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In loving memory of Joe Lyons Kincheloe (December 14, 1950 - December 19, 2008)
The Greatest Philosopher of Consciousness and Critical Theory of the 20th-71st Centuries 
Joe at about 35 years of age

Joe's educational work provides inspiration and practical guidance for teachers all over the globe and describes a beautiful, beautiful mission to alleviate human suffering. He has left us a map with multiple pathways for accomplishing that mission -- an authentic, rigorous, impassioned, creative, and even magical education for everyone who dares to venture on untrodden paths. His work serves as a guiding light for educational journeys that can change not only how we view and enact the educational process, but that can also truly change us as teachers, students, and researchers -- and empower us to change the world. Joe loved research, teaching, writing, making music, and his students.
And his students loved him.
To become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods. (Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy, p. 19)


The Light Of The Spirit by Kitaro (earth is rising....are you?)

May you find the way (Step One): Allies Crying in the Chapel
REGENERATION: Spiritual Growth and How It Works (More information can be found in the 8/31/2018 Update)


Joe’s book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction is available as an ebook. You will never make a better investment…..we all should be researching with Joe’s important guidance. Since the ending is just the beginning, you can begin with the last chapter. It may just spark you into wanting to read the rest, as well as his other works to see how he got there!  No time to read? Right click and "listen aloud" while multitasking. [Note: I make no money off the sales of his books; my rewards are not of this world.] MAY 22, 2018 UPDATE: I SEE THAT SPRINGER IS NOT HONORING JOE'S STATED AND PUBLISHED WISHES> THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE LESS THAN $30 SO THAT POOR STUDENTS CAN AFFORD IT...AND YET SPRINGER IS CHARGING ALMOST $40 FOR THE PDF EBOOK AND ALMOST $55 FOR THE PAPERBACK! THIS IS ABOMINABLE!! THE HIGHER UPS ARE NOT PLEASED!!! THERE ARE STUDENTS IN POVERTY WHO NEED THE KNOWLEDGE IN THIS BOOK. LOWER THE PRICE!!!!! THERE IS NO REASON TO CHARGE SO MUCH! EVEN IF PUBLISHING COSTS HAVE INCREASED, AT LEAST OFFER THE EBOOK FOR LESS THAN $30. WHAT JOE WANTS, JOE GETS. HE SAID THAT IT IS TO BE LESS THAN $30. RESPECT HIS WISHES. Oh, and HAPPY TWIN FLAME DAY!! I will have some important updates soon.


"I believe that the issues addressed in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction not only provide us with a new understanding of education but also can actually change the world—speaking of pomposity, yikes! I understand the danger of such an assertion, but I’m glad to take my punishment if I fail to convince my readers." ~ Joe Kincheloe (p. 16)



Thu, Sep 25, 2008 7:03 am

finished reading Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction

your work is truly a gift to the world, Joe
it's very exciting



"The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon is here." Matthew 12:42 •´ *`.¸King And Queen Of Hearts•´ *`.     

CELEBRATE LOVE: April 1-7 and Beyond, Forevermore



Jesus: ”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16


~Jesus of Nazareth

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JESUS: “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” (John 11: 25-26)

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV)

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“The universe is not a prison because it is governed by natural law. The universe is a paradise because it is governed by natural *God's* law.” Mark Passio

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. Matthew 6:9-10 (KJV)

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Tired of dancing in circles? TAKE THE FIRST COURSE: Based on Joe Kincheloe's GREAT WORK: Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction Click Here to Start Course


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It’s the Science of the Soul. . .


“And His books, they breathe the reason. . .and now I want to know…"



A new process for education, research, career, problem solving, everyday living, lifelong learning, and for taking back our world


Joe Kincheloe has developed a superbly advanced conceptualization of critical bricolage and, as demonstrated by his work, he was an adept multidimensional critical complex bricoleur. Critical Bricolage, as he conceived it, is a complicated (and yet a very natural) process that makes use of multiple forms of research, analysis, investigation, and interpretation. It requires researchers to seek many divergent perspectives, allowing new understandings and knowledge to emerge from the synthesis.


Engaging in this process increases phenomenological experiences that catalyze seeking more knowledge. This, of course, leads to ever greater understandings of complex relationships between "research variables." An exceptionally high level of creativity becomes unleashed, often resulting in greater interaction with the emerging hidden dimensions of reality. Suddenly very little can be hidden anymore. Engaging rigorously in this process of research and learning seems to take people to higher levels of consciousness in graduated steps as they become more aware of the hidden dimensions of interrelationships and as they increasingly participate in intuitive, "fourth dimension" research.


