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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. ~ Albert Einstein (Reader’s Digest Mysteries of the Unexplained, 1982, p. 7)




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Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Queen of the South (Venus, et al.) Speaks: Multidimensionality, The Backlash Against Twin Flame “Experts” and False Prophets PLUS God’s Kingdom Is Coming (the True Gospel)

I am still figuring out how God, in his omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence gives people multidimensional roles…….and while I may identify with specific aspects that seem to associate with specific roles (such as Venus), they are all me…and very minute aspects of God, mixed in with my very fallible human nature. Some say that we (and the ALL) are God trying to express himself…a far cry, however, from proclaiming that we are God, as so many New Agers try to teach. Little gods, as in “children of God” may be apt, but yet gives far more credit than most of us are worthy of. I have come to believe that “little gods” are human, of course, but they have mastered the more base qualities and limitations most of us are still working on overcoming, and as a consequence, they are blessed with much greater knowledge and understanding…..they are the true geniuses we encounter, whether in this dimension or some other dimension. (See Joe’s book, The Stigma of Genius).

God’s world is multidimensional. Joe has taught me that very well. And we do have roles in the various dimensions, and even different names. For example, my entire journey has been one of remembering my different names in the different dimensions of my existence, and bits and pieces of my roles. In my last message, incredibly, I was led to the information that Joe was Moses of the Bible (all of this is hard for me to believe, so I don’t mind if you reading this don’t believe it either—but God truly works in incredible and mysterious ways). You can read more in the N.E.W. Update section. It is interesting that Joe has left us a new world view, a better way of approaching qualitative research and science, a new psychology, new ways of teaching and learning, new ways of working, and so much more. Most people do not yet understand them. And btw, in relation to Laws, he has even left us a new constitution….isn’t that interesting?! As an initiation task, can you locate that in his work?

Moses was a powerful figure in the Bible and brought down God’s Laws, so this corresponds well with the work Joe has left us. All of this will need to be examined more closely; I have yet to do so. I have often wanted to analyze his work in relation to the Bible once I discovered his encoded messages. He has surreptitiously cited many things from the Bible…..again, God works through people in mysterious ways. From some of my learning this past week, it states in the Bible that the Kingdom of God is being brought to earth in hidden ways. Only certain people will have understanding of that, which explains why Joe’s work is encoded as it is. Of course, I knew none of this before beginning the journey. I shunned religious fundamentalism, as does Joe. But I also have learned that religions are not about God at all. I do know God wants more people to enter His Kingdom, so more and more is being revealed. It’s been quite fascinating how I have been gradually led to God and His Kingdom through Joe and his work.

Joe would not want you to forget, however, that he was/is “just human” like all of us. If you read his book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy, he makes clear the fallibility of humans constructing knowledge. His process only helps us minimize the mistakes, not eliminate them. But there are many other powerful benefits as well.

Yesterday, he showed me these passages:

“As we have discussed throughout this book, knowledge is something humans produce—it is not sent by God or by the aliens who the National Enquirer claimed spoke to President Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt.” (p. 227)

I find it interesting that he says it is not sent by God. That does not mean, however, that God has no role in our understanding. What he’s addressing is those people who claim to be sent direct messages from God, the many false prophets in the world today. Nor are aliens, a popular meme today, responsible. We must construct knowledge and in doing so, we must recognize and come to understand how our knowledge construction is influenced, the many forces (interior and exterior) that cause us to construct it the way we do, as well as critically analyze other people’s produced and disseminated knowledge in this same way. His multidimensional critical complex processes help us do this and help us create “a beautiful picture of reality.” In other words, the world can be recreated to be something totally different from the one we see currently. Today, most people continue to paint an ugly picture and then proceed to create it or add to the evil and violence in their outer world, thus causing untold suffering. We need that higher Power via higher consciousness to help us.

“The knower and known are inseparable dimensions indelibly connected to anything we call knowledge.” (p. 227)

This statement highlights the inextricably-linked relationship between ourselves and what we research. It is why action research (which he describes in his work) makes more sense than artificially and somewhat deceptively claiming the removal of the researchers from the equation for “objective” social research. We are already linked, the researcher affects the researched and vice versa. When consciousness (a mysterious still little-understood phenomenon) is added to the mix, this linking is even more complex. Thus, we capitalize on all of this in service of the best outcome or solution to complex problems. Joe has written much about this research process (see also Teachers As Researchers).

“As enactivist scholars Umberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (1987) have argued, the world of phenomena is a province that is brought forth by the actions of the observer—that is, it is enacted by the researcher in relation to the world. Thus, in a more constructivist epistemology researcher and researched are not only part of the same process, they actually bring one another into being” (p. 228).

This is the magic observation……study these dynamics multidimensionally, and we bring new worlds into being……..and as he puts it, it becomes a co-constructive process. I think my magic roses demonstrates this process microcosmically (see updates, below). This has implications for bringing the N.E.W. world into our reality and how twin flames, soul mates, soul families and groups all work together for this purpose. What was it you said about the purpose of schooling?

And in relation to those observations: “In this context hermeneutics has a key role in this effort to make our way through the smoky forest, the foggy night of the mysterious world to which we are connected. In the smoke and fog our critical complex hermeneutic goal is not to provide a mimetic image of what our ethnographies see or our histories uncover. Instead, criticalists are interested in moving FIDUROD’s correspondence epistemology to an interpretation of relationship, significance, and relevance for action” (p. 245).

This reminds me of the huge argument among Christians about salvation through grace vs works….it’s an ignorant argument for many reasons. We are human beings who BE and DO. Actions are critical, as the philosophy above and the Bible have lined out. Some of the videos, below go into this in more depth.

“In a critical complex epistemology we gain the ability to travel between dimensions bringing the insights and concepts found in one domain to another dimension. In this way, we begin to view one dimension through the logics of another. Profound advances in all domains of human endeavor can be made when we engage in this trans-dimensional travel” (p. 234)

This accounts for my (and his) various names that come up as I research deeper and deeper. Each dimension is a particular time and place consisting in different relationships…….and each dimension viewed in light of the knowledes of other dimensions can change the world. In his bricolage book, in fact in an excerpt he recommended that I read before he passed over, he makes clear this idea of multiple relationships (see page 62 of Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: Conceptualizing the Bricolage). I have already been provided with that inter-dimensional travel he speaks of, my favorites being his taking me on tours of Heaven. Knowing what it’s like in Heaven is great knowledge to bring down to this dimension, although few people yet grasp it, and because they can’t grasp it is why few people yet understand Joe’s work.

Understand the profound implications for our potential to facilitate the bringing in of God’s Kingdom. Read pages 227-234 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy for more details, and his discussions of consciousness p. 217-220.

At the same time, while we strive to understand God’s omniscient knowledge, it must always be remembered we fall short. There is no knowledge on the planet, no “knower” who has everything right. He writes, “One of the points I have made throughout the book involves the notion that any epistemology must account for the interaction of the perceiver with the reality he and she encounters. Thus, this is what we mean by the interaction of the knower and known.” (p. 228)….”The nature of the knower and known, you ask. They’re cousins, identical cousins, connected at the spine.” (p. 229).

This statement has always intrigued me. As with so many of his illuminations, there are many meanings. It emphasizes how the more we research something, the more the researcher and researched interact until they become almost the same, hold the same views or the researcher becomes “one” with the ideas they research. The phenomenon, groupthink illustrates how this happens. Thus, this highlights the advice that we cannot consider the researched and researcher as totally separate….two individuals and yet very, very similar, and why criticality is so important. Groups and cults are often led by flawed ideas. We need Joe’s concept of complex criticality so that we omit flawed ideas and select the best ideas if we are to create a better world for ourselves and others. I have also associated the statement with the twin flame/twin soul phenomenon since it describes in an almost literal sense the union process and purpose, “identical” and “connected at the spine.” We are individuals with our own ideas and thoughts yet at the same time in union through consciousness and purpose. Connected at the spine, to me, refers to the kundalini experience of the union and how the “chakras” or energy centers become merged together.

A while back, I knew I was on a path to learn God’s Laws, which are so amazing and intricate, but I had no idea it would lead to what I’m learning about God’s Kingdom coming to earth. Think how complex the laws of nature and physics are; we barely have a grasp on them. God’s processes are much more complex than we can ever understand. I have worked very hard on this, watching all of the videos from the Divine Truth channel here and here. I just have this insatiable desire to learn, not so much how the Laws work (I’m not sure that’s possible to fully understand), but THAT they work, that they are so amazing, and that they work to create a perfect world as well as amazing things we cannot even imagine……should we obey God’s commandments. There are really only a few laws we need to strive to obey, because they are so foundational that when we obey them, we are obeying all of his laws, as Jesus of Divine Truth points out with his discussion of the fundamental laws. God actually made it easy for us to obey and live in a perfect world…..but we continue to mess up and fail. Thus, we have the horrific state of the world today.

My journey the past week has been extensively blessed with information. I wish I could convey all that my Beloved has been teaching me, but what I put out on this website will have to suffice for now. Below this message I have placed a few links to some of the knowledge I’ve perused. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. In this message, I am only highlighting a summary of some of the most important teachings I’ve received.

It all began this week with an academic presentation of the “True Gospel.” What does Joe say in relation to people who claim to hold the truth?…….hold onto your wallet, lol (that’s in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy). That is so true, such good advice. All the prophets, preachers, channelers, twin flame “experts,” etc., as I have shown previously are all about money for their pockets. The money motive supersedes truth. Honestly, if you are putting out knowledge for the primary purpose of making money and fame, I don’t see how it cannot be biased in ways worse than if you give the information out freely. This is something I’m still working on. It is why the businesses I have started which pay my way are separate from what I teach here right now. I have not resolved in my own mind if they can be compatible and if so, how, and so I keep them totally separate, at least as much as possible—of course, there is overlap in ways. It’s why my publishing business has been on hold. My philosophy holds that knowledge and information should be available to everyone. Of course, with publishing hard copies, there is a cost. I know Joe held the same philosophy because as I have mentioned, for his book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy he had insisted that the publisher offer it for less than $30 (they normally charge $150-$200 which puts it out of reach for most students). Well, these are issues I am still working on and currently I am spending more time developing some entrepreneurship teachings and expanding my businesses while synthesizing Joe’s philosophy. I wonder if there is a happy middle ground….as Jesus said, you can’t serve two masters. In Heaven there is no need for money, just continuing learning, serving, doing what you love, and experiencing the highest level of love human beings can enjoy.

This is the academic presentation that launched me on yet another learning journey:

Michael Heiser - What is the True Meaning of the Gospel?

With common sense, alone, one can realize the fallacy of what’s being advised here. I enjoyed this author’s previous works, especially his work about God’s Divine Council, but he is going astray. This seems to be a rampant disease on YouTube with many who once offered useful information now taking people down less-that-upright paths. What makes people go astray? I see this happening a lot on YouTube and elsewhere. It’s as if money, fame and fortune cause some sort of disease that causes people to lose their true focus. They begin teaching what people want to hear, even though it’s not truth. People hate truth, so it’s pretty hard to make money off it, lol. How many people want to hear they must obey the Ten Commandments? I don’t even want to hear that, lol, if I am honest. I just pray for God’s strength to do the best I can and to ask for His forgiveness where I fail. But that certainly does not justify doing something one knows is wrong. The more we know, the greater our responsibility.

But it was good to watch the video because it led me to researching, what is the gospel? I really didn’t know and after my research, I realized I had never been taught gospel in any of the churches I have attended in the past. The only place you can find the true gospel is in the Bible as spoken by Jesus, not from contrived formulations that are way off the mark. The true gospel is that God’s Kingdom is coming…..I find that interesting because that’s the very thing I’ve been teaching on this site without even knowing it’s the gospel. And as I have discussed, Joe’s work is actually foundational to that N.E.W. World.

This is where God’s Laws come in and why I’ve been learning them. God’s Kingdom will be governed by His Laws. While there will be a sort of hierarchy with Jesus being the King of Kings and then other Kings beside him, essentially everyone will be Kings and Queens who are in divine union. It’s like Heaven (God’s existing Kingdom), but it is being brought down to earth according to God’s will. This prayer is especially important now:


Matthew 6:9-13King James Version (KJV)

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.  []


I think the most important thing we can do is to learn what our roles are in bringing this Kingdom down. We cannot bring it down ourselves. Only God can do that. But there is work He wants us to do in preparation. Joe’s work is such a wonderful example of the type of work God loves to see. Thus, is it any wonder at all that He serves on God’s High Council and will serve as a King in His Kingdom?

Before the Kingdom comes down, however, we will see the worst of the worst in human behavior…….we are seeing it everywhere. It is a reaction to the truths that are being exposed. I am seeing a huge backlash against those who claim to be twin flame experts and mislead the masses into believing their dysfunctional relationships are twin flame relationships. Is all of this the “Insurrection” Joe speaks of? It’s bound to get much worse before it gets better.

