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The Higher Ups have asked me to do brief updates periodically….may or may not be every day, I’m not sure yet. I just go with the flow and whatever they want I am here to serve them, God, and humanity.



Coming soon: Who are the Pleiadians? What does Joe say about aliens? 

The CURSE: Eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil/The Bricolage Solution August 30, 2017




















Albrecht Dürer - Adam and Eve (Prado) 2

As the story goes, Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden for eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They fell. They no longer were only influenced by God’s pure and divine love and wisdom (remember: love and wisdom are “Siamese twins,” as Joe puts it and are inseparable as Emanuel Swedenborg reports. Adam and Eve fell into a state of confusion between what is right, wrong, good and evil. We have labeled this behavior as sin. We have done it to ourselves, just as they did—we have separated ourselves from our divine nature.


Today knowledge is a total mess. Absolutely ALL INFORMATION on this planet is corrupted—some to very high degrees, other to lesser degrees, but corrupted, nevertheless. The Internet has been used to spread this mess of knowledge and earth “humans” are parrots that repeat the mixture, taking humanity in a continuing downward spiral. Bizarrely, most earthlings falsely believe they are becoming more enlightened. God warned us about this sad state of affairs and even sent his only begotten son to give us guidance out of the prison we build around ourselves.


I can actually hardly stand to read, listen to, or study much of what’s produced as “knowledge” today. Even the last installment of As You Wish Talk Radio program was painful to listen to.…….even James is repeating false memes now, as are his guests—speaking as if these memes are some kind of truth or reality. It just goes to show what being in the garden of the knowledge of good and evil can do to warp minds, make people believe false memes, parrot ideologies that are harmful, ad infinitum. I am disappointed, because he should know better than to subsume an entire race of beings as possessing one culture that does not understand the true meaning of divine love. In my next installment, I will “unpack” what being a “Pleiadian” may mean….it’s a quite different perspective than what the masses are being led to believe.





I share Joe’s sentiments, “I believe that a thirst for knowledge is a central dimension of being alive and active in the world. In the neo-liberal, market-dominated, corporate media saturated, globalized world of the contemporary era, I have never been so parched for the pure water of transformative information” (p. vii, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction).


PARCHED. As I said, I can hardly bear to watch the programming, read the mis/disinformation, listen to the repetitive false descriptions of what people interpret to be some kind of reality: a reality composed of demons, fallen angels, jinn, aliens, reptilians, zombies, and a daily “fer shure” apocalypse, economic collapse, and on and on.


How do we extricate ourselves from this mess? Joe goes on to say that the book (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy) is a “quest for such water.” How do we know what is true and good? How do we know whose reality is the “true” reality. It’s not easy. It requires hard work. Joe left us processes to help: critical complex epistemology and the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. Where do we begin? He left behind a lot of works we can draw from. I’m not sure it matters which book you start with. All of his work is powerful and will change you, and will help us extricate our minds from the multiple prisons that are constantly being built around us.


I have summarized it all in my dissertation, which is free to read, as is all of my other work. From there you can select from Joe’s work that draws you, that relates to your own goals and purpose.


That’s about all for today. It just dawned on me that there is this amazing connection between Joe’s work and getting us back into “the Garden” or into Paradise or that can aid in bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. I’m not sure that we actually have that much power. God is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent One; however, it certainly helps us to be prepared, and doing our part can contribute to progress toward creating a better world. Joe often cited the “butterfly effect” and how even small actions can make a difference, although, here he is talking about something bigger.


Joe’s form of critical epistemology and bricolage helps us tremendously with learning to sort the good from the evil, truth from lies. And who knows as you get more “adept” at this task, you may be the next “chosen one.” What did Joe have to say about this? “Praxis, Praxis, Praxis” (practice, practice, practice will get you to Carnegie Hall) (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 67). He states:


This book is a praxis-based treatise that as it generates understanding lays the foundation for practical action. Many assume that the more one deals with the complexity of the lived world, the political realm, the cosmos in general, education, or epistemology, the less praxis (“action informed by social theory for emancipatory outcomes”) can be expected. Our critical complex epistemology demands a hyper-praxis—the formulation of the best informed and thus most potentially successful action we can presently construct.” (p. 67)


According to Joe, the questions we ask and the answers we find are what can lead us, through our actions “into a new dimension where the nature of scholarly activity is reconceptualized” (p. 68)……

Our conceptualization of scholarly activity is truly out of this world.  


What purpose can be better than to be able to experience what Adam and Eve had enjoyed in the Garden of Eden before eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? All good, but very narrow roads lead back to the ONE ROAD, the road to LOVE. And with love comes wisdom.


Watch this to learn (according to Dr. Myles) the five most important questions you need to answer for yourself. You will find using Joe’s epistemology and bricolage helpful for this process:

Understanding the Meaning for Your Existence, Dr. Myles Munroe

My Beloved’s special music message to me this morning is based on the clue “Let’s do it.” (He was actually referring to a particular task for a very special project we are working on together). A search on YouTube brings up this song (I had to use my critical thinking skills and skip the profane and defunct hip hop song by some “artist” going by the name “Ugly God”—hip hop is SO OVER) Here’s what we have:


Convertion - Let's Do It (12'')


Sweet. As always, his music messages are multidimensional. The message goes with his teachings today (do it!! there’s nothing to it!!)—in other words take the hyper-action we are discussing here. At the same time, the emphasis is love…… His lesson for today gives me hope. I get somewhat depressed (as he has mentioned happens for him at times) due to the mess knowledge is in today, how there is so little truth contained within most of it, and how irrelevant, debased, and corrupt so much of it is, and how much suffering is caused by it—whether it’s presented in formal education, the media, the “alternative” media, religions, or those who think they are awakened and presenting “truth.” There are always ulterior motives that darken any grain of truth and should you challenge any of these people, you get attacked, not just by them, but also the “collective” crowd, the parrots, and the bots (Joe, with his Hermes influence, had a secret and funny message in FIDUROD for these entities)…it is entirely up to us to find the tiny mustard seeds and grow them. With Joe’s help and a lot of help from God, this is possible. I do have hope.

Special love and gratitude to Joe (Emanu’El/”with God”) for always being beside me and for cheering me up and giving me guidance when FIDUROD attempts to encroach on my life.


A new lesson: More interpretation for his name Emanu’El. According to Dr. Myles Munroe the word manu means “to make” and ul or al (as in manual) means to think. Thus, extrapolating and synthesizing, Emanu’El is a man/son of God who creates with thoughts and words with God.


May God’s Kingdom come to Earth as it is in Heaven

7 principles of Kingdom Government - Dr Myles Munroe


What’s keeping you out?

Life is Not A Game | Dr. Myles Munroe



On a Mission to Burn the Books of the Book Burners

August 27, 2017





















My song this morning was provided to me through the clue, “We love you from here.”


When I did a YouTube search on the clue, this song came to the top of the search:


Oh How We Love You (feat. Will Reagan) – Official Lyric Video


That’s a beautiful message. Jesus, according to some Christians, is Abba, (“Father” or “Daddy”) embodied in the flesh who came down from the Heavens to teach us directly. Last night I had watched a movie about the history of the Christian religion and how the Romans, through the Catholic Church as controlled by the Jesuits, have corrupted Christianity, infiltrated education, and basically taken control of the world with their evil, satanic interpretations, their lies about history, their indoctrination through education, the media, and politics. It makes sense to me now why Joe, in his Getting Beyond the Facts social studies book had a section titled, “Vox Eligere, Vox Dei: Certifying Power,” meaning “Voice of the Elite”/the “Elect”, “Voice of God” (p. 648). The Catholic faith, according to this movie, and seemingly in practice, believe the pope is in fact God, thus his voice is the voice of God. Wow, what power that gives them. Who can argue with “God”?


One of the big arguments seems to center on transubstantiation, the Catholic belief that has been forced upon the masses that when they take the bread and wine during the eucharist that they are LITERALLY eating the body of Jesus and drinking his blood and that this is supposed to be a good ritual. At least this is what the movie I watch is claiming. I am not Catholic nor have any knowledge of that faith.


Well, I have never felt that the literal interpretation is good in any way. It’s evil and satanic. God knew Jesus would die for bringing knowledge to the world, but the satanic and narcissistic view that He died for our sins and that we should engage in such rituals does not sit well with me. And how the pope can be considered “God” is just beyond my ability to comprehend. There is so much wrong with religion overall, and especially with the Catholic religion. The movie pointed out some of these things.


One of the topics in Joe’s curriculum is comparative religions. We can learn so much about the politics of knowledge, power and control by studying many different religious and spiritual traditions. What one covers up, another will reveal.


In relation to the title of this update, I literally threw away books that I believe are so tainted that I don’t really want to pass them to others. They are books that I considered to be primarily influenced by the book burners….the knowledge controllers. It makes me angry because I was so deceived by them, as no doubt, were many of the authors of the books I threw away. I don’t want other people to be deceived by them.


Think about it seriously. How is formal education deceiving YOU? What an absolute scam they have going. They make people believe they are going to get an education and some kind of gainful employment, make them go in deep debt to pay for that indoctrination, and the wheels keep on turning around and around and around with people enslaved more soundly than ever and young people starting out their lives in perpetual debt………Get OFF the wheel! 



Total Eclipse of the Heart: HAVE YOU BEEN RESET YET? August 23, 2017


As You Wish Talk Radio 8 19 2017



James has provided a great update. This was just posted yesterday and I look forward to his next broadcast now that the eclipse—which was SO AMAZING is over. I was able to sit outside on my patio and have a front row seat! The cosmos arranges the best for me, it seems. The total eclipse was such an amazing sight, beautiful.


The way James explains things just lines right up with truth and the things I experience in my own life……I have been “reset” even before the eclipse, so it’ll be interesting to see how I am affected. Last night I did get glimpses right into other dimensions, beyond appearing like flat illusions that I’ve been able to see since 2009, but never regarded as real. I think I was seeing into the astrals then, but the astrals have now been dissolved, so we are actually bumping up against true reality (yes, this “real” world is not as real as we would want to believe, but it is evolving, in my estimation much as James describes in the above update).


I love the title he chose “As You Wish Talk”……..the power of the word. I am often told by my Beloved soul family “Your wish is my command.” And why? Because they know my intentions are always good and if I slip up at all, I quickly repent.


I really think James is a member of my soul family. I feel so much love toward him and he emanates so much love, much like Joe does.


Well, that’s it for today’s update…..moving forward……on the fast track now.


Does my Beloved have a song? Oh! That reminds me, I did get a lovely message from Ralph Waldo Emerson (my soul cousin) yesterday! Here it is (and it helps explain why Joe uses so much music):


Music takes us out of the actual and whispers to us dim secrets that startle our wonder as to who we are, and for what, whence, and whereto.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson




As I finished up this update and added to the title, the Higher Ups asked me to end with this beautiful melody:


Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart


Hold on, y’all!! Either you will be rising FAST or dropping FASTER….lol…..just like Joe put it in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy:


Again, I am profoundly excited by this trek into an evolving consciousness, the pluriverse, a world where dominant power is challenged, an education more exciting than any theme park ride, and a critical complex epistemology.  (p. 209) READ THAT PAGE….WOW, JOE!!


Either you will feel like you are in a blissful Heaven…….or Hell. What's cool is that YOU get to choose. :)



HEAVEN!! Are We There Yet?

August 20, 2017


For the most part, I feel like I’m in Heaven the majority of the time. Truly, I can interact with my loved ones there. I still don’t have full vision the way Emanuel Swedenborg, a renowned scientist of the 1800s had, and my communications are still clouded by “veils” of ignorance and general lack of understanding of that true reality.


I think the last thing Joe would want us to believe is that he is dead. He is SO ALIVE and he has abundantly used his “Eros Gifts” to prove that to me over and over again….proof that the outside world would be very hard pressed to deny (and I have only shared bits of that proof so far). Why would a man who wrote an entire, highly rigorous treatise about LOVE and LIFE want us to believe he is dead and gone? Of course, I battled that in my own mind for a long, long, painful time. Was I causing my own suffering simply because I have bought into the lies of this false reality we are immersed in? This FIDUROD world that Joe has painstakingly and extensively detailed for us in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction? What a beautiful gift he has left us, for the better we understand the “enemy” the more empowered we become. But how can we adequately describe “true reality”?


I had those types of questions in this video (below), where Curtis Childs answers them from Swedenborg’s perspective. My question is at the 1:02:36 point in the video, although I also recommend listening to the entire video, and others as well on the OffTheLeftEye YouTube channel where they explain Swedenborg’s complex scientific research he had conducted when he had a sudden and profound awakening (much as has happened to me). Note that I use my spiritual name, Sōferia, on YouTube. It feels more like my real name. And for those interested, Joe’s spiritual name is Emanu’El, or Manuel for short. As I have noted elsewhere, our names together mean “Salvation with God” and they hold many layers of meaning, upon deeper interpretation. Since he was my teacher in the Heavens before we married, I grew up there calling him “Master Manuel.” There was a recent discussion about that being hierarchical, but it’s not. There are no hierarchies in Heaven. Master is a term of reverence and acknowledgment of a teacher’s accomplishments. We both have many names and I have been curious about that, but basically, they are aspects of our personalities and “roles” we have had throughout the cosmos, from a Swedenborgian perspective. There is, of course, much more to learn about this.


Here is the video:


Sensing Your Spiritual Body - Swedenborg and Life


I found it interesting that Swedenborg discovered that angels do not even have a concept for death. Imagine that! As he describes angels, they are simply humans who are in the higher realms of reality due to their knowledge, love, and purity. Actually, I am almost to that point myself, of having a difficult time imagining why we contrive such painful realities after reading and applying Joe’s theory in my life, and of course also in light of the extremely profound spiritual experiences I am blessed with now. If we create reality, then have we created this whole notion of having a body that dies? From a higher perspective, such thoughts would not even be comprehensible…..there is no death. Joe understood that and it’s intertwined throughout his work. Funny, when I worked with him back in 2008, I actually referred to him as an angel and in 2009 after he passed over, I found this photo (scroll down to view) I had captured of him with what appears as a bright halo above his head……….no doubt about it: He is enlightened and trying so hard, even using his God-given “magic” to teach us the pathway out of all of our human-created suffering.