Using Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage rigorously as he has asked us to do results in ever higher levels of experience and understanding, and in its full "employment," enactive and symbiotic processes seem to kick in, helping individuals find the most creative solutions to even the most complicated problems. Actively working within multiple dimensions using his fourth dimension research, results in amazing and profound solutions. In my own experience, I often find that problems are solved before I even knew the problem would be manifesting. In addition, I have had some amazing experiences that science simply cannot explain yet. This is highlighted in my dissertation in some highly unusual ways, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Kincheloe's critical bricolage may very well be the process required to "unleash creativity" for solving even the most complicated, power-based problems we face -- all in service of "the alleviation of human suffering," the often-stated primary purpose of his work.


After researching this process since 2008 (and discovering that I had been using the foundational aspects of the process many years before) I am beginning to see how autopoiesis, enaction, synchronicity, all work together symbiotically to reveal hidden dimensions and relationships that make my life so much happier and joyful, even if I have many problems hanging over my head (that "blues aesthetic" Joe so often described). No matter how complicated the problems, with bricolage, they become solvable and/or perspectives of the problems change.


Simultaneously, those power dimensions that force those of us who are oppressed to stay stuck at our "stations in life" also emerge, but there is such a difference to how I deal with these than in the past. Once the controlling factors are revealed, solutions also emerge in a sort of "unfoldment" process that reveal ways to counteract them and change things.


There is great power "behind the curtain" that can be leveraged by those of us who are typically "disenfranchised." I will go into much more detail at a later time, and as Joe always did so well, I will put them into context (there are many great experiences to share of both kinds of emergences - the love-based, almost magical ones, and the power-and-control-based ones for which insight, and often solutions also emerge) but suffice it to say, I am blazing multiple trails through the underbrush which will hopefully make navigating easier for people who come along and experience the same types of violence I have due to being poor and "low status."


Just as Joe was a "hillbilly" and he was never able to shake the label, I am a "country hick." True reality could not be more profoundly different -- for an Eros and Psyche. :)


The good news is that the use of bricolage is increasing rapidly around the globe as more researchers in all disciplines are beginning to see the promise it offers to construct new knowledge, lead to social empowerment, and reveal positive changes and amazingly creative opportunities. More researchers will soon be investigating and trying out this more advanced and powerful approach, which will lead to what Joe referred to as a "perpetual revolution." More teachers will also come to realize the value bricolage has in the classroom and the young students will pick it up naturally. The revolution has just begun. We can change the world! Join in today and apply the process in your own research, learning, teaching, and everyday life and see what a difference it can make. You can never go wrong getting more knowledge.


All of the information on this website is absolutely free. It is here for anyone who wants a better life and would like to make a difference in the world.

For the struggle for justice to win on the local level, it must be fought in the global, the national, and the local arenas. [Kincheloe, 2001, Getting Beyond the Facts, p. 741]

Doing What You Love: Creating Your Own Good Work 101 /// Doing Phenomenology: Introduction to Phenomenology 101 /// Reading, Writing & Thinking 101 /// Critical Constructivism: A New World View 101 /// City Life and Learning: Metropedagogy 101 /// Phenomenological Research for Learning and Living: Introduction to Phenomenology 102


This is a nonprofit educational web site dedicated to the clarification of Kincheloe’s critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage. My research has shown that, while the process he has delineated is complex, it is perfectly suited for social and educational research, and it is also within everyone's reach. It is especially suited for new qualitative researchers who have not subscribed to traditional and reductionistic forms of research. 

On this site I will focus on the academic and scholarly application of his work. I hope that by presenting clarifications based on my in-depth study of his work that perhaps his bricolage will be used by more people and with the level of rigor he had intended. Kincheloe has ingeniously left wide open many paths that honor diversity and he embraced an evolving complexity while maintaining a strong, impenetrable philosophical and theoretical foundation for his conceptions. He has demonstrated in his work how this research process can be applied in all venues and in every area of our lives and even children can be involved in research, thus his bricolage is also a pedagogical approach. His work is truly a break-through for research that is long overdue. Using the full power of his bricolage highlights actions that change the world as it also changes who we are.

I may write a blog again on this site, but it will be a different sort of blog than the creative, exploratory blogs I've written in the past. Primarily, I will be continuing my research and presenting my findings so that upcoming bricoleurs will have a resource for the most powerful form of bricolage research that's ever been developed.

