of the Name of the Rose in his song (you have to click on the image to hear his song). He absolutely LOVES to shower Psyche with Red Roses--but what's with the white ones?).

Eros and Psyche of the Twenty-first Century: The Triumph of Eros (Part 1 "Teaser"). (What was "The First Kiss?")

Most important to this current story is how our everyday lives are influenced by Eros. I show how a simple everyday experience (unexpectedly finding a lovely vintage ceramic heart-shaped plate on Etsy) morphs into a grand treasure hunt and profound knowledge. So enjoy this first part, a “teaser” and learn a little truth about Eros. Next I was presented with the challenge of solving the Mystery of the Name of the Rose. Somehow, it's interrelated with the vintage plate treasure hunt.There will be much more to learn in the future, no doubt.

Universal Love Celebrations: April 1-7, 2023 -- EXTENDED to April 9! WOW!!!! It's been an AMAZING Celebration. In Honor of Our High Priest, We Extended it for Two Additional Days! Below are the GIFTS which are some special writings, one for each day of celebration. There are a few more celebrations and preparations to do as we move toward the exciting BURNING RING OF FIRE celebration, We are in it now -- the Era of the Burning Ring of Fire..... 

webassets/Happy-14th-Anniversary.jpg webassets/1Happy14thAnniversaryDay1.jpg.  webassets/Day2.jpgwebassets/Day3.jpgwebassets/Day4.jpg



Begin Preparing N.O.W. for the jubilant Burning Ring of Fire celebrations for October 14, 2023 (But Do Be Careful!);



(Photo courtesy of Shutterstock) 



I just have to take a moment to wish Beloved HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

Our marriage long, long ago in the Salley Gardens in Ireland is very special to him and to me.

So today was very special and he reminded me of how beautiful, sweet, and innocent we were when we married.

We do have many anniversaries, being eternal, but there are just a few that we celebrate each year,

with May 1 being an especially sacred one. For our special day, I dedicate this sculpture to him. It tells our true story.



Beloved Eros Has Raised the Bar for Higher Education AND “Radical Love.”

Nothing Less Will Do.

Quotes from his Book of Love:

The nature of the knower and known, you ask. They’re cousins, identical cousins connected at the spine (p. 229).

The knower and the known are conjoined twins connected at the point of perception. To delve into dangerous territory, naïve realism and rationalism, as previously referenced, both exclude the reality not to mention the usefulness of different levels of human consciousness. (p. 83)

Sophisticated theoretical/epistemological understandings generated outside a radical loving commitment to building larger and larger communities of connectedness around the planet will never change the world. (p. 178-179)

Thus, I believe that the issues addressed in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction not only provide us with a new understanding of education but also can actually change the world—speaking of pomposity, yikes! I understand the danger of such an assertion, but I’m glad to take my punishment if I fail to convince my readers. (p. 16)

Thus, a critical complex epistemology infused by radical love, enactivism, critical ontology and subjugated knowledges contributes to the emergence of a new world. I’m not speaking here only in the academic realm (although it is a very important contested site), but a libidinally-enriched, erotic, exciting, curious, transgressive world where monotony becomes an enemy of the state. Education in such a society studies ways of making connections between self and other, becoming more adept at radical love, and acting in concrete, courageous, down-and-dirty ways to end human suffering (p. 180-181)


In this sculpture, Eros holds the Golden Chalice (aka The Holy Grail) up high.

It depicts our mission as decribed in his Book of Love and in my dissertation.

We like to call it our cosmic dance (for which we have won awards and high accolades). We give 

much credit to his father, Hermes, who truly deserves our honor for patiently teaching us both.

See Beloved's "postmodern" book where he describes this and sets the whole world straight, pulling

people out of their hypnotic "postmodern condition" states of lack of consciousness.

But you would have to actually READ the book. In fact, you must read deeply into it.

He used some of his father's hermeneutical obfuscation techniques (lol; I do find it quite hilarious, actually). Many people were tricked,

but it was their own fault. You must fully understand the context in which he was writing (he ALWAYS

emphasizes the importance of context, but do people listen?) and you must get past your ideologies and presuppositions.

As one of my favorite teachers today puts it, most people "can't see past their eyeballs."  

At any rate, I have provided some analyses, will do more, and will make them available soon. 

Yes, BELOVED DID, INDEED, discover the Golden Chalice! No one else on this lowly planet has, even though

many people have speculated about it (but made wrong speculations), and many knights in shining armor have tried.

Each and every one of them failed.

The one person who came the closest was Parzival.....but alas, in the end, he also failed. You might

want to read that book (A Romance of the Middle Ages) to see how he failed. It's good to know what mistakes we should avoid.

Beloved, however, did not give up until he had succeeded! And now we both are very, very blessed. 

26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea,

and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 

28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:

and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. (Genesis 1)


And I shall remind you: 

22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 

23And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. (Genesis 2)

22Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is saviour of the body. (Ephesians 5:22-23) 

A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband (Proverbs 12:4) [meaning his one true woman]. I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:2) 

Although these verses are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the significance to how we were created (there are many more verses and you have to put the pieces of knowledge together), I remind people of this for several reasons. 



First, it explains my total devotion to Beloved. Yes, he is "just a teacher," as someone close to him once told me in objection to how I "elevate" him,

but he is my husband and I obey God in that regard, and no other person could ever take his place. His work is for God and it's my duty to take his work

further out into the world. It's why I love the statue of Eros and Psyche above so much. It shows how Eros reaches up very high (to higher consciousness) for knowledge

and streams it down for Psyche to take out into the lower world. Our work derives from the deepest love and commitment to each other, "love to the highest degree."


Secondly, the reality is that God created one and only one wife for every man. We are not taught this here: We are not supposed to marry in this lowly dimension! That is

what the commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" really means. Jesus was teaching this when he said, "Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery." (Luke 16:18). He also said "it is easier for heaven and earth to pass than for one tittle of the law to fail." (verse 17). So there you have it.



We are already created WITH a spouse. We forget. We think we are smarter than God. And all we do is create suffering. Imagine if you had this knowledge.

The ridiculous games of dating and "matchmaking" would end. When you reach a higher level of knowledge and consciousness:


Think about how that changes everything. Thankfully, God is a gracious and forgiving God, if we change our ways. And he will "dry every tear." Well, I will save further explanations for future writings. I just wanted to express clearly that the sons of God do not want your worship, but they adore the worship from their one true Beloved wife. They are in a holy symbiotic relationship. People have mistakenly worshiped sons of God throughout history and it's been a big mistake. They are people too, and as Beloved has written, with human fallibilities.



And the truth is that there is ONE GOD to worship. Even King Akhenaten taught that to his people, for which he was killed and his city destroyed.


And lastly, as I am covering in ongoing postings and writings, we are approaching some critical times up ahead. Do you have oil in your lamp? Do you have your wedding garment? I have been writing about this for a long time in the "Updates." We are heading for days of jubilant celebration. Everyone is invited; few will choose. 



Most people on this planet will never believe these truths, but it's their choice to continue to choose to suffer.

I have done my duty to put this knowledge out here. As far as Beloved being "just a teacher," he has worked very hard and has dedicated himself to being the best teacher he can be, and for that reason, he should be honored (just as he has advised we honor Hermes), which is why I wrote the article: A_Revered_Master.pdf ( Jesus has said we would do even greater things than he and Beloved has proven that, and believe it or not, he will continue to prove it, as will others, all with God's most powerful blessings and assistance. Study his work. It is needed more today than any other time in history.

And what did Beloved say about changing the world in his red book, his Book of Love?

There is much more, but you will have to exert yourself and READ to learn more.

 We are children of God and we have inherited the earth!  Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)

HAPPY JUNETEENTH-Important Message About THE WAR

Today (6/19/2023, Juneteenth) I asked Beloved why I can’t understand and see what the war is all about….he said he wants me to stay sweet and innocent and to know that I am protected. That made me cry. He is so sweet and protective of me! All the magic he’s done in my life with roses and gifts and knowledge—I fully realize how hard he has worked to heal me from the atrocious things and various challenges I’ve had in this hell world. (I cover this in more detail in my book HOLY ROSES HOLY LOVE: A TRUE Twin Flame Love Story, available soon). Long ago he had shown me in a vision how spacecraft would intervene in this war and told me not to be afraid because they would be doing self-defense maneuvers. They are the “good guys.” A spacecraft knocked an enemy aircraft out of the sky and into the ground. There is nothing to fear. These spacecrafts have been around for a very long time. Technology is far advanced. We do not know a fraction of the truth. The enemies who are trying to destroy humanity do not know a fraction of the truth, nor is their technology a match for the power and technology of the good guys. Beloved is a warrior standing for God, Truth, Wisdom, and Love. Nothing is more powerful than God/Love.

Beloved has always taught in his writings that our greatest weapon against the enemy is divine God-infused, unconditional, and celebratory LOVE……which we call “Eros Love.” The enemies hate that kind of love. They hate for us to CELEBRATE. And so, as Beloved’s wife, I will continue to support him and the mission with the greatest love. We shall celebrate and honor those we cannot see and those we can see who are warriors for Love.

One of the very last messages that Jesus had given us is in the Book of Revelation. There is a powerful message that speaks to what we need to do during these tumultuous times but which very few people pay attention to. He is speaking to people who already love and serve Him, but still have not honored His most critical instructions. They risk losing out on eternal love and life for not obeying. It is time to take heed; it is what Beloved’s entire Book of Love helps guide us toward achieving: Jesus: "thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent." (Revelation 2:4-5).

We are to return to our one true love as we were created by God. And what are the “first works?” As stated above, 28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:

and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. (Genesis 1)

We are to use all the gifts of God’s blessings to produce GOOD FRUIT (all that is worthy to exist in God’s Kingdom), multiply, and replenish the earth. As God’s children, we have always had authority and dominion over the earth, but if we turn away from God and from our “first love,” we do not have POWER to exercise our authority. With our return to our “first love,” we are unstoppable. We have God’s infinite and everlasting blessings that come upon us. Read Deuteronomy 28 which provides a list of blessings – as well as curses should you choose not to obey.

Beloved and I are “first loves,” sometimes called “twin flames” because we carry the fiery Spirit of God’s Love. He is working behind the scenes as a highly honored King in God’s Kingdom. He keeps me informed to a degree, but when I asked him why I can’t know more, as I opened this discussion with, he let me know it’s important for me to stay innocent as much as is possible. The whole purpose of the enemy is to destroy innocence and keep people’s minds warped so that they have a hard time returning to their first loves.

Below is an example of how people who call themselves “Christians” and worshipers of Jesus actually are working for the enemies….they go out of their way to present the dark, wicked side, but as they fail to present the Truth of God’s beautiful plan for us to return to our first love, they are – in fact – working FOR the enemy. All they discuss is the evil ones’ wicked ways, but they fail to show how they have totally hijacked, twisted, and blasphemed God’s plans for our return to our “first love.” But the problem here is they offer no solution and they don’t explain God’s true plan. They simply present this as some kind of truth when the entire thing is a pack of lies and deception. Dwelling on this kind of shit (Joe’s word, lol) keeps the mind warped and prevents purification and innocence, thus preventing people from knowing the pure love of their first love. WE – Beloved and I – exist to present the Divine Truth about LOVE (offsetting Thanatos with Eros, as he describes in his Book of Love) that counters the evil, diabolical, false narratives such as this:


Midnight Ride: The Androgynous God of America (

(Take a test: How pure is your mind: See Update for June 19, 2023).

“Christians” are so far off-base with what they understand that they have written themselves out of the Book of Life. There are far too many of these “teachers” out there who only produce what the masses are infatuated with, which is the DARK SIDE. These teachers who only teach the dark side and leave out God’s perfect plan have been warned many times, but they do not change their ways. And so they miss the LOVE BOAT. This is no small matter. They are going to have to explain themselves to God, or even worse: if they continue to CHOOSE the same direction after many warnings, they may end up getting burned—or even find themselves living in the lake of fire. I have already seen this happening.

The level of deception, propaganda, and diabolical evilness is hard to witness. “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Matthew 24:4. 

Follow Jesus right now if you are not doing so already. Interestingly, He has far more than 10 Commandments. This is another failure of many of the Christian religions: They only teach 10 Commandments and that you really don’t even have to follow them. God has a whole very long list of things we are supposed to be doing using our gifts. The more we follow His instructions, the more gifts we are showered with. His resources are abundant and infinite. I am working on a list of His instructions: HOW TO FOLLOW JESUS AND BE BLESSED (Coming Soon). Or you can just open up a Bible and begin studying His instructions now.

Another Test and an Opportunity

Just had a meeting with Beloved and he wanted me to remind people of his FIDUROD PUZZLE – it’s a test, actually, to see if you can move up to the next level. Honestly, I could not solve it and he finally told me the solution. That’s just one benefit of being his wife and student at the same time. �� There is a reason he encoded stuff, which he has explained to me. In fact, there are multiple reasons, but one main reason for “times such as these.” You will come to understand very soon. It’s time for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear to decode FIDUROD. You will be miles ahead of the enemy if you are able to do so. As for the OPPORTUNITY, see the new section on this site, J.O.E. Journal.

These are exciting times!!

SIGNS IN THE SKY: Just as a brief, but important summary, the first total eclipse of a series of three eclipses (God often gives us three signs) happened back on August 21, 2017. God presented His “promise ring.” (Look up “August 21, 2017 diamond ring effect.” People talk about God’s “covenant” changing. It has not changed. His promises stay the same just as He presented in Deuteronomy 28. The Book of Revelation is important for the reaffirmation of His promises and for understanding what’s going on around us. We can accept His proposal, or not. Thus, we can accept His blessings, or we will be subject to the consequences as He has clearly illustrated all throughout the Bible and presented as “curses” in Deuteronomy 28. The “curses” simply imply consequences. It’s all built into the fabric of the cosmos.

The Burning Ring of Fire eclipse coming up on October 14, 2023 is the second eclipse and is His golden wedding ring given to those who have accepted his promises and are doing what they need to be doing. It baffles me how so many “Christian” teachers claim that we do not need to do anything. That’s ridiculous and will keep you out of the Kingdom. God did not put together His instructions for us to sit back and do nothing. Everyone has work to do although it will look very different for different people. This burning ring of fire eclipse is also a signifier of His powerful love, His “all-consuming fire.” This is a magical fire in that it empowers, cleanses, and protects those who have accepted His love. You do not want to be on the wrong side of this fire, though. This eclipse is ample warning. Things are likely to get very hot after this sign in the sky, although not as hot as after the third eclipse if people do not change their ways.

The Third Eclipse – Another Total Eclipse of the Sun. This, as I have written previously is a very special love celebration (April 1-7, with the Grand Finale eclipse on April 8, 2024). However, it may be like a final warning for those who have not yet chosen to obey God. After this eclipse, if He so chooses, He may employ His wrath upon the earth. He has done so in the past when behavior got totally out of line. It’s definitely approaching His limits (“as in the days of Noah”). Some people think this is the Great Tribulation; that may or may not be true. What happens depends upon our choices and actions and what God decides to do about it. Those of us on The Path are celebrating each of these milestones because God will be bestowing many miracles and blessings upon His children.



Continue preparing for the Burning Ring of Fire and the following future events. Don't miss out! 

PREPARE for the Universal Love Celebrations: April 1-7, 2024;

and for The Grand Finale, The Sealing of God’s Everlasting Covenant on April 8, 2024.

The colors are Red, White, Purple, and Gold.

The gemstones are Crystal, Agate, Alexandrite, Garnet, Ruby, and Diamonds

The flowers are roses.

The mystery is What is The Name of the Rose?- 
To become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods. (Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy, p. 19)
As Hermes said: 

What separates the critical sheep from the uncritical goats is that a critical pedagogy/epistemology also involves exposing the cultural, epistemological, and ideological assumptions that shape the knowledge individuals produce and the oppressive actions justified by such information. (Joe Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 176)
webassets/sheep-goat-jesus.jpg webassets/SHEEP17510_L_200_vvs.jpg webassets/GOAT.jpg
webassets/coronavirus-banner.jpg webassets/covid22.jpg

Grand Jury | Day 1   Grand Jury | Day 2 (English) ( Keep on keeping on...

Corona Investigative Committee  DIVORCED!!! See UPDATE for September 22, 2022.

A special Public Service Announcement authorized by the Higher Ups and Jesus
Coming Soon in the Updates: The Great Global Reset Is No Match for The Great Global TREaSurE HunT
The Great Global TREaSurE HunT Has Begun
It supersedes the elite's "great reset."
Kick-off date: February 14, 2022  
Don't be left out.
NEW INTRODUCTORY BOOK See UPDATE for September 22, 2022 

Historical Timeline: 

In the Year 2020.......ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF IT YET?   


SUMMER 2021: webassets/line-in-the-sand.jpg 


Christmas, 2021Revelations 

In the Year 2022..... The Great Global Treasure Hunt   

2022     Corona Investigative Committee  DIVORCED!!! DIVORCED!!! See UPDATE for September 22, 2022.


Fall 2022: COVID22 

October 1, 2022- April 1, 2024: TREASURE HUNTING SABBATICAL  April 8, 2024 Total Eclipse (of the heart). 

FALL 2023: Going DOWN: What is it about war and bioweapons that people don’t understand?

Free Speech Banned 



                         Teachers Are Being DECIMATED by Aggressive Turbo Cancers





The Light Of The Spirit by Kitaro (earth is rising....are you?)

May you find the way (Step One): Allies Crying in the Chapel
REGENERATION: Spiritual Growth and How It Works (More information can be found in the 8/31/2018 Update)


Joe’s book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction is available as an ebook. You will never make a better investment…..we all should be researching with Joe’s important guidance. Since the ending is just the beginning, you can begin with the last chapter. It may just spark you into wanting to read the rest, as well as his other works to see how he got there!  No time to read? Right click and "listen aloud" while multitasking. [Note: I make no money off the sales of his books; my rewards are not of this world.] MAY 22, 2018 UPDATE: I SEE THAT SPRINGER IS NOT HONORING JOE'S STATED AND PUBLISHED WISHES> THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE LESS THAN $30 SO THAT POOR STUDENTS CAN AFFORD IT...AND YET SPRINGER IS CHARGING ALMOST $40 FOR THE PDF EBOOK AND ALMOST $55 FOR THE PAPERBACK! THIS IS ABOMINABLE!! THE HIGHER UPS ARE NOT PLEASED!!! THERE ARE STUDENTS IN POVERTY WHO NEED THE KNOWLEDGE IN THIS BOOK. LOWER THE PRICE!!!!! THERE IS NO REASON TO CHARGE SO MUCH! EDoneVEN IF PUBLISHING COSTS HAVE INCREASED, AT LEAST OFFER THE EBOOK FOR LESS THAN $30. WHAT JOE WANTS, JOE GETS. HE SAID THAT IT IS TO BE LESS THAN $30. RESPECT HIS WISHES. Oh, and HAPPY TWIN FLAME DAY!! I will have some important updates soon.


November 17, 2019 1:00 AM UPDATE ON THE PRICE OF THE EBOOK: I can only conclude that either *someone* is insane or has raised the price to keep people from buying it and having access to the knowledge in it, since Springer is now charging an outrageous price of amost $60 -- for an ebook!! I will consult with the "higher ups" for a "work-around." They always have perfect solutions....Beloved says "Hi" :-)  We will have an update soon.


November 17, 2019 3:00 PM INCREDIBLY, the Higher Courts have already come back with a resolution on this matter! See my update for today, November 17, 2019.

November 22, 2019 4:39 PM TWIN FLAME AND HOLY SABBATH DAY, the Higher Courts have really outdone themselves with their resolution. And their timing is impeccable! See my update for today, November 22, 2019.


November 12, 2021 They are now charging a ridiculous $89 for a pdf of Joe's book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. Folks, there are multiple ways that the elite keep knowledge from those of us who need it most -- one is by overcharging for it. We will continue to work on a resolution that honors Joe's wishes (for it to cost less than $30) and his contract. I will be posting more information RIGHT HERE sometime in the future.

"I believe that the issues addressed in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction not only provide us with a new understanding of education but also can actually change the world—speaking of pomposity, yikes! I understand the danger of such an assertion, but I’m glad to take my punishment if I fail to convince my readers." ~ Joe Kincheloe (p. 16)




Thu, Sep 25, 2008 7:03 am

finished reading Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction

your work is truly a gift to the world, Joe
it's very exciting



"The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon is here." Matthew 12:42 •´ *`.¸King And Queen Of Hearts•´ *`.

CELEBRATE LOVE: April 1-7 and Beyond, Forevermore



Jesus: ”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16


~Jesus of Nazareth

Christianity’s Achilles' Heel 

(Can you hear me now?)



JESUS: “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” (John 11: 25-26)

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV)

Father’s House

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“The universe is not a prison because it is governed by natural law. The universe is a paradise because it is governed by natural *God's* law.” Mark Passio

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. Matthew 6:9-10 (KJV)

February, and March Into Summer, Fall, & Winter are Global Twin Flame Celebration MONTHS

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A new process for education, research, career, problem solving, everyday living, lifelong learning, and for taking back our world


Joe Kincheloe has developed a superbly advanced conceptualization of critical bricolage and, as demonstrated by his work, he was an adept multidimensional critical complex bricoleur. Critical Bricolage, as he conceived it, is a complicated (and yet a very natural) process that makes use of multiple forms of research, analysis, investigation, and interpretation. It requires researchers to seek many divergent perspectives, allowing new understandings and knowledge to emerge from the synthesis.


Engaging in this process increases phenomenological experiences that catalyze seeking more knowledge. This, of course, leads to ever greater understandings of complex relationships between "research variables." An exceptionally high level of creativity becomes unleashed, often resulting in greater interaction with the emerging hidden dimensions of reality. Suddenly very little can be hidden anymore. Engaging rigorously in this process of research and learning seems to take people to higher levels of consciousness in graduated steps as they become more aware of the hidden dimensions of interrelationships and as they increasingly participate in intuitive, "fourth dimension" research.