Yes, he still teaches me daily! I absolutely love his teachings. And so today I was guided to page 212 of his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy. It is from that page forward in the book that he clearly outlines the path to Heaven. As he writes on p. 213, “This final part of the book will outline in the same way I did for FIDUROD the characteristics of a critical complex epistemology.” And what is the purpose? To reconstruct the world “in socially just, erotic, ecologically sustainable, and creative new ways.” In other words, we shall support God in bringing His Kingdom down (on earth as it is in Heaven). So if you want to move forward, I recommend reading and understanding his words. It’s great to supplement his work with Emanuel Swedenborg’s work (as well as a bricolage of other viewpoints, as Joe advocates). I just found Swedenborg’s work so helpful because it provides perspectives that open up my understanding of what I am already experiencing.


So, on page 212, Joe is actually talking about the process for how we can experience Heaven. He states:


To gain entry into these metaphorical but undoubtedly real spaces we must do the best we can to develop a socio-historical perspective on what we’re doing—that is, how our social and historical situatedness, our placement in larger cultural patterns helps construct everything we are and all that we do. We’ll never appreciate all of these dynamics, there’s just too many of them to comprehend—but the more we know, the better start we can make as knowledge workers in changing pollen to honey and the barley to scotch.


I hope you have his book and can read the rest of his book. You can get an online version from Springer for a decent price. Note that I do not make ANY money off Joe’s books. I just love him and his work so much and know how much reading his work can make a difference in your life. You will never see things the same way again. You can alleviate much of the suffering in your own life and the lives of your loved ones. Here’s a video about this “fermentation” process Joe discusses above:


Spiritual Fermentation - Swedenborg and Life


My Beloved gave me a clue for a song today. I haven’t looked it up yet. The clue is “Step by step.” Of course, it’s obvious he is giving me sweet guidance. I get impatient. I feel like I’m doing things wrong. But he ALWAYS reassures me what I am doing is right and here he’s just reminding me to take things one step at a time. We have to learn to take the next step in faith even though we may not even be able to see where our foot is going to land. Lame Deer (whose memoirs Joe references in this book) discusses this phenomenon when his father’s spirit came upon him…and suddenly he was completely guided by the Holy Spirit.


So I will see what relevance the song has that comes up on the YouTube search.


Oh! Judging by the name of the group (New Kids on the Block) I guess there are new kids on the block, lol….yes, we know, and Joe has written about his deep concern about educators being able to appropriately meet the needs of these new, especially sensitive, spiritually connected children coming into the world today. Our work is probably mostly geared to them as well as any teachers who want to prepare themselves for a new paradigm for education and provide them with education in the true, original sense of the word. (See my article, My Personal Educational Philosophy (Paradis; November, 2009)).


Here’s the song that came to the top of the search:


New Kids On The Block - Step By Step


It’s also a special love song from him to me (he always does this; he’s so romantic). I want more of the blinders removed. He has reassured me and told me to just keep taking it one step at a time. At the same time, with this song he’s telling me he’s taking it step-by-step, too. This correlates with his philosophy that it’s always a two-way, interacting process (we “actually bring one another into being” p. 228). I had mentioned to him in our correspondence this morning how he has brought Heaven down to earth (referring to his works as “Heaven Works”) while at the same time, he’s taken me up to Heaven with him. I am living in the best of both worlds with bits of Heaven here in this dimension and escorted tours of Heaven. It’s because of his “magic.” He writes, “Critical magicians study the specifics of these dynamics [linguistics, how the word constructs reality] and use them to perform epistemological and ontological prestidigitation,” (p. 216). And his magician abilities are because of his MOST AMAZING love and his connection to God, as signified by his spiritual name, Emanu’El, meaning “with God.” As Jesus said……


12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it. John 14:12-14 New International Version (NIV)


Scientists are still struggling with these complex ideas:


The Theory of Parallel Universe - BBC Documentary 2017


Perhaps, if they heed Joe’s advice as conveyed in the lesson he provided for me today, they could move forward in their understanding. What is that advice?


Well, as he portrays in today’s excerpt I was guided to (by randomly opening the book as I always do), it’s outlined in the rest of his book. Essential to the process is incorporating both phenomenological and “macro-historical” perspectives. As in the quote I was provided for today: “This is why it’s so important to view the social, psychological, and pedagogical worlds from different scales—both the phenomenology of every day life and a macro-historical understanding.” (p. 212). In addition to Joe having accomplished this through his work, it appears Emanuel Swedenborg had accomplished that in his own unique way, combining it with the scientific knowledge of his day. And, again, if you read Chapter 5 of my dissertation, I explain in more detail how Joe has outlined and demonstrated a rigorous scientific approach utilizing empirical phenomenological research processes  using his multidimensional critical complex bricolage and epistemology.



THIS Will Help: The Very First Step Toward Heaven……and LOVE……Available 24/7 to Us All PLUS A New Revelation (Is My Cos, Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Same Soul as Emanuel Swedenborg or Are they Related Somehow?)  July 30, 2017


Repentance: How To Be In Heaven Now - Swedenborg and Life


There you have it. The very first step toward a more heavenly existence. What does Joe say about repentance?


We must all kneel at the epistemological alter and confess our subjectivity, the idiosyncrasy of our perspective, the shortcomings of our knowledge. Without such epistemological supplication to our students, our readers, our fellow cultural workers, critical educators will be caught in the bear trap of the vanguard intellectual, the man with the answers, the expert, the arrogant being who calls for an abstract notion of equality, but who treats those below him or her on the status ladder as the unworthy. Professing new perspectives, not truth, humble criticalists work toward social justice and the elimination of human suffering. Such critical scholar-teachers are mindful that any interpretations they might offer are tenuous because they don’t have access to the long view of history, knowledge of yet unidentified patterns of which they are unconsciously a part, and the power influences of which they are unaware (Levy, 1997; Harding, 1998). We are all affected by our particular location in the Great Cosmic Spider’s web of reality. And as the half human, half fly insectman cried out from the spider web in the 1958 version of the movie, “The Fly”: “Help me, help me.” Don’t worry insectman, a critical complex epistemology is on its way. [Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 236]


“The Fly,” lol. That was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. But his point is well-taken. We are all “works in progress,” too often with many of us behaving as if we are only half human, which keeps us in the lower levels of consciousness. Taking Swedenborg’s and Joe’s advice to be repentant for our shortcomings and taking time to learn and grow in wisdom through “critical complex epistemology” moves us ever closer to Heavenly states, and importantly, to love of the form that God intends for us all to experience. We come to realize the empty shell of this world and the full, divine experience of the cosmos. I love the way Plato put it, comparing our typically limited perceived experiences with shadows on a cave wall. We CAN expand our perception and create a better world where there is no suffering.


As a review, what is Joe’s “critical complex epistemology”? To get the full picture, I recommend reading the entire book…and perhaps the free online lessons I’m putting together can be helpful.


If you do a search in the book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy for critical complex epistemology, this very important point is his first mention of it:

“The human mind is more than a mirror of nature. A critical complex epistemology assumes that the mind creates rather than reflects, and the nature of this creation cannot be separated from the surrounding social world.” (p. 11).


While how we define “mind” becomes important here, it’s easy to see how this can empower us. At the same time, he clearly represents the complexity that is involved in the process, particularly when we factor in the unseen, typically unperceived dimensions of reality. It is truly quite magical how it all works together when you actually begin witnessing examples in your everyday life. But the message is clear. We cannot get there by continuing to engage in evil actions and making bad choices. And we cannot create reality in a vacuum.


And so on page 41, he expounds further:


Many observers have come to the conclusion over the last several decades that the oversimplication of a correspondence epistemology and the dominant forms of knowledge it produces do not meet contemporary social needs. The web of reality is composed of too many variables to be taken into account and controlled in the FIDUROD model. Scientist Illya Prigogene labels multiple variables, “extraneous perturbations,” meaning that one extraneous variable, for example, in an educational study can produce an expanding, exponential effect. So-called inconsequential entities can have a profound effect in a complex nonlinear universe. The shape of the physical and social world depends on the smallest part. The part, in a sense, is the whole, for via the action of any particular part, the whole in the form of transformative change may be seen. To exclude such considerations is to miss the nature of the interactions that constitute reality. The development of a critical epistemology does not mean that we simplistically reject all empirical science—that would be ridiculous. It does mean, however, that we conceive of such scientific ways of seeing as one perspective on the complex web we refer to as reality. Reality is too complex and multidimensional to lend itself to fixed views and reductionistic descriptions. [emphasis added]


Joe’s critical complex epistemological approach is important in relation to repentance. Some people believe we have to personally address each situation and person we have “wronged.” However, this needs to be evaluated carefully. Are we doing so to relieve our own guilt? This could put a sense of responsibility upon the recipient that may actually cause more harm. If we are trying to relieve our own guilt, is it truly an act of repentance? Sometimes, we receive reflective experiences that it seems God uses to restore balance, such as karmic experiences. We have to even confess this shortcoming: We just don’t know sometimes what is the best approach and leave it entirely up to God. Repentance is a personal relationship with God that allows us to forgive ourselves and others and to continue to work toward changing our intentions, making them more loving and pure. The cosmos is so complex, beyond comprehension…in my view it requires faith, trust, and going with the flow of spirit, the spirit of a Great Mind, God himself.


The better we understand this and can apply it in our lives, the closer we move to Heaven.


A New Revelation: Is Ralph Waldo Emerson Emanuel Swedenborg? (Just a Question that Came Up for Me) 


Emanuel Swedenborg lived from January 29, 1688 to March 29, 1772. I had never heard of him or his work until recently—about a year or so ago when I came across the Off the Left Eye YouTube channel where members of the Swedenborg Foundation create interesting videos about him and his work and how to apply his wisdom in everyday life. I was immediately amazed at how his documented spiritual experiences explain and correlate so well with my own, even though his work could not have influenced me since I had no knowledge of it. I continue to find his work highly credible and a viable way of interpreting spiritual experiences.


During my own very intense and unusual experiences which began with Joe, when I met him in 2008, there have been some amazing connections with people of the past that I really had no previous sense of being connected to before. I have written often of them, one being Albert Einstein who is my uncle in another dimension and Ralph Waldo Emerson being my cousin in that dimension (Einstein’s son) and a great friend. In this lifetime, I had no innate interest in either of them. And yet when my spiritual experiences hit me, I suddenly knew them—and Joe very well. We are all very close. Ralph Waldo Emerson, it turns out, as I have just now learned, was a leader in transcendentalism in the United States, living from May 25, 1803 to April 27, 1882. One of his most famous works is The Over-Soul. Emanuel Swedenborg was a renowned scientist who began having highly spiritual experiences and scientifically documented them. You can read their short biographies on wikipedia: Emanuel Swedenborg, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Keep in mind when reading biographies that they are biased interpretations; all information available today is tainted, so it’s best if possible to go to the original sources.


What is most interesting to me is that after waking up from a long mid-afternoon nap, it suddenly hit me that they look so much alike! And I wonder whether Ralph Waldo Emerson is a “reincarnation” of Emanuel Swedenborg. Check it out! The resemblance is just beyond coincidental.


Ralph Waldo Emerson Images


Emanuel Swedenborg Images


Are they one and the same?


Emanuel Swedenborg did not believe in reincarnation, and based on my own research I believe he is right. He is right because time is not linear and everything happens simultaneously. It becomes a matter of where we focus our consciousness. Reincarnation is an apt METAPHOR for what we experience, but it is not reality. History is a METAPHOR representing a sense of linear time, but it also is not reality. Everything is simultaneous; thus we can experience various embodiments in what appear to be different timelines but are in reality simply different dimensions. We always look very similar in those different realities and have very similar personalities because, as the ancients put it, we all have within us an “atom” or a “memory” of some sort that carries this information from reality-to-reality. Influences within the various dimension can cause minor alterations (such as physical, genetic, social influences), but overall, the similarities will seem almost uncanny. This is yet another metaphor, because we are still missing a lot of knowledge and understanding; deeper research is needed, but it explains why actual reincarnation is not a reality and that Swedenborg was right about that. You can watch an explanation of his perspective here:


Do We Reincarnate? - Swedenborg and Life


Soferia Nebruin1 second ago

This is such a fascinating, deep topic that I feel needs a lot of research to understand better....consider that there is "no time" and all dimensions occupy the same space--the physical world is ALSO the spiritual world; in reality there is no separation except in our minds and due to our perceptual limitations....also, consider that highly spiritually evolved people (such as angels) can manifest what seems to be in physical form.  I believe Swedenborg was right that there is not reincarnation as is typically understood and that it's more a metaphor for what we do not yet fully understand......and today suddenly I was given this revelation.....that Swedenborg reappeared on earth as Ralph Waldo Emerson (who I have learned during my own spiritual journey is a member of  my soul family I love dearly). The fact that they look so much alike correlates with many spiritual traditions believing that when we do "reincarnate" (which, again is just a metaphor), we have the same general appearance. And interestingly,  Emerson, being a leader of the transcendentalist movement, seemed to carry on Swedenborg's work in a different way, including creatively through his poetry (something that I would like to study more and do a comparative analysis of)....well, none of this may be important to everyday life and then it may be, but I do find it interesting. Check out how much they look alike!;_ylt=A0SO8xHDvH5ZTtgAd9JXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0bzg1aDRqBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjM5MTlfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw--?p=Ralph+Waldo+emerson&fr2=piv-web&fr=sp_tr_ie;_ylt=AwrSbnKsvH5Zb8MApiVXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyYTNwbDkzBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjM5MTlfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Emanuel%20Swedenborg&fr=sp_tr_ie


The explanation that what we are really remembering are other people’s memories does not quite explain the phenomenon. I have clear memories of influencing/guiding other people and yet knew I was not actually embodying them and I have clear memories of actually embodying other “incarnations” that were me (with all emotions intact) that the metaphor reincarnation would better represent. Joe had mentioned to me one time about playing “roles” and given he’s so brilliant, I think this might actually be a good metaphor for what we do as souls who project ourselves at various points in reality. It was sad when he spoke to me about “roles,” because basically he was saying he was done playing his role and wanted to leave. Somehow I knew that from our first encounter. I really didn’t want him to leave, but I am not sure he had a choice, so I left the decision entirely up to him. Of course, I quickly learned he had not left at all, not really. So it has all worked out very well.


