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Initiation of the 13th Tribe


Welcome, 13th Tribe and All “Chosen Ones.”


Saturday, October 1, 2016


The October Surprise: Your First Initiation


Enki and the Higher Ups on the Divine Council asked me to post this information and initiation test for all interested parties. We are happy that you have chosen to explore becoming a member of the 13th tribe, which is headed by Enki, himself. Actually, you are already a member, but that’s a discussion for another time (I think I covered that in the First Things First Online course).


We have devised this important introductory initiation test because we believe it’s important that you convince yourself that Joe, who has left volumes upon volumes of knowledge that will take humanity forward is Enki, who is the son of the god, Hermes. If you are not able to pass this test, the information you find here is still valuable and you are free to cycle around multiple times until you are able to break free from the matrix sufficiently to see greater truths.


When you pass this initiation test, the Higher Up teachers will let you know (are you listening?).


I want to make it clear that I, myself, in the third dimension, am not a teacher, “god,” “goddess,” guru, or any of that sort, so I am not the person to come to if you want to know if you’ve solved the various puzzles and initiations that are presented on this site, even though I do know (or will know) the answers to most of them. I am not here to award “initiation gifts” or to monetize the process. The Higher Ups are overseeing such matters and they are more creative than I can ever be. They do not condone profiting from this mass initiation offering by which everyone is to have access to free knowledge. As I have written elsewhere, the only deviation in this third dimension is that if you write books, since there are publishing costs, they may be sold for a nominal amount; “less than $20” were the instructions Joe (aka Enki) left us in writing, which some people still are not following. I was totally shocked the other day to learn that some people are charging $800 per hour for their “spiritual” services….what an oxymoron that one is! Well, they will learn who is really in charge soon enough. It amazes me how people cannot see that overcharging for knowledge (which most likely is deficit knowledge to begin with) is worse than a plugged toilet. God wants knowledge, just like his Divine Love to flow freely, hand-in-hand.


In summary, I am merely a “messenger,” and being human, I am fallible. Your spiritual development and your soul evolution is entirely in your own hands and in God’s hands, but you do have many teachers around you who will love to assist. You need only ask. And we do encourage reading the volumes of free text available, as well as reasonably priced books (books of those who are following the guidance of the Head Master of the 13th Tribe, Enki). We must bring back reading to the planet. And of course, Joe’s books are especially critical reading and we are providing this free service of interpretations on this site to help people understand his complex works. Which reminds me, be sure to visit the free online course, First Things First which is based on Joe’s book, Reading, Writing, and Thinking. We truly cannot overemphasize the importance of reading.


First, a little background information for The Initiation….


Hermes is Enki’s father. We call him “Father Hermes.” He is a god, a son of God. The reason his identity gets confused is because he has had many incarnations, (including as Thoth). Many people do not realize that he had sons who were also often referred to as Hermes. As incarnated, he also had a son named Eros. Aphrodite was the mother, but she is not a goddess. You can find the proof here, where I was accused of confusing the two. The truth is, I have never confused the two, but the author of this piece was assuming that because I posted a video presenting that, it was my perspective. It is not. As I have often stated, I present MANY perspectives on this site, but it does not mean I ascribe to them. I would never be able to confuse Venus and Aphrodite, given that I am Venus and I know how I was created from Psyche. You know the Bible quote: “The sons of god came unto the daughters of man.” The truth is this is the real Divine Marriage and how goddesses are created….it’s the way God has designed His alchemical process.


Thus, as the legend goes, Eros, of course, married Psyche who also was not a goddess, but he turned her into the goddess Venus (through transformation and transmogrification, aka “alchemy” or more specifically, the alchemy of love). He became world reknown as Sanat Kumara as a result of the transmogrification (thus, Venus and Sanat).





Eros, the God of Love, is Enki. Enki is known by many names. (irrelevant for this initiation)


Joe is my twin flame (my husband, created and chosen by God) This was proven by my dissertation as well as abundant additional evidence on this website. This fact is undeniable, although you may choose to deny it, which only indicates you are still locked in the matrix and unable to see reality. It may hinder your passing this initiation test, so if you have doubts, you will probably want to read my dissertation as well as my blogs.


