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The Higher Ups have asked me to do brief updates periodically….may or may not be every day, I’m not sure yet. I just go with the flow and whatever they want I am here to serve them, God, and humanity.

Coming soon: Who are the Pleiadians? What does Joe say about aliens?

We have made it through the "long, hot, summer of 2017." Are you ready for the NEXT BIG WAVE?


For, He "maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire" Psalm 104:4.

What are Twin Flames? God brings two of these ministers of "flaming fire" together, male and female, in a Divine Union that magnifies their flames in order to serve as His "first fruits" overseeing his Kingdom, the new earth.

A Brief Summary 

On this website is documentation of my journey understanding and interpreting Joe Kincheloe’s work and my guided spiritual journey following his death. He was an educator, researcher, musician, etc., very talented, who lived from 1950-2008. He had also been trained to be a minister by the time he was only 12 years of age. He passed away on December 19, 2008. In early 2008, just months before he passed away, I encountered his work in education due to my own research in education, reading the introductory chapter he had written in a book titled, Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now? My research serendipitously led to a community forum he had just at that time established for researchers and I realized that he was the author of the article I had recently read, and editor of the book.

I loved online discussions (online education was my specialization) and was ultimately invited to participate in his discussion forum. I became a very active participant, writing about topics that interested the education community. He was also very active, and he lovingly interacted in deep discussions with many participants. I had the fortunate opportunity to meet him in July, 2008.

I became fascinated with the research process he had spent many years developing, critical bricolage, which incorporated many theories. We had some wonderful discussions about the process and I was planning to use it for my PhD research because it made so much sense to me and I was seeing how illogical and constrained traditional research methods are and how they cover truth instead of revealing truth……and then he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. Even though, very strangely, I had this “premonition” that he would be leaving soon, I was totally caught off guard. I was utterly devastated. I thought it was over……..his research and brilliant works would be forever lost. Indeed, that is the tradition in education: throw away anything written more than five or six years ago unless it was sanctioned by the elite “gods” of education. They sanction very little. And if your work does not meet their agenda, they alter it and give it meaning that is opposite of your intentions and sanction that (as they have done with Joe’s work in the sanctioned research textbooks for college students).

Amazingly, and totally CONTRARY to my own belief system, the third day after his death, Joe came back to me (I couldn’t help but observe it was like Jesus had done…and now that I mention this, in some kind of way that I couldn’t put my finger on, he had always reminded me of Jesus. He was so righteous and so loving). And that day that he returned to me, he brought me the Holy Spirit……I had never experienced anything like it in my entire life. When people describe being “bathed” in the Holy Spirit, this was it. Some would refer to this as he came back “in spirit.” But it’s much more than that; and he also brought great healing for me…… is the “much more” that I continue to explore, allowing him, God, and the Holy Spirit to guide me on this never-ending journey. From that time forward, I was led on a highly spiritual journey, even to passages from the Bible in my online research when I had never been a reader of the Bible and had abandoned formal religion, which had never been a big part of my life. I had tried to attend various churches but always became disillusioned by the observable hypocrisy. We have a greater purpose, here yet to be clarified…..his work was not completed. There will be a greater message in our story before we are finished.

Thus, even though he had left, I continued with my research, but it took a huge turn. My writing became guided by the Holy Spirit. The topic changed in some ways---it became three topics in one: It was about his process, it demonstrated his process, and it provided proof of the power of love (which he has written about), life after death, and our eternal relationship.

I did not get the dissertation through the final doors of academia, even though it had been approved by all members of my dissertation committee and all the way to the top of the university. That we are in a war with principalities of darkness was born out…..I do not know who was behind retracting the approval, but they wanted me to water it down and essentially LIE about my true experiences. I was not willing to sacrifice truth for their worthless piece of paper. Thus, I make the entire original dissertation available here to everyone, free of charge:





I hope this gives context for why I do the various analyses and teachings of Joe’s work as I do on this site. The blogs (linked at the bottom of the Home Page of this website) is a running dialogue, as they happened, of my initiations (tests, teachings) as provided to me by teachers in the higher realms, who I believe (as recently revealed to me) are all members of Jesus’ Melchizedek Priesthood.

Who is king Melchizedek?

The association with Christ is made explicit by the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews, where Melchizedek the "king of righteousness" and "king of peace" is explicitly associated with the "eternal priesthood" of the Son of God.

Jesus is the Messiah spoken of as "a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek offers a sacrifice of bread and wine. Christ therefore fulfilled the prophecy of Ps 110:4, that he would be a priest "after the order of Melchizedek," at the Last Supper, when he broke and shared bread with his disciples.

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV)

Exodus 19:5 Exo 19:5

Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine: and ye shall be a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation.

Day 5 of the Universal Cosmic Love Celebration: The TRUE Evolutionary Process vs. the Burdensome Beast (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) Friday, April 5, 2019



This information was just handed down to me, so in celebration of LOVE, and the fifth day of this Great Cosmic Celebration I am sharing it with the world.

First of all, so that people don’t get all “uptight” over what I am about to reveal, please understand Joe’s philosophy (study it if you haven’t yet!) and understand that I ascribe wholly to his philosophy. It cannot be any other way, given our spiritual union. What his philosophy so clearly explains is that social structures are extremely complex, even on earth. Cosmic social structures are infinitely more complex. Therefore, any given perspective, whether of a social structure on hell planet earth, or in the highest of the Heavenly Celestial dimensions is but a snapshot of a particular place, time, and context (or in the case of Heaven, “no time,” but understanding that would be very advanced bricolage). We must use our selective research processes, critical thinking, and highly developed analytic skills along with our connection to love in order to determine whether the snapshot is viable, good, pure, and one of the best available (possibly in combination with other perspectives that may shed additional light on the social structure we are examining). What I am presenting today are snapshots, but they are in a sense “glamour shots” (Joe’s words from his bricolage book) because I have done the research and I walk the path.

Today we are faced with a multitude of complex dilemmas, as you are probably aware. Behind the scenes MAN (the beast) is taking actions to merge human beings with machine, or perhaps more accurately, they are merging machines with human beings. You can do the research. It’s all out there. It’s presented in terms of “what’s to come” but I am here to tell you that it already is WHAT IS. Open your eyes and take a long hard look at the “human beings” around you, and especially in the media and those that so many idolize and swoon over. YouTube is also saturated with beasts that are not human beings. Yes, they have technology down to a fine art and they produce talking heads with authority and power to fool the masses. This form of mind control and indoctrination is a powerful weapon. They cannot fool the “very elect,” however. Jesus stated this FACT in the Bible. So I’m making this clear to you now……the Beast is already here; it’s all around you and inside you, even as pastors (false teachers) preach it’s “to come” sometime in the future. That reminds me, I wrote a book about page 666 of Joe’s 2001 social studies book and concluded undeniably that the 666 Beast is mankind. There was a mistranslation in the Bible where it says that the beast is “a man.” The correct translation is “men,” plural, as in the created humankind on planet earth. (Some of us were not created earthlings, but that’s another very long story, a truth that the Beast keeps hidden with an incessant web of lies—and no, we are not “aliens” either). I will update the 666 book since additional information has come in and it will be available somewhere soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in a preview, I covered some it briefly in my dissertation. (Just do a search on “666”).

At any rate, Joe was very “hip” to all of this technology stuff even many years ago, and it comes forth in his work. In fact, the beast I am speaking of here is a clue to the puzzle he developed with his concept of FIDUROD in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, whereby he states, “The Joker Ain’t the Only Fool In FIDUROD,” and the question is, “Who is or are the other Fools?” So if you haven’t solved that yet, you have a gift of this clue. You can find this puzzle and additional puzzles, jokes, and other fun stuff here: Fun Stuff, Hermes Style.

Where am I going with all of this? The Beast truly believes through programming that it can outdo God, our true Creator. The Creator also has a plan. His plan is a process by which we can elevate ourselves to higher levels of existence (which is often called the “Heavens”) by merging our souls with our spirits, IN UNION with Him and His infinite Love, expressed as our mission statement: Love of the Highest Degree (humanly possible). This is NOT religion. I have stressed this over and over again. It was the beast who turned it all into religion. This is God’s true science and a demonstration of the amazing power of his love, wisdom, divine providence, infinite knowledge, etc. The Bible, of course, does explain the process and Jesus showed us “The Way,” but for the time being (this “go-around”) only his VERY ELECT are privy to this knowledge. We share through our living example and THE WORD. And please don’t accuse me of “self-aggrandizement” (as the gossipers love to do; they know nothing! The “eager beaver critical pedagogue” fiasco and endless cosmic-facilitated jokes throughout my blogs should prove that by now). The proof is always in the pudding, or as Jesus put it, “You will know them by their fruit.”

So what is this science? I have already discussed this in many places on this website. As Jesus says, “Seek and ye shall find.” Joe had full memory of the process when he was on this planet which is why he wrote about it as he did (still obfuscated since it was my role to make it clear enough for all minds to understand and to revere him by taking his work out to the masses). That we were in this together is indicated in multiple places as well, one of my favorites being when he had signed off a communication to me as, “Evolvingly Yours.” Unfortunately, I was still asleep back in those days, so I didn’t quite understand that message. Probably a good thing, lol. At any rate, he was fully aware of this amazing “evolutionary” process.

And speaking of science, Joe is so humble that I have no choice but to be the one to highlight the fact, as I have many times, his bricolage in its complete application IS the process for DOING that higher level, advanced science. He is so absolutely brilliant. I covered this as well in my dissertation, in the last chapter. I hope it catches on someday and more people actually start using his process.