Using Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage rigorously as he has asked us to do results in ever higher levels of experience and understanding, and in its full "employment," enactive and symbiotic processes seem to kick in, helping individuals find the most creative solutions to even the most complicated problems. Actively working within multiple dimensions using his fourth dimension research, results in amazing and profound solutions. In my own experience, I often find that problems are solved before I even knew the problem would be manifesting. In addition, I have had some amazing experiences that science simply cannot explain yet. This is highlighted in my dissertation in some highly unusual ways, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Kincheloe's critical bricolage may very well be the process required to "unleash creativity" for solving even the most complicated, power-based problems we face -- all in service of "the alleviation of human suffering," the often-stated primary purpose of his work.


After researching this process since 2008 (and discovering that I had been using the foundational aspects of the process many years before) I am beginning to see how autopoiesis, enaction, synchronicity, all work together symbiotically to reveal hidden dimensions and relationships that make my life so much happier and joyful, even if I have many problems hanging over my head (that "blues aesthetic" Joe so often described). No matter how complicated the problems, with bricolage, they become solvable and/or perspectives of the problems change.


Simultaneously, those power dimensions that force those of us who are oppressed to stay stuck at our "stations in life" also emerge, but there is such a difference to how I deal with these than in the past. Once the controlling factors are revealed, solutions also emerge in a sort of "unfoldment" process that reveal ways to counteract them and change things.


There is great power "behind the curtain" that can be leveraged by those of us who are typically "disenfranchised." I will go into much more detail at a later time, and as Joe always did so well, I will put them into context (there are many great experiences to share of both kinds of emergences - the love-based, almost magical ones, and the power-and-control-based ones for which insight, and often solutions also emerge) but suffice it to say, I am blazing multiple trails through the underbrush which will hopefully make navigating easier for people who come along and experience the same types of violence I have due to being poor and "low status."


Just as Joe was a "hillbilly" and he was never able to shake the label, I am a "country hick." True reality could not be more profoundly different -- for an Eros and Psyche. :)


The good news is that the use of bricolage is increasing rapidly around the globe as more researchers in all disciplines are beginning to see the promise it offers to construct new knowledge, lead to social empowerment, and reveal positive changes and amazingly creative opportunities. More researchers will soon be investigating and trying out this more advanced and powerful approach, which will lead to what Joe referred to as a "perpetual revolution." More teachers will also come to realize the value bricolage has in the classroom and the young students will pick it up naturally. The revolution has just begun. We can change the world! Join in today and apply the process in your own research, learning, teaching, and everyday life and see what a difference it can make. You can never go wrong getting more knowledge.


All of the information on this website is absolutely free. It is here for anyone who wants a better life and would like to make a difference in the world.

For the struggle for justice to win on the local level, it must be fought in the global, the national, and the local arenas. [Kincheloe, 2001, Getting Beyond the Facts, p. 741]

Doing What You Love: Creating Your Own Good Work 101 /// Doing Phenomenology: Introduction to Phenomenology 101 /// Reading, Writing & Thinking 101 /// Critical Constructivism: A New World View 101 /// City Life and Learning: Metropedagogy 101 /// Phenomenological Research for Learning and Living: Introduction to Phenomenology 102


This is a nonprofit educational web site dedicated to the clarification of Kincheloe’s critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage. My research has shown that, while the process he has delineated is complex, it is perfectly suited for social and educational research, and it is also within everyone's reach. It is especially suited for new qualitative researchers who have not subscribed to traditional and reductionistic forms of research. 

On this site I will focus on the academic and scholarly application of his work. I hope that by presenting clarifications based on my in-depth study of his work that perhaps his bricolage will be used by more people and with the level of rigor he had intended. Kincheloe has ingeniously left wide open many paths that honor diversity and he embraced an evolving complexity while maintaining a strong, impenetrable philosophical and theoretical foundation for his conceptions. He has demonstrated in his work how this research process can be applied in all venues and in every area of our lives and even children can be involved in research, thus his bricolage is also a pedagogical approach. His work is truly a break-through for research that is long overdue. Using the full power of his bricolage highlights actions that change the world as it also changes who we are.

I may write a blog again on this site, but it will be a different sort of blog than the creative, exploratory blogs I've written in the past. Primarily, I will be continuing my research and presenting my findings so that upcoming bricoleurs will have a resource for the most powerful form of bricolage research that's ever been developed.

~ ~ ~ Vanessa Jae Paradis



Bricolage, as a qualitative form of research, entails incorporating many different perspectives, and in particular, with Kincheloe's process it is necessary to include global subjugated and indigenous knowledges. However, after gathering all of these perspectives and making various interpretations and syntheses, there are criteria for determining which perspectives to include in the final bricolage. As he explains, "Bricoleurs accept the responsibility that comes with the interpretive process. Knowledge production always involves multiple acts of selection, and these choices of methods, theoretical frameworks, and interpretative strategies must be defended" (2004e, p. 100). He has provided selection criteria that incorporate the social justice mission to alleviate suffering and that advance knowledge (see Kincheloe, 2004e, pp. 100-102). Bricoleurs are not restricted to these criteria but I have found them to be well-thought-out and thorough -- and they mitigate for unintended consequences. You can view the criteria here: Criteria to Guide the Research Process.


What I cover next are common misconceptions and important aspects surrounding Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage. I hope by putting these on the Home page of this website, researchers will consider them and research them more deeply. They are covered in greater depth in my dissertation and I’ll also be posting articles that extend what I’ve touched on in the dissertation.

1) Kincheloe did not throw out "positivistic" or empirical sciences. To conclude this is to exhibit a gross misunderstanding of his work. A close reading of his work can easily confirm that he sees science and bricolage as synergistic. And how many times has he stated that he did not throw out the baby with the bathwater? As most people know, he contextualizes everything. In his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction he presents his position through a metaphor which he refers to as FIDUROD, and by which he clarifies the issues with the way science is and has been used.  FIDUROD is an acronym representing the attributes of the form of knowledge production he argues against: Formal, Intractable, Decontextualized, Universalistic, Reductionistic, One Dimensional. (See Kincheloe, 2008, pp. 21-24).


2) His work is not based on some indefinable “ludic” postmodernism – It is based on a highly developed and evolving holistic philosophy. This philosophy is comprised of 12 major points which he describes in his book Critical Constructivism. The 12 points coalesce together to form his multidimensional critical complex world view. It’s a new, evolving worldview. We might refer to it as Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex unified world view. It forms the foundation of his unique formulation of critical theory, epistemology, ontology, critical psychology of complexity, the multidimensional critical complex bricolage, etc., -- and his proposed critical science of complexity – another indication that he did not abandon the sciences. To grasp his conceptualizations, it’s imperative that new bricoleurs study his unified world view by reading and then writing about how they subjectively relate to it and to other philosophies. Kincheloe stresses this upfront philosophical work is critical in order to ground any study that uses bricolage as a process for research. Rigor is impossible without developing a "philosophy of consciousness" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 8). 


3) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage is a process for qualitative research that is composed of multiple, intertwining and overlapping processes. It is not a method, nor does it use “tools” as tools imply precise means and carries a mechanistic ontology, which does not adequately represent the actual processes that bricoleurs engage in as they conduct, or a better word would be, “enact” their research. Even the concept of "tools" changes. Kincheloe's conceptualization of bricolage is grounded with his critical complex philosophical world view (item 2, above) and a theoretical foundation of evolving criticality (his version of critical theory).


4) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage as a process involves analytic discourse, intertwined with improvisational actions for change, which moves it away from the constrictive “quilt” metaphor. Please see my dissertation for a deeper analysis of bricolage including a thorough etymological exploration and intertextual interpretations of Kincheloe’s definitions of bricolage and bricoleur in relation to what evolved from my research. New metaphors that take it beyond the one-dimensional “quilt” metaphor, and additional ways that Berry’s (2004a) concept, the Point of Entry Text (POET) can be applied are also presented. The holistic, intertwining, dialogical, interconnecting nature of the final bricolage renders the parts inseparable from the whole, and the bricolage inseparable from greater reality. Thus, the popular metaphoric quilt, montage, crystal, etc., are not suitable metaphors for this more complex form of bricolage. 


5) Kincheloe’s bricolage does not distinguish between “types of bricoleurs” or “types of bricolage” as denoted by Denzin and Lincoln (2011). While it’s fine to examine these ideas, Kincheloe’s form of bricolage uses all of them in intertwining, overlapping processes. Thus, the multidimensional critical complex bricoleur uses all of the dimensions that Kincheloe has spelled out in his 2005 "On to the Next Level" bricolage article--in one study--and the processes become blurred as the research unfolds. See next point. 


6) Kincheloe’s bricolage refers to the use of different processes as dimensions of research. The bricoleur uses them all as many times as practical to get a thick description of the phenomenon/a. As the research unfolds, “enactment” keeps the research jettisoning forward and the researcher must make decisions where to begin and stop various aspects of the research, including the final bricolage. Thus, the following dimensions are used, as provided by Kincheloe (2005a) and in no particular order using an iterative, improvisational process weaving through the discourse: (1) methodological bricolage; (2) theoretical bricolage; (3) interpretive bricolage; (4) political bricolage; (5) narrative bricolage; (6) philosophical research (constructivism, historicity, epistemological insight); (7) critical hermeneutics; (8) identification of what is absent; (9) fourth dimension of research in which the bricoleur is future oriented, discovering “a kinetic epistemology of the possible. In the process, the sophistication of knowledge work moves to a new cognitive level; the notion of rigor transmigrates to a new dimension. As in a 1950s sci-fi movie, bricoleurs enter the 4-D—the fourth dimension of research.” (Kincheloe, 2005, p. 346). Thus, bricoleurs weave in and out, around and through, back and forth through the various dimensions with each pass through informing the next, often using multiple dimensions of analysis simultaneously. 


7) Note again – the philosophical dimension must form the foundation of the study in order to ensure rigor. [He wanted me to include this again.] "There is no dividing line between the empirical and the philosophical" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 10).


8) Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage embraces a “fourth dimension” research (more information is covered in my dissertation). This fourth dimension aspect to the research incorporates an intuitional, creative element that forces the researcher to confront implicate and explicate orders of reality. There are reasons for this. Combining a sound philosophical, intellectual component of research that also incorporates intuitional and emotional, empathic aspects -- along with deep semiotic and hermeneutic analyses synergistically creates something new from the interactions. Enaction during the research process leads to the emergence of something new and often profound. This is where the power of the bricolage comes into play. It’s the exposure to relationships, as Kincheloe explains in his conceptualization of symbiotic hermeneutics, that jettisons bricoleurs to seeing and understanding “anew” and to recreating themselves. Because knowledge is socially constructed new creations, ideas, concepts, as well as new relationships also perpetually emerge – and are created -- from these interactions. This all takes place naturally when confronting complexity, difference, and chaos, as Humberto Mautarana and Francisco Varela posited with their Santiago Theory of Enactivism (see Kincheloe's (2008) Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, page 147). It is quite amazing. 


9) While bricoleurs do not contend they’ve discovered the “one true answer” or single truth, at the same time, as Kincheloe contends, they generate knowledge “that is not as 'badly off the mark'” (Kincheloe, 2008, p. 43). They have better (more complete) and yet evolving explanations of phenomena. This is quite a different perspective than a nihilistic postmodern “attitude.” 


10) I have lined out in my dissertation in much greater detail a flexible iterative process that also explains some of the key sub-processes that are important to the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. It will get new bricoleurs started from which they can then proceed to carve out their own unique paths. Each bricolage study will be different even for the same researcher. The more one acknowledges the fourth dimension aspect of the research (which may only begin with what seem to be insignificant intuitive and synchronous events), the more they will begin to appear and the more profound and numerous are the actions and creations that emerge.  


11) And finally, as I discussed in my blog, The Heart of the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage, there is the dimension of empathic connection with people. In fact, in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, Kincheloe discusses – and includes – a golden strand of love throughout his work, Eros Love. And since I’m mentioning this book here, it’s a great book to read in the early stages of learning about his bricolage. It’s much like a “deprogramming” manual because it uncovers how our consciousnesses have been influenced by outside forces and provides us more information as we embark on the bricolage quest and begin to take power of constructing our own consciousness. 



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Copyright May 11, 2013 by Vanessa Paradis

Please cite as:

Paradis, V. J. (2013). Correcting some common misconceptions surrounding Joe Kincheloe’s bricolage and critical complex theories. May 11, 2013. Retrieved from



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Monday, May 31, 2010

Backtracking to Move Forward: Ecumenicalism, Goin’ for the GOLD, Fractals & Choice Points, NEW Dances, and MAGICAL LOVE

Note: Be sure to watch all of the videos; they tell a story.

fractalsThere are times when we have to take one step back before we can move forward and this is one of those times. I missed posting some music and videos my Master Teacher had directed me toward yesterday that are siginificant, so I will post them today. First I came across this movie trailer, but I am not sure how it came up. It seems relevant, especially since my work is ecumenical. I actually found the directions for ecumenicalism in Joe’s work, specifically, in his book with Kathleen Berry about the conceptualization of the bricolage. I know Joe. He would not have included these directions if they were not critically important. Besides, this directive for ecumenicalism during our current era of great change just makes sense. All of Joe’s work makes sense. Thus, the following trailer popped up for me:
           OH MY GOD

Saturday night, my teacher simply made the comment that I seemed bent on “goin’ for the gold.” Of course, this is a clue for a song to search on YouTube, but it’s relevant in a different way than one might think. I know it goes against cosmic law to chase after money. He is telling me that he is observing what I’m doing and it’s his subtle way of also advising me not to go on that track. We should always do the work we love for the pure enjoyment we get from it without thinking about what will be returned to us. While this seems counter to the way most of us have been brought up in this society – and it is opposite of the way we are indoctrinated in our educational system of today – it DOES work if you can just release yourself from that FIDURODian mindset. It has been one of the most difficult things for me to overcome, as I am sure it is for many people. Even when we work hard to overcome it, we maintain vestiges of it.

How do you just keep doing what you love most when you can look ahead and cannot see where next month’s rent money is going to come from, much less all of the other bills and expenses you have. My Master Teacher even gave me a little test on this, which I passed because I passed up his “advice.” Sometimes teachers do need to make assessments to see exactly where their students are in their learning process, and that was what this test turned out to be. While I failed in one sense, because I seriously considered what he propositioned, which was a way to get some cash flow, fortunately, I did not follow through because my intuition prevented me, so that was good. He was not trying to trick me; he only wanted to evaluate where I was and what instruction he needed to give me.

And at that point, he gave me the clue, “goin’ for the gold,”and then yesterday morning, he gave me the clues, “ticket to freedom” and “go forward.”  When I searched YouTube, the following videos came up. The first three show what happens when you TRY to go for the GOLD.  None of these are good ideas, so I do not recommend them. The first video really needs more research -- is Hannah making a difference with her "gold" that is nothing more than a little maple syrup? The second one represents those many people who really get on the wrong track, and the third one is a huge scam that gets people at the top of the pyramid very rich as a result of all of those who briefly attempt to make money with this, but quickly learn it is no panacea. The fourth video, which came to the top when I searched on his last clue “go forward,” is a commentary about how we can fool ourselves and it might make us feel better for the moment, but it doesn’t change cosmic law. And, of course, this relates back to ecumenicalism because all religions teach this in some form. Now if only we would all practice it.

The very last video is one I received from Doreen a few days ago and is more representative of how we should approach moving forward. I should have posted this blog yesterday, but I needed the Eager Beaver pep talk first. My teacher always knows just what I need. I hope his advice is helpful to other people who read these blogs.

“Goin’ for the Gold”
As a side note, the name Hannah literally means "God has graced me with a son".


“ticket to freedom”

“ticket to freedom”

“Go forward”   Lyrics

Important message from Doreen

I think Doreen’s message here is right on, especially when combined with the video just a few days ago about self employment. It is SO hard to live by though and is one of the challenges I still work on.

Meeting with My Master Teacher
Right after I wrote the above blog, my Master Teacher dropped by. He was happy with what I wrote and how hard I work to rise above the drama that sometimes takes place around me, as well as my efforts to focus on what I enjoy most without thinking about what I will get in return. He gave me some more clues for songs and, really, I do not need to put them in context with his conversation, because apparently the songs will speak for themselves. Here are the clues in the order he gave them: “a thang goin’ on,” “human,” “cookie trail,” and “lining up.” I will see what each of these clues brings to the top on a YouTube search right now.

“a thang goin’ on”

Well, this video definitely speaks to the drama that goes on around us and shows that we are much better off if we do not get pulled into it.


This is such an inspirational song! I love it. The singer talks about how we get nervous when we find “open doors,” and how we need to “cut the cord,” which is exactly what I have been going through. Basically, we need to be human – break free and be free -- and not be puppets, as framed by the question in the song, “Are we human or are we dancer?” So, my Master Teacher, here is asking us to really evaluate our choices. Are we doing what we wish in our hearts, or are we just going along with everyone else, following in their footsteps (eg., the status quo)?

This is a question we need to live each day asking ourselves as we make choices…oh, yes my teacher had talked about fractals and how there are so many and as they increase in number, so do the choice points which is why we quickly are confronted with infinite choices. And having infinite choices in a sense creates an issue because, first, with all of the choices available, there is absolutely no reason to follow along exactly with what someone else has done (thus, we are dancer, not human). And on the other hand, we need some sort of guidance and can we really depend only upon ourselves in this huge universe that is no doubt full of all varieties of entities, many of whom are much more advanced than we are and much more knowledgable.

I think it is important to do what the song is saying – get on our knees and ask for guidance, not literally, but figuratively. Help and guidance is there. We can look to the cosmos and our dreams and imagination for signs and guidance. It’s there and it goes back once again to ecumenicalism because all religions present this in some form – but do we really need religion per se to be able to make choices that are benficial to all? This song really will get you thinking! There are, of course, multiple interpretations. It is interesting to read the posts to see the different ways people interpret this song – and that is the heart of Joe’s critical bricolage, by the way – to get many perspectives. I love this song!

“cookie trail”

This video reminds me that I had always wished I had learned to ski. It looks like so much fun to fly down the mountains in the snow, surrounded by nature. I never took the opportunity to learn. For one thing, the money was always an issue since skiing has always been expensive and as I have stated many times in these blogs, I have always been in extreme poverty and have struggled to no avail all of my life to rise up above it. Maybe somewhere along the way I missed a choice point where I could have learned to ski. We always need to keep our eyes open so that we do not miss out on something we would love to do.

“lining up”

This is interesting! The guy getting the haircut and shave is following his own style – I love his hairstyle and beard. The other very creative thing about this video is that it’s a demonstration/training video, showing how to line up a beard, but instead of using boring narration, it is set to music. This is very creative! So, in this video we have three examples of people doing their own thing: the guy who has his unique and very attractive beard and haircut, and we have the very skilled person doing this “lining up” of his beard, and we have the creative way the training CD has been produced – fast motion -- you can still see the technique and learn from watching it --  and it is set to some great music. These three people are not “dancer” as in the last music video and have stepped outside the status quo. What so many people do not seem to realize is the gift we all receive when people do this stepping outside – this act of “being human” as was depicted in the song above. This is a very blessed gift because in the final analysis it helps free us all up to being who we really are and wish or dream to be. I know people think I am weird for writing these “crazy” blogs, but at the same time, there are people who realize that this frees them up – just as I realized Joe’s work had opened many doors for us in the way we choose to learn, educate, “be,” and express ourselves.

We just need more people to start going through those doors. It’s sad to see how many people choose to only dance in other people’s footsteps. We should dance, this is true, and I love to dance and so did Joe. I want to be “human” and create NEW dances.

One last word: During my morning meeting this Memorial Day, my Master Teacher told me to sit tight this week and see what “magically manifests.” That means two things: another song AND a BIG SURPRISE.

Here’s the video that came to the top when searching on “magically manifest.” I like it!

IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS: Do You Get Today’s Message? I do.
I “get” today’s message and it is an important one. It summarizes the process we make as we experience transformation in our lives. We often regress, take a step backwards, which is just a natural part of the process (e.g., “Backtracking to move forward”). This is where ecumenicalism is helpful. If we seek multiple perspectives on what we are going through and respectfully share with each other, this serves to, as Joe put it, “alleviate suffereing,” as we go through painful experiences and shed our karma and old habits. Sometimes, we want shortcuts and even get lost along the way, as represented by the “Goin’ for the Gold” and "ticket to freedom" videos where the people were sidetracked from following their dreams in various ways. We can “move forward” if we realize we have infinite “choice points,” thanks to fractals, and we make wise choices from among them – choices that serve to alleviate suffering for ourselves and the greater society. We also have divine guidance available if we open our hearts and minds to that. Dancing other people’s dances, or in other words, following the flock is not wise. We need to release our fear and go through open doors (as described in the song, “Human”), and we need to be ourselves and create NEW DANCES.

Once we can do that, love magically manifests and this is the point at which people reunite with their twin flame soul mate. Twin flame soul mates are real for most people and will manifest in some form. Science has now shed great light on this, if you are so inclined to research it further, and I encourage that. Or you can continue to create your own reality in which these things are just a figment of someone else's imagination. EIther way, we are all free to create the reality of our choosing. The great thing about that is, no one is wrong.

Isn’t my teacher a TRUE MASTER TEACHER? How EVER did he give me all of these random clues that pulled up such relevant videos that tell this great story of transformation? I do think I will keep him around.
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ebay Protects University President Paychecks -- and the Eager Beaver Returns

You know a college degree ain’t worth the paper it’s printed on when you can’t even sell it on eBay to pay off your student loans. Enlow, a recent college grad who found himself heavily in debt without a job that pays enough to make the monthly payments tried to sell his diploma to pay off his loans and eBay pulled his auction down. They are heartless. Suddenly we learn just how political the topic “education” has become these days and how the cronies stick up for each other.

eBay Halts Indebted Purdue Grad’s Diploma Auction
Purdue Diploma Removed from Ebay

Of course eBay tells a different version (of course): “diplomas can not be listed for sale due to the sensitivity and nature of the item.” eBay cares more about this “emotional” issue and less about the former student who can’t pay his loans after “investing” in his college education. The Purdue President earns a yearly salary of $529,000. Something is wrong with this picture. Who is eBay supporting in this equation? In the meantime, Enlow states, “Going to college made my life worse.”