~ ~ ~ Vanessa Jae Paradis



Bricolage, as a qualitative form of research, entails incorporating many different perspectives, and in particular, with Kincheloe's process it is necessary to include global subjugated and indigenous knowledges. However, after gathering all of these perspectives and making various interpretations and syntheses, there are criteria for determining which perspectives to include in the final bricolage. As he explains, "Bricoleurs accept the responsibility that comes with the interpretive process. Knowledge production always involves multiple acts of selection, and these choices of methods, theoretical frameworks, and interpretative strategies must be defended" (2004e, p. 100). He has provided selection criteria that incorporate the social justice mission to alleviate suffering and that advance knowledge (see Kincheloe, 2004e, pp. 100-102). Bricoleurs are not restricted to these criteria but I have found them to be well-thought-out and thorough -- and they mitigate for unintended consequences. You can view the criteria here: Criteria to Guide the Research Process.


What I cover next are common misconceptions and important aspects surrounding Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage. I hope by putting these on the Home page of this website, researchers will consider them and research them more deeply. They are covered in greater depth in my dissertation and I’ll also be posting articles that extend what I’ve touched on in the dissertation.

1) Kincheloe did not throw out "positivistic" or empirical sciences. To conclude this is to exhibit a gross misunderstanding of his work. A close reading of his work can easily confirm that he sees science and bricolage as synergistic. And how many times has he stated that he did not throw out the baby with the bathwater? As most people know, he contextualizes everything. In his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction he presents his position through a metaphor which he refers to as FIDUROD, and by which he clarifies the issues with the way science is and has been used.  FIDUROD is an acronym representing the attributes of the form of knowledge production he argues against: Formal, Intractable, Decontextualized, Universalistic, Reductionistic, One Dimensional. (See Kincheloe, 2008, pp. 21-24).


2) His work is not based on some indefinable “ludic” postmodernism – It is based on a highly developed and evolving holistic philosophy. This philosophy is comprised of 12 major points which he describes in his book Critical Constructivism. The 12 points coalesce together to form his multidimensional critical complex world view. It’s a new, evolving worldview. We might refer to it as Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex unified world view. It forms the foundation of his unique formulation of critical theory, epistemology, ontology, critical psychology of complexity, the multidimensional critical complex bricolage, etc., -- and his proposed critical science of complexity – another indication that he did not abandon the sciences. To grasp his conceptualizations, it’s imperative that new bricoleurs study his unified world view by reading and then writing about how they subjectively relate to it and to other philosophies. Kincheloe stresses this upfront philosophical work is critical in order to ground any study that uses bricolage as a process for research. Rigor is impossible without developing a "philosophy of consciousness" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 8). 


3) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage is a process for qualitative research that is composed of multiple, intertwining and overlapping processes. It is not a method, nor does it use “tools” as tools imply precise means and carries a mechanistic ontology, which does not adequately represent the actual processes that bricoleurs engage in as they conduct, or a better word would be, “enact” their research. Even the concept of "tools" changes. Kincheloe's conceptualization of bricolage is grounded with his critical complex philosophical world view (item 2, above) and a theoretical foundation of evolving criticality (his version of critical theory).


4) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage as a process involves analytic discourse, intertwined with improvisational actions for change, which moves it away from the constrictive “quilt” metaphor. Please see my dissertation for a deeper analysis of bricolage including a thorough etymological exploration and intertextual interpretations of Kincheloe’s definitions of bricolage and bricoleur in relation to what evolved from my research. New metaphors that take it beyond the one-dimensional “quilt” metaphor, and additional ways that Berry’s (2004a) concept, the Point of Entry Text (POET) can be applied are also presented. The holistic, intertwining, dialogical, interconnecting nature of the final bricolage renders the parts inseparable from the whole, and the bricolage inseparable from greater reality. Thus, the popular metaphoric quilt, montage, crystal, etc., are not suitable metaphors for this more complex form of bricolage. 


5) Kincheloe’s bricolage does not distinguish between “types of bricoleurs” or “types of bricolage” as denoted by Denzin and Lincoln (2011). While it’s fine to examine these ideas, Kincheloe’s form of bricolage uses all of them in intertwining, overlapping processes. Thus, the multidimensional critical complex bricoleur uses all of the dimensions that Kincheloe has spelled out in his 2005 "On to the Next Level" bricolage article--in one study--and the processes become blurred as the research unfolds. See next point. 