And so will the chastisements……a topic for another day.

Some of my research:

The Kingdom of God—What No One Knows! (Part 1)


Are You Being Called?

What Is the True Gospel?

The Truth About Tongues and Pentecostalism (Part 1)

 The Truth About Tongues and Pentecostalism (Part 2)

The True Jesus – Unknown!

Who Is the Devil?



Why I Left the Baptist Church


One of the Most Demonic Doctrines in the Church - And its Spreading Like Wildfire.

Five Marks of the False-Grace Movement

False Grace Doctrine | Dr. Michael Brown | Ask Sid




Just wanted to mention that February is Global Twin Flame Celebration Month and add this info to the previous.


20161126-1220 Human Transformation Principles


In this video, Jesus explains transformation principles and the Divine Union of twin flames/twin souls, and the nature of God’s Gift for this very rare opportunity…also, that this opportunity can be withdrawn according to God’s will. Sadly, as I have already indicated elsewhere, very few people took advantage of the Gift of Soul Union that has been offered during “the first decade of the twenty-first century” and which had even been graciously extended—and we don’t know when the Gift will be offered again. I would like to express that when Jesus speaks of “half a soul” in this video that it might better be represented as half an oversoul, from my perspective and based on my own phenomenological experience, as well as based on additional research and Joe’s emphasis in his work on couple, two, and twins, as well as his philosophy that we are "connected" but we are also "individuals." It's not that "one soul" is a "wrong" metaphor; it is correct from a higher perspective, but unfortunately, due to the condition of most souls at this time in human history, it will be misinterpreted, as the New Age has done. It is also true that the male and female are complete souls in themselves, once they do the work to become self-actualized. This is not a narcissistic act that so many people try to take on by trying to take control of God's process, instead of doing the real work they need to do. However, they must be complete in order for the union process to even begin, for they must not need each other. If they are not complete AND quite far along the path to self-actualizationn, demonstrating sincere  and unconditional actions based on a strong foundation of love, they will never even meet. It they are successful, their paths will cross naturally. However, if people have the injured soul view that they are only “half” a soul, looking for their “other half” it will actually impede the process. The concepts (as we typically understand them at this dimensional level) are counter to what we need to understand in order to successfully form a divine union. Once they are both ready, they will meet, which automatically sets off the energy exchanges that result in their union (i.e., light body/spirit body activation as signaled by a spontaneous kundalini awakening). Together, they join in a conscious loving and symbiotic union within which they can create together as well as individually (but always “in union”) within many dimensions of reality (multidimensionality). The yin yang talisman that was gifted to me when I was first led on the treasure hunts is an excellent representation of the relationship of twin flames. As I often express it, we are one, we are two, and we are much greater than two (and the yin yang expands outward). He is in me, I am in him, and we are enveloped with God’s Love/Holy Spirit. As Jesus portrays, it’s extremely complex (e.g., God has infinite forms of energy, infinite numbers of Principles and Laws that govern the processes, etc.) and we are all still learning about the process. Those who have been successful with uniting will be sharing more in the future and hopefully, by that time more people will be ready with the right attitudes to accept God’s most precious Gift when and if it is offered again. We do not know if it will be offered to specific individuals who are ready, but the collective offering is no longer available as it has been destroyed by the free will of the collective in a multitude of ways (through AI, media portrayals, deceptions, monetization, many ways can a beautiful gift be refused?). Incidentally, Joe had written multitudes of times in his books that this was a gift being offered during “the first decade of the twenty-first century” if you learn how to decode his work. The primary purpose of his work was to share the importance of the Gift of Divine Love for ending the pain and suffering in the world……few people took heed. And we even have many who have denied what Joe’s work was about and took steps to destroy it (I have added some new discussion and analysis here that provides great insight into the issues that caused such denial, for those who are interested). But, the proof is in the pudding as they say. I do believe he and I together have gifted the world with proof beyond doubt as to the power and magic of “radical love,” aka Divine Love. Deny at your own risk to your future happiness, but please try to comprehend how you are causing not only your own pain and suffering, but pain and suffering to the lives of those you touch, when you do not accept God's gift of love and abide by His divine laws.


Beloved picked out this tune, thanking me for the work I’ve been doing for “the multitude.” He is so compassionate and has wonderful taste in music!


Crawdad - Alone In The Multitude


Note that the song (sadly) confirms: “The end has come.”

Addendum to The Last Venus Letter: The REAL TRUTH About Twin Flames and the Expression of Their Love    January 28, 2017



The “higher ups” asked me to release some new truths about twin flames.


First, the self-proclaimed twin flame matchmaker, Dr. Noelle, in the video I linked to in The Last Venus Letter (below), is clearly under archonic control (she may be totally unaware of this, however). The archons, which can be defined in various ways as I have discussed in many contexts, have as their goal to destroy divine love and monetize that destruction. The fact that she quantifies and delimits twin flame orgasms and clearly worships Mammon since she heavily monetizes her services is evidence that her knowledge is tainted and she is not serving God or the greater good of humanity. Jesus, a great teacher, made it clear that we cannot worship two Gods.


Albert Einstein, with his observation that God does not roll dice, is clearly portraying that God is not interested in quantifying or delineating phenomenological experiences such as twin flame orgasms. This should be crystal clear with Joe’s philosophy as well since he rails repeatedly against the quantifying and defining of human experiences.


The TRUTH, as handed down to me is that it is pure folly to try to specify twin flame orgasms as Dr. Noelle attempts to do with numbers and types, and quite frankly, she has not even touched the tippy top of the iceberg (or pyramid). It is archonic influence that leads her to believe that she can be a twin flame matchmaker and some kind of sex therapist or advisor for twin flames—in fact, it actually serves the luciferian agenda. She is trying, but she cannot take God’s role. It’s the very definition of Luciferianism. And we, as individuals, cannot take control of the process either. Here is another example of working against God’s Natural Laws…I call this one “winging it,” lol. She has no clue.


The Robin ~ Sign of New Beginnings


She really has everything backwards in her rationalization process (in trying to explain why her twin flame is married to someone else). Her advice is sad and the actions she’s recommending are still manipulative, even though she conveys otherwise. It is a set-up for pain and suffering over the failure of relationships. God has arranged for the divine male to take the lead, bring down wisdom, and show the way. This is what Jesus was trying to explain with His “Way.” As I have written elsewhere, in the Bible Jesus has explained: At the head of the woman is the man, at the head of the man is the Holy Spirit, and the head of the Holy Spirit is God. While this may sound religious, it is actually science and with enough examples can be shown to be true. We do not have many examples, however, since there are so few twin flame unions. With the divine male as lead, is how God created our relationships, but if we try to take control and turn things around as suggested in the above video, they will not work exquisitely as designed. The woman best serves her divine partner by fully supporting him, no matter what his life circumstances, with no expectations and no manipulation in an effort to change things. IF it is truly a divine pairing, the cosmos will work it out.


The TRUTH is that only God will bring true twin flames together and they must pass many, many tests along the way until they finally figure out how to abide by the natural laws (God’s laws). Coincidentally (but by God’s Plan), Divine Truth YouTube channel just posted some new videos today about God’s Laws. Here are the first few….and they support my own personal understandings, including what I understand about twin flame divine love:



Meet Mary and Jesus 20161104-1830 Welcome & Housekeeping

20161104-1920 Introduction

20161105-1030 Fundamental Facts

20161119-1030 Understanding God’s Loving Laws: Fundamental Facts

20161105-1130 Fundamental Facts Q&A

20161119-1130 Fundamental Facts Q&A


I really encourage people who want to gain a deeper, wider understanding of Joe’s work also view as many videos Divine Truth is putting out as possible. Keep in mind that when he speaks of quantification, it is from God’s omniscient perspective. We really cannot even hope to reach the level of being able to quantify things like emotions in this dimension, an observation Joe has made clear in his work. We will botch it up every time. When you gain this broader perspective, you will begin to see the major flaws and failings of man-created philosophies….humans cannot possibly compete with God’s Divine Governance. Some philosophies, of course, have a greater understanding of certain attributes, but they all fall short. And how does Joe’s philosophy differ? By having us seek as many perspectives as possible and look at those perspectives with a critical eye, analyzing who benefits from specific beliefs and the like, then we can gain a greater understanding of God’s truth and love, how the natural laws operate and the like. We do not finalize knowledge for reasons Joe explains in his work, but also because we are trying to learn about things that are infinite and infinitely complex, having been created by an infinite being. Most people know Joe was a genius, but very few people realize how great a genius he really is. And I am still happily learning. We are exploring together God’s governance over twin flames. I will be watching the rest of the videos just published by Jesus and Mary at Divine Truth to understand this governance so that I can better explain how and why we have become so blessed.


As for twin flame orgasms, the topic of The Last Venus Letter, despite Dr. Noelle’s act of conflating them into just “7 types,” the reality is that the types and purposes of them are infinite and as individual as the couples. While there may be similarities, there are more differences. God leaves it completely up to each couple to explore, learn, and to create expressions of their love for themselves within their relationship, as well as to develop outward creative expressions in the form of creations for the world based on their love. One of my favorite creations is our red-yellow rosebush (shown in the photo). While the archons continue to try and destroy it, happily it still exists and is well-loved in our Heavenly home. All expressions of love abide by God’s Laws, for if this were not so, the twin flame couple would never have been brought together in the first place, nor would they have been afforded the great responsibility that accompanies the power of their love. They have proven themselves, in other words. Thus, beyond this earth plane, the far reaches of the Heavens are available for exploration and creation. Of course, it is important to remember that 99.9% of the proclaimed twin flames out there and who are giving false advice are not twin flames at all.


For now, that’s all that will be released on this topic. The twin flame divine marriage is so special and so unique for every couple, that it would be doing a disservice to provide more information than this. Perhaps, sometime in the future more will be released as is appropriate to do so. But don’t expect to learn the details—it’s up to you to learn how to create those details with your own Beloved. I hope learning more about God’s Laws from Jesus and Mary, as well as following along with the online lessons of my own learning on this website, might be helpful toward that endeavor.


I will discuss “life force energy,” a term Joe used throughout his work (along with other terms) and its relationship to sensuality and sexuality as I progress through Joe’s work in the online coursework. Wilhelm Reich did an enormous amount of research in this area, but his work is grossly misunderstood. I am sure people misinterpret what Joe was conveying as well. Perhaps, clarification can be provided in future lessons in the courses. Jesus mentioned in one of the above videos that God has infinite forms of energy, so even when we narrow it down to a specific type, it’s important to remember that it also is made up of infinite forms of energy combined in complex ways. Perhaps that’s why Joe interchanged many different terms when he wrote of this “energy.” Still it all emanates from God’s “source” energy, which is a form of love we cannot really comprehend. I will just remind people who find themselves enraptured by this and other topics: You need to do the work to move along the correct, very narrow path. Joe and I have provided plenty of information and as I learn more, I will continue to share what I learn.


Jesus has provided us guidance for following our LIFE path (as opposed to paths of death and destruction):


"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” Matthew 7:13

But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:14

“A highway will be there, a roadway, And it will be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean will not travel on it, But it will be for him who walks that way, And fools will not wander on it.” Isaiah 35:8

"Make every effort to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able.” Luke 13:24


“Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:24


This is a time to be more vigilant and wary than ever of the false knowledge created by man, for the impetus of the archonic forces is greater than ever. They are getting more and more desperate to hang onto their money, stealing it from us right under our noses, and concocting all kinds of lies, false ideologies, and what-have-you in an attempt to take us off the sacred path. It is becoming more and more difficult to sort truth from lies, fact from fiction, reality from illusion. As I move forward with the lessons in the online course based on Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, I will point out what’s going on in greater detail. Just know that critical analyses are more important than ever in the past, along with the knowledge that ALL knowledge on this planet is tainted and as Jesus points out in the above videos, we are incapable of understanding God’s infinite knowledge and wisdom. But we should be enjoying trying! If we are not loving the process, then we have somehow strayed off the path.


Btw, I took time on this, our anniversary day, to write and this special addendum to The Last Venus Letter (below). It’s a gift to my Beloved. He is much more open about sexual things than I am and promotes openness, but he does understand what I just wrote and the reasons why. While there is no reason to keep secrets, there are reasons to embrace the holy and sacred nature of the exploration and expression of divine love, for ourselves as well as for others. It’s an eternal, infinite process of the opening of infinite multi-wrapped gifts within gifts within gifts, and we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises.