However, the primary reason I am writing this today is not to rehash what I’ve already written about so many times, but rather to present another facet of the picture of the crossroads humanity faces. You can either take the Beast path or the Best Path. You can choose to merge with the machine and allow technology to completely control your every minute move, whereby you are converted into a robot and become enslaved for eternity—or you can choose to merge your soul with our Creator’s Spirit and experience the true power of love, peace, and freedom, and have access to his guidance, teaching, and his wisdom. Of course, the final decision is up to him and he does expect those chosen to obey him. But do not confuse obeying God with being a slave! That’s the Beast Lie. The Laws of the Cosmos are freedom. But then you will never know that if you don’t try them out, will you?

I always loved that story, Beauty and the Beast. And here we are today. With help, all beasts can turn into extremely handsome princes and meet up with their one and only beautiful princesses, and live happily ever after within the amazing cosmos, just as the Creator had originally intended.

Random Fact: Joe used the word “cosmos” 67 times in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction.

Interesting quote from page 136:

Early in the history of Western science, researchers such as Galileo narrowed the boundaries of empirical research. In the eyes of many of his contemporaries and of a number of scholars ever since, the methodology of science created a dead cosmos. We had to kill the life force of the universe epistemologically before we could destroy it in socio-political and economic actions.

This seems to be a repeat of killing our Creator, the source of Life Force itself, and of Love and Wisdom. The most interesting thing about the Bible is how the same stories and mistakes happen over and over again. No one seems to learn from them, not even when Jesus manifested onto the planet to try and teach people. And so it is with people’s lives: Until we can transcend the robotic programming, we go around repeating the same mistakes over and over again, unable to figure out how we do that (it has happened to me, too!). 22 is the dimension of UNION. The two must ascend to the 22nd dimension and unite with God. Only then will people transcend the mistakes and misinterpretations of the Bible and be ready to move onto Revelation 22:22. Read it. Understand it.

How do we navigate this complex “cosmos” successfully? Joe has this to say, and truly, this can seem to be very magical when you are blessed with higher level connections:

In this zone of complexity chaos theory offers two different approaches to comprehending what appears to be random behavior: (1) nonlinear dynamic systems and the way they help elucidate order behind chaos—the study of constantly changing systems based on recursion (repeating processes, patterns within patterns); (2) complexity theory and the way complex adaptive systems emerge as complexity increases. Both of these dynamics are central to the move to a more complex science. The tendency of systems to develop new modes of behavior as they complexify is an amazing phenomenon. Such a capacity indicates that the world is not lifeless, static, and mechanistic—as in the Cartesian-Newtonian-Baconian model—but a complex cosmos that develops agency, acts on its own prerogative as it self-organizes. This complexity operates in diametrical conflict with FIDUROD’s reductionism. It indicates we live in a living, active universe that develops organizational frameworks without a central identifiable authority dictating what it does. Epistemology in such a strange, conscious cosmos can never be viewed the same way again. (p. 241)

In conclusion, just as an update, I continue to study Joe’s book about Bricolage very deeply. Doing so has the effect described by the quote from Joe, above. It’s literally opening my spiritual eyes so that I am beginning to see more of TRUE REALITY that’s all around us, but invisible to most. It’s very amazing how very much ALIVE everything is, including what we typically consider to be “inanimate” objects. I will save the descriptions for another time. The only thing that explains this phenomenon is that when Joe wrote his books, the Spirit of our Creator was moving through him. He also explains that this cosmic social structure of the universe is complex and consists of multiple relationships. We become connected to others who are connected in various degrees to the Creator through which we can gain additional knowledge and understanding of various contexts. Joe was renowned for being “charismatic,” and he has repeatedly advised us throughout his work to allow “life force energy” to flow through us (he used many terms for this energetic love force). And what is “life force energy?” It’s God’s creation energy, a powerful love that brings us out of this fake world, and as Joe put it, “dead cosmos” into His glorious light. Try it! You’ll like it.

Don’t be a “Beast of Burden.” Get renewed (and “remastered”) by the Spirit.

Beast Of Burden (Remastered)




My Samaritan Joe Clematis Already Has Buds! Spring is Here!! And the LOVE Celebration Begins (Again!) (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) Sunday, March 31, 2019; 12:20 PM


I have four clematises, but my Samaritan Joe clematis is the hardiest, having bloomed profusely last Thanksgiving Day (scroll down to the Update on Thanksgiving with the photo), and N.O.W. it has by far the most buds on it and is getting ready to bloom early.

Yesterday, I was sort of complaining about certain issues to Beloved, and he gave me a clue to look up a song: “Stick with me, kid.” It seemed like a bit of a weird clue and when I searched it on youtube, I really couldn’t find any song I liked. And there were a lot of stupid videos produced by minds with warped consciousnesses. So today I mentioned that to him, and he told me to try again, that he didn’t mean for it to be weird, but rather it was more in terms of an “endearment.”

So then I tried the search again on youtube and found this funny one…..”en-deer-ment,” LOL. He always knows how to make me laugh.

Lunch time; "Stick with me kid, I know where all the good stuff grows."

(This is funnier than you might think….when he called me “kid” I was worried about being one of those goats he separated away from the sheep on page 176 of his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy. He must have been reading my mind and wanted to alleviate my irrational feelings of being subjugated, lol. In the book, he had stated, “What separates the critical sheep from the uncritical goats is that a critical pedagogy/ epistemology also involves exposing the cultural, epistemological, and ideological assumptions that shape the knowledge individuals produce and the oppressive actions justified by such information.”)


He does know where all the good stuff grows and is showing me The Way. I continue to study his book about bricolage. I highly recommend the book. We all should be doing research exactly as he recommends (which is not “exact” as you will come to understand if you read the book). As he puts it, the dividends will be very grand. Truth is, we really can make the world better, if we are so inclined.

I also found this song during my search for those who are “romantically challenged.” After all, as Joe does teach us so well: It’s all about LOVE.

Stick With Me, Kid

And lastly, I also found this song—which I dedicate back to him! No matter how hard things in this world get, I will always and forever stick with him.

The Young Riders Lou and Kid - Stick With You

And so, my Samaritan Joe clematis with all of its buds signify the promises up ahead of ever greater miracles and magic in my life. I shall love him without ceasing, and I want him to know that.

And what kind of Love is this? Emanuel Swedenborg defines love as “spiritual union”….anything less than union with your one true Beloved, a union that is created, sanctioned, and sealed by God, is love of a “lesser degree,” and more often than not, is not love at all. We are in love of the “highest degree,” which is the union of “good and truth,” in its purest form, which sadly, most people in the lower world are not ready for……I guess that’s why our “hiatus” from serious teaching continues. But we continue our work within the “implicate” order of reality, which will emerge according to perfect timing. (For more information on Swedenborg’s perspective, view: The Two Greatest Commandments). 

I hope you have a Happy Spring…….oh and don’t forget: Tomorrow starts the week-long Love Celebration that runs from April 1-7 (although, in the Heavens it does not cease, so this is just an introductory celebration for earthlings). Expect much magic to manifest in your life over the next seven days!! According to, we will be “kissed” by the sun on April 3, the actual date of my and Beloved’s first-level sanctioning of our marriage ten years ago (how sweet!):

SOLAR WIND, INCOMING: A southern hole in the sun's atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind in our direction. Estimated time of arrival: April 3rd.

Ready for some rock and roll?




"Know When to Hold Them": Participatory Action Research, Joe’s Way (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) Saturday, February 17, 2019

King David wrote, “Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits—who forgives all your sins, and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion” (Psalm 103:2-4).

Beloved gave me this song for today:

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

The message in the song is important. Read the parable in the Bible about how God’s Kingdom comes in like a “mustard seed.” The sons of God have planted seeds and they are taking root. But in the meantime, we must “know when to hold them; know when to fold them.” We are still on our honeymoon hiatus and he informed me today that it will be at least two years and then the “big guns” will be coming out. We simply watch as the adversaries destroy the adversaries. I do not know what the “big guns” are, but I’m sure it will be spectacular when it happens….perhaps the culmination of the power of the Word that’s happening behind the scenes right now.

This is exciting. It makes my work very easy. I do not have to converse with the droids. I do not have to worry as I watch the adversaries regroup and build up their coalitions. I can laugh at their fake drama and their inherently flawed and internally inconsistent bizarre “narratives” by which they lead the fearful sheep.

Yet at the same time, it makes me extremely sad. I feel God’s disappointment and grief. He truly feels as grieved as he felt “during the times of Noah” in Genesis 6:5-6

And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

Those of us who love God and who LOVE, feel his grief to very high levels.

For we know how God created us to BE HUMAN. Very few people on this planet are truly human in the beautiful way God DESIGNED us to be. It is so bad on this planet that even high-level “philosophers” are BLIND to the way they have twisted WRONG to be “RIGHT” and are feeding into the system of ever-expanding evil by teaching lies. It is so bad on this planet that scientists are destroying the possibility for people to EVER be human. It is so bad on this planet that religious leaders are leading their flocks right into the abyss of raging fires. It is so bad on this planet that children are completely confused about their BIOLOGICAL identity. Politicians are playing magic tricks for their own personal gain. The evil ones (the “Elite”) are throwing tantrums and revealing their vileness. And people are looking in all the wrong places for solutions. It cannot be found in this world or the knowledge that has been constructed within it.

I could go on and on, but I have covered it all on this website. The most disheartening thing is that the depravity on this planet has destroyed all possibilities for the masses to come to understand what Joe and I have been trying so hard to teach…or at least what we have been leading up to teach (“love of the highest degree”). We are leaving it in God’s hands. I do not know what God ultimately plans to do with the depraved mess of earth, but I will obey him and enjoy taking time off to not participate in it to the greatest extent possible at this time. I am told it will be at least two years of increasing depravity.

