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In loving memory of Joe Lyons Kincheloe (December 14, 1950 - December 19, 2008)
The Greatest Philosopher of Consciousness and Critical Theory of the 20th-71st Centuries AND BEYOND 
Joe at about 35 years of age

Joe's educational work provides inspiration and practical guidance for teachers all over the globe and describes a beautiful, beautiful mission to alleviate human suffering. He has left us a map with multiple pathways for accomplishing that mission -- an authentic, rigorous, impassioned, creative, and even magical education for everyone who dares to venture on untrodden paths. His work serves as a guiding light for educational journeys that can change not only how we view and enact the educational process, but that can also truly change us as teachers, students, and researchers -- and empower us to change the world. Joe loved research, teaching, writing, making music, and his students.
And his students loved him.
This song is a very beautiful theme song for this website that chronicles my long winding journey back home. Thank you, Leigh.
To become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods. (Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy, p. 19)
As Hermes said: 

What separates the critical sheep from the uncritical goats is that a critical pedagogy/epistemology also involves exposing the cultural, epistemological, and ideological assumptions that shape the knowledge individuals produce and the oppressive actions justified by such information. (Joe Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 176)
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Joe’s book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction is available as an ebook. You will never make a better investment…..we all should be researching with Joe’s important guidance. Since the ending is just the beginning, you can begin with the last chapter. It may just spark you into wanting to read the rest, as well as his other works to see how he got there!  No time to read? Right click and "listen aloud" while multitasking. [Note: I make no money off the sales of his books; my rewards are not of this world.] MAY 22, 2018 UPDATE: I SEE THAT SPRINGER IS NOT HONORING JOE'S STATED AND PUBLISHED WISHES> THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE LESS THAN $30 SO THAT POOR STUDENTS CAN AFFORD IT...AND YET SPRINGER IS CHARGING ALMOST $40 FOR THE PDF EBOOK AND ALMOST $55 FOR THE PAPERBACK! THIS IS ABOMINABLE!! THE HIGHER UPS ARE NOT PLEASED!!! THERE ARE STUDENTS IN POVERTY WHO NEED THE KNOWLEDGE IN THIS BOOK. LOWER THE PRICE!!!!! THERE IS NO REASON TO CHARGE SO MUCH! EDoneVEN IF PUBLISHING COSTS HAVE INCREASED, AT LEAST OFFER THE EBOOK FOR LESS THAN $30. WHAT JOE WANTS, JOE GETS. HE SAID THAT IT IS TO BE LESS THAN $30. RESPECT HIS WISHES. Oh, and HAPPY TWIN FLAME DAY!! I will have some important updates soon.


November 17, 2019 1:00 AM UPDATE ON THE PRICE OF THE EBOOK: I can only conclude that either *someone* is insane or has raised the price to keep people from buying it and having access to the knowledge in it, since Springer is now charging an outrageous price of amost $60 -- for an ebook!! I will consult with the "higher ups" for a "work-around." They always have perfect solutions....Beloved says "Hi" :-)  We will have an update soon.


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November 12, 2021 They are now charging a ridiculous $89 for a pdf of Joe's book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. Folks, there are multiple ways that the elite keep knowledge from those of us who need it most -- one is by overcharging for it. We will continue to work on a resolution that honors Joe's wishes (for it to cost less than $30) and his contract. I will be posting more information RIGHT HERE sometime in the future.

"I believe that the issues addressed in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction not only provide us with a new understanding of education but also can actually change the world—speaking of pomposity, yikes! I understand the danger of such an assertion, but I’m glad to take my punishment if I fail to convince my readers." ~ Joe Kincheloe (p. 16)




Thu, Sep 25, 2008 7:03 am

finished reading Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction

your work is truly a gift to the world, Joe
it's very exciting



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A new process for education, research, career, problem solving, everyday living, lifelong learning, and for taking back our world


Joe Kincheloe has developed a superbly advanced conceptualization of critical bricolage and, as demonstrated by his work, he was an adept multidimensional critical complex bricoleur. Critical Bricolage, as he conceived it, is a complicated (and yet a very natural) process that makes use of multiple forms of research, analysis, investigation, and interpretation. It requires researchers to seek many divergent perspectives, allowing new understandings and knowledge to emerge from the synthesis.


Engaging in this process increases phenomenological experiences that catalyze seeking more knowledge. This, of course, leads to ever greater understandings of complex relationships between "research variables." An exceptionally high level of creativity becomes unleashed, often resulting in greater interaction with the emerging hidden dimensions of reality. Suddenly very little can be hidden anymore. Engaging rigorously in this process of research and learning seems to take people to higher levels of consciousness in graduated steps as they become more aware of the hidden dimensions of interrelationships and as they increasingly participate in intuitive, "fourth dimension" research.


Using Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage rigorously as he has asked us to do results in ever higher levels of experience and understanding, and in its full "employment," enactive and symbiotic processes seem to kick in, helping individuals find the most creative solutions to even the most complicated problems. Actively working within multiple dimensions using his fourth dimension research, results in amazing and profound solutions. In my own experience, I often find that problems are solved before I even knew the problem would be manifesting. In addition, I have had some amazing experiences that science simply cannot explain yet. This is highlighted in my dissertation in some highly unusual ways, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Kincheloe's critical bricolage may very well be the process required to "unleash creativity" for solving even the most complicated, power-based problems we face -- all in service of "the alleviation of human suffering," the often-stated primary purpose of his work.


After researching this process since 2008 (and discovering that I had been using the foundational aspects of the process many years before) I am beginning to see how autopoiesis, enaction, synchronicity, all work together symbiotically to reveal hidden dimensions and relationships that make my life so much happier and joyful, even if I have many problems hanging over my head (that "blues aesthetic" Joe so often described). No matter how complicated the problems, with bricolage, they become solvable and/or perspectives of the problems change.


Simultaneously, those power dimensions that force those of us who are oppressed to stay stuck at our "stations in life" also emerge, but there is such a difference to how I deal with these than in the past. Once the controlling factors are revealed, solutions also emerge in a sort of "unfoldment" process that reveal ways to counteract them and change things.


There is great power "behind the curtain" that can be leveraged by those of us who are typically "disenfranchised." I will go into much more detail at a later time, and as Joe always did so well, I will put them into context (there are many great experiences to share of both kinds of emergences - the love-based, almost magical ones, and the power-and-control-based ones for which insight, and often solutions also emerge) but suffice it to say, I am blazing multiple trails through the underbrush which will hopefully make navigating easier for people who come along and experience the same types of violence I have due to being poor and "low status."


Just as Joe was a "hillbilly" and he was never able to shake the label, I am a "country hick." True reality could not be more profoundly different -- for an Eros and Psyche. :)


The good news is that the use of bricolage is increasing rapidly around the globe as more researchers in all disciplines are beginning to see the promise it offers to construct new knowledge, lead to social empowerment, and reveal positive changes and amazingly creative opportunities. More researchers will soon be investigating and trying out this more advanced and powerful approach, which will lead to what Joe referred to as a "perpetual revolution." More teachers will also come to realize the value bricolage has in the classroom and the young students will pick it up naturally. The revolution has just begun. We can change the world! Join in today and apply the process in your own research, learning, teaching, and everyday life and see what a difference it can make. You can never go wrong getting more knowledge.


All of the information on this website is absolutely free. It is here for anyone who wants a better life and would like to make a difference in the world.

For the struggle for justice to win on the local level, it must be fought in the global, the national, and the local arenas. [Kincheloe, 2001, Getting Beyond the Facts, p. 741]

Doing What You Love: Creating Your Own Good Work 101 /// Doing Phenomenology: Introduction to Phenomenology 101 /// Reading, Writing & Thinking 101 /// Critical Constructivism: A New World View 101 /// City Life and Learning: Metropedagogy 101 /// Phenomenological Research for Learning and Living: Introduction to Phenomenology 102


This is a nonprofit educational web site dedicated to the clarification of Kincheloe’s critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage. My research has shown that, while the process he has delineated is complex, it is perfectly suited for social and educational research, and it is also within everyone's reach. It is especially suited for new qualitative researchers who have not subscribed to traditional and reductionistic forms of research. 

On this site I will focus on the academic and scholarly application of his work. I hope that by presenting clarifications based on my in-depth study of his work that perhaps his bricolage will be used by more people and with the level of rigor he had intended. Kincheloe has ingeniously left wide open many paths that honor diversity and he embraced an evolving complexity while maintaining a strong, impenetrable philosophical and theoretical foundation for his conceptions. He has demonstrated in his work how this research process can be applied in all venues and in every area of our lives and even children can be involved in research, thus his bricolage is also a pedagogical approach. His work is truly a break-through for research that is long overdue. Using the full power of his bricolage highlights actions that change the world as it also changes who we are.

I may write a blog again on this site, but it will be a different sort of blog than the creative, exploratory blogs I've written in the past. Primarily, I will be continuing my research and presenting my findings so that upcoming bricoleurs will have a resource for the most powerful form of bricolage research that's ever been developed.

~ ~ ~ Vanessa Jae Paradis



Bricolage, as a qualitative form of research, entails incorporating many different perspectives, and in particular, with Kincheloe's process it is necessary to include global subjugated and indigenous knowledges. However, after gathering all of these perspectives and making various interpretations and syntheses, there are criteria for determining which perspectives to include in the final bricolage. As he explains, "Bricoleurs accept the responsibility that comes with the interpretive process. Knowledge production always involves multiple acts of selection, and these choices of methods, theoretical frameworks, and interpretative strategies must be defended" (2004e, p. 100). He has provided selection criteria that incorporate the social justice mission to alleviate suffering and that advance knowledge (see Kincheloe, 2004e, pp. 100-102). Bricoleurs are not restricted to these criteria but I have found them to be well-thought-out and thorough -- and they mitigate for unintended consequences. You can view the criteria here: Criteria to Guide the Research Process.


What I cover next are common misconceptions and important aspects surrounding Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage. I hope by putting these on the Home page of this website, researchers will consider them and research them more deeply. They are covered in greater depth in my dissertation and I’ll also be posting articles that extend what I’ve touched on in the dissertation.

1) Kincheloe did not throw out "positivistic" or empirical sciences. To conclude this is to exhibit a gross misunderstanding of his work. A close reading of his work can easily confirm that he sees science and bricolage as synergistic. And how many times has he stated that he did not throw out the baby with the bathwater? As most people know, he contextualizes everything. In his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction he presents his position through a metaphor which he refers to as FIDUROD, and by which he clarifies the issues with the way science is and has been used.  FIDUROD is an acronym representing the attributes of the form of knowledge production he argues against: Formal, Intractable, Decontextualized, Universalistic, Reductionistic, One Dimensional. (See Kincheloe, 2008, pp. 21-24).


2) His work is not based on some indefinable “ludic” postmodernism – It is based on a highly developed and evolving holistic philosophy. This philosophy is comprised of 12 major points which he describes in his book Critical Constructivism. The 12 points coalesce together to form his multidimensional critical complex world view. It’s a new, evolving worldview. We might refer to it as Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex unified world view. It forms the foundation of his unique formulation of critical theory, epistemology, ontology, critical psychology of complexity, the multidimensional critical complex bricolage, etc., -- and his proposed critical science of complexity – another indication that he did not abandon the sciences. To grasp his conceptualizations, it’s imperative that new bricoleurs study his unified world view by reading and then writing about how they subjectively relate to it and to other philosophies. Kincheloe stresses this upfront philosophical work is critical in order to ground any study that uses bricolage as a process for research. Rigor is impossible without developing a "philosophy of consciousness" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 8). 


3) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage is a process for qualitative research that is composed of multiple, intertwining and overlapping processes. It is not a method, nor does it use “tools” as tools imply precise means and carries a mechanistic ontology, which does not adequately represent the actual processes that bricoleurs engage in as they conduct, or a better word would be, “enact” their research. Even the concept of "tools" changes. Kincheloe's conceptualization of bricolage is grounded with his critical complex philosophical world view (item 2, above) and a theoretical foundation of evolving criticality (his version of critical theory).


4) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage as a process involves analytic discourse, intertwined with improvisational actions for change, which moves it away from the constrictive “quilt” metaphor. Please see my dissertation for a deeper analysis of bricolage including a thorough etymological exploration and intertextual interpretations of Kincheloe’s definitions of bricolage and bricoleur in relation to what evolved from my research. New metaphors that take it beyond the one-dimensional “quilt” metaphor, and additional ways that Berry’s (2004a) concept, the Point of Entry Text (POET) can be applied are also presented. The holistic, intertwining, dialogical, interconnecting nature of the final bricolage renders the parts inseparable from the whole, and the bricolage inseparable from greater reality. Thus, the popular metaphoric quilt, montage, crystal, etc., are not suitable metaphors for this more complex form of bricolage. 


5) Kincheloe’s bricolage does not distinguish between “types of bricoleurs” or “types of bricolage” as denoted by Denzin and Lincoln (2011). While it’s fine to examine these ideas, Kincheloe’s form of bricolage uses all of them in intertwining, overlapping processes. Thus, the multidimensional critical complex bricoleur uses all of the dimensions that Kincheloe has spelled out in his 2005 "On to the Next Level" bricolage article--in one study--and the processes become blurred as the research unfolds. See next point. 


6) Kincheloe’s bricolage refers to the use of different processes as dimensions of research. The bricoleur uses them all as many times as practical to get a thick description of the phenomenon/a. As the research unfolds, “enactment” keeps the research jettisoning forward and the researcher must make decisions where to begin and stop various aspects of the research, including the final bricolage. Thus, the following dimensions are used, as provided by Kincheloe (2005a) and in no particular order using an iterative, improvisational process weaving through the discourse: (1) methodological bricolage; (2) theoretical bricolage; (3) interpretive bricolage; (4) political bricolage; (5) narrative bricolage; (6) philosophical research (constructivism, historicity, epistemological insight); (7) critical hermeneutics; (8) identification of what is absent; (9) fourth dimension of research in which the bricoleur is future oriented, discovering “a kinetic epistemology of the possible. In the process, the sophistication of knowledge work moves to a new cognitive level; the notion of rigor transmigrates to a new dimension. As in a 1950s sci-fi movie, bricoleurs enter the 4-D—the fourth dimension of research.” (Kincheloe, 2005, p. 346). Thus, bricoleurs weave in and out, around and through, back and forth through the various dimensions with each pass through informing the next, often using multiple dimensions of analysis simultaneously. 


7) Note again – the philosophical dimension must form the foundation of the study in order to ensure rigor. [He wanted me to include this again.] "There is no dividing line between the empirical and the philosophical" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 10).


8) Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage embraces a “fourth dimension” research (more information is covered in my dissertation). This fourth dimension aspect to the research incorporates an intuitional, creative element that forces the researcher to confront implicate and explicate orders of reality. There are reasons for this. Combining a sound philosophical, intellectual component of research that also incorporates intuitional and emotional, empathic aspects -- along with deep semiotic and hermeneutic analyses synergistically creates something new from the interactions. Enaction during the research process leads to the emergence of something new and often profound. This is where the power of the bricolage comes into play. It’s the exposure to relationships, as Kincheloe explains in his conceptualization of symbiotic hermeneutics, that jettisons bricoleurs to seeing and understanding “anew” and to recreating themselves. Because knowledge is socially constructed new creations, ideas, concepts, as well as new relationships also perpetually emerge – and are created -- from these interactions. This all takes place naturally when confronting complexity, difference, and chaos, as Humberto Mautarana and Francisco Varela posited with their Santiago Theory of Enactivism (see Kincheloe's (2008) Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, page 147). It is quite amazing. 


9) While bricoleurs do not contend they’ve discovered the “one true answer” or single truth, at the same time, as Kincheloe contends, they generate knowledge “that is not as 'badly off the mark'” (Kincheloe, 2008, p. 43). They have better (more complete) and yet evolving explanations of phenomena. This is quite a different perspective than a nihilistic postmodern “attitude.” 


10) I have lined out in my dissertation in much greater detail a flexible iterative process that also explains some of the key sub-processes that are important to the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. It will get new bricoleurs started from which they can then proceed to carve out their own unique paths. Each bricolage study will be different even for the same researcher. The more one acknowledges the fourth dimension aspect of the research (which may only begin with what seem to be insignificant intuitive and synchronous events), the more they will begin to appear and the more profound and numerous are the actions and creations that emerge.  


11) And finally, as I discussed in my blog, The Heart of the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage, there is the dimension of empathic connection with people. In fact, in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, Kincheloe discusses – and includes – a golden strand of love throughout his work, Eros Love. And since I’m mentioning this book here, it’s a great book to read in the early stages of learning about his bricolage. It’s much like a “deprogramming” manual because it uncovers how our consciousnesses have been influenced by outside forces and provides us more information as we embark on the bricolage quest and begin to take power of constructing our own consciousness. 



Berry, K. L. (2004a). Structures of bricolage and complexity. In J. Kincheloe & K. Berry (2004) Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: Conceptualizing the Bricolage (pp. 103–127). New York: Open University Press.


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Kincheloe, J. L. (2004e). Redefining and interpreting the object of study. In J. Kincheloe & K. Berry, Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: Conceptualizing the Bricolage (pp. 82–102). New York: Open University Press.


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Kincheloe, J. L. (2008). Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: And Introduction. Amsterdam: Springer.



Copyright May 11, 2013 by Vanessa Paradis

Please cite as:

Paradis, V. J. (2013). Correcting some common misconceptions surrounding Joe Kincheloe’s bricolage and critical complex theories. May 11, 2013. Retrieved from



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Friday, July 31, 2009

True Blue Soul Mate Love

NewportBayfront.jpgWow, right after talking about dreams and such in my last couple of blogs, I had one of those “lucid dreams” that Joe often mentioned in his books as being helpful for learning. He has talked about how many cultures use those dreams and, in fact, even in Western culture, people have had lucid dreams that move them up in their knowledge.  In fact, on page 83 in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, he discusses how even Rene Descartes’ book, Discourse on Method came to him in three dreams, “including what he called a dream within a dream.” As Joe points out, gaining knowledge this way is really “nothing unusual, as indigenous peoples for thousands of years have sought insight and knowledge in dream states” (p. 83).

I actually love these sorts of dreams because I think I do learn much from them even though I usually awaken and cannot remember exactly what I learned. This dream was no different from the many I have had in which Joe is teaching me, but it was also very different and the aftermath which resulted in the poem I am including in today’s blog is, even to me, quite astonishing because of the depth and length of the poem and the fact that it rhymes all of the way through. I wrote this poem straight out in less than 30 minutes – just the length of time it actually took to write the words.

In the dream I had last night, Joe was again teaching me something very rigorous and complicated. I had written down very good notes and was reading them and re-reading them trying to memorize what I had written.  I was a little frustrated because I felt I would not be able to remember what he had taught me when I awakened. I was searching for a way to “copy and paste” what I had written – much like we do with computers – only  from my dream state to my waking state, but it did not work and I was becoming more frustrated about it because I really wanted to remember. As usual, in these dreams, Joe is like, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry! When the time is right you will remember everything perfectly.” And then I woke up.

ocean.jpgRight after I woke up from that dream this morning, I was “handed” this poem. I say handed because I honestly do not feel that I wrote it. At least, I did not consciously or purposely write it; but rather it just flowed onto the paper as is the usual case whenever poetry comes to me. I do not make a conscious effort to write a poem and make it rhyme….it just happens; there is no struggle with words (although I can write those kinds of poems, too, but they take time and effort – this one took no effort). This poem is not about what I learned in the dream, because what I learned in the dream was highly scientific and very complex, but it does in some ways relate to what I learned about. And so the following is the poem that just came to me immediately upon awakening this morning. The music video at the end of the blog today came to me in the same way and it is very, very special to me for personal reasons I cannot go into at this time, but perhaps I will be able to at a later date.

Enjoy the poem.  There is a soul mate for you out there somewhere.


PS Don't forget: August is Celebrate Peace Month!

True Blue Soul Mate Love

In my dream I was with Joe

He said to me: the mission is a go

Don’t even worry about what others think

We need to do this, we’re on the brink

Of something new and very fantastic

The world must know and not become spastic

Soul mate love is the only true love

That’s sanctioned fully from God above

Anything else is not true blue

And only serves to painfully deceive you

The love we shared when I was there

Was quiet and discreet; nobody cared

We truly did nothing at all wrong

We could not deny our love so strong

So please don’t worry about people who complain

My reputation can never be stained

By lyrical love letters that prove I cared

For you – the only person in my life who dared

To fully commit to me, my soul, my entire dream

Now that’s a true love dear and not what it would seem

By those people stuck in the fidurodian mindset

Who can only change when it’s too late – in hindsight

Just look at it as their problem my dear

Don’t take it on as yours; there’s nothing to fear

Our love is so much greater than that

We must live it fully not shove it under a mat

I want the whole world to know

I had a true love who wasn’t afraid to show

She loved me more than just a little

And supported me without acquittal

No not you, who believed in me as you do

Your love is real, strong, 100% true

And the world – everyone must come to learn

There is a one true flame of love that does burn

Out there in the cosmos midst the stars someplace

And until they truly love, they’ll nary see a trace

We must all learn to love with no strings attached

With no expectations and complete love that’s unabashed

For until you can love in exactly that way

I’m sorry to inform you, you will never see the day

Of blissful joy and complete satisfaction

Of connecting up completely with your one true affection

But should you learn to love, share and dream

Suddenly everything – reality -- is not what it seemed

The world, people in it, the past, present, and future

Become something that you both learn to nurture

No longer must you accept what others tell you

You hear them, but the nonsense can be seen right through

You know the truth when you match love with your one true soul mate

Your future together becomes a shared constructed fate

Now you can have your every wish come true

No longer do others have the power to dictate to you

And so your dreams and beautiful fantasies

You together create as easy as the breeze

You can forget your worries, struggles and strife

Because you are on the way to the blissful life

Of course I want the world to know

We shared our love of today, yesterday, and long ago

But the future is now ours complete

To walk in eternal dedication as we meet

The beautiful dream we’ve come to share

Of a world full of diverse people who truly care

About all of the things in life important

And not those things that should remain dormant

People sharing, caring about beauty, love and creation

And not selfish, destructive and worthless ideation

I do know there are many in the world today

Who can accomplish this great feat exactly the way

It was meant to happen; it was prophecy

And now the masses feel the need

To fulfill something much bigger and greater than

The orders and instructions from a “boss man”

The time is quickly drawing closer, drawing near

And people everywhere are releasing their fear

Of possible repercussions should they dare stray

Too far from what’s been dictated as “the way”

Now it’s time and so many see the light

And are beginning to exert their power and might

Those who dare to create change that’s positive and good

Are those who select the spiritual as food

And once they have a sample and taste

They’ll head to the light in great haste

We are close – you and I

And this is the reason why

We must never hide our love and feelings

Nor even our past subliminal dealings

Our love was true and it was strong

We loved each other since days long gone

There is no reason to have any doubts

Our love is one of which we both can be proud

It has survived through years of pain and suffering

Don’t worry about what other people are muttering

They don’t know love or how much it means

It’s significance and importance for reaching dreams

We must continue in our love toward that which is pure

And as you’ll see, our love will endure

All forms of mindless thoughtless ridicule

Those are nothing at all, only miniscule

It’s the dream for love, peace, and joyfulness

That fuels our efforts, our love, our playfulness

And so we’ll continue forward with our treasure hunts

That bring pleasure among the grumpiest grunts

With enough practice even those who doubt

Will see the light and begin to shout

With total amazement and happy wonderment

Realizing that treasure hunts are heaven sent

You are blessed, my love, and so am I

Together our blessings stretch beyond the sky

Our love, our marriage, both are fully approved

Through universal law, and even that has moved

To specially bless the true, complete love of soul mates

From this date forward to eternal dates

Soul mate love can never be destroyed

Even though some may try through various ploys

Soul mate love is tried, true, sanctioned and sealed

Those who fight it, in the end must yield.