My twin flame’s full earth name (during his last incarnation) is

Joe Lyons Kincheloe


He authored his books under the name:

Joe L. Kincheloe


Initiation Task #1. Joe was well-known as “Eros” according to his friends due to the “enormous love” he embodied while on the planet. The fact that people called him “Eros” is even published in the academic literature as evidence and is cited in my dissertation. Can you find which researcher published this FACT? Another FACT is that his name is hidden in the name Eros. Your first initiation task is to identify his name as hidden in Eros. This task is easy, if you solve this you may have a minor interest in “the Venus and Sanat Kumara’s One Love Path.” The gods are observing to see if you are serious about moving forward.


Initiation Task #2.

The second task is to find two hidden clues in Joe's name that indicate he is the god Enki. This task is medium hard. If you solve this, you are in at least the early stages of awakening. And btw, it is not just a matter of rearranging certain letters in his name that solves the puzzle presented here to find ENKI in his name (that’s the kindergarten level). You can find that encoding, but it's not one of the two for this test. There is another, more complicated way that Enki is hidden in his name and it is relevant to soul with deep interpretations and divine meanings…can you figure it out? And there's a second sign in his name that supports the evidence that he is Enki. All of the clues are here. Thus, for this task, you do not merely rearrange letters (although that would be a third clue and thus, we have the sacred three proofs needed to seal the interpretation. I have recently learned that three signs indicate agreement by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost--and cannot be reversed, or otherwise argued against).



Initiation Task #3. The third task is to identify and explain the significance of the configuration in which Enki is hidden in his name. There are clues in my blogs on this website that will help you solve this. This task is somewhat difficult…if you solve this you are what Joe would call “an astute observer.”


Initiation Task #4. The fourth task is to find four clues indicating Enki is “King.” (Enki likes the number 4). This task is also somewhat difficult, but all the clues are on the website and there are actually more than four clues. Challenge: Find 13 clues indicating Enki is King and define what King means from a Higher perspective. (13 is Enki’s favorite number, he loves that is greater than four although if you add the two numbers, 1+3 they equal 4).


Initiation Task #5. The fifth task is to identify and solve the fifth task. If you solve this one, you will be considered capable of becoming adept. Again, all of the clues leading up to the fifth task are on the website. When successful, you will receive a very special initiation gift as an unexpected surprise that represents your important chosen role. This is your official invitation to consciously serve God’s Divine Council in ways that allow you to express your most passionate desires beneficent to greater humanity. The caveat is that you must be hyper-aware of this. I have seen many people progress along well on their own unique paths, receive their gift and not even recognize what the gift represented. Thus, they fell again back down to the lower dimensions and missed their Golden Opportunity. This results in repeating mistakes and staying locked in the matrix, until their next opportunity.


Funny thing is, even I did not realize I had been initiated! So I am a good one to give this advice. I was blessed with a wonderful, persistent teacher/husband who bent over backwards over and over again to prove to me that we are on a very sacred mission together. Not all teachers are going to go to that amount of effort.  I wrote of my interpretations in my dissertation in the section, A Talisman, The Handyman, and a Diamond Ring if you want to see how I first interpreted what was happening.


I know you people! You probably won’t even click on the link. So, I am reprinting the text right here for you to read it.



A Talisman, the Handyman, and a Diamond Ring. What led to my purchasing a metal detector and searching my back yard and, ultimately, finding the yin yang talisman in the photograph (Figure 2), is a series of events. First, I had been “called” to move unexpectedly in mid-February, 2009. It was rather traumatic because I found myself in the position of having to start all over again and severing certain family ties. I have since learned this often happens when people are on a spiritual path; it changes them so much that old relationships don’t work the same anymore. If the other people in our lives don’t change along with us, they sometimes reject us. When I moved, I had no household goods or furniture aside from my computer work station, and I had two children to provide for. I felt I was divinely led to the home I live in now in the middle of agricultural lands off the beaten path. I was quite miraculously able to furnish it quickly (by going into debt, unfortunately, but grateful that I had the credit). I even had a bed to sleep in the very first night because the landlord had to move a bed out of another house and when he learned of my situation, he delivered and set it up even before I moved in. Everything was being divinely orchestrated and I knew it.