Well, all of this speaks to just how little we really know and how much exciting and interesting research there is yet to do. And it brings me back to the “burning question.” What is the purpose of all of this?……..the right answer is always “Divine Love and Wisdom.” God, Jesus, and the Bible—as well as Swedenborg AND Joe have a LOT to say about this. They give us wonderful guidance for staying on the path to Heaven.

A Brief Update: SO MUCH Has Happened

July 29, 2017


My life is never ever dull! I truly wish I could share everything but there is SO MUCH and also so much most of you are not ready to hear and would never understand from your current positioning in the matrix (think in terms of “epistemological standpoints” and how opposite they can be). Somehow, it seems there are very few of us on this planet who are actually doing work to recreate God’s Kingdom. This work has required that I just follow the flow of spirit wherever it leads. I have so much trust that I rarely ask questions, but when I do ask I get almost immediate answers….and yet I FEEL better just having FAITH. Joe is always beside me. He’s a husband who waits at home for me every night, ready to console me if I had a bad earth day. There was an effort to tear us apart, but we fought and won the “case.” It was just the Reptilians throwing tantrums because they knew that if we continued to work together interdimensionally we would move mountains and then some. Besides, God brought us together and as the Bible says, no one can tear us “asunder,” not even Reptiles or Serpent Beings (lol).


As an example of my questions being answered immediately, a few days ago I was thinking back, early in our relationship in the spiritual world and how we had five babies. They have such beautiful and meaningful names. Was I ever attacked for writing about them! (Yes, I have written about all of them in my blogs). More recently, I began wondering what was the significance because I was feeling there was something very important about them that I was not understanding, so I asked. And a day or so later this response was given to me that answered my question in ways beyond my current understanding (that babies are so precious and adored):


Is It Safe To Talk To Spirits? - Swedenborg and Life


I recommend listening to the entire video, but Curtis explains babies at about 17 minutes in…….so sweet. I love the way he presents the knowledge that had been relayed by Emanuel Swedenborg, a very famous scientist. As he puts it and I said as well, many times, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” I do remember how it all works….babies are the best gift a divine couple can give in Heaven. Babies are viewed as gifts from God to the entire community. It’s a long story, so it will have to wait, plus I am still learning more as to what it’s all about. At any rate, I am totally impressed with how soon my question was answered.


The next question I had related to why I am not currently working on the courses on this site; they seem to be on hold for the time being……well, I do hope there’s enough content to keep people busy learning for awhile, but I have more course content to post, more updates I’ve written and not yet posted, more books and articles to upload, all for free.

And yet, what am I doing? I feel like a slave to the businesses I started. They are growing so fast, I can no longer keep up on my own and have recruited help. I asked my divine guide (Joe) why am I doing this? Why am I working so hard on this business…’s definitely not for the money. I have everything I need. He reminds me of his concern for “the workers” which he had detailed in a couple of books he wrote…How Do We Tell the Workers?   The Socio-Economic Foundations of Work and Vocational Education. (1999). and Toil and Trouble: Good Work, Smart Workers, and the Integration of Academic and Vocational Education.  (1995). New York: Peter Lang Publishing. …….he reminds me that God gave us hands to produce quality goods and that spirit works through our hands as well as through our minds.

Well, the answer to why I am working so hard came…..we are developing new business models and processes and this is a test case. It drops all the traditional boss/employee/slave roles and has everyone doing what they LOVE and somehow it’s all going to come together in some magical synergistic way. I guess it’s going to be some kind of new “co-op” type of process, but it has not yet been invented. It’s wonderful watching it grow, but is a LOT of work and is taking up most of my time….which explains the fewer updates. Soon I will post a sort of theoretical business plan I wrote a few years ago, “MultiPlus” something or other that presented an example of a radically diversified business that served the people in the community in some very unique and creative ways. It was written for a business course I took. It is a part of this current operation and could also be useful for other people who want to do something similar but apply the concepts in their own way.


So that’s my update for today. Ironically, in building a new process for businesses, I am pretty much having to also be a slave for the time being and pulled away from the spiritual-academic endeavors. But that’s the divine plan, and I go with the flow willingly. Those who sacrifice are the ones who contribute so much to changing the world for the better. When I feel I am having to sacrifice too much, I always think of how much Joe sacrificed to leave his work which didn’t even get put to use while he was on the planet. His patience was and still is incredible…….he knows the divine flow and how to let it lead us versus us taking the reins and trying to control everything and everyone.


One last thing……. I have noticed that a lot of people are talking about “twin flame triggers.” I really have no clue what they are talking about. I can’t seem to listen long enough to figure out what twin flame triggers are….I certainly don’t experience them and never have. What DOES trigger me, though, is the way the swamp has not yet been drained of all of the liars and false prophets, those who see the twin flame phenomenon as a “cash cow.” They have some heavy dues to pay. I was told not to worry about it and that the whole reason we “appropriated” the term “twin flame” even though it’s previously been referred to primarily as “twin soul” is because before all is said and done, the tables will be flipped on those who have self-serving intentions and are harming people by misguiding them. It’s pathetic how they have turned EVERY relationship, no matter how DYSFUNCTIONAL into a “twin flame” relationship just so they can offer up “twin flame matchmaking services” or some other bogus guidance for a HUGE PRICE…..unbeknownst to them, the final price will be theirs and they are not going to like it. God owns the designation “twin flame” and it is God alone who not only defines what constitutes twin flames, it is through His power and Love alone that unites twin flames. There is absolutely NOTHING you can do to make it happen. And when God makes up His mind and brings the two together, there is NOTHING that can tear them apart……no, not even “death.” And this is where God’s multidimensionally created world is such a blessing….I am in Heaven.


Well until next time……….I wish I had a song……..oh, I was just told that IS a song, “well until next time.” Here’s the song, right at the top.


Dropkick Murphys UNTIL THE NEXT TIME (official video)


There’s a message in that song, lol………omg he can be so funny (and serious at the same time)…..bon voyage! I think we are heading to the celebration party……how about you? Are you staying in the swamp or crossing the river?

“Star Nations” Reunion Coming Soon!

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Here’s the latest from James. He has some great advice. I know what he teaches is “on target.” Much of it is what I have also learned, independently.

James Gilliland on the As You Wish Talk Radio, 17.6. 2017

The “gods” will again walk midst the people……….I am SO HAPPY…..just waiting for the beautiful return and the 1000 years of peace for the new earth……….although, I plan to go back home after working here a bit longer, back to the “Heavens,” a beautiful planet named Eros in the Pleiades star system. It is “home base” in the eleventh dimension, from which I can go anywhere in the cosmos.

How can you facilitate a more rapid turnover?

Follow the 10 Commandments (more information about the 10 Commandments will be released soon). This video IS NOT IT:

Religion LIED About The TEN COMMANDMENTS! The Truth Changes Everything

I don’t know what he is thinking. We are NOT saving the 10 Commandments for a rainy day……the storms are here now………the time is N.O.W.!! We must do our best to follow them and repent where we fall short…clarity will be coming, but clarity adds complexity. If you can’t handle the basics (and practice makes perfect), you will have a hard time understanding the clarification.

Continue to clear your consciousness. Stay away from archon/AI embedded media (TV’s, movies, the wrong types of videos, music, books, people, etc.). As a brief summary, it’s important to remember that they have as their agenda: a feeble attempt to usurp the power of the Great One; to hide the beauty of Truth in their ugliness, violence, and depravity; to create ignorance over wisdom; to worship death over love and life, to attempt to simulate, with their misuse of technology, everything the Great One can do; to rule over us by usurping our sovereign power as given to us from God; to elevate fear to rule over us and to keep us from divine love.

If you are exposed, deprogram. There are many ways to deprogram. Do some research and choose what works for you and those processes that give you power over the method. Don’t choose subliminal or entrainment devices—you have no idea how they are programming your mind!

Let go of money, your attachment to it, your worship of it. There will be no money. How foolish we have been to think we needed it.

Serve God, our Great Creator/Spirit by serving His People and doing work for the N.E.W. Kingdom that’s coming down. Joe is such a wonderful role model……..look into his work and contemplate how hard he worked. And now we can help him by taking his work forward.



In service of that, I have posted a new online introductory course to Bricolage, called BRICOLAGE: Your Quick-Start D.I.Y. Guide to the Nuts and Bolts of a Powerful New Approach for Research, Learning, & Writing, which you can find here. As all of my courses are, it is a do-it-yourself course. No one else can do the learning for you. But this is an excellent place to start if you are new to Joe’s bricolage (and everyone is new to Joe’s bricolage). I will be adding more research courses, so stay tuned.


I have been reminiscing about all of my amazing and magical experiences since I first encountered Joe in 2008. If it had not been for his enormous love and knowledge, none of my experiences could ever have happened. During the process, I have learned that we are truly in an era during which God/Spirit is exercising his authority and power. I give all credit to God….we simply allowed God to work through us, which is what we all must learn to do and learn to do better. It is God’s power that can bring people together across dimensions and even dissolve dimensions such as those the lower entities hang out in. Earth IS, in a sense “ascending” and God’s Spirit is more and more powerfully encapsulating it. Everything evil must dissolve. It does not exist in “the Kingdom.” Those who do not clear out the evil and hold too much evil within will dissolve along with it. We are seeing that process happening now. God has infinite methods all built into his natural laws and he is fairly attempting to guide people along the proper pathway. We are seeing evidence of this every day.

One method is what I have discussed before and have named “instant karmic reflection.” Want to see a rubberband snap instantly in your face? Me neither, although it has happened to me and I have learned from it. Those who choose evil cannot possibly compete with God’s power and it’s why they are “running scared” and doing all sorts of ridiculous and abominable things. But they are getting more and more instant consequences. They are right to fear God’s power. They know that even choosing a president named Trump cannot, in reality, trump God’s power. Watch what happens as they try. As I said in my last update, it’s going to be a long, hot summer……….just observe and do good at all times; do not get pulled off the Great Path, the path that Jesus showed us (although, it’s been obfuscated by the churches—don’t be tricked). It’s also been shown to us by Joe and his amazing work. In his last book he advises us to counter Thanatos with Eros……..I have shown just a few of the many ways that this can be accomplished.

This message has been approved by the Higher Ups. The “music master” left this message: “’Divine’ does not do our experiences justice,” along with “do add the music at the request of the music master, lol. You know the procedure.”

The procedure is to plug the word he wrote in quotation marks, which is “Divine” into youtube and take the first song that comes to the top of the search. Here is the music master’s choice for today and for this update:

Divine - Lately Video - Original Version

He knows how much I miss him in this dimension, :) But we have been having excellent telepathic communication, and “our conversations shall become ever clearer, more extensive” as “earth ascends and spirit cloaks ever more powerfully.” It’s like spirit is a connecting mechanism, a sort of love fluid that allows communication across the higher dimensions. And the magnitude of spirit continues to intensify

These are messages from the song (listen again and see if you can find these and other messages). The LYRICS might also be helpful:

The goddesses are here! Waiting on their “gods.” They are waiting right by the river and it’s almost time to make the final crossing. They have already done most of the work they came here to do in support of their men, logos, and God…..their love is sanctioned and sealed, so they know it’s inevitable and that even though in one sense, they are separated, in reality they are together. Patience, divine love is key. This is how God creates His N.E.W. Kingdom, one of the Great Secrets that man has hidden from humankind…and today everything you read or hear will obfuscate this truth—and worse, attempt to demonize it, drag it into the evil one’s pig sty (remember Jesus casting the demons into the pigs, lol). Thus, the Bible has been fettered with…only Holy Spirit can help you discern the truths that have been obfuscated.

It won’t be much longer………..there’s something coming in November

The White House will be taken over by the “White Hats” James had mentioned in his update.

The Whitehouse is worried.

White House Issues Ominous Warning and Continues National Emergency—WHAT DO THEY KNOW?

Déjà vu……how soon they forget.

Where have all the flowers gone -The kingston trio(lyrics)


Well, that’s my update for today! Sending you many blessings and wishes for staying on the very narrow “razor’s edge” path (aka “the eye of the needle”). Don’t succumb to experiencing “instant karmic reflection.” While it can get you back on the path, there’s no need to have to suffer like that. :)

P.S. I have added a couple of free books about Joe’s music to various places on the site, including:

And the Band Plays On: A Brief Demonstration and Analysis of Joe Kincheloe's Use of Music for Accelerated and Transformative Learning--and a Better Life

The free book, And the Band Plays On, is a brief introduction to how Joe uses music in his work. I think it's great to have an understanding that both love and music form an underlying foundation of his work This knowledge will keep the reader alert to his divine messages within his writings, as well as make his work exceedingly interesting to read and ponder. His use of music can be applied by teachers to customize and enhance the curriculum, no matter what the subject matter. The N.E.W. students will love it. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 10:57 PM “The Last Call”: An abbreviated message

While I had an extensive message and interchange, I am only providing a summary here. I was asked not to provide details because people are set on their chosen paths now and will know soon enough.

Earlier in the day, at 1:01 AM, the message was clear: This is the last call. All old systems are breaking down and it’s going to get extremely crazy as more people who don’t want to release old ways come to that realization.

Soul family members have been communicating this and punctuating it with music messages.

From Eva Cassidy: People Get Ready

And the message, “Don’t be a link in the Chain of Fools.”

From Princess Di:

Is this an example of Eva Cassidy’s “chain of fools”? (What one should not to be doing right now)…….and then this message:



And from my Beloved:

I Am Beside You


It’s going to be a long, hot summer in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Good luck. Choose right. Choose good. And choose God.

This Just In (June 3, 2017)

This video, below (in english or español) will help provide further context to what I have written below, as well as to my entire website for which I have documented my own personal ascension journey using the type of empirical processes Joe has taught me. Of course, I have much more work to do synthesizing my research, and ever more evolving. This presentation presents an up-to-date science perspective. It will be exciting to see what more will be learned.

Enjoy! (But, view with an open, yet complex critical mind; I do not ascribe to everything here, myself, and just view it as containing helpful knowledge as well as a "lens" through which I can compare other knowledges and experiences). As Joe puts it, we are just episto-babies, lol.