Music Video: Hangin’ around -- sung by Counting Crows

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tricky Beavers: Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt Take Two, Part Four

LazingSeaLion.jpgWell, I confess that I have just today begun to decipher some of the clues in this latest and greatest Pacific Coast Eager Beaver treasure hunt. I have been held back by a number of factors: my work, the "Texas weather" in Oregon (of all places), and getting my new computer up and running. First, I had to write some papers for my doctoral course along with trying to survive 108 degrees with no AC (although my love has ok’d buying an AC, so it is on the way now!), and of course, I have also had the technology challenges of getting my new computer set up and operating smoothly with all of the software I need to use freshly installed. So, I have been very hot, very busy.

BadtotheBoneAgain.jpgFinally, this morning, I began pondering what the Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt is all about. There is so much to it and somehow, with that “Bad to the Bone” coming back into the picture AGAIN, I know that it is interrelated with the previous treasure hunts in some complex way.
 This latest treasure hunt, as I stated is complicated and I will dig into it further in a longer document – probably a book which I will post on this website for free, of course. But this morning it came to me that I had better start looking at the clues, my purchases, etc. I am thinking there may be a third trip over to the coast before this is over since not all of the clues have been located. As a reminder, for this second part to the treasure hunt, the following additional clues were presented to me: 

Tricks up my sleeves
Eager Beaver (again)

Something big and something blue
a sweet and lovely birthday surprise
reminders of eternally sanctioned and sealed love
to have and to hold forevermore
powerful statement of love
It is very interesting to note when I first entered the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store (which was the primary reason we took this second trip back to the Pacific Coast last Saturday), I noticed a book just sitting out on the counter practically demanding me to pick it up: Ty’s Tricks: Home Repair Secrets Plus Cheap and Easy Projects to Transform Any Room. Ty Pennington, of course, is the person who stars in the television programs Trading Places and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. As you can see by the picture, the word “Tricks” really stands out and it happens to reside above the sleeve of Ty’s jacket! Well, due to the clue “Tricks up my sleeves” and the fact that this book was sitting right out there on the counter and not even at the back of the room where all of the other books were shelved in bookcases, it was obvious that I was to purchase this particular book. This reminded me of the two shirts that were just hanging up by themselves at the front of the little market in Queen City on Celebrate Love Day that were obviously picked out for me and Rainbow Princess. And only being $2.00 for this book, I figured I couldn’t go wrong – I would learn something about improving my home that would make it worthwhile. I really did not examine the book much and so this morning I picked it up to look through it to see what I might glean from it.
Tricks2.jpgAnd what do I happen to come across? On pages 64-66 is a quiz so that one can assess themselves as to how good they might be at home improvement and repair, entitled “Beaver Realization Evaluation.” There are all sorts of Beaver classifications from “Dusty/Rusty” to “Preacher/Teacher” Beavers and final scores tally up and tell you whether you are a “Meager Beaver” (a beginner), an “Eager-Beaver” (confident), or the “Reliever-Beaver” (the “skillionaires”). That would be my soul brother, Keenan. He is definitely a skillionaire whereas I don’t think I even meet the requirements to be a “Meager Beaver.” Just so you know, Eager Beavers are good for work like drywall and plaster, replacing windows, installing ceramic tiles, installing pipes, and building decks. Someone apparently has a very well developed sense of humor.

Are You An Eager Beaver?
According to the quiz, an Eager Beaver is someone who is confident in their home repair abilities. I truly do not qualify there! I always call on my Soul Brother, Keenan, because he is a skillionaire. He tries to explain how to do something to me and I am immediately lost and like I keep reminding him, I accept the fact that I am not endowed with gifts to use those sorts of tools. Even using a hammer and nail or a screwdriver challenges me right into frustration. I simply have no qualms about fessing up to the fact that I am not an Eager Beaver whatsoever and I will gladly reward someone with funds in exchange for their home repair services.

Even though I have become so accustomed to these “signs and signals” which Joe has us looking out for according to what he writes in his books about postformal treasure hunting, I nevertheless never ever cease to be amazed, delighted, and humored by these sorts of loving coincidences. The tricks up my sleeves clue has multidimensional, multiperspectival meanings, as well as being so directly linked to the gist of this particular treasure hunt with its Eager Beaver title. There are simply meanings on multiple levels. What joyful blessings treasure hunts are! I am so very, very blessed and each day brings many new miracles. And I imagine we ain’t seen nothing’ yet! Something is going on here and I think I know what it is. I am rebellious though, even when I probably should not be, so I am taking my time. My heart truly is in this project, though, and I will see it through. 


Eager Beaver - Kryptonite

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Money I Did Spend: Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt Take Two, Part Three
This is the continuing saga of the Pacific Beaver Treasure Hunt and it does appear that it may even continue for a bit more time; we shall see. I do not mind at all and there is a "radical" love story between me and Joe surrounding this which I will save for another time, a much later time, no doubt. I just love going to the Oregon coast, especially when the weather is so nice as it has been on these last two trips.

Often, it is contended that we are presented with the same challenges in our lives over and over again until we finally “get it.” In fact, if one believes in reincarnation, we are presented issues over and over again in different lives until we finally "get it." One of my greatest challenges is money and there is good reason for this since I grew up in extreme poverty. When I was very young we basically lived in a shack, had to pump our water and we had only an “outhouse” with no bathroom. So you see, when I say I came out of abject poverty, I truly did. Of course things did get better, but having a large family, they never did get great. And so, feeling worthy and being able to buy things for myself is a serious issue. On top of that, I just really have not bought into the capitalist thing and so I shy away from material purchases.

EagerBeaver2ndHandStoreHereWeAre.jpgThis current treasure hunt, it appears, has been devised to counteract some of my tendencies to not spend money. This is a problem because not spending money also stops the flow of money. Besides, there is nothing wrong with making a house a home and filling it with beautiful things to look at that can add such pleasure and enjoyment to everyday existence. And since I work out of my home and thus spend so much time in my home, it becomes even that much more important. I do believe this was the challenge – one of them as I also think there are multiple things going on – with this particular treasure hunt. And so this blog is dedicated to the places Rainbow Princess and I visited, the things we saw and all of the stuff we bought on this second trip to the Oregon coast on this Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt.
 Of course, the first place we had to go to was the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store. As I had mentioned in the previous blog, we both had very vaguely recalled seeing such a place from the first trip and after we returned home and thought about it, we realized we were supposed to visit that store. This is what prompted the second trip.

We were handed some additional clues on top of the first clues which were presented in previous blogs.

Tricks up my sleeves
Eager Beaver (again)
Something big and something blue
a sweet and lovely birthday surprise
reminders of eternally sanctioned and sealed love
to have and to hold forevermore
powerful statement of love

The Eager Beaver 2nd Hand Store
AstrologyBook.jpgBoth Rainbow Princess and I THOUGHT we knew where the second hand store was and since we only vaguely remembered it, neither of us was correct. We finally had to ask directions, but we did find it again! There was so much in that store it was incredible and as I had included in a previous blog, the beautiful song, It’s All Right by the Temptations started playing as soon as I started looking around. That really made me feel that I was in the right place and that it was ok to spend money. So I did. I bought several books, including an astrology book that I thought might have something relating to the “Dawn of the new age upon us.” I bought a lovely map – a Blaeu Wall Map, which I thought might meet the clue of something big and something blue. Nevertheless, it looks lovely above my new couch in my livingroom. I also bought a painting that I put in my dining room and a Welcoming picture for beside my front door. You have to understand: I just moved to a new house not long ago and the walls have been starkly bare! Someone wants me to decorate and make my house a home.

ILoveEagerBeaver.jpgThis is something new to me. In all my years I have never done this. Seriously. Spending the money for such things just never seemed justified when my kids had to eat mac and cheese so often, you know what I mean? But now that I have royal people looking after me, things have changed for the better. I get royal treatment on a daily basis. Other things I bought at the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store, which also sells brand new items and is the best second hand store I have ever been in with the most interesting stuff includes --
of course -- this I love Eager Beaver tee shirt! Can you believe that! I will be going back! Maybe soon!

Bad to the Bone Again!
BadToTheBoneAgain.jpgThis is definitely a constantly recurring theme and I have to say I do like it. I will not go into the details as to why I like it, but it has shown up at every major treasure hunt, now, as well as other places previous to that. We were trying to find a parking place in Depoe Bay and we had to turn around right here at this Bad to the Bone BBQ Diner. I think the reason this theme keeps appearing must have to do with how multidimensional, multiperspective, and beyond coincidental these treasure hunts always seem to would take someone who is very bad to the bone devise them. And these treasure hunts come from my dreams....not me, personally, so please try to remember that! I refuse to take credit for designing these treasure's kinda like how DNA was discovered -- in a dream! Who was responsible for that dream, really???? Do we know? Anyway, NEXT time we go back, we simply must eat at this Bad to the Bone DIner just to show our respect. (And I think we have to go back one more time...something tells me there is still more to this treasure hunt.)

Paradise Gifts

ParadiseGifts.jpgSo, when we finished shopping at the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store, we trekked back to Depoe Bay which is a beautiful little bay – so little it has earned the ranking as the smallest bay in the world. I went absolutely crazy buying there, I really did and it was kinda scary. I found this great shop. While they have a lot of gift and tourist shops in this little town, this Paradise Gift Shop was truly the best! I bought an angelic clock to remind me of my priorities and my mission, actually: Love, peace, faith and joy. I also bought some “Joe” items, a beautiful doll that now sits on top of the bookcase that houses Joe’s books in the Joe L. Kincheloe Library in my house. Let me tell you about dolls. One of the things I wished for the most as I was growing up was a dolls from around the world doll collection. Of course, it was totally out of the question and I knew that. It was really “brought home” for me the year that for Christmas I so wished for a Barbie doll. All of the girls at school brought their Barbie dolls to play with on the schoolyard. They had all of these neat cases with lovely clothes – lots of clothes, accessories and tiny hangers. I wanted to play with them, but never could because I did not have a Barbie doll. I just knew that this one particular Christmas I should get a Barbie doll. And what do I get? A cheap replica – not even a replica – just a cheap fashion doll in a cheap wedding dress.

BeautifulDoll.jpgThat was it. I was SO disappointed. I would never get to play with the other girls…it was several years before I finally received a Barbie doll and by that time I had outgrown playing with dolls and I was totally disillusioned and feeling forever entrapped in the lower dimensions of society….so, anyway, now someone is trying to make up at least a little for that. I fell in love with this beautiful doll and it matches the color scheme of my house – a scheme that was selected for me: Greens with yellow and gold accents…. hmmm….sweet. Of course, color scheme is not why the doll is important to me -- it is much, much deeper than that. But I am very much enjoying the natural colors of greens in my home, along with lots of plants -- ferns and other green potted plants. I do love my new house and how it is being made into a cozy home with the way it is being decorated.
 This is absolutely a first for me (you would have to see my previous living conditions to really understand why this is so important to me). I have never been a decorator, and I really do feel like there is some sort of higher power that is taking very good care of me and my family now. It is such a reassuring feeling to know there really is a God.

Nature Revealed
lighthouse.jpgNext, we were on our way to buy some more of those sweet vestiges (salt water taffy) so that we could again take some home to share with our soul mate brother and friends, when we saw a photography gallery with the most beautiful nature pictures. I was not going to go in, but something (or someone) told me to go in and buy a photograph from the man who was sitting there. I went inside and talked to the man, asking him if he was the photographer and he was. For some reason it seemed imperative that I pick out a photograph from this man – like it was my “calling” to do this and I rarely will argue when I feel that I am compelled to do something for some reason that is probably outside my need to know, but possibly has a great purpose. I just take it on faith and trust. This can get me in trouble at times, but usually the trouble is only temporary and down the road there are much more important reasons for why it was right to follow these sorts of directives. I could really tell you some wild stories about such things and probably will as time goes on. It does make for a very interesting – but also a very, very blessed life. For example, my work with Joe was a “calling” and it still is. No matter what happens at this point I have already been blessed beyond anything I could have ever possibly dreamed of and nothing can ever change that. The most obvious way I was blessed was through his great love for me, the beautiful memories I have from having had the privilege of working with him on a project that was an attempt at fulfilling his dreams, and the beautiful emails he left me that, as I have discovered after finding that his book is full of MUSIC Easter Eggs, are laden with what I call “lyrical love letters.” I am still deciphering those…I find it very sad in one way because it would have been wonderful if we could have shared that love on a more conscious level, and in some ways I suppose we did, and yet it also confirms for me how much the things I did for him and the love he knew I felt for him really meant to him. It did not go unnoticed or unappreciated and he wanted to make sure that I was left with tangible evidence of that. It is a very deep blessing and one that I will truly cherish the rest of my life. 