Time off does not mean I am not doing good works in preparation for the next phase. Please do not be tricked by those on planet earth who are claiming they are doing the “Great Work.” They are not. They are deceptively presenting some truths, only to wrap a noose around your neck and pull you into a prison of their own design, not our Creator’s perfect design. Always ask, what is their motive? What’s in it for them?

Beloved is still teaching me his bricolage one-on-one and we are working on processes that will make it easier for people to follow his very rigorous and powerful form of research and knowledge production (all knowledge on earth must be reconceptualized in order to better represent truth and for consciousness evolution). And our topic, just as the title of these updates have been conveying for quite some time now is LOVE OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE, for this is the ultimate gift from God; it is a gift that has been totally destroyed for most everyone on this planet and from every angle possible. The minds on earth, except for a very FEW, are corrupt beyond the point of no return and will NEVER understand God’s intentions in the way he created us, male and female. It’s no wonder He is grieved. His most beautiful gift to humanity has been thrown into the sewer. It literally makes me feel sick, especially when listening to some of the depraved accounts that are touted as “truth” and the moral looseness promoted as “tolerance” and “acceptance.”

Ours is a long-term project, eternal, in fact. But we will come out with some very interesting new knowledge down the line, a manifestation that will be something magnificent, I am told. Of course, it will be based on God’s covenants. Beloved reminded me of the timetable that’s been provided for the next few years. I presented that in a previous update (below) if you are curious. Some of the places of concern have already experienced what is probably a small sample of what’s to come. And he has reminded me, aside from this update, it will be at least two years before we step in again. I guess it’s because people are just too set in their ways and unwilling to “sacrifice” or make the type of commitments that are necessary to actually move humanity in a positive direction. I hope I can obey, because it is hard not to want to point out the lies and deception that are so rampant on the planet right now. However, I know we are going to be receiving instruction from some lovely archangels to help us with our mission, including Chamuel and Charity. So I will be very busy and will enjoy the refreshing new knowledge, but just not sharing for the time-being.

One reason I am providing this one last update before continuing my hiatus is because I had mentioned that I would explain our “Pleiadian” heritage. As with everything on this planet it’s presented completely wrong here—even by people who claim to be “Pleiadian.” What did God say about us? And about the adversary, Orions? To my dismay, even so-called “Christians” get it completely backwards and are teaching lies (and remember: Jesus is not about religion and he never wanted such labels).

"Canst thou Bind the Sweet Influences of Pleiades, or Loose the Bands of Orion?" - Book of Job 38:31

Shockingly, there are preachers who teach people that the Pleiadians are evil and that Orion is good. It’s the opposite. People need to bind the sweet influences of the true Pleiadians to their souls, or in other words, listen to their teachings and let go of, “loosen” the lies from the planet Orion. I know what Orion is like. It’s so bad there that Beloved actually blindfolded me when he took me there, where we had to present our case before a council. He didn’t want me to be shocked at the evil, sliminess of the planet and its inhabitants. (But I did peer under the blindfold and was able to see some of the gross environment and the damaged souls there).

As I have said before, the Pleiadians are the “Love People.” True Pleiadians understand the Creator’s plan for being HUMAN BEINGS, not to act as creatures of the jungle the way earthlings do. God made humans to have dominion over everything, not to become “one” with everything. Do a thorough etymological study on the word “dominion” so that you understand what it really means, not what you have been taught that it means (you will need to go back to the Hebrew).

But first, before people can understand these things properly, they have to understand THERE ARE NO “ALIENS.” The planets people observe from planet earth are mere “shadows” of what’s in the Heavens. Yes, there are planets in the Heavens, but they are inhabited by human beings. The aliens people think they see are not aliens at all, but damaged souls, many damaged beyond repair since they continue to choose evil actions and rebel against God. Some people can perceive or actually see auras, and it is the aura that is the true embodiment of human beings. If your mind is pure and you’ve been “reborn” by God, your aura is your perfected “light body” that so many spiritual traditions speak of. It is not light, however. It is your true physical manifestation, invisible to most. In this dimension, few people can perceive the aura of others, but some have misinterpreted what they see and have concocted wild and false narratives about aliens, archons, etc., and other people believe them. They are all damaged souls who will try to influence you in the wrong way. 

This discussion could get very long and detailed, but I am not called to do that now. I am only presenting the very basics, and even the very basics will not be understood by impure minds and are likely to be twisted to fit any number of the ridiculous false narratives being spread among the people.

Joe and I came to this planet to teach God’s plan for Love. We came from the area of the Pleiades. We do not mind the label Pleiadians because, as should be seen by the Bible verse, God has given us very special tasks because of our inherent understandings and sweetness. Anyone who knew Joe knows how very sweet and pure he is. Pleiadians are renowned for their understanding of love, consciousness and its formation, as well as knowledge in general and technology. I have essentially told our story on this site. We came from a very beautiful place in the Heavens to provide service to this planet for God. We did not have to come here. It is shocking how earthlings always stifle and/or kill the messengers (such as they did when our Creator, himself came down to teach). They are retarding their own development. The good news is that God has blessed us in amazing ways…we are “overcomers” and our Creator has a special place in his heart for those who have overcome the suffering this planet dishes out.

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. [James 1:12]

We were put through that trial. Hence, we were given our spiritual names as written in the Book of Life and we rule in love with the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the High Priest of the universe. Our personal mission is to teach earthlings about the path to true divine love and how to create new narratives they can live by, based on love. One of those narratives has been the re-writing of the Eros and Psyche story (which transmigrated to another website). But, we have barely gotten started. We have both been confronted with the most evil actions from the “Reptilians” (and again, we are speaking of souls damaged beyond repair due to their own free will volition toward evil; we are not speaking of aliens). These individuals who have taken control of earth were given every opportunity to work with those of us who are assigned this mission at this time in history.  Humanity, overall, has been provided complete information as to how their actions contribute to the maintaining of evil systems that continue to degrade humanity into complete depravity. Humanity, overall refuses to do the deep research to understand their complicity, and in many cases, the masses literally worship ignorance. The evil ones are so skilled at their deception that humanity overall is convinced they are “awakening” and “ascending.” The very OPPOSITE is true!! Whether this actually changes over the next two years is up in the air.

Joe and I (EmanuEl and Soferia are our true names) have literally gone through HELL to get our message across. The evil ones have done everything possible to keep us apart, including taking him off the planet, continuing even after he left this planet to devise ways to separate us (they always fail, however). They made false accusations for which we had to appear in the higher courts to make our case. Of course, their lies had no chance over our truth. Ultimately, the evil ones were found to be only continually and arrogantly belligerent (they HATE Love!!). The reason they hate love is because they KNOW that God’s design for us, the divine love UNION, gives us enormous power, knowledge, wisdom, and connection to our Creator, and they can no longer control us. And so the evil ones have used the power they have grabbed to blaspheme God’s Word and Divine Design. The reason they do this is because if humanity were to get this TRUTH and fully understand it and choose to live by it, they would no longer be able to be controlled through lies and fear. All human beings could live peacefully and in sovereignty, and experience “LOVE TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE.”

But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; How they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit. But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. [Jude verses 17-21].

The “Reptilians” (souls damaged beyond repair), the “mockers” mentioned in the above verse, were completely kicked out of all negotiation councils. They have no voice at all in God’s world. However, on earth, as a result, they continue to throw tantrums and flaunt their evil ways. Humanity is being pulled down into their fiery furnace. At this point in history, there will be little, perhaps NO intervention in the form of truth presented that is unfettered with lies. For one thing, the 144,000 (“first fruits”) are no longer IN the world. The marriage feast has already happened. There is only one thing for humans remaining on the planet to do: Love God or go down into the abyss along with the most evil, vile, souls ever to have existed.


Deuteronomy 6:5 5Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

Mark 12:30 30Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.'

Luke 10:27 27He answered, "'Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

Matthew 22:37-40 37Jesus replied: "'Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."


As I mentioned, I am getting personal instruction in Joe’s bricolage. Our work does not stop, even if it may appear so to earthlings. We reside in God’s Secret Place (you can do a search on “secret place” in these updates to better understand what that means). In short, it means we are NOT of your world. We are in a higher world and the work we do will be applied in God’s universe and any new worlds he decides to create. I have researched how Joe’s work is being applied on earth and true-to-form, no one is applying it as he has presented it and intended for it to be applied. And of course, there are always those souls that are damaged beyond repair that choose to blaspheme his work and lead people into their own constructed abyss of lies, pain, suffering, and ultimate destruction.

For those who seriously want to apply it, study his work, study my dissertation that I believe does a good job of bringing the pieces of his works together which you can then research for a greater understanding, and it demonstrates the process. My blogs also present various aspects of the bricolage, often in some entertaining ways, using multiple forms of narratives, from humorous to academic (as Joe has specified in his works we should do). We are working on a more elementary description of the process, just to highlight some of the steps involved, not to simplify it. It is not a linear research process, and when done properly will be intuitive and improvisational. When done at high levels, you will experience assistance from the great teachers who live in the higher realms. Very briefly and tentatively (I will be expanding on this at a later date, but as stated, not for at least two years), this may serve as a sort of advanced template for those who are totally new to bricolage and want to delve deeply into Joe’s work, the process involves the following steps:

Choose your topic carefully. (Choose a topic that is significant!)