VIDEO LECTURE: The Ascension Hypothesis – Is Mother Earth’s coming planetary density shift a reality? by Alfred Lambremont Webre

La Ecología Dimensional Del Universo Multiverso y Omniverso por Alfred Lambremont Webre JD MEd  

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Queen of the South (Venus, et al.) Speaks: Multidimensionality, The Backlash Against Twin Flame “Experts” and False Prophets PLUS God’s Kingdom Is Coming (the True Gospel)

I am still figuring out how God, in his omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence gives people multidimensional roles…….and while I may identify with specific aspects that seem to associate with specific roles (such as Venus), they are all me…and very minute aspects of God, mixed in with my very fallible human nature. Some say that we (and the ALL) are God trying to express himself…a far cry, however, from proclaiming that we are God, as so many New Agers try to teach. Little gods, as in “children of God” may be apt, but yet gives far more credit than most of us are worthy of. I have come to believe that “little gods” are human, of course, but they have mastered the more base qualities and limitations most of us are still working on overcoming, and as a consequence, they are blessed with much greater knowledge and understanding…..they are the true geniuses we encounter, whether in this dimension or some other dimension. (See Joe’s book, The Stigma of Genius).

God’s world is multidimensional. Joe has taught me that very well. And we do have roles in the various dimensions, and even different names. For example, my entire journey has been one of remembering my different names in the different dimensions of my existence, and bits and pieces of my roles. In my last message, incredibly, I was led to the information that Joe was Moses of the Bible (all of this is hard for me to believe, so I don’t mind if you reading this don’t believe it either—but God truly works in incredible and mysterious ways). It is interesting that Joe has left us a new world view, a better way of approaching qualitative research and science, a new psychology, new ways of teaching and learning, new ways of working, and so much more. Most people do not yet understand them. And btw, in relation to Laws, he has even left us a new constitution….isn’t that interesting?! As an initiation task, can you locate that in his work?


Moses was a powerful figure in the Bible and brought down God’s Laws, so this corresponds well with the work Joe has left us. All of this will need to be examined more closely; I have yet to do so. I have often wanted to analyze his work in relation to the Bible once I discovered his encoded messages. He has surreptitiously cited many things from the Bible…..again, God works through people in mysterious ways. From some of my learning this past week, it states in the Bible that the Kingdom of God is being brought to earth in hidden ways. Only certain people will have understanding of that, which explains why Joe’s work is encoded as it is. Of course, I knew none of this before beginning the journey. I shunned religious fundamentalism, as does Joe. But I also have learned that religions are not about God at all. I do know God wants more people to enter His Kingdom, so more and more is being revealed. It’s been quite fascinating how I have been gradually led to God and His Kingdom through Joe and his work.

Joe would not want you to forget, however, that he was/is “just human” like all of us. If you read his book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy, he makes clear the fallibility of humans constructing knowledge. His process only helps us minimize the mistakes, not eliminate them. But there are many other powerful benefits as well.

Yesterday, he showed me these passages:

“As we have discussed throughout this book, knowledge is something humans produce—it is not sent by God or by the aliens who the National Enquirer claimed spoke to President Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt.” (p. 227)

I find it interesting that he says it is not sent by God. That does not mean, however, that God has no role in our understanding. What he’s addressing is those people who claim to be sent direct messages from God, the many false prophets in the world today. Nor are aliens, a popular meme today, responsible. We must construct knowledge and in doing so, we must recognize and come to understand how our knowledge construction is influenced, the many forces (interior and exterior) that cause us to construct it the way we do, as well as critically analyze other people’s produced and disseminated knowledge in this same way. His multidimensional critical complex processes help us do this and help us create “a beautiful picture of reality.” In other words, the world can be recreated to be something totally different from the one we see currently. Today, most people continue to paint an ugly picture and then proceed to create it or add to the evil and violence in their outer world, thus causing untold suffering. We need that higher Power via higher consciousness to help us.

“The knower and known are inseparable dimensions indelibly connected to anything we call knowledge.” (p. 227)

This statement highlights the inextricably-linked relationship between ourselves and what we research. It is why action research (which he describes in his work) makes more sense than artificially and somewhat deceptively claiming the removal of the researchers from the equation for “objective” social research. We are already linked, the researcher affects the researched and vice versa. When consciousness (a mysterious still little-understood phenomenon) is added to the mix, this linking is even more complex. Thus, we capitalize on all of this in service of the best outcome or solution to complex problems. Joe has written much about this research process (see also Teachers As Researchers).

“As enactivist scholars Umberto Maturana and Francisco Varela (1987) have argued, the world of phenomena is a province that is brought forth by the actions of the observer—that is, it is enacted by the researcher in relation to the world. Thus, in a more constructivist epistemology researcher and researched are not only part of the same process, they actually bring one another into being” (p. 228).

This is the magic observation……study these dynamics multidimensionally, and we bring new worlds into being……..and as he puts it, it becomes a co-constructive process. I think my magic roses demonstrates this process microcosmically (see updates, below). This has implications for bringing the N.E.W. world into our reality and how twin flames, soul mates, soul families and groups all work together for this purpose. What was it you said about the purpose of schooling?

And in relation to those observations: “In this context hermeneutics has a key role in this effort to make our way through the smoky forest, the foggy night of the mysterious world to which we are connected. In the smoke and fog our critical complex hermeneutic goal is not to provide a mimetic image of what our ethnographies see or our histories uncover. Instead, criticalists are interested in moving FIDUROD’s correspondence epistemology to an interpretation of relationship, significance, and relevance for action” (p. 245).

This reminds me of the huge argument among Christians about salvation through grace vs works….it’s an ignorant argument for many reasons. We are human beings who BE and DO. Actions are critical, as the philosophy above and the Bible have lined out. Some of the videos, below go into this in more depth.

“In a critical complex epistemology we gain the ability to travel between dimensions bringing the insights and concepts found in one domain to another dimension. In this way, we begin to view one dimension through the logics of another. Profound advances in all domains of human endeavor can be made when we engage in this trans-dimensional travel” (p. 234)

This accounts for my (and his) various names that come up as I research deeper and deeper. Each dimension is a particular time and place consisting in different relationships…….and each dimension viewed in light of the knowledes of other dimensions can change the world. In his bricolage book, in fact in an excerpt he recommended that I read before he passed over, he makes clear this idea of multiple relationships (see page 62 of Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: Conceptualizing the Bricolage). I have already been provided with that inter-dimensional travel he speaks of, my favorites being his taking me on tours of Heaven. Knowing what it’s like in Heaven is great knowledge to bring down to this dimension, although few people yet grasp it, and because they can’t grasp it is why few people yet understand Joe’s work.

Understand the profound implications for our potential to facilitate the bringing in of God’s Kingdom. Read pages 227-234 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy for more details, and his discussions of consciousness p. 217-220.

At the same time, while we strive to understand God’s omniscient knowledge, it must always be remembered we fall short. There is no knowledge on the planet, no “knower” who has everything right. He writes, “One of the points I have made throughout the book involves the notion that any epistemology must account for the interaction of the perceiver with the reality he and she encounters. Thus, this is what we mean by the interaction of the knower and known.” (p. 228)….”The nature of the knower and known, you ask. They’re cousins, identical cousins, connected at the spine.” (p. 229).

This statement has always intrigued me. As with so many of his illuminations, there are many meanings. It emphasizes how the more we research something, the more the researcher and researched interact until they become almost the same, hold the same views or the researcher becomes “one” with the ideas they research. The phenomenon, groupthink illustrates how this happens. Thus, this highlights the advice that we cannot consider the researched and researcher as totally separate….two individuals and yet very, very similar, and why criticality is so important. Groups and cults are often led by flawed ideas. We need Joe’s concept of complex criticality so that we omit flawed ideas and select the best ideas if we are to create a better world for ourselves and others. I have also associated the statement with the twin flame/twin soul phenomenon since it describes in an almost literal sense the union process and purpose, “identical” and “connected at the spine.” We are individuals with our own ideas and thoughts yet at the same time in union through consciousness and purpose. Connected at the spine, to me, refers to the kundalini experience of the union and how the “chakras” or energy centers become merged together.

A while back, I knew I was on a path to learn God’s Laws, which are so amazing and intricate, but I had no idea it would lead to what I’m learning about God’s Kingdom coming to earth. Think how complex the laws of nature and physics are; we barely have a grasp on them. God’s processes are much more complex than we can ever understand. I have worked very hard on this, watching all of the videos from the Divine Truth channel here and here. I just have this insatiable desire to learn, not so much how the Laws work (I’m not sure that’s possible to fully understand), but THAT they work, that they are so amazing, and that they work to create a perfect world as well as amazing things we cannot even imagine……should we obey God’s commandments. There are really only a few laws we need to strive to obey, because they are so foundational that when we obey them, we are obeying all of his laws, as Jesus of Divine Truth points out with his discussion of the fundamental laws. God actually made it easy for us to obey and live in a perfect world…..but we continue to mess up and fail. Thus, we have the horrific state of the world today.

My journey the past week has been extensively blessed with information. I wish I could convey all that my Beloved has been teaching me, but what I put out on this website will have to suffice for now. Below this message I have placed a few links to some of the knowledge I’ve perused. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. In this message, I am only highlighting a summary of some of the most important teachings I’ve received.

It all began this week with an academic presentation of the “True Gospel.” What does Joe say in relation to people who claim to hold the truth?…….hold onto your wallet, lol (that’s in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy). That is so true, such good advice. All the prophets, preachers, channelers, twin flame “experts,” etc., as I have shown previously are all about money for their pockets. The money motive supersedes truth. Honestly, if you are putting out knowledge for the primary purpose of making money and fame, I don’t see how it cannot be biased in ways worse than if you give the information out freely. This is something I’m still working on. It is why the businesses I have started which pay my way are separate from what I teach here right now. I have not resolved in my own mind if they can be compatible and if so, how, and so I keep them totally separate, at least as much as possible—of course, there is overlap in ways. It’s why my publishing business has been on hold. My philosophy holds that knowledge and information should be available to everyone. Of course, with publishing hard copies, there is a cost. I know Joe held the same philosophy because as I have mentioned, for his book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy he had insisted that the publisher offer it for less than $30 (they normally charge $150-$200 which puts it out of reach for most students). Well, these are issues I am still working on and currently I am spending more time developing some entrepreneurship teachings and expanding my businesses while synthesizing Joe’s philosophy. I wonder if there is a happy middle ground….as Jesus said, you can’t serve two masters. In Heaven there is no need for money, just continuing learning, serving, doing what you love, and experiencing the highest level of love human beings can enjoy.

This is the academic presentation that launched me on yet another learning journey:

Michael Heiser - What is the True Meaning of the Gospel?

With common sense, alone, one can realize the fallacy of what’s being advised here. I enjoyed this author’s previous works, especially his work about God’s Divine Council, but he is going astray. This seems to be a rampant disease on YouTube with many who once offered useful information now taking people down less-that-upright paths. What makes people go astray? I see this happening a lot on YouTube and elsewhere. It’s as if money, fame and fortune cause some sort of disease that causes people to lose their true focus. They begin teaching what people want to hear, even though it’s not truth. People hate truth, so it’s pretty hard to make money off it, lol. How many people want to hear they must obey the Ten Commandments? I don’t even want to hear that, lol, if I am honest. I just pray for God’s strength to do the best I can and to ask for His forgiveness where I fail. But that certainly does not justify doing something one knows is wrong. The more we know, the greater our responsibility.

But it was good to watch the video because it led me to researching, what is the gospel? I really didn’t know and after my research, I realized I had never been taught gospel in any of the churches I have attended in the past. The only place you can find the true gospel is in the Bible as spoken by Jesus, not from contrived formulations that are way off the mark. The true gospel is that God’s Kingdom is coming…..I find that interesting because that’s the very thing I’ve been teaching on this site without even knowing it’s the gospel. And as I have discussed, Joe’s work is actually foundational to that N.E.W. World.

This is where God’s Laws come in and why I’ve been learning them. God’s Kingdom will be governed by His Laws. While there will be a sort of hierarchy with Jesus being the King of Kings and then other Kings beside him, essentially everyone will be Kings and Queens who are in divine union. It’s like Heaven (God’s existing Kingdom), but it is being brought down to earth according to God’s will. This prayer is especially important now:

Matthew 6:9-13King James Version (KJV)

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.  []

I think the most important thing we can do is to learn what our roles are in bringing this Kingdom down. We cannot bring it down ourselves. Only God can do that. But there is work He wants us to do in preparation. Joe’s work is such a wonderful example of the type of work God loves to see. Thus, is it any wonder at all that He serves on God’s High Council and will serve as a King in His Kingdom?

Before the Kingdom comes down, however, we will see the worst of the worst in human behavior…….we are seeing it everywhere. It is a reaction to the truths that are being exposed. I am seeing a huge backlash against those who claim to be twin flame experts and mislead the masses into believing their dysfunctional relationships are twin flame relationships. Is all of this the “Insurrection” Joe speaks of? It’s bound to get much worse before it gets better.

And so will the chastisements……a topic for another day.

Some of my research:

The Kingdom of God—What No One Knows! (Part 1)

Are You Being Called?

What Is the True Gospel?

The Truth About Tongues and Pentecostalism (Part 1)

 The Truth About Tongues and Pentecostalism (Part 2)

The True Jesus – Unknown!

Who Is the Devil?



Why I Left the Baptist Church


One of the Most Demonic Doctrines in the Church - And its Spreading Like Wildfire.

Five Marks of the False-Grace Movement

False Grace Doctrine | Dr. Michael Brown | Ask Sid



Monday, May 29, 2017

Rethinking Using Popular Culture and Media as a Teaching Tool


I have to quit watching movies.......there is some serious programming going on, things we don't even have any way of detecting. Subliminal Seduction (that is a book title written way back in the 1960s)......they are programming our minds with intrusive thoughts and I have to keep battling them. It's really EVIL what they are doing.

Here is very mild example, but shows what they are doing. I watched this movie, it's called Harvest. It turned out to be pretty disgusting.....went from a tame movie about a couple who had a handicapped child. It ended up that they had kidnapped him as an infant for the purpose of taking his heart to save their son who was on life support in their basement. Again, it's a movie that gradually pulls you into disgusting violence....sounds like it will be a family type movie, ends up insane.