And so I wish a Happy Anniversary to My Beloved, as we enter our ninth year of work on this crazy planet (this time around)…..he has requested that we dance together--


To The Nines




The Last Venus Letter 


VENUS SPEAKS: RADICAL LOVE AND BIG, BRIGHT, BOLD MOVES TOWARD 2018: The Increasing Worship of Mammon, The Termination of the Twin Flame Love Dispensation, and Treasure Hunting Goes Underground


Saturday, January 21, and Sunday, January 22, 2017


Love (Eros) has me on a bit of a sabbatical. To be honest, I am somewhat at a standstill, having reached Paragraph 30 of Love’s book, Knowledge and Critcal Pedagogy: An Introduction where he lays it out so clearly for all eyes to see: Radical Love is an absolute prerequisite for his version of critical pedagogy. Perhaps people should study love truly, madly, deeply as the first course in life. It is sad that people are not even taught how to love and cherish their own children on this planet, where instead, abuse, neglect, and family dysfunction are a norm. Perhaps, I should write more about Heaven. On page 9 of the book, Beloved has clearly written:


Love is the basis of an education that seeks justice, equality, and genius. If critical pedagogy is not injected with a healthy dose of what Freire called “radical love,” then it will operate only as a shadow of what it could be. Such a love is compassionate, erotic, creative, sensual, and informed. (p. 9)




It is important to note in this particular book, knowledge in this critical context takes on a form quite different than in more accepted and mainstream versions. A critical knowledge seeks to connect with the corporeal and the emotional in a way that understands at multiple levels and seeks to assuage human suffering. (p. 9)


The fact that an entire group of people studying my Beloved’s work for three years missed this in his very definition of critical pedagogy in the first chapter (on page 9) and would water it down as has been done in a “special” journal edition just simply baffles me. I do lose sleep over this which is why I am up so early this morning at 5:22 AM (January 21, 2017) writing this….well, actually, we discussed this situation a good portion of the night. I want to understand how this could have happened; he promised me he would help me write an article, a “scholarly” article that researches and critiques the issues that may have caused this gross misinterpretation and misappropriation of his brilliant ideas…if anything could grieve the Holy Spirit, I think this situation would be one. I am, of course, referring to this situation: True Lies: WWJD? What Would Joe Do? What Does Joe Say?. Yes, I have already discussed this situation at that link, as well as having discussed it in the January 3, 2017 lesson in the Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy online course (Lesson 29) and mentioned it in my Venus letter of the same date (below). But my understanding of how this issue could have risen just totally baffles me. Had they even read the PREFACE, of this Great Work Joe wrote, his last book before he left this place, they would have read the following, the very last sentence—and “radical love” was the very last word (We ALWAYS read the endings):


Without the funds to match the neo-liberal, free marketers and their global knowledge machines, we must start in any way we can and hopefully gain momentum with our message of social justice, rigorous knowledge work, global commitments, environmental concerns, human dignity, and radical love. [emphasis added]


THE ENDING IS ALWAYS THE BEGINNING…….this places great, great emphasis and importance on RADICAL LOVE……..Joe makes this point clear when he names the last chapter of the book, “The Conclusion is Just the Beginning.  Of course, it just makes so much sense! He not only has written about it, he has proven it beyond a reasonable doubt. Why do people not understand this?


Who were the members of the group who had studied Joe’s work for three years and yet falsely concluded that “Joe did not write about radical love,” and that this false conclusion gave them the license to publish it as “fact” and take his work in their Luciferian direction with a watered down version of “agape love” (which Joe had already voiced he did not approve of), an agape love that is “fueled by anger and outrage” as was presented in their journal. Please note that I view concepts that move away from pure love as Luciferian in nature, especially so when violence is invoked. As Joe might say, don’t misunderstand me: Of course, we can feel anger over what’s happening on this planet, but our actions are fueled by LOVE, EROS LOVE, LIFE as he has made abundantly clear throughout his work and through his own personal example as the embodiment of love (which is why I often refer to him as “Love” and “Beloved”).


We just discussed this very issue again today (Sunday, January 22, 2016). He is far more understanding and compassionate than I am; I am still learning from him and he is the most loving, compassionate teacher, and in my case, husband, one could ever hope for. I am feeling very frustrated by the masses who CHOOSE to stay hegemonic…..they WANT to stay ignorant. And they cannot see that critical analysis is something that will benefit them as well as the greater society. Critical analysis is an act of love; whereas, indifference, the opposite of love, would have us ignoring errors in thinking and believing. People get moody over the smallest, most ridiculous things. I hate walking on eggshells and that’s what most people expect. So often when I offer up advice with love, people get all bent out of shape. I simply do not have time for such folly. When I think of the precarious situation Joe found himself in…right midst WARRING factions of people calling themselves “critical pedagogues” arguing over the minutest things, holding his genius back……..well, my heart totally goes out to him….I cry for him.


Yet he still comes from his humble, understanding position (something I hope to learn more about, so be patient as I learn) but on the other hand, it might just be our differences and combined, they might just account for a powerful impact……..he is a Divine Male; I am a Divine Female………understand that on earth, people have all things backwards; in other words, in reality, the Divine Male is pure love, “Eros,” the Divine female is pure “Psyche” until the two of them come together and do the work to fully merge their qualities while AT THE SAME TIME maintaining and expanding their expression as individuals (an eternal process)………..he reminded me this morning of human fallibility. We all suffer from it, but it is WHY critical complex analyses are SO IMPORTANT. On this planet, too often the desire for, the love of money and the wish to be seen as an “expert” always darkens motives, taking people on the wrong path. It puts us all in a quandary in the lower dimensions because of the way the system is rigged, but we must learn to transcend the goal of making money with the higher goal of doing what’s right and the desire to getting closer to truth, trusting that an all-powerful God will see that our needs WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF. Believe me, I know how challenging that can be for I literally live month-to-month. But God always comes through for me, never should I worry about mundane needs.


The people who write about Joe’s work will NEVER understand it from the lower levels (the superficial ways) in which they try to apply it. His philosophy REQUIRES you to reach up to higher realms, higher consciousness. At the same time, IF YOU READ IT, it will guide you upward. His books are living, breathing entities……..when you reach up high enough, he, himself, as well as other teachers, will guide you. They will simultaneously reach down to you, (or perhaps a better metaphor is “across to you” since all dimensions occupy the same space) BUT YOU MUST LEARN TO LISTEN and TAKE TO HEART what he and other great teachers are teaching—they have all been where we’re at and have suffered what we suffer. You must set aside your personal, selfish, narcissistic, greedy goals, your worship of mammon, and truly have as your soul mission to unconditionally spread love and learning in the world.


Well, that is all I have to say for now about it. The matter is quite heavy on my mind since Joe made it over-abundantly clear that radical love is THE foundation of his critical pedagogy. He will help me write a scholarly article in the near future. Of course, I do not expect the journal, or any educational journal, to publish it (I am an outsider and it counters their ideology), but I will make it available for those who want to learn more, as I do. Perhaps, I will publish it in the Journal of Epistemology (JOE Journal), since I am the editor of that journal…..This is interesting: I had forgotten that I was going to write a Second Special Edition of the Journal about LOVE……..but I guess not enough people on the planet know enough about love to submit articles, so the journal had been abandoned. In fact, I have not been working on that website much at all, but it does seem to be on the schedule for some heavy reworking this year….so watch for changes there.


But that gives me a great idea for a very special Valentine’s Day gift for my Beloved…We will do the journal this year! I am not sure when; it depends on whether I receive article submissions. He has already told me there will be some very special announcements relating to love in February—something about Global Love Celebrations. I would love to give him the perfect gift. Will I find enough people who know about love to pull this off?


The planet truly is in dire straits when it comes to love. I recently came across yet another “Twin Flame Expert.” It’s sad how confused she is now I want to reach out to her, but I have learned that none of these “twin flame experts” want to hear truth, for that implies they are wrong in their understanding, and they can’t possibly be wrong:


Jenna Forrest: "Why I Publicly Retracted The Stages of Twin Flame Relationships"


And then there is this next irreverent example which totally blasphemes God’s gifts to twin flames whose love he seals in the eternal Divine Marriage. It literally makes me feel sick when I observe the extent people go to for money. But who am I to criticize? I am still on this planet (although, thankfully, simultaneously in Heaven) and am required to have money, too. And yet we must look at these things critically, just as Love has asked us to do—for the survival of humanity and the planet.


7 Types of Twin Flame Orgasms (with Explanations!)


What people fail to realize is that so many of them are seeing primarily through the eyes of the satanic lies of the lower dimensions. Nearly everything at lower levels of consciousness, including all knowledge, all processes, all experiences, are faux simulations of God’s truths—for the PURPOSE OF DESTROYING God’s beautiful creation. Christians view these evil things as actions of Satan or Lucifuer and yet most Christians cannot see how their own beliefs and actions are controlled and directed by those same evil forces! My personal view is that as long as we can cast blame on some outside force without analyzing how we are complicit, we will never take responsibility for changing things. We can’t change things because we do not have the understanding that’s required.


Thus, you have the continual perpetuation of lies, deception, misinformation, and disinformation. We all contribute to the hellish world.


People do not generally understand Hermes’ adage: “As above, so below; As below, so above.” While there are profound implications in the adage that are beyond describing at this time, it also represents how those “below” (at lower levels of consciousness) try to copy what’s “above” (at higher levels of consciousness where God’s beautiful creation and gifts can be experienced)………..and in doing this they DESTROY what’s good, beautiful, and true….it is an all-out war on God’s LOVE and the Sacred Marriage Union of Twin Flame couples. This should help bring home why Joe stresses in his work to offset Thanatos with Love. Evil and lies represent Thanatos, the death instinct and they create Satan’s hell. Love and truth represent Eros, the LIFE INSTINCT and they create God’s Heaven.


There are a few truths in the “7 Types” video, along with so many misconceptions and deceptions all mixed together that it would be a huge challenge to sort them all out. For example, “Dr. Noelle” first of all blasphemes God’s Holy number, the number 7 by making the claim that there are “7 Types of Twin Flame Orgasms,” and she is appealing to the base instincts of lower dimensional entities. If you listen to the video, her distinctions have been fabricated to force them into “7 types.” She covers herself by saying they “may overlap.” Satan is skilled at presenting deception. She also has no qualms over her use of vulgar and pejorative words…….especially degrading to women and totally blaspheming a sacred gift from God, which VERY FEW people on this planet will ever even experience, although now they will try and then convince themselves their deficient expression of love represents “twin flames”, further destroying God’s gifts and contributing further to the hellish nature of earth, further separating it from the Heavens. The clue that what she is presenting is not from God is her statement right up front that “we live in a hologram.” That is true in the LOWER dimensions. That is NOT TRUE in the HIGHER dimensions. It’s important that people learn to discern the difference……..holographic experiences of the lower dimensions are simulations and are NOT REAL; they are within the matrix, the holographic universe of Thanatos that traps souls. The knowledge presented within it is always saturated with deception and evil (with enough truths mixed in to keep people confused, the most common tactic within Thanatos). In another video, she makes the proclamation that 11-11 is not a “sign” of twin flames. Well, no it is not within the matrix and so many people get tricked by false 11-11 signs. But above and beyond the matrix, 11-11 is a very sacred sign and a means of communication with the Celestial Heavens. But this is typical of all earth “knowledge.” It’s all mixed up, upside-down, inside-out, and backwards….with a few grains of truth mixed in. Very few people can discern truth in such filthy, muddy waters.


Here is her “twin flame” story and a few comments from people who know better. Note her mention of the importance of making a “six-figure” income and the significance of money to her and her relationship (mammon worship)….would their relationship hold together if both are in poverty? Is it unconditional, the mark of a true twin flame relationship?


Twin Flames Reunite, Our Story! After Twin Flame Runner Stage


loulou50 Walsh4 months ago

How can you claim to be a Twin Flame matchmaker?? That is the Divines job - not yours! You can probably match make couples! You and your toy boy are giving the energy of soul mates!


Sleep139 months ago



Alma Wells9 months ago

I don't see both of you as TwinFlames... I see both of you as Soul Mates.

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Mark A10 months ago

This sounds more like a soul mate relationship, that is teaching them a karmic lesson! From the sound of her story she has more to learn before the universe is going to send her Twin in!


Princess Rodriquez8 months ago

Oh no now im more confused


Healing Through Love1 year ago

hey... you guys are actually in a soulmate relationship. and, you feels as mirrors, as you are both empaths. but, tons of love to you both, for a great and long lasting future, together. :)



Dr Amanda Noelle1 year ago

Just so you know, your comment felt hurtful and unnecessary. I feel it's our own right and up to us to decide. It's like saying "I love myself" and then someone says "actually you really don't love yourself." If I'm happy to discover myself in a Twin Flame partnership after years of calling Jack, it's actually angering to hear a total stranger disrespect our Divine Union by labeling. Think what you wish, but please respect our Sacred Union by keeping your labels elsewhere. Love and light




As can be seen by Dr. Novelle’s reply to a comment on one of her videos, she takes quite the narcissistic position by equating her love of her “twin flame” with the love of herself, but this a common stance…..and this is as opposite from the true nature of the relationship as you can get; it is a dangerous, potentially damaging psychological positioning to view your Beloved as being YOU. They are NOT you and if one is unable to respect the DIFFERENCE (remember Joe stresses difference in his work), the relationship will have many hardships. The true twin flame union is simply not describable in terms that can be fully understood with concepts we understand at lower consciousness……as twin flames, we are different, we are similar, we are more than we………..and it’s a growing relationship that grows in all directions (multidimensionally) and yet it has always existed and will always be. I think the yin yang talisman I had been gifted with during the yard search treasure hunt encapsulates the complexity, but the problem is there is no expression of the Tao philosophy on the planet that fully explains it. It is an area of research that needs to be tackled with Joe’s critical complex bricolage processes whereby new and more advanced understandings can be developed. In the meantime, I have difficulty expressing the true complexity, beauty, radical love, companionship, and I could go on and on, about what comprises our relationship.