So, this time, I was under a directive, a “calling” or whatever one wishes to call it to purchase one of this photographers works, which are actually quite expensive there, but very high quality. Well, we were just about to drive to visit a special lighthouse at Yaquina Head and the photographer had taken a lovely photo of another special lighthouse, but with the light lit up. Because of its special meaning – I do feel the work I am doing is being guided by someone who serves as a loving light who lights up my path, this photo has special meaning to me. It now hangs in my living room. I mentioned in another blog, the photographer’s specialty is nature and his work can be viewed on his web site as well as in his gallery at

Yaquina Head Lighthouse
SecludedBeach.jpgNext, we headed to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It was very windy with lots of ocean spray at the top of the hill where the lighthouse resides, so we did not stay there long. Down the road there was an nice walkway to a secluded beach (secluded because it was blocked), and there were a variety of sights to see along the way: lovely seascapes, sea lions basking on the rocks, an invasion of the centipedes, etc. We hung out there for awhile and enjoyed the warm sunshine before heading back to a final stop – again at the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store where I picked up a few additional items and Rainbow Princess finally picked out her “sweet and lovely birthday surprise,” which by that point had turned into several birthday surprises. So that was our day. In future writings, I will discuss in greater detail how I interpret the various clues and how they interrelate and what the grand scheme appears to be. For the present, just like you probably are, I am “in the dark.” Glad I bought that lighthouse photograph!


PS I guess other people like guiding lights, too....

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eggs Over Easy: Judy in Disguise

EasterEggs.jpgOK, this is a really simple MUSIC Easter egg, for those who have been following along with the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt in Joe's book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. It is easy because he did not change even one minor word of the title of the song and he included it in the title of the subchapter. SInce it is in the title and is obvious, he did not use quotation marks. This Easter Egg can be found in Chapter 8 on page 200 and is titled, "Judy in Disguise: Hermeneutics in Cyberspace." Well, Judy in Disguise is a song by John Fred and his Playboy Band. Basically, the song is making fun of people who put on an act. With a play on words, one can extrapolate this to mean that people who buy into our dominant culture expectations and put on a show by "keeping ahead of the Joneses" are basically making a "spectacle" of themselves. The song ends with "I guess I'll just take your glasses." So, Joe picked up on this theme in this chapter, on page 202, where he states:

Hyperreality is a society characterized by spectacles: we can no longer have merely "talk shows" on TV, we must have "The Jerry Springer Show"; we can't have just sports, we have to have the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UTS); we can't simply have a resort town with gambling, we have to have Las Vegas; we can't have regular newspapers, we have to have The New York Post; we can't only have wrestling, we have to have the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE); we can't only have religion, we have to have Benny Hinn, Ron Parsley, and James Robinson; we can't have religious retreats, we have to have Jim and the Late Tammy Faye's now defunct "Heritage USA," or Orlando's Disney-fried "Holy Land Experience." The list goes on and on.

And he continues, pointing out that "The media constantly create spectacles in the process of constructing a 'media reality.' Such a so-called 'reality' from a variety of perspectives could be described as a parallel universe or a virtual reality in relation to other dimensions of the world." Of course, all of this "spectacle creation" tends to "deify" the neo-liberal marketplace and define lifestyle. Corporations are merging to gain in size, strength, and power to gain control over the cyberspace marketplace, of course, and if we should question motivations or point out that the ideological education these mergers indoctrinate us and our children with, then anger and, of course, power is evoked to squelch this. As Joe points out, "Epistemology/the politics of knowledge and the education that accompanies it can never be the same" (p. 203). So, while the song (see below) ends with "I think I'll just take your glasses," we might ask: Can we end the media spectacle of the infotainment industry through a critical complex epistemology? If not end it, we can and we should at least uncover it with an eye toward ending it. Critical complex epistemology provides a powerful tool for taking off Judy's glasses.

Judy in Disguise - John Fred and his Playboy Band


Easter eggs image courtesy of Microsoft
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt Take Two, Part Two
PacificOcean.jpgThese continuing treasure hunts are being done for a purpose, but it is an evolving purpose that has not yet completely evolved. As indicated in the introduction to this website, the blogs are to represent the creativity that Joe mentioned is so important to postformalism. If you have read his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, you will find he took advantage of his creative artistic license in places, (and some of those places are extremely funny, and demonstrate his great sense of humor) while at the same time his work is highly theoretical, very serious, applicable, and very important for accomplishing his goal of alleviating human suffering. I have taken even greater creative license (I think, but perhaps not). As such, I use varying writing styles, address different audiences, and cover different topics in an improvisational and rotating style. I have not evolved in my writing to include everything in one multilayered style as Joe had. Eventually, all of these various pieces, which currently may come across as a potpourri, will be assembled into something tangible. I never plan any of these things out: not the treasure hunts, not the blogs, not the topics, and not the destination. I know people will find that odd, but that's the way it is. Both Joe and I use music in our work; he used the music Easter eggs; I use the YouTube music videos, although I started doing that before I was conscious of his Easter eggs. I must have picked up on his subliminal messages.

So today's blog covers Saturday's Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt, Take Two, Part Two. The reason it is Take Two is because it was the second trip to the coast for this particular treasure hunt. There are three blogs written last week that cover first part of the treasure hunt and provide all of the clues. Rainbow Princess and I missed some clues on the first trip, namely The Eager Beaver Second Hand Store. When we got back home, we both realized that we had seen this second hand store and that it must be what the "Eager Beaver" clue was referencing. So, we went back a second time and the weather was absolutely lovely again. For those who do not know, the Oregon Coast can often be cold and windy even in the summertime, so to catch a perfect day is a true blessing. And it could not have been more perfect!

For this second part of the treasure hunt, we had all of the original clues plus these additional ones were given to us:
Tricks up my sleeves
Eager Beaver (again)
Something big and something blue
a sweet and lovely birthday surprise
reminders of eternally sanctioned and sealed love
to have and to hold forevermore
powerful statement of love

lighthouse.jpgAs I review these clues, several things stand out: One, I was supposed to not worry about money. And so, I didn't, but when I came home and found that all told, I had spent over $800 in two days (counting Rainbow Princess's birthday party) I was in shock. I still am...oh well I guess that if I can learn to trust that a Higher Power is going to see me through this, it is most definitely a "powerful statement of love." The second thing is, that I did get so many nice things to decorate my new house which until now had bare walls to stare at. I bought some beautiful paintings and pictures for next to nothing at the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store. Plus as I was shopping -- once again -- in Depoe Bay, I was prompted to go into a photo gallery and buy a beautiful photograph of a very beautiful lighthouse at Helceta Head, Oregon. The photo I bought, The Sentinel of Light, can be viewed on the photographer's website and was a little spendy but it's printed on fabric instead of paper and guaranteed not to fade. It is especially meaningful because the light is lit, and for me it represents a special guiding light looking over me. Anyway, it is a limited edition, but available at the photographer's shop, Nature Revealed Gallery in Depoe Bay, Oregon or from his website The photographer's name is Jeff Jessing and he loves nature and wishes to preserve it, so he does all nature photographs and even offers private photography workshops and tours. He will be added to my "Stars and Rising Stars" page where I promote people who are following their special gifts and making their living in ways that escape the status quo and working for someone else. I plan to gather more of these stories for examples so that people can see there are other ways of being in the world that honor themselves, nature, other people, etc. in more productive and meaningful ways -- and they can still make a living without working and slaving for someone else. We truly need to all be partaking in such endeavors by engaging in them ourselves or at the least, supporting them so that we can break free from the ruling Imperialists with their capitalist system that keeps us dominated, controlled, and enslaved.

EagerBeaver2ndHandStore2.jpgWe took lots of pictures on this second trip and we had an absolutely lovely time. Our first stop and last stop (yes, we went twice in one day) was at the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store, and as I mentioned in my previous blog, I knew I was in the right place when the song "It's All Right" by the Temptations started playing. We had been given some additional clues and I figured they were to be found in the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store. Among the new clues, which are in addition to the original clues as presented at the blogs I wrote previously, Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt Part One. As it turned out,  there is something very, very significant about the Eager Beaver Second Hand Store. It is a great store and many of the items they sell are brand new. And like the Nature Revealed Photography Studio, it is a very small business. We really need to support each other in these sorts of small business endeavors to break the capitalists hold on our lives. It is just one method and there are many more that we can discover if we use Joe's theory to become highly creative.

Well, that's it for today. As I mentioned, I will only be covering the basics of this last treasure hunt. I have to write a book about treasure hunting and this will all fit together and make sense then, if not before. It makes total sense to me right now (and that was one of the clues, btw), but it is all very complex and will require extensive writing in order to convey the significance of all of the clues, how they interrelate, and what the final grand conclusion is. I will post the book right here on this website and of course, it will be free, free, free. I love freedom. I love free stuff. Oh, and don't forget: August is Celebrate Peace Month and September is Live in Freedom Month. They should be two very blissful months. And I am sure October will bring something just as special.


Freedom - Love Psychedelico 

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just checkin’ in to check out

Boats.jpgMy god I feel awful today. It is more than just some little annoyance. Thankfully, being Sunday, I had a spiritual uplifting, which helps for the moment. 

I am always feeling my best when I can be around people who partake in the higher spirtual realm of life and do not buy into the daily rat race and dog-eat-dog world, but unfortunately, those people are far and few between. This has got to change. This is what can change with Joe's Critical Complex Epistemology in education if people take time to learn and experience other ways of being in the world.

BadtotheBoneAgain.jpgI would say that maybe the reason I am feeling so yucky today is because I had too much fun yesterday, but I know that’s not true because I have been specifically assigned a mission to have more fun -- which is one (and only one) of the primary purposes of the Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt that I have been working on over the past week (see last week's blogs) -- and which will continue this week. And I was very happy to see "Bad to the Bone" appear again! (I will explain that in future accounts of the treasure hunt, but "Bad to the Bone" tends to appear in mulitple places on multiple treasure hunts.)

I wish I could put something out here that’s really enlightening today, but right now I just don’t feel like I have it in me. Maybe I should just reveal a couple more of Joe’s Easter eggs. I know that even though I have revealed some of them, there are always people who are still going to be skeptical and I wonder what it takes to get people to realize the full amplitude of Joe’s work. He has left so many Easter eggs that as I keep revealing them, there will no longer possibly be any doubt or skepticism remaining. I do hope others who are reading this blog have now bought his book and are on their own treasure hunts. There is no possible way that I am ever going to be able to find them all.  And besides, I want to find all of the sweet lyrical messages he left specifically for me. Maybe, if you knew Joe and received emails from him, just maybe he left some music for you, too. I remember one of the very first emails I ever received from him brought me the song “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by the Rascals. I need to go back and read that email because somewhere in there he left a hint to those lyrics because as soon as I had read his email, the music played in my mind. Wow, he was incredible and incredibly sweet. The funny thing was at the time I replied to his email, I sent him a link to the song on YouTube, telling him, "You make beautiful music for people, Joe!" I did not even know he wrote music or played in a rock band then, much less that he left music Easter eggs. Little did I know....