6) Kincheloe’s bricolage refers to the use of different processes as dimensions of research. The bricoleur uses them all as many times as practical to get a thick description of the phenomenon/a. As the research unfolds, “enactment” keeps the research jettisoning forward and the researcher must make decisions where to begin and stop various aspects of the research, including the final bricolage. Thus, the following dimensions are used, as provided by Kincheloe (2005a) and in no particular order using an iterative, improvisational process weaving through the discourse: (1) methodological bricolage; (2) theoretical bricolage; (3) interpretive bricolage; (4) political bricolage; (5) narrative bricolage; (6) philosophical research (constructivism, historicity, epistemological insight); (7) critical hermeneutics; (8) identification of what is absent; (9) fourth dimension of research in which the bricoleur is future oriented, discovering “a kinetic epistemology of the possible. In the process, the sophistication of knowledge work moves to a new cognitive level; the notion of rigor transmigrates to a new dimension. As in a 1950s sci-fi movie, bricoleurs enter the 4-D—the fourth dimension of research.” (Kincheloe, 2005, p. 346). Thus, bricoleurs weave in and out, around and through, back and forth through the various dimensions with each pass through informing the next, often using multiple dimensions of analysis simultaneously. 


7) Note again – the philosophical dimension must form the foundation of the study in order to ensure rigor. [He wanted me to include this again.] "There is no dividing line between the empirical and the philosophical" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 10).


8) Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage embraces a “fourth dimension” research (more information is covered in my dissertation). This fourth dimension aspect to the research incorporates an intuitional, creative element that forces the researcher to confront implicate and explicate orders of reality. There are reasons for this. Combining a sound philosophical, intellectual component of research that also incorporates intuitional and emotional, empathic aspects -- along with deep semiotic and hermeneutic analyses synergistically creates something new from the interactions. Enaction during the research process leads to the emergence of something new and often profound. This is where the power of the bricolage comes into play. It’s the exposure to relationships, as Kincheloe explains in his conceptualization of symbiotic hermeneutics, that jettisons bricoleurs to seeing and understanding “anew” and to recreating themselves. Because knowledge is socially constructed new creations, ideas, concepts, as well as new relationships also perpetually emerge – and are created -- from these interactions. This all takes place naturally when confronting complexity, difference, and chaos, as Humberto Mautarana and Francisco Varela posited with their Santiago Theory of Enactivism (see Kincheloe's (2008) Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, page 147). It is quite amazing. 


9) While bricoleurs do not contend they’ve discovered the “one true answer” or single truth, at the same time, as Kincheloe contends, they generate knowledge “that is not as 'badly off the mark'” (Kincheloe, 2008, p. 43). They have better (more complete) and yet evolving explanations of phenomena. This is quite a different perspective than a nihilistic postmodern “attitude.” 


10) I have lined out in my dissertation in much greater detail a flexible iterative process that also explains some of the key sub-processes that are important to the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. It will get new bricoleurs started from which they can then proceed to carve out their own unique paths. Each bricolage study will be different even for the same researcher. The more one acknowledges the fourth dimension aspect of the research (which may only begin with what seem to be insignificant intuitive and synchronous events), the more they will begin to appear and the more profound and numerous are the actions and creations that emerge.  


11) And finally, as I discussed in my blog, The Heart of the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage, there is the dimension of empathic connection with people. In fact, in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, Kincheloe discusses – and includes – a golden strand of love throughout his work, Eros Love. And since I’m mentioning this book here, it’s a great book to read in the early stages of learning about his bricolage. It’s much like a “deprogramming” manual because it uncovers how our consciousnesses have been influenced by outside forces and provides us more information as we embark on the bricolage quest and begin to take power of constructing our own consciousness. 



Berry, K. L. (2004a). Structures of bricolage and complexity. In J. Kincheloe & K. Berry (2004) Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: Conceptualizing the Bricolage (pp. 103–127). New York: Open University Press.


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Kincheloe, J. L. (2008). Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: And Introduction. Amsterdam: Springer.