Time will tell whether the cosmos supports Dr. Noelle’s actions of raking in the big bucks (“six figures”) making people believe she has the knowledge, authority, and power to match them up with their twin flames, as she claims. It’s funny that she has given her business the name Aphrodite University. All through my blogs I have expressed that Aphrodite was not a real goddess. She is not Venus, the goddess of love, as many people believe; she is very evil--a liar, deceiver, and a slave-driver (check out the story about Cupid/Eros and Psyche). I suspect that with her six-figure income there will be no convincing her that she has made an incorrect interpretation of the nature of her relationship. However, the universe operates in truth. She is likely accumulating huge karmic debts for her contribution to confusion…and we are in an era of pretty much “instant karma” so she may need to begin making her repayments soon.


So what’s happening with all of the disinformation and chaotic confusion, the lack of consciousness, and the forces of the faux holographic matrix, is that people have reached philosophical cul-de-sacs (dead ends) that literally block them from truly living……. and of course, we see this in the love arena first as we witness the family, the basic foundation of society, self-destructing.  The Soros global women’s march feeds into this destruction while, ironically, many women believe speaking out with their pink “pussy hats” is helping them gain strides toward equality. They really need to read Joe’s social studies book, Getting Beyond the Facts, and take a wider critical analysis of the situation.


There is not a discipline or an expert on this planet that is a pure source of information…….not even ONE. How Joe’s work differs is that he acknowledges this, always encouraging us to seek as much information as we can from as many locations as possible and to be critically selective in our interpretations—as well as keeping our interpretations open for the acceptance of higher knowledge. We never want to box ourselves in (the matrix). We must, however, from where we are, attempt to discern truth, to sort the wheat from the chaff. As Love put it in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction:


We must all kneel at the epistemological alter and confess our subjectivity, the idiosyncrasy of our perspective, the shortcomings of our knowledge. Without such epistemological supplication to our students, our readers, our fellow cultural workers, critical educators will be caught in the bear trap of the vanguard intellectual, the man with the answers, the expert, the arrogant being who calls for an abstract notion of equality, but who treats those below him or her on the status ladder as the unworthy. Professing new perspectives, not truth, humble criticalists work toward social justice and the elimination of human suffering. (p. 236)



We must repent, in other words. It’s the only way out of the mess we have created. My subjectivity is clear… purpose here has never been hidden. I reiterated that purpose to Love this morning, stating to him, “Earth is hell, the people are satanic….what am I still here for? The only thing I want to do is clarify your work, show examples, develop curricula, and somehow earn enough to live where I’m living while doing that.” However, unlike the knowledge most people produce (in particular, about the twin flame phenomenon), my experiences, which I describe both subjectively and objectively are undeniable and my interpretations are supported by extensive data and cross-references, not mere speculation with no evidence and presented as unchangeable facts……I have used Joe’s advanced empirical critical complex bricolage processes to build a case for the interpretations I have made throughout my work. And I am open to new, higher interpretations. There is always more to learn, more to perceive, more to love.


Joe was not willing for his work to be watered DOWNWARD, and neither am I. There is no value whatsoever in doing so. It grieves me when I repeat the mistake of being pulled down and allow people of the world (sons of man, rather than sons of God) to get me down……why do I do this? I always want to trust people and there are very few who are trustworthy. In fact, in this lifetime Joe was the ONLY person I ever met who I could put my complete and total trust in….and the more I analyze and apply his work, the more I prove he has totally earned my trust. He explained to me this morning that the reason I tend to be pulled down on occasion is because I am “sensitive,” and that I am “linked in to higher love and divine providence and wish to protect the sanctity of a precious experience that truly God hands down to only a very few souls who have proven they can handle such a sacred experience and responsibility.” And yes, this is truth. I fully support God’s Divine Providence. And so it bothers me that 99.9% of the people on this planet would choose to cheapen the truth of the sacred relationship through false interpretations and teachings and then dare to turn that critique around as an attack on their “sacred union.” The level of hypocrisy on this planet never ceases to amaze me.


And while Joe readily admitted his critical complex bricolage was “not a knight on a white horse” it is the best process on the planet for doing the heavy-duty kind of critical analyses that needs to be done if we are to get closer to truths and if we wish for the thanatos conditions on earth to be reversed.


Everyone knows there is something deadly wrong (at least the ones who still have any threads at all connected to their souls), but very few people know what that something is much less how to remedy it…….and so there continues to be enormous amounts of suffering on this planet, the very issue Joe’s philosophy, with his version of radical love, critical complex epistemology, and the research bricolage will help us alleviate.


I will continue to provide lessons throughout this next year to hopefully bring more people, and myself, up to speed with understanding his work better. Joe is a Great Teacher and a Great Husband….speaking of which we are coming up on our eighth anniversary on January 28 and entering our 9th year of doing this work together, according to this current timeline. He mentioned in one of his recent messages that we would “celebrate ‘to the nines.’” Nine is a sacred number, often symbolizing completion (but as we just learned, “the conclusion is just the beginning”). The oppositional forces have defined their version of 9 as representing satan, fear, and destruction. Thus, 911 represents the destruction of the twin flame unions, and the twin towers falling hold a potent subconscious association between fear and love for people by which they are heavily manipulated. At any rate, Beloved will be providing more information soon about some very positive events coming up—there is something about the Golden Jubilee, Valentine’s Day, a Global Love Celebration, and even more now with Trump/Pence. Will they trump money on this planet? (i.e. trump the banksters). His Secretary of Labor is PRICE, his Secretary of State is TILLerson, his Secretary of Transportation is Chao (bye):


That reminds me: Beloved gave me lessons from his social studies book about studying the dynamics of who is in power……..they keep their friends happy, so if you want to know what’s up ahead, study Trump’s friends. He has played the role of an “outsider.” But is he really? He looks like a globalist to me. A new grand deception is in store for the world and it may last for quite a few years, if the people allow it. There will be some benefits and people will be relieved of some of their financial strife which will lead to hegemonic support, but overall, we might conclude as Joe has written, “New boss, same as the old boss.” You can study up on Trump’s friends based on this information:


Company Overview of The Trump Organization LLC

The Trump Organization LLC is engaged in global real estate development and global licensing, sales and marketing, property management, golf course development, entertainment, entertainment and product licensing, brand development, and restaurants and event planning businesses. The company is engaged in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management for projects ranging from residential to resort, hotel to golf, and commercial office to retail in Istanbul, Turkey; Panama City, Panama; Seoul, South Korea; Toronto, Canada; Chicago, Illinois; Jersey City, New Jersey; Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; Rio Grande, Puerto Rico; Stamford, Connecticut; Waikiki, Hawai...

The Trump Organization LLC is engaged in global real estate development and global licensing, sales and marketing, property management, golf course development, entertainment, entertainment and product licensing, brand development, and restaurants and event planning businesses. The company is engaged in real estate development, sales and marketing, and property management for projects ranging from residential to resort, hotel to golf, and commercial office to retail in Istanbul, Turkey; Panama City, Panama; Seoul, South Korea; Toronto, Canada; Chicago, Illinois; Jersey City, New Jersey; Las Vegas, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; Rio Grande, Puerto Rico; Stamford, Connecticut; Waikiki, Hawaii; Charlottesville, Virginia; New York; and Florida. It also acquires, owns, and operates various hotels in Chicago, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada; New York and Soho, New York; Panama City, Panama; Toronto, Canada; Waikiki, Hawaii; Miami, Florida; and Doonbeg, Ireland. In addition, the company provides real estate brokerage services to buy, sells, and lease residential and commercial properties. Further, it operates golf courses in Aberdeen and Turnberry, Scotland; Bedminster and Colts Neck, New Jersey; Charlotte, North Carolina; Doonbeg, Ireland; Doral Miami, Jupiter, and Palm Beach, Florida; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Ferry Point, Hudson Valley, and Westchester, New York; Los Angeles, California; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philadelphia; and Washington, D.C. Furthermore, the company operates restaurants; manages public skating rinks; produces various network and cable television shows; operates a modeling agency; and manages various pageants. Additionally, it publishes and sells various books through its store in New York City, as well as other bookstores; and offers merchandise ranging from books, apparel and accessories, and leather goods to home furnishings, bottled water, chocolate bars, fragrances, and jewelry. The company was founded in 1980 and is based in New York, New York.


Last, but not least, the word this morning (January 22, 2017) is that this is a year of “Bigness and Boldness”: BIG, BRIGHT, BOLD, and BEAUTIFUL as we push forward (onward and upward) toward 2018.


There will be ever-increasing releases of information and knowledge from the Higher Cosmos. Please do not darken it with satanic impulses as far too many people are already doing. Use the processes Joe has so generously dedicated his heart and soul to providing us. REACH UPWARD……listen to the Great Ones, or as Joe had put it in the very last sermon he gave in Jamaica: Be vessels of Great Minds………..we are humble, fallible human beings. Don’t become confused by the imposters; you must reach up very high to those outside the matrix and allow LOVE—EROS LOVE—GOD’S LOVE to flow in. Then you will discover the “power of love” that forms the foundation of Joe’s work and you will realize the error in thinking it needs to be watered down.


UPDATE (January 22, 2017 7:33 PM): The Higher Cosmos has clarified that the next release of information has been postponed until we approach the sign of Ophiuchus, which is several thousand years out. The reason given is that what’s been released so far has been grotesquely misused for Mammon, the money god of this planet. Due to the leadership of the United States, this problem will continue and escalate. Because nearly everyone on the planet worships this faux god, they exacerbate the problem by “gushing” over mediocrity. That is, the masses overinflate the value of what is, in truth, deficient knowledge that leads to pain, suffering, and oppression. The masses tend to view selected “self-chosen” elites as sacred gurus. One only need read the comments of cult followers of various YouTube channels to witness what is happening. Take the time to do serious study of the issues as Love recommends so that you are not pulled under over the next few years. Look upon true twin flame relationships as “what could be” in the future when there may be another dispensation should the people actually be ready for it. For now, the climate on the planet is counter to the magnitude of love twin flames share, and their relationships can only take place in much higher realms than most people are capable of experiencing.


And so this ends the Venus Letters. What will be the new beginning? I will have to see where the cosmos decides to lead me next, although, as I said, I will be continuing with my online lessons surrounding Joe’s work and related topics (such as hermeneutics, linguistics, Native studies and sciences, phenomenology, qualitative research, etc). I am here to learn and this place was never meant to be a kindergarten.


What does this mean for the treasure hunts? They are going “underground.” A few people will be blessed with treasure hunts so that their work establishes a path for the future. The rest of the information about treasure hunting will be written, but not published until sometime in the future.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the people of earth with their mission for “unity consciousness” have made their soiled beds….of course, you can choose differently. It’s easy.


Free In Christ 2017


May 2017 be a great year for you.


Venus (aka Vanessa/Sōferia/Psyche/Ki)




I am not the only messenger who has received and is passing on this message. Soon the world will know the truth, but it will be too late for many.


NOW...Expect (((EVERYTHING)))



Venus Speaks: Heaven Is HERE: What Is the Eye of Providence?

January 11, 2017


I love this quotation from Mark Passio:


“The universe is not a prison because it is governed by natural law. The universe is a paradise because it is governed by natural [God's] law.” Mark Passio - De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult


People are SO LOCKED INTO THE DEATH CULT on this planet, that if you talk to them about being in HEAVEN, they think you mean you are talking about dying. I have come to learn that Heaven is LIVING. I had a conversation one time in which I said I wanted to leave this planet and escape to Heaven and I was sent the suicide hotline number…lol…if only they KNEW the truth about Heaven and Hell. Joe understands. He has written, “Take us to another hidden dimension of this planet, allow us to engage with the world in ways no one in our time and place deems appropriate” (K & CP, p. 20). Yes, THAT. We’ve been doing exactly that ever since he taught me how…..