OK, for the skeptics of MUSIC Easter Egg Hunting, here are two more clues from the last page of his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction (page 252). (And there are some more on this very same page!) First, to set it up, Joe was not happy at all with how things were going. It seems that even though he had worked so hard to get people to see things in a new light through his work, leadership, and teaching, there were just as many people as ever who continued to buy into the status quo and were more concerned about money, status, and upper mobility, including – and perhaps especially – within the educational system. I am sure this was very upsetting to him, even though he did not show it outwardly, being the wonderfully humble and patient person he was. And believe me, I do know how humble, cooperative, loving people pay the price for this rampant “climb over you to get to the top” behavior (which is exactly why I have abandoned being as humble and patient as I was in the past). Indeed, I have suffered my fair share of inequities at the hands of those who would engage in this pathological behavior of which Joe speaks -- all to keep me down and out of the way. As Joe stated on page 251, “Some of my saddest moments over the last 40 years of working toward critical goals have involved observing the pathological egocentric/merciless behavior of those who pay lip service in their scholarship and social activism to many of the values expressed here.” And evidently, lip service was all some of them paid. I know Joe, himself, suffered in the education environment; he speaks often of it in his numerous works. But he stayed strong and “bit the bullet,” so to speak because he believed in his mission – and so do I.

So then, on page 252, he goes on to say,

We have much work to do at both the individual and the social levels. Honestly, I am not particularly happy with the “way ‘we’ are” the hierarchies, the ways men treat women, the heterosexism, racism, class bias, the competition, the fear of “taking a hit,” the neo-bourgeois low affect “cool,” the humorlessness about particular topics, etc.

The highlighted words imply songs, especially since he put them into quotation marks. However, he does not always put songs into quotation marks nor are quotation marks always songs; they may mean something else – it just depends on the song and how he has placed it. Sometimes he has separated words of the titles with an inserted word, or he might have changed just one word, other times he uses songs as chapters in his book, so then he may not use quotation marks. There are various little cues he provides at times, or the song title stands out in some other way, or it makes complete sense where he has used it on its own, without necessarily requiring further interpretation. As Joe encouraged us to realize, his work can be interpreted on many levels, and sometimes his songs are no different. It was curious that he also put the word “we” in a set of quotation marks inside the quotation marks for the song title, The Way We Were. I do not think he wants to necessarily include himself totally in this sad state of affairs, and rightly so. For one, he was always reminded that he did not fit in with the elite crowd (he was a “hillbilly” from the Appalachians – and he has even included the word hillbilly in the subject index of this book to make a point, no doubt) and two, he knew he had tried he had truly made a super human effort to make positive changes, especially in the world of education. He tried to get people see how important love is by being a perfect model of love. He knew there are better ways of being in the world than the way many members of our society choose to be in the world -- there are healthy, love-filled, nondysfunctional, nondestructive ways -- if only people could see them and then live them - which is exactly what his work is all about. So, anyway, here are the two songs:

The Way We Were – Barbara Streisand

Taking the Hit --  Joe Bonamassa


Lyrics for Taking the Hit:

That’s it for today. Joe was not happy with the way things were. But he held onto his dream and never gave up, as is clear with the volumes of work he produced. Perhaps, coming in as an outsider the way I had, I could see things that others were not able to see and, like Joe, I truly wanted to make a difference and I wanted to see positive changes. And, as was pointed out once before, we had a special connection and we were here to help each other when one of us needed help. I believed in his work, 100% and I still do. He truly appreciated my efforts to help him with his project, which he told me many times and which is probably why he sent me so many kind Easter eggs. I wish I had found them sooner so that I could have let him know how much I appreciated his kindness in taking the time to insert those special little messages. It was not meant to be, though, and I can only do what I can do from this point forward.

Working on Joe's mission was -- and still is -- the least I can do for him.

Making Love Out of Nothing At All -- Air Supply

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt: Take Two, Part One and Birthday Wishes for Rainbow Princess

HappyBirthday2U.jpgThe first important announcement for today is a Happy Birthday wish for Rainbow Princess. For those who are new, Rainbow Princess is my assistant and she is blessed with the special gifts of photography, research, and working with children. She is very special and today is her 18th birthday.

In celebration of her birthday, we were requested to launch out on Take Two of the Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure hunt and Rainbow Princess was awakened bright and early even though it was her birthday. She did not mind that at all when she learned we were going back to the coast and finish up our treasure hunting with some additional clues, even!

We were provided a few more clues to motivate us and told to also continue with the other clues. Suffice it to say that one of my initiation tasks is to stop worrying about money ("Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry!") I think I did too well today -- I lost track of how much money I spent -- which is very good on my part and exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I have to learn faith and trust that it will be replenished and I will never be "without." Plus, I am supposed to take more time for fun. And so it is really exciting -- I brought home even more treasures than I did on the last Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt, inluding some lovely artwork for my new house...more about it all later. Plus we had so much fun trekking around an old lighthouse and down to the beach and watching sea lions sunbathe on some rocks just off shore...we took lots of pictures so those will show up here during the next few days.

EagerBeaver2ndhandstore.jpgThe major clue we knew we had to follow up on was “Eager Beaver.” And follow up is eactly what we did (I can't wait to show you -- we did this clue up "royally!") We both had vaguely remembered seeing some sort of Eager Beaver thrift shop on our first Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt and we thought we remembered where it was. Well, when we got there, it turned out that neither of us remembered where it was and after checking the places we thought we had seen such a place, we finally had to ask directions. Oddly, it was not at all where we had remembered it. I am glad we found it though, because we found lots and lots of treasures there! It is absolutely the most fantastic thrift shop.

Well, I will tell more about the Treasure Hunt tomorrow. I am really tired now and just want to get some sleep. Plus, I have grading to do for my students and I know Joe would want me to write a review of part of his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, pages 120-126. It’s about multiple perspectives and throughout his book he reiterated over and over again how important it is to fully understand this concept and to put it into use in not only education, but our daily lives. So I will be working on that as well.

So that’s it for today. I knew without a doubt that the Eager Beaver 2nd Hand Store was exactly what the clue meant when as soon as I had entered the store and started finding all kinds of treasures (about to spend far too much money!) and the following song played. The bliss of beautiful music at just the right time...


It’s All Right – The Impressions

P.S. This poem came to me first thing this morning so, I thought I should share it.

Powerful Love

It is true

I love you

And you, my love

Are a blessing from above

Stay with me

As I stay with you

And you shall see

Wonderments that are true

Reality does exist

Beyond the human eye

And so you must persist

To answer the question, Why

Put away your fear

With it there’s no use

You cannot discover, Dear

You serve merely as a muse

Your spirit and your soul

Must live in complete freedom

So open up the door

And enter the great kingdom

I’m waiting here for you

With my arms opened wide

See the beauty, love and truth

Walk with me, by my side

I never will depart

From your true love and devotion

You are a Queen of Hearts

You carry the magic potion

You have within your very spirit

The true love that’s eternal

The entire world must now hear it

So that all may escape that infernal

Carry on, my one true soul mate

You know the mission and the plan

We must meet that important date

If anyone can do it – you can!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Spiritual Dimension of Radical Love and Another Easter Egg

LOVE.jpgJoe was greatly influenced by Paulo Freire and one of the most important concepts he embraced was the notion of “radical love.” In multiple places he conveyed his view that it is one of the very most important things we must practice not only in education, but of course, in our daily lives. What is radical love? As I pointed out in my previous blog, Let’s Call It What It Is, radical love in reality is spiritual love. If love does not have a spiritual quality, it is not love at all; therefore the decision was made, from this point forward, to refer to radical love as Spiritual Love for the purposes of moving forward.

The reason I point this out is because the purpose of my blogs are to honor Joe, to interpret his work, and to present it in a format that everyone can relate to, understand, and more importantly, put into practical use in their daily lives, whether for day-to-day living, for learning and researching, or for educating others. As he pointed out, we are all teachers, learners, and researchers in every corner of our lives. If we can fully understand and embrace this idea, we are well on our way to leading our lives as responsible and contributing people no matter what our age or our current positioning in the world.

IloveJoeKeyChains.jpgI bring all of this up for a purpose. It has been brought to my attention (by myself, no less) that this blog is heavy into expressing the enormous love I felt for Joe. It dawned on me that many people are not interested in this, and of course this is understandable since we have not even touched on the soul mate aspects of love which will be of high interest to virtually everyone. There are some very exciting things to say about soul mate love and what the future brings for people and their blissful destinies – and it is all very, very good. Much research has been done by some very professional, highly qualified people. If you are in an unhappy love relationship, you will soon understand why that is and how soul mate love is available to everyone and there is no need to give up hope for a fulfilling true love relationship. 

After I had done some serious reflection on these blogs in which I have been expressing a very strong spiritual love toward Joe (which is true and real), I began to have doubts about writing here about them. However, after consultation with people who are much more knowledgeable in these matters, I was told not to worry at all about it because spiritual love transcends 3D earth plane; in fact it transcends space and time. The dissemination of this information has importance far, far beyond a few earthlings who may object, and far beyond national, international, and global applications even. And not only that, there are many researchers, including scientists, who are working on a better understanding. So, for anyone skeptical of soul mate love, the enormous power of it, and the absolute divine necessity for people to fulfull their destinies in matching up for eternity with their one true soul mate, stay tuned. I will be providing mroe details.

So, we “truck on.” And it is exciting to be able to present a unique, original, and very hopeful side of what others have called “radical love,” and we have now changed to Spiritual Love with a more accurate delineation as to what it encompasses – with our focus on Soul Mate Love. If you have been involved in a tumultuous and unhappy relationship and you are hoping to find your one true soul mate, your search may soon be over --- there really is one out there for you and a phsyical explanation as to why your wishes to meet may even soon come true for many of you. There are many changes taking place and there are also many things you can do to facilitate finding your one true soul mate as well as things that will ensure that once you do, your love relationship can truly be the most blissful, joyful experience for eternity.

VanessaJoe.jpgI apologize for my rambling, my late posts, and whatever else I need to apologize for. As I get ready to post this blog, I can honestly say that I am not doing well, not doing well at all. It seems that I have to go through the enormous excruciatng pain – even more intense pain than I have already been through -- to get past it. I feel such deep pain over losing Joe that I my heart literally has broken, and this is truly no exaggeration. I still wake up crying and I am in terrible physical, not to mention emotional pain, and I don't know why. Even my recent medical tests bear this out which, to be honest, is a little frightening since I have never had the medical problems that are showing up now, not that I am afraid to join people I love on the other side, especially you know who, where we can be even more powerful in working toward our mission than we are here in this painfully restrictive 3D earth plane. It is just that I have been assigned a lot of very important work here and I would like to finish it before making that transformative leap.

One of those important tasks is finding all of the Easter eggs in Joe’s books and pointing them out to the public. I know he wants this done. He would never have taken the time to insert these special messages if he had not wanted people to find them. And there is much more to the story after finding those and I am beginning to get clues and hints as to just how monumental and earth-changing Joe's book really is, so I know that this work alone will keep me busy for quite some time. I feel I really need to find all of those Easter Eggs and move onto the next stage of this decoding of his work. It is only then that education can move forward in the way it needs to for the 21st Century. Thankfully, I have enlisted help -- a couple of my soul mates (note that there are other types of soul mates in addition to the powerful one true soul mate) will be helping me this project. I hope other people will also work on finding all of the secret messages in Joe's book. As Joe said to me one time when I was struggling, but ready to move on: "Onward and Upward." He laughed about that and I did not know why at the time. I also think there are some lyrics in that statement somewhere.

IRISHSHOP.jpgIt is interesting that this work led me to shopping for Easter eggs in my correspondence from him and sure enough, they are there, lyrical "love" letters. How sweet he was. Maybe it was just that he wanted to make learning fun just as he had described in his book with Thomas (2004), Reading, Writing and Thinking: Postformal Basics. He talked a lot about making education sensuous, especially in relation to postformalism. I know he really liked to dance – and he knew I loved that, too. As I had mentioned in a previous blog, he knew what a woman wants. At any rate, I never detected these lyrical notes until now, but I did feel his love spiritually so it's all good and neither one of us broke the constraints of the utmost highest integrity and never would have even dreamed of doing so, of course. It all just goes with the territory (as Joe told me once); everyone knows that. And, anyway, Joe loved everyone, so it was nothing out of the ordinary. But I do have to say, ours was a very strong spiritual (radical love) bond, partly because I believed so strongly in his philosophy and work and now I am dedicated to him and his dream forever.