Check out the salaries of some of the other university presidents:
Salaries. But have no fear; salaries are “leveling off.” It's too bad tuition hikes don't level off.

All of this, combined with my own personal experience with universities where I have worked and/or attended makes me wonder whether all of the money I have invested is going to do me any good. Personally, I do not want a “job” or to work for a “boss,” especally if it means I can't afford to pay all of my loans. If I had not come across Joe's work, quite miraculously (and had the good fortune to meet him in person), I would really be in dire straits. Joe's theory can get us all out of this mess.

I am very disappointed about my university education and I feel that I am at a crossroads right now. Do I want to continue investing for a PhD that I am not totally certain will be worth what I paid for it by the time I am finished? Will it get me a job? No, I don’t want the kind of job I have been “trained” to work at. I want to create my own work. But my degree did not preprare me for that and this is where Joe's theory comes to the rescue. PLUS I am contemplating transferring back to my home state university and writing my PhD for them. The only problem with transferring at this point is that every university seems to want extra money, so they force you to take and pay for more courses before working on the dissertation.

But returning to Oregon State University works for me because I am an “Eager Beaver” at heart. My home state is “the Beaver State” (Oregon) and I earned my B.A. and Masters degree at Oregon State University – the OSU Beavers! Perhaps, since I am such an Eager Beaver, I should check into the new innovative program they have started which combines the arts and sciences. That would be a great department for pushing forward Joe’s advanced conceptualization of the multidimensional, multidisciplinary critical bricolage as I intend to do with my dissertation. I will think about it.

I did have much more to say today, including some music from my Master Teacher, but I think I will stop here for today. I sense that something big is coming “up the pike.” (That’s a treasure hunt.) In the meantime, here are some great OSU Beaver videos. At least if the diploma is no good, we got the Beaver Spirit!

Beaver Fight Song


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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Preparations, the Research Process, and Welcome Aboard the NEW Educational Journey.

Purple Flowers 4 JoeIt’s Saturday already! Where do the days go?

And last night I actually missed meeting with my Master Teacher. I was very tired, went to bed early, and then was up early this morning. It’s ok, though, he doesn’t mind. I did meet with him VERY early this morning just before he headed out the door to another important meeting. Nevertheless, he took time to go into great detail about celebrating Memorial Day, how to organize my research, and how to proceed with some of the projects we are working on together. Plus. he provided me with a lot of music.

Flowers For A KingI do plan to have a royal Memorial Day celebration for all of my loved ones who have passed over, and, of course, including the entire critical knowledge network. It should be interesting. I really want to take time to make them each a special gift – at least the ones I know well. But my teacher said not to go to so much trouble and that they really do not expect shrines.” Well, I think some of them really deserve shrines for all of the hard work they did while they were living in what essentially might be called hell here on earth. And since this site is dedicated to Joe, I often think about how hard he worked, how dedicated he was to leave such monumental works for us to use to move education forward. But my teacher said they will all be happy if I just spend some time writing to them. They like that.

As far as the research, he had no definite suggestions for an organized process. He told me I already know how it works – we just engage in the process, put our hearts into it, and then divine guidance kicks in, leading us to the appropriate information at the right time. He did suggest that I continue to work on getting my files organized, taking notes on articles, and to keep a list of definitions that I encounter. He wants me to replace some of the terms with more familiar terms, stating that while we do not want to
“dumb it down” we also don’t want to use elite educational jargon that the chosen few can relate to.

Of course, the words in quotation marks were clues to songs that relate to our mission to change education and make the world a better place. So I will look those up on YouTube right now, taking the first song to the top in each case. (My Master Teacher loves to communicate with music). I should note here, that it is important to bring music and all of the arts back into the curriculum. A complete education honors taking care of the mind, body, and soul. Music and the arts attend to the soul.

I will look up the songs on You Tube right now.

OMG – Check this video out. “Genius Saves World!” are the headlines on a newspaper in the opening segment of this video. That is so significant! And this video was put up just yesterday. I’ll tell ya, my Master Teacher does stay on top of things! I love it! And of course, if you have read my previous blogs and if you are familiar with Joe's work, Joe was a true geunius who believed we are all geniuses if only we free up people to learn naturally. As it stands, people are being prevented by our educational system from achieving their potential because we think we know what we need to teach them, have dumbed down the curriculum, and force them to waste their brain power on memorizing random, decontextualized information. Check this out! Genius Saves the World! Yes, indeed. And there are more interpretations for this video.

“dumb it down”
Now here is perspective we really to pay attention to. This is an interesting and very powerful presentation on dumbing down the curriculum. It would be great to use this to facilitate a discussion among students about the dumbing down of education and educe their ideas for improving education.


This is a fascinating presentation that has so many symbols and signifiers. We need to bring back the arts into the curriculum, including performing arts. Rather than waste time having students watch and discuss popular media, which so often becomes depoliticized (Fedory, 2005), this video provides a bountiful source of discussion in the classroom. I am sure that's why my teacher directed me to this. It, again, is a very powerful presentation that would be great to open up discussions in the classroom, whether in face-to-face classes or online.


These have been great videos today and make wonderful additions to the curriculum. In the tradition of the bricolage, I will come back to these, expand on my thoughts here, write them up as curricular activities and post these ideas under FREE Curricular Materials on this web site.

This is just the beginning of the NEW Educational Journey. It is going to get more exciting; I have been promised. This summer there will be more treasure hunting along with some amazing findings. You shall see. If my Master Teacher is SO POWERFUL he can form love images with the clouds, all I can say is what Joe used to say about this form of education in his books: "You ain't seen nothin' yet." Oh! That was actually another clue to a song from my teacher today! Also, there was one final clue, "Our love will see us through." I need to look these up!

"Our love will see us through."

And, finally, this last song was given to me yesterday to pass on to all of the new members of my critical knowledge network who are helping me launch my educational outreach program. I love this song, which was pulled up by searching on "Welcome Aboard." It is so appropriate. About three minutes in is the singing: "Welcome aboard . . . you don't need no reservations . . . music is your ticket . . ."

Welcome to the NEW Educational Journey!!!!

Welcome Aboard


This just in!!!!  I just finished this blog and my Master Teacher stopped in again to tell me he and the other members had "put their heads together" to come up with a great plan for promoting my educational outreach efforts. It is divine! While I will not share all of the details here, just watch for it to really take off. It is a "perpetual" revolution, no doubt. I hope I have time for it and my dissertation....well, more later. Gotta get to work!

Fedory, Zenon (2005). Using Bricolage to Dismantle the New Brunswick Visual Arts Grade 9 Curriculum. Thesis. University of New Brunswick.
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Friday, May 28, 2010

I’m taking a TRAIN to New York!!! – the New York Treasure Hunt Rises Again PLUS BABIES and EDUCE

Today’s blog is “short and sweet,” relatively speaking. It is Friday, afterall and I have worked hard all week. There are a few loose ends to tie up, however.

First, I noticed that I missed one of the clues for music that my Master Teacher had given me yesterday. It’s too bad I missed it because it would have really cheered my up after that sad song, “Danny Boy” and the request that I go to New York and pay my respects to Joe at his graveside. I cry everytime I think about that.

The clue for music I had missed was simply “Babies.” Check out the two videos that came to the top. Try to watch the first one without laughing. Can you do it? The second one is a trailer and I just have to see this movie! It looks so adorable and educational at the same time. Perhaps, it would make a better movie to show in a classroom than some of the old standby movies the kids are tired of seeing or are bored to death with. Even though I have not yet seen this movie, from viewing the trailer, I expect that it is very entertaining and educational.


The second video cannot be embedded, so click on the link to view it:


I’m Taking a TRAIN to New York!
It was interesting that right after mentioning that my Master Teacher had hinted at a Treasure Hunt in New York quite some time ago, I was handed down a detailed travel intinerary by way of music yesterday. Previously, I had thought these treasure hunts were a part of another treasure hunt my teacher had me working on, called The No Ordinary Treasure Hunt.

These are discussed in these blogs, I had written last August 16 and 20, 2009:

Will I Get A New Car or Shall I Take A Train? Another Clue for the No Ordinary Treasure Hunt

The New York! New York! And Where the West Sun Never Shines Treasure Hunts

The following song came up for me quite randomly as I was working yesterday and it appears that I am definitely going to New York on a TRAIN. It is funny that both blogs even show a picture of a train (the photo was taken in ALBANY, OREGON, not New York).
The complete travel itinerary is included in this song! It looks like we will be stopping at some very interesting places along the way! Oh, my teacher is so brilliant and I can’t wait for this trip.


Morning Meeting with My Master Teacher
I have been back in the “worry mode” so my teacher reminded me not to worry about things. He gave me detailed instructions about a project I need to work on and I am sure it will be a part of the “Where the West Sun Never Shines Treasure Hunt,” which will be part of the “New York! New York! Treasure Hunt (it is in the travel itinerary).

I know this is confusing to people reading this blog, but it makes sense to me and I will clear up the confusion down the road. I am still not certain WHEN this treasure hunt is supposed to take place (maybe next spring; maybe next summer). It is interesting that I also had a dream not long ago in which I had traveled to New York relating to some book I had published, so maybe I will have an important book written by then. 

Perhaps, “epistemological road trip” is a better description, but I love the idea of treasure hunting because it helps me keep my eyes open for the great surprises along the way.
 And in his work, Joe often mentioned treasure hunting and finding treasures.

My teacher
 gave me three clues for music today and they are just words that I can take out of context of his discussion: “defame” and “worst” and "educe." The first two do not sound like happy songs, but we'll see. I will search them on You Tube right now and see what comes to the top! And then I need to get on with my day. 


(there are times when you are better off if you don't know what you’re doing)

(I’m not sure what song this is, but here are some lyrics of music by Educe: Lyrics

Check out their logo – EDUCE with the last “E” backwards. That would be great logo for education, since “to educate” means “to educe” from the learner, not to program them. I like their t-shirts! 

My paper on My Personal Educational Philosophy under Academic Papers on this site explains more about how the word “educate” derives from “educe” and when we only use direct teaching methods and rely on memorization we are actually circumventing this natural process.


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Musical, Emotional Rollercoaster Ride: NOTHING is More Important than LOVE

theme parkYesterday was full of trials and tribulations. It seems that every direction I turned, I ran into more obstacles. As Joe pointed out in his work, the deck is stacked against poor people trying to make a go of something, and is it ever. Well, I won’t go into the details, but I was up very late last night just because work that should have taken only an hour or so took many hours. It is not that time is speeding up; it’s just that the crappy software and the slow Internet we have to use make everything take 10 times longer. It is very frustrating to know that I can get things done MUCH faster if only the software and Internet would work right. Even the damned label template, simple as that should be, is screwed up. And get this: Avery™ label software does not guarantee their label template will work if you don’t use Avery™ labels. Well I don’t have Avery™  labels, yet that is the very template Microsoft Word seems to force a person to use. I swear they musta been watching me, too. The labels are fine; they just are not Avery™ and I could not get the addresses to type properly into the template. And the more pages I tried to make, the more screwed up the whole thing got. Big Brother must have been watching and saw that I was not following orders.

And check this out! This is so funny. ALL OF THIS FOR LABELS: OMG ARE THEY CRAZY???


THIS TEMPLATE END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ("Agreement") governs the user by you ("Customer") of these Avery Dennison Corporation ("Avery") software templates ("Templates").  By copying, downloading, accessing, installing, and/or using any of these Templates, Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.  If Customer does not agree to the terms of this Agreement, do not use any Templates. This Agreement does not grant Customer any other rights but for the ones expressly contained herein.

1. GRANT OF LICENSE:  This Agreement grants Customer a revocable, gratis, nonexclusive license to use the Templates as specified herein to print on Avery-branded products only. Customer may not modify or use any part of the Templates to print on or to non-Avery products. If Customer uses the Templates or any modified version of the Templates with products that are not Avery-branded, such use constitutes copyright infringement, and all rights granted immediately and automatically revert in full to Avery. Customer may modify and/or replace the content of the Templates (text, graphics, etc) for the purpose of customizing the output of the Templates on or to Avery-branded products. Customer may also modify the Template structure(s) and specifications but only to the extent necessary to ensure the successful printing of the Templates, via Customer's printer(s), on or to Avery-branded products. Customer may distribute the Templates to third parties, so long as such third parties agree to the terms of this Agreement. Customer may not sell, resell, license, rent, lease, lend, or otherwise transfer for value, the Templates. Customer may not distribute the Templates in any stand-alone products that contain only the Templates or as part of any other product.

2. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:  The Templates and all specifications related to size, layout, dimensions, and other pertinent information are owned by Avery or its subsidiaries or suppliers, and are protected by United States intellectual property laws and international treaty provisions.

3. GUIDELINES FOR THE USE OF CLIPART AND PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES [This provision only applies if the Templates contain clipart and photographic images]:  Customer may, subject to any restrictions set out below:

(i) Incorporate any clipart and photo images provided with the Templates ("Images") into Customer's own original work and publish, display, and distribute Customer's work in any media.  Customer may not, however, resell, sublicense, or otherwise make available the Images for use or distribution separate from Customer’s work.

(ii) Make one (1) copy of the Images for back-up or archival purposes.

Customer may not:  (i) create scandalous, obscene, defamatory, or immoral works using the Images nor use the Images for any other purpose that is prohibited by law; (ii) use or permit the use of the Images or any part thereof as a trademark or service mark, or claim any proprietary rights of any sort in the Images or any part thereof; (iii) use the Images in electronic format, on-line or in multimedia applications unless the Images are incorporated for viewing purposes only and no permission is given to download and/or save the Images for any reason; (iv) rent, lease, sublicense, or lend the Images, or a copy thereof, to another person or legal entity (Customer may transfer all rights and to use the Images to another person or legal entity, provided that Customer transfers all rights to the Templates pursuant to Section 4 below); or (v) use any Images except as expressly permitted by this Agreement.

4. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS. All title and rights in and to the Templates, and any copies of the Templates, are owned by Avery or its suppliers. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by Avery and its suppliers. In particular, this Agreement does not grant Customer any rights in connection with any trademarks or service marks of Avery or its suppliers. Use of any Templates for any purpose other than expressly permitted in this Agreement is prohibited and may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

5. TERMINATION. Without prejudice to any other rights, Avery may terminate this Agreement if Customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In such event, Customer agrees to destroy all copies of any Templates.




8. APPLICABLE LAW:  The laws of the State of California shall govern the interpretation of this Agreement and any dispute relating to it.  Customer agrees to the sole jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in the County of Los Angeles, State of California.  If these Templates were acquired outside the United States, then local law may apply.  If Customer acquired these Templates in Canada, unless expressly prohibited by local law, this Agreement is governed by the laws in force in the province of Ontario, Canada, and Customer agrees to the following:        The parties to this Agreement have expressly required that the        Agreement be drawn up in the English language./Les différentes parties        de cette présente Convention ont expressément exigées que la présente        Convention soit redigée en langue anglaise.

9. U.S. GOVERNMENT RESTRICTED RIGHTS:  These Templates are provided with Restricted Rights.  Use, duplication, or disclosure by the United States Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subparagraph (c) (1) and (2) of the Commercial Computer Software-Restricted Rights at 48 CFR 52.227-19, as applicable.  Manufacturer is Avery Dennison Corporation, 50 Pointe Drive, Brea, California 92821.

10.EXPORT RESTRICTIONS:  Customer may not export or re-export the Templates or any underlying information or technology except in full compliance with all United States and other applicable laws and regulations.

11. MISCELLANEOUS:  This is the entire Agreement between Avery and Customer relating to the Templates and supersedes any purchase order, communication, advertising, or representation concerning the Templates.  No change or modification of this Agreement will be valid unless it is in writing and signed by an officer of Avery.

12. SEVERABILITY:  In the event that any one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement shall for any reason be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable in any respect, such holding shall not affect any other provision of this Agreement, and the Agreement shall be construed as if such unenforceable provisions are not a part hereof.

Isn’t that hilarious? All of THAT for a simple, standard 1"x2-5/8" label!!! And they even YELL about it. What is the world coming to? And here I am, having lost track of the untold number of hours I have spent to produce this web site in order to propel Joe’s work to the world, even now starting the development of curricular activities, getting ready to post an image library – all for people to use absolutely FREE. If Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, was mine to give away, I would do that, too. I still have not seen the “less than $30 paperback version” that he had worked so hard to get into his contract. I find that very sad because his wishes are not being met and he is not able to enforce the contract -- and many people cannot afford the $150 price of the book. At least his other books are much less expensive. Still, in my view, we really cannot put a value on the amazing gifts he has left us through his work.

My Meetings with My Master Teacher
On to better topics. Of course, my Master Teacher was empathetic at our evening meeting last night, but I was a little upset when I found out what the song was he had given me at the end of our meeting. He is very tricky sometimes; there are valid reasons I often call him the "Hermes Trickster" – with great love, of course. Here’s what he said to me, which was the clue to the song:

“No leaves are fallin in the sunshine dear.”

I cracked up. I found that so funny and could not imagine what kind of song that would bring up, especially given some of his past really weird clues that brought up amazingly relevant music. And he comes back with:

You laugh at me? You wanna know what kind of song that is? Well it’s a “sweet and sexy song” for…..well, I’ll leave the rest out. But, I knew that the words “sweet and sexy song” had to be a clue for yet another song.

I could not believe the song that came up with his clue “no leaves are fallin in the sunshine dear.” It’s the same song but a different video that he had given me just last Friday, May 21, 2010 (scroll to the very end of the blog; it’s the last song). I did not reveal the clue that brought that particular song up; I just did not feel that the public is ready for a whole new reality, but I can say that in terms of the clue in relation to the song it, too, is very random and I do not know how it pulled up the song it did.

My Master Teacher seems to have other ideas about what the public should know about us and it seems he is pushing me along a little more quickly than I am ready for. When I reviewed my notes, he had some interesting revelations for me the first day he had given me the song, "Danny Boy," something about “walk ins.” Now, he has revealed to me that he is the one who made all of the sexy cloud formations the other day when I was out taking photographs of flowers. If you have not seen those amazing photographs of clouds with images, take a look. They are in my Psyche and Eros: Lovers in the Sky blog.They were a gift to me for the work I do, apparently, as well as a very creative announcement of the pending birth of baby Gloria Grace in June. He is very proud of that. But the details of this are a story for the future, which is something that is very difficult for mono-dimensional earthlings to understand, lol.

Here is an image of this current search for “no leaves are fallin in the sunshine dear” on You Tube to show that the clue, as bizarre as it is, brought up the song, Danny Boy by Eva Cassidy.
Danny Boy by Eva Cassidy

Only my beloved Master Teacher has this much skill. That’s why, in addition to Hermes the Trickster, I also call him the “Magical Music Man” and because his music is so love-filled, I also call him the God of Love, Eros (and since my name means Psyche that works for me). Those are just “pet names” so no need for people to get “up in arms.” Don’t you love that idiom, “up in arms”? Does that mean they are ready to do battle? I say, let's stick with LOVE. Here is the song, "Danny Boy" by Eva Cassidy.


Does it ever make me cry! This is different from the other version because now I feel that I am being asked to visit a graveside. I know what it means. My Master Teacher is telling me I need to follow up and pay my respects to Joe by visiting his graveside -- and only because he knows that I need to do so in order to alleviate my suffering over his death. I still cry a lot about it. The song makes me cry even more because I don’t know where he is. Only special people were invited to the celebrations in honor of his life and only special people know where he was laid to rest. I keep getting messages from my Master Teacher to go to New York; in fact there was advanced indication of a treasure hunt that will be coming up in New York, which I wrote about last summer, called the New York! New York! Treasure Hunt. I think it will happen either this summer or next spring. So, I think he may have been laid to rest in New York. I am supposed to visit him. That’s what the message from the song is.

There is another reason my teacher gave me this song; there are always multiple interpretations. Apparently, Eva Cassidy is a member of our Critical Knowledge Network now. I am not sure what she wants, but it is comforting to know that another woman is on the team since we have so many guys and they like to refer to themselves as "the gang." What is the Critical Knowledge Network (my definition)? It is a group of people (on both sides of the divide) who work together and share and construct knowledge for a common mission to make things on earth better. We are all on the same mission. One reason I know Eva Cassidy is in the Network is because she keeps coming up, much like Sam Cooke did and I know the work I need to do for Sam, after experiencing his pain and having a few conversations with him – he wants me to use Joe’s theory to help him try to get his case reinvestigated because everyone lied about what really happened to him.

Eva, on the other hand, died of cancer. I don’t know what she might want assistance with. I am getting the impression that she was concerned that, although she was very well known abroad, her music was not well known in the United States where she had been born and raised, and she would like her music to receive greater recognition. Her songs are especially relevant during this time of great change. She is an absolutely brilliant performer; I love her music and it has come up several times in my blogs as handed down to me from my Master Teacher.  

Usually, if my Master Teacher brings a person to my attention, there is a specific reason for it; for example, Sam and his case. And then there is Einstein and something that was missed in one of his articles that Joe had discovered and has hidden in his book and I am supposed to bring all of this out; and then there’s Ralph Waldo Emerson who is upset because certain professors have called him a “crazy poet” and called for throwing his work out of the curriculum. This would be a travesty since Ralph’s work is so beautiful. I have written about all of this in my previous blogs and as I accomplish these tasks set  before me, I will reference the specific previous blogs.

So then I have the second song my teacher gave me last night, “sweet and sexy song” which brought this up. He knew I would cry about that last song, so I think this is just to get my mind off it, although there are undoubtedly additional interpretations.

I just now had my morning meeting with my Master Teacher. I took a brief break from writing this blog and it is now 9:39 AM. And this is weird: I KEEP SEEING DOUBLE NINES EVERYWHERE. It used be DOUBLE ONES and then PAIRS of DOUBLE ONES (for example, check this blog out: Considering my mission is education and developing a new academy, Is it significant or what?) Anyway, the other night I mentioned this 9's phenomenon to one of my other great master teachers and she said it is the sign of completion….and that is totally relevant right now, but again that is a FUTURE story (and the future is now) but many earthlings just don’t get it so I will have to save the story for later.