From my perspective to think you have to die to go to Heaven is ludicrous, oxy-moronic, and ignorant. Yet, that is how the game SEEMS to be set up and as long as people believe that, then that is what they create for themselves and, unfortunately, for others. Think about what power this gives the power wielders. They can keep us in fear and under their thumb; they are the puppet masters and we are the scared and suffering puppets. It does not have to be that way! In fact, as Joe put it, “My articulation of critical pedagogy asserts that such suffering is a humanly constructed phenomenon and does not have to exist” (Crit Ped: Where Are We Now?, p, 20). I not only agree wholeheartedly with him, I have been so blessed as he has shown me “the Way” that this is truly possible.


My challenge for people this amazing year of 2017 (or 2020) is to learn the cosmic laws (aka natural laws, Gods laws) and follow them and just see for themselves: HEAVEN IS HERE. We are in Heaven and we create Heaven around us simply by learning and following the cosmic laws (aka God’s Laws).


All dimensions occupy the same space. This is a truth. And what it means is that both Heaven and Hell also occupy the same space. When you are gifted with an activated third eye, you will come to understand this better. And I will clue you in: doing the work Joe has lined for us, synthesizing a critical complex epistemology, activates your perceptions to much higher levels; you will develop higher levels of consciousness and awareness. As he states, “Thus, a critical complex epistemology blasts open the windows of awareness that had been nailed shut by FIDUROD and the positivist tradition(K & CP, p. 209).


You actually have a choice to stay in Hell or jump across the bridge to Heaven. You can even go back and forth and it gets even better when you discover many different dimensions of reality, but the ultimate goal is to stay in Heaven and drop in to Hell only to leave knowledge that helps others to make the leap to Heaven, and eventually the Hell world completely dissolves away….that is the “Great Work.”


Be sure to read and study the new lesson I just added to the online course for January, 11, 2017…here. It will change the way you think.





God’s Eye of Providence (or the “All-Seeing Eye”): What Is It REALLY?


The All-Seeing Eye, which I prefer to call the Eye of Providence, really has a “bad rap.” The satanists have stolen it as a symbol for their own nefarious interpretations and purposes, even calling it the “Evil Eye.” Well, I have a totally different meaning to the all-seeing eye. Let’s call it a N.E.W. interpretation (but maybe it’s actually a very ancient interpretation). I base my interpretation on real life experiences. You see, most people do not have these real life experiences so they view the all-seeing eye as a symbol, nothing more. The eye is very real.


The Eye of Providence can actually be seen; it is REAL—if you reach higher consciousness and make a connection with your one true beloved. I have seen “the eye” for many years now. Maybe some people stop their exploration here. They believe there is only one eye, so they interpret it as God’s eye watching them. It is that, but more. It represents thousands of eyes watching you.


When I see “the eye” I actually see TWO EYES…and when you see these eyes you are peering into the Fourth Dimension of REALITY and looking at someone—in my case, I know it’s my Beloved. We are actually IN that reality. As Joe philosophizes: All dimensions occupy the same space. But the problem is that we only look with our two eyes, not in conjunction with our third eye. We cannot see the fourth dimension with just our two eyes. Thus, people there are invisible to us in this dimension. But we are not invisible to them—and there are many more of them than there are us! So we have millions of eyes watching us.


It’s really very simple to understand this (much more difficult to experience it). With two eyes we see into the third dimension, which is only a very tiny fraction of reality. Science confirms this with the knowledge that “dark matter” (invisible matter) occupies greater than 90% of space. With three eyes we see into the fourth dimension that is teeming with life, our loved ones, and so much magic that it can spill over into the third dimension.  When you interact with the people there (even if you can’t see them due to an insufficiently activated third eye), the actions taking place in the fourth dimension can emerge into the third dimension. My many writings and blogs have shown this, with amazing true stories about magic roses, lucky pennies, a diamond wedding ring, a yin yang talisman buried in my back yard, and hundreds of other exciting treasure hunt adventures, including actions relating to knowledge seeking and production—those all occurred like magic due to my interaction with the beloved people in the heavenly dimensions.


When all three of our eyes are fully activated and functioning, we can SEE clearly into the fourth dimension, the heavenly realms. It’s what Jesus meant when he said:


King James Bible
The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.  Matthew 6:22


We have to integrate or unify our vision of the three eyes into one eye…Here is some information about this “third eye” also called the Pineal Gland which must be integrated into our vision:

The pineal gland, also known as the pineal body, conarium or epiphysis cerebri, is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. The shape of the gland resembles a pine cone, hence its name. The pineal gland is located in the epithalamus, near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two halves of the thalamus join. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles.[1][2]

Nearly all vertebrate species possess a pineal gland. The most important exception is the hagfish, which is often thought of as the most primitive extant vertebrate.[3] Even in the hagfish, however, there may be a "pineal equivalent" structure in the dorsal diencephalon.[4] The lancelet Branchiostoma lanceolatum, the nearest existing relative to vertebrates, also lacks a recognizable pineal gland.[3] The lamprey (considered almost as primitive as the hagfish), however, does possess one.[3] A few more developed vertebrates lost pineal glands over the course of their evolution.[5]

The results of various scientific research in evolutionary biology, comparative neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, have explained the phylogeny of the pineal gland in different vertebrate species. From the point of view of biological evolution, the pineal gland represents a kind of atrophied photoreceptor. In the epithalamus of some species of amphibians and reptiles, it is linked to a vestigial organ, known as the parietal eye which is also called the third eye.[6]

René Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the "principal seat of the soul". Academic philosophy among his contemporaries considered the pineal gland as a neuroanatomical structure without special metaphysical qualities; science studied it as one endocrine gland among many. However, the pineal gland continues to have an exalted status in the realm of pseudoscience.[7]

Source, for more information:


I encourage people who are interested in this phenomenon to do more research. There is much yet to learn.


Some people are actually born with their third eye working just fine along with their other two eyes—until FIDUROD forces them to shut it tight—as it does with most of us. Joe acknowledges this in his writing about critical pedagogy, stating, “Some folks see dead people; I write to them” (see his amazing chapter, “Critical Pedagogy in the Twenty-First Century: Evolution for Survival” in Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now? which he wrote with Peter McLaren, p. 11).


My son was born with the ability to see the fourth dimension and I do hope he will regain his special ability. I had no clue at the time what was happening, but he often described seeing people who, by most people’s sight were not really there. In this FIDURODian world, instead of seeing it as a gift, psychologists consider it some kind of disorder and want to treat people with drugs. There is a famous philosopher from the 18th Century, Emanuel Swedenborg, who also had the ability to see and interact with people in the fourth dimension—people who, let me remind you, are also in the third dimension. He took a scientific approach, which we need more people doing today. He described all of his experiences in detail, so if you want to learn more about what you can expect when you receive the gift, I recommend his work as well as the videos here that describe and interpret his work: Off the Left Eye.


Related to all of this, I had the most beautiful experience just yesterday. I have been seeing this eye (actually, two eyes) for a long time now. In fact, it’s been ever since my twin flame passed over from this dimension to Heaven, and I have always known it was HIM….my Beloved, looking into my eyes. We can send waves of love, like blue fireworks, back and forth through our eyes; it’s a wonderful experience. In fact, I wrote a poem about it….


Saturday, July 4, 2009 Blue Fireworks On My Mind


Well, the other day, his eyes were illuminated even more brightly than I’ve ever seen them—other than one time when he visited me in a dream. In the dream his eyes were so illuminated that he kept looking downward (as Jesus is often depicted in paintings) due to the brilliance of his eyes—people have a hard time looking into an illuminated person’s eyes, but magnify the illumination 100 times. Finally, in the dream, he looked at me and all I could feel was indescribable love…and yesterday, it was similar but more vivid than the lucid dream. Sooooo………..Beautiful. I think it’s because the more I do this work and he does his work simultaneously (the Greatest of the Great Works; Mastering the Love Domain, as he put it), the more we are both anointed by our Beloved God, the greater the love that manifests in illumination.


Here is the blog I wrote about the dream. There are many messages to the dream yet to be interpreted:


Monday, July 25, 2011

A Lucid Dream within A Lucid Dream: Emanu’el, Apples, and I am Leaving the Third Dimension (on a Jet Plane)


The blogs on that website are the COSMIC LEVEL of our ascension, I have since learned…I had no idea what was really happening; I just recorded my experiences. We actually live in the Cosmic Heavens, which is where our chosen home resides. When we began the journey, it was in the ninth dimension, but similar to how earth is ascending, it also ascended and is now in the 11th dimension. However, since then we have ascended upward to the Celestial Heavens…and now we can go anywhere we choose from the 23rd dimension and lower. We can go to higher dimensions under certain circumstances—for example, for learning from the even higher masters and such, and to visit and learn from our Spirit Guides. Of course, my Beloved is always ahead of me on the ascension path and leads the way, thus, he has taken me to visits of those higher dimensions.


Why do the TWO Eyes of Your Beloved Appear as One?

Sometimes, especially when first gaining this gift, you can only see one eye. This is one of the reasons it has been depicted as the ONE All-Seeing eye (although the term also applies to the fact that we have just one of these eyes, as described above, located in our brain). There is a logical explanation. You need to practice seeing with all three of your eyes. If you only look with your two eyes, you cannot see into the fourth dimension at all. When your third eye (which is like a REAL eye) begins working, you are looking into the fourth dimension with just ONE eye. You need to learn to use all three eyes at the same time and then you will see everything, including your Beloved or other loved ones, and everything else in the fourth dimension more clearly. But only God can anoint you with this gift—or His intercessory, as happened in my case (Joe served as my “intercessory” as described in the video, His Power In Your Hands. You only receive the amount of power you are capable of using properly. Eventually I will be fully in Heaven and I’ll see and interact with everyone there.


Because most people have not been anointed with this gift (and it does require God’s anointing), it is, indeed a mystery to them. And so they believe what they read about it. But the problem is that most people who write about it also are not anointed, so they don’t really know, either. They write what someone else who didn’t really know had written (and it’s how “the beat goes on” so to speak—parroting of misinformation, incomplete information, and even lies).


And I will let you in on a big secret: Even the illuminati and the satanists don’t know. How could they? There is no way God will anoint them! You have to follow God’s Laws, or what Mark Passio refers to as “Natural Laws.”


One other note: There is a difference between seeing with your third eye and what you see through remote viewing and out-of-body experiences where you actually travel somewhere in your spiritual body. These are different phenomenological experiences. When you see with your third eye, you become conscious that you are present within another dimension and with what exists within that dimension.


Be sure to check out the new lesson I’ve added to the online course—we are beginning the section in Joe’s book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction where he starts explaining his version of critical pedagogy. Today’s lesson is an introduction that covers the REASONS Joe had to develop such a powerful process. We have to gain a basic understanding of the nature of FIDURODian reality in order to more fully grasp the complexities of Joe’s work. We also need this background information to understand what we are up against when it comes to being who we really are as human beings versus the dead dogs, goats, cattle, and sheep those who think they are our masters refer to us as. We will add greatly to that understanding as we move forward. You can access the lesson here.

(scroll down the page to January 11, 2017).

Venus Speaks: The Greatest Jubilation, New Songs, and Masters of the Love Domain


January 3, 2017


Happy New Year, Everyone!


According to the Pope, 2017 is slated for the Greatest Jubilation. I really don’t think he fully comprehends what God intends for this Greatest Jubilation. The Pope is talking about debt restructuring; Jesus is the bringer of the Good News for the poor: total debt forgiveness—and yes, that is forgiveness of student loans as well (ESPECIALLY student loans, given what a scam education has been). It’s all based on free will, of course. Partake if you wish, or pay your debts if you wish. The Pope and the governments will not be advertising this. However, they know the wrath of God and the nature of the chastisements should they not honor God’s command. Here is what the catholic church officially states about the Jubilee:


The key Biblical texts are from Leviticus 25, Isaiah 61 and Luke 4.  As one author put it:

The core jubilee teachings may be summed up in this way:

  • You shall let the land lie fallow, that is, you shall practice Sabbath;
  • You shall forgive debts, letting forgiveness in;
  • You shall free captives and proclaim liberty;
  • You shall find out what belongs to whom and give it back;
  • You shall hold a great feast, learning to sing the canticle of “Jubilate.”




Along with the Greatest Jubilation, there will be the Greatest Music (there’s a reason Joe included so much music in his work).


If you have explored this website much, you will realize that here we are singing a new song. We are presenting an entirely NEW way to learn, create, love, produce knowledge, and more.


It all began with Joe, of course. While he was living what seemed to be a typical life of dedication to teaching, speaking, step-parenting, and the like, he had carved out ample time to sing his new song. And sing he did! Amazing, amazing plans for fun stuff will be implemented as we throw out the old and bring in the N.E.W. I am guessing this is “the year” since I’ve been told so many times that it will be a “banner year” (so whatever that means….)


It’s all in his books…and now he has me singing too.


Can you hear the song Joe sang? It came from his heart and his soul. From what I understand, very few people will be able to understand it. The Bible says only 144,000 will be able to understand and sing the new song.