Copyright May 11, 2013 by Vanessa Paradis

Please cite as:

Paradis, V. J. (2013). Correcting some common misconceptions surrounding Joe Kincheloe’s bricolage and critical complex theories. May 11, 2013. Retrieved from



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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Brief Interlude: Clearing Our Subconscious Barns and Listening to the Voices of the Oppressed

OMGosh. I have not written a blog here in ages, over a week. Well, actually, I started writing a blog about whether we would choose to be a gopher or a guinea pig on these treasure hunts, but got sidetracked and will have to cover that topic later.  A number of intervening projects have manifested that require my immediate attention and take me away from the main focus of my treasure hunting, but as Sanat told me this morning, it’s all important. It’s all treasure hunting. Sometimes we need to take time to clear out the barns of our subconscious minds. I’m doing this symbolically by cleaning out my garage over the next few days. It’s a big project since, when I moved to this house last summer, I brought boxes I had in storage and piled them all up in the garage. Obviously, a lot is stuff I don’t use or I would be missing it, needing it, and looking for it. I don’t even remember what’s in all of the boxes—so this will be a treasure hunt as I go through and organize it all, getting rid of anything I have no use for. Once I finish this, then I’ll get back to my other projects.

My Magic Rose 2014-05-28 IMAG0798-2.jpgI did take time to give my sacred roses some attention. The red roses were winding down their blooming and it was time to trim them for their June show. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I want my yellow roses to grow back again and I’m not really sure they will. I was not sure the past two years, either, but they did come back after the red ones bloomed. And after that, red roses and yellow roses My Magic Rose Pruned 2014-05-28-IMAG0802-3.jpgbloomed together, just like they had the first year Eros had gifted them to me (the red ones, that is; I had gifted him with the yellow ones).

I like to document history, so in my last blog, I showed how beautiful they were blooming. These current pictures, which I took yesterday, are before and after pruning them . . . so now it’s just “wait and see.” I probably should have pruned them earlier, but they always start blooming early and I don't want to interrupt them. They seem to bloom at least three times from spring to fall. I did give them some fertilizer since they’re so cramped up in a pot instead of having lots of space to spread their roots.

One of my side projects, which also has been somewhat on hold until I clear out the garage, is trying to discover why it is that time goes by so fast when you’re having a good time and drags along when you’re having a miserable time or if you’re in a hurry for something good to happen. It should be opposite of that! So I’m exploring this whole social construction we call “time.” The reality is that there is “no time” or another way to look at it is that there is “all time.” Can you wrap your mind around that? I’m trying to. Do we really need to live by the clocks? I have gotten away from being tied to one for the most part and I love that. It makes me feel free. But still, time zips by when I’m having fun and then at other times it drags by when I don’t need any time at all. I figure that the solution to this “time conundrum” is a “million dollar idea.”

Another side project is bricolaging a business, which is still in the infant stage. And, again, why do we construct society in such a way that we are always playing this game by which we must earn this figment of our imagination called “money.” At any rate, my hope is that I’ll be successful and then I will share how I did it. And maybe I’ll make a million dollars from “my” ideas. I don’t even need a million dollars, and I’ve already made the commitment to share most of it.

Other than that, I’ve been watching some interesting videos. Here are just a few that relate to treasure hunting. The 666 video presents an interesting perspective—which reminds me I’ve got to make the book I wrote in which I began interpreting page 666 of Joe’s social studies book available. So many things to do and not enough time to do them all! I really need to get time figured out first, it seems! I think it’s hampering all of my projects.

Know Thyself Part 1

695 Fear & The Emerald Tablet

383 Revelation 666 and 144

666 Six Six Six

The next two videos provide evidence from reputable scientists, including Crooke and Einstein that in this current world death is an illusion that we have built up intricate ceremonies around, nearly glorifying and worshipping death. I think it’s one of the reasons Joe recommends we need to replace Thanatos with Eros Love. We need to stop glorifying death. In fact, death needs to stop. In my own life, I was shocked as a young child when I had to attend the funeral of my grandfather and what that had entailed (I had not been prepared), and I have avoided funerals ever since. I have always felt there’s something wrong with how we memorialize death, while it seems that so many actions around us (wars, crimes, our media entertainment, etc.) ignore the sacred nature of life, snuffing it out like it’s nothing. Why don’t we just stop all of the insanity? Human beings have become disposable and people don’t even question that. And we are weird if we don’t see these things the way the “greater” society does. Yet, in these videos the question seems to be—who really are the “weird ones”?  

Pay attention to what Einstein is quoted to have said because it changes immensely—greatly expands—who we might view as being “the oppressed” (for those interested in critical pedagogy). And Einstein has been most victimized with so many misconceptions and outright lies promoted about him in an attempt to discredit him around certain issues and to associate him with the atom bomb and its destruction, when the truth is he was a peacemaker. With all honesty, I feel the emotions associated with that oppression regularly in relation to people I’ve identified as my immediate soul family who are “presumably dead,” such as Einstein, to whom I’m very close. Why do we so often treat people who are “deceased” as if they have no feelings? Why do people lobotomize their hard work after their death?