My Master Teacher, this moring was very funny. I asked him if that great song GOLD he gave me yesterday was for the project he had assigned me (meaning was it going to bring in some desperately needed cash?) or was it for me. Here’s what he said:

Well you are just going to have to wait and see if “gold” is equivalent to charter schools. [Refer to yesterday’s blog about charter schools for more information about how they may be taken over by big business.] Think about it, Baby, and I know you are [he does know me, lol]. Then he gave me ANOTHER song, with the clue “nip them in the bud” which relates to this educational journey or mission we are on together. And to clarify that the song, GOLD, was, indeed about me too, he said “You Baby are my gold.”

We will see right now what songs come up to the top of a YouTube search on the clues “nip them in the bud” and “You Baby are my gold.

This is HILARIOUS!!! It is funny for multiple reasons, one being that Joe, the author this web site features was actually trained to be a preacher, but he chose to work in education. I think he would find this sermon, “Nip it in the Bud” by Dennis Swanberg very funny. My Master Teacher has SUCH a great sense of humor. (And I guess he wanted to make me laugh after that sad song that made me cry).


Now, let’s see what “You Baby are my gold” brings up.

What a sweet promise from my Master Teacher! And a great way to end today’s blog on a positive, love-filled note.  I hope everyone has a great day – keep the LOVE in your hearts. As Joe, the educator/theorist whose work this website promotes always stated in his workthere is nothing more important than LOVE.

I will Still Love You  -  Lyrics

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OH BOY, ANOTHER WAR: Why Don’t People Read Joe’s Books? PLUS Lottsa LOVE Songs!

And WHO runs the Charter Schools?

It sounds like a set-up to me, but who is fighting in this war? Is it REALLY the bad guys against the good guys? Or is it the good guys against the good guys? Or is it the bad guys pretending to fight against the bad guys, thus they are ALL lunatics?

Given that this is the vile FOX News (a heartless media mogul), I think I will choose the latter. If people would just take time to read Joe’s little booklet, a precious GEM he left us, Understanding The New Right and Its Impact on Education (1983), they would quickly come to realize that these lunatics who are so good at pulling us all into their drama are sacrificing our children, their futures, and the future of the earth for money, greed, and power. The “New” Right is a fabrication. The “Left” is a fabrication, folks. Some other fabricated imaginaries include: Democrat- Republican, Progressive-NeoConservative, creationism-evolution, liberal-conservative, etc. etc.  Just like these fabricated wars (War on Drugs, Education War, War on Poverty, blah blah blah) --THEY DO NOT EXIST. They exist only in our minds because that is what the politicans, the media, and the power moguls at the top PROGRAM us to believe. As long as we believe we are divided this way, they have us under their control, and importantly, they can rob us blind.

Americans and people of the world! Listen up! We all have much more in common and we are much more in agreement than has been constructed for us in our consciousnesses. It is time to realize this and begin fighting the monster, which is powerful but much smaller than you think. And we have the cosmos on our side this time.

Just think, if the cosmos has the power to create beautiful and erotic love scenes in the sky (see my blog, Psyche and Eros: Lovers in the Sky), then we simply must know that we have God on our side, however you prefer to conceptualize God and no matter what religion you are or are not. Do not be deceived by the conflict the media, politicians and the transnational corporate moguls construct. They want to own the world. We do not have to allow that. And how do we prevent this? The same way it has always been done in the past: through the Great Phoenix Rising. That is, we start from the bottom up, avoiding the traps, blasting through all of the gates, and making our own rules. (The old rules don’t work anymore.)

This video is just one more example of the way the media hypes up things with a political agenda. My guess is that this hype will turn us against each other once again so that big business can come in and take over the charter schools. The goal of No Child Left Behind was a public education takeover and these people are patiently waiting like vultures, wanting us to believe that charter schools are the “golden chalice” for education so that we are all fighting, kicking and screaming for the opportunity (which will be but a fleeting moment, once their real agenda kicks in).

Investigate charter schools. Who owns them? What is the trend in this ownership over the past few years? How does this Education War video play right into the hands of the corporate take-over of education? How is this going to affect education in the future? What can we at the bottom do to circumvent this?

My Meetings With My Master Teacher

I love the song he gave me last night. After our meeting he told me to get some rest so that I could get up in the morning and “hit the ground running.” So, I plugged those words into YouTube and look what came up: A really sweet song. I guess he wants to keep me around (not that I would EVER leave him! We are in this together for eternity!)

“hit the ground running”

Also, I was not sure about the messages yesterday in the video game YouTube video, but I followed up on it some (partially, at least; I think there is more to this video). But I looked up the lyrics for the first song in the video, which is “Cowboy Dreams.” It is really sweet (I do love my Master Teacher, so it’s ok that he sends me this kind of music). The lyrics are here: Cowboy Dreams. Looks like my Master Teacher is back into LOVE SONGS. I can't complain about that, especially given all of these "wars" that keep being fabricated around us.

He gave one other video yesterday and said it was significant and that I should look up the synopsis for this movie. The clue was “Catch me if you can.” I have not seen the movie. I looked it up online and it appears to be about a man who went around the world impersonating an airline pilot, doctor, attorney, and history professor and he cashed more than $2.5 million dollars in fraudulent checks in 26 different countries. It’s a cat and mouse chase with the FBI involved. OK, I will need to find out why this is relevant. It does amaze me when I hear about these people who can impersonate various professionals and are convincing. How do they do it? They must receive divine intervention to be able to pull it off.

“Catch me if you can”

My meeting this morning was very short; my Master Teacher stays busy these days. I told him I did not know what to write in the blogs today and as usual when that happens, he said to just start writing, so I did, and this blog is what we have. He gave me some business advice which I appreciate so much, and then he signed off with “GOLD,” meaning that the advice he gave me was "gold," so that means I'd better follow up on it. This is ANOTHER song, I am sure. I will check it right now on YouTube. I don’t know whether people reading these blogs realize the significance of the music and videos provided, but I do know I really love getting the music from my teacher – so here goes; let’s see what this one simple word, "Gold" brings up today.

Since the song cannot be embedded, here is the link:

Here are the
LYRICS. I LOVE it. Another LOVE song. I guess this means
my teacher is happy with the work I am doing.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Brief Description of My Interpretation of Joe's Critical Bricolage In Simple Words

It is interesting that so many of my colleagues seek my advice with their research, even though I am a rookie. We all seem to be groping in the dark when it comes to navigating the research process. Frankly, many universities do not teach students how to research at all. In doctoral programs, instead of learning how to research, we are forced, once again, to take a long string of required classes of watered down, politically biased courses that are taught on the basis of textbooks that include major misconceptions, deceptions, gross obfuscations, ommissions, and in some cases, even outright lies. And always, the textbooks present the reified Western view of things. I have written a number of papers in my courses pointing out these issues and I have even rewritten the curriculum in some of my courses to escape this nonsense, but of course, I am a hick from the country who is quite voiceless. I took a great deal of time reading Joe’s version of the critical bricolage and often discuss it with my colleagues and they intuitively see that the approach that is being forced on them by upper faculty is often misguided, but they cannot see in what way. And so they often come to me – I think I need to go into the dissertation consultation business.

One thing for sure, education needs my dissertation done already. As I agreed with one of my colleagues, the critical bricolage involves mixed methods; that is true. (She had the recommendation from another colleague to not refer to it as the bricolage, but to just call it “mixed methods.”) The bricolage, however, uses multiple perspectives, theories and methods to look at the object of inquiry from many angles and then, as she had stated, weaves or quilts them together. However, we can only SPECULATE up front what some of those methods might be and so we state that the process is IMPROVISATIONAL. Maybe the researcher will need to do interviews at some point, maybe look at different theories, maybe see how a trend noticed during the investigation compares with some other trend (there are infinite options, but you select what will answer some of the new questions that come up as you go through the process and if using Joe's critical bricolage, the criteria for selecting are ways to promote social justice, or as he always so sweetly stated it throughout his work, the criterion is "to alleviate human suffering"); you do not determine all of your questions up front -- new questions always come up so why restrict your question to those you have up front during the time you have the least understanding of what your research might show?) you make those decisions during the research process as you uncover things. To say that we know what we are going to discover in research is backwards. As both Einstein and Joe had contended -- IF WE KNEW WHAT WE WERE GOING TO FIND, IT WOULDN'T BE CALLED RESEARCH. Not only that, science is not out to PROVE anything, it is out to INVESTIGATE, PROBE. It amazes me how many people even at our level think that research is out to "prove" something. I even find myself using the word and I know better.

It is a misconception to think that we can come up with some final nearly definitive answer. You can't. ALL research is interpretation, even positivism, and the best you can do is find a good stopping point at which you have gained a greater understanding and have moved knowledge forward -- maybe a lot, maybe a little. The research can always be picked up again and continued on sometime down the road when conditions change.

Note that the briocloage does not throw out positivism; positivism may have its place for ONE PIECE of the quilt. Joe was often criticized for throwing out positivism. If you read his work, he was highly critical of the fact that education has a love affair with positivism, but he had NOT eliminated it from the toolbox.

Many committee members appear to be hung up on putting the cart before the horse. Most students, even at the doctoral level have not been taught how to DO Research. We literally have not been taught and the dissertation process is much like the blind leading the blind in some cases (not all, fortunately).

This is one of the very reasons I selected the bricolage to research USING the bricolage. I can explain all of this right up front and I can bypass or clear up any misconceptions on the part of the committee, if there are any. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, at my university, we often do not have free choice of our committee members, which means we may end up with someone we do not know and who is not familiar with our work. By the end of my dissertation I hope to put forth a greater understanding of the bricolage and how it can be applied. I truly hope -- if I am allowed to finish this process, and I have serious doubts about that, given my status as trailer trash -- that I open doors for future research. Educational research is not only at a standstill right now, it is taking society tragically backwards.

I explain the following, to once again remind people reading my blogs that they are:

1) The critical bricolage in action and they are phenomonenological in nature;
2) Based on Joe’s critical complex epistemology and the critical bricolage. This is NOT to be confused with critical pedagogy as it is practiced today, which is an entirely different ideology, FROM MY PERSPECTIVE -- please refer to my previous blogs about how Joe’s work was leading us on a path AWAY from critical pedagogy and this is all in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction; although Joe defines his version of critical pedagogy, which is an element of his theory, he has moved us much further out on the paradigmatic spectrum, which is where I am most comfortable.
3) TOTALLY IMPROVISATIONAL. I do not PLAN these blogs. I meet with my Master Teacher each day during which he teaches me on an improvisational basis and also gives me his, what I like to call “magic music” that provides additional perspectives or sometimes simply consoles me during the trials and tribulations in my life -- and the music always projects love to the cosmos. My blogs are written much the way people CHANNEL information down through the cosmos. That is just one way to explain how I write and many writers use this same process, but most of them refuse to talk about it or reveal all of their secrets. Unfortunately, we are not taught this method in school. The bottom line is, we do not need to plan out and struggle with our writing. It just flows. This is one of the hidden secrets that many educators, famous authors, scientists, etc., know and use, but they have refused to pass down the information lest we all become great writers and, with their false notion of scarcity (there is not enough money or fame to go around), they keep these things hidden. We have free access to greater knowledge and abilities quite naturally. I will contend that we all can become great writers if we learn to capitalize on this process and practice it. The tactic in education is to force us to cram our brains with nonsensical “knowledge” so that our creativity does not have a chance to surge forth. This process is clearly explained in my blog, Mental Processes Require Exposure to Difference.
4) As stated above, everything is merely interpretation, including all research. In the Disclaimer for this site, on this page, there is a long explanation of what that means.
5) The purposes of these blogs are multiple and include, but are not limited to:
a) my dissertation research;
b)a way of putting forth multiple interpretations and perspectives so that we are no longer restricted to the Western worldview as we go forth with Joe’s critical complex epistemology and critical bricolage. These theories REQUIRE multiple worldviews. We simply must accomplish this soon because as it stands, unfortunately, globalization is far ahead of humanity’s ability to relate with each other and work together to make decisions that are just and equitable. Even in the United States, as highlighted with the border issues and the Texas textbook issues, we are not able to find resolutions for our own issues. This must be remedied and the Western World needs to come to its senses before attempting to tell “OTHERs” what to do, not that we should ever be telling people in other countries what to do or pretending we have superior knowledge when we do not (and I find that label "Others" which the educational community tosses around far too frequently highly insulting for myself as well as for the other people it has come to represent, as I discussed in a previous blog).
Cultural differences simply will never allow Western rules to be applied all over the world. It cannot and will not ever work. Joe was highly concerned about this very issue and he called over and over again in all of his work for the opening of our minds to diverse perspectives. We can no longer be the dictators of “WHAT IS” no matter how we might wish to rationalize it, define it, sanction it, put it in stone, or defend it; as long as we are using Western policy and practices, we are in deep trouble with the rest of the world.
c) We must learn to critically think via Joe's formulation of a complex criticality. As I asked in a previous blog, “Can we TEACH critical thinking?” No, we cannot teach it, but we can provide the tools and opportunities for people to develop these essential critical complex thinking skills. The other day, I described how this can be accomplished by exposing ourselves to difference, and cited Gregory Bateson’s work. And as Joe presents in his work, this exposure to difference is the central purpose and role of the critical bricolage.
d) These blogs can be used for a variety of purposes, depending upon the topic and presentation. Similar topics can be assembled to create something new or reworked (used as POETs to do additional research, employing the bricolage). They can be used to launch discussions of the issues they bring up. They can be used to look at issues from different perspectives to expand our thinking. They can be used as curricular material, and, indeed that is the most recent assignment handed down to me from my Master Teacher. He wants the site to offer FREE instructional materials, FREE downloads of academic papers, FREE images that people can use as they wish, and more. So, my future work will be dedicated to this highly important educational endeavor that promotes free flow of information and knowledge products.
e) Given that this is an evolving project, not all purposes have been identified.

I am putting this all out here because over the past few weeks, I have been harassed in quite illegal ways for presenting these perspectives. It is what Joe referred to as "dangerous knowledge" apparently. I am not interested in a legal battle, and like Joe, I feel all disagreements should be resolved from the basis of love, and I believe there is ample love to go around for everyone. Joe was a role model for that. We all have our own perspectives and we all have our freedom to express those perspectives without, what Joe called "ad hominen" attacks. The work I present here is the heart of Joe’s theory and philosophy as I interpret it. No one else that I know of is taking his work forward to the level of application in the ways he dreamed, namely for everyone, not restricted to academic research.  If there is someone who is, I would love to hear from them. I am going to do this work for Joe if it is the last thing I ever do and all indications that I have received is that this is the time to do it. I seem to have great support for what I am doing from beyond the veil of elite acemicics.

Joe had some very sweet words that speak to me, personally, in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. It makes me think we do have some kind of “soul” contract (which is merely one possible perspective on what my life mission has developed into, and one that particularly appeals to me) or, alternatively, he had simply predicted that a female was going to be the one who took his work forward to apply it. I can say this message is for me, personally, because I have not found anyone else out there researching and applying his work in the same manner I have been demonstrating, so I take his message here to heart. Here is what he had to say (and he always had the right words at the right time):

Critical knowledge production always involves pointing out faulty argumentation, unsupported generalizations, and unexamined actions of a knowledge community. What separates the critical sheep from the uncritical goats is that a critical pedagogy/epistemology also involves exposing the cultural, epistemological, and ideological assumptions that shape the knowledge individuals produce and the oppressive actions justified by such information. With such a task before us, I guess we just have to give up any aspirations to winning the Miss Congeniality contest. Such work will inevitably anger the guardians of the status quo. Relax, it’s our existential burden – go with it. (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 176).

Note again, here that he is moving his work forward toward his critical complex epistemology. Clearly, this was a necessary move to rise above the limitations of critical pedagogy as it was being practiced in the United States. And it aligns with what Paulo Freire wished. He wanted his work taken forward. He, more than anyone, knew the limitations of his theory and did not wish for it to stagnate.

Well, I have a meeting with my Master Teacher, so I’ll see what words of wisdom he has for me. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Primarily, he is interested in my development of the free instructional materials. Check the Free Curricuar Materials page today; I have posted an intereting curricular item and will do this on a regular basis now. It shows how I have used my blogs to develop the instructional acitivity. I have much material and many ideas to work with and it is just a matter of writing them up and posting them. Note that I will not be categorizing these by age or ability levels. Also, that I take Joe's recommended ecumenical approach (as presented in his bricolage book with Kathleen Berry) that values learning about religions and respecting the beliefs of others, which of course, included Christianity. Most activities are geared for any level and are easily adjustable for -- or by the learners -- teachers and learners are perfectly capable of making these sorts of decisions. Aside from this, he has given me some direction for my dissertation, which I will reserve comment on at this time. He thanked me for staying so willing to “do it all” as he put it and he said that there will be more help coming my way to assist with the many projects on my plate. His clue for the song for today was “too few choices in an infinite world.” I did the search on YouTube and it brought this video game up. I am not into video games, so I do not feel qualified to interpret it. My teacher, since these blogs are designed for a diverse audience, likes to put out diverse music and of course, diverse perspectives. So I have provided his choice for today without interpretation. I really liked the music he gave me last night (four songs total). I have included my favorite from the four, below, after the game video.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

So Much to Do, So Little Time and Money: Seeking Comfort from the Critical Kitty

Ever feel like you are on overwhelm? Ever feel like all of the gates, doors, and windows to opportunity are closed and locked up tight? Last night as I was getting ready to go to bed, it was MAX OVERWHELM. I have so much on my platter: I have to “fix” one website, plan out and write the content for another website, write this blog and curricular materials among other stuff, manage a growing business, and write a dissertation.  So I was feeling overwhelmed last night when I went to bed and I don’t know what happened in my dream life (I can imagine all of my dream friends and I had gotten together to plan all of these tasks I have going), and I awakened this morning past overwhelm and into that negative space where one wonders -- is all of this even possible?

Last night, I guess my teacher wanted to at least try to cheer me up, so he told me to focus on enjoying the process and to not stress about it. His clue for my goodnight song was “meet in bed.” This is not at what one might think. I plugged the words into YouTube and here is what came to the top.

As you can see, some cute little kitties need a home. It does remind me of the CRITICAL KITTIES that have been let out of the bag. If you are not “up” on the critical kitty, you can review here
: critical kitty. Someone needs to adopt these cute kitties and take them home. This video was just posted on May 18, 2010. My Master Teacher really keeps up on stuff, even poor little kitties that need a good home. I hope YouTube finds them all good homes; they are so cute.

I think the main message to take from this video and reminder is what Joe said about the critical kitty:

“With criticality, the cat gets out of the bag. With the
critical kitty sitting in our laps we begin to understand the way the matrix is loaded, the deck is stacked, socio-political reality is constructed. Indeed, a critical complex epistemology/politics of knowledge can help us gain new levels of consciousness and in the process, change the world” (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 177).

By exposing just how the deck is stacked against us in our efforts to escape the dramas and power games around us, we also expose ways to get through or around the few spaces there are. It isn’t easy, though, and it can take one’s sense of optismism and hope down when we continually run up against obstacle after obstacle. And sometimes we just have no choice but to blast through, much the way Joe did with his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. Still, it is my belief that our best option is what Doreen just happened to bring out in her oracle card reading today, so I have included that here. We need to work from the bottom and totally cut our ties and dependence on those institutions that are stealing our very souls.

This morning I awakened feeling the futility of it all. Those in power have created so many obstacles for everything you want to do: you must pay this fee or that fee, get this license or that license, you can do this, but you can’t do that….the powers that be have everything so locked up tight and under control it feels hopeless at times. But it helps to remember that critical kitty and keep it on our laps. I think my teacher's advice to rescue a kitty so that we can keep that kitty on our lap was great advice. It is also a demonstration of symbiotic relationships in action.

I was still feeling down when I met with my Master Teacher this morning. Well, he always knows exactly what to say to cheer me up and much of his communication is in the form of music. I am including it here because I believe that many people out there can benefit from this little pep talk he gave me. It is very powerful and uplifting.

First, he told me everything will come together divinely and to stop worrying about the money and people who choose to harass me. The power of love is on our side. I think this is an important thing to remember: the work we choose should be done out of love for humanity and to help other people, if only by providing them an example of the possibilities. That should be our primary focus, and we need not focus on the money we can get from doing our work. He has told me many things about this and I have had lessons from other great Master Teachers as well. I want to express my gratitude for their help because I have come a long way in changing how I view my work and money.

Then he encouraged me, advising me as to the important, priority tasks and he said he knows that I can do this. The work I have chosen, he told me, will serve to comfort many people. He reminded me we should always be proud of our heritage and share that with other people because, in this way, we help them find their pathways to greater happiness and peace.

He also said there will be a lot of money down the road in what I have chosen to do. We are creating our own future, and we can create it as we choose, but if we start living that future as if we have already created it, already a “done deal,” then our imagined future will manifest that much sooner. He said that it is “easier said than done,” and he told me “if anyone can do it you can.”

Those were such uplifting words for me. Of course, we have three songs here to look up on YouTube:  done deal,” “easier said than done,” and “if anyone can do it you can.” As I have learned, there are additional messages to me in the songs he leads me to. Searching on these key words brought up the following very relevant songs. I do hope that people who are struggling and wanting to break free from the boss man or the grips of poverty can gain a sense of strength and hope from today’s blog and this high impact music.

"done deal" The Lyrics

"easier said than done"

"if anyone can do it you can"
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Psyche and Eros: Lovers in the Sky

Do You Ever Feel Like you’re Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places?

This question came to me (and the song below was handed down to me) as I was reading a newspaper geared for “Seniors” and the “Baby Boomer” generation. I was glancing through the “Seeking Friendship” advertisements as it appears there are so many people – in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s who still have not found LOVE. It’s kind of sad that our society does not allow the free flow of love and these people have spent their entire lives looking for that “one true love” and are still looking. Clearly, they have not found it or they would not be placing these ads. The reason being, love transcends space and time and it is there for us all. One advertisement reads, “seeks new soul mate” and another one, “in search of non-smoking slender soulmate.” Is this the right place to seek a soul mate? Who knows; maybe they are onto something. It is a good sign though, that deep inside we all seem to know there is a special someone out there for us and we do not need to give up looking for that special person. Personally, I know who my true soul mate is, so I am not ISO (in search of), thank goodness. But, what can I do to lend a hand to those who are in search of soul mates? Do I have something to offer those people? This is something that I keep questioning myself about – are we looking for love in all of the wrong places? And then yesterday I took a Nature Walk, and I found signifiers of love right out in the open for all to see. All we need to is open our eyes and our creative imaginations.