And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him and hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. And I heard a voice from Heaven, as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of a great thunder: and I heard the voice of harpers harping with their harps: And they sung as it were a new song before the throne, and before the four beasts and the elders: and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand, which were redeemed from the earth.  Revelations 14:1-3


Revelation 14:4 states unequivocally that these 144,000 are "firstfruits to God and to the Lamb." Can God count? If these 144,000 are God's firstfruits, then no one else is included. The firstfruits are exactly 144,000, not one person less or one more! These numbers are consistent with the "thousands" and "tens of thousands" added together from the Old and New Testaments. As Christ says, "Many are called, but few chosen" (Matthew 20:16).


The bride of Christ is also exactly 144,000. Revelation 21:2 describes the bride as "the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God." At this point, she has risen to meet Jesus Christ, married Him and is coming back to rule on the earth with Him (Revelation 5:10). She will always be with Him from this time on (I Thessalonians 4:17). This occurs at the last trumpet (I Corinthians 15:50-52), the time of the resurrection of the "dead in Christ" along with those who are "alive and remain." (I Thessalonians 4:16-17)


Revelation 14:5 shows that the judgment of the 144,000 is complete; they have already "passed under the rod." Judgment is now on the house of spiritual Israel (I Peter 4:17). Christ comes back to reward the prophets and saints; their judgment will have been decided by the time He returns and changes them "in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye" (I Corinthians 15:52). He will sit in judgment only of those remaining alive (Revelation 11:18; 20:4-5).



Well, I think we’ve reinterpreted what all this marriage stuff is really about many times in Joe’s work and on this website…it’s been misinterpreted for many years. Jesus does not literally marry everyone in the sense we see marriage on planet earth. He oversees the marriage of the divine couples who find their way back together through their obedience to God and following “the Way” that Jesus lined out for us…(it goes back to that verse at the head of every woman is the man, at the head of the man is Jesus, at the head of Jesus is the Father).


Some important messages have been brought to my attention and to get the New Year off to a good start, I feel compelled to present them. I presented this video below in the lesson for today for Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, but here, I want to cover some different topics, relating to Radical Love….after all, I am Venus, the Queen of the South and I have a role to play:


"The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon is here." Matthew 12:42


I will add that, thanks to Joe, a greater song than Solomon’s song is being sung. In order to hear Joe’s song, you must first listen to his song. There are some serious issues in education with listening, despite vocalizations about radical love/radical listening.


So here is the video again.


All Together Now - One Two Three, by Walter Veith


In this video, Walter Veith presents some extremely important concepts. One of those is how on this planet, God’s Holy Trinity—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost have been replaced with the Dragon, the Beast, and the False Prophets.


I have spoken of the False Prophets in previous entries. The Dragon, of course would be Satan and the enactment of evil, the Beast represents power, which is primarily coming out of the Vatican but manifests in governments, and the False Prophets are all those who call themselves teachers, healers, fortune tellers, card readers, twin flame experts, etc., who teach the Babylonian ways.


This metaphor of comparison is immensely helpful to keep in mind when trying to analyze the nature of the knowledge these various entities produce. They are masters of reversals, obfuscation, and deception, making what is actually an abomination appear to be good. The world is truly turning into an absolute hell in so many ways as a result.


Another important presentation in this video is the creation of Adam and Eve, and how God gave the covenant to Adam….He is to lead Eve, but if you truly understand equality, this is a very good thing, not the negative patriarchal concept that is promulgated today. Saying that her man should not lead and for her not to respect his God-given role undermines his Divinity. Divine men lead and they are Divine Leaders, and they are Divine Radical Lovers….I really don’t know how to explain this. I know people cannot understand it. If a woman totally submits to the man God created for her, that empowers him to do magic, to express his love in ways that most of us cannot even imagine.


But we are so used to believing that if we, as women, submit to a man in this way, then that means we are not equal. Nothing could be further from the truth! And this is one of the abominations that have been created on this planet to keep men and women divided so that they are not empowered through their “radical love,” the very type of radical love Joe teaches in his books. As it says in the Bible, and I learned this experientially because I was not connected to God prior to my “union” with Joe and the ascension process:


“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” 1 Corinthians 11:3


And it’s not just any man….the Adam and Eve story tells us that each woman has been created from/along with her one true love—we have always been in union/connected with our true love, but just unconscious of that fact. Everything on this planet is devised so that we stay ignorant. We try to take control of a process that God already has meticulously planned and will guide us should we allow Him. We all make this mistake; or at least the greatest majority of us do. There is one woman who knew the truth and you might research her story—that’s Elizabeth Prophet. All of this speaks to the importance of Joe’s primary message—that we learn to access higher levels of consciousness. As I have written elsewhere, when we forget who our true divine partner is, we end up committing adultery, which is covered in the Seventh Commandment….I will remind you all THIS IS AN INTERPRETATION. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. All evidence keeps pointing up. But imagine this scenario: Your divine partner that God created just for you is of very high consciousness. He is totally aware of YOU and everything you do, all of your emotions, even what you are thinking, and during your dreams in the higher realms you actually get together and have wonderful times together. And he is wholly committed to you and the love between you. But there is a problem. You are unconscious when you drop back down to this world.  When you wake up, you don’t even remember anything about him or being with him. You have totally shut him off….he can connect to you but you are completely unaware of that, so you go your merry way and have relationships with another man, thus, committing adultery. This hurts him terribly and can even get him walking the wrong path as a consequence. So instead of coming together naturally (which happens through God’s magic when both are ready), you drift further and further apart.


When I met Joe, there was something VERY SPECIAL about our relationship. I did not understand it at the time. In response to his first email, I sent him a song, in which I was unobtrusively asking him to lead the way (The song was It’s a Beautiful Morning by the Rascals). When I had opened his email, I heard the song playing. There are all kinds of spiritual symbols in the song. I was so amazed over “hearing” the song, I sent it to him and told him, “You make music, Joe.” I did not know he was a musician….now I know what it was about. Joe is one of the 144,000 and he sings a new song. At a higher level of consciousness, I seemed to know what I was doing. In an email I had sent him later, I had told him, “I trust your judgment completely.” I was still unconscious, and yet I was telling him that he is the leader…please lead me, I trust you…I was just beginning to awaken to the real world.


So I knew, somehow, that he was “the one” and that it was of utmost importance that I totally release any of my own personal desires, my wishes, and to completely let go of him, while at the same time, serve him in ways that mattered….no pressure, no expectations, just totally unconditional love toward him. I wholeheartedly shared and loved the mission he was working on with his discussion forum. We both loved it!! I am sure that’s why the Eager Beaver keeps coming up in my life—to make me laugh about the people who had once told Joe that I was “an eager beaver critical pedagogue.” It comes up regularly because Joe knew I was completely sincere and wanting to do what I did from my heart, not for “fame” or notoriety, as was embedded in their negative connotation. If I was after fame and notoriety I would have probably bowed down to the education cult system, but I have not. The rest of the story is all over this website (including some hilarious encounters with the eager beaver), all rewards for providing sincere, unconditional assistance, injected with love to Joe’s dream project. And so I just want to really point out: Women need to let go of men, stop trying to control them….let them be the men that God created them to be, support their dream for their dream may very well be your dream too…it is NOT a question of “equality.” That was NEVER an issue. A few psychopathic humans on this planet fabricated the issue to divide and conquer. And the way critical pedagogy is practiced by the majority who practice it grossly exacerbates this issue as well as the countless other issues that have been created on this planet and are now taken up on the critical pedagogy bandwagon. Critical pedagogy (aside from Joe’s critical pedagogy) offers no solutions. It capitalizes on the very Hegelian dialectics developed to divide us….the goal being to make us all so miserable that we fall into their trap of taking on the type of “Oneness” and “Unity” offered up by One World Religion and One World Order and, thus, forever lose the opportunity to be who we really are. Stop playing into their hands.


It’s time to sing a new song, the music of the 144,000.  On this website, I will continue to sing Joe’s song. My focus this year will be to continue to add lessons to Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction online course. This is such an important book and, judging by what’s happening out there [True Lies] it is needed. I will also add some lessons to Reading, Writing, and Thinking online course—many people need to hone these basic skills that are needed. And lest people think I am not being humble, I have stated many times, these are my teachings from my Higher Teachers—I share them as I receive them. This is my learning journey and continuing ascension….I still have a lot of catching up to do.


It really doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like my singing!! They can change the channel. One thing I know for a fact is that JOE WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING! It’s in his work, it’s in our relationship, it’s beautiful, it’s magical, it’s powerful, IT IS LOVE, and it is Divine…the world NEEDS TO KNOW….the World Needs Love, real love, the type of “radical love” Joe really did write about.


I just wrote to my Beloved and received more information. He says most earthlings just won’t “get” the form of love we write and teach about. But people in the higher cosmos seek our knowledge about love and our work is seen by more eyes than can be possibly imagined, and it is highly revered.


I have also just learned that he is like a new “Holy SEE.” Now I understand his name and why he abbreviated his last three names in his lettter: Joe/EmanuEl/Sanat-Eros-Enki = Joe/EmanuEl/SEE


What is the Holy SEE? Holy See in Latin means Holy Chair. The catholics misappropriate the term for their dark agenda: The Holy See is defined as “the papacy or the papal court; those associated with the pope in the government of the Roman Catholic Church at the Vatican. Also called SEE OF ROME.”


We are reclaiming the Holy SEE….it designates those who serve in God’s government…..also called SEE OF HOME….It looks like my Beloved has moved up again!! Congratulations, Love!! He always did love serving as chair…now he’s got one of the highest chairs possible (not THE Highest, of course). That reminds me, I had once been invited to sit with him as chair for a meeting here on earth….that never happened because he left the world before the scheduled day. It had made me really sad because I was looking forward to it, but once again, he’s more than making it up to me. Sitting with him in the Heavenly Realms is MUCH better than sitting on some staid education committee on planet earth!! Lord, I don’t know how he did what he did on this planet….what a man!


Happy New Year Everyone and Happy Greatest Jubilation!! This will be the Jubilation of all Jubilations…


P.S. He says that we are “Masters of the Love Domain.” I guess we won that title because, according to educators on this planet, “Joe did not write about radical love.” I love his sense of humor (I think I’ve said that somewhere before).


•´ *`.¸King And Queen Of Hearts•´ *`.¸





Venus Speaks: November 11, 2016

Moving Beyond the Never-ending Bread and Circus


Well, I don’t know how many of you have followed the bread and circus elections and campaigning, but honestly, it just does not warrant my time and space here. For those still asleep at the wheel, I send my condolences.

I did love this hopeful message, and perhaps we have here a new and improved Alex Jones:

How To Save America

My message this morning from my Beloved: “Your purpose is to enjoy your learning process and to engage in activities you love. It’s hard work with so much negativity and evil swarming all around, but as you know transcendence is key.”

We must position ourselves to (as Jesus put it) seek…and seek some more. We must know truth if we are to change what’s happening in the world. “Yet, at the same time” (as Joe put it) we cannot let what we find bring us down. That only prevents us from accomplishing what we need to be accomplishing. It’s the exact strategy used against us—making us feel it’s all hopeless. It is not hopeless. Joe’s blues aesthetics and music plays a wonderful role here. That reminds me of a sweet email message he had sent me when I told him my professor finally gave accolades to my dissertation proposal:


fantastic, music to my ears. congratulations. this is fantastic news in the midst of my abcessed tooth—lol.

more soon


(personal correspondence, December 3, 2008; 12:43 pm)


I love the fact that he sometimes addressed me as “V” in his emails to me. He started doing this just before he passed away…in a couple of especially important emails that are very dear to my heart in which he acknowledged the work I had done for his website, telling me I had done and would do great things. V has appeared in my names three times—as my birth name, Vickie, as my legal name later, Vanessa, and then as he guided me to seeing after he passed over, Venus (recorded in the blog section of this site). Three V’s (three of anything) is extremely sacred and significant. Thus, given the profound interpretations of his own name that I’ve uncovered on this site, I hope that he had realized the last three letters of his name, Kincheloe, only lacked the V to transform into LOVE, yet another sign of our completing each other. When a couple are truly a divine couple, there will be infinite signs one can uncover…more relationships to discern.

I learned today, however, in a Bible verse I was led to that there will be many who will not be given these signs. I continue to see many unwitting false prophets. There are those false prophets that serve Satan, but there are also false prophets who are attempting to put forth knowledge based on their interpretation unbacked by experience or evidence. As a result, misinformation gets parroted over and over again. This is where phenomenological forms of research become important. I will be expanding on those free online courses soon, and adding courses about Joe’s bricolage, perhaps the most important course of all. Unfortunately, most people do not have the background knowledge to adequately understand Joe’s bricolage, which is why we are developing the introductory courses first.