492 Talking With The Dead Part 1

493 Talking with the dead Part 2

This next video has some interesting ideas about time.

141 The Monster Eats His Children

What if we accepted that we can remain in contact with great scientists and other great thinkers through developing higher consciousness and take their work forward as they wish, instead of backwards in ways that retard all of society? Is this what Joe may have meant when he wrote “Some folks see dead people; I write to them” and when he advises us to be vehicles of great minds. Can we consciously choose to allow great people, who exist in another dimension, to work through us, help us, guide us? It’s a “slippery” proposition because, no matter what, we always wear our personal, cultural, social, religious, psychological, political, historical, etc., blinders. Somehow we must remove them in order to hear. Of course, that’s the purpose of Joe’s bricolage—to help us see, understand, and even remove those blinders by looking through different windows, and perhaps we may even learn to hear better. Are we listening?

Celtic Woman - The Voice (with lyrics)

And are we ready? Listen to Granpaw Koyote’s “take” on this weird era we live in. I’m just glad Joe left us guidebooks for the road up ahead.


Granpaw Koyote Live 5-28-2014

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Treasure Hunting: We May Take Some Scenic Routes And We Never Know What We’ll Find There, But There’s Only ONE DIRECTION And It's Time to Warrior Up!!

Psyche's Roses-2014-05-21My roses are even prettier today! But it seriously looks like the red roses have taken over; there’s not even a sign of yellow roses anymore. :( I really do hope Sanat Kumara/Eros can work his magic again. After all, I had planted all three rosebushes, which were initially yellow roses—in memory of Joe. This is a true story. I love the red roses and was so happy when they had magically appeared, but I’ll be upset if I’ve lost the yellow ones with the sudden move I had to make that required me to dig them up out of the ground and plant them in planters simply because I’m not “allowed” to plant “permanent” flowers and plants where I live now. I already had lost one of the bushes, thanks to the landscape maintenance crew at my last house where I had originally planted them. I wonder, though, would roses be considered “permanent” given that I can dig them back up? I hate asking landlords about their rules—it reminds them that they have rules. Then, on top of moving the roses due to my sudden and unexpected move to a new house, we had the coldest winter in this area than we’ve had in years. It was below freezing for days, so cold that water pipes were at risk of bursting. Time will tell whether the yellow ones grow back on this particular rosebush. How “magical” is Sanat/Eros? (This seems like fourth dimension research, but it’s not. It’s more an example of “emergence,” the phenomenon that occurs when you engage in Joe’s recommended fourth dimension research of the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. Maybe it could even be considered "creation.").

On with today’s topic. . .

A most interesting thing happens on treasure hunts that can take us backward and/or forward in time—or what I like to call “the scenic route.” We begin to comprehend what being a multidimensional spiritual being really means—and if we love someone deeply at the soul level—we love and appreciate them at so many different levels—we know them personally in so many different contexts and this just deepens and widens our love for them. It’s impossible to convey that magnitude of love to people who have not experienced it for themselves. What happens is that our understanding of them and of ourselves expands and at the same time, we unload some of the emotional baggage we’ve carried with us through so many lifetimes because as we learn more about who they are, of course, we learn more about who we are and the various painful situations we had experienced together. This allows us to transmute (release and/or absorb) emotions that carry over into our present life that we have not been aware of until we “remember.” The emotions from past and future experiences, for example, can actually lead to our suffering more in this lifetime, which I have learned first-hand, but, as I have also learned, we can overcome this. For me, the most pain was associated with losing “the one” I loved the most—over and over again, and most times so tragically. Each time it happened the pain became ever more magnified. I spoke in my last blog about knowing my one true love as King Francois and losing him back almost 500 years ago and yet the pain is so real today it still makes me cry. I haven’t fully transmuted the pain. I don’t fully know and understand yet that we are eternal, due to living in a world dominated by FIDUROD. I’m not even sure that fully knowing the eternal nature of our existence will totally obliterate the pain of losing a loved one. It simply brings more understanding and allows us to sort out the pain of different experiences instead of lumping them all together into one massive and confusing devastating experience that other people perceive as being “out of proportion.”