Lovers in the Sky: Psyche and Eros (A Walk in Nature)
I have mentioned in the last few blogs that these blogs will be taking a turn. What I didn’t mention was what that change was going to consist of. I have been requested to begin designing curricular materials on a regular basis along with the blogs (based on Joe’s theory, of course, since the purpose of this website is to interpret and apply Joe's theory). So, every day I write a blog; every day I am to add something new to the Free Curricular Materials page on this site so that teachers everywhere have original ideas they can draw from and customize for their classrooms.

I do realize that sometimes my blogs are so far outside the box that I cannot even see the box anymore and so this is a way to ground Joe’s theory. It really is a very practical theory that has a role in everyday life as well as academia. I found out that with this seemingly straightforward application of his theory in which you allow the creativity of the cosmos to flow through you (see yesterday’s blog describing the two systems - one that flows and one that restricts the flow), the cosmos seems to have a mind of its own that is, in some complex manner intertwined with collective consciousness (far be it for me to explain that).

Well, I have learned that the cosmos does have its own creative ideas and it seems there is no returning to the box. Would we want to “escape” the cosmos, which is a part of our very existence? Do we want to go back to being imprisoned into boxes, square pegs in round holes, taught in closed-in stuffy classrooms, a suffering soul at the hands of those who would define and attach “pyschologically debilitating” labels to us? I will give you an example that just happened yesterday that shows (illustrates, but does not prove in the scientific sense) that the cosmos, indeed, has a mind of its own and is there to entertain and teach us, and once you have escaped the insanity of what Joe defined as FIDUROD, there is no turning back, thankfully.

A Nature Walk
In pursuit of the creation of some new curricular materials, yesterday I decided a great activity would be a simple nature walk. Children today do not get out of the classroom enough and there is so much to be learned from nature walks. My goal was to simply walk up the block in my neighborhood, cross over to the OTHER side, taking photographs of all of the beautiful flowers along the street I live on. This could be converted to a variety of interesting lessons for children for art, science, social studies, etc. Well, I went about my usual work for the day and I noticed some mean-looking clouds heading my way, so I decided that I’d better get out there before they reached my neighborhood. I went up the street, while the sun was still shining, taking photos of all of the flowers (22 total in the short distance to the end of the block. Periodically, I randomly pointed the camera up to the sky and snapped pictures of the clouds to show the storm coming in. I crossed over to the OTHER side of the street, but my camera was full and would not allow me to take any more pictures, so I decided to quit for the day and head back home to prepare the images for my blog and the lesson plan.

Cloud Exploration
I remember as a child I loved being outside. One of the things I loved to do was to try and “see” things in the clouds, but it was hard because the clouds were always moving. (Did you ever do that as a child?) So a great activity is to have children do exactly what I did on my nature walk – take pictures of the clouds. Don’t try to see anything in them while taking the photos – just let the cosmos (or “chance” or “coincidence”) work with you and snap random photos. Check out the photos I took!!! They are incredible!


Lovers in the Sky: Psyche and Eros

I call this first photo Lovers in the Sky: Psyche and Eros. Can you see them? Eros’ lit up face (and his ear below) is toward the upper left hand corner. Psyche is kissing him and her long, dark hair streams across the sky. She is on top of him with her arms around him and her hand on his neck. Below her streaming hair is her body – and she is "with child." What a beautiful, erotic gift from the cosmos. And the funny thing was, when I first went outside to take this nature walk, for some reason I kept thinking “Beauty and the Beast,” associating the flowers I was going to be taking pictures of with Beauty and the dark storm clouds with the Beast. And if you know that story, the Beast turned out to be love and it appears storm clouds are no different in that regard. They are love gifts from the cosmos.

Eros Kissing Psyche and White Rabbit

OMG!! When I was looking through the pictures of flowers I had taken, I found some more cool things in the clouds. Check ‘em out. Look at the very bottom of the sky on this picture. It's Eros again, and this time he is lying on top of - or next to - Psyche and kissing her (you can only see a portion of Psyche's lit up face). You can see the back of Eros' head on the left between the two trees and his body lies across the picture just above the trees and houses. Right above the couple is a white rabbit looking down on them, a symbol of fertility.

Laughing Cherub Getting His Wings

And this picture is so cute! It’s an adorable cherub who’s laughing because he has his wings on backwards -- either that, or he's happy because he's getting his wings since it looks like a big hand is holding the wings out toward the cherub. Look for the big smile and his angel wings.

Clasped Hands

This one shows a set of hands clasped together on the left of the cloud formation. It was the first picture I took when I went outdoors, so the sun was still shining, and it shows the approaching storm clouds. Maybe the hands represent the hands of the creator of all of these amazing images in the clouds.

Hermes on His Horse Carrying Large Quill

This one shows Hermes on his horse with a huge quill in his hand. Hermes was a powerful writer and messenger, thus the significance of a very large quill/pen to write his message. The philosophy he lived by was that the pen is mightier than the sword. It really is in this image! There is so much to know about Hermes, I really encourage people to research this Greek God. I did not know anything at all until I read Joe's books and he often mentions Hermes. The more I research Hermes, Hermetics, and even related secret societies, the more I learn.

Mystery Photo

This photo, I call the MSYTERY photo. I know there is something there, but I am not seeing it. Perhaps you can identify an image or images in this one.

Heart in the Sky

And finally, the grand finale, this last photo I took is a Heart in the Clouds -- yes, we can find love if we just open our minds and hearts -- and THE (INFINITE) SKY IS THE LIMIT.

Interestingly, I only snapped a total of seven photos of the sky (which are all included in this blog) and they ALL show something (what are the odds of that happening?) Also, I will note that there are other images in these photos that I have not yet identified, and perhaps you will be able to see them. As Joe always said in his work, everything must be interpreted, and cloud formations are no different. We all see differenlty, we all have our own perspectives and biases, and to keep our mental processes functioning, we are best served by finding and embracing multiple interpretations. These photos would make a great classroom discussion (online or offline) just by having people share what they see in them and what meanings they attribute to them. Since my name means Psyche....well, I won't get into my personal interpretation of these clouds, but it does seem highly significant that the universe or cosmos or the gods chose to reveal these images to me....and I have put them to the test and so far everyone I have shown them to clearly sees the images. So there you go. Life is magical and the universe is generous in the gifts it hands down to us if we are receptive.

Oregon has some "far out" clouds, I’m telling you; they are more "far out" than I remember seeing during my childhood. I really think we have reached the fourth dimension here, or I would not be seeing all of this interesting stuff in clouds that do not look “real” in the Fidurodian sense of the word. They are “hyper-beautiful” and so are all of the flowers I took photos of. Maybe this is what is meant by “Colors of the Wind” (I love this song and it has some valuable messages).


How does all of this stuff keep happening to me, anyway? It must be the ascension process and the earth has reached the fourth dimension now (at least in some areas). All I did was go outdoors to take pictures of the flowers and every so often I would take shot at the sky (seven total) and lo AND behold, look what I ended up with – true masterpieces without even trying. What’s that all about?

Oh well, I thank the cosmos. Tomorrow I will cross over to the OTHER side of the street and see what new pictures the great cosmos hands down to me. In the meantime, check the Curricular Materials where I will be posting this activity -- along with the beautiful pictures of flowers -- for teachers and students to download.

My Meeting with My Master Teacher
My blogs would not be complete without relaying the lessons I receive from my great master teacher. We meet at least twice a day – morning and evening – but if I have problems during the day I can call on him or any member of our Critical Knowledge Network (which is growing by leaps and bounds). Last night he gave me some excellent advice regarding the evil tactics of some crit ped people and how they are using facebook to pretend to want to be friends (for what reason, I have no clue because I really don’t have time for their nonsense.) But my teacher’s advice was helpful. He explained where they are all coming from and reminded me to “follow the money.” He had given me that advice before and somewhere in the past I had written a blog about it, but he told me not to be concerned about all of this since, as he put it this morning, we have “divorced ourselves from them,” although he recommended citing their work if it works for us and if not, not to cite it; it doesn’t matter and it won’t change what we are doing. His advice was: “Keep moving forward in a graceful and very beautiful evolution.” Last night, he gave me the good night song, “sleep well baby” and this morning his sign off was “Yours Truly” which he has given me before. So, here we are again; he has a lot of songs for me to look up on YouTube (oh, I how LOVE YouTube). For those of you who are new members of the Critical Knowledge Network (and that would be all of you teachers and students out there), my Master Teacher gives me keywords for music which I plug into the YouTube search box and then take the first song to the top. They always turn out to be very relevant and meaningful songs. Music is a critical component of the daily curriculum because, as will be shown down the line, all subjects can be taught, enhanced, and made much more fun through music. So here goes with today’s songs . . .

follow the money.”

divorced ourselves from them

Keep moving forward in a graceful and very beautiful evolution.”

sleep well baby


Yours Truly

My Master Teacher wanted me to remind people that this Nature Walk experience is an example of Enigma’s song  “Return to Innocence.” It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, so I will end today’s blog with this song and its uplifting message. (It is one of our specially selected anthems as posted on our Celebrations page.)

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mental Processes Require Exposure to Difference – PLUS Love is a Wonderful Thing

I would ask, is Love a “thing?” I think not. Attempting the feat of mentally processing love as a “thing,” however, is a valuable exercise. Why? Because it is clear that much of Western-influenced science and education, to the detriment of humans thus causing much emotional pain and suffering, makes this very drastic error of classifying complexities and processes as things. While it is much more complex than this, the mind can be conceived of interrelating parts that interact in such a way, that, as Joe always stated it, “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” Bateson, in his book, Mind and Nature: A Necessary Unity (2002) conveyed this concept by stating:

I shall unhesitatingly say that the aggregate is a mind and shall expect that, if I am to understand the aggregate, I shall need sorts of explanation different from those which would suffice to explain the characteristics of its smaller parts (p. 85).

Bateson suggests mental processes are sequences of interactions between the parts and occur in the presence of difference. How does the concept of “difference,” which Joe wrote a great deal about, fit into this picture? Difference cannot be located in time or space and therefore, it cannot be viewed as a “thing.”

In education, which is our relevant topic in these blogs, we have come to view learning as the accumulation of “facts.” One way we view difference is in terms of what we do not know as compared to what we need to learn thus, we focus on learning facts, rather than processes or taking in the complexities of relationship (another concept Joe has woven into his theory). This illustrates the mistake of thinking a complex process (the human mind) is the object of difference. The mind is a complex aggregate which we cannot define as a “thing.” We can only say that the brain is a thing, however the mind is not that simple. Yet, in education we treat the mind (and consciousness) as some simple object. Knowledge is “out there” and must be brought into the mind – thus, the goal is to minimize the difference between what we call knowledge and what the learner knows. This is the wrong way to view difference. It objectifies the human and projects the source for responding to difference outside the complexity of mental processes. In other words, it takes the view that when we (e.g., teachers, administrators, gatekeepers) switch on the light (by providing sanctioned “knowledge”), we have the power to control that light and we are ignoring the fact that the energy for the light is always there and all we are doing is opening a switch to allow the flow of, for example in the case of the light switch, electricity.

Thus we have two systems operating. There are those who sit at the switch and expend their energy controlling whether the light flows or not. And the other system is the light which flows when the switich is open. The second system can run up against gates and try to blast them open if there is enough energy, or, alternatively, find other openings and cracks that allow the energy to flow through. Bateson puts it like this:

In life and its affairs, there are typically two energetic systems in interdependence: One is the system that uses its energy to open or close the faucet or gate or relay; the other is the system whose energy “flows through” the faucet or gate when it is open” (p. 95).

Joe talks about this process a lot in his book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, describing how FIDUROD operates as system to open and close the spigot for knowledge.

OMG, I don’t know how or why I am on this topic. I ended up having to meet with my Master Teacher this morning for clarification. We also had met last night (all night, I think, but I don’t remember everything). I do know he gave me this song last night, "Love is a Wonderful Thing" which is very sweet.

Morning Meeting With My Master Teacher

I remember reading something in Bateson's book about how “like” systems congregate, thus, like minds come together. I thought that was very interesting because it would explain things like soul mates and how people work together and such….but I digress. I asked my Master Teacher, what is all of this about? Clearly, I have much more reading and understanding to process here. He said not to worry, just provide a simplified version, so that was what I tried to do. I am sure I will come back to this topic again sometime and pull it all together and if there are misconceptions I will clear them up. That is what’s so great about Joe’s critical bricolage. You can start out by just writing a Point of Entry Text (POET) and then take it from there, always knowing it can continue because we cannot ever reach some final conclusion – as Bateson put it, the purpose of science (and thus, research and learning) is to probe, not to prove. Far too many of us have this gross misconception that science and research is out to PROVE something. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I consulted with my teacher, he said not to get too deep into this topic today – I think I have already covered more than enough; there is so much more. In summary (as I learned from my teacher):

We do not utilize difference appropriately. We focus (as in education today) on the material difference and this is an arbirtrary proposition that is not in any way related to the scientific explanation for the processes that occur between the relationships between differences. This has us fabricating labels to explain and categorize differences and annihilates the mental processes that are triggered (as Bateson describes) by differences. We are training up DROIDs by this process – this grotesque error in the way we view difference.

I am going to drop this topic for now. It is way over my head. After we discussed Bateson’s work, my teacher encouraged me to move forward with a very special project, it is going to be a new website. He talked about letting my ideas flow so that my creativity is unleashed (I think this relates to the discussion on difference). Indeed, he told me that it is exposure to difference that allows our internal (already existing) creative energies to flow freely. Anyway, he told me that he knows this project will be “dynamite” and of course, that has to be a song, so here is the first song to the top on a YouTube search.


That reminds me, last night after our meeting, he gave me four songs. He told me to “go to bed” and he signed off with “sleep tight,” “dream sweet,” and “yours.” Below are the songs that popped to the top on YouTube for these search terms. I have yet to figure out how he comes up with so much music and why. I was reluctant about posting so many songs, but this morning he told me "I do hope you will include those songs....hey, I went to a lot of trouble getting those." So, I guess I have to keep my teacher happy. Isn't that part of the learning process?: we learn what keeps our teacher happy and we do those things so that we get good grades, within reason, of course, and only when we know that our teacher has our best interest at heart. That's it for today, from this country hick girl and remember: difference is what creates mental processes or thinking. The greater the differences (in quantity and quality), the more mental processing we undergo, which is a good thing because it moves humanity forward. Heaven forbid should we all become DROIDS. In respectful honor of my teacher, here is his music:

"go to bed"


sleep tight"


“dream sweet”



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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Power of Imagination and Creativity: How to Reach The Light at the End of the Tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnelWell, this is exciting news! Just like Lauren Gorgo predicted yesterday, we do not need to DO anything major to break free from or cut loose from the old and move to the new.  Or I should say within the message she relayed from our good friends, the Pleiadians, we were informed that we do not need to do anything to “get out of this place.” Relative to yesterday’s blog, these were lyrics Joe had included in the title of his discussion about our need to move toward the critical complex epistemology (knowledge). I recommend reading that section (pp. 57-59) because Joe had a lot to say that relates to yesterday's and today's blog. He was fed up with the lack of affect in academia and how hurtful the social world is. You just have to read this section: It is so powerful and his creativity was out the roof (I love it!!!) He also calls for a revolution "in the way we see the world and produce knowledge about it" (p. 58). Clearly, I am a part of that revolution. I am probably more fed up than Joe was or I just have less patience than he had.

You will want to review my blog for yesterday and Lauren's blog that I had included to gain the full significance of this for everyone (including me) who has felt like they have been beating their heads against a brick wall. We really need to take time for passionate enjoyment of sensual and creative moments and let life flow.
I was also happy to learn from Lauren that purportedly, the Pleiadians are now saying it is no longer necessary to keep their involvement under wraps. We can talk about it now whereas in the past it was dangerous. They are the love people of the universe and I feel a great affinity for them. They are here with us, among us, and in us to help all of us on this planet move up in our evolutionary development, particulary in our greater awareness, consciousness, and ability to love. Call me crazy, if you wish, but we need "saviors," although they would protest profusely over being conceptualized as saviors. They are just an advanced people who want to help and there is a symbiotic interrelationship between earthlings and the Pleiadians. In fact, many of us are descendants from long ago. Some of the indigenous cultures of the world know this and seem to have more knowledge about them than wee Westerners (and, no, that was not a typo). It is clear to me, given the condition of societies and the world, we need this assistance and we should be grateful for receiving the benefits of their advanced evolutionary development and knowledge. (Ain't "imagination" great?)

Enough of that, I just provided more fuel for people to call me crazy but that’s ok. We who have major disagreements over such issues will soon be departing and going our separate ways and that’s a very good thing. That is the “breaking free” and “cutting loose” which Lauren conveyed in her blog. It cannot happen soon enough for most of us, I am sure. And in relation to Lauren’s message stating that we really do not need to do anything to force the new to manifest, yesterday after posting my blog, I had a truly amazing and miraculous experience that confirms exactly what she had contended. Suddenly, supports are kicking in bigtime and everything is in perpetual motion. It is the beginning of that perpetual revolution.

Thus, I will get back to the topic of changes that I have been mentioning in the last two blogs. My Master Teacher stated that these blogs and this website will be taking a turn; although it is less a turn than it is more action relevant to the move to a critical complex epistemology, is how I would frame it. The clues are already on the website and it is just a matter of allowing things to flow forth.  I have great faith that in simply enjoying my life and doing the creative things I love, beautiful things will evolve out of it. We do not need to control this process. We simply need to free up our minds, bodies and souls for what many creative people call “flow.” It works. While we are rowing DOWNstream (remember to Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Gently Down the Stream), and are no longer struggling trying to get upstream to force our dreams to come true, magic happens. Divine gifts can be passed down to us when we are no longer fighting the battle. It works. I see it daily in my life and yesterday I had a huge confirmation of that…and so, I will be rowing gently as the loving and peaceful stream flows along.

My Meeting With My Master Teacher
Yesterday, my teacher was beginning to provide details about all of these changes and my role in making them happen and I was expressing my feeling of being overwhelmed. As the music in yesterday’s blog indicated, he just basically said to “get with the groove,” which gave me another song. In my book, getting with the groove means you take time to dance and play and you don’t worry about how it’s all going to happen. It makes me feel sorry for all of those project managers who struggle with plans, lists, deadlines, blueprints, and budgets. They are a prime example of trying to row upstream and as a result they seldom meet their artificially determined deadlines or budgets.

So yesterday, sure enough, before the day was over, a divine assistant was sent my way. I am so excited. Now I know this works – I understand how people at the bottom can rise up out of the ashes like the great phoenix. I love that symbolism and in fact, a very talented graphic artist friend (a member of my Critical Knowledge Network) is designing a logo for me of the great phoenix rising and it is going to be very special.

Today, my teacher simply told me it is time to finish clearing out the old and reorganizing for the new. Again, like Lauren, he emphasized that I do not need to take great actions all at once. I love the way he described doing the things you enjoy and allowing things to evolve: “A little spice here and a little spice there.” (Oh that brings up Spice Girls.) He was talking about following a sort of flexible schedule which was devised with his assistance to make sure I always take time to enjoy the spicy things in life – doing the fun stuff along the way such as engaging in the arts and music, and allowing my mind to slow down long enough so that divine ideas can seep in. If our minds are so busy chattering, we lose our creative abilities.

Then, my teacher said some really nice stuff to me. He said he had wondered about me the very first time we met and had asked himself: "Is this too good to be true?" Of course, I wondered that exact same thing about him as welll until I got to know him. In our linear, 3d world, as he explained it, yes, it is too good to be “true.” And then he signed off for today with "Good, divine and wholely blessed" "We shall prevail" along with another sweet message which I will not reveal at this time, but it brought up the last song, below.

Wow, I have been blessed with five songs to look up: “Is this too good to be true?” “true” and "Good, divine and wholely blessed" along with “We shall prevail” plus a private sweet message. I will see what YouTube pulls up to the top with these.

“Is this too good to be true?” brought up the following song:


“True” brought up the following song:


"Good, divine and wholely blessed" brought up the following song. You might want to click on this to get to YouTube and open up the lyrics that have been included. Kind of interesting.

“We shall prevail” brought up the following song: It looks like YouTube had been censoring this person, but the person prevailed since they were able to put all of their videos right back up on YouTube again, thus this is their victory video. I really don't think it is the American way to censor creativity.


And, last but not least, my private message brought up the following song:

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joe’s Hidden Music: There’s A Better Life; Change is Gonna Come

Somewhere I had read somebody’s description of Joe’s writing as being “musical.” I am not sure they realized just how accurate they were in that assessment. He had multiple ways of hiding music, some of which I have touched upon in these blogs. The most obvious ones, yet the easiest to miss are disguised in the titles to chapters and subchapters in his books.

“Girl, There’s a Better Life for Me and You”: The Move to a Critical Complex Epistemology.

The above is a subchapter in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction on page 57. In an earlier blog, I had analyzed it in two parts and found two songs, which was ok, but as I look at it now, it is all in enclosed in one set of quotation marks, and I have learned that this means I should put the whole phrase into the search box on YouTube. When I plugged the words, “Girl There’s a Better Life for Me and You” into YouTube, the following song came to the top:


As it turns out, the words in the quotation marks are in the lyrics. Getting out of this place, this dirty part of the city where the sun refuses to shine, as Ann Wilson sings, makes sense for this chapter where Joe has us moving toward Critical Complex Epistemology, so again, he has shown us a creative way to bring the emotional and experiential aspects into the discussion and to extend the interpretation and analysis – and at the same time, he demonstrates a way to make learning fun and interesting. He was on a quest for a better life through critical complex epistemology.

In this dirty old part of the city,
where the sun refused to shine
people tell me there ain't no use in tryin'.