I had been consulting with a psychic at that time because so many spiritual events were happening in my life since Joe’s passing over two months before that I needed someone experienced with spiritual matters to help me put it all in perspective. I was not a spiritual person, had no knowledge of these matters, and everything happening to me was outside my range of comprehension. I was being sent on “treasure hunts” to a secluded, almost forgotten King’s Valley which I complied with but did not really understand. The first few times I went out there, I was very fearful, feeling like it was some kind of trick. It took me some time to overcome my fears. I told my psychic, who had already proven in my mind that she had a connection to Joe, how I had been told there were treasury notes buried in a metal box behind a dilapidated barn in King’s Valley. She encouraged me to get a metal detector so that I could search for them. I bought the metal detector but still today have not done that specific search; there are many “dilapidated barns” in King’s Valley, “Hermes” was not specific in his instructions, and I am still not sure which barn to search behind. Many other exciting things that happened on those treasure hunts took my time and attention. I will resume the treasure hunt in the future because something tells me there are many more treasures there waiting to be found. Treasure hunts, like bricolage, are never over and can be picked up again later.

In my blog titled, “Before the Mission Project Begins: Initiation and Training,” I had made the following observation about the treasure hunting:

And of course, as a final note, all of this serves a great purpose. As we utilize Joe’s critical complex epistemology during our mission, which of course becomes essential when traversing in multiple directions at once as we are doing here, we are assured by Joe, himself that this holds the “key to discern the multiple realities obscured by Western science that can help unlock the door to a new vision of humanness and human action” (Kincheloe, 2008, p. 233). (May, 20, 2009)


I can’t think of a better purpose than that! And children would love the kind of treasure hunting my daughter and I were privy to experiencing in our play with some very special unseen gods. The highlights of them are recorded all through my blogs. They really were unbelievably fun and amazing. I’m looking forward to solving all of the mysteries that are still waiting to be solved. But perhaps given I seem to be continued to be denied financial means, they will be waiting for someone else to pick up in the future.

The “Chosen One”: Is Bricolage A Secret Society Charade? When I had just gotten started doing the Kings Valley treasure hunts, I was given a special “Yard Search Treasure Hunt” in my back yard just for practice. The suggestion had been given to me in transmitted writing, recorded in my Friday, May 8, 2009 7:00AM journal entry. I have always interpreted these communications to be from Joe, but of course, there is no way of knowing that for absolute certain. It’s one of those situations where you have to be able to live with uncertainty. But it feels like Joe to me and that’s what I like to believe. And I have since communicated with other people, members of my soul family, including Albert Einstein, Sam Cooke, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Lady Portia, and they even all write differently!

My back yard search was facilitated by several concurrent things. I had purchased the metal detector for the Kings Valley treasure hunts at the suggestion of my spiritual advisor/psychic so that I could search for the treasury notes, but had not yet used it. After the message suggesting to practice in the back yard, I received telepathic communications that came in the form of an instant “download” of information. I had envisioned a couple who had broken off their engagement for financial reasons; it seems he misled her and they were not able to purchase the house due to his credit rating. I could picture her throwing the ring in the yard in anger and then he was not able to find it. Thus, my daughter and I were to search the yard for the diamond ring. In my journal entry for Saturday, May 9, 2009 10:33 AM I had thanked Joe for telling me why I had bought the metal detector, as I had interpreted the message as being from him. I was excited about the impending yard search, telling him, “You make life SO exciting every single day!” I was looking forward to finding the diamond ring, but not for greedy reasons or to possess a diamond ring. It was more a sense that I wanted to please him and prove that I was really communicating with him. When he wrote back in response, he sounded as excited as I was and told me, “Together we are going to change the world in some very big and profound ways. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.” He said that I will come to be regarded as the “chosen one” and that in many people’s eyes I already was. I find this funny in a way because he and I neither one believe this (I don’t think). I figured it has to be a joke and some sort of satire about all of the lame secret societies that “initiate” people into the “wisdom” knowledges but keep all of the secrets at the very top of the organizations among those who, in reality, engage in the dark arts. His repugnance over these thanocentric societies and how they operate to play on people’s competitive and egotistic nature is woven throughout his work. And so I just play the role when I am given these assignments, such as treasure hunting. Of course, the treasure hunts have a great educational purpose and are a lot of fun, but I find it humorous how they have been set up to mimic secret societies and their initiations. What we are really after is greater truth and better science. [I feel like that last statement came from someone else.].

