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Multidimensional Critical Complex Entrepreneurial Bricolage

“Bad work, like an ex-lover will not simply go away”
(Kincheloe, 1999, How Do We Tell the Workers?, p. 73).

For an introduction to critical complex entrepreneurship, see:

Just a quick note about entrepreneurship:
I have been pulled off updating the online courses temporarily (but will get back to them asap), in order to work a special entrepreneur project. This series of videos (there are about five, so watch them all), kind of hits on the processes. As you can see, others are also working on the process development.

Unleashing Creativity Ep1

Important to this section of the website are Joe's books about work (read them if you are interested in this topic). They provide indepth history and details of the processes we will be using:

How Do We Tell the Workers?   The Socio-Economic Foundations of Work and Vocational Education. (1999). Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Toil and Trouble: Good Work, Smart Workers, and the Integration of Academic and Vocational Education.  (1995). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Entrepreneurship: Breaking Paradigms, Creating Your Own Economy, and Incorporating Yourself (But it’s NOT about YOU)

I learned a long time ago, we are “money ahead” if we can earn money through self-employment. While I have never gotten rich doing this, my real INCOME has always been higher during self-employment than when I have only held down J-O-Bs (which the featured teacher today considers to be “just under broke”).

But this requires that one take time to learn how the tax code works to maximize your payment to yourself. Did you know that the IRS considers it smart to MINIMIZE your taxes……they encourage that. It is even written in the tax codes and it’s why they reveal all of the tax codes. They may be complicated, but you can figure them out. Personally, I think the IRS knows well enough that taxing our labor violates our constitution, but at least they reveal all of the ways to get out of simply handing money over to them that they are not entitled to…….you must be SELF-EMPLOYED, especially if you also hold down a job. Complete this lesson, including listening to the videos and you will learn why this is so.

Back when I was about 20 years old, I bought one of those tax preparation books that they put out on the market for the public. I sat down and combed through it for a couple of days and absorbed enough of the basics to formulate how to maximize my income through self-employment. I made a plan and worked the plan and over the course of my lifetime, while I occasionally held down jobs, I was able to minimize the taxes I had to pay. Had I studied even more, I could have probably minimized my taxes even more. The reason I state this is because one year I was audited. The IRS completely recalculated my taxes for income that included my husband’s earned income and my self-employment. I was very close, but after the audit, the IRS gave me an additional $13 back.

What has changed since then? Computing our own taxes has gotten easy with the tax software. But if things were somewhat hidden before, except for those willing to do the work to research and read about the codes, they are many times more hidden today! Thus, while we can use these software programs to compute our taxes and save time, it is even more important to learn the codes hidden behind the software. Of course, most people won’t do that and will just blindly accept the calculations and pay the taxes.

Unfortunately, with all of my self-employment, I never got rich because, as I have learned there are deeper issues……I am still working on those issues. We have been programmed, brainwashed, and controlled in many ways. This is where the application of Joe’s critical complexity (critical complex pedagogy/epistemology) is useful. We need to gain (and I am still working on this) an intimate understanding of our relationship to money and self-worth as well as teach others about what we learn.

This video highlights just a few of the issues:

Why Are So Many People Broke - Subscribe & Comment to Get Involved

One of the topics in Joe’s books about work and social studies is economics. (You can find a list of his books here). Take time to learn everything you can about this topic so that you have the background knowledge to know where we have been, where we are now, and where we might be heading… can ride the waves and you can participate in making the changes. There is abundance on this planet and we all are entitled to our share of it. There are, however, Divine Laws about money as well and if you violate them, you will hinder your progress. What are those Divine Laws?……we will be covering those in these lessons. They will pop up at various points along the journey and clarify themselves. Of course, I will be taking a multidimensional critical complex analysis—trying to drill down through the various interpretations to greater truth.

In this current lesson, I provide a few motivating videos and ideas to help get you started. It’s easy. You simply begin where you are and leverage what you already have. Do what you love is the motto. I will cover these ideas in greater detail in future lessons, interweaving how my own personal interpretations of Joe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage can be applied. It beautifully magnifies the results of our actions, I have learned. I am still working this and developing the plan but I will share what I’ve already learned as well as what I learn during the process of developing processes. I have businesses with multiple streams of income, and while they are in their infancy, I will be growing them as I hone the processes. Or if you already have lots of money, you can get a bargain: Cardone University only costs $5,000 per year, marked down (at this time) from $19,250 per year membership……I think this guy is appealing to people who already have lots of money. Of course, this is a bargain if you compare it to university NON-education tuition rates via which people rarely find gainful employment these days. But of course, the government will happily loan money for us all to become slaves locked into their programs IF we can even find a job after all of our education……….this requires wisdom. Critical complex epistemology to the rescue.