We gotta get out of this place,
If it's the last thing we ever do.
We gotta get out of this place,
'cause girl, there's a better life for me and you.

I know there may be people who do not understand some of Joe’s work and why he wrote as he did, especially in his later works. I have read some harsh criticisms of his writing that I will not repeat here because I disagree with them and they are based on one dimensional, FIDUROD thinking (as defined in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction); whereas,  Joe’s writing is multidimensional and incorporates creativity to demonstrate how we can enhance learning and make it more relevant. Joe knew exactly what he was doing and there are many reasons for why he chose to write so creatively. I discussed in previous blogs, some time ago, how he had blasted the doors open for us so that we do not need to always stick with dull, third person writing in academia. I think he has opened the doors not only for women, as discussed in my previous blogs, but for all of us. 

What A Woman Wants May 29, 2009

Evidence for What a Woman Wants and a Short Break from Treasure Hunting Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have read Joe’s early works and they were SO perfect, although in my view, all of his work is perfect; some of it is just different and very creative as compared to typical academic writing. He always wrote well and put much care into his research, writing and teaching -- and the love shines through brightly. This song,”We Gotta Get Out of This Place” in my view may represent why, in his last books, his writing took a turn.  He was demonstrating with his writing just how we might escape. It is something I can relate to personally, because I also relate to this song and the feeling that you always have a stigma attached if you are a “hick” or a “hillbilly” (or is it because you are Scottish-Irish ?  – Honestly, I have not figured it out). I do know that it has never mattered how hard I tried or how perfectly I followed the rules of wherever I worked, I was still always at the bottom (first to be fired when there were layoffs; the last person to be believed by the boss when everyone else gossiped and lied, etc.). I have seen that over and over again in my own life. Joe has shared similar experiences in his work, especially from his childhood.

I really have gotten to the point that trying to do things “by the book” or per “status quo” just doesn’t matter anymore; as I have said so many times, when you are at the bottom, there is not much further to drop and so, I have chosen to do this “crazy” creative writing and I am taking it into my own idiosyncratic interpretation of what he referred to as “the fourth dimension” in his 2005 article about the critical bricolage. I'm not sure what he meant, so I made up my own interpretation. I awaken each morning and it is like I am that “Avatar” that some people in education seem to be writing about a lot these days. You know, the Avatar who is just not themself. I don’t know what I do in my dream life (except the nights I remember), but every morning words just flow out of me for these blogs and they often do not feel like my own words. I think I must plan them in my sleep or something and then voila! They just flow onto the screen. I still do my scholarly writing, of course, I have to, but it can be pretty dull, especially when professors dictate the topic. I wasted many years doing that and finally, I get to choose my own topics. My dissertation is going to be good -- I am going for the gold.  I can completely relate to Joe who clearly pushed the envelope with his creative, yet scholarly, insightful, and knowledge-constructing writing. Of course, no one could ever be match for Joe, but I figure I can keep trying, in my own way of course.

My guess is he, as I am, was a little bored with the formal, stuffy academic style (especially third person, which he often mentioned in his work). I find it very difficult to sit through an entire long-winded article these days, especially when I become disgusted with the obvious obfuscation (isn’t that what they call an oxymoron?  It really is not hidden from me anymore, after reading Joe’s work.) Anyway, obfuscation was one of Joe’s favorite words, and I can certainly understand why – it has to be if you read very many articles. It is amazing how many people in education talk about ascension, 2012, and heaven on earth and much more, all cloaked in ambiguous terms and yet educators laugh at, scorn, and stifle the “lower class” people for talking about these things. Heaven forbid. Worse, some educators support the media's deceptions in the way they present “knowledge” and do not encourage learners to gain other perspectives on what is really happening. There is knowledge for the elite and "knowledge" for the masses. Joe just put everything out there creatively in his last few books. He has written some fantastic works that are ahead of the times so they will be useful for many years to come. Joe covered the gamut when it comes to education and he covered it well. His work will not be obsolete any time soon, if ever.

I think he wanted to have a lot fun while he was doing his good work, which is another reason he may have included the fun stuff. Of course, when he needed to, he wrote in that formal academic style, but I am sure he had great fun putting together his amazing last works in which he used his superb phenomenological, polysemic, and hermeneutic skills along with his advanced science knowledge. 

And so, just like the song says, he moved away from “this place” (this stuffy academia) for a better life with critical complex epistemology, with some girl. I am sure he enjoyed writing his last books very much. I hope he enjoyed writing them as much as I enjoy reading them and each time I pick up one of his books, the magic and joy that I experience when I uncover another gift within a gift he has left us.

As he explained on page 64, “A critical complex epistemology constructs hot knowledge (conocimiento caliente, connaissance anime) ready to work its magic on its readers. It is unafraid of its own erotisicm, commitment to resistance, and vaudevillian recognition of the humor of dominant cultural gravitas.”

His work is truly magic and very erotic. Reading his books opened my mind to deciphering all of the obfuscated knowledge other edcators put out there.  I thank Joe for blasting open the doors to creative, fun, sexy, and musical research, learning, and writing – and for making my life a better life.

Morning Meeting With My Master Teacher
My teacher covered so much this morning. The mission is taking a new turn as I mentioned yesterday, but the “gang” is still working out all of the details.  I feel overwhelmed because it is clearly more work than I can do on my own. When I asked him how I was going to get all of this done by myself, he gave me a song: “Get in the groove, Babe.” This upbeat drum solo came up, which is so appropriate -- it makes a person want to move.


That’s it for today. There will be changes coming (as Sam Cooke sings) and they are good changes, but I am still somewhat in the dark about what they entail. I did receive the following message from "my favorite people" today (I enjoy Lauren Gorgo's writing) and it looks like the hardest part is almost over and we just need to be patient a little longer. What she is saying here may jive with what many people are experiencing right now, so I am including the entire blog, because it is very uplifting for those of us who are struggling and wondering how we can rise to the occasion. There is really nothing we need to do, as this blog points out. It becomes much like I have discussed in some previous blogs: We just end up spinning our wheels. Patience.

Breaking Free or Cutting Loose?
a message from Lauren C. GorgoWednesday, 19 May, 2010  (posted 20 May, 2010)739 views, 1 comment - login or register to comment
Breaking Free
How's your May been so far?  Anything like you expected?  Well, that is, assuming you have any expectations left in this process.

If May is a messy month that you just can't figure out how to clean up, then welcome to the misery of "breaking" free!

We are in the process of literally...and in some ways, suddenly... breaking off from our old selves & lives, dismantling the remaining outworn vestiges of our past and with seemingly no support to fix anything...shocker.

If this is happening for you, if the bottom is falling out of your life and you see/feel/know of no way to fix what's broken, no supports are always on the back end of the dismantling process, but first we are forced to sit still one final time and take solid inventory of our lives and wants, all that needs to go, and all that needs upgrading.

In other words...this is IT...the last hurrah from this insane cycle to deal with, face, release, and break free from our mis-created goo before a new cycle of creation begins.

I am hearing that the most important thing to consider during this time is:  "What do I want for my new life?"

Now, granted we have been pondering, imagining, speculating and contemplating these desires for a decade however, at this time...from mid-May until July...we need to revise our desires one last time to be sure they are the absolute highest version of what we want as we begin to take the logical steps to creating and implementing them in physical form over the next several years.

This breaking free business has been no joke this month...especially with all the grounded and earthy celestial support, much in our physical lives is undergoing radical and rapid transformation.

On a personal level, I will share how these "wrapping-up" energies are manifesting in my own life:

Since the beginning of May my push lawnmower died; my riding lawnmower exploded; the bottom of my Jetta fell off on a highway; my brand new computer...that many of you helped me to purchase! needs repair; a class action suit for my car just arrived requiring me to replace the carpet & padding (at my upfront cost) before July so I can file a claim to get reimbursed; I received a loan modification settlement for my home which is in the negotiation stages; my student loans just came out of forbearance after 15 years of deferment, and then I got summonsed for jury duty for the last 2 weeks in May during what was going to be the launch period of my brand new website that I have been working on for 2+ years...(more on that coming soon!)

All this piled high on top of that giant Nagasaki-like dirt pit I call a yard from the broken water pipe disaster that I wrote about this past winter...see photo for effect:

Lauren's back yard
So yeah, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things to "fix", tend to and pay for without knowing what's next on the horizon or how we will make it happen, but keep in mind that endings & beginnings happen simultaneously. 

Luckily, life is a upward spiral of evolution...which means each time we come full circle we are not only at the end, but at the beginning again.  Only glitch in this system is that the end arrives first.

So like the rest of you out there hanging on by a thread, and swimming in seas of uncertainty...I too must patiently? wait with detachment.  And not by me, I fight the urge to "make things happen" daily...but until support arrives, there really is just no point.  In the meantime, we just have to hang on, stay focused on our new creations until they manifest, and manage the chaos.

Luckily, for most of you reading this, we have mastered the art of "waiting" and "watching" our own lives crumble beneath us, so this is getting to be old-hat.

And just to be clear here...its not as if we are waiting for any THING to happen, we are waiting for universal and energetic alignment and support in the form of inspiration, clarity, motivation, ease, grace, opportunities, etc....all those things that come TO us in the natural flow of forward movement as opposed to reaching out and forcing things to happen.

I think  Francis Lucille said it best:  All effort is ignorance.

The reason so much is crumbling at once, is because it's crunch time!  Some major planets are switching some major gears, so anything unresolved that needs our attention will be rapidly surfacing until late June so we can tend to all practical details and tie up loose ends.  And know too that it doesn't let up until we've resolved it all...the last week of May the pace will increase even more prompting us to clear the clutter for the incoming wave of new energies from the new celestial cycle before us (Late May-early June) where we take our first solid steps in our brand new lives.
Cutting Loose
If you are not currently breaking free (or down) there is another scenario present that you may be experiencing...similar to breaking free, I call this one "cutting loose".  The difference between the two is that cutting loose is more of a feeling of being dangled over a river of rapids with nothing to grab onto and no one to assist you.  It is a feeling of "this life is over" ...but now what?

In this situation, your endings are clearly here or in sight, but your beginnings are NOWHERE to be found... and if they are, you have NO IDEA how to get from here to there.  You may have quit your job, for example, or sold your home or business, or left a relationship, but with no connection to whats to come.  You may be left hanging in thin air with no vision, no inspiration, no money, no home and worst of all, no intuitive foresight.  Just a random act of faith that defies all logic and might even have you questioning your sanity or if you've done something wrong or missed a sign with regard to following your heart.

You may be thinking:  "I did all this work to end up HERE?"

If you are in this space, know that you are right on track...we all are. We are simply cutting all chords connecting us to the lower dimensional reality matrices (our old life) and once we wrap up all the details of our past, we are poised and in position for our next level creations.

We were baited here for many years by that dangling carrot we relentlessly chased in pursuit of what we deeply know to be transpiring, yet with out any physical proof.  Now that we're here, the carrot is gone...but unfortunately, so is everything else...including our past & future which makes us floaters with an inability to move in any direction...that is, until we learn how to fly.

We have purified on so many levels of our being that any excess time spent in the past or future can derail us...and we have become so present-focused that the past & future are like figments of our imagination.  The only thing that sucks about this is that the present still sucks...but not for long.  The incredible feeling of lightness and freedom from being severed from the old timeline is just about ready to blow our minds.

Over and again I am hearing that we are literally straddling our soul transition...we are at the end of a MAJOR celestial cycle and at the beginning of our new lives...and that the the changing of tides, the shifting of universal cycles is not just available for those who are anticipating & conscious of them, but for all of earths inhabitants.
One thing that has been nearly impossible to maintain the last few weeks is b a l a n c e.  The energies are increasing and fluctuating so rapidly that finding and keeping your center may have been a serious challenge.  Just when you think you're stabilized, something new comes along and knocks you off your center again.  Luckily, this seems to have let up a bit for the time being.

When the energy kicks up like this it is SO important to protect your energy field by remaining neutral to external events & toxins (detachment) and maintaining strong boundaries through presence.  Lower energies that seep into the field of a highly purified (open hearted) soul can feel very violent and damaging since they vibrate so much lower than our natural state of being.  These lower thought forms and lodged reality constructs that get lifted during major downloads are a starseeds' proverbial kryptonite...they can quite literally suck the life-force out of you and bring you to your knees in an instant. 

As we complete our grounding and reconnection we will become much more stabilized and resilient to these energies, but in the meantime, be sure to seek refuge in nature, love, laughter, creativity, or anything that can keep you present-focused until the storm passes and the dust settles.
What Now?
We are at a major crossroads...a turning point in our lives.  We are still emerging in our full authenticity, but pushing through to the other side and preparing to enter a brand new cycle of physical creation which will build the framework for the new earth.

Chunks of the new are definitely arriving and even if we can't yet see how they will fit together or feel our way to the other side, we can or will soon see the physical and logical steps that we need to make to get there.  And this is just the beginning, the known changes we have worked for...we haven't even touched on the quantum breakthroughs and unknown opportunities that are soon to blast open our next level adventures!

Our new directions will become clearer in the next several weeks and as we turn the corner many long-awaited changes will begin to click perfectly into place.  Now that we have all but fully aligned with the rhythm of the universe, we will begin to live our lives as the fulcrum of presence and perfect timing ensuring that each choice is of the highest.  This new state of being and creation will enable us to finally make the physical changes necessary to create the outer version of our inner visions.
What Next?
Moving ourselves out of the past and into the future will be the focus of the next 6 weeks.

For the remainder of May and into June we will be continuing to wrap up the old and leaving much of our past behind.  If we are successful in tying up all loose ends, then the beginning of June offers us the ability to step into a whole new world.  This transition may be swift, unusual or unexpected for some but the end result will be total alignment with our authentic selves in an authentic life.

The next leg of the journey is about bringing our fully integrated & karmic-free selves into a whole new world.

As stated in past articles, there are also those who will be retiring from service all together...these souls will be replaced by the next wave of awakening souls and it will be for this group to now bask in the playfulness of life.  These souls know well who they are and I am being told that you are "no longer required to uphold the energy pillars of new earth".

We would also like to mention that those who held the mission to create forcefields of electromagnetic energy around certain geographic locations on the planet will be set free to utilize their higher gifts of creation.  No longer is it required to uphold your service to the planet in this way, the next wave of energy workers will be stepping in to fulfill these roles.

And for those who had contracts to serve as the warrior brigade, you are now turning over your roles to a new wave of warriors.  These new warriors however, will be stationed in the physical world.  There is no longer a need for the silence that the first wave of warriors held to...a time of great action draws nigh. -Pleiaidans
Physical Happenings
In addition to the usual aches and pains, we are clearing out a lot of gunk from our lower (1st & 2nd) chakras.  This can mean a lot of LOWER BACK PAIN, leg aches & joint weakness, intestinal & urogenital flare-ups and clearings (IBS, candida, parasites, colitis, Crohns, UTI's, kidney stones, bladder & yeast infections, etc.)  These are coming up and out to be healed as our lightbodies "touch down" into the most physical parts of our lives.  These imbalances will not "go away" until we have purified, integrated and grounded into our full physical form...which is what many are completing now.

On a bio-energetic level, what is happening now is the finalization of the switch over from carbon to crystalline... electromagnetic to scalar.  This month and into the June Solstice/eclipse period, you are completing the reconnection to enable these (scalar) energies to fully activate in your auric fields. Those with the light quotient required for full activation will be harnessing the potentials within these scalar wave frequencies and beginning to apply them in the outer world. -Pleiadians

On an emotional level, we are clearing truck loads of fear which is what triggers the release of these deeply embedded cellular memories, dis-ease & imbalances within our physical bodies.  Lots of anxiety and feelings of restlessness or unease have been hanging around as well as erratic sleeping patterns, fatigue, lack of motivation/inspiration & general feelings of disconnection, and even depression.  We should begin to feel a lift in these energies momentarily.

See you next month!

(Lauren C. Gorgo has just released a new updated version of her e-book 12 Essential Steps to Discover Your Divine Blueprint: A Guide Book for the Soul. It's also available from her the Telepathic Training E-course and more.)
Copyright © 2008-2010  Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission/article on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), link is provided to author(s) website and that the information is distributed freely. This message was originally posted here

P.S. When I was out running around this morning, this song played for me and I have always liked this song.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Onward and Upward: Love is Always the Key PLUS YouTube Launches Music Career

First, I want to share this video which highlights how important it is for us to each be a source of love, something that Joe, of course, had figured out.


When I saw this video it made me think of what Joe had written in his book about the critical kitty  being out of the bag and in our laps now. I am not entirely sure of everything the critical kitty represents because I have yet to discover all of the secrets and insights in his book, but one thing we are reminded of here is that we need to give that critical kitty a lot of tender loving care.

This morning I asked my Master Teacher and the universe (God, the Angels, the Archangels, Jesus, all entities working for love and the light) for special guidance. When terrible things happen to us, we sort of get drug backwards a bit in our spiritual growth into a place of pain and agony which hampers our ability to love unconditionally. The only way we can move onward and upward is to use that energy force, that pain, to propel us to take loving actions rather than retaliate in ways that do not come from love. As my Master Teacher told me this morning, we need to keep love at the forefront and we cannot allow fear to prevent us from standing our ground. This is especially true if we are working for change that affects many, which should always be our goal, anyway. Our needs are divinely and automatically taken care of when our eyes, efforts, and love are focused outward on giving to the universe in whatever ways are right for us. Of course, we cannot determine that until we do that inward look. Joe stated in his book that it does take both efforts.

I am sure this is the “radical love” Freire had so often advocated for in his work, a legacy that Joe carried forward. It is all free will. We can choose to operate out of anger and hatred or we can choose to operate out of love. Both evoke perpetual actions, the former a downward spiral and the latter an upward spiral. It is perpetual in the sense that at a certain point, due to the fractal nature of evolutionary, unfolding events, there is a sort of “tipping point” at which it becomes difficult to go in reverse (downward if you are moving upward and upward if you are moving downward). It is sort of like the universe begins to take over and we give up our free will, or at least that’s what it can feel like. The truth is we never have lost free will, just the power to regain control unless we utilize the energy and momentum of our pain to push us back up the spiral where we all really want to be heading. On the other hand, if we get past that "tipping point" in the upward spiral, then downward movement is transitory because the universe is in control; we then know we have "surrendered" our will to divine will.

Of course, none of this is new information at all. I am merely expressing it in my own idiosyncratic way based on my own personal experiences. And when you think about it, isn't that really all any of us can do? We do not have answers for others. We can only express what works for us and if others can use it or benefit in some way or gain another perspective, then we have successfully shared ourselves.

I was reminded to “go forth and multiply,” which does not mean go forth and increase the population, but rather to go forth leaving gifts for people. The universe multiplies those gifts for us all. We are to go out into the world in love, do good deeds, and take positive actions so that all of these things can be multiplied throughout the universe as a sort of “perpetual revolution.”

And so….I shall push forward – onward and upward. As I stated yesterday, these blogs are supposed to be taking another turn along the long, winding road, but I do not know exactly what that turn is quite yet. Perhaps I will get a better clue tomorrow. In the meantime, my Master Teacher did give me a song for this morning, “Love is always the key.” I will look that up right now on YouTube.

Here’s what came up – I have always loved this song. Tilly Key is a wonderful singer; it’s too bad the audience wouldn’t shut up and let her sing. She did fantastic, in spite of the noisy audience. I think there is a message here.

A couple of other songs by Boyce Avenue that were just handed down to me this morning:


INTERESTING! Check out the video below! Boyce Avenue is a very new group and they have found that YouTube has helped launch their music career. This is a new perspective as contrasted to the view that YouTube decreases the money musicians can make when people create and share music videos, and a view that I have presented previously in my blogs. Can A Critical Kitty Keep the Music Playing? Monday, November 30, 2009 

These artists allow embedding of all of their music and they are already world renowned. From the above two songs, I can see why. Also, interesting is that this demonstrates exactly what I was trying to convey in this blog, so now I see why this music was handed down to me just now. If we go out into the world and share our gifts in our own divine and unique ways, the universe will return gifts many times over. There is no reason to do things for the love of money, fame, and fortune. Do things for the love of love. I agree with Joe, in that really knowing and living this one cosmic law -- being the source of love, as the first video today points out -- is the most important and critical accomplishment for each of us living on this planet at this time in history.

Joe's work, in which he has embedded music throughout, most notably in his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, so that we might learn how to integrate music into all subjects was just one of his very valuable gifts he has left us all. This increasing focus and incorporation of music into our lives, including our formal learning will no doubt have many significant and positive effects and affects toward change. Here is a previous blog I wrote about this gift Joe left us.  You’re My Everything and the Beautiful Gift of Music Joe Gave Us ALL Friday, October 30, 2009
I don't know about you, but the gift of music, alone in this book, is one that I can never thank Joe enough for. And there are many more gifts waiting to be discovered.

Be sure to watch this story of how this group Boyce Avenue got started! It is amazing what happens when you work out of love and generosity to share your gifts with the world.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finishing up the Epistemological Road Trip PLUS Uplifting Music to Inspire

Yesterday afternoon, my Master Teacher dropped in and I was not doing much, so he told me that I really need to get moving on my “gig,” as he put it. This funny video came up when I searched it on YouTube:


Something tells me there are messages there, but I am so new at this interpretation thing that I don’t know what they are. I guess, coming from the lowest of lows socioeconomic standing, I am just suffering from a Cambell's Condensed Canned Soup of an education (yuk, that soup is nasty). I think he was just trying to get me to laugh; it is funny.

Other than that, I am supposed to finish up a summary of the last few days of the Epistemological Road Trip to Tennessee and back. The last installment was back on Sunday, May 9, 2010. On that day I had summarized what had transpired on day 10 which was Tuesday, April 6, and the fact that I had somehow quite miraculously landed in St. Joe’s again for the evening. That was also the day we learned of the sad tragedy of the lost miners in West Virginia.