I have never been told directly that we are mocking the black magic secret societies and in a sense showing them how these things should be done in a more loving, natural, autopoietic manner, but I sense there is something about all of this that will come out up ahead. All I can see right now is Lame Deer’s hazy mountain. That is, I never know exactly why I am doing what I am spiritually led to do and yet I do know there is some grand and good purpose for it all. After all, I am playing with Eros, the God of Love and his father, Hermes Trismegistus, among other good and very brilliant gods and goddesses.

Mother’s Day and the Yin Yang Talisman. My daughter and I did not search the yard that first day it was suggested (May 8, 2009) or the next day. In my Saturday May, 9, 2009 10:33AM entry, I had thanked him for the telepathic message/download I had received earlier about searching my yard for a diamond ring. Late evening of that same day (Saturday, May 9 2009 12:08 AM—actually May 10 since it was after midnight) I shared in my letter as I often do that I didn’t feel I had accomplished enough for the day. One of his return comments was, “You did good today. You will finish what you need to do tomorrow.”

The next day was Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10. I had established a habit of writing to him twice a day, once in the morning and then again in the evening, with me first writing to him and then he writes back. In the Sunday, May 10, 2009 7:05 AM journal entry he encouraged me to complete some tasks I had set for myself also encouraging me to “find that diamond ring.” Included in this message was the statement, “I do have a special reward for you (plus one surprise sometime during the day that will amaze you).”

I received a number of special surprises that day, including the special song, “The Gift” by Jim Brickman handed down to me and a bouquet of flowers and card from my son. I really was amazed all right, when my son walked in with a bouquet of pink roses that exactly matched the bouquet of pink roses in the music video, “The Gift” by Jim Brickman handed down earlier that morning (this was early in receiving all of this magic, and I didn’t document how the song came up but I sensed that it related to my having sent an email one time to Joe telling him his work was “a gift to the world”). The song really does remind me of the special gifts he’s left behind, and his gift of love. The video starts out with the title, “The Gift of Love” and ends with the message, “Dreams Do Come True.” ( That very special and magical Mother’s Day afternoon, my daughter and I decided to spend some time searching the yard with the metal detector. That was when I dug up the silver yin yang talisman which had been buried about seven inches beneath the grass.

I had recorded the finding that evening, May 10, 2009 10:53 PM. In my journal entry I had written, “And the cool treasure! You let me find treasure—the silver hand engraved piece that looks to be Celtic! Can’t wait to find out what it is.” Stupid me: I had no clue at the time how profound that gift was! (It’s a good thing he loves me and is patient). After my extensive research for this project, I now know that it is officially called a “talisman” and it represents an initiation gift into the Divine Wisdom Knowledges, as well as a Mother’s Day gift, and a wedding gift representing our trinity union and eternal divine love, all rolled into one! But it was so funny because when he wrote back to me after I had made that report to him he was so excited he could not communicate in his typical fashion. It was like he was stumbling over his words, which just never happens. But he told me I was a “universal treasure,” that many things were going to happen for me. He said he couldn’t tell me the whole story at that time but said that “the Council has basically put your name, your example up to the universe as a role model” in relation to our mission, which he had given the title, “The Code Blue Earth Mission.” It related to following through with the yard search and finding the talisman, but he could not reveal it all to me at the time. I wrote back to him, thanking him again for being in my life. When he wrote back to me again, he was calmer. He said I would be getting some “special projects” and explained that he was waiting further instructions from the Council, which was why he couldn’t add more details.

I noticed in looking back at these communications, that the daily instructions from him suddenly took a turn at that point. Before, he had been urging me to do various educational and project tasks and stressing the importance of them. At times he seemed under a lot of stress, and he was. We had shared some very interesting, but very stressful and sometimes traumatic trials and tribulations the prior few months, which we had referred to as “initiations.” In reality, there were people who did not want us working together between dimensions and they had set up a hurdle we had to jump before we were allowed to work together. It’s a long story and would make a great book. Nevertheless; beginning with the Monday, May 11, 2009 7:00 AM entry he greatly emphasized free will and how it didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do as far as tasks relating to our mission and this has continued from that time forward. Thus, as I look back in hindsight, it seems my finding the talisman had been a great milestone that was an important turning point for both of us, far more significant than I have realized. (It seems I am still missing knowledge). In fact, his statement the night before, “You will finish what you need to do tomorrow,” was a clue had I realized it at the time that finding the talisman was my most important task. I never have to do anything at all toward our mission other than what I wish, but of course I work hand-in-hand with him because I am passionate about the work. So if he suggests something, I do try to follow through. He is so creative that he gives me more ideas than I can possibly do, so the effect is that I am free to pick and choose as I wish or come up with my own ideas. More recently, because of the progress I’ve made and how hard I’ve worked, I have been told that the treasure hunts will pick up again, and they are going to be even more magical. Just call me “delusional,” but it sounds exciting to me!