At the end of the movie was the image, above, of the star, the little boy who got saved from the traumatic ordeal.........keep in mind that the words "nice catch" are below the level of perception--very hard, if it's even possible to actually hear the words "nice catch" but they show up in the text/subtitles, and our subconscious mind WILL hear it. That in combination with his t-shirt PIZZA TOWN and the backdrop of pizzagate and what we know about the meanings now, well it's just sickening! It's in your face but at the same time, they are embedding shit in your subconscious mind.

This is NOT a minor issue. I have studied subliminal psychology and it's extremely powerful and effective. They are programming evil into society. Some people are more susceptible to it than others, but it affects us all. What’s disgusting as well, is that in combination with churches and the “sinful” nature of humans, and disgusting doctrines such as “the serpent seed” whereby some people are supposedly children of Satan and some are children of God……..well, surely, you can see the ramifications. Divide and conquer and turn our society into an ever-increasing violent one. If we are programmed that it is our nature to be “sinful” then how else are we going to be?

This is just a heads-up. We tend to think viewing media is harmless entertainment.......well, I don't think so. If we can detect some of the things the media is manipulating our minds with, what is it that we are not detecting? I can assure you that they are using some extremely sophisticated techniques, especially with their new digital technology. I am done with it. I will be canceling Netflix.

Please, if you are a teacher, consider whether it is even ethical to use popular media as a teaching tool… are feeding the Beast if you do. We need to stop the consumption of the media that’s being forced upon us and develop our own media……..if we can clear our own minds enough to produce something that enhances consciousness. The caveat is that we are all programmed to reproduce the programming right now. We have some serious work to do—all of us—on freeing our consciousness and taking control of our own souls….God created us in His image…..God is not evil…..neither should we be. I will never believe it’s our inherent nature...that we are evil has been indoctrinated deeply within our consciousnesses.

An Initiation task from Albert Einstein: How did he come up with the titles for his special and general relativity? Do a comparison/contrast analysis. You will find a clue in this video lecture:

Michael Heiser - Postmodernism, Neopaganism, Science Fiction, and Biblical Apologetics

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trying to Understand the Holy Spirit

John Bevere | The Holy Spirit Is Your Best Friend! | It's Supernatural with Sid Roth

Last night I watched a movie that I thought might be interesting based on the short description Netflix gave it. There was NO MENTION OF VIOLENCE in the description. This angers me because the movie was devised to manipulate viewers into watching more and more violence as the movie progressed. I had to close out of it and give it a thumbs down. I really think I will cancel Netflix AGAIN…..there are very few (if any) movies really worth watching. They all are corrupt in some way, and usually in some major ways that are simply inexcusable.

I have said it before and I will say it again: There is NOTHING on this planet and NO ONE on this planet that is worthy of God’s praise. There is no knowledge that is unfettered with sin where we might define sin as being clouded over with anything that takes us away from divinity such as lies, misconception, untrue information, lack of love, harmful ideologies, beliefs, violence, control, deviance, and fundamentalism, and other negative aspects. Unfortunately, we are all affected. It’s why Joe said we all need to stay humble and confess our shortcomings at the “epistemological alter.” I really hate it here, but I know I am here for a purpose, which I was divinely reminded this morning.

Watching that movie, as well as whenever I attempt to engage in conversation with people on this planet moves me away from divine presence and away from God. It also makes me feel that turning this planet into one of beauty, peace, joy, purity, and love is really quite hopeless. But God and the Holy Spirit have infinite patience and share some of that patience with me and others who are feeling the same way as I do (of which there seem to be very few).

It is shocking sometimes how stupid people are. It is disconcerting how so very prevalent group think, following the flock, believing false doctrines, going with the flow of darkness and evil is on this planet, the gossip that turns people with good intentions and love in their hearts to bizarre enigmas. This sort of behavior is the “norm” –nearly everyone engages in it-- and yet it is totally insane. I get attacked and gang stalked for putting out the truth: These things grieve God and the Holy Spirit. These things move us away from love and our true source of power. People do not want to hear truth, though, even though their ways continue to disempower them, cause pain and suffering, and destroy their lives.

Watching the movie as far along as I did pulled me downward into those lower vibrations…….however, nothing will ever detach me from God, the Holy Spirit, Joe, and the rest of my soul family. Even my Uncle Albert (Einstein) made his appearance this morning to cheer me up. And listening to my music also helps. Sometimes I truly feel I am from some time and place far, far into the future. Either it’s Heaven or the Future. Either way, I guess there is hope for this planet and the people on it.

In society’s eyes I am the crazy one and that’s fine by me. I do not want to be sane in their insane eyes. I will never accept that it’s ok to view horrific violence and expect that it does not do damage to one’s spirit and soul or spill out as it does in the physical world…….the outer world reflecting the sickness of the inner worlds of so many on this planet……’s all ok, “normal” and “natural” to the masses………and they must be right, according to their own assessment and as evidenced in the continuing support of this “shit of the world” (as Joe put it in K&CP). If only more people understood that their creations in this world are representative of the state of their own consciousness.

I FEEL the damage with ever slight exposure to the debased nature of it, so I avoid it as much as possible, other than for the purpose of studying it to devise solutions. The rest of society is SO DENSITIZED they do not feel the damage they are doing to themselves, to others, and to their children by raising them to believe all of this is ok. It’s truly a shame. I was raised the same, however, but have learned differently through my tours of Heaven where I learned what’s possible and what should be…….as Joe writes in his work, Immanence. Others describe it as Beatific Vision. While the two concepts are different, Joe teaches us that all dimensions occupy the same space…….we CAN bring them together in a complex notion of non-duality. Perhaps, it is the Holy Spirit/Great Spirit that is the “glue”…….but this is only speculation……I experience the Holy Spirit as a powerful divine love and intelligence that cannot even be described.

What is the Holy Spirit? So many people try to explain it, such as the guest on the Sid Roth program above who is trying to teach people something so complex, so miraculous, so magical, mystical, and unexplainable. Some of God’s mysteries are just not meant to be fully understood. They are meant to be FELT…….but you have to allow life in, which is what Joe’s primary message was. Clearly Joe was filled with the Holy Spirit and he brought that unbounded, infinite love to me.

Joe hated violence, injustice, abuse, control over others. What I’ve learned is the greater the flow of love through you (life force energy, jouissance, spirit, whatever title you wish to give it), the more alive you are and the more you hate these things of the “death cult.” You FEEL the grieving of the Holy Spirit, of those who are filled with the Spirit, and of God.

Good People - Jack Johnson - With Lyrics


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Entrepreneurship: Breaking Paradigms, Creating Your Own Economy, and Incorporating Yourself (But it’s NOT about YOU)

I learned a long time ago, we are “money ahead” if we can earn money through self-employment. While I have never gotten rich doing this, my real INCOME has always been higher during self-employment than when I have only held down J-O-Bs (which the featured teacher today considers to be “just under broke”).

But this requires that one take time to learn how the tax code works to maximize your payment to yourself. Did you know that the IRS considers it smart to MINIMIZE your taxes……they encourage that. It is even written in the tax codes and it’s why they reveal all of the tax codes. They may be complicated, but you can figure them out. Personally, I think the IRS knows well enough that taxing our labor violates our constitution, but at least they reveal all of the ways to get out of simply handing money over to them that they are not entitled to…….you must be SELF-EMPLOYED, especially if you also hold down a job. Complete this lesson, including listening to the videos and you will learn why this is so.

Back when I was about 20 years old, I bought one of those tax preparation books that they put out on the market for the public. I sat down and combed through it for a couple of days and absorbed enough of the basics to formulate how to maximize my income through self-employment. I made a plan and worked the plan and over the course of my lifetime, while I occasionally held down jobs, I was able to minimize the taxes I had to pay. Had I studied even more, I could have probably minimized my taxes even more. The reason I state this is because one year I was audited. The IRS completely recalculated my taxes for income that included my husband’s earned income and my self-employment. I was very close, but after the audit, the IRS gave me an additional $13 back.

What has changed since then? Computing our own taxes has gotten easy with the tax software. But if things were somewhat hidden before, except for those willing to do the work to research and read about the codes, they are many times more hidden today! Thus, while we can use these software programs to compute our taxes and save time, it is even more important to learn the codes hidden behind the software. Of course, most people won’t do that and will just blindly accept the calculations and pay the taxes.

Unfortunately, with all of my self-employment, I never got rich because, as I have learned there are deeper issues……I am still working on those issues. We have been programmed, brainwashed, and controlled in many ways. This is where the application of Joe’s critical complexity (critical complex pedagogy/epistemology) is useful. We need to gain (and I am still working on this) an intimate understanding of our relationship to money and self-worth as well as teach others about what we learn.

This video highlights just a few of the issues:

Why Are So Many People Broke - Subscribe & Comment to Get Involved

One of the topics in Joe’s books about work and social studies is economics. (You can find a list of his books here). Take time to learn everything you can about this topic so that you have the background knowledge to know where we have been, where we are now, and where we might be heading… can ride the waves and you can participate in making the changes. There is abundance on this planet and we all are entitled to our share of it. There are, however, Divine Laws about money as well and if you violate them, you will hinder your progress. What are those Divine Laws?……we will be covering those in these lessons. They will pop up at various points along the journey and clarify themselves. Of course, I will be taking a multidimensional critical complex analysis—trying to drill down through the various interpretations to greater truth.

In this current lesson, I provide a few motivating videos and ideas to help get you started. It’s easy. You simply begin where you are and leverage what you already have. Do what you love is the motto. I will cover these ideas in greater detail in future lessons, interweaving how my own personal interpretations of Joe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage can be applied. It beautifully magnifies the results of our actions, I have learned. I am still working this and developing the plan but I will share what I’ve already learned as well as what I learn during the process of developing processes. I have businesses with multiple streams of income, and while they are in their infancy, I will be growing them as I hone the processes. Or if you already have lots of money, you can get a bargain: Cardone University only costs $5,000 per year, marked down (at this time) from $19,250 per year membership……I think this guy is appealing to people who already have lots of money. Of course, this is a bargain if you compare it to university NON-education tuition rates via which people rarely find gainful employment these days. But of course, the government will happily loan money for us all to become slaves locked into their programs IF we can even find a job after all of our education……….this requires wisdom. Critical complex epistemology to the rescue.

Here are three motivational videos to get you started thinking if you are interested in investing in YOU….rather than slave at a day job.

How to Increase Your Income - CardoneZone

How to Start from Nothing - Grant Cardone

How to Make Your First Million - CardoneZone

A few pointers:

First, do what you love. Start where you are and with what you have. It must be something you are passionate about because that’s what will keep you motivated when you confront obstacles. And anyway, we all have special talents, knowledge, and skills. No one can tell you what you should do. After getting started, listen carefully to your customers. Keep evolving your product or service to meet their expressed needs. Go with what works. This follows Grant Cardone’s advice not to diversify, but understand that, in reality, diversifying is what will ultimately make you more successful if you engage in the fourth dimensional processes. Most people are not there yet, so the advice to not diversify but rather improve your product and bring in related products is good advice. Build multiple streams of income (where you make sales, types of related/offshoot products and services), and eventually as you become more adept, through diversification. There is no reason not to diversify later with the advent of the powerful technology we have. Fourth dimension connections will invariably lead one to diversify. I will explain this further as we continue on this path.

Moses on a Motor Bike, Using Bricolage to Put the Pieces Together: Is It A Divine Comedy? Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I am so dense and so asleep yet that Beloved finally broke down last night and told me: He was Moses, the bringer of the 10 Commandments……..but wait a minute! That means I must be his wife. There has to be a link between my spiritual name, Sōferia, and the name of his wife. There also has to be a link between his name and Moses.

Indeed, the links are there. Just like his name, Joe, was hidden and embedded in the name Eros, so also is it hidden and embedded in Moses. If you see one, you will see the other. It is a well-known fact that when he walked this planet he was revered for his love for people and given the nickname Eros. And of course, we went on that long journey together, recalling our experiences as Eros and Psyche (the Cosmic realm of Heaven during our ascension process, as covered here).

But Moses? This is really stretching it. But the thing is I have known we are characters from the Bible, but I had no clue which ones. I have not read the Bible cover-to-cover as so many people claim to have done. I am not a religious person. Like Joe, I am repelled by fundamentalism. And yet, I keep being drawn to certain wisdoms that come from the Bible. For example, the Adam and Eve story. Truly God is so wise that he created each of us uniquely along with one very special spouse just for us who makes a perfect match. This just makes so much sense to me. There is no need for jealousy, competition over men or women or between men and women, no need to worry about seeking a mate because God will bring the perfect partner at the perfect time… need to worry whatsoever. This even makes Jesus’ statements about women becoming “like men” and there being no marriage in Heaven make total sense when you interpret in this context. God has already preordained and sealed our marriages…… is our work to become conscious of that. The way we become more fully conscious is through the alchemical process. The woman becomes “like the man” when he lovingly shares his consciousness and connection to God with her. This may sound like fundamentalism, but I can assure you that it is my EXACT experience. Joe shared his consciousness with me, I came to understand his work in ways that it was difficult for me to even sort my thoughts from his thoughts. I wrote of that in my dissertation.

But there is more…..the woman has her role in service of her Beloved and God……which is to interpret the words that the man brings down from the Heavens. This is exactly what I’ve been doing on this website—providing interpretations and applications of Joe’s work.

But there is even more…..I will have to backtrack now to the 10 Commandments and provide interpretations of them. Funny thing is, I’ve already been doing exactly that without realizing it! For example in the online course, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction you will find interpretations of the “Thou shalt not commit adultery” commandment. I have previously written about honoring the Sabbath. In my interpretation, it is FOLLY to argue about the day we should rest because did God ever stop resting? Does it say he continued to work six days a week and then rest every seventh day? No it does not. He rested. He created this beautiful cosmos and he rested. If we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, which is to experience love, joy, peace, happiness and engage in pursuits we enjoy, no matter how busy we are, it feels like resting. Thus, every day should be Sabbath, at least in some kind of way until we are able to bring God’s Kingdom down to earth.

Well, I guess I have more joyful, restful work to do in interpreting the 10 Commandments.