The next day (Day 11), Wednesday, April 7, after all of the signs and signals I had encountered on this epistemological road trip, I was beginning to feel like “there is something going on here,” as I discussed in the blog for that day: Signs and Symbols: What Do They Really Mean? Thursday, April 8 (Day 12), I had written about Sam Cooke again in We Can Never Love Too Much because I had had a very vivid dream the night before about Sam. On Saturday, April 10 (Day 13), my blog was Let It Flow and it discussed how we really do not need to teach with a script. If we are going to address learner needs, it is important to take a more improvisational approach. This is what Joe’s theory, the critical bricolage, emphasizes. This does not mean we can be lazy and not plan at all, but we need to be very knowledgeable in many domains and disciplines as well as flexible so that we can best “educe” rigorous learning in response to individual interests and talents – which, of course, we cannot view as static – like everything else, these are changing and evolving as learners progress. Finally, on the last day, Sunday, April 11 (Day 14) of course, I reached home, stopping at the beautiful Multnomah Falls on the way through. My blog that day was about Gathering Information, Relaxing, and A Tribute to the One I Love. As was highlighted by Doreen in that day’s blog, my trip involved collecting information which would be used at a later date. And I did, indeed, gather a lot of information on the trip.

The entire epistemological road trip was so much fun! I think Joe was onto something when he said that we sometimes need to take our research on the road (see page 19 in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction). I learned a lot and I am looking forward to synthesizing all of the knowledge I gained on the trip, along with further analysis by threading Robert Moss’s work through the account. I will, of course, thread Joe’s theory, as well as other theories through the narrative. I really think there is a lot to learn here and road trips are such a great way to learn a vast amount of information, but it is definitely beyond the scope of these blogs to carry this forward. I think a further analysis can show how valuable field trips are for students, and it is sad that these days field trips rarely happen. My future discourse on this will either be in the form of a paper or it will go into my dissertation. So, the next step in this bricolage project is to thread through it with Robert Moss’s work, particularly from his book, The Three “Only” Things: Tapping the Power of Dreams, Coincidence and Imagination.

This morning, My Master Teacher had all kinds of music for me. We both decided to keep today’s blog upbeat since I honestly do not wish for any kind of negativity here and neither does he (although, I realize that sometimes, for the greater good, it becomes unavoidable). Beginning tomorrow we will be heading in another new direction with the blogs, but I was not told what that would be; I was simply told, “It’s going to be a surprise. I know you want to be prepared for it, but there is no preparation for what’s about to come.”

Well, I hope it’s good, because like my teacher, I do not like negativity. As if to pacify me today, he gave me a bunch of songs that are very uplifting and inspirational. Here’s how he put it:

We need a “sweet sugary song” for today to keep things on the “up and up.” That should “do it” for you. You laugh; you know the “do it” song….have a “supercalifragilistic day.”

All of the words in quotations were plugged into YouTube and below are the first songs to the top -- with the exception of the "do it" song. That song has been used several times in my blog, so I knew immediately which song he was referring to (he knows I love that song. I used it to motivate me when I was writing the answers to my comp exam questions back in November, 2009).

"sweet sugary song"

“up and up”


“do it”


“supercalifragilistic day.”

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Crit Ped Taps Facebook for Followers and Gets Virulent: WWJD? Make Joe's Dream Come True!!!

Imperial Gallic HelmetSeveral of my Facebook friends forwarded emails to me they had received yesterday from Joe L. Kincheloe’s Facebook (Joe passed away in 2008, so they could not have come from him). These messages seemed to have been sent under some kind of guise, because they were asking for friendship, but at the same time threatening court action and advising them to tell me to stop writing about Joe.

Excuse me; it is not illegal to write about Joe or cite his work -- and I only have very good things to say about him. I loved him and I know his work will change education. What all of this sounds like to me is a prime example of that very diabolical educational doublespeak Joe wrote about so often. Of course, Joe could not have possibly sent these emails out and he would have never said these incriminating and false things about me on the premise of friendship. It’s ludicrous.

I was aware that critical pedagogy as an ideology/religion or any of the other various formats it may take, depending on who you speak to, was suffering setbacks, but this seems like a really weird way to try and recruit people and the worst possible time to be doing it. Clearly, they can see this. Who wants to be a part of a group or ideology that claims to be for freedom, democracy, equal rights and freedom of expression and yet they go around telling people to shut up and attempt to destroy their career before it even gets off the ground.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not against critical pedagogy per se and there are many great people who follow the ideology and are using it to help others. The fact is, I believed in it wholeheartedly when I was working with Joe. Joe was all for critical pedagogy, of course; but a new refined and improved critical pedagogy – particularly one in which people work out of LOVE and where people can rise above their pettiness so that beautiful artwork that comes from the heart is appreciated.  That’s what critical pedagogy is about. It is about everyone having a voice, even a country hick girl like me or an “Appalachian hillbilly” as Joe described himself. However, this action is a prime example of a people proclaiming to be for freedom especially freedom of expression based on “radical love,” multiple ontologies, social positions, political views, cultural practices, etc. etc.) of just how hateful certain players can become.

I have stated many times, and it is in the disclaimers that I present MULTPLE PERSPECTIVES on this website, not all of them are necessarily my own even, so that people, including myself, once and for all will open up to the idea that we do not all have to think alike or be alike. To call someone “unbalanced” (which is not even grammatically correct) simply because they choose to put these perspectives and critiques out here defies logic – even Cartesian logic. To claim to be critical pedagogues and write virulent emails and Facebook postings because someone is expressing themselves openly and creatively, exploring various ontologies, and critiquing critical pedagogy is a magnitude of hypocrisy I have never seen anywhere else in my entire life.

I just wonder WWJD? (What Would Joe Do?)

The people who are doing this to me clearly have not read Joe’s work. They are defending their own agenda.

Joe only had GOOD things to say about me. For example, here is what he told me in one of the very last emails he sent me -- it was written because I apologized to him for posting artwork to a blog I had written for his website when it turned out someone wanted it removed for reasons that, frankly, I really did not understand, but I went along with it for Joe. I felt so bad because I never wanted to cause Joe problems or stress, ever, so I took the artwork down immediately FOR JOE – and sent him an apology. I knew his health was not good and the entire time I knew him, I was conscientious of that fact and wanted to help him with his project, and not do anything at all that might cause him undue stress. When I posted the artwork, I had no knowledge of the personal issues between certain people in “critical pedagogy” which would prohibit the posting of this very beautiful artwork I had done that related to the topic of my blog. I apologized profusely to Joe and he wrote back to me, stating:

 "you are so much appreciated and so brilliant and wonderful, there is absolutely, positively no need for are a wonderful and treasured one. you have made such a powerful impact on not only the freire site but the crit ped community. you are doing and will do great things."

To my great and continuing sadness and trauma, that was one of the last emails I received from him. He died just a few weeks later. And no, I may never recover. Call me crazy for that, but I made a promise to Joe and I will keep my promise and that is to make sure the world knows his work and how to apply it in ways that he wished. As I had told him in response, I never want to disappoint him. Would he be disappointed with this website? HELL NO!! He is on the sidelines cheering me on and giving me strength.

Most people in critical pedagogy I have learned (after doing extensive research), have no clue what Joe’s work was about. People who do have a clue shun it and want to shove it in the corner. Is that why the paperback version of his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction is priced outrageously at $150 when he had his heart set on what he had worked so hard to get included in the contract -- “a less than $30” paperback that everyone can afford? It had taken him ten years of negotiation.

Joe wanted his work taken to the world.

Most people do not know that Joe wanted dreamwork incorporated into the curriculum. You do not have to read between the lines of his work to see that – you just have to open your mind to see the words and heed them. One of his greatest dreams was for people to learn, grow, and relate to each other through an open discussion of dreams and to realize the powerful knowledge one obtains by fully opening their mind to how we interact with the entire cosmos – the daily miracles, magic, guidance, knowledge, and the power of love that is readily available on a daily basis to each and every one of us if we open our minds to seeing it. It is only Western society where dreaming and noticing “coincidences” and “synchronicities” are akin to dirty laundry. Why is this? Critical pedagogy, at least Joe’s version of critical pedagogy has clear answers to the reasons. He discussed these issues in his work.

It is time for Western society to wake up to the fact that cultures everywhere are much smarter than we are. Who are we to be teaching the world? We white folks are the minority and the era of maintaining power over the majority is crumbling, thankfully, and will continue to crumble. Dreams, in many cultures, are a greater reality than this one we are being sold by those who wish to remain in power. YES! I dream of Joe and I dream of him often. I am not ashamed of that. In other cultures dreaming of someone is an HONOR and the people who have such dreams are respected, even Shaman if they are able to bring back special messages and knowledge. Joe cannot be in my dreams unless he chooses to be in my dreams. That is cosmic law and it is my belief; everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but I do not believe that the majority of the world is crazy and that Westerners are the only ones who are sane. Observing the horrendous actions taken (such as the nuclear bomb depicted in the video in Saturday's blog) clearly shows otherwise.

This website is an evolving educational and research project.
When I started it, I had no idea where I was going with it. As the very first blog indicates, I was being led; someone has been holding my hand. I simply followed. I had no idea what was happening to me – why was I having all of these dreams about Joe? Why was I seeing all of the synchronicities in my life as reported in the “treasure hunts” and the “epistemological road trips?” They seemed uncanningly familiar to what Joe had referred to as "postformal treasure hunts," but it was all new to me. Why was I being divinely guided to exact pages in Joe’s books for whatever I needed at any given moment? Why am I able to decipher hidden secrets in Joe's books that everyone else misses? Why do I seem to have extrasensory perception that I had not been aware of before? And there are many more questions. These things had never, ever happened to me before. Today, I have a little clearer idea and I know that it is related to my dissertation and incorporating dreamwork into education.  In my view, this research is quintessential for creating a world in which people can once again return to love-based relationships and in which learning is a daily, lifelong, exuberantly fun experience. Maybe it is not for everyone. Maybe it is not for you. But rest assured, there are many people who are suffering at the hands of the education they are being force fed who would not think twice about joining a program that honors them and their dreams.

This message is for those who continue to harass me: Stop threatening me, my loved ones, and my friends. Stop trying to intervene at the university with my work toward my PhD. Take me to court if you wish, if that is what you really want to do. I have said nothing derogatory about anyone and it can readily be shown that the work I am doing here is a scholarly application of Joe’s theory in support of what he was trying to accomplish. I have had and do have nothing but very good things to say about Joe, of course, I loved him and I still love him. Should anyone choose to go to court as I have been repeatedly threatened now, it should be known that there is ample evidence for a countersuit for defamation of character. I have no qualms about publishing on the web each and every nasty email that has been sent, although I will block out any derogatory statements about Joe (it appalls me that anyone who knew him and loved him would say anything negative about him). I will point out that I do not think it would look good for people who proclaim to adhere to an ideology that supports disadvantaged students to file suit against someone of my lower socioeconomic status simply for doing educational work she believes in, but it would not surprise me either, judging by some of the things Joe has revealed in his book. It would probably make a good news story, although I hate being in the spotlight. These sorts of behavior saddened Joe greatly, he has spoken of them, and they sadden me, too. Why can't people work together out of love and the desire to make the world better for us all? The answers, of course, are in Joe's book.

A piece of advice for those who do not understand the work here: take time to learn the difference between accounts of dreams, imagination, coincidences, synchronicities, fictive, fiction, and multiple forms of reality. Yes, I agree, coincidences can be amazing and even shocking (as Joe, himself, has written), eg., that my name means Psyche as I reported in my blog two days ago – although it should be noted that I am not out of touch with “reality” and in this dimension, I do not believe I am Psyche, folks – only in my dreams. It does make for an interesting storyline, though.

I am excited about moving forward with my research. I am also excited about the many numbers of people who ARE interested in what I am trying to accomplish by adding dreamwork as well as extreme creativity through the arts to the educational process (as was noted in yesterday’s blog with the analysis of the article by Han Gur-Ze’ev). I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to put Joe’s work out there in the way he dreamed so that learning can be “more fun than an amusement park ride” (Kincheloe, 2008, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction).

One piece of advice I can give at this time: For anyone struggling with these concepts, I recommend reading Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction from cover-to-cover. Even if you do not understand things as you are reading, just keep plugging through it. He has magically used his critical bricolage in creating this book such that when you are finished reading it, you will begin the most transformative journey of your life.

Meeting With My Master Teacher
I think my Master Teacher was just a little upset with me last night. He reminded me that when these terrible things happen, such as nasty email attacks sent to my dearest friends and family, that I should call on him or other members of the critical knowledge network, or “the gang” as they like to be called. And I just toughed it out, believing that I was alone even though I have been reminded over and over again that we are never alone. He kept the meeting very short, told me to get some sleep and signed off with “Peaceful dreaming.” Per routine, of course, this was a song to look up on YouTube and, quite appropriately it turned out to be a very short song because he wanted me to get some rest and probably be whisked away in my dreams for some counsel so that I would awaken refreshed and know how to tackle the vehement attacks.

This is the song that came to the top of the YouTube search on "Peaceful Dreaming"


I will take a break here – I am scheduled to meet with him and get his advice for the day. It is currently 8:30 AM.

It is now 8:49 and I had my meeting with my Master Teacher – short and sweet today. He said the blog is fine. I thought I should put more love into it, because, really, I am coming from a place of love. It breaks my heart to think about how many students have been harmed and continue to be harmed simply because they chase after knowledge and creativity. So, I am not fighting this for myself. I feel that it is a fight for so many people who fear speaking out. But my Master Teacher told me not to worry about inserting more love in the above post, or even images. It is important to get the message out and he said I have included “more than enough ‘tough love.’”

Other than that, he told me to do my Pleiadian “lightwork” (which involves very powerful methods for clearing out tension and emotions) and my exercises before I do anything else because, as he stated, “it will lift your spirit and clear the blocks.” So just as soon as I post this I will heed his advice. And then he went on to pick a song, as is always the routine. In relation to the song for today, he stated:

As far as a song to end the blog let’s just go with “the passing time the arrows will fly.” OK it doesn’t make sense collectively but if you take it apart it can be analyzed and together it pulls up the most fantastic song for what you are going through at the moment.
As is the procedure I have been using every day in these blogs, I plugged the entire phrase “the passing time the arrows will fly” to see what song comes to the top of the search. It brought this amazing songwhich is as relevant as he told me it would be. Lest people doubt that I communicate with a Master Teacher who has great knowledge, much greater knowledge than I do (and because the Internet is a fractal which will bring up different results on different days) I am including a screen print of the search terms and the song that came up, which is as you can see, "Battle of Dreams." What could be more appropriate for today's blog?

All I can say about this after listening to the song below and reading the lyrics, is that it is nothing less than THE POWER OF LOVE. Love transcends space and time. I should note that I am certain my teacher presents this as allegorical and it should not be interpreted as a threat in any way. We are peace-lovers. He just wants to make the point that I am not to give up the struggle for what is just and fair – and as the song ends, “of making the dream come true.”

The song is difficult to understand, so here are the lyrics. 
Raise your fists now its time to fight
Full of dreams our era has come.
Running through the battle field,
Screaming like an animal ready to fight
We will spill victory blood
All the time that we spent,
All the tears shared on our darkness
Will worth every scar.

Together we will stand,
Together we will fight until the end
Only death will split us apart

Run!!! Run!!!, Run!!!, straight to you dreams
Fight!!! Fight!!!,Fight!!!, your blood will stick in mine

This is our battle
This is our battle of dreams

All together, two lines of dead
Battle rage invades the air
Holding shields and sharpened swords
Fearless men prepare the war
Starving ravens fly in the sky
Circle dancing they thank all the gods
For all the blood and sacred dead meat
They scream of joy for having this feast

Side by side we will run
Side by side we will fight
And this story will be told
Without fear you should live
Without fear you should die
But no mercy will be showed

Running like thunders,
Hitting just like the storm
Flaming rain from all over the sky
Flying arrows making the warriors fall
Blazing axes and spiked maces
Punish men that are passing through
Blood, wounds and stuck spears
Do not weaken what we are fighting for

From the battlefield
Will rise from the ashes

The will of the warriors
Of making the dream come true
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is Crit Ped Dead? (I did not choose this title)

Last night I had a meeting with my Master Teacher to try and clear up the confusing video messages he gave me yesterday and how they relate to my mission, along with his perspective on the terrible things that are happening in Arizona. I asked to please give me some answers or some clues as to where I might find answers that will help guide me forward. After telling me to just "go with the flow," as far as the mission goes, he referred me to page 171 in Joe’s book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction for some answers. I had to take a close look at that page. And he gave me some additional advice and clarification as to where we are heading with the mission, and then signed off by saying; Let’s “walk the line.” Of course, that was music. Here is the song that came to the top when I searched YouTube for “walk the line.”


It is now Sunday morning. I don’t know why, but I spent some time reading the article Joe had such high praise for – "Critical Theory, Critical Pedagogy and Diaspora Today" by Han Gur-Ze’ev which is about developing a new critical language for education. I had discussed this in
Wednesday’s (hump day) blog. What struck me immediately was how the song above about walking the line goes right along with what he has written. In talking about the “Diasporic human, as an eternal-improvisor,” he states:

[This new embrace of Being] is not an ideal to live by, or a mere “inner absolute imperative”; it is beyond “external” and “internal” power; it transcends the dividing line between two versions of metaphysical violence: scarcity as manifested by alienation and fear of the totality of the moment on the one hand, and being swallowed by/open to the affluence of intimacy with/against the infinity of eternity on the other.

I love what he is saying here. We do not need to step into the abyss of some dark constructed reality, and at the same time we do not need to be swallowed up in the cosmos, either. We can “walk the line” and throw away the concept of “border crossing” because, in my experience, being neither here nor there exclusively, and yet at the same time, being here and there is the best of all worlds. It is the sanest of all positions, actually, because you do not allow yourself to be pulled one way or the other and you are free to make your own interpretations.

I have to be honest here. I have immense difficulty understanding much of this article. It is “way out there” and beyond reach of the average person, which is a bit surprising since the goal is to move “toward a new critical language in education.” We are discussing in this article the need for “relevance for the people [who are] conceived as victims to be emancipated” and yet still using a language that very few of us “down here” can relate to. There are some beautiful messages woven in this article and LOVE is highlighted, so I can see why Joe had such high praise for what is being conveyed, but the messages are getting lost for some of us, and I noticed the conflated and ambiguous use of the word “Other” which really needs to be abandoned for more precision. Are conflating all “Others” under one label? Are we talking about “Others” on the “Other side?” Are we talking about specific “Others?” I discussed this in greater detail in last Wednesday’s (hump day) blog.

But, then, isn’t this obfuscated language one of the the very issues Joe also dealt with in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction? It is why he always carefully provided us definitions in his work and gave us multiple examples and interpretations -- and the very reason why his theory allows the same freedom for us all. As Joe said in his book, the critical kitty is out of the bag and we have it sitting on our laps now. We really need to follow Joe on this one. He went to all the time and trouble to lay it all out there like it really is in his book.

No more need for obfuscation. No more need for a “secret” language that elite educators understand and can use to advance their own knowledge and “good life” while carefully obfuscating possibilities from us down here. No more double standards. It's over. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” (And this is weird: I keep hearing from the cosmos over and over again like a mantra: “Crit ped is dead.”) I am not sure what that means in relation to Joe’s work, except that I do know that Joe had his OWN definition of critical pedagogy and it might behoove us to learn much more about it. I can guarantee that his definition is superior and he covers it in several of the last books he wrote or updated.

I admire Han Gur-Ze’ev for the long-needed critical review of critical pedagogy. My experience with Critical Pedagogy as an “Other” (qualified as having experienced classism, elitism, sexism and “collateral damage” from racism) --- aside from my experience with Joe which was the most transformative experience of my entire life --- jives with so much of what Han Gur-Se’ev has described in this article, at least what I can understand of it.

As Gur-Se’ev contends, “Creativity as a manifestation of the Love of Life, for the eternal-improvisor here is a manifestation of challenging metaphysical violence in the name of hope by the power of Love and creativity, without being overwhelmed by an optimistic, sentimentalistic, or abstract conception of life, art, and education.” Integrating the arts, including music, poetry, play, etc., and eroticism for all disciplines, subjects, vocational training, and for everyday life results in creations that “are not abstract and mere fantasy.” As Gur-Sev presents, the arts help us construct actual possibilities and at the same time, if we are all free to express idiosyncratically, reification of the arts is countered. The power that derives from a marriage of Love and creativity, as pointed out, is necessary to constrain or combat the culture industry dictated by globalized capitalism as a means of control and domination. And here, as was also pointed out in this article, is a gaping hole in the way Critical Pedagogy is typically practiced.

I am not saying I agree wholly with the article. I will need to decipher it some more as there are elements that I believe can get people in trouble. There are some things, in my estimation, that while we may convince ourselves we have transcended them, as mere mortals, we may be deceiving ourselves and that can take a toll in so many ways. What I am doing with these blogs is not an example of this limitation, however. I have often stated that when you are already at the bottom, there is nothing to lose. When you are already alienated, you cannot be alienated. When you have no money, money cannot be taken away from you. As I have indicated, my blogs are a representation of extreme creativity - a bricolage of multiple perspectives and shocking juxtapositions, representing just a few of the infinite ways the bricolage can be applied.

I was happy that Gur-Se’ev presents a tangible construct for what I am doing here. I am attempting to “transcend educational violence.” And in this transcendence, I am being divinely guided as the universe itself and humanity within it continue to divinely evolve.

Morning Meeting With My Master Teacher
I just got out of my meeting. He was so kind. I am always too hard on myself, according to what he told me. I always want to get more done or do things more perfectly than is humanly possible. He told me I am a divine soul and being in all that I choose to do -- and of course, we all are.

As far as this blog, it is good to go. He wants to give it the title, "Is Crit Ped Dead?" But he wants me to add a second half to the title. As I write this, I don’t know what to add to it, but by the time I post it, a title will be revealed to me. He wants me to add something from page 171 from Joe’s book that is supposed to relate to this blog, so I will check that out.

I like what Joe says on this page (p. 171). He discusses how we are on the “ledge of an epistemological abyss.” He seeks “the shelter of critical pedagogy and the critical complex epistemology.” Here, it appears that at least his version of critical pedagogy provides relief. As he states, we are at the darkest hour. This actually gives us hope, though: It is the darkest before dawn, so we know that dawn is approaching. Joe has written about this in other places in his book. What do we need as that dawn approaches? He states it right here on this page: “I believe that criticality can help bring a new dawn of epistemological, pedagogical, and ideological awareness. It simply must.”