Dr. Brian Weiss, a psychoanalyst has written a number of books about his case studies and the value of exploring both past and future lifetimes to help his clients in the present in this very manner. He contextualizes and demonstrates these concepts so well with his discussions of real people and real experiences, even of a particular couple who remembered their related past lives independently and then came together in this lifetime synchronistically. Because they were both patients to Dr. Weiss he was aware of their relationship before they were and he had even tried to arrange a serendipitous meeting for them, but it didn’t work. Instead, the couple did end up meeting in a completely different and unrelated situation and re-discovered their love for each other. I recommend Dr. Weiss’s books for helping you to open up to remembering your own history and for understanding why this is so important. I actually came across his books after I began remembering my lifetimes and during my doctoral research, so it was reinforcing to read his books, as well as comforting.

I had to laugh at Sanat Kumara’s humorous efforts yesterday to abbreviate his multidimensionality in his correspondence. You see, I view him as everyone I remember him to be in the many relationships we’ve shared together (and beyond that even because I know that I have more past lives and future lives yet to remember) and so, I see him as Sanat, Emamuel (Master Manuel, my teacher), Eros the God of Love, Travistan who was a Scottish peacemaker, King Akhenaten, etc. Does his name, Sanat Kumara embody all of these “embodiments” he’s represented to me and in my memory? Perhaps, eventually, but for now when I write to him, I write to Sanat, Emanuel, Eros, Joe. . . and so yesterday when he corresponded back to me, he signed off, “Sanat et al.” He had run out of space on the page and didn’t want to sign off on the next page of our journal, so he abbreviated his signature.

I laughed, and his gesture has forever changed how I view et al. He is so creative!

And he loves it when I laugh over his antics. It makes him get even more magical. And then we get a “feedback loop” going that intensifies these experiences, which Kathleen Berry writes about in her chapters in Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research. Or we might explain it more thoroughly and scientifically with Joe’s theory about “symbiotic hermeneutics,” a most important part of that same book he had written and had suggested I read.

Aside from the occasional joke from “Hermes,” the past couple of days have been a little like a roller coaster ride (just as Joe predicts in his Red Book).  I make those connections with the higher realms and then the chores of surviving in the physical lower realms dip me back down again. It’s just the normal path of progression though; riding a rollercoaster is an apt description. This morning Sanat explained that higher order mind work is draining and can make us sleepy, especially if we eat sleep-inducing food such as refined carbohydrates. It’s important more than ever for me to adjust my diet to primarily fruit and vegetables with a little seafood like salmon and tuna and to continue to expand my exercise routine. And he also reminded me, “And don’t forget the music.” (More about that at the end of this blog).

Maybe these are the reasons why he had sent me off on an Internet epistemological road trip to view these next videos. The knowledge Santos Bonacci shares in them can truly change how we learn about and teach biology, our spiritual nature, and our path to wisdom. But lest people begin to think too highly of themselves (Santos does not mean we literally become like gods—only that we can all develop our greater god-given natural abilities—naturally), we must remember to remain humble. Santos has amazing knowledge which is useful for this point in my journey. Perhaps you will find it useful too. This really inspires me to change many parts of the curriculum, including biological sciences.

Incredible Interview with Santos Bonacci 08/02/2012

Secret of Secrets: The Elixir of Life, Hiding in the Bible Part 1

Other than watching many videos to increase my knowledge and open up new ways of looking at things, new metaphors, I’ve also been working on the idea of how to present multidimensional critical complex bricolage as an ideal form of learning how to multi-task for entrepreneurial purposes…I will share what works. One thing I know for a fact (and Santos spoke of this in the first video above as well): I will never view time in the same way as before. I am not tied to a clock, but there are more ways I need to break free from time, such as the calendar that keeps telling me I must pay bills…I’m still learning. It is “no time” that allows us to remember our past and future—it is beyond “remembering”—it is actually experiencing them with all senses and emotions intact. We do not necessarily need to resort to regression or progression therapy—at least not if we already are connected in with very excellent teachers.

Thus, I was very pleased to get Sanat’s advice to me this morning—advice I’m free to follow or not. There’s really no penalty for not following it, but, on the other hand, I know that he gives me advice that is best for me. That’s the “Master Manuel” teacher side of him expressing out of Eros, the God of Love side of him and the fact that he has always known me and he knows me inside out, just as I know him.