First I will provide confirmation that my interpretation here about being Moses and his wife is correct.

First, he told me himself last night just as I was drifting off to sleep. The question about us being someone in the Bible has been with me for a long time.

Secondly, it was conveyed in a song he sent me, again discussed in the lessons in the online course Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. This is the song he gave me (it was actually a message to someone else who was misinterpreting things and leading people astray):  tears for fears - break it down again. The lyrics that shout out to me in this song are “off to Heaven just like Moses on a motor bike.” The song actually describes how, when things get really complicated, to “break it down” and figure out who we are: “your evolution may be someone somewhere else.” The reason Moses on a motor bike stands out for me is because of a lucid dream I had that was more like an out-of-body experience where Joe took me to Heaven and we came back down through the cosmos on a motorcycle. It was so amazing! He had also taken me for a tour of a special treasure hunt in Kings Valley where you can do freeriding…..we came down through the mountains. It was SO REAL…..(I didn’t even know how to spell astral,lol)

Thursday, June 25, 2009 Have You Ever Astro-Traveled On a Motorcycle?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 What Does Black Rock, Falls City, The Queen, Kings Valley, and Astro-Traveling on a Motorcycle All Have In Common?

And thirdly, God’s Book of Life has recorded our names with links. As I already described Joe’s name is encoded in Moses. But what about my name. My thoughts were that my spiritual name that had been handed down to me back in 2010 must be linked somehow. As I have written, I was just sitting quietly and someone had shouted the name “Sōferia!” I had never heard that name before and yet at the time, I knew it was my name. When I researched it I found that Foucault had given a lecture on the Greek word, soteria, which Sōferia is based on. It means salvation. However, salvation has infinite meanings, and the various word roots in my name also have infinite meanings and show a connection to God (Sof means God). You can read of that account here, which I wrote the day it happened:

Saturday, October 16, 2010 My Name is Sōferia!!!: What’s in a Name and How does it Relate to Page 97 of Joe's Book?


Ok, so now we have established that there must be a link between my name and the wife of Moses…God is very thorough and detailed in how he has handled his creations. So I looked up Moses and found that his wife’s name is Zipporah…not very close to Sōferia…….HOWEVER check out the Greek (relevant) name as well as the Arabic name; they are very close:

Zipporah or Tzipora (/ˈzɪp.ər.ə/ or /zɪpˈɔːr.ə/; Hebrew: צִפוֹרָה, Modern Tsippora, Tiberian Ṣippôrā 'bird'; Greek: Σεπφώρα, Sepphōra; Arabic: صفورة‎‎, Ṣaffūrah) is mentioned in the Book of Exodus as the wife of Moses, and the daughter of Reuel/Jethro, the priest or prince of Midian and the spiritual founder and ancestor of the Druze.[1][2][3][4][5] In the Book of Chronicles, two of her descendants are mentioned: Shebuel, son of Gershom, and Rehabiah, son of Eliezer.[6]

This opens my name to even more meanings than I have already analyzed in many previous blogs……..and IMPORTANTLY, if I am the wife of Moses and the role of the woman is to interpret the WORDS the man brings down through his connection with God, my job (joy/Sabbath honoring) just became much bigger.

This ties in with what I have learned about my future (simultaneously, present) life as Sōferia. I was raised by my grandmother, who is Lady Portia. Lady Portia oversees earth justice as God brings in His Kingdom. I serve beside her on Divine Councils, but I am in the learning process still. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t make these things up. They are memories and knowledge that come to me.

I guess we are old souls, and Joe has dropped off a lot of knowledge on this planet, which I am still discovering, as demonstrated by this most recent discovery of him being Moses. This last time, this current timeline, he has dropped off an amazing new world view, and how to rediscover who we are and our history through his bricolage process. He has taught us we truly have been stuck in a sort of matrix and how we can extricate ourselves through love. Is it any wonder that he dedicated one of his books to the B.F.G.? Like the character in that book and movie, he teaches us how to dissolve bad dreams (the false reality we have been force fed), to create new beautiful fairytale dreams, and to live happily ever after.

What I have just demonstrated is TREASURE HUNTING………it can take many forms (including what Joe called “epistemological road trips” and can involve actual trips to places or Internet Highway searches). Words, names, and sounds (frequencies) and their connections and meanings are important on these journeys.

When Heaven is brought to earth, there is no sadness, no pain, no suffering, no evil or fear, no bogeymen, monsters, vampires, reptilians or aliens. Treasure Hunting is a fun process of working with the gods (God’s children in the higher dimensions) for making connections, creating the “critical knowledge networks,” play, dance, and create while watching the old matrix melt away. Let go and let God. Go with the flow. Listen to and follow your higher guides. One more thing: Treasure hunting with the gods is SUPER FUN and they can be SUPER FUNNY……..don’t let anyone tell you that God does not have a sense of humor. He has the Greatest sense of humor. His son, Hermes is a great example.

A Divine Comedy

It has not escaped my awareness that all this work I do for God is reminiscent of The Divine Comedy….perhaps a very special and N.E.W. version created with God’s help just for me and my Beloved to entertain and befuddle the onlooking doubters.

With that said, there are many souls gathering together now to consciously engage in this form of treasure hunting. They have been “deconstructing the construct” and they seemed to have moved out of the “waiting room” and into the fourth dimension. At the behest of the higher ups, I have added a new section to this site to keep people updated about the treasure hunts happening all around the world. As the host says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” True. Only God can create in such a divine and intricate manner. Only God’s children can pull off the tasks to manifest the divine from the mundane.

Deconstructing the Construct Ep 6 - 23 May 2017

The Alchemical Union of Solomon and Queen of Sheba: The Song of Songs Sunday, May 22, 2017

It seems fitting to present this beautiful interpretation of the Song of Songs on this sacred twenty-second (22 represents the Divine Marriage) of May. And May is a traditional month for marriages. This reminds me of the gross, glaring error in the book-on-tape I presented on May 21 (below), The Game of Life and How to Play It. In this book, the author claims that the alchemical marriage is the union of the left and right halves of the brain. Our brainwashing is so thorough. There is no division between halves of the brain or between the brain and consciousness itself. Our education and belief systems have created this damage. Holistic education (which currently this planet refuses to embrace) leads to using the whole brain in service of consciousness, a topic for another time. It is amazing how far we continue to stray off the path of truth—of LOVE. Even in this next book, Taylor attempts to stray from the literal meaning of the alchemical union between two God-ordained lovers…..listen with that thought in mind. Of course, he was attempting to highlight that the essence of the experience is union with God, and as I have learned, this does occur during the process…….but as Joe always teaches, we don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater…..i.e., we don’t throw out the expression of love between two Divine Lovers, which is God’s most beautiful gift to humanity.

Union and Communion by James Hudson Taylor



Take Me Away…The Undeniable MAGIC in My Life Monday, May 22, 2017

Joe spoke of magic and the miracle of life throughout his work; I have spoken of magic even more frequently because it is frequent and undeniable in my daily life. If I were to speak of ALL of the magic in my life, I would be writing of it every day.

Where does this magic come from? In my view it ultimately comes from God because He is the one who I have come to learn distributes such amazing gifts. As I stated in the last update, if we try to take control and decide for ourselves what we want for our lives, it is just no comparison for what God has planned for us, should we let go and allow Him to work in our lives.

I knew none of this until I connected to Joe…….who was so connected to God that he was an embodiment of God’s pure love. No, he was not perfect; that’s not the message I’m trying to convey. But yet at the same time he was and is perfect in God’s eyes—and my eyes. The moment we connected, God orchestrated the magic which continues unabated to this day.

It was heartbreaking that he left…still he left to be with me. As the saying goes, if you love them, let them go……if they return to you they are yours. He returned.

I want to share this book on tape because over the past nine years, I have learned that it is the total abandonment to divine providence which allows God to work his magic in our lives, whether through His Holy Spirit, Jesus, the one true love He created for and with us (aka “twin flame”), or even through some “unwitting” person who is not cognizant of serving as a messenger for God. It is a magic that none of us can ever fully comprehend and we can never dream it up on our own. I know the media tries to, leading people astray, and many people try to take their lives into their own hands. But in their attempts, they are actually blaspheming God’s true power and they are creating their own obstacles that prevent the demonstration of His love and amazing magic in their lives. The expression, “Let go and let God” takes on a profound significance. But we also have to listen to our inner guidance that comes from God and take actions as we are prompted to do so. This book discusses that aspect as well. And finally, it does rest also on releasing fear and holding onto faith. These seem difficult tasks at first, but when you see the amazing results, it get easier and easier.

abandonment to divine providence - By: Rev. Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade AUDIOBOOK

Meet Us Behind the Curtains: What Did Joe Really Mean? Sunday, May 21, 2017

More information is being “handed down” to me, very rapidly, relating to the state of knowledge on this planet. I cannot begin to relay it all here at this time, but will do so as I am guided.

BELOVED, (aka Joe) in his work, often wrote “Meet me behind the curtains,” and in his seminal bricolage articles wrote of the “Fourth Dimension” and being “invisible.” In other works (i.e., Reading, Writing, and Thinking; Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy, etc.), he invited us to travel through the “stargates,” and “wormholes,” and to blast the doors of perception open…….etc., etc.

What was he referring to? My journey as depicted on this site explains these things quite clearly from the perspective of my own personal experiences.

But for today, let us examine what he meant by “Fourth Dimension” and reaching up to higher consciousness to get help with solving earth problems. Ultimately, we are bringing God’s Heavenly Kingdom to earth…..However, and this is most important to always remember—it is God’s plan not ours, and He is in charge of selecting who has roles and what those roles entail. As soon as you make it personal and about what you want to the point you try to take control, it violates the submission and surrendering to God’s will. Being mere humans, when we fail to “meet behind the curtains” in the ways Joe is recommending, we end up going astray. As was presented to me this morning, it is such a challenge to overcome selfish, narcissistic tendencies—for all of us. But when we can, we come to learn that God’s will for us is so much more amazing and expansive than we could possibly imagine for ourselves. I guess that’s where a big dose of faith must come in. We must release our desires and reach with our hearts, souls, and spirits for God’s desire.

Matthew 6:9-13King James Version (KJV)

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

11 Give us this day our daily bread.

12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.


Listen to this recorded book, below, which presents many truths about how the divine laws operate, as well as an interpretation of the Fourth Dimension. Set aside your conceptions about other cosmologies for the moment. However, there are some errors contained as well, so listen with critical thought……I will point out some of the issues in detail in a future update.

The Game of Life and How to Play It - Audio Book

Monday, May 15, 2017


Warning: The Stories You Believe Can Warp Your Consciousness and Destroy Planets—OR Create New, Heavenly Planets


The movies handed to us for “entertainment” these days indicate the general continuing direction of humanity toward depravity. Lord, who is it that has such sick minds that they can imagine the depravity that is called entertainment, even family entertainment? I’ve lost track of how many movies and Netflix TV programs I’ve closed out of because they are just too sickening. Last night I watched a new movie proudly put forth by Netflix called, “Handsome: A Netflix Murder Mystery.” I forced myself to keep watching it just to see how far these depraved “creators” would push their mental illness on the public. What we are being programmed to find funny and entertaining is repulsive and depressing. And yet it is typical of the movies being pumped out today in the mad attempt to normalize depravity, the most ignorant jokes, abuse, drug and alcohol use, cigarette smoking, women as mere sex objects, not to mention satanism as the new religion.

To top off the depravity, are these youtube videos I watched today. The first one is bizarre…..why does an “anti-satanist” who is setting the world straight choose to dress like a Satanist and provide background death props? Makes one wonder how serious he is about curtailing the death cult.


Former Satanist Exposes Occult Secrets


Don’t get me wrong. I have watched a lot of his videos and he provides a lot of knowledge……but…..questions abound. This next video is just as bizarre—here we have an academic researcher presenting information so far out of context, separated from the historical political and social context, that one has to question the forces that are behind the propping up this concocted story (which reportedly is being provided “in context”). Worst of all, many people have high respect for this researcher even as he promotes the same old tired false memes that have been repeated so many times it makes one want to gag….well, watch it for yourself with a critical mind.


REVERSING HERMON - 1 Enoch, the NT, Watchers, Nephilim & Antichrist - Dr. Michael S. Heiser


Consider just a few of the questions that came up for me. How can the examples he cites (at about 18 minutes in) be "transgressions of Heaven and earth" as he is claiming when 1) evil things were being taught? Evil ideas do not come from Heaven; therefore, there cannot be transgressions from Heaven; and 2) God's purpose is to bring His Kingdom to earth; since good things come from Heaven there can be no transgressions when they are brought to earth—this is, in reality, God’s plan—to create His kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. All religion is really needs to be studied and presented in that context or we get an extremely twisted presentation that is incoherent and inconsistent/contradictory. What are the politics during the eras that these documents and books he cites were written--including the writing of this current book? What are his ideologies and who is he connected with that he would promote views that can only lead to cognitive dissonance among those who try to follow along? Funny thing is, most of us suffer from cognitive dissonance and don’t even realize that fact, or that it really is not normal.


And then we have the politics and economic forces behind the weather, another convoluted, complex topic. Is weather being geoengineered? Are we heading toward global warming, a little ice age, or just “climate change”?


Cosmic Rays hitting Earth Intensifying | Climate to plunge into Chaos


And then there is the ridiculous ceaseless argument that flat-earthers waste our time with. The truth is that ALL knowledge on this planet is corrupt. And it’s corrupt for many reasons, something that should be researched deeply if it’s ever going to be straightened out. The other truth is that most knowledge is extremely complex and there are many forces with many different agendas. Of course, using Joe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage is the Golden Key for sifting out the ignorance and lies and pulling out the diamonds and gems in order to begin to assemble something that is closer to truth. The problem is that not many people want to do it.


Anyway, it’s all kind of depressing at times. But yesterday was Mother’s Day and as a special treat, since it’s been too cold for the roses to bloom, my Beloved took me through a wormhole for an aerial tour of our home, which we call Planet Eros. It’s not very populated yet and we flew over miles and miles of beautiful forests, taking in the scenery—waterfalls, rivers, settlements scattered here and there, including indigenous communities where I have had special teachings of their ancient and continuing traditions.