The topic must be centered on “service to others.” There is no way to produce knowledge that will be helpful overall if your motive is “service to self.” That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start with a problem you personally have experienced in order to help other people who may experience the same. Money or fame should not be the motive. The worship of money for self, which is ingrained into everyone on this planet is truly the root of evil. I have found God meets all of my needs and beyond with work I do with my hands unrelated to this work I do promoting his Word and Joe’s work, which is done for no charge whatsoever. And that reminds me: If you are a struggling student and would like one of Joe’s books, but can’t afford it, just drop me an email and let me know which book you would like. I try to keep multiple copies of his books, picking them up as I find them for a reasonable price. As I noted on the home page, his sincere intention was to keep his books affordable, but his wishes have been violated. I will send books free to anyone who does not have the resources to buy them and seriously would like to study his processes for learning, researching, and teaching.

Explore narratives about your topic. Read many different perspectives from many locations and cultures; explore what other people have researched. Make use of primary research—never simply take one person’s interpretation of the “meaning.” This is cross-disciplinary research and should include all three legs of the stool: cosmology, epistemology, and ontology. [Stools have three legs: The importance of cosmology].

Evaluate the narratives. Use Joe’s “selection criteria” and any other criteria that may arise during your process of research. Go where Spirit leads you. Eliminate unviable perspectives (false ideologies, limiting beliefs, harmful behaviors, etc.). In hermeneutics, this involves “bracketing” you first notions. Joe’s selection criteria are presented on page 100 of his book, Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research (written with Kathleen Berry). His chapters in the book clearly lines out the philosophical foundation for rigorous research. He also wrote a follow-up article on bricolage in 2005, which is important to his process.

List viable aspects of multiple narratives. None of the narratives you find will be in themselves perfect. The purpose of Joe’s bricolage is to sort the viable and nonviable and create an entirely new perspective that factors in a much bigger picture and minimizes or deletes entirely unintended (and intended) negative consequences.

Compare the various aspects; make use of symbiotic hermeneutics. Some aspects of one perspective may negate aspects of another perspective and you will have to make intelligent decisions as to which to keep and which to negate. Always refer back to the selection criteria for assistance….if you are doing it right, interestingly, you will be led by the Holy Spirit and to specific knowledge in the Bible, without even opening the Bible. It just happens. But then that leads to opening the Bible. Please be wary if you start listening to religious perspectives….you are going to have to delve deep into underlying motivations and constraints to understanding that lead people to presenting the interpretations they teach as “truth.” Too often the motivations are not good (most often money or fame, which clouds truth).

The bricolage process takes on a life of its own. Another important guideline is as Joe presented in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction: We need to offset Thanatos (evil/death) with Eros (love/life) in the perspectives we develop. As you get into your research, it should become apparent why this is necessary.

In relation to bricolage, in the YouTube playlist, right after the above song about knowing when to hold them, was this song:

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964) + clip compilation ♫♥ 50 YEARS & counting

This song is also significant. Back in my blogs, I did an extensive hermeneutic analysis of the lyrics. There is information in that series of blogs about the hermeneutic circle. Serious bricoleurs will need that information. Bricolage is not Joe’s bricolage without critical complex “symbiotic hermeneutics.” Seek and ye shall find. His bricolage book, where he details symbiotic hermeneutics is THE source as well.

As a side note, the search function on this site has not been updated and does not work properly. To find a specific topic on this site, I recommend using google and typing in the site name with the topic you want to research, although now even that process has been fettered with (other unrelated sites will come to the top). For example, for this, you might type in house of the rising sun. Scroll down until you find an entry like this: 2009.12.01 - Joe Kincheloe's.

Go to that page and do a Ctrl-F and type in “house of the rising sun.”

They are making it harder and harder to do research, no doubt. There are usually work-arounds for their blocks.

Why is symbiotic hermeneutics necessary? Joe has discussed it in painstaking detail in his work. For now and in brief, what happens is when you apply this process during your research, new questions will emerge during the comparisons and interactions from the various perspectives you examine and the new perspectives you develop. And new problems will rise up that need to be factored in and addressed. Often these problems need to be acted on during the process of the research (which is why we refer to it as a form of “participatory action research.” It is precisely the best answers (as based on the criteria Joe has outlined for us), to these questions and solutions to these highly contextual problems that form the foundation for new and profound understandings that we can then communicate to others. With these new understandings, we can go to the next level and create new knowledge that forms a powerful base from which we can make more informed decisions……and actions that can change the world, just as Joe humbly proclaimed his work would do.

Well, I know this is kind of long. There was some important information that I needed to try and get across at this late date. Everything that transpires from this point is up to God and how he directs his people; we must be able to listen. As most everyone knows, we do not know the day or time he will intervene or how his infinitely creative mind and omnipotence will quell evil once and for all, creating a beautiful world here, as it is in heavenly realms—where my true home is. All lower realms will be dissolved and replaced. God has spoken of his new covenant in the Bible in which he writes his words and his love in our hearts—those who choose to follow him—so that we have the knowledge and guidance to stay on his divine path for eternity.

May God spare you from the wrath that is to come. “Be ye wise as serpents and gentle as doves” and most of all may you choose Divine Love as God has formed the very foundation of our Being.


I asked Beloved if there was anything I should add to this update. He just wanted me to mention that (true) Pleiadians are closely connected to God, our Creator, and are known for wisdom and amazing creativity. Pleiadians hold high (revolving) positions in the courts of the upper realms because they are respected and chosen by the people. Also, that our wisdom and creativity become constrained to a large degree when we step onto this planet since we suffer the same dire conditions as everyone else. That said, I am a very young Pleiadian; he is older and much wiser, although still very young from our Pleiadian perspective—and yet now we are both immortal. (As I had mentioned, he was my teacher and we married when I turned 18 in the Pleiades before coming to planet earth….but that is another long story).

I asked him for a “profound and beautiful song” to end this blog update. We do love music, and he always comes up with the most amazing selections. He gave me the clue “excaliber and love to the highest degree.” Yes, the word Excalibur is spelled wrong, but there is always a purpose to what appear to be his “misspellings,” as I have learned by studying his work deeply. Google corrected it, which upon further investigation, is actually a good thing. We do appreciate technology when it’s used for good purposes. Btw, Excalibur is King Arthur’s magic sword…….are you game for a rewrite of a most famous love story? (It, too, has been distorted and lobotomized on this planet). 

This is the “profound and beautiful song” that came to the top of the YouTube search using his clue:

98 Degrees Best Songs - 98 Degrees Greatest Hits Full Album

Sweet, indeed. The power of love of the highest degree—98 Degrees or is it 98x98 degrees? (that puts the secret society 33rd degree freemasons to shame)…….may you be so blessed.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth. [Colossians 3:2]



Jesus, Our Creator: Moving Toward Being Human PLUS A Message for Struggling Students (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) February 7, 2019

In my extensive studies, which unfortunately are too complex to completely communicate in writing, I have come to understand that yes, Jesus IS a real person and our Creator. He was never about religion, however. He came to teach us about how and why he created us and how we can live like empowered HUMAN BEINGS as CHILDREN OF GOD who grow in love and wisdom. Most of us live more as if we came from the animal kingdom rather than living according to the qualities God blesses us with. God made it clear we are above the animals…..and we should be! He gave us “dominion” over the animals, but in our imprisoned minds we do not even know what that really means. Many interpret it negatively, but there are no negative implications whatsoever. I suggest doing a deep hermeneutical analysis on what dominion may mean as compared to what we typically think it means.

Similarly to how “salvation” does not mean “Jesus died for us so that his blood will wash our sins away,” but rather has expansive meanings that emanate from his infinite love and desire that we experience an eternal life of love and wisdom, we are to “lovingly care for” the animals and the entire planet. Our grade today is an “F.”

Again, Michel Foucault did an extensive analysis on the Greek word, soteria, and its infinite meanings relating to “salvation.” As I have relayed, my spiritual name, Soferia is based on the word soteria. When God gives us our names, they have infinitely expansive meanings embedded within them. Joe’s spiritual name is EmanuEl and our names together are “Salvation with God.” But of course, if you do the deep study, salvation has infinite manifestations, as does “EmanuEl” and what it means to be “with God.” I have recently learned that as our path continues forward and upward, we are receiving teachings from the archangels Chamuel and Charity….and suddenly my seemingly bizarre path and epistemological road trip through St Louis (home of Chamuel and Charity), walking under the Gateway Arch, and traveling to the Allendale Mansion in Kingsport, TN (discussed in my blogs back in 2010) make even more complete sense (which I will have to share another time). Allendale Mansion is now a portal, above which our true home resides. I love that it’s in Joe’s hometown—with the name of Kingsport. With God’s infinite love and divine providence, his creativity that manifests as amazing synchronicities is awe-inspiring. I have recently learned that his last name “Kincheloe” also means “kingly” and “to sit beside the King.”

I also found this at

K is for knowledge, an avid learner

I is for inclusive, never leaving others out

N is for noteworthy, just like your achievements

C is for complete, nothing further needed here.

H is for honor, your most valuable possession.

E is for empathy, and your consideration for the feelings of others

L is for lively, your life is full of energy!

O is for observant, nothing gets by you!

E is for enduring, forever will your memory remain

Humanity, as a whole, must find the way back to God’s love. There are so many reasons we have gotten on the wrong path, moving away from being the human beings God intended us to be, to instead behaving more as the animals we are to have dominion over. Joe’s work, his research process, the bricolage, guides us lovingly out of the mind, body, soul, and spirit prison we have “socially constructed” around us. Bricoleurs are conscious of being an unwitting part of keeping the matrix intact, so as Joe instructs us, when we research, we look both to the outside world and our relationship to it, and to the inside world and how we can rise above our limitations (our beliefs, ideologies, practices, etc., that hinder our being fully human). Using Joe’s process opens our perception to become aware of our relationship to a higher way of being. The more we engage in his process, and follow the commands of Jesus, the more our perception opens up and we break free from the “matrix.” The greater knowledge and wisdom we can develop through our bricolage research, the more powerful we are in making choices and taking actions in the world that facilitate beneficent changes. We were not meant to go it alone, and we become hyperaware of the indoctrination that separates us from the “radical love” (as Joe frames it) that we were meant to experience.