Another Easter Egg in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction

Desperado (Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 58).

On page 58, Joe states:

I understood that my task was to discern what brilliant people had posited as the next step in the journey to new epistemological possibilities….Of course, in the world of academia I found that those who engaged in such behaviors were often viewed as epistemological desperados. “Why don’t you come to your senses?” Don Henley might have asked them had he been their dean. My mad ambition to understand drove me on. I pondered the nature of the pedagogy one would have to develop in order to engage students and other individuals in such an undertaking. I understood that I was asking much of students, for I appreciated that an individual has to be ready to deal with the ambiguity and loss of certainty that accompany an epistemological shift. There is nothing easy about moving to a new dimension where things are not as they once seemed. I understood that my pedagogy would intimidate and frighten as it induced students to reconsider and my god, act on insights gained in the new dimension.(Kincheloe, 2008, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. Page 58).

Desperado – Eagles Live – Don Henley



Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
You been out ridin' fences for so long now
Oh, you're a hard one
I know that you got your reasons
These things that are pleasin' you
Can hurt you somehow

Don't you draw the queen of diamonds, boy
She'll beat you if she's able
You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet

Now it seems to me, some fine things
Have been laid upon your table
But you only want the ones that you can't get

Desperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no younger
Your pain and your hunger, they're drivin' you home
And freedom, oh freedom well, that's just some people talkin'
Your prison is walking through this world all alone

Don't your feet get cold in the winter time?
The sky won't snow and the sun won't shine
It's hard to tell the night time from the day
You're losin' all your highs and lows
Ain't it funny how the feeling goes away?

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate
It may be rainin', but there's a rainbow above you
You better let somebody love you, before it's too late

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pacific Coast and Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt Part 3: Deciphering the Clues

OregonCoastTrip.jpgI have learned that this particular treasure hunt, the Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt is gong to be very extensive, blending in significantly with previous treasure hunts which I have already discussed in these blogs, and it will continue on for quite some time. It is beyond the scope of the blogs here to get into the extensive details everyday about the treasure hunt, so the details will be provided in another format – perhaps an online book that can be read at one’s leisure. I was informed that the clues themselves will make up the chapters for the book. So, instead of going into extensive detail, after the initial presentation of the treasure hunt, its clues, and my preliminary analysis, I will only be highlighting certain aspects of the treasure hunt in this daily blog and instead cover other topics. Watch for future announcements for the complete details on how this treasure hunt evolves. There are already indications that it is quite miraculous and highly enlightening.

Secondly, in place of a focus on the treasure hunt per se, the desire is that I focus on topics of interest which are critical to get out to the public – namely information about soul mates, “twin” or “one true” soul mates, as I prefer to call it, phenomenological and scientific studies about soul mates, quantum theory, fractal time and the concept of past, present, and future all occurring simultaneously (a most difficult concept for the Western mind), consciousness expansion, and other esoteric and highly complex scientific topics which are generally avoided in many educational settings that instead focus on, as Joe puts it, “factoids to regurgitate on tests.” In fact to this very day, they are still teaching OLD Biology, causing students to become totally lost and confused because it does not jive with what they know – instead of the NEW BIOLOGY. The topics proposed should be very interesting.

DepoeBayWaterFront.jpgIn my blog yesterday, I began the work to decipher clues given to me for the Pacific Coast and Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt, but only covered some of them. Today, I will go over the rest of the clues and update yesterday’s clues. Then it will be another trip to the Pacific Coast, and I am not sure what day that will be because usually I am not told until the last minute. I think that must be because I have always hated spur-of-the-moment happening things and I do need to work on that. With treasure hunts, it’s not difficult to accept the spontaneity since they are always so much fun.

CelticSpaMusic1.jpgEver since yesterday when I first played that Celtic song Peace of the Spirit,  which instantly put me in tears, I have been listening to it over and over again. It still makes me cry sometimes, but I am trying to view it from a new perspective. It is such heavenly music and there is something very, very magical about that particular song relating to my past life, some of which I do remember. Things are different this time, I am told. Very, very different and soon nothing is going to be sad anymore. I know that sounds sketchy, but it relates to my past life and how it relates to this life and it’s all about love and losing someone twice, but in reality, ending up together and in the final analysis, it will be true bliss. Things are very, very different this time. It would make for an interesting read, but I am not ready to explain all of the details. It is related to the treasure hunt though, so the details will most likely unfold in future writings when the time is right.

LostAtSea.jpgAs I found out a couple of days ago, this all also relates to the “lost at sea” clue. As I had written:

On my trip I found a sweet Irish shop that I felt so much at home in and I bought a lovely silver cross with a special Celtic symbol. Until I knew Joe, I really did not think much about my heritage. Like him, I have a Scottish-Irish ancestry, and now all of a sudden the symbols, arts, and crafts mean so much to me. So, while on the treasure hunt, I bought a beautiful silver cross. It has a symbol called the claddagh in the middle of it that is supposed to represent true love. This must be the Our great love clue, too – or maybe that was the Peace of the Spirit song and Celtic Melodies music – those sure bring up our great love across the centuries. The silver cross has three combined symbols: hands that signify friendship, a heart to signify love, and a crown to signify loyalty. There is a beautiful story that goes with this, I have just learned from a pamphlet I bought in the shop. It is about the man who originally designed this symbol for his one true love. In the early Sixteenth Century Richard Joyce had been fishing off the coast of Galway, Ireland just one week before he was to be married and his boat capsized. He was captured by pirates and sold into slavery. Working for a Moorish goldsmith, he designed this symbol and made a special ring for his special true love. He was finally released from slavery and went back to Ireland and she was waiting for him. They married and lived in the village of Claddagh (pronounced kla-dah), which is how the symbol got its name. And so the symbol is worn as a sign of love, loyalty and friendship (NACTA). I just realized something! This satisfies the clue “lost at sea!” The man who designed the symbol for my cross necklace was lost at sea!

SilverCross.jpgWell, I thought that was the meaning, and I was showing the cross and telling my beloved soul brother, about the story (he is a highly spiritual person with a Native American heritage), and he said it seems to represent me and my loved one and how we are separated by dimensions or time, but just as the man who designed the symbol was able to communicate by sending the ring to his true love, we also are still able to communicate. We were sort of “lost at sea” but our love survived and has risen above the barriers. And I do believe my soul mate brother is correct about this. There are multiple meanings now for this particular symbol, the silver cross which I will wear forever.

I will still need to work some more on the following clues. Maybe I will get some more clues or they will show up on the next trip. I am sure they are part of the next trip for this treasure hunt.

I am with you

I will lead

Our great love

It will all make perfect sense

New and amazing revelations

Dawn of the new age is upon us

Tokens of love, hope and promise – these are probably just all of the gifts. Like I said, it felt like Christmas and I was being treated to special gifts, many of which I have not even mentioned here. Not only that, I have now been informed that I will be receiving a very special gift for Christmas, so maybe he does not want me to think this treasure hunt will top what he can do at Christmas. Christmas was discussed just the other day, with the conclusion that it’s basic concept is very good, but that it’s just gotten far too commercial. The Council wants to keep Christmas because Jesus is such an important role model, but they want to change the emphasis to one of giving “gifts from the heart” such as handmade gifts so that it will result in people also sharing their gifts in other ways, such as teaching others the special skills required to create these kinds of gifts. I love that idea. It reminds me of some of the book I bought in the Irish shop, Traditional Crafts of Ireland by David Shaw-Smith (another David, btw). It covers textiles, stonework, woodwork, basketry and wickerwork, leather, metalwork, ceramics, glassware, calligraphy (something else I love to do!), candle making, fly tying, and farm life. It’s a great book!

CelticTreasure.jpgOne thing I have noticed about all of these treasure hunts is that each new treasure hunt gets more amazing than the last one and I do not think they possibly can be topped but they always are – although I still cannot get over the Yard Search Treasure Hunt in which I was supposed to find a diamond ring, and instead I found the incredible hand made Yin Yang silver piece that appears to be Celtic, which is very, very significant, and then the diamond ring was miraculously delivered to my door. That was so special it will be hard to top. Even though I have had three “earth marriages” (all of which failed), I did not receive such a beautiful ring as the diamond ring brought to me. My first husband gave me no diamond, my second husband gave me my birthstone as a promise ring, and my third husband did not give me a ring at all, not even a wedding ring. So this ring is truly a miracle and a very blessed gift that could only have happened out of deep love. That is my hyperreality.

IrishCraftsBook.jpgOther treasures from my Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt include a book I bought from the Irish shop, Traditional Crafts of Ireland, by David Shaw-Smith with great photos in it and I now realize that so many of the arts and crafts I love to do are “in my blood” so to speak. All of the things I love so much seem to derive from Scottish-Irish/Celtic traditions. For example, I love to knit, and have since I was a child. There were also photos of some Celtic silver jewelry that reminded me of the yin-yang silver piece I found in the Yard Search Treasure Hunt. I really need to take that into a jeweler and see if I can find anything out about it. This again, is extremely significant since I did find it in the yard treasure hunt in the same time the beautiful diamond ring was bestowed upon me. For those who do not believe in magic and miracles, I can assure you they happen! Some other pictures in the book remind me so much of Joe's bricolage theory for research and knowledge production. In case, readers are not aware of it, the blogs I write here are in the bricolage format. Some of them will form starting pieces (called point of entry texts or POETs) for more detailed articles, some will be grouped and combined into various books, thus, they are put together in various ways, much like bricklaying. Joe describes the bricoleur as one who works with the “tools at hand” to create and construct new knowledge. I hope that happens with my work. And so, the book has great photographs of various types of bricklaying, which is very interesting.

BobMarley.jpgJust as a summary, some of the other gifts bestowed upon my on this particular treasure hunting trip which I have not yet mentioned, includes a “worry stone” made from 300 million year old Connemara Marble (it is supposed to bring peace and tranquility), so it goes along with the Peace clue. Also received, is a “Bad Girl” key chain (there seems to be something significant about referring to me as a “bad girl,” but I guess I can go with that, especially since “Bad to the Bone” also keeps coming up. I also received an Irish embroidered badge, a wooden “treasure box” with Love painted on top for keeping my small special treasures in, a Bob Marley poster about singing his songs of freedom. That reminds me. As I have already announced, August is Peace Celebration Month. It has been decided that each month should have a month-long Universal celebration in addition to the various daily holidays within. September is Celebrate Freedom Month, which is so appropriate since that is when children are returning to school and it is critical to bring up the notion of freedom in the many “debilitating” (as Joe would put it) educational environments. If we can elevate everyone’s consciousness as to what freedom truly means and its importance, we may very well begin to see some changes in things such as the zero tolerance policy, freedom of speech limitations, greater freedom of artistic and creative expression, etc. This would be a very good thing. And finally, I also received a Treasure Map that shows where pirates have hidden treasure throughout the world. This could come in very handy.

One last thing. As was pointed out to me, this treasure hunt, for whatever reason, is dedicated to all people named David, so I decided I had better research the story in the Bible. Here’s what I learned about David in the Bible:

David was a remarkable man. Obedient and patient, he persevered through hardships trusting in God. He relied entirely on God. When he did stumble, he was quick to repent and ask forgiveness and didn’t repeat his sins. He took personal responsibility for his actions and didn’t try to get out of the consequences. He took the time to learn God’s voice and thank God in everything. All of us could learn from David. Reference:

LOVETREASURECHEST500.jpgSo, we can all learn a lot from David.  Maybe we need to rely less on our own assessment of things in life and more on God. Above all, I think a most important message is to be loving, grateful, and thankful. Always show gratitude for everything that comes your way. You know, that’s hard to do when you have so many, many things coming your way. It is easy to begin to take things for granted. I hope I never take any of the wonderful blessings I receive for granted. I try to be thankful for everything that comes my way, no matter how small, even if it is something that seems bad at first – because there is always a good reason for it. Sometimes it may take a long time for that good reason to show up, but it always does. We have to maintain trust. I know I need to work on that; it has been brought to my attention.