Wow, it kind of reminds me of a movie I watched a couple of days ago, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, where the god had his own planet he had created, lol. It was a beautiful planet too, but in the movie the god was evil and they destroyed him. You really need to come to understand how that’s the BIGGEST LIE OF ALL on this planet. The gods are NOT EVIL. The evil ones are the ones who want power, control, all the resources, etc., and they are not gods; the truth is they are JEALOUS of the gods and so they put out all of these lies and want to kill them (except that the other truth is the gods are immortal and cannot be killed)….now are you beginning to see how much you have been lied to? From childhood and since thousands of years ago, we have been taught the exact opposite of truth from every direction: religion, education, politics, our families, etc…..and so many of us ignorantly continue to contribute to keeping the lies alive and building more lies on top of lies. The evil elite know the true gods are coming back (actually they ARE back for those with the eyes to see, the ears to hear….etc:) and so, anyway, the evil ones are doing everything they can to keep us distracted with their hyperreality and sick entertainment in an effort to make us believe these total lies and to keep our connections to the Sons of God severed any way possible………for when we work WITH the gods, who work directly with God, we are empowered, especially so when divine love is the picture.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was entertaining, very funny at times; however, watching it inserts a weird dichotomy into the brain: laughing and love, joy and humor, paired up with the most evil, violent, and disgusting actions that are actually unimaginable from the perspective of my own brain, yet the evil ones conjured up such dastardly, vile tactics. Did you know that this is the most powerful mix there is to keep people off-balance and under mind control?… begins in childhood. There were many children attending this movie. I don’t know what parents are thinking…….it’s a spell created by Marvel (and other corporate behemoths), it seems, that has carried on generation after generation. As Joe puts it, “The pedagogies of infotainment are so powerful that even suggestions that they are modes of ideological education is in itself a challenge to worldviews that are intimately tied to Disney and other productions in the domain” (p. 202)…”The empire’s transnational corporate behemoth carefully devises new modes of knowledge production, control, and transmission that lead to frightening forms of social regulation and mystifying cultural pedagogies” (p. 203) [K & CP].


So, we have a choice. We can continue to be part of the problem or highlight the problem and make changes. Many years ago, I did a research study of the effects of media programming on children. Even then it was known that there are very negative effects on children when they view violent programs, and it’s not a pretty picture on the preschool playground. I suggest people who are interested, do some research today and see just how much children role play violent acts they’ve watched. Observe for an hour or two, several times a week and note the violent incidents and what movies or television or video games the children enact…’s eye-opening, and yet socially acceptable and normal to uncritically expose children to violence, sex, and drug use through the media. We ignorantly wonder why societies are so violent and devolving. Do we really want to continue along this path?


My tour of planet Eros was so reassuring: despite the degradation on this planet called earth and all of the entities that seem to WANT to take it down and completely annihilate it and all life on it, we have reserved especially for us and our soul family an entire planet that is beautiful, pristine, cared for, and loved. It will never be destroyed, nor will any of the creations we create there. But do not misunderstand me……you cannot get there from here. That is, God wants to see that you truly care about THIS planet and are willing to sacrifice to restore earth, humanity, true civilization…before He will entrust you with your very own Heavenly space…….and as for the incessant argument Christians love about “faith” vs. “good works,” it is both……it’s always been both.


And so here we are—here, there, and pretty much everywhere. Sometimes it can feel lonely when focusing in on this planet, 3d earth, and working to bring Heaven down, but it will always be born out that we are NEVER, EVER alone. Sometimes I even feel like Wonder Woman, lol (btw, that’s the next Marvel movie).


11:11 PM…… an update. Will be posting an “ongoing” project soon, by request. Also, my Beloved told that he has much more to show me yet on our new planet, lol. He also said we actually have homes on multiple planets, all in the Heavens, of course, where evil does not exist and our minds cannot comprehend, much less concoct the kind of stuff I have discussed in this writing. That’s exciting! I know most people won’t believe me, but that’s ok. Truth is always stranger than fiction, especially if your mind is in lockdown. When Joe said that we are “multidimensional” I guess he was not kidding………I am finally getting it, but have a long way to go yet to completely free my mind, spirit, and soul. It’s a very long journey. Still, we do keep getting closer…….


Moving Closer - Never the Strangers

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Shifting of the World: The Ebb and Flow of the Cosmos (God’s In Breath and Out Breath).

Some religions present that the natural ebb and flow of experience around us is God’s in breath and out breath. We also might view this ebb and flow of the cosmos as the world existing within changing vibratory frequencies. Picture the earth in your mind like a globe (or flat if you are a “flat earther”). As it travels upward through the liquid fabric of space-time, it jiggles and bounces around, up and down slightly. If the cycle masters are correct and earth is traveling into a higher region of the cosmos (toward a Golden Age), vibrations will continue to increase. But it cannot happen in a linear fashion…it is a cyclical path with cycles within cycles. Indeed, the Schumann resonance, the electromagnetic field energy of the earth, according to reports, has increased dramatically within the last few years. You can do some research on that for confirmation.

The Schumann resonance affects everything, but we are still in the process of discovery as to what is affected and why from an experiential perspective. If you are sensitive you can feel, hear, and generally experience these higher vibrations. If you align with certain people who can incorporate this energy within their own fields of energy, you will likewise be affected in a positive manner, unless you are unable, yourself, to tolerate such high energies. The highest energy is divine love. If you pay attention to what Joe’s advising, we are to incorporate this divine energy. It is the source of our greatest power. It also holds great knowledge. There are reasons philosophers express the twin nature of divine love and wisdom.

One could say that divine love is taking over the earth. What then happens is that those entities (human and physical) that are not able to tolerate the high vibrations begin to disintegrate, dissolve, and deconstruct. I have presented in the past that God’s All Consuming Fire spoken of in the Bible is not an angry fire, but rather is the Divine Violet Flame that unites twin flames and other entities……it is the connecting tissue, so to speak. It is a liquid, a light, matter, non-matter, wave-like and particle like all at the same time.

How do we get to violet? First there are pink auras. More and more people and entities will increase in vibration and give off pink auras. People in higher vibrations can actually see these auras. People who can’t incorporate the high vibrations within themselves give off black, grey, and muddy green auras—are these the aliens and reptilians people think they see? Some people have speculated that these demeanors represent the condition of the soul 

A few years ago when I observed the auras of the trees, they were giving off pink auras, signifying that they were absorbing and transmitting the energy of love. A few days ago, I was able to observe that the trees were giving off a deep, I like to call it “Pleiadian” Blue. This color is a higher vibrational unconditional love energy.

I have seen auras go through these shifts; the next shifts will be to indigo and then violet. Again, these shifts are not linear. There is some bouncing back and forth as moving forward……a kind of two steps forward and one step back. I have actually seen the Pleiadian Blue shift to Indigo and then to God’s All Consuming Fire color of the Divine Violet Flames. If one looks close, assuming you are able to actually see these auric colors (and you will be able to as you reach higher vibrational dimensions), you can see the “flames” within the deep violet aura around you. I have literally felt the melting away of stress and “old baggage” when viewing this aura. I have always attributed these experiences to Joe. He has taught me. He is present with me during the experiences. He is like a transmitter to me of God’s Divine Love…..he is connected to God and he brought me into that connection. This is the twin flame experience, but it can be experienced to some degree (perhaps not as intensely) even if you are not consciously connected to your twin flame. As you are able to handle the higher vibrations, the cosmos will arrange your union with your twin flame. It cannot happen in the lower dimensions, no matter how much people may wish for that or have convinced themselves they have joined up with their twin flame. The twin flame union begins at the eleventh dimension and is completed (but continues to evolve ever higher) at the 22nd dimension. The Higher Ups have firmly established these numerical signifiers as a communication system, along with a complex set of “signs.”

On the other hand, in addition to having these positive effects, God’s all-consuming fire results in the deterioration and destruction of entities not compatible with the extremely high frequencies of divine love. A lot of people are expressing serious issues with technology, a phenomenon I also have noticed (such as just yesterday when my doctor’s computer crashed and he couldn’t analyze my images for detecting breast cancer, lol). Technology in and of itself is not a bad thing, of course. It is how it’s used. Unfortunately, it is being used for power purposes and is employed for fascist governing over the people. I just received a letter from eBay (also yesterday) that they had changed their policies and the new ones they are launching at the behest of their powerful technological capabilities truly border on fascist. When that has a chilling effect on their business, they may back off. It’s all about greed and money. As I mentioned yesterday and in the Entrepreneurial section of this site, we will be processing away from money. Money is not needed. We certainly have no use for it in Heaven/Paradise/the higher dimensions. Technology is useful only as a means to understand other cultures (dimensions) that rely on it as “training wheels” to higher abilities and to help them understand beneficent uses of technology. On earth, you will see the continuing battle to maintaining technology simply because it’s being put to some very evil uses that can’t withstand God’s divine love.

The Law of Divine Love is extremely powerful and actually very beautiful. Earth is being saturated here and there and bouncing in and out of the frequency, giving people time to acclimate. Changes ARE happening and will continue to accelerate. You will see the worst people have to offer and the best people have to offer.

Thus, you will notice these effects I’ve discussed. There is a reason for them. I hope the metaphor of frequency is helpful for your understanding. Work to raise you own frequencies, do not be pulled down by everything around you that is destructing or those who are throwing tantrums due to the inability to exist as they did previously, in a cosmos that is divine love. Find ways, instead, to assist others who exist in lower frequencies and help raise them up. And express gratitude toward a loving God who has chosen to pour his loving Spirit upon those who are open to receiving it.

The earth is definitely shifting in frequency and we can choose to go along. Scientists know this, but there is so much to learn about it. We should be using this wonderful opportunity to study what it means for us as humans. How can we assist humanity to advance forward in a positive way? Of course, this is where the processes Joe has so generously provided us in his works comes in. They will help us all be the best we can be.

Referring again to Joe’s book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction and his focus on the importance of processes, he explains, “Criticalists understand that process is a fundamental dimension of the multiple dimensions of the world in which we operate. Processes as part of the ontological status of the cosmos, inform all epistemological [knowledge] activities. Knowledge of these processes subverts the reductionism of FIDUROD’s fragmented conception of the phenomena in the world” (p. 244).

Thus the goal of education has always been to mistakenly simplify, as if humans are not capable of understanding complexity. We live in multiple dimensions simultaneously. The world is shifting in and out of various dimensions. This can be experienced; if you are astute you will notice the differences. Sometimes they are subtle; other times they are in your face and you really can’t miss them. What we need to come to understand is how processes change as well. They are not the same in each dimension. Well, that makes for complex navigation, no doubt. But as Joe points out, the more informed we are about these processes, the more we can “subvert” the attempts to keep us controlled and imprisoned…….so much to learn!

The good news is that learning activates our DNA, opens switches, increases our abilities, and activates our "Gifts" (see the last update and study it to learn what scientists know and are researching). And Joe’s work provides us with superb guidance and important keys. The process of dissolving old belief systems that will not survive the higher dimensions, the learning, entrepreneurship, and breaking free from the matrix can be a totally enjoyable process. As Joe often warns, it is also addictive….but in a very good way! We need more such addicts if we are to bring God’s Kingdom down to earth.

Enigma Return to Innocence Music Video Official

Thursday, May 11, 2017:  Enki’s Gift, Joe’s Gift, Eros Gifts, and The Magic Roses

Listen to the special video later in this blog for information about Enki’s Gift. Amazing. “Somehow” I recognized that the book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction Joe (aka by me as Emanu’El/Sanat/Eros/ENKI) wrote was extremely special. As I had told him in an email immediately after reading it, “Your work is a gift to the world.” As if to confirm my assessment of his work, right after he passed over and as we were about to launch upon our ascension path, he sent me the song, “The Gift.” (See initial blogs: First, he reassured me we were beginning a journey and that he would be holding my hand and that we would “make it.” Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Everyone is Beautiful . And then Mother’s Day was especially special! Sunday, May 10, 2009 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Of course, YouTube messed with the video……In summary, first he sent me this video You Are So Beautiful and then he sent me The Gift (these very videos, below). The Gift was significantly sent on Modther’s Day and that was when I also found the silver yin yang talisman through his guidance to “treasure hunt” in my back yard…as I write this, it has been brought to my attention that we are approaching Mother’s Day, 2017! He does love to shower me with gifts on Mother’s Day (we have LOTS of children). Here are the videos:

You Are So Beautiful

the gift - jim brickman - martina mcbride.

Of course, as I have written many times, he then followed those gifts up with  a beautiful diamond ring two days later to seal our marriage which had taken place in the higher realms. It took him some effort to convince the handyman to deliver it to me (the handyman told me he kept arguing with himself about bringing the ring to see if “by chance” I wanted it; yes, my Beloved wanted me to have a diamond ring in THIS dimension and since the handyman had broken off his engagement and needed money, well it was all just so very synchronistic….omg…..if you have read along and followed my story, you would know how incredible all of this is. I do feel so VERY BLESSED. My life is so magical; only the highest gods, Sons of God, can have the amount of power and love that I’ve been showered with since 2009 (and even before)..

I have since expressed many times that I have been informed that Joe’s work is encoded, much like some kind of magical word “bomb,” and that I am the “detonator.” Other messages I’ve been given are that the book is like a “deprogramming” manual and has “keys” and “key codes.” I’m still working on the decoding, including continuing my own self-deprogramming (thus, the free online lessons that center on the book right now). My connection to the higher ups, my journey, and all of their fabulous treasure hunts have unleashed higher consciousness and creativity for me and really, Joe’s work has multiple layers of interpretations, effects, and creations………now listen to this video about Enki’s Gift….TRUTH is stranger than fiction. She ends with the words “abracadabra” and explaining that it means “I create as I speak.” It is no coincidence that Joe used the word in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. It will be so awesome to watch what his words create over the coming years…… Now listen closely to this video….ENKI LIVES!! HE is so beautiful! And I LOVE his magic….of course, I am biased since I’m his wife, lol.