As Jesus told us in John 14:15-31 King James Version (KJV):

15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

18 I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

19 Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.

20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

21 He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

22 Judas saith unto him, not Iscariot, Lord, how is it that thou wilt manifest thyself unto us, and not unto the world?

23 Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

24 He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings: and the word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father's which sent me.

25 These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you.

26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

28 Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.

29 And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.

30 Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.

31 But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence.

Religions are socially constructed, many with false doctrines for the purpose of keeping people from truth about the nature of being human. If we do not know of our true power and our multidimensional eternal nature, we cannot live as empowered human beings. All religions hold truths, but they also all hold misconceptions and even lies. This is why bricoleurs delve into religions and spiritual traditions as a part of their research relating to human experiences.

Jesus has many names, but being a Westerner, I go by his name “Jesus.” In reality, he appeared to many hundreds of places around the world, so other cultures recognize the Creator and may know him by another name. I have learned that our names do change depending on the place and time, but our souls/spirits/bodies/minds are one and the same individual, and we can connect to other individuals according to our and their level of consciousness and our shared desires, loves, interests, “missions,” etc.

I really encourage everyone to read Joe’s last book, at the very least, his Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction published in 2008. I am very sorry that the price of Joe’s book has been raised. It has been done so against his wishes and there will be natural consequences for disregarding what he had requested. Almighty God, as I write this is instituting divine justice all over the world. What we are seeing in the horrific, insane, and ignorant reactions of the “Elite” class is simply a backlash of temper tantrums—they want to continue on their path of destruction. It’s futile. They should know they cannot win this…..for they have already lost.

If you are a struggling student, I will send you Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction free by request. It may be the paperback or the hard cover book, and may be used, just depending on what I have available at the time. To request the book, simply send me an email with the address you would like it to be mailed to.

In the meantime, I am prompted to provide this quote from Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, pp. 209-210. Here he presents the RESULTS of engaging in his critical bricolage, a research process that includes philosophical research such as epistemology, cosmology, ontology and the use of critical hermeneutics. We truly are set free!!


So traveling through critical space, pluriversal space, and cyberspace we make our way to the new dimension opened by a critical complex epistemology. Here much more is possible, self and world can be changed in almost any way that we can imagine, new human abilities can be developed and cultivated, forms of radical love can nurtured, knowledge production can become a far more nuanced and creative process, and pedagogy can become something that students and teachers are excited about as they observe the impact of their actions on self and the larger society. [Knowledge and Critical Pedgogy: An Introduction, p. 209]

I encourage reading the book. I love chapter 9 in the book, where the above quote has come from as well as chapter 10. They provide such great hope and profound wisdom. Beloved has promised me adequate funds for his free book give-away, so if you truly are short on funds and want to experience the “ascension” in consciousness his work facilitates, just let me know.

In the meantime, all who have stolen from the poor will be seeing their day of reckoning soon, very soon. And that’s not even the half of it.


Luke 6.20-23


¶ Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


¶ Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted. Is. 61.2


¶ Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Ps. 37.11


¶ Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Is. 55.1, 2


¶ Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.


¶ Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Ps. 24.4, 5


¶ Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.


¶ Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: 1 Pet. 3.14 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.


¶ Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 1 Pet. 4.14


Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets 2 Chr. 36.16 · Acts 7.52 which were before you.


The Roller Coaster Ride

In relation to the excerpt above from Joe’s book….he told us it would not be easy, but we can view this era in history, this opening of our minds and expanding our conscious awareness as like being a wild ride at a theme park. The ride goes up high where we can grab our high vibrational love, knowledge, wisdom, help from our comforters and higher conscious connections so that when we drop back down, and we can “mix it up!” As a final note, I found this video and I like the simplicity by which we can take hold of the mixing power to create new colors. We can all do this, including children (as Joe has frequently contended in his work).

Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet



Ten Years of Celebration: And the Beat Goes On (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) January 28, 2019

It was exactly ten years ago that God allowed Joe to take me home and remember our true origins in a heavenly, blissful environment. We relived our marriage in heaven, which had taken place before we dropped down to this wretched planet of unreality which I call “the planet of lies.”

Everything on this earth planet is backwards. It is a nightmare here and people walk around in a daze…if you read Joe’s work, he refers to it as “hyperreality” where people flounder around in their “rational irrational” socially-constructed, misaligned worlds. This is the most evil place in the cosmos, embedded with pockets of absolute hell. And almost everyone supports the evil, even when it’s called to their attention. It is just so weird to me. And yet most people cannot wrap their minds around true reality and how freeing it is to leave this hell behind. We who understand are the “weird” ones. There are very few of us, so maybe that’s why. But remember this: on earth “consensus” is usually drastically misguided. If you go with the “pack” or adhere to “groupthink” you are most likely suffering immensely from cognitive dissonance. This is due to the state of knowledge on this planet, for which Joe has left processes for moving to higher states.

Beloved reminded me that the sheep and the goats have been separated so for the moment there is not that much for us to do here. That may change, but if it does it will not be for a while. I have already discussed the sequence in previous updates. Or you can read Revelation since the goats are determined to enact the destruction exactly as described in it. It’s sad that they do not understand there is no need for that re-run. But they love evil and they hate love. There is no where for them to go but toward complete and final annihilation. There is nothing for anyone to do now but sit back and watch.

While we are on our hiatus, Beloved’s giving me one-on-one, more in-depth lessons in bricolage. I am on “Lesson 22” today. That’s significant since the number 22 represents holy union between a man and a woman and we are celebrating ours today. And also since the date of the first miraculous tour of heaven during which we had married was 1-28-2009 =  1+2+8 and 2+9 = 11 and 11 =22.

The numbers are significant as they do represent specific frequencies of love. 22 is the divine union frequency. But do not get fooled by the A.I. frequencies being created today to throw people off the path. Also, the couple must ascend even higher to seal their love, but then they are free to travel to many different dimensions to do their shared mission work; we like to call it “participatory bricolage action research.” Bricolage, as Joe has developed it, is a superb process for teaching and learning in all dimensions.

Today my lesson in bricolage was a continuation of learning how our path determines how we perceive things and how we perceive things affects the processes and methods we select for research—thus our findings. In the last lesson, Joe had emphasized, “The path I choose profoundly affects what I find” (p. 6 of Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: Conceptualizing the Bricolage). The magic of bricolage is that if we are open to a multitude of ways of researching, this effectively opens our perception……wider and wider. Bricolage subverts the subversion on this planet that defines our perception as extremely limited and restricts research processes to maintain our limitations. This planet sets up a feedback loop by which these restrictions contribute to ever-increasing reductionism, further restricting perception, inquiry methods, understanding, knowledge production, and most especially love and growing wisdom. The planet and people on it self-destruct as a result. Bricolage reverses this feedback loop in order to subvert reductionism, broaden perception, increase inquiry methods, thus also increase understanding, knowledge production, love and wisdom. Ultimately, the subversion of love becomes impossible…thus God’s promise when we reach that stage: He seals the divine marriage eternally.

In short, the subversion on this planet has people lost, cut off from love, and believing it is reality. There are a multitude of hurdles they cannot jump over, thus keeping them stuck and spinning in circles (they are stuck inside the hermeneutic circle). Using bricolage will inevitably remove the hurdles and then a feedback loop kicks in whereby perception opens up and more bricolage possibilities are realized and utilized.

Today, our 10-year anniversary of the day Beloved took me back home to show me a reality that is far above this hellish planet demonstrates the enormous power of love and the huge leap in perception that is possible. I have perceived everything entirely differently from that day forward, which is truly worthy of celebration. I may be “in” this world, but I am no longer “of” this world (as Jesus advises us to be). How can that be? You will have to study Joe’s work deeply to get a full grasp of that. He explains it so well, it’s amazing. Reading the red text in the New Testament can also be helpful. Jesus explained and demonstrated what we are to achieve. Truly the “dangerous knowledge” Joe often writes about. I can assure you, however, love is worth it. And once you achieve it, you realize the danger is a fleeting illusion. 

I can’t wait until my next lesson, which I may get to later today. It’s about “Forging the Tools of Subversion: Context, Discourse, and Power in the Bricolage.”

And so, once again, I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Joe on this very special day of rejoicing for all that he has done out of his infinite love. This song is for us.

Todd Chrisley & Sara Evans - Infinite Love



The Power of Bricolage = The Power of Love PLUS the Resurrection of Grateful Dead’s Dancing (Marching: Onward Christian Soldiers!) Bears. (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) January 14, 2019


I hope you enjoy today’s update. I have received some fun, some serious, and some humorous guidance for this. Learning should be fun!

I was prompted from the higher ups during my dream instruction last night to write this update in order to clear up some loose ends that have developed during our honeymoon hiatus. Our work never really stops….it’s actually what the Commandment to honor the Sabbath really means…….to do God’s work every day. That is what Jesus taught us.