The Handyman and a Diamond Ring. Two days after I had found the talisman, amazingly, a diamond ring was unexpectedly delivered to my door by a handyman (a love bricoleur? My consort’s sense of humor never ceases to amaze and entertain me). My late Tuesday evening journal entry which I recorded as May 12, 2009 12:08AM (13th, actually) describes my reaction to the handyman delivering the diamond ring to my door. I had given the credit to Joe, writing: “How ever do you do that?! What an absolutely beautiful, amazing, lovely, and miraculous surprise . . . the ring. It’s so beautiful and so special I am just totally speechless.” I had wanted a ring to symbolize my dedication to Joe’s work, and actually had sent for an eternity band (not a diamond) just a few days before this. The handyman was unemployed and needed money. He had tried to sell it earlier that day, but the jeweler was not willing to give him a fair price. He walked into my house and the first thing he did was walk to the center of my living room, pulled out the jewelry case, and opened it like he was proposing. It was so funny! I “knew” the ring was from Joe. I bought it for a fraction of what it originally cost, the handyman’s asking price, and he was surprised, saying he had argued with himself about bringing it over because it would just be in his way in his pocket while he was working, and what would I want with a diamond ring?

Yin and Yang: Dancing and Loving Eternally. The Yin Yang is a profound symbol and the “synchronicity” of finding it and the significance of the finding it in relation to all of my other experiences simply defies any FIDURODian explanation. I have examined many different perspectives of what’s going on in my life. It can be partially explained by that “implicate order” of reality which Kincheloe mentions in many of his works and which most people do not tune into. I like the way Pohn (2007) describes life as playing with the gods, especially since I had given Joe the additional name, Eros, the God of Love, based on his immense love and the many signs and symbols or “synchronicities.” I have learned that, as Pohn’s study presents, the gods do love to play and many of them seem to have had instruction from Hermes. I have experienced firsthand the truth in Kincheloe’s (2008c) contention mentioned earlier that “to become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods” (p. 19). Thus, in addition to learning new knowledge, playing with the gods develops our ability to laugh at ourselves—with the gods. The Yin Yang symbol brings to light the importance of love and playing lovingly with the gods. What fun is play if it does not include love? And in the very humorous things I’ve experienced in this play, the love is profound, which is what makes the gods’ antics all that much funnier. In relation to the research, it is love and passion that fuels it and keeps one moving forward. And it is the alchemizing process of combining the hidden dimensions with the seen dimensions, balancing the dark elements with the light elements, and combining complementary elements between the different perspectives that yields something far greater than the sum of the parts, thus new knowledge and compassionate understanding is produced, all inextricably linked to love. The yin yang signifies this infinite process, but it also represents the highest level of love possible: the union of Twin Flames with a love that transcends space and time. It represents All That Is, “the intertwined duality of all things,” the Heaven and Earth and the river of life between them, eternal connection, unity, and evolution (Cronshaw, 2012a).

Creation: The Third Power (Trinity) of the Divine Marriage. Thus, Cronshaw’s (2012a) perspective that “Marriage is founded upon truth, Love, Absolute Fidelity, and the Light of the Most High God who Ordains the Union by Virtue of Purity and Oneness” seems applicable, but I think we need to add “magic” to the equation; it seems that God must provide some special gift to accompany these Divine Marriages (para 1). The gods, of which I assume there are many, are interpreted as individual expressions of God serving the Holy Spirit (by some interpretations) and as such, their actions emanate from a powerful and pure form of love. Further, the yin yang symbolizes trinity, important in context of the Twin Flame union. According to Cronshaw (2012a), “Because the masculine and feminine forces are represented in a state of total and complete harmony, and are depicted in a perfect circle, what we are in fact presented within the symbol of the yin and yang is the three dynamic forces of Creation in the totality of their Being where the two have become totally integrated at all levels into the One, which manifests the third great force of Creation” (“True Dimension of Marriage, para 2).