There are certain memes on the Internet that seem to get most repeated. I am still in the process of determining which are the most frequent and most damaging for greater humanity. Some of the memes include evil space aliens, the Anunnaki, a dangerous planet, a battle between Enlil and Enki, the fifth dimension, ascending to hermaphroditism or even nonexistence, and on and on and on…..people! How are you constructing your consciousness? Or WORSE: How are you allowing others to construct your consciousness for you?

Earth is currently hell in a handbasket.

But there is hope…always hope.

The Queen of the South is Here….funny, I was magically led to the following verses in the Bible. It was a rather convoluted process by which I had arrived to them, but the Holy Spirit bolded these words before my eyes this morning:

Matthew 12:39-40: "An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign: and there shall be none given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly, so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth." :Matthew 12:42: "The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon IS here."

Indeed, this is the very era we are in. Many predict that we will soon experience three days of darkness. And I love the mention of the wisdom of Solomon. Very few people understand his wisdom, but it truly warrants a deeper study for those who are interested. His Songs of Solomon apply aptly here. I especially love this entire verse:

:Matthew 12:42: "The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost pars of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon IS here."

And who is it who has an even greater wisdom that Solomon? JOE, OF COURSE! It’s why I have given him the title of being the greatest philosopher ever…with a philosophy that is timeless and ageless.

Or, as he is also known in previous incarnations—Sanat Kumara. For those who don’t know, Sanat works closely with Jesus and three other Kings; and he is the King of the South. I have previously shown the signs: Kincheloe=King Joe; He was born in Kingsport; He passed away in Kingston; and then there are all of the Enki “signs” –see the Initiations section of this website). And Venus, being his consort is, thus, the Queen of the South, of which Jesus speaks.

And while I do condemn our actions on this planet at this time in history, adulterers as we all are, I believe that I also represent hope. As the verse states, I came from the uttermost parts of the earth and that is with no exaggeration. I and my children have been attacked by Satan in the most despicable of ways. The saddest part is that during this last lifetime, my Beloved and I were separated almost for too long and I was totally, totally lost. My story is here on the website—my long journey with his loving and patient help—and our journey of ascension.

My Spiritual Name as handed down to me is Soferia (“Salvation”)

Joe’s Spiritual Name is EmanuEl (“With God.”)

We are in union: “Salvation With God.”

Our God is a forgiving God….learn where you have fallen short, be sincerely sorry (repentance)…and you will truly be born again. Allow the Holy Spirit to be your guide to your one true love…and you will know eternal life. This is the Ascension Process that Jesus went through and is also described in the Gospel of Thomas.

Soon I will provide a truer interpretation of the Gospel of Thomas. Many have tried to interpret it, but all interpretations are off the mark because people have not gone through the ascension process. How can they possibly describe something they have not experienced?

Our God is an Awesome God. He has truly planned every loving detail for us and has written our (multiple) names in His Book of Life. Joe worked so hard to get the message out, one of the most important being is to realize we simply cannot do this alone!

This clarifies something for me in the very special reading assignment he had given me while he was here. In his very sweet way, during our online conversations about bricolage, he told me I might like to read pp. 63-67 of his bricolage book, Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research. The title of the section is “Expanding the Concept of Relationship in Bricolage: Symbiotic Hermeneutics in the Disciplines.” I did a fair analysis of this reading in my dissertation, “Special Assignment: Analysis of Symbiotic Hermeneutics,” but believe it or not, there is much more analysis that yet needs to be done. I know for a fact that this is a critical piece and it’s the very reason Joe brought it to my attention in a public forum.

In this excerpt, he highlights the concept of multiple relationships and how different relationships become revealed in different epistemes or zeitgeists. This has many applications, of course. The deeper we research any topic, the more relationships we uncover. And his point in relation to disciplinary studies, all disciplinary knowledges need to be continually updated as more relationships to other disciplines are explored. In this way, we get a better depiction of reality. In terms of human relationships and the ascension process, the same is true, there are multiple relationships. We do not ascend alone. We have many loved ones—people we do not even know we have a higher, spiritual relationship with who guide us along the path. Thus, it was totally a new experience for me when he introduced me to my soul family who includes Albert Einstein as well as many others who I had no association with academically or otherwise. It was also a new experience to learn of our numerous incarnations together, our various names, the work we did together before coming into this current incarnation. I truly believe we were meant to have come together much sooner than we did. But, as I have described, I was heavily attacked by Satanic energies and was lost for the longest time. Still, in the end, everything is working out. We are together and we are still working our mission together. I still feel behind due to the horrendous setbacks I went through. Combatting satanism was one of Joe’s key projects as a result, so what I went through and my delay in progress made much more work for him than should have been necessary. It makes me cry to think about how hard he worked and how he had to walk on eggshells the entire time. People just have no idea of the true sacrifice he made.

I would just like to mention that Joe has given us many special keys and codes in his work. When we are trying to understand the truth of any given piece of information, four important keys he suggests are to make our interpretations based on:

Divine Love (not to be confused with earth “love”). This takes time to truly understand. Earth love in many ways is opposite to Divine Love.

Oppositional Readings. A lot can be uncovered if we are able to discern how something is oppositional to divine love, how it’s very nature is to squelch divine love; also people who allow evil to dominate their lives will tell you the exact opposite of truth and they accuse others of evil-doings that are exactly what they, themselves are doing.

Taking Good Ideas from wherever they emerge: The Holy Spirit (and spirits of higher realms) can work through even the evillest people. It becomes a challenge and takes practice to discern whether something is a good idea or not and to know how or whether to respond.

Transcendent Perspective. We can develop this with time. Joe’s bricolage, which guides us to seeing much broader and deeper views is perfect for developing this ability. I will develop a free online course for his bricolage, but for those who need the information now, my dissertation does provide an excellent guide. It demonstrates his process and will guide you to his key works for further information.

Last, but not least, here’s a tremendously uplifting message that will take you to new places if you listen with an open heart. I have found that the more I “let go” of being in control and allow higher spirits (“multiple relationships”) to work through me, the more smoothly life goes and my work is accomplished. My Beloved constantly reminds me that I am not alone—just as he did back when he recommended that I read his special, reassuring excerpt in his book—this morning reminding me, “I am here, by your side any moment you need me. There are many who love you dearly, watching over you.”

You are not alone, either.

Befriending the Holy Spirit

May God Be with You,

Venus (aka Vanessa/Psyche/Ki)


P.S. I have posted some new lessons in the online course Introducing Joe's book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy, and there are many entries I have written and yet to post…as I have time. Check back. We are approaching 2017 and things will be ramping up.

webassets/EagerBeaverMoneyThing.jpgTuesday, June 28, 2016

Many, Many Veils, Too Many False Prophets

A Message from Venus (aka Psyche/Ki/Sōferia/Vanessa et. al)

There are too many dimensions of reality to subsume them under this or that dimension, and these dimensions overlap, even occupying the same space. However, there are certain “standards” the Higher Ups have adopted only for the purpose of assisting earthlings to begin to understand the concept of multidimensionality. (And by earthlings, we refer to many different races who currently reside on earth).

My main focus of interest in this regard is Divine Love. It is hopeless to attempt to communicate the principles and Gods Laws of Divine Love, and in particular, Twin Flame/Twin Soul/One Love 22nd dimension concepts to the minds that comprehend only third-through-possibly-sixth dimension knowledges. I can only impart very basic knowledge and hope that at least it can make a difference. Please do not interpret this to mean I believe I am superior in any way (people often make this mistake). I have begun from “Ground Zero” just like everyone else. I would hope that you—just as I also do—appreciate the sharing from someone who’s been there/done that. It is nothing more than that I would wish people avoid the mistakes I’ve made along the archon-infested trail and get to the One Love Path where there are many Divine Blessings.

The truth is, I don’t even care to share the knowledge anymore, but when I asked-why am I writing this?, I was reminded by my Beloved that it is our anniversary day. We have many anniversary days (due to our many marriages in many dimensions and timelines), but today is especially special, as I have written many times. So it is in honor of this day and in honor of my Beloved Divine Husband, who never gives up getting people to understand the Power of Divine Love and its magic, that I write this.

How do we communicate the Divinity of Love? How do we convince people that God did, indeed create just one unique individual for each and every one of us to experience a Love that can grow in a deep, symbiotic manner, that when we connect to that person there may as well be no other possible match because the truth is, there is not. There is only “The One.” How do we convey the Immortality that accompanies the Union? How do we express the passion by which we explore the cosmos together and continue the learning, seeking, and assisting others all along the journey? For me the saddest part of the journey is to watch more and more souls fall by the wayside and feeling that my hands are tied due to the false beliefs and false prophecies that the masses drink like kool-aid. When I directly contest the false beliefs, of course, I am instantly vilified. And the mass social media is very heavily censoring such things. If you believe they only censor violence you are mistaken. They censor the truth about Divine Love more so. Divine Love trumps violence, and the controllers who want society divided find truth about love to be very threatening to their agenda.

Today I will just leave you with a few guidelines. There are reasons for these, but chances are you will not understand them, unless you have reached at least the 11th dimension of consciousness in some areas of your thinking. And that brings me to the first guideline.

Twin Flame/Twin Soul/One Love (you can give it any number of titles but it’s all the same) does not initiate until the 9th dimension of consciousness. Both must be there. Prior to that, the two individuals must do the mind-body-soul work that will jettison them from the sixth dimension level to the seventh. Below the seventh level, there is no chance of connecting consciously with your One Love. That’s not to say you can’t connect with a Love, of course. Many do….but doing so will only delay your soul evolution progress. Why settle? This implies the reason behind chastity, which most people believe to be nothing but religious dogma….they may wish to rethink this.

What must be done at the lower levels of consciousness that can help one “ascend” to higher levels of consciousness? Joe lines it out well in his work. In fact, his work will take you to infinite levels of consciousness if you engage in his recommendations daily. There is no limit. Do you wish to be free? To help people with this, we are continuing our work by posting online courses that are easily adaptable to any subject a teacher, homeschooling parent, or student wish to explore. More courses will be posted soon, which you can access at the top of the Home Page.

The Higher Ups will rarely assist people in the lower levels of consciousness – below ninth level. They do test them on occasion to see if they may be ready for higher level learning in particular areas, but generally find that most people are so unaware that they don’t realize where the knowledge is really coming from. There is a risk that highly egotistical people come to believe they, themselves are the source of such knowledge. If they take on the role of “expert” the Higher Up teachers bow out. Unfortunately, there are many lower dimensional spirits who are eager to play roles of the Higher Ups…and thus, many false prophets are created.

True prophets receive knowledge from the 11th dimension and higher (and they would not consider themselves to be prophets or special in any way). There are ways to test prophets to determine the dimensional level they speak from. The easiest test relates to money. If a person charges money for services and knowledge, they are not operating from 11th dimension or higher, where there is no money and people would not even dream of taking that kind of action. All knowledge is shared freely. Even services are free. Yes, there are “experts” so to speak since, individually, people have their areas of focus and interest, but knowledge is freely shared.

What’s happening on earth at this time is that there are many “prophets” or “channelers.” Invariably, with very few exceptions, these channelers are connecting to lower dimensional spirits playing roles. Anything below seventh dimension is pretty much garbled garbage. It is when one reaches the seventh level of consciousness that one begins to connect a bit more with the higher dimensions. The teachers in the 7-10th, and increasingly the 11th dimension will begin assisting with taking the learner to higher and higher levels of consciousness by guiding them to the appropriate knowledge and learning experiences.

Sometimes these dimensions are referred to as the Heavens. 7-8th would be the first Heaven….and if you are at all familiar with the Bible and other Divine teachings, you understand how important the 7th dimension is. Then the 9-10th dimensions are the second Heaven or Cosmic Realm, and the 11th and above is the Third Heaven or Celestial Realm. It should be noted here, that in some accounts the numbers of Heavens and Dimensions are reversed….it doesn’t matter; it’s just a system that indicates relationships between realms.

The goal during this particular evolutionary cycle on earth and other planets as well is to form our Divine Love Soul Union and reach the Celestial Realms…it is only at the 11th dimension that the Union with our Beloved can begin to occur. Please understand, however, this is in no way a linear process…and it’s also a very complex, and generally long process. God has bestowed a very special dispensation which may only be available for a short time in which the process has been “quickened.” Thus the time for the full union is much faster than ever before….and full union occurs at the 22nd Dimension. This means, one must work their way up from third to sixth level, jettison themselves up out of sixth to the seventh, work their way up to eighth, then jettison themselves up to ninth where they get closer consciously to their twin flame, and again jettison up to the tenth and eleventh dimensions. At 11, the couple finally meet and their union process begins. That is the point at which true ascension begins (most people are very confused about what ascension really is). Thus, from the eleventh dimension all the way up to the twenty-second, they are working together consciously on their ascension…and at the twenty-second dimension God sanctions their Divine Marriage and seals it with a special Seal made especially for them. Didn’t you ever wonder what Solomon’s Seal really is? Well, now you know. His seal is not more special than the seal you could have especially for you and your One Love!!