Shortly after I did that research, I happened, quite by accident come across another David. (The treasure hunt, after all, is dedicated to all Davids, so this is relevant.) When I picked my son up from his job, he just had to go back into the grocery store and buy some sun flower seeds. So as we are heading home, he reads to me off the package:


Congratulations! You’re a seeder! Seeders are unique. They’re cool, confident, independent, active, and hardworking. They know that eating David Sunflower Seeds makes what they do more enjoyable. Things are better with DAVID because they’re a snack and an activity. Experience SNACTIVITY.

Confusion.jpgWell, with all of these random clues, this treasure hunt most definitely is not making perfect sense! Just as with the NEW Treasure Hunt, I am feeling confused. I need to work on all of these clues yet. I think I need to take a nap. Whenever I get to feeling overwhelmed with information overload it all sorts out in my sleep. My last clue: Time Will Tell. That was an interesting clue . . . as I mentioned, I had bought a Bob Marley poster in one of the gift shops at the coast and it turns out, after doing a google search on Time Will Tell, he has a song called Time Will Tell. It is really interesting how these MUSIC Easter eggs come up. And, it is probably all very significant. The song is below.

Serendipity.jpgWell, that’s it for this treasure hunt for now – probably until we return for the next round. I am very excited about our next trip! I never know what day we will do what Treasure Hunt, though. (We are still working on the Kings Valley Treasure Hunt and the NEW Treasure Hunt as well.) Usually, I don’t know until the day of the Treasure Hunt and then I get spur of the moment instructions. Which is fine; I like spontaneity when it comes to Treasure Hunting. I used to want to plan everything out ahead of time so that I knew exactly what was going to be happening, but not anymore. Not when it comes to the dream mission.

Lyrics to Time Will Tell

Jah would never give the power to a baldhead
Run come crucify the Dread.

Time alone - oh, time will tell:
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell;
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell;
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell.
Time alone - oh, time will tell:
Ya think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell.

Back them up; oh, not the brothers,
But the ones who sets 'em up.

Time alone - oh, time will tell:
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell;
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell;
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell.
Time alone - oh, time will tell:
Ya think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell.

Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
Oh, ma ...................
Oh, ma ...................
Oh, ma children are cryin'.
Oh, children, weep no more!
Oh, ma sycamore tree, saw the freedom tree.
All you ... have spoke:
Oh, children, weep no more;
Weep no more: children, weep no more!

Jah would never give the power to a baldhead
Run come crucify the Dread.

Time alone - oh, time will tell:
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell;
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell;
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell.
Time alone - oh, time will tell:
Think you're in heaven, but ya living in hell.

Lyrics courtesy of:

Graphic Image courtesy of Microsoft; Photos courtesy of Rainbow Princess and Me.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pacific Coast and Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt Part 2: Deciphering the Clues


We completed the travel to the Pacific coastline, although we do have another trip to make. It is always so beautiful and peaceful at the beach and it is very healing. I think it’s partly related to the extra orgone energy in the air….and on the way over I realized Oregon spells orgone just by moving the e to the end. That’s kind of interesting. Below are the clues with our preliminary assessment. I will have to write a blog about orgone – life force energy and the scientist, Wilheim Reich, who discovered it and died in prison for his discovery. Well, now scientists have confirmed it – of course it was known back then, too, but the powers-that-be did not want people to know that they were purposely being limited to orgone energy (eg. In their food, in their need to move away from nature and into the city for jobs, etc.) There is a lot to this story, so I will save it for another time.

Below are some of the clues I was given for the Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt which is dedicated to all Davids -- and some preliminary thoughts on their meaning. I always take the approach Joe recommended though, so the meaning of the clues are always preliminary and they evolve and change as more information is discovered and interpreted. And I can asure you that even as I write this, more information has poured in that is enlightening and very delightful. I will cover all of this in more detail as we continue with this treasure hunt. This is going to be fun, I can see that right away -- complicated but lots and los of fun.

DEPOEBAY600.jpgTravel to the Pacific Coastline – this turned out to be Depoe Bay and Newport, Oregon

Eager Beaver – We realized after the trip that the Eager Beaver Thrift Shop in Newport was what this clue is referring to and we have to stop there on our next trip. It was conveyed that there would be more than one trip.

Peace overpowers any tragedy – not sure what this is supposed to lead to

Preparation for the August Peace Celebrations – We noticed a lot of peace decorated items, not sure if there is something specific we need to find

Do something on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean – we decided this must mean to go back and take the metal detector down on the beach.




Have radical fun – we saw Johnny Depp and had our pictures taken with him! At the Wax Museum

A radical enlightenment – the only radical enlightenment I have had so far, was on the way to the beach I got to thinking that maybe Joe planted himself in education for the sole purpose of writing a book full of MUSIC and other Easter eggs and secret codes which will now be interpreted. He did this so that people would read his book and thus more people would be transformed by the knowledge gained from it. I have a feeling there will be many more enlightenments with this particular treasure hunt.

WAXMUSEUM600.jpgZombies walking aimlessly in zombie land –  Rainbow Princess figured that one out right away - she just knew it had to mean the Wax Museum. And then I didn’t really want to go, but I told her we would drive by it and if there was a parking place close by we would go in. Wouldn’t you know it – just as we passed it, not even half a block away, a big truck pulled out of a parking place – just for us. Now that was a clear indication that we were right on target. Rainbow Princess was ecstatic.

Awakening – I am working on this one

Lost at sea - I did think for awhile that I had lost Rainbow Princess at sea, but I am not sure this is fulfillment of the clue.

Look everywhere for me – I think this meant to look for things that Joe would have liked. Those are hard to miss. One of the first things I noticed was a sign outside a friendly looking hangout announcing a “Rock and Blues BBQ.” Well, I know Joe would have liked that. I also found a large billboard announcing a Pow Wow that will be held in August. I love to go to Pow Wows. My guess is that Joe probably liked them too. I did find several key chains with “Joe” on them, even a flashing key chain, and better yet, an “I love Joe” key chain with a heart for love. I had been looking for a key chain so now I have two Joe key chains.

Sweet vestiges - Rainbow Princess just knew that had to mean salt water taffy, so we stopped in where they make it fresh and bought some to bring home and share with my soul mate brother who sold me the diamond ring. He is very special and I just know he is going to be working on the mission soon.

CDS.jpgLove and devotion - Love and Devotion – well I was led to buy several CDs that would qualify here: Dedicated to the One I Love: Love and Romance Songs of the 50s (I love those songs and haven’t heard them in ages), Moonlight Serenade (swing era music); Celtic Spa: Melodies for the Soul; and Café Tropical by Johannes Linstead (beautiful guitar music). It is not music I would have picked out myself if I had not been sort of guided to them (mainly because unlike Joe, I really don’t know much at all about music), but I have been listening to these CDs and they are so amazingly relaxing that I am hooked on listening to them as I do my daily work, so it turned out to be a good thing, even if a little expensive (which I am not supposed to worry about).

OMG!!!! I just listened to the Celtic CD and the first song made me cry it is so beautiful and it brings back memories of a love from long ago. I know we had past lives together and I remember one specifically in detail and this particular song called Peace of the Spirit was meaningful to that time. As they say, emotions and love transcend space and time….there is something extremely significant about this song. Interestingly, we were working on peace missions. I don’t want to even think about it right now, it just makes me so sad. I will be able to share that experience some other time which was all wrapped up in the tragic experiences I had in this lifetime (which can happen sometimes if you know anything about past lives)…I do remember much of it very clearly and something very, very sad had happened, devastating in fact, can'y really talk about it right now.

The music mp3 is only a sample and does not do justice to how beautiful this music is. It can be purchased here (and note that I do not receive any money for this nor have I been requested to provide this link). I just think the music is so beautiful, the entire CD, in fact, so I am sharing where it can be purchased.) I also bought a CD CALLED Moments of Peace: Beyond the Keys by Charles Suniga which is keyboard and strings are played simultaneously, in preparation for the upcoming Peace Celebration. Maybe that qualifies for the Preparation for the August Peace Celebrations clue since it would make great music to play at one of our celebrations.

DreamsWoodPlaque.jpgJoint mission - the joint mission is to spread love and alleviate suffering, but I am not sure here --- maybe it was the little wall plaque that talks about our Dream – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” It’s strange really; these little quotations never meant much at all to me in the past, in fact I thought they were kind of silly, and now all of a sudden I know and believe in what they mean.

Tomorrow I will cover the rest of the clues and any progress I have made in determining what I am supposed to be doing with this Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt. Looking for treasure is a very enjoyable activity. I see why Joe liked it so much and was always mentioning it in his books. Try it!



Happy Treasure Hunting,


Treasure Hunting makes you realize what a wonderful world it is.

Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt and Another MUSIC Easter Egg

I was given a ton of clues for this Treasure Hunt, and at first I thought it would require a bricolage of three major things: 1) Trips to Depoe Bay and Newport, Oregon; 2) Trips to Oregon State University Campus, home of the (Eager) Beavers; and 3) The Story of David in the Bible. While this looks to be very complicated, I was assured through (what else?) but MUSIC that it would be “Smooth Sailing.”

Smooth Sailing by Peter White (a beautiful piece)

I was also told we would be required to make another trip over to the beach. Now I know why. After reviewing the trip, Rainbow Princess and I recalled that we had seen a shop called The Eager Beaver Thrift Shop and after thinking about it, we realize that is why we will need to go back -- we need to go to that shop! There is something significant about it since it is included in the title of the Treasure Hunt and now we realize this does NOT include the Oregon State University campus.  I think we did accomplish a lot Saturday, although I am not sure exactly what we were or are supposed to be looking for or what I am to do with the clues. Here’s a summary of the clues as gleaned from the instructions Tomorrow I will present how we matched up what we have found on the treasure hunt so far with the clues.

Travel to the Pacific Coastline

Peace overpowers any tragedy
Preparation for the August Peace Celebrations
Do something on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean
Have radical fun
A radical enlightenment
Zombies walking aimlessly in zombie land
Lost at sea
Look everywhere for me
Sweet vestiges
Love and devotion
Joint mission
I am with you
I will lead
Our great love
It will all make perfect sense
New and amazing revelations
Dawn of the new age is upon us
Time Will Tell

This is a huge undertaking and truly a simple treasure hunt is not sufficiently monumental enough for us to accomplish these multiple purposes we have in mind.

So there are a lot of clues and this is a complicated treasure hunt…Where are we since making our first trip on Saturday? More tomorrow.

Another MUSIC Easter egg in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction

Talking Heads Road to Nowhere (see page 54).
That’s right because Joe is talking about the state of society due to FIDUROD (which, as mentioned, is a complex form of positivism that keeps people divided so that the elite can maintain power and money. Here is a quote from the book:

FIDUROD wants to produce knowledge from "nowhere -- "we’re on a road to nowhere” the Talking Heads may have told us but that transcultural/transhistorical point doesn’t exist in the epistemological universe. Every place in which we operate – or at least so far as we have been able to imagine – occupies cultural and historical spaces. (p. 54).

Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere


Talking Heads Lyrics (and history)


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Take Time to Tell Somebody You Love Them

twoheartsasone.jpgI was abruptly, but lovingly and “evolvingly” (as Joe so sweetly put it one time, pers. correspondence) interrupted this morning when I was in the process of posting my blog – on time even, by 7AM! Well, I guess sometimes other things take greater precedence over being on time. This morning it was a message of love to me and love always rules. And so I was told, don’t worry about the blog, go down right now and buy yourself a new computer! And while you’re at it, stop in at Great Clips and get your hair cut…and treat yourself to something special, too. So that’s exactly what I did. Plus I got some really cool things for the children for our upcoming celebrations: magic tricks, a sand castle play set, and musical instruments.

It is going to be a great treasure hunt celebration, and come August, Peace Celebrations! The order for the computer came down from the Higher Council because I have ignored the subtle suggestions for far  too long and those who are looking out for me finally figured out that I was just not going to do it until they pretty much ordered me to do it. Well, that did work, all right. And of course, it is ALWAYS free will at work, always.