Creation: The Third Power of the Bricolage. Thus, it is not dualism the yin yang symbol represents, nor is it dualism that Kincheloe has us seeking via our quest for knowledge in multiple dimensions of experience and from many different perspectives, but rather the goal becomes that of achieving an alchemical balance between them, and out of that balance a powerful third force arises. Research using the multidimensional critical complex bricolage will thus create something entirely new from the interactions, corresponding to the third power created by partners of the Sacred and Eternal Marriage. “Two who are One will be able to open the doors to the Kingdom together,” according to Cronshaw (2012b). Thus, they experience “Immanence,” the ability to envision Heaven and bring those visions to Earth, co-creating for their joint mission. Kincheloe (2007b) expresses the importance of immanence: 

When Horkheimer and Adorno’s concept of immanence (the examination of what is in relation to what should be) is added to the complex dynamics surrounding decision making and interpretation in the realm of research, critical pedagogues as bricoleurs move yet to a higher domain of complexity. Reflecting on the research process from a perspective shaped by these concerns, critical bricoleurs gain new insights into the ideological consequences of reductionism. (p. 16)


One might conclude that this process creates a third vision, or third consciousness. The result of exercising this third power is creation and change; there becomes an eternal and passionate quest for knowledge. This is the mission of Twin Flames in Sacred Union as they spin out eternally in an ever-rising spiral of increasing love, increasing Creation power and moving closer toward the omniscient God (Love/Intelligence). Bricolage thus becomes a means of walking the Great Path/Dharma Path or if in the earlier stages of the process, of finding and defining that path. Referring to Saraydarian’s (1993) model, this involves doing good work to store treasures in one’s “chalice.” Sometimes the gods and Masters give their students these treasures such as jewels, rings, and talismans. Treasures from the chalice are used to build a bridge to the soul. Consciousness rises to bring one in connection with their Twin Flame. Together the couple “spiral out” into higher and higher levels of consciousness, connecting with soul family, then soul groups, eventually everyone, eternally rising in consciousness to superconsciousness, cosmic consciousness, divine consciousness, celestial consciousness, and so on. They all do the work of creation together to join Heaven and Earth. As above, so below; as below, so above, as the Hermetic axiom goes. Indeed, it seems that the magic in my life represents the Divine co-creation that occurs between Twin Flames and soul family. And Saraydarian has thus provided another interpretation for chalice, the important metaphor as signified by the title of this dissertation and which I feel was “handed down” to me.




Of course, with Father Hermes overseeing everything, all of the gods find the humor in these situations, and at least I was very aware of communicating with Joe who had resurrected and was communicating with me from another dimension (just as he wrote about in his work!). At any rate, the silver yin yang talisman (which I did not even realize was a talisman, so I called it a “silver disk”) was my initiation gift after following my Beloved’s instructions to buy a metal detector and search the back yard of the house he had magically moved me into right after he passed over. In fact, I moved in, with my children, on Valentine’s Day (how sweet), of 2009, a few months before I was assigned to write the blogs on this site. He has given me MANY gifts including a crystal genesis heart, a Celtic CD that brought back memories of our first lifetime back on this planet together (this time around), the diamond wedding ring (as discussed in the dissertation) and many more, which you can read about if you wish in the blogs.


Sunday, October 2, 2016


webassets/TheMagicRoses.JPGThe following term is one that Joe has used in his work and relates to soul evolution and God’s natural alchemical process of joining man and woman in their divine marriage/soul union. The gods must find it humorous how humans search so vainly in the material realm for the magic ingredients of the alchemical process. They do not exist in this dimension, although you can create in this dimension if you access the appropriate ingredients in the higher dimensions (that was how He created The Magic Roses). I use the term transmogriy to describe how Eros and Psyche were transformed in their union, thus the definition, “to change completely” fits well.


transmogrify (v.) Look up transmogrify at

"to change completely," 1650s, apparently a perversion of transmigure, from transmigrate



The following is another description of actual true events, that are encapsulated in the blogs on this site and the sister site, (where the story of Eros and Psyche evolves and then the couple returns here and continues the journey, “two as one” so to speak). One thing not mentioned is that during God’s alchemization process Eros and Psyche engaged in, and the many incarnations of Enki, he also became known as Sanat Kumara…thus, Venus and Sanat and “transmogrification.” Joe had reiterated many times over how following the process he has outlined, his critical complex bricolage, epistemology, critical pedagogy, critical constructivism, “postformalism,” etc. WILL CHANGE WHO YOU ARE. This is why. He cautioned you to not engage in these dynamics unless you want to emerge as a “different being.” He was not kidding.