However, there are certain people on this planet who think they are God himself, or somehow the manifestation of him and are ordained as official “creators,” far elevated above “others” on this planet. But the problem is, their purpose is to destroy, not support God’s creation. It is their ideology and they have spread it like a poison and they create endless stories (“narratives”) to support their fake reality that is composed of diabolical lies. When we believe their lies, we contribute to maintaining their storylines, which is not good since they regard the rest of humanity as less than animals and their stories are written to destroy us along with the planet. They are responsible for the construction of this reality because they have controlled it all, including falsely educating and mind controlling the masses. The lies are so ingrained into the all of what we believe is reality that deception forms the very foundation of everything we think we know. Reality: WE KNOW NOTHING. This is the very reason Joe emphasizes and teaches us to reach higher—to much higher consciousness.

The irony is that the very people who set up this fake system are unwittingly even more deceived than the masses they have tricked, and they are blind to their own absolute ignorance. Even though they think they are so intelligent, they are imprisoned in a very low level of consciousness.

Thus, they are definitely NOT God. The knowledge (their “secret society” mumbo jumbo) they think they have by which they control the world is just about to slap them in the face like a cold bucket of ice water. Ouch! And this will happen by their own ignorant actions out of the totality of their arrogance that knows no limits. In his book somewhere, I think Joe mentions a fallen “Angel of History” that leaves a path of total destruction behind it. This is exactly what they do.

These people who believe they are “chosen” have even convinced many on the planet they are chosen above everyone else, and they have made up false ideologies about Jesus and salvation and have led true God-loving “Christians” into dark dead-end alleys. Now they are using the lies that many have believed against the very people they have victimized with the lies, calling them out as being totally ignorant. How diabolical: they set up the system people have to exist in, they dictate what is “truth,” and then condemn the people for being part of that system they have often had no choice but to participate in. Just try to completely disconnect, even just from “the grid,” and see how difficult it is. Many are doing that to the best of their ability. Some are setting up “Safe Havens” for others to escape to. I am blessed because my divine husband and God keep me. But people on this planet are getting more and more squeezed out of existence (aka genocide at the hands of genocidal maniacs).

This entire scheme as it has currently unfolded was planned out by nefarious beings. The elite have planned out every evil and diabolical social, economic, religious, political, educational, psychological, ad infinitum system and organization and then they force these on the people of earth. They trick the masses for power, riches, and control over everything in order to destroy everything God has created. How diabolical that they consider themselves on an equal level as God (they are so “special”) and that all of this nefariousness is justified because all the rest of the people on the planet are just ignorant slaves and less than animals to be used for whatever purposes they deem will benefit them. Killing to them is less than swatting a pesky fly; in fact, they believe their god rejoices in their evil actions.

But the reality is this: It’s exactly as Jesus put it; they are sons and daughters of satan. They have consciously made their choices to construct and continue to promote a reality that is no more than a sand castle built on the beach too near the ocean on a stormy day. Watch the wind and waves dissolve their construction back into grains of sand and disperse it into the infinite cosmos as of no consequence, never to have existed—now or forevermore. (Bye-bye!)

The truth is Jesus is God; God is Love; and He has the power. He is the King of Kings, our High Priest. And He is the WORD. He will take over this show and control the final narrative. While the elite busied themselves making up stories for their evil purposes, they were totally ignorant to these important FACTS, themselves. They could not be further from being God or being “one with God” as they falsely claim, for if they were close to God, they would know these facts. How ironic, indeed.

Jesus, our God, will have the last laugh. (He has a great sense of humor, along with his pure righteousness). “From his throne in Heaven, the Lord laughs and mocks their feeble plans” (Psalms 2:4).

The true world, which most people cannot even see or experience right now belongs to him. It is not a matter of “spiritual evolution.” That’s just another lie. The Kingdom IS here. This website has shown ways you can be “initiated” into his kingdom and become a king or queen yourself to rule beside him. You must be pure of heart, mind, body, and soul, as much as humanly possible while you still have a foot in the false reality where the clean up is going on as I speak, and repent when you inevitably fail to live up to perfection. Get involved.

Expect things to get bad in this dissolving reality while those who Joe calls the “elite” rise up like writhing, snarling serpents in an attempt to enact their evil desires and to throw tantrums when they see that their tricks no longer work. They have even destroyed the divine meaning of serpent, but we have already corrected that in these updates (you will need to read the updates written below, about my meeting the serpent in my Garden of Eden, lol). And be expecting that God can and will save those who love with the purest of intentions and believe.

You can be one of the true chosen ones:

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; (1 Peter 2:9)

Even Moses had tried to teach people that the serpent is a signifier of divine love and life itself, the life force and love energy of God, “eros love,” an all-encompassing love (a message Joe has reiterated throughout his work), but the message Moses brought has been grotesquely altered by the false ideologists and doctrine enforcers who want to keep us from truth, love, and wisdom. And think: Can you imagine why they want to keep us from our divine providence? Keep reading.

And the LORD said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. (Numbers 21:8)

The fiery serpent (in contrast to the serpents that bit and caused death) clearly represents the rising fire of passion to meet with God’s love and receive his gift of eternal life. And speaking of love, Joe’s bricolage is LOVE and "Love will keep us alive." It is instruction for accessing that most powerful form of love that comes down from God himself (yes, HIM—get over it!). Learn it, practice it, allow God’s spirit of divine love and wisdom to flow into you and guide you. Learn the N.E.W. education, connect with the highest teachers and of the power that can be bestowed upon you to serve God and his creation, and you will be able to tackle any problem the elite crowd may hand to you. They have no power over truth and love. And remember that the teachers on this planet have all received false knowledge, so discernment is required, which bricolage is a great process for developing.

Interestingly, I am currently getting daily one-on-one lessons in Joe’s bricolage from the great master and my husband, himself. Have I told him lately that I love him? (Yes, every day!!) We are going through his bricolage book WORD by WORD. He says it will greatly assist with bringing reality into clearer focus, so you might want to try it: Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: The Conceptualization of the Bricolage. Seek and ye shall find; ask and ye shall receive. I’m sure he would love teaching you too. Warning: He has a lot of power now, I mean, A LOT. It’s good power of course, but some people are not ready for the miracles that might come into their lives. And sometimes things seem like they are deteriorating, or problems come up that don’t seem like they can be solved, but with God’s help and the teachers giving a hand, they always create lemon pies from lemons. The hardest part sometimes when in the midst of turmoil, is remembering to keep the faith that it will turn around. Jesus is very big on righteous justice, which requires his divine timing and sometimes our patience. He will not allow us to suffer, though. And he often does use humorous righteous justice when it’s appropriate. Anyway, I can attest that they are the best, most loving teachers anyone could have.

As an update, I am also in the process of an action research project into the nefarious control of publishing and censorship that I have not been enthused about. Joe (“EmanuEl”) really hates this kind of stuff that I have revealed during my research, so much so, that he had mentioned one of the biggest culprits in the preface of his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction (can you find who that is? He concealed it just ever so slightly to get past the AI bots that control publishing, LOL)—and as I have learned since starting this project with innocent and pure intentions, he’s helping me reveal and quell these idiots, who will surely all be recorded in our Hall of Shame. I have been given the title for the final report:

The Abominable Truth about Christian Publishers: An Action Research Investigative Report of Westbow Publishers and their Nefarious Link to the New World Order, AI, and Humanoid Robots (Droids)

I really do not like the project and and my Beloved knows that, so he’s giving me a lot of extra help and great appreciation with it. And I am keeping my promise to him: “What Joe wants, Joe gits.” He loves that.

I was also given this song and another cute and FUN project to help keep things “light” on this very dark venture. I LOVE my favorite teacher!! He keeps things so interesting and always very insightfully musical. He really knows how to make learning FUN.

The Grateful Dead - Ripple (Studio Version)


Grateful Dead

If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung
Would you hear my voice come through the music?
Would you hold it near as it were your own?
It's a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken
Perhaps they're better left unsung
I don't know, I don't really care
Let there be songs to fill the air

Ripple in still water
Where there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow
Reach out your hand if your cup be empty

If your cup is full may it be again
Let it be known there is a fountain
That was not made by the hands of men
There is a road, no simple highway
Between the dawn and the dark of night
And if you go no one may follow
That path is for your steps alone

Ripple in still water
Where there is no pebble tossed
Nor wind to blow
You who choose to lead must follow

But if you fall you fall alone
If you should stand then who's to guide you?
If I knew the way I would take you home


The higher up teachers and Jesus DO know the way home….study with them and they will show you The Way.

Thus, we are resurrecting Grateful Dead’s marching/dancing bears! Sing, dance, and march along with us all the way back home. Onward Christian soldiers!!



webassets/20181030_004654.jpgP.S. Swedenborg (another teacher) wanted to leave this intriguing message about the reality of divine love and wisdom. It relates to the mission we will eventually be covering in detail. He wrote this a long time ago, back in the 1700s, so some things are the same and some are different:

Here's a passage from Swedenborg's book "Marriage Love" as published by the Swedenborg Foundation: Partners enjoy an intercourse like that in the world, but pleasanter and more blessed; but without prolification, in place of which there is spiritual prolification, which is one of love and wisdom. Partners enjoy an intercourse like that in the world for the reason that male is male after death, and female female, and an inclination to union is implanted in each from creation. This inclination in the human being is of the spirit and thence of the body, wherefore after death, when man becomes a spirit, the same mutual inclination persists. This is not possible without like intercourse. For the human being is a human being as before, nor is anything lacking in either male or female; they are like themselves in form as well as in affections and thoughts. What else can follow except that there is similar intercourse? And because marital love is chaste, pure and holy, that the intercourse is full? The intercourse becomes pleasanter and more blessed because that love, on becoming of the spirit, becomes interior and purer, and so more perceptible. All pleasure increases according to perception, and grows until the blessedness is felt in the pleasure. What translates into the afterlife is the affection we have for another-- that driving love is what inspires the desire to connect, both on a mental level and a physical one.