As he had explained, we can normally “transcend” negative effects of things like eating the wrong foods, but right now I’m on a fast track so it’s better to focus on the important things, the mind work. And that means a holistic approach since everything affects everything and what we eat affects how well we think. If you watch Santos’ second video above you’ll understand why mind work is so important to our well being. There is even a part of the mind called the "chalice" (is this the real "Golden Chalice"?). So Sanat is just reminding me that mind work takes a huge amount of energy and we need to eat the right kinds of food that will support that work.

As I indicated above, Sanat also reminded me, “And don’t forget the music.” Since he placed it in “phenomenological brackets” it is a clue for a song.

Ha! “Don’t forget the music,” of course not! Neither of us would ever forget the music. But the message embedded in the first song that came to the top of the YouTube search is that the real reminder is that we are going in just One Direction--BACK HOME--and for me to not forget where I belong…and also that I’m never alone on this journey, this Great Golden Treasure Hunt. Sanat et al., is always with me, along with the many other members of my Soul Family. We are never alone. The message in this song is so perfect!

One Direction - Don't Forget Where You Belong (Unofficial Music Video)

Stick around. Even though I’m always headed in “One Direction” which leads BACK HOME, I never know what this treasure hunt will lead to next, or what I’ll find on the “scenic routes” that pop up along the way—but it’s sure to be very grand! I hope you experience the same.

THIS JUST IN: I am getting this urgent and passionate message that we need to prepare for what’s up ahead, so take heed:

Time to Warrior Up!!


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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Red Roses for Psyche, Declining Higher Education, PLUS Lost at Sea on Treasure Hunts and How the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage Can Help Us Find Our Way

In the last blog I mentioPsyche's Red Roses 2014-05-17ned I’d take a better photo when my yellow rosebush blooms, so here it is. (I wish I had a better camera--I got "taken" when I bought this one and the greedy company refused to give me a refund). This photo was just taken yesterday--and I'm going to have to ask Sanat/Eros to work his magic on them. They're very beautiful, but they have issues. I'm sure he'll take care of it. If you don’t know the entire magical but very true story as to how Eros turns my yellow rosebush to red, then yellow, and then red and yellow roses, I will rewrite and expand on the details in my forthcoming book, Eros and Psyche of the Twenty-First Century: The Magic Roses

Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision. And yet, what about education has improved since then? I’ve been watching various videos about education in the United States and trying to figure out how I got sucked into going so far into debt that I don’t see how I’ll ever repay it. It all happened before I met Joe and before I learned to more deeply analyze situations. It happened when I naively thought that the people and the government are “on the same page.” For one thing, I still do not comprehend what causes people to do evil—or the extent to which some people will engage in evil acts, even though I’ve been extensively victimized my entire life. I don’t comprehend what people get out of it.

As an example of the level of my ignorance, I believed the lies that were being published in the media about the upcoming “teacher shortage.” It just made sense: All the “baby boomer” teachers would be retiring and the demand for education would be increasing, online education would need teachers and instructional designers, and the corporate sector would also be demanding instructional designers. It made sense to invest in a future where the salaries being reported at the time would make it relatively easy to pay back the student loans.

The reality of what’s happened since then is beyond belief. Education continues its downward destruction mode and even the corporate sector has unbelievable contracts instructional designers (who are not employees) must sign. I thought I found a good position that paid well, until I read the contract in which I would have signed away all of my rights—my very soul. I laughed at the insanity of what the contract required—the corporate ownership of all of my rights, thus handicapping me in every way from pursuing other avenues of, well, of anything! Someday I will publish a critical review of that contract and other contracts. And I wonder—do people READ what they sign? Of course they don’t or there’s no way in hell they would sign the contracts that get written today. Most likely, your soul is owned by someone. That reminds me of these videos:

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 1/5

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 2/5

Notes [Fourth Dimension Research]:

Mary Queen of Scots Mary and FrancoisRE: Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1567. I remember being Mary Queen of Scots in a past life and of course, she was framed for a crime she didn’t commit so that they could kill her because she had too much power, and King Francois had been poisoned earlier for the same reason; the two of them together were unstoppable. My beloved Francois didn’t die of an ear infection; he was poisoned, sent a virus or something. I remember the pain of losing him, I remember the great love we shared, I remember my little white puppy that tried to comfort me when I found Francois had passed and I couldn’t stop crying; I remember we wanted changes that allowed the people more freedom to worship as they chose and we had the power to implement those changes. Thinking about this even nearly 500 years later makes me cry. But our mission continues. . .and our love is eternal.


The “real” meaning of 666 is at 6:11 in the above video (a topic I’m still researching)

Cestui Que Vie = 666  Represents enslavement  