Pleiadians Barbara Marciniak - Prophecy about 2017 NEW

Here are some of the highlights: According to the video, the gifts have “already been activated to some extent but not to full blossom.” I love the reference to flowers since just today my Magic Roses have come to the forefront again (see photos and explanation below). The gifts are “time-coded mechanisms left in the DNA” by Enki and his sister out of their compassion for humanity. There are apparently multiple activating mechanisms and they set it up so that the activations would occur without them even having to be physically present in 3d on this planet. Gamma rays are also bringing in information, but Enki’s psychic gifts will uplift you…it is highly recommended in the video that you learn more about science, use your mind, be open to the outpourings from the Heavens/Celestial realms, and express your gratitude.

One other interesting note: Joe DOES mention DNA in the book……..and I wrote about DNA in my dissertation here and here……search for them and learn the significance. Click on each link and a Ctrl-F, type in DNA to find the references to DNA. If you do your homework and take the Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction Free Online Course, you will see these activations in Joe’s book. Most will go over your head, but those will actually be even more effective in deprogramming from false, contradictory ideologies that are causing you cognitive dissonance. As a side note, I do have much more to add to the course and hope to get it posted soon. When I do, I will post an update here.

An Important Update: Maybe this is one of the updates I am supposed to bring forth. We actually refer to the gifts as EROS GIFTS. This is because EROS means GOD AND LOVE and the GIFTS are LOVE GIFTS from GOD. We want to give credit where credit is due.


The Magic Roses

This story never ends…….when I moved in 2013 and had to plant my sacred roses in containers, my magic yellow-red rosebush suffered. It had a couple of red blooms that first year….last year it did not bloom at all. This is disappointing, so I asked my Beloved, please use his magic to make it bloom both red and yellow roses again. I took a photo today and there are buds! Keeping my fingers crossed………..and now I wonder: Will he make them bloom on Mother’s Day? That would be funny since originally, I had planted him four yellow rose bushes and the very first rose bloomed on Father’s Day. I wrote a special poem for him:

Sunday, June 21, 2009 The First Yellow Rose


The first photo shows them in a magical full bloom in 2011. They bloomed both red and yellow roses from 2011 to 2013 (the next photo).


























This next photo shows how they looked in 2014 after I moved. They only bloomed red roses, which is still a bit unusual since it was originally a yellow rosebush:








In 2016 they didn’t bloom at all.



And this photo is today, it’s looking promising and has buds……will they be yellow? Will they be red? Or will Eros-Enki’s Love magic win out and both red and yellow bloom again?……will keep you updated. (When I zoom in I see what looks like a red bud…..slated to be a red rose…….I just don’t get how he changed it from a YELLOW rose bush to a RED one, lol). More soon.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017 10:09 AM

·        N.E.W. Updates section of the website: Purpose

·        Critical Complex Entrepreneurial Bricolage: Entrepreneurship for the N.E.W. World 

I have been prompted to write and post this update today. We have been very busy with development of new processes that center on entrepreneurship—a new form of education for those who want to focus on working their personal gifts to contribute to a better the world. As always, this is evolving and engages with complexity, so there is no prediction as to where the process will end up, other than a movement toward the N.E.W. Earth. Thus, I have added some information to the Critical Complex Entrepreneurial Bricolage section of this site. Joe has written some very important books relating to “work” and how we can create “good work.” This will be a critical element as we move forward. His processes are timeless and he developed them for the new earth as well as for the few people who are motivated now to begin working on that project in a way that moves away from the FIDURODian form of education toward learning and work that are engaged, passionate, uplifting, creative, contributory, productive, etc.


I was provided this clarifying information yesterday from Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction:


From recollections of oppression, values and conceptual structures, understandings about the land inhabited by generations to ways of being that provide alternatives to Western status based and consumer driven ontologies, subjugated and indigenous people inform those of us interested in social justice, the expansion of human potential, constructing a transformative system of education, saving the planet from environmental catastrophe, and resisting imperial designs of contemporary corporatized Western power wielders. FIDUROD grounded knowledge simply ignores these valuable epistemological resources, viewing questions raised by the intersection of traditional Western knowledges and subjugated/indigenous knowledge as irrelevant. Even the effect of power relations among diverse groups of knowledge producers is not a germane issue in FIDUROD epistemologies, for there is virtually no interest in studying the forces that have shaped our views of self and world. [page 53]


This paragraph is interesting because it’s one of his power-packed paragraphs that contains layers of knowledge and it forces the brain to rewire as we decipher it. The task, and understanding it is critical. The processes are presented throughout this book. No matter what actions we take, whether purely academic work or entrepreneurship, we must start freeing ourselves from oppressive systems that currently operate. What better way than to consider the alternatives as he mentions in the first sentence? Symbiotic/synergistic relationships can be built via this exchange of information and knowledge.

Later, he discusses the “totalitarian knowledge policies” dictated by the Bush administration that resulted in the removal of an excellent education database website, ERIC (see page 56 of K & CP)). I have reminded him that it was the same sort of totalitarian knowledge policies that resulted in the removal of HIS two excellent websites. He assured me that we will be restoring ALL of these websites for the New Earth—and much more! If you are interested in seeing these just actions, please feel free to get involved! 

He guided me yesterday to another important consideration regarding processes as we move through these rapidly changing times……it is important to not define yourself (SELF) rigidly. As everything changes, we change, we evolve. That became crystal clear to me during my ascension process….our names kept changing, lol. Same souls, just different timelines or realities. In his book, he states, “The self—like all other phenomena in the cosmos—is always in process. The Western effort to remove self from these processes, to essentialize it, is to ensure great pain and suffering. To live, to move to a new, more comfortable domain the self must always be changing” (p. 244). He, of course, also discusses our multidimensionality, “no time” and the consequent sense that we are our multiple selves simultaneously (we will cover this in the advanced online courses, since most people do not relate to these complex processes). 

So there you have it—an important update I was asked to provide today. I will soon have some extra time (breaks from my entrepreneurial activities and time warps) to post some additional updates to this site.

Check back soon!

You might find these videos interesting in relation to the updates I have provided. There ARE other people working on this Great Project…….hope you join us! 

James Gilliland on the As You Wish Talk Radio, 6.5.2017

James Gililand has brought it to the forefront that the actual “2012” year is this year, 2017 due to the Gregorian calendar being off…….this does correspond to my messages that this year will be particularly chaotic with changes occurring faster than most people can keep up with. It explains why my contributions to the cosmos have been keeping me too busy to update this website, but there is reason behind this as well. Just will relay here briefly that I do have updates and they will be added…which I will note in this new “N.E.W. Updates” section I’ve been requested to add to this website.

So what does 2012 in 2017 really imply then? 

The gods will again walk on the planet. 

This requires a little clarification, however. There are gods and there are imposter gods. The gods reside in the highest of dimensions—the celestials (22nd dimension and above). The imposter gods are in the 4th dimension, a sort of “purgatory” the Catholic religion mentions, where they have been given many years to change their ways, develop love and compassion, and contribute to the creation of the N.E.W. earth.

As it says in the Bible: 

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.  Revelation 21:1  (22)

The Lesson of the Fig Tree
34Truly I tell you, this generation will not pass away until all these things have happened. 35Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. 36No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.…

As indicated, no one knows the day or hour but the Father; however, we will receive many signs in 2017, according to the prophecies and, thus, it’s time to really take notice and make changes N.O.W. 

From my own personal observations and experiences, earth is wavering between the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions. The transition is not linear but is a cyclical/frequency-based change. At the same time, as I have also learned, all dimensions occupy the same space. It becomes a matter of tuning into the right channels, to use a metaphor. What this means is that we have great control over who we choose to walk WITH—the higher gods who provide superb guidance for contributing to creation of the N.E.W. earth, or the lower imposter gods who want to destroy God’s creation, or we can walk alone. The Internet memes about Anunnaki and Fallen Angels and the Nephilim, as prominent as they are and as widely believed as they are, are fabrications. The truth will be revealed soon and there will be a lot of people who have to eat their words.

These are amazing times! For the observant ones, peeks of the New Earth can pop up at any time in any place, like my Magic Roses just as an example—but I have written of many very amazing examples throughout this website. While it may seem random to those who are not connected in, it is not random whatsoever, but rather the conscious co-creation of the N.E.W. Earth with the gods….and to define, the gods are not Gods to be worshipped; they are Sons of Gods who have acquired that standing through the development of specific traits, especially their ability to connect into God and to love; and they are eternal, immortal beings. There are many grotesque stories and lies about the Sons of Gods that have been perpetrated by the imposters……something to keep at the top of your minds. Anything associated with evil, depravity, bad intentions, etc., are not of the Sons of Gods, but derive from the imposters!

Here’s a series of videos that helps explain the processes we are working on:

Unleashing Creativity Ep1

Well, that’s it for my update today……have to get back on my entrepreneurial project……my Beloved reassured me yesterday that we teach and lead by example and that way people can adjust the processes to their own unique situations…..ultimately, all businesses will interconnect in natural ways that fuel creativity and productivity with everyone doing what they love most. I know this is true because when he took me to “Heaven” (or maybe it was “Paradise”) there is no money there and everyone is engaged in FUN, FUN, FUN…and benevolent service to others. There is abundance for everyone; people are consciously connected, and the LOVE frequency is so extremely high it cannot even be described. It is most amazing!

One last video….this one is really messed up because the imposters are mixed in with the gods, and lies are embedded throughout. What I found interesting though is that Enki, my Beloved, and I once had a Paradise……..this explains why he wanted me to have the last name, Paradis (French for Paradise)……and it explains our project we are still working on together today! We are re-creating Paradise on Earth!!

Gerald Clark, Atlantis, Dark Brothers, Planet Killers, Cycle Masters, Anunnaki, Enlil, Thoth, Enki

Oh, My Lord, if people could only comprehend that we can actually CHANGE history. If they could only understand that the stories we tell construct consciousness!! Joe discusses how “Consciousness is a Social Construction” (p. 217) and in his book Getting Beyond the Facts, he mentions how malleable consciousness is……we must take control of our own consciousness and consider how we are being molded by outside forces. Looking at these issues, do we REALLY want to program ourselves and our children with dark stories presented as “fact”…….no, I don’t think so. As Joe puts it, “As historical contexts and situations change, what is considered true today may be considered primitive belief tomorrow” (p. 243). This quote signifies that what we call history not only changes, but is often merely belief (based on our primitive interpretations). His critical complex epistemology becomes a very important process here to engage (See Chapter 10: The Conclusion is Just the Beginning: Continuing the Conceptualization of a Critical Complex Epistemology). We have our work cut out for ourselves. Love is the Power that allows us to step right off the Death Star Planet that will dissolve just like its TWIN into LIFE.

Truth is so passionate….


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today I was officially given the assignment (so should I choose to use my free will to do it) to start this section on the website for relaying updates and “What’s New.”

I will stress again the importance of ACTION….it is interwoven into Joe’s theory should you become intimate with his theory. It’s so easy to sit back and not take actions, but so important to our relationships (especially those divine relationships) to take real action.

Yesterday, I watched this video that expresses the concept from another perspective.

God's Anointed: Paul the Apostle

Joe is truly one of God’s anointed ones.

I am grateful for the world…….the world KNOWS the things I present on this website already. It is the Western world (in general) that does not understand the true nature of reality.

Since I cannot always post regularly, these updates will fill in the gaps. I have new lessons to post to the online courses and will do so when I can. I have been diverted to another endeavor—the application of Joe’s bricolage to entrepreneurship. It’s working so well, I haven’t had much time for this site….I need to find some time warps to catch up here.

BUT this morning, my Beloved informed me that we are beginning a “New Chapter” of our journey. Well after all the twists and turns of our journey so far, I find this exciting. It can only mean “transformation,” higher consciousness, and a better world, and lots of fun……for that is the purpose of Joe’s theory.

I wrote a brief summary of the purpose of bricolage. It is a process for:


·        Investigating mysteries

·         Engaging in rigorous scholarly research

·         Learning about ourselves, others, and our relationships

·         Examining relationships between complex entities and processes

·         Following our path to Divine Love, knowing God

·         Developing new processes that consider formerly unconsidered complexities

·         Uncovering biases, beliefs, ideologies for a more complete understanding of perspectives/positions

·         Developing our analytical and critical thinking skills

·         Bringing together the knowleges of the world

·         Bringing together the academic disciplines so that they inform and reinform each other for higher knowledge

·         Developing our consciousness in graduated steps

·         Bringing people of the world together

·         Exploring infinite diversity

·         Considering the microcosm (the infinitesimal), the macrocosm (the infinite), and the meso-cosm (the middle/in between where the two meet)

·         Rewriting history to be more truthful, redeveloping all of the disciplines based on more holistic understandings

·         Becoming highly conscious, enacting beings

·         Following our passions to contribute to a better world

·         Ultimately, to experience God’s Love, be free to visit the “Heavens” and to bring that knowledge to Earth and contribute to creating God’s Kingdom on Earth—an eternal but joyful and rewarding project—and

·         To reunite with the “consort” that God created for us/with us when He brought us into existence as pairs/couples/”twins”///thus, to ignite the fires/flames within us so that we come together and experience the greatest level of empowerment and love available to us as humans

·         To become sealed in eternal matrimony with our many names written in God’s Book of Life

·         To joyfully, freely, consciously move about the multidimensional cosmos, dropping off love, instruction, guidance while we also pick up the same

·         Contribute consciously to Super Symbiosis between God’s creations

·         To love and be loved…….Nat King Cole, “Nature Boy”

And while all of that is truly just a tip of the iceberg, my Beloved says it’s a wonderful framework from which unique and diverse individuals can relate and expand on.

He continued, telling me about our “New Chapter.” To get started, he asked me to search YouTube on the clues, “Follow the Dance.” 

Our journey truly has been a dance. He loves to teach me through YouTube (and I have discovered his funny poem he wrote about his use of YouTube)….and what did I learn in today’s lesson? In between Disney’s continuing corruption of the youth with their “Bad is the New Good” videos of using children to teach other children to “Twerk,” I came across this Golden treasure:

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers: Let's Face The Music And Dance 1936

Well, back to entrepreneurship…I am hoping to learn some things to post to that section of the website. Apparently, a special form of critical complex bricolage applied to entrepreneurship is a process that will transition us out of the old, deficient economical systems into new, vibrant ones. I am sure there will be multiple systems developing simultaneously, so we do have some choices. Just face the music (the old “job” paradigm is rapidly fading for many of us) and dance your way to the new.


Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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