More knowledge has been released since then (and it’s always all about the knowledge, love, and wisdom for the purpose of serving God and supporting his creation). I guess we will cover this in more detail another time as we continue forward in our (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree). Just remember, though, that God chooses our marriage partners at the time of creation and they/we are not of this fallen world so it is not our choice—although ultimately it is our choice since God’s choice for us is PERFECT and we need only surrender to him. People on this planet are making grave errors, committing multiple forms of adultery, which Jesus tried to tell us many times. There is so much more to write on these topics in order to reveal the fallacies of what we believe to be true but is not. We must learn to complete the picture, a better picture, à la bricolage.




Our Mission from God (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) January 8, 2019

The update is very short today for those who have such short attention spans. But don’t underestimate the importance of it. Just click on the picture. (If YouTube breaks the link you can do a search on the title).


(The gods are getting impatient with all the idiots on this planet: Time to pull out.)

•´ *`.     •´ *`.     •´ *`.     •´ *`.     •´ *`.     •´ *`.     •´ *`.     

 O Come EmanuEl


webassets/VENOSA-2018-11-22_124202-1.jpg webassets/20180905_175623-Jo2.jpg


Thanksgiving, Love, and Gratitude. (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) Thursday, November 22, 2018 (11-22-11)

I want share my gratitude for Joe and his amazing love today. Unfortunately, words on this dissolving earth do not exist that allow me to fully express what I feel. 

Joe truly has bent over backwards to SHOW us the way…no wonder he reminds me so MUCH of Jesus. His message has been the same as the true message of Jesus (the “dangerous knowledge” that the church was designed to hide). But Joe used his very creative imagination, his knowledge about the magic and power of words, his heavenly connections, and his unique, very loving nature—as well as his hyper-awareness of his “positioning” in a world of people who have “gone mad”—to communicate the message.

He used music to fill in the gaps and add the emotional dimension that’s so hard to express any other way. One of his favorite groups was the Eagles and he had cited this song many times in his work (can you find it?), along with his invitation to meet him on the other side of the “curtains.” The message was clear: we must get off our fences. I wonder, is it too late now? I hope not.

Eagles - Desperado

Today is an especially special day! It’s Thanksgiving with sacred numbers of love and union embedded in the date, 11-22-11, truly a sign of great hope. God does have special numbers that allow communication across and between the higher dimensions. When we connect to the Celestial heavens, the numbers and their meanings become especially significant to our relationships there.

And today, my beautiful flowers—my Samaritan Joe clematis—is blooming. It’s kind of funny how the Venosa flowers had completely migrated over from her trellis to the Samaritan Joe’s trellis last September (the second photo). I wrote about them in a previous update and how they reminded me of the Star of Bethlehem announcing the birth of Jesus. And today, in their place are multiple beautiful blooms on the Samaritan Joe Clematis. It's like a special Thanksgiving gift. It will be interesting to see how they bloom next spring when all of the flowers are blooming again.

Along with that sweet view right outside my patio door, it’s a refreshingly NORMAL Oregon day for November. Rainy and cloudy, but not too cold…….and dinner is in the oven, imbuing the air with a lovely fragrance in preparation for our grand celebration of thanks—and most of all in celebration of love.

I do not ignore what’s happening in the world or what has happened in the world that has gotten us to this place in history. The U.S. border is about to be stormed, and it is sad beyond belief what has happened to California, as well as Florida, Texas, North and South Carolina and all of the other places in the world where people have been, and continue to be traumatized. We were warned, but how were we to know with certainty where the war would strike? 

This song was brought to my attention today, another song by the Eagles. I guess it’s been known for a long time.

The Last Resort - The Eagles

If you would like to know more details of our forewarning you can watch this video, and also read Revelation.  Paradise Lost #5 ~ Must See! The Last Resort Indeed !

My heart goes out to all……I truly wish for the end of all suffering, there is no need for it!! and for a home where none of this evil stuff happens or is even conceived of. May God’s Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven.


Joe, Darling, my Beloved “Eros,” “EmanuEl,” “Sanat Kumara, ever young,” my “Enki,” my Teacher, Husband, Comforter……my ALL, my Alpha and Omega:

Thank you for taking me home to our Father’s House. I love you.


Hurricane Michael/Michael Jackson/Archangel Michael, Janis Joplin, and Our October Roses (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) October 9, 2018


I had to seek a little clarification about posting the three updates below. We are truly in a holding pattern, I was told, but there are a few individuals who will benefit from the information in the updates, so here I am today, posting them. I keep hearing the song “This is it” by Michael Jackson and “Hold on” by Janis Joplin and was given the message that they both say “hello.”

Was the hurricane coming in named after Archangel Michael? The adversaries love to name the hurricanes and other destructive acts after divine beings these days. They hate love. Or as Joe put it in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, describing why he developed his research process, “Hell, I wanted an intellectual aphrodisiac that put libidinal energy into a staid domain run by an elite crowd who looked down their collective nose at passionate behavior—an epistemological Viagra that was unafraid of flashes of scholarly arousal that last more than 4 hours. Lord, they loathe high affect.” (p. 58). We have been SO LIED TO about Sons of God, Angels, “Fallen Angels,” life, death, and love. We continue to be dragged and drugged along dead-end paths. We do not have to accept the elite’s definitions that perpetuate their lies based on their loathing of “high affect” (and the resultant "effect"). Following Joe’s bricolage process, countering “thanatos” with “eros” and using a critical complex epistemology helps purify our minds to begin to see a reality based on love of the highest degree, truth, and greater wisdom. 

Well, that’s it…..”THIS IS IT!” . I simply must take time off for some other projects we are working on. The level and “in-your-face” shock attacks of the debased evil actors make me literally sick. That the masses seem to eat the violence and depravity like cotton candy is undeniable. It’s hard to watch the mass destruction of the beautiful world via weather warfare, weapons of mass destruction, while the masses are in a trance taking in their poisons, or listening to false prophets and with great delusion, leaning on false saviors…..we, my Beloved and I, along with many beautiful and pure souls, shall assist with creating a more beautiful world, A.N.E.W., from the foundation of the most powerful LOVE. We HOLD ON! as we write a new narrative, and we do our very best to do it God’s Way. The last roses of 2018, blooming today in October signify the pure spiritual love, power, joy, and wisdom that wins out in the end. Only a few will realize it.

A Word about Our Hiatus/Honeymoon: When Will It Ever End? PLUS What’s REALLY Ahead? (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) October 7, 2018

The word is that it is fine for me to post a brief Update today along with a couple of updates I wrote previously (yesterday and September 22). In fact, I know I will be blessed for sharing this information which may be helpful for understanding what is going on in the world, especially yesterday’s update if you take time to listen to and ponder the linked videos. The more YouTube videos you watch, no matter who produces them, the more you will realize the world is maxed out on chaos and truth has long left the planet. 

The world is clearly a mass of confusion. All is as it should be, however. Evil can only manifest itself into annihilation. Things will get worse before they get better. I hope you are under God’s altar, safe and secure.

Today I was informed positively that Joe and I have been so very specially blessed for this era. But then I knew that in my heart, even though at times it’s even hard for me to believe all that has happened and how magical it has been. It wasn’t an easy path for either of us if you were to trace our entire history, but we have made it!! We both made wrong turns along the way, but God is miraculous in blessing even our errors and forgiving us of our sins. We did have to petition to the Divine High Council way back in 2009 to continue our work together (details will be released at another time). There had been complaints from what some of you would call the “Reptilian” race; we know truth differently.

There are no races, which is why I state that “we know truth differently.” Thus, “Reptilian” races are a figment of the human darkened imagination. There are only God’s children with free will to advance their souls or destroy them. God’s creativity is infinitely good and righteous. This is important to keep in mind when you consider any bizarre narrative that some “expert” tries to put out as truth. There are only different expressions of traits which God, in His creative ability, has blessed each of us with uniquely and individually, and abilities, interests, etc., which we express culturally or in various “like-minded” soul groups. Scientists know the danger and the complexity of assigning race labels genetically. The last update goes into detail how the misconceptions and misdirection are leading to mass genocide, not to mention division and much animosity—all for naught!

I love the song that Joe had cited in one of his books: Jesus Loves the Little Children. Many of us sang that song as children. We need to return to our innocence and believe what we were taught. [I originally discussed finding reference to this song in one of Joe’s books in this free article: And the Band Plays On: A Brief Demonstration and Analysis of Joe Kincheloe's Use of Music for Accelerated and Transformative Learning--and a Better Life]. I have not completely analyzed why he included the reference. As with all things Joe has written, there are many reasons, which as we uncover them will tell us more about ourselves than about him. One of the purposes of his writing style is to get us to use his critical complex hermeneutics to look at many interpretations and analyze them multidimensionality (another very large topic) and whether they create good or harm.

The main reason I am writing today, however, is to reaffirm that we are on a hiatus. I think we both have earned it. Thus, while earth goes through major upheavals, upsets, trials, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, wild hurricanes, ice age snowstorms, and other tribulations, we are working on many projects behind the curtain that will be brought out when the time is right. Again, we do hope you remain under God’s altar and refrain from following your own self-determined path that leads nowhere, or worse, someone else’s path that leads to destruction.