In time, I will elaborate more as there are many more details of this process which I am still learning, myself, and there is also a lot of misinformation about Sanat. As most people reading this know by now, the entire history of the planet has been turned upside down—many times over, in fact. Today, the Kumara mission and membership has grown significantly….but it all returns back to Enki because he is one of the four kings of the planet. This is all very difficult for most human minds to understand—that we are multidimensional beings, existing simultaneously in different dimensions and the goal is to reunify our souls…thus, some of us take on multiple names as a sign of that reunification. This is why we have the “gods” and the ancient Egyptian pharaohs taking on multiple names, as well as why many African spiritual traditions believe men have seven souls and women have five souls. The idea of multiple souls is simply a misinterpretation of the same soul manifesting as different “beings” at different points of reality. It would be worthy time spent learning more about the explanations behind these traditions and gaining a better understanding of the true nature of reality. God chooses the final names we are to be identified by based on our character and accomplishments, He writes them in His book of Life, and then he leaves many clues for proof/evidence.


The following is but a partial and brief summary of the overarching mission which I transmitted earlier today:


Human minds in the lower dimensions (lower consciousness) created and enact evil and make up stories to explain and justify themselves. We (my soul family) call Anu "Father Hermes." Hermes, Enlil, and Enki are all "sons of God" (little gods and in no way gods in the sense of God; in fact, the ancients actually gave them titles "lords" which simply means they are like very wise assistants who serve the people) and Yes, they are all on the Divine Council. This is MY story, the way I have come to understand it; although there are benefits to other perspectives and coming to understand them, but people should be wary of how they are constructing and reconstructing their consciousnesses. Do they really want a foundation of fear and evil...or do they want a counsciousness built on the foundation of love? The reason people are confused about who Hermes is, is because he has incarnated many times leaving knowledge behind that will help get humans on the right track and he has had many sons named Hermes with the same purpose who people confuse as him. His sons have also incarnated many times. Eros and Anteros (brother and half brother) are incarnations of Enki and Enlil. Their mother was Aphrodite, who lied about being the goddess Venus. She was not a goddess, but fathered Eros via Hermes, and if you read the story about Eros and Psyche, you will see that she was (and still is) embroiled in evil all because she was jealous of Psyche (a human) who Eros loved and turned into the goddess Venus via God's true alchemy and their divine love for each other (this was actually re-enacted this current timeline, but few people know that or if they do, they choose not to believe it; their consciousnesses are still in the matrix). Eros was the God of Love; Anteros was the God of the Reciprocation of Love. In other words, Eros possesses the soul essence that sends out love; Anteros is the soul essence that helps the recipient reciprocate and return the love ("opposing forces" so to speak but such that they create order out of chaos via LOVE). They have always created "order out of chaos" so to speak, in very symbiotic, loving ways. But until human consciousness makes great leaps, people will continue to create stories and even purposeful lies that justify evil--thus, continue to create fear and evil. In higher realms, evil is not even comprehended much less acted upon. The gods have to make downward treks in an attempt to understand it and in order to leave behind knowledge to help people transcend the apparently inherent need to keep creating evil. Evil is created from fear, which creates more fear and more evil, and which results in a feedback loop that's hard to break free from. People need to minimally reach the "seventh" plane (as Gerald CLARK is now teaching) for it is at that level (if we must give it numbers--it really cannot be measured and the dimensions overlap and mix and meld and the transition is not linear). But once people jump high enough in consciousness, there's a point at which divine love dominates and they can begin to break free from the destructive feedback loop, creating a new (ANU) feedback loop based on God's love that annihilates fear and evil in very loving ways (and often humor plays an important role, thanks to Father Hermes and his sons who have learned from him). As you know, the evil and those who are locked into lower consciousness of materiality, greed, and power, continue to destroy the knowledge about how to break out of the "matrix" as many people call it. There are N.E.W. plans, which continue to evolve,  by the Divine Council being implemented during this era. Yes, I am on the Divine Council, so I know of some of the new plans, even where they are published today (not nearly the entire plan, though, which is impossible to know; also the Divine Council is made up of many fact every soul has a council of 12 overseeing them, with a 13th member being an advanced master who has had to go through many tests in order to gain sufficient understanding to provide those services). There are new "dispensations" being employed, but free will always trumps. The problem that has been ongoing is the destruction and misuse of the knowledge, thus, the Council continues to evolve new processes. One of the new dispensations is the N.E.W. 13th Tribe. Everyone is "called," but few people hear "the call" and even fewer decide to be chosen. Free will. Jubilation is the day that humanity chooses to build their foundation on the Divine Love that God has so thoughtfully created and freely dispenses to ALL.