Here are three motivational videos to get you started thinking if you are interested in investing in YOU….rather than slave at a day job.

How to Increase Your Income - CardoneZone

How to Start from Nothing - Grant Cardone

How to Make Your First Million - CardoneZone

A few pointers:

First, do what you love. Start where you are and with what you have. It must be something you are passionate about because that’s what will keep you motivated when you confront obstacles. And anyway, we all have special talents, knowledge, and skills. No one can tell you what you should do. After getting started, listen carefully to your customers. Keep evolving your product or service to meet their expressed needs. Go with what works. This follows Grant Cardone’s advice not to diversify, but understand that, in reality, diversifying is what will ultimately make you more successful if you engage in the fourth dimensional processes. Most people are not there yet, so the advice to not diversify but rather improve your product and bring in related products is good advice. Build multiple streams of income (where you make sales, types of related/offshoot products and services), and eventually as you become more adept, through diversification. There is no reason not to diversify later with the advent of the powerful technology we have. Fourth dimension connections will invariably lead one to diversify. I will explain this further as we continue on this path.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 10:09 AM

·        N.E.W. Updates section of the website: Purpose

·        Critical Complex Entrepreneurial Bricolage: Entrepreneurship for the N.E.W. World 

I have been prompted to write and post this update today. We have been very busy with development of new processes that center on entrepreneurship—a new form of education for those who want to focus on working their personal gifts to contribute to a better the world. As always, this is evolving and engages with complexity, so there is no prediction as to where the process will end up, other than a movement toward the N.E.W. Earth. Thus, I have added some information to the Critical Complex Entrepreneurial Bricolage section of this site. Joe has written some very important books relating to “work” and how we can create “good work.” This will be a critical element as we move forward. His processes are timeless and he developed them for the new earth as well as for the few people who are motivated now to begin working on that project in a way that moves away from the FIDURODian form of education toward learning and work that are engaged, passionate, uplifting, creative, contributory, productive, etc.

I was provided this clarifying information yesterday from Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction:


From recollections of oppression, values and conceptual structures, understandings about the land inhabited by generations to ways of being that provide alternatives to Western status based and consumer driven ontologies, subjugated and indigenous people inform those of us interested in social justice, the expansion of human potential, constructing a transformative system of education, saving the planet from environmental catastrophe, and resisting imperial designs of contemporary corporatized Western power wielders. FIDUROD grounded knowledge simply ignores these valuable epistemological resources, viewing questions raised by the intersection of traditional Western knowledges and subjugated/indigenous knowledge as irrelevant. Even the effect of power relations among diverse groups of knowledge producers is not a germane issue in FIDUROD epistemologies, for there is virtually no interest in studying the forces that have shaped our views of self and world. [page 53]


This paragraph is interesting because it’s one of his power-packed paragraphs that contains layers of knowledge and it forces the brain to rewire as we decipher it. The task, and understanding it is critical. The processes are presented throughout this book. No matter what actions we take, whether purely academic work or entrepreneurship, we must start freeing ourselves from oppressive systems that currently operate. What better way than to consider the alternatives as he mentions in the first sentence? Symbiotic/synergistic relationships can be built via this exchange of information and knowledge.

Later, he discusses the “totalitarian knowledge policies” dictated by the Bush administration that resulted in the removal of an excellent education database website, ERIC (see page 56 of K & CP)). I have reminded him that it was the same sort of totalitarian knowledge policies that resulted in the removal of HIS two excellent websites. He assured me that we will be restoring ALL of these websites for the New Earth—and much more! If you are interested in seeing these just actions, please feel free to get involved! 

He guided me yesterday to another important consideration regarding processes as we move through these rapidly changing times……it is important to not define yourself (SELF) rigidly. As everything changes, we change, we evolve. That became crystal clear to me during my ascension process….our names kept changing, lol. Same souls, just different timelines or realities. In his book, he states, “The self—like all other phenomena in the cosmos—is always in process. The Western effort to remove self from these processes, to essentialize it, is to ensure great pain and suffering. To live, to move to a new, more comfortable domain the self must always be changing” (p. 244). He, of course, also discusses our multidimensionality, “no time” and the consequent sense that we are our multiple selves simultaneously (we will cover this in the advanced online courses, since most people do not relate to these complex processes). 

So there you have it—an important update I was asked to provide today. I will soon have some extra time (breaks from my entrepreneurial activities and time warps) to post some additional updates to this site.

Check back soon!

More soon

Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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