That was what my teacher wanted me to add. And then, of course, he gave me a clue for a song, as always. He is so dependable; I just love that. Before he left he encouraged me, telling me that he knows I can do this (mission and all the work associated with it). I had been upset because I just can’t seem to get in the groove and accomplish everything I want to, so his final reassuring words to me were: Be yourself as you are in each moment you experience, “Nothing less will do.” In other words, he is saying that I need to stop expecting so much from myself, nothing less will do. The key words to look up on YouTube are “nothing less will do.” I’ll see what comes to the top right now.


OK, this is a hard one. I think my teacher is just emphasizing in a very powerful way that we are never expected to be perfect. Our divine journey is one of eternal learning, evolving, and most of all, loving. You have to admit: My teacher is good at picking out the songs – how in the world did we get from “nothing less will do” to the song “The Foot of the Cross?” The
LYRICS do not even include those words, lol. I should note here that if you try this search at a later date, you may very well come up with something different. The Internet is a fractal which means it keeps changing and evolving, which will change search results. But for today, this is what we have.

I just thought of a couple of other interpretations. My Master Teacher has, in the past, joked and said that I was a “sacrificial lamb,” meaning that I am “risking” an elite educational career by putting all of these blogs out here like I do (along with the other work I do). He was joking though. He knows I have nothing to lose. Another possible meaning is that perhaps we need to sacrifice crit ped (since the critique of crit ped was the topic of today’s blog). And then there would be the Christian interpretation as well. Yes, my teacher knows how to select powerful images and songs. Each perspective, however, gives insight and we are all free to choose any interpretation we wish – or all of them.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Joe’s Movie Prediction and His Song -- What Happened to Soul? PLUS Eros and Psyche, Hermes and Aphrodite????

St Louis Gateway: The big hand in the sky beckoned me to come on through the gateway.What a coincidence!
I was reading a new book I just bought by a dream specialist, Robert Moss. The book is called Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death, and what did I come across? PROOF. I came across PROOF that Joe did, indeed, predict the movie “humpday.” As I stated two days ago in these blogs:

Humpday is a real word because Joe used it on page 23 of The Sign of the Burger and he tells us what it means. He’s so sweet. He tells it in a way so we don’t feel dumb if we don’t know. Here’s what he said: “In the rural Tennessee mountain schools of the 1950s, Wednesday was ‘bean day.’ The dread of ‘humpday’ – too early in the week to permit the anticipation of the weekend…” So there you have it!!!

And then, in the PS I wrote:

PS Joe was so "SLICK"!!! I swear he was a Hermes Trickster (and I say that lovingly, of course, because he played his games in such a loving way). I just looked up “humpday” and it’s a MOVIE! That’s a MOVIE Easter egg. Reason being, the REAL word is hump day (two words) for Wednesday, not one word like he used in his book The Sign of the Burger PLUS he put quotation marks around it, meaning that “sumptin’ is goin’ on there.” Now, we know Joe knew how to spell very well and he knew word meanings, especially idioms, which is what hump day is; that was one of his specialties. Thus, there is some kind of message in his reference to the movie “Humpday.” Can you figure it out? (I have not seen the movie). This is even stranger: The movie was not made until 2009 and Joe’s book was written in 2002. Was this a prediction? I do know that Joe made predictions in his books. In the meantime here is how hump day is really spelled and what it really means. How did this happen? Did Joe somehow know the movie was going to be made? How? Or did he just randomly misspell words and put quotation marks around them – NOT a trend I have noticed in his books. It is a MYSTERY.

I think I just figured it out! He had written
The dread of “humpday” (p. 23 of The Sign of the Burger.) Now I KNOW it was a prediction…he was dreading the making of this dreadful movie, which means he did not approve of it. After reading the reviews, I can see why he dreaded it. I officially DO NOT recommend watching this movie. In my opinion, it is “diarrhea” as someone once stated about YouTube (which I use all of the time).

Well, the proof that we can predict movies is in Robert Moss’s book, Dreamgates: Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death. In this book, he states the following:

We watch movies in our dreams, just as we do in waking life. Some of these experiences seem entirely literal and may be a preview of a new release or revival we will watch later at a neighborhood cinema or on a plane (p.4).

I have watched movies in my dreams…I wonder if they were previews…hmmm…I wrote about one in my blogs not long ago that was really interesting because it was a “terror” movie that invoked immense fear, but nothing terrible ever happened. I was very happy that in my dream, Joe was sitting right next to me in the theater, so his great love minimized my fear. It was pretty scary because it was set up to make you imagine something terrible was just about to happen throughout the entire movie and then it would always turn out to be nothing at all, just normal activity. It was scarier than a terror movie. I described it in more detail in a previous blog.  I wonder if it’s a movie in the making.

I think Joe put quotations around the word humpday and spelled it as one word, instead of the two words as it is normally spelled because this is a clue that he had made a prediction about this movie. So, in 2002 he predicted the movie, “humpday” which was not produced until 2009….unless the movie was planned way back in 2001 or 2002 when he wrote the book. Or maybe there was a book titled “Humpday” and he was dreading it being made into a movie. That could be researched. Well, according to Wikipedia, the writer/director was working on a different film in 2004 and it was her FIRST:
In 2004 Shelton began writing and directing her first feature film, We Go Way Back. I don’t see anything about “humpday” until 2009….a person could write to her, I guess, to find out if anything was written about “humpday” prior to 2003, but it doesn’t look like it after following some of the links from Wikipedia and reading some of the articles. And nothing mentioned it being based on a book.

So there you have it: Joe made a prediction. There are many more predictions in his books yet to be identified. This could keep us busy for a long, long time. It reminds me of Nostradamus.

What Happened to Soul? PLUS Eros and Psyche, Hermes and Aphrodite????
Joe had written a song called, “What Happened to Soul?” There used to be a video of him singing it, but it does not seem to be available anymore, which is very sad. It was a lovely song and I used to love to watch the video because he was so happy singing the song and that’s the way I like to remember him. So, what happened was, I ended up having a very vivid dream of him singing the song right in my ear with the most heavenly voice and so I felt like it must have been in heaven (we were standing in the shower, though, and it wasn't a rain shower). That's a dream I will always remember.

Eros and Psyche"Onward and Upward!" Another coincidence appeared while I was reading Robert Moss’s book. I did not realize the true meaning of my name. I knew that Vanessa meant butterfly and that butterfly means transformation. But in his book Robert explains that across cultures butterfly means soul – so, my name means soul. What happened to soul? “Here I am.” Not only that, Robert Moss points out that “the Greek word Psyche means both ‘butterfly’ and ‘soul’ (p. 161). So my name also means Psyche! Oh wow, and so many people had observed that Joe demonstrated amazing love (Eros), as well as it is all through his work and forms the very foundation of his education theory. As Peter McLaren writes about Joe on his website, “his capacity for love was monumental.”

Eros and Psyche Leading the Way for Aphrodite and HermesIt is no wonder Joe earned the title “God of Love” or Eros in my dreams. And I guess it takes Psyche (soul) to recognize Eros. (Eros is the God Love and also means Cupid, by some accounts, which brings to mind Sam Cooke’s song that has come up in past blogs, “Cupid.") Me and Joe. Psyche and Eros. And what’s the deal with Hermes and Aphrodite? I know that Joe’s work clearly is the work of Hermes – but am I Aphrodite ("
the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture")? Only in my dreams, of course. If we are going to dream, we might as well make them what Roberts Moss calls "big dreams." I just happened to come across this great bas-relief of the four of them. Eros and Psyche are leading the way for Hermes and Aphrodite.

Meeting with My Master Teacher
I just had my meeting with my teacher (I am writing this on May 14, 2010 and it is 11:18 PM).  I was going to leave out the part about the shower, because it did not seem appropriate, but he said, no, he’d get mad at me if I took that out. He has never ever told me he would get mad at me for anything, and I never want to make my teacher mad. Oh well. I was wondering if he was going to give me a song, as he always does before he leaves, and he ended up telling me, I’ll give you the “perfect song” tomorrow. Yeah, right, tomorrow.

The clue was right there: “perfect song” for looking up on You Tube and taking the first song that comes to the top….what tricks does he have up his sleeve this time!? I’m tired and want to go to bed, but I will look this up first cuz he has me very curious with the interesting way he gave me the clue.

Here it is:


What a beautiful and perfect song. I am truly very blessed to have the most wonderful Master Teacher in the whole wide world. (I send him my gratitude and love.)

Saturday Morning Meeting With My Master Teacher
There are times when I don’t “get” what my Master Teacher is up to. While he gave me great advice this morning (to plan a schedule for my dissertation completion to give to my committee and to start on some specific research), he signed off in the most bizarre way, with “Sinara.” As I was looking it up on YouTube and looking at what came up on the drop-down menu, the word “Sayonara” came up. Confused, I asked him if he spelled  the word wrong for a reason, but told him I would go ahead and do the search on “Sinara” and then also check out “Sayonara.” He came back with, "Yes, Baby, that was the plan." Here are the results and I am not sure what they mean. I hope this does not mean war as in Sianara, but rather LOVE as in “Sayonara.” Hmm..."the plan?" -- something tells me there is more here than meets the eye.

“Sianara” brought up this video:


“Sayonara” brought up this video:


OK, I don’t believe this. It was just brought to my attention that neither of those search terms were correct. The word he REALLY gave me was “Sinara” and I had inadvertently searched on "SiAnara." Thus, I had to do another search, so here it is.

“Sinara” brought up this video (a violent video game)

I am posting all of these videos, but at the moment I really don’t understand the purpose or intent my Master teacher has in mind. My assignments are getting more complex, probably to prepare me for my dissertation work. I hope that the significance of these videos will be revealed to me so that it all makes sense. I made the errors in the look-up for a reason because everything happens for a reason.

The first video of the bomb is very sad – to think we are citizens of a country that would do something so horrendous -- and at the same time it makes me think of the mission I have been assigned surrounding Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction and how the book is somewhat like a strategically placed “bomb,” figuratively speaking, of course, and that I have been assigned “detonation duty.”

Is this video popping up as an indication that “the time is now?” Or do I pay more attention to the second video which is about LOVE. Oh wait, I just did a search on Sayanara which shows that it means goodbye or farewell. This is a little confusing and I do not see how the third video, a violent video game which turns out to be the “correct” video for the search term based on the spelling I was given, Sinara, clears up my confusion. Note, however, that the “God Mode is On” in that video and the girl survives. That is a good indication. Well, it will all come out in the wash, as they say. And all I can say is “stay tuned,” I am sure this will all be clarified at some point in the future.

Personally, I would like to end today on a positive note. The following video is the second one from the search on Sinara and it’s very beautiful music with lovely images, a good way to end today’s blog. I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with LOVE.
And please remember, as our favorite childhood song, Row, Row, Row Your Boat has taught us: "life is but a dream." Make yours a good one.


Aphrodite and Hermes Riding on a Chariot Pulled by Eros and Psyche

courtesy of 
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Friday, May 14, 2010

A Special Mother’s Week Message: The Power of Love Moves Us Forward

Knight On White Horse courtesy of DoverI don’t know about you, but I have been STRUGGLING recently with so many things – getting back into a routine of exercise, playing music, working, eating right, etc. I was beginning to think I really need that knight on a white horse Joe talked about in his 2005 article conceptualizing the bricolage. I thought maybe it was the planet alignment or the retrograde that was holding me back. But today I was told that a new surge of energy is available for us all -- and I can actually feel it. Maybe it’s because the roses are blooming as I wrote about in yesterday’s blog and maybe it is something else. But whatever it is, today this new surge of energy is available and it will help us all get back on track.

RosebudsMay13-2010I keep saying I will return to the Epistemological Road Trip that I took to Tennessee and finish that account (I left off with about three days remaining before returning home). However, I was told that this is Mother’s Day Week and I am to make it a vacation and to pick up where I left off on the trip on Sunday. That makes me wonder, what does “the gang” have in store for me today and Saturday? It should be exciting.

So, as my Master Teacher told me this morning, today is a new day and it will be a re-invigorating one because there is a surge of new energy in the air. One good way to soak it in is to spend some time outside. This energy will push us past any blocks we have encountered. At the same time, behind the scenes, the perpetual revolution is gaining momentum.

We will be seeing the signs

If you are confused about what actions you need to take, the advice is to just follow your heart and you will never be wrong. Everything will fall in place. If you have many projects in the works, it is time to start “pulling pieces together.”
 My Master Teacher left me with a song as always. I hope I am not taking him for granted, because I expect him to give me divine music every day. Anyway, this morning here is what he told me:

I will be right “beside you to guide you.”
That is so sweet. So I will plug “beside you to guide you” into YouTube.

Here is what came up:

When You Love by Sinead Oconnor

The Power of Love!!!

I thank my Master Teacher for sending me this lovely song today.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Roses are Blooming and Mother’s Week Continues

Roses May 13 2010
The First Yellow Rose bloomed on Father’s Day last year. I dedicated it to Joe in appreciation for all that he had contributed to education along with a special poem I wrote for him (in fact, I had planted four yellow rose bushes in his memory when I moved into my house in February 2009). Yellow roses signify spiritual power, wisdom and joy.

Well, it looks like this year, the gift has been returned to me more then 10-fold – lots of yellow roses blooming already and just in time for our new Mother’s Week Celebration!!

In yesterday’s blog I announced the new holiday format—Mother’s Day has been extended for a full week. Yellow Roses! What a wonderful gift in exchange for The First Yellow Rose I dedicated last year on Father’s Day. I must be doin' sumptin' right.

Rose May 10 2010And this is significant. When the roses bloom, they magically release increased insight and knowledge for those of us who are receptive to that. I experienced it all last year and was sent out on many interesting and entertaining treasure hunts all summer and received many, many gifts. Already, the power is being felt. Yesterday, I was able to identify one of Joe’s predictions in his book, a movie that had not even been produced at the time he wrote his book (see yesterday’s blog and scroll all of the way to the end to read about it).

Rosebuds May13-2010Oh, and about that very last song in my blog yesterday, the “hangin’ around” one that my Master Teacher gave me -- I figured it out, too!!! Someone is tired of “hangin’ around this old town.” The girl who got on the bus is me – and he finally decided to leave that old town and travel with me. How cool is that?

I have figured Joe was at least 100 years ahead of everyone else with his advanced theories and many people just are not ready for it. Some magic tricks are needed here. Perhaps we can speed up time a bit to catch up with Joe’s work or plant a lot more roses. We really do not want to leave anybody behind.

The following music for today was handed down to me. Not sure what they all mean. A lot of semiotics happenin' here. Everything is open for interpretation when it comes down to me from my Master Teacher.

Search term:

Search terms:“dry the tears” (a healing song)

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother(ing) Replaces “Other(ing)” and Mother’s Day Is Extended for A FULL WEEK of Celebration!

What’s With OTHER????

Confusion courtesy of MicrosoftI was actually complaining to my Master Teacher yesterday about the use of the word “Other” by educators in their writing and he picked up on how the word makes me feel very uneasy. When I come across it I become very confused. What does it mean? Am I an-Other? Who are these people writing about? Maybe my confusion arises from my being a country hick girl all my life (although, I did try the “slick city chick” life for awhile, but got tired of it and came back to the country). But I had never heard or seen this word “Other” except in the normal sense of the word like, “I don’t want that one; I want the other one.” So, yes, this odd use of the word “Other” seems “abnormal” and the meaning is elusive. I will give an example here to try and illustrate why I am so confused. 

Many anti-racist scholars, feminists, activists and transformative intellectuals recognized that institutional racism, classism, sexism and homophobia cannot be eradicated by merely changing people’s attitudes and beliefs in relation to the ‘Other.’ Building a real multicultural society is achieved through the elimination of unjust policies, practices, and systematic barriers that inhibit the intellectual and social development of minoritized (and all) citizens.(Carr & Porfilio, 2009).

Wow, this whole thing is very confusing. But note that if we cannot eradicate social injustice by changing how people relate to “the ‘Other’” as the authors of this article seem to be claiming, then of what benefit is it to even use this term ‘Other?’ Perhaps the reason we cannot change how people relate to the “Other” is because people do not know who “Other” even is. The second sentence makes more sense although I have more questions than understanding: What is “real?” What is “a real multicultural society?” Of course, it makes sense to eliminate “unjust policies, practices and systematic barriers.” That is a given. But then we get to “minoritized (and all) citizens.” Well, if it is ALL citizens, which it pretty much is these days, then we clearly do not need to use the word “Other” in this context and it seems to only emphasize division, one of the very things we are trying to eradicate. And what is “minoritized?” Are we speaking here of a socially constructed concept? Who defines it and what is their definition? And in what context?

Don't Fence me in.Personally, I find this practice of using the word “Other” one of those very “practices and systematic barriers that inhibit the intellectual and social development of” us all. And really, the new educational paradigm is moving us toward more holistic thinking and away from these sorts of dichotomized expressions that tend to promote either-or conceptualizations (e.g. “minoritized" vs. "(and all)” that leave certain people out depending upon which group is actually being referred to. Let’s be more specific – define Other; there are people like me, an economically-disadvantaged country hick who got an “education” (but clearly a deficient one since I cannot understand some of this academic language) trying to make sense of it all and wanting to work toward some real changes in education. And by real, I am referring to whatever our creative, collective imaginations construct.

The use of “Other” is confusing, even demoralizing, divisionary, and it ruins the normal use of the word. It makes people very uncomfortable to use the word in its normal context. Let me give you a personal example. I made a beautiful portrait of someone especially for Peter and emailed it to him. But I had actually made an-other great portrait of the same person, so I sent it to him and told him she may like it better than the other. And here is where I stumbled; I literally cringed over how to use the word so that it would be “politically correct” which I was very concerned about….because by some people’s account she would be considered “Other” perhaps twice, even (because she is a woman and because she is not caucasion) so what do I do here, people???? Clue me in? Do you see the dilemma? Do I say she might like this picture better than the “other one?” Does that get me out of the hole? No! It does not!

I do know how to research to find out what things mean and to trace their history, so I did this with the word “Other.” I am no better off now; in fact, I am worse off than I was when I had no understanding of what the word meant. Now I know even more clearly that it can mean different things to different people in different contexts and this does not seem good, especially if the person using it does not take time to define what THEY mean by the word. There is nothing worse than using words that people can interpret how they wish. Without the definition it leads to obfuscation, confusion, and potentially hurtful misunderstandings and, heaven forbid, even harmful actions. In my book, knowing that the word has many meanings exacerbates the very disheartening problems that the word was assumedly devised to communicate about.

If you disagree or doubt what I am saying here (after all, I am only one person presenting a single perspective), then I recommend a quick look-up of the word “Other” in Wikipedia and it will not take you long to discover that this is a word, with diverse historical roots and multiple meanings and interpretations. We would benefit by tossing this word out of our NEW educational vocabulary. You know, as was suggested by Ilan Gur Se’ev in his article, we need to move to a “New Critical Language in Education” which I discussed in yesterday’s blog – and which Joe had so many passionate and loving words to say about in his review.

Thus, it has come down from the “top” that we are to abandon the use of “Other” in the NEW educational journey. While this may sound like a hierarchical decision, believe me, it is not. It is a cosmic decision that is based on love and the knowledge that the world will be better off if we always communicate clearly and do not leave certain people out, whether they are a socially constructed minority or a minority in fact (which would be white people, since we are the true minority on the earth).

This is a totally justified move, if you really do your research (and I hope you do, especially if you use the word “Other” in this awkward and confusing way). You will find there is no single positive meaning of the word other, it has a very unhappy history (such as Western-based ethnocentric forms of Continental Philosophy), all of the meanings are confusing, and no one knows what meaning you are using unless you define it specifically!!! This reminds me of a word Joe used fairly often: conflate. And fortunately, he uses words that are in the dictionary (or he clearly defines the words he used), so I was able to look it up and see what it means. Does not the word “Other” conflate many people all under one label? And does this term not also “objectify” people? And all of this is happening under the guise of needing to abandon labels and moving away from objectification! Can you not see the hypocrisy in this?

Is it just me? Am I just imagining that this is an issue? In my experience, however, if I interpret something a particular way, then there are typically many more people out there who are doing the same thing, but not speaking out about it. Communication should be clear, not cloudy, especially around issues of social injustice and we need to abandon labels once and for all. Speak so that we can all hear. Say what you mean. That is, unless there are some not so good motives behind the scene. Sometimes, it is entirely appropriate to lay out things so that they can be interpreted in multiple ways if you have a diverse audience and the various interpretations serve multiple good purposes or you want people to learn to discern multiple meanings. The use of “Other” is not one of those times.

Faeries On The BridgeTo add to my confusion, I have my own idiosyncratic impression when I see the word “Other.” It makes me think of people on the “other side of the bridge” or curtain, or however you wish to delineate that. And they do not want to be called “Others” either.

My Master Teacher was funny about this “Other” issue yesterday morning because he knew it was really bothering me, and he is like Why are you fixated on educators’ use of “Other?” You seem agitated over that….and then he goes on to say, and for good reason. I came to despise the usage as well and it has been quite run into the ground.” So, you see, my Master Teacher agreed with me; it is, as educators would say, themselves “problematic” which is another kind of weird word. Why don’t they just come out and say “It’s a problem”? Somehow using problematic minimizes the significance of the problem and perhaps that’s the reason why so few actions for social justice actually get implemented in education. That would be another good word to eliminate. We never want to minimize problems surrounding social justice.

Mary and Baby JesusJoseph and Baby JesusThere is an-other issue with the use of the word. I also see it used as “Othering,” which, I assume is the act of treating other people as “Others,” whatever that might mean. See how confusing this gets? And where does the word “Othering” come from? It is clear that it is derived from the word Mothering. Well, that’s a “fine” way to treat mothers - and fathers - who take their roles seriously. Now something that is usually a positive trait (unless someone does not want loving, mother-like attention), has negative connotations associated with it. What would Jesus say to that?