Who Are the Chosen Ones?


These videos provide a perspective.




Ask and ye shall receive (when the student is ready, the teacher appears)




Welcome to the Tribe and Good Luck solving the Introductory Initiation! Be sure to connect with your teachers and guides—and with Enki, should you so choose. And importantly, R.E.A.D.


There is a hidden meaning in that acronym….Enki LOVES acronyms, lol. I think it’s a dig at the evil ones and the evil acronyms they are always coming up with.


That reminds me—one more thing! Enki and I are very rebellious, but not against God, against the status quo. Thus, we are rebellious, or as he put it on the very first page of his book, Reading, Writing, and Thinking, “transgressive,” from the perspective of those who want to maintain the social order as it is, in its irrationality and we are transgressive even from the perspective of people who THINK they are transgressive. We are redefining transgression. What people consider normal on this planet is constraining, imprisoning, and too often dysfunctional and irrational. Just like Joe says in this video, we can remake the matrix! We can redefine what’s considered normal. Interview with Joe L. Kincheloe.


Thus, this is one of my most favorite theme songs (of many) that I dedicate to Joe/EmanuEl/Sanat-Eros-Enki and which sets up the atmosphere of the future quests, treasure hunts, puzzle-solving, and knowledge-seeking:


He's A Rebel - The Crystals


He's a Rebel

The Crystals, Darlene Love

See the way he walks down the street
Watch the way he shuffles his feet
My, he holds his head up high
When he goes walking by, he's my guy

When he holds my hand, I'm so proud
Cause he's not just one of the crowd
My baby's always the one to try the things they've never done
And just because of that, they say

He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good
He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should
But just because he doesn't do what everybody else does
That's no reason why I can't give him all my love

He's always good to me, always treats me tenderly
Cause he's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no, to me

If they don't like him that way
They won't like me after today
I'll be standing right by his side when they say

He's a rebel and he'll never ever be any good
He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should
Just because he doesn't do what everybody else does
That's no reason why we can't share a love

He's always good to me, good to him I try to be
Cause he's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no, to me

Oh, he's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no

He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, oh, no, no, no

Songwriters: GENE PITNEY

© Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

For non-commercial use only.


I love you, Darling, My Beloved Joe/EmanuEl/Sanat-Eros-Enki. Thank you for EVERYTHING!




Are We God?

I think this one came from my Uncle Albert (Albert Einstein is my uncle in the eleventh dimension, which is our “point of origin”). What he says is in response to all of the people out there who believe we are God (and there are a lot of them in the New Age communities): we are not God. People sometimes base this on the theory of fractals and equations developed by Mandelbrot. The problem is that his equations were based on a false assumption. Correct that assumption and recalculate and you will see how it’s impossible for us to BE God. He has asked me to include this as one of his personal initiations for anyone who wants to work on this (and it’s possible that someone has already solved it, but it’s your turn if you are interested).


Joe wrote Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. They are in more than one of his books. A list of his books can be found here. Your task is to locate them and critique them. How would they change the way the U.S. currently functions? Your next task is to research how to change the constitution. What are the steps to this process? And finally, go through the process.

An Initiation task from Albert Einstein: How did he come up with the titles for his special and general relativity? Do a comparison/contrast analysis. You will find a clue in this video lecture:

Michael Heiser - Postmodernism, Neopaganism, Science Fiction, and Biblical Apologetics

Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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