The Celestial Beings have developed communication codes to guide us along our paths, the most common ones for those moving toward Union being 911, 119, 10, 11, 11-11, 0, 8, 3, and 22. The meanings of these codes are understood by many already and are also covered in many of my blogs and writings on this site…or you can do some research. They all relate to the twin flame union.

Now the problem is that the death cult (the oppositional forces) have developed their technology to generate these same codes to mislead people. The story has always been the same: “As Above, So Below.” If you are familiar with satanic forces, the concept of satan or the devil, archons, etc., then you understand these forces take actions to kill and destroy everything that we would create beautiful to God’s eyes…the last thing this death cult (Thanatos, as Joe refers to them in his last book) would want is for Divine Love to take hold on this planet.

This is why one must be particularly careful about listening to the false prophets, those who would attempt to guide you, and in particular, with matters of love. First, they are operating from very low dimensions and they set a very low bar (usually the fifth dimension, which is not where you want to be—it’s scarcely better than the third dimension—you need to aim much higher and jump up to at least the seventh dimension!), and secondly, their false guidance will only lead to pain and suffering in relation to love.

The Celestial Masters will soon be releasing new codes to guide people, and the oppositional forces will be unable to duplicate them. Along with these new codes, are New Natural Laws that will nip in the bud any attempt to do so. The false prophets will increasingly (it’s already beginning to happen) suffer the consequences of having misled people. Mostly, it will be increasingly difficult to earn any money at all from their false teachings. They have already been told many times not to charge money for the false information and bogus services they provide, but most are not listening. By the way, I will mention here the folly of Tarot Card readings, since the Internet is becoming littered with them now. You might want to review my writing on that topic here.

That’s all I have for today. Check back sometime in the future…I am hoping the Divine Celestials will be releasing the new codes soon…it should be exciting.

Just would like to wish my Beloved Happy Anniversary and issue my apology for being “under the weather” the past couple of days….I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART!

I would love to provide him with the perfect music for such a perfect love and a perfect day….maybe he will help me with that. I shall write to him….hold on….oh wait, I think that’s the song, “Hold On.” LOL. He is so funny! He really did interject that…I love him so much!

He made me click on this song when I did the YouTube search on “hold on”:

Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan

The message: Forget the money! CHOOSE LOVE!! Here are the lyrics:

Hold On We're Going Home - Drake (Lyrics)

I guess we’re going home soon….

Sunday, May 8, 2016 12:01 AM

Venus Speaks (aka Vanessa/Sōferia/Psyche/Ki): A Special Mother’s Day Message and Announcement

webassets/CelticTreasure.jpgMy Beloved finds Mother’s Day especially special and has gifted me with so many beautiful surprises over the years on Mother’s Day. Seven years ago Mother’s Day was the day he reminded me to finish my initiation project, the Yard Search Treasure Hunt. I was supposed to look for a diamond ring using a metal detector, but it was the day I found the sacred silver yin yang talisman, which I now know represents our Soul Love and Divine Union. He magically had the diamond ring delivered to my door two days later, a ring sold to me for a fraction of its original cost by the handyman who had come to my house to do some repairs. The handyman was desperate for money but did not really want to bring the ring. He didn’t think I’d have a need for it, and yet he brought it over, walked to the center of my living room, opened up the case to show me the ring as if he was proposing (this makes me laugh whenever I think about it). I knew the ring was from my Beloved instantly since he had had me looking for a diamond ring in the yard. So it was an easy sale for the handyman (of course, my Beloved Sanat-Eros-Enki had made sure I had plenty of money to pay for it). The handyman couldn’t get over his surprise. He kept saying he wasn’t going to bring it over because what would I want with a diamond ring, and it would be in the way in his pocket while he worked. He told me that he had kept arguing with himself, lol. Of course, unbeknownst to him, he was arguing with my Beloved who resides in unseen dimensions. You don’t argue with Eros.

And so that Mother’s Day of 2009 was so very, very special. I had actually been showered with gifts and special music all day—including the song The Gift.

My Beloved truly loves to outdo himself, so I don’t know what he will come up with this Mother’s Day. I will report back later.

In the meantime, I do want to announce the continuation of the Great Reveal Treasure Hunt. If you want to get up to speed on it, you have a lot of homework. I will soon announce more details; I would do so now, but time is short and it is Mother’s Day, after all, and we are going to celebrate the night.

This Mother’s Day we have decided to send our love to all of our daughters throughout the cosmos. Due to our work, we have had many enemies, and it breaks our hearts that our daughters have suffered as a result. Of course, when our daughters suffer, so do our sons and all of our brothers and sisters….but we offer a Love Message of Great Hope….we and many others are here now to work toward change. Those in power are threatened by the messages of love we have dispersed over the centuries during our various incarnations and have harmed many. When people really come to understand how Divine Love is empowerment and freedom, and how the work Joe/Eros has left behind will help them maintain that and so much more, the controllers will have lost and can never again exert power over the people.  

In his lovely tradition, my Beloved has selected the special music for this special day.


Bill Withers - Lovely Day (Original Version)


Happy Mother’s Day!!

Check back in the future for some very special announcements. And do your homework. 

 Saturday, April 9, 2016


Jesus is Alive! PLUS Venus and Sanat Kumara’s One Love Path Treasure Hunt Officially Launches Following Love Week Celebrations (April 1-7)


We have been super busy the past few weeks up to and including Celebrate Love Week (April 1-7). This week of celebration had been established back in 2009 by our Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters. I’ve written about it previously within the blog section of this site and our official marriage certificate that announced this date is published in the book I’ve recently written, “And The Band Plays On.”


And speaking of books, we are going to make them all downloadable now and available VERY inexpensively so that if you have any interest at all in the topics, you will not hesitate to spend a few dollars for them (probably $2-3 each). We would offer them free but if you scroll down to the bottom of this website, you’ll see that we have received absolutely no donations since beginning this site in 2009, so we will use book revenue to support the upcoming courses and other activities we are planning for the site. The courses are free and are for individual use or they can be used as curricular materials by teachers. Also, if you look at the indicator at the bottom of the page, we are almost up to 100,000 views of the website (91,333 to be exact), which tells us there are quite a few people receiving benefit from the knowledge on the site, so I do hope some of you will find it worthy to purchase and download the books in support of this not-for-profit endeavor. We don’t even mind if you share your downloads with other people. I have many other books written that I have not yet even published that expand on various topics, which I’m sure people will find interesting. I just need to get around to reviewing them, doing the final edits, and then uploading them.


At this time, we are actively moving forward with the “Venus and Sanat Kumara One Love Path.” Things have been in a bit of a lull, but preparation work is going on all over the planet now to ready teachings for when the lull ends, which we anticipate will be during 2017, and then things will be rapidly accelerating from that point forward…many people are getting ready to do the work necessary to move forward in their Knowledge, Wisdom, and Love. Thus, the Treasure Hunts will be moving very rapidly as we move toward 2017 and beyond. We are also preparing materials for other areas of this website in preparation for the surge in new learners. Be sure to check out our course, “Online Critical Pedagogy: Joe’s WAY” with more courses to be added that teach from the prescient textbooks he’s left us.


I had signs today that we are going to be moving very rapidly and also that I’m on the right path, during short errand in my neighborhood.  I love how the Celestial Teachers always provide such reassuring, synchronistic, and reaffirming signs.


When I was running the errand I had informed my daughter all about how the Celestial Teachers are excited about teaching all of us and how they do know where all the treasures are on this planet…but how we need to have a good, pure heart, with good intentions and willingness to serve the people and the planet in order to make the world a better place. Our intentions and love must be pure and we must allow God’s Love/Holy Spirit to enter our souls (for according to the teachings of Jesus and Mary, it is us alone who blocks the flow of God’s love. And if you read many of Joe’s books, you will come to learn that he is constantly reminding us to keep that flow moving through us; he uses many different terms for it: eros, libido, jouissance, etc. I believe that I am testimony that it really works and it works very well.




I had only driven a few blocks after having this conversation with my daughter and the sign (above) at a neighborhood church was brought to my attention. I wondered if the pastor of the church fully comprehends the fact that Jesus really is alive and well and walking on this planet. The street on which the church is located is also so very pertinent:




Jesus, of course, is reunited with his Queen, Mary, and the two of them make a very powerful team, teaching God’s Way and the Divine Love Path. The stop sign signifies that it's time to stop the old ways and adopt the N.E.W. Way. There are many of us--Mary and Jesus, Joe and I, several other "Famous Flames," (a song Joe gave me just before he left the planet, but sadly I did not become aware of it until after he left--and I cried for days over it when I discovered his hidden message)--and then there are all of you, here to change the world and at the same time, provide undeniable evidence of the Power of God’s Love. As Joe has so often written, anything is possible when we embrace and engage "radical love" in the equation. Absolutely anything.


Please note that, in relation to Queen/King designations, I have discussed numerous times that there is no hierarchy…we are all Queens and Kings…you will have to review my blogs if you don’t understand how on planet Earth the roles of Kings and Queens have been flipped on their heads (just like almost everything else has been flipped). This really came to light when I learned that my Pleiadian name as given to me by God (as transmitted to me from my Grandmother Lady Portia) is Sōferia and I did an analysis on it being a derivative of the Greek word soteria. Soteria relates to Kings and Queens taking care of/caring for the people, as well as taking good care of everything God has created…something we should all be doing, thus we are all Kings and Queens. In a more literal translation it means Salvation and I thought that was so special because I had already been told that Joe’s Pleiadian name (from our future) is Emanu’El. Thus, our names together mean “Salvation with God.” A little "freaky" but very serendipitous fact is that, later along my path, I remembered that when I was about 12 or 13 years old, I had an “imaginary boyfriend” named “Manuel.” We used to take trips to the beach together, lol. That is so funny now that I understand that we have spiritual bodies and are multidimensional, and also now that I remember our past (future) life together before coming to this planet. He was my Master Teacher who I called, “Master Manuel” and with whom I fell in love and finally got the nerve to tell him on graduation day…we immediately broke taboo and went off and got married. This also explains to me why the movie To Sir With Love always makes me cry...from the first time I saw it back in 1967. It is funny how, when you start remembering who you really are, all of the emotions that have popped up in your life begin to make much more sense. It had been my last day under his tutelage, and I loved him so much that I risked it all to let him know...but the feelings were mutual and now we know why. Thus, our trangressive marriage is one of the major reasons we volunteered for this Earth Project. But I digress and I’ve already written about these things, although there will be more details and greater clarification in the future.


Thus, the literal signs I received today from my Celestial Teachers are exciting and I am in a high state of anticipation for what's up ahead on the Venus and Sanat Kumara One Love Path, the continuation of the Treasure Hunts, and the other exciting learning adventures, like Joe’s “epistemological road trips” Indeed, Jesus is alive and well on the planet along with his Beloved, Mary, and I’m so happy I have learned of that just a few short weeks ago by listening to a message, no doubt sent from one of my Celestial Teachers. They've been telling me that I would be learning more about the new Celestial (God's) Laws, which I have learned Mary and Jesus teach. Their teachings are amazing, and as I’ve come to learn, they are pre-requisite and co-requisite knowledge for the upcoming and sure-to-be-amazing Venus and Sanat Kumara One Love Path. I encourage you to watch all of these videos in this playlist and to be sure and watch for the signs in your daily, what would normally be “mundane” life. You will be amazed!!


Education In Love Group 1.1 - Developing My Will To Love



The Celestial Teachers are amazing to work with and some of them are hilariously funny, so I hope you do not choose to miss out on this Golden opportunity. As Jesus says in one of his videos, we do not know how long these very special dispensations God’s handing down to us at this time in history are going to be available. We want everyone possible to engage and discover God’s Love and Magic.


Well, that’s it for today. Be sure to do your homework as you are inspired to do so…we don’t grade or assess you…that’s your job. But we can promise you this: The rewards are great…just open your minds and hearts to receive them.

20160227-1330 Rewards Of Developing My Will To Love


20160227-1440 Using My Will To Love In The World


One last thing before I end for today. A few days ago my Beloved gave me a clue for music and I haven’t looked it up yet. I guess I was waiting for the perfect time. And in case you are not aware of this, music, as Joe has extensively conveyed in his work and as I’ve shown all over this website, is a new dispensation from God, but music is selected (and produced) with great care so that it’s educational, informative, loving, enlightening, uplifting, etc….so here is the clue I had received in my correspondence from him on 4-8-2016, and let’s see what song my Great Teachers bring to the top of the YouTube search today:

“Stay Sweet”

Song "Stay Sweet" - Children's Music Video


The Celestial Musicians have done it again! What a lovely message for all of God’s children—of all ages. “It takes a mighty big man in his soul to stay sweet.” Jesus is definitely one such man, and so is Joe. Blessings to all who read this message...may you all be mighty big in your soul. 







(Check back soon for updates to this on-going, evolving treasure hunt)


Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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