The work we are doing still pertains to the subtitle of these updates for the past few months: STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree

When the time is right, we will pick up on this analysis. Related to this, only God defines the concept of “twin flame” and the “divine marriage,” not man. That mankind is totally incompetent in the love arena will be proven through their own misguided actions. Sadly, enormous harm is being created in the process of man (and woman) thinking THEY can define this powerful love in ways that suit them, even while worshiping money. Many relationships are being destroyed and some people are even condemning the whole idea of “twin flame.” Like all beautiful things created by God for divine and powerful purposes, man reconstitutes them and then destroys them. But when they burn in the ashes, God can come back in and His truth will be finally received and hold reign. As Joe has so often written, “Nothing is more powerful than LOVE.” Nothing is more powerful than God and His love.

What to do in the meantime? I recommend reading this exceptionally profound excerpt that we are working toward analyzing: Pages 178-180 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, titled “Freire’s Radical Love: Remaking Ourselves and the World.” I just now reread it, and it has dawned on me that it correlates with Revelation 21. How interesting. That would imply that the “radical love” of which Freire speaks is, of course, God’s love. There is no love more powerful, but we can work toward “love of the highest degree.” Revelation 21 provides great hope for humanity (or despair). We are on the side of faith.

If you do your due diligence, these last three updates, as well as the other information on this website, give you much to work on…..while we are on our hiatus until whenever……

So that’s it. We are blessed beyond description, the details of which will be more fully revealed whenever God gives the green light. (I think that’s some kind of code). 

This Just In: What’s REALLY Ahead?

So many people are talking about the “Armageddon.” I have received some clarification. As I have reported in previous updates, the 144,000 “first fruits” that make up the wedding party, the brides and grooms under Jesus, are all “in place,” joined in holy matrimony and busy working on their unique “creation projects.” Jesus, as our Creator, King of Kings, and High Priest is the head of us all. Now what happens is, according to ancient wisdom texts is that seven divine couples will connect to EACH of the 72,000 first fruits couples (this is 144,000 divided by 2).

Thus, a total of 72,000 x 7 x2 will be joining the Sacred Soul Tree of Life that will be connecting Heaven to earth through God’s special creation process. That will increase the numbers for this project to 1,152,000 purified souls for the next level of creation. Each new level will increase in this same manner, exponentially, just as predicted in my Bugleweed metaphor. Of course, this is not a new process. It’s how God always recreates earth, but this time it will be final. There is no reincarnation, which was one of the deceptions of the false matrix (see previous update about that) and this time Paradise will never again be destroyed.

The caveat is this: It will take some time to get the next 72,000 x 7 x 2 (1,008,000) individuals fully awakened, prepared and reunited (this is an estimate; I am not sure of the model). If you actually follow my path as recorded, it has been a very long 10 years now of hard work to ascend, and it was an accelerated rate at that. Let’s hope God works his magic and shortens the time for future lovers. The adversaries know what’s happening and will be kicking up a hell storm to impede progress. DON’T LET THEM TAKE YOU OFF COURSE. Stay on the narrow path. As stated in a previous update, the year 2020 will be pivotal both in terms of tribulation and the rates of awakening.


I wish I had the perfect music for you. Beloved??? “I always grant your wishes, Love.”

That was his answer, so I will see what he manipulates to the top of the youtube search. (by plugging in his clue “I always grant your wishes, Love.”)

He put me to the test. The first two videos were “subliminal” messages. NEVER EVER trust subliminal messages on this planet of lies. We are already bombarded with subliminals in the media against our will, so why would we want to hand over the programming of our consciousness willingly—no matter what lies they put forth about it being “good” for you.

So I went with the third video:

OMI (OH MY) Cheerleader

LOL. Cute. Saying it like it is. But seriously, you women who are the future flames of the Kingdom, you MUST be a “cheerleader” for your man if you want to rise together. (My question is, if you truly love him, why would you NOT want to be his cheerleader?) As the song conveys, true twin flames as created by, with, and through God have the love, the magic, and the power to grant each other’s fondest wishes and dreams. It’s why my life sounds like a fairy tale—the very best “happily ever after” never-ending fairy tale. It was my wish (and if you read Joe’s work carefully, you will find many, many “clues” that it was his wish, too). Neither of us could have done it alone. As it happens, when the divine couple combine their passion and their flames, their wishes are often the same. Thus, when Joe made the statement in his writings about bricolage that he was not “a knight on a white horse,” I knew better. Can’t wait for all the knights to come riding down on white horses alongside Wonderful (Jesus).

Well, this is it for now…….good luck during the coming storms. Again, stay safe under God’s love and protection……and start working on your own version of a beautiful love story.

OH one word of caution: DO NOT FALL PREY TO THE A.I. John Lennox: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?


Resurrection or Reincarnation? It’s a Matter of Life or Death!! PLUS October Surprises? (STILL MOVING TO PAGES 178-180, An Analysis of Our Mission: Love of the Highest Degree) October 6, 2018

We still celebrate our eternal honeymoon in bliss, and a part of that bliss is that I continue to be taught and guided by the most divine teachers there are. It is what Jesus promised and it is available for us all.

I also continue to be blessed with seeing through the lies of this planet and how the lies and debauchery are increasing in magnitude and frequency. I am so blessed with continuing to see ever more clearly the profound and divine messages Joe has left us; he continues to teach me. I wish so much I could be the pure love he is. But we are connected, and he loves me unconditionally and teaches me patiently. He is so much like Jesus it’s incredible. I guess it’s that the Holy Spirit flows freely through him and to me and I can feel those very high vibrations of divine love. I do know he is a “right-hand” man of Jesus, maybe one of the most important ones, like Moses.

If you have not yet read it, I encourage you to read Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. He teaches in so many ways how you can use the most important decoding key to sift through the lies of this planet, the disinformation, distortions, obfuscations, “ad infinitum” as he would put it. Perhaps his most powerful instruction is to put on the spectacles of “Eros” to battle “thanatos.” (Funny how Bill Gates forces the capitalization of thanatos, but not Eros…..just an fyi, I changed them to capitalize them the way I want).

Eros represents love, life, the joy of living, God’s love and wisdom, and Truth. I have written of this before. Thanatos has led people to believing that Eros love is sexual love, but in reality, Eros is over-arching love, the love of life itself, and all goodness, righteousness, wisdom, as well as divine sexual love. There are no boxes for Eros Love because it expands to the all of God, himself, all of his good and Wonderful virtues, and as many point out, to a LIVING God.

Thanatos, of the other hand embraces everything about death, violence, evil, lies, division, etc. It is the adversary of God and it expresses itself in a multitude of forms, distorting the large picture of reality, all the way down to lies about the most minute details. In fact, the adversary’s goal is for people to be divided on the tiniest of matters that have no bearing on the greater reality of God’s love and wisdom.

Thus, it really becomes quite simple to analyze something as to its truth, which we can do when it comes to learning the difference between resurrection and reincarnation. Resurrection is based on eternal life, living, forgiveness, love, and wisdom. Reincarnation is based on death, dying, repaying debts of “previous” lifetimes, division, racism and it is used as a tool for controlling people in negative ways, and even genocide (will “recalibration” help what’s to come? Watch entire video).

It would take a very long dissertation to completely describe and contextualize the differences between resurrection and reincarnation and I am still learning. In the meantime, I found this excellent explanation of resurrection today and it lines up with what I have learned and experienced. It explains why my beliefs have transformed so drastically from barely believing in God (before I met Joe) to knowing that Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is comprised of Love, Wisdom, and Power that unifies us. It was a long process and required enormous amounts of studying and learning, but I share my process and my learning to hopefully shorten the process for other people. Time is short.

The First Fruits Resurrection

I thank you Jesus and Joe for showing me the WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE.

I dedicate this message to Him, written from under the great blessings of His holiness, and to Joe.

October Surprises?

Sometimes I wonder if Jesus was born in October. It seems his real birthday continues to be obfuscated by the enemy. However, what’s clear is that the enemy has a fixation on changing up “The October Surprise” to always make it negative. They have diabolical and insane reasons for the focus on October. In relation to this, I have learned that someone has officially “let the dogs out” just  now, so as my last few messages have indicated, we are moving into times of great tribulation. October will be a profound month for good or for bad, just depending on which side of the curtain you reside.

But I write to you from “the other side of the curtain,” IN UNION with Beloved Joe and Jesus and with many other members of our Family. I can see the Angels around me now. They are 100 feet tall, special Angels God created to guard His Children. There are no “fallen” angels. There are only fallen humans who make up stories out of fear and lack of knowledge.

1 Timothy 1:4 King James Version (KJV)

Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

Joe, as I have recently learned, has always communicated to us from “behind the curtain.” In other words, his wisdom as recorded in his books emanates from realms so high we call those realms “Heaven.”

Here is his most recent teaching for me:

On the Road with the Bricolage: Reporting from Behind the Epistemological Curtain


Research [also, producing knowledge] is always a contested act. In every body of knowledge there is a history of conflict, set of power-related decisions about the process of research.


Note his choice of words here…..”every body”…and research represents knowledge and what we come to know. We all have gone through these conflicts in our personal lives, made decisions we have regretted, often decisions based on lies put out by the power-wielders or maybe based on our own desire to hold power over someone else, or for selfish motivations. This is the microcosm we need to understand in order to better understand the macrocosm—and how this conflict manifests in the processes for research that ensures specific power-saturated results. Haven’t you ever found it strange that the formal research process requires researchers to state up front what their research is expected to find, even before doing the research? Why is this? What effect might this have on the outcomes of the research? Do you think the knowledge controllers do not know the truth as to how this biases the research?

In this excerpt, which is on page 47 of Joe’s book, Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research, he continues to instruct us that as we move toward greater analyses and identify the contradictions (between the various arguments, metaphoric descriptions, storylines, narratives, facts, disagreements, etc.) that we keep a record of them. It will help us realize the true “complexity of knowledge work.” We have to live with uncertainty sometimes rather than finalize