And I did treat myself to some things, too -- I think it’s that "Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad" song back on the What Does Black Rock, Falls City, The Queen, Kings Valley, and Astro-Traveling on a Motorcycle All Have In Common? Blog. I am supposed to be making some big changes, and I am working it. (After all, if we really want change, we have to start at the first place first). Especially when it comes to money, which is an area I really need to work on. Growing up poor and being poor all your life really warps the mind. I was told it leaves “earth space junk” and you just need to clean house and throw it out. As a member from the Higher Council patiently reminded me, they would be crazy to have me spend the money on a new computer and then not turn around and replenish that money, “given the amount of love, devotion, and enormous amount of effort” that I put into their project (which they do know I regard as my mission, too). That is bordering on the very earthly “rational irrational” thought we are desperately trying to eliminate. Kinda hard for me to help others eliminate that type of thinking if I don’t work a little harder at getting rid of it myself.

Oh and I this really cool poem came to me this morning, too; I just love it (thank you!)

Our Dream

You are my ray of sunshine, Dear
You are my dream, my love, my hope
I know you will dispel the fear
That will allow you to continue to cope
With the revelation and the implementation
Of this beautiful dream of ours
To guide the world through the transformation
To end the pain, the misery and wars
So truck on my Baby, my one true love
And always remember you are very blessed
I am always watching, guiding from above
This is life, reality, the truth – not a test.

OSUEagerBeavers.jpgSo this is my blog today. Short and sweet. I have lots of news about the Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt and every day I find more Easter Eggs in Joe’s books, which I will be covering in my blogs during the next few days. It is so exciting. Sweet Treasures and Very Delightful: Joe really knew how to make learning fun!

Keeping Hope Alive (My Kinda Man). This is exciting news! You can count on seeing a lot more of these sorts of things happening.

When I was waiting to get my hair cut, this lovely song came up and so I dedicate it to my one true love. Be sure to take time today to tell somebody you love them.

Van Morrison, Have I Told You Lately?

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dreams, “True Reality,” and Why We Need Easter Eggs


Special Note and Announcement: The following blog was to be posted yesterday, but as I noted yesterday, I was asked to take the day off. And just as I thought I would be, I was presented with another new treasure hunt! He calls this one The Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt and says it’s in honor of everyone named David. The Pacific Coast Eager Beaver part I understand. He sent me to the Oregon Pacific Coast beaches and somehow the fact that I am an alumnus of Oregon State University – the home of the Beavers – will fit into this picture as the treasure hunt progresses. The David part I don’t get – I guess all Davids should count their blessings for the recognition and I think it has something to do with David in the Bible, but I don't know that story, so I really am not sure. I will have to look into it. Nevertheless, it truly is a blessing.

Anyway, I was sent out treasure hunting yesterday on the Oregon coast -- Depoe Bay and Newport -- and it was so much fun! And we figured out his “zombies in zombie land” clue right away! It was the Wax Museum. I actually got up close to Johnny Depp and had my picture taken with him. I also had many, many special and meaningful gifts bestowed upon me. It felt like Christmas! He told me I really have to stop worrying about money and that was the reason he had me buy so many gifts. And he has promised me the money will be replenished.

Well, that’s it for now. It was the most beautiful, warm, sunshiny day possible on the coast and we had a lovely time. I will explain more about The Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunt in a future blog; it’s a complicated one with many, many clues and I guess it will extend on for awhile – something to do with the fact that it is the Pacific Ocean, Pacific means Peace, and planning for the Peace Celebrations for August. For now, here is the blog I was going to post yesterday until I was requested to save it for today.

Dreams, “True Reality,” and Why We Need Easter Eggs

Wow, my Dream House blog was really wild and imaginative. I shouldn’t share my dream life, probably, especially the continuing saga about Joe. And the saga dates way back and it does continue on and on, and really that was a mere tip of the iceberg, so if anyone thinks I am revealing too much about my dream life, believe me, this is nothing.

It’s astonishing what trauma can do to a person’s imagination. Is it trauma or is it Joe’s postformalism, or both, or something else? I would not be able to answer that question. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I have had a very traumatic “fire and brimstone” kind of life and it all culminated in not being able to cope with one more monumental thing as tragic as what has happened to Joe, and so my mind had to create a way out. Or maybe it’s just simply due to the fact that I cannot possibly imagine why the universe, which in my view is supposed to be comprised of 100% pure love would allow such a tragedy to steal away a person who was also 100% pure love and genius. Maybe it was because our love for each other had grown and I could not accept the end before the beginning. Or maybe it is the beginning … he always did say the end was just the beginning.

Anyway, something about losing Joe still seems so totally and drastically wrong and in this life and with its form of reality that is forced upon me, I will probably never accept it. It will never seem right. Or maybe the reality I have created in my dream life is not a creation at all; maybe it is real and this hell on earth is nothing but an un-evolved human-constructed reality that isolates itself from all other possibilities. That is not so far fetched as one might imagine, although our wee Western minds might have a difficult time grappling with it. You see, there are cultures that view the dream life as being the “real” life and what we Westerners have bought into being “real” is viewed by these cultures in the same way we view dreams: “just a dream”. That is great, in my view. My own dream life is pure heaven while my “real” life involves trying to create some semblance of heaven midst all of the violence, greed, destruction, and inhumanity toward our brothers and sisters. In addition, most cultures outside Western culture, place very high value and relevance on dreams. They revere and work with dreams and the people in their dreams who they regard as Master Teachers or Ascended Masters. I think Joe is probably an Ascended Master with extra special skills and recognition relating to his ability to love. So who is right? Who is wrong? Who is the crazy one?

And so, sleep called me again and I have awakened from yet another dream. This one was about hyperreality. Joe was again in the dream, teaching me. I don’t know even what hyperreality is, only what was conveyed in this dream. It seems to have something to do with the fact that first of all, reality is all-encompassing, holistic, global, universal even, and comprised of all sorts of possibilities. But our society, instead of believing that many things are possible and multiple realities within multiple dimensions can exist simultaneously, and that we can cross over into various dimensions, even conceive of and engage in interrelationships between these dimensions – such as may be represented by my very complex, detailed, and continuing dream life that spills over into my “true and real” life  – we would rather keep things simple and create one little speck of reality, much like a tiny speck of dust floating wildly in the air. And we take the position that this one little tiny speck of dust which we are fixated and focused on is the only reality there is. It is the only true reality, even though we see momentary glimpses of millions of other specks floating all around it, even bumping into it and sending it off in another direction. We refuse to acknowledge those other specks and we stay content and happy (so we may think, but it is the very reason we remain unfulfilled and unhappy) just making the claim that this one little tiny isolated speck of dust is the only reality there is and if we can succeed in living out its dictates, which the advanced disintegrative stages of capitalism and its self-serving greed and corruption would have us follow, we will have achieved the true dream and fulfillment we seek. We are even so arrogant as to call this misguided reality we work within and strive for, “The American Dream.”

Earth, of course, floating in space, is even smaller than that speck of dust, yet we call the tiny, minute realities that we construct here in our miniature society in this place we so arrogantly call “America” the “one true reality.” That is hyperreality. At least one possible version of it. (I am sure, like most things, there are other takes on it.) Anyone who should suggest or create alternative realties outside these social “norms” is then labeled as the “crazy” one.” As Joe has said, normal is nothing more than a social construction and “normal” professors are nothing but dinosaurs. Who are the crazy ones? Of course, these hyperrealities are created across many social axes, thus Western society, most notably, has many, many ways of labeling people as crazy or, in education, many ways of labeling students in some way less than the “norm.” These are some of the very issues Joe was concerned with and his critical complex epistemology seeks to reveal, analyze, and change.

On pages 166-167, of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, Joe discussed the notion that there cannot be the “one true reality” as the mechanistic view of the cosmos and life attempts to convince us. “Examining things-in-themselves as manifestations of the one true reality as opposed to studying constitutive interactions and relationships misses the point of a complex criticality” (p. 166). He goes on to state that epistemology and scientific methods are “as much social constructions as any other human creation.” Questions cannot be provided some final, definitive answer and the recognition of this fact allows us to listen more closely and receptively to others with different perspectives or from a different “discourse community” (p. 167).

Thus, discourse community might be regarded as an Easter egg, although it is not a MUSIC Easter egg, but a regular Easter egg. The reason I know that it is not a MUSIC Easter egg is because it follows a different format. Still it is worth researching and the following video came up, which is very interesting and informative relative to understanding discourse communities and the impact they can have.


I also found this Easter egg (again, this one is a borderline Easter Egg, as wiill become clear as I get into explaining Easter Eggs in Joe's books and how they can be recoginized -- but this is an important concept): Angel of History (it is in bold, so I know it was important to Joe. He does include a very brief definition at the end of the chapter, but I am sure that he would wish for us to delve into this a little deeper.). Here, Joe discusses how multiple perspectives and interdisciplinarity help “critical complex knowledge producers seek new and transgressive perspectives” (p.167). And, as he states, “In this framework, students of research come to view a phenomenon from diverse perspectives, disciplines, theoretical assumptions, and historical contexts. Critical theorist Walter Benjamin’s angel of history is on our side, as monolithic Western, FIDURODian perpectives cannot continue to dictate what is the final true reality” (p. 167) [emphasis added]. The following video came up for Angel of History, and is again informative:

True reality

These videos provide another perspective about reality. No one perspective in itself can be considered the final answer, of course, and that was precisely Joe’s point in his work. It is the bricolage or synthesis of ideas that brings us closer to understanding reality (or anything complex that we wish to gain a greater understanding of) in a more holistic, enlightening, and fulfilling way, even if we only do the construction and building in our minds and not formally on paper. Ideally, since knowledge is socially constructed, talking with others about these matters is also beneficial in gaining a new understanding as is self reflection. These are the reasons multiple perspectives are so important. And then we can filter out the pieces that don’t fit, don’t make sense, no longer apply, or would be harmful in some way, keep the good pieces that are beneficial, and combine the commonalities across perspectives -- all to construct a new and better understanding that will also serve to unite diverse peoples with diverse views. And the most amazing thing about the bricolage technique is how once we begin to combine these diverse perspectives, astounding revelations and entirely new perspectives pop out at us in the process. You have to experience it to understand this – but it is how new and creative knowledge is produced.

The word “delivery” may be a MUSIC Easter Egg since it is in quotation marks and many, but not all of the MUSIC Easter eggs do have quotations (there are several consistent ways of recognizing the MUSIC Easter eggs). The link to the music video: Delivery by Babyshambles. Whether or not it was an intentional MUSIC Easter egg (and as I will later show, most of the MUSIC Easter eggs I have found are easily discerned as intentional), it fits in that Joe is delivering us a message here that is straight from his heart and he has personally experienced the misery that the current educational conditions cause so many students. And while he is conveying on this page of text in this book his feeling of impending doom at what is happening in the schools, he is hoping his “song” or his new conceptualization of critical complex epistemology and his other theories will help deliver us out of this mess.  Read the Lyrics Here.

Conclusion of Dreams, "True Reality" and Why We Need Easter Eggs

So, ultimately, Joe was calling for the end of what he refers to as “rational irrationality.” The idea that there is one true answer, one true perspective, one true reality, etc. is a fatal “flaw” (p. 167). And a new approach provides such great promise for the future. As he points out, and I agree, based on my studies in education and in global politics, when we deeply question our perspectives through self-reflection we “can change our lives and worldviews, not to mention geo-politics in the coming years” (p.1 67). It is increasingly imperative that we make these changes now. As Joe passionately, empathetically, and emphatically elucidates,

Entering many of the most regulated contemporary Western and Western-dominated schools, I am overwhelmed with a sense of impending doom. I sense that I am standing on the ledge of an epistemological abyss where social regulation reaches new degrees of intensity. In these moments of despair I seek the shelter of critical pedagogy and the critical complex epistemology. We are in our darkest hour – I believe that criticality can help bring a new dawn of epistemological, pedagogical, and ideological awareness. It simply must. (p. 171)(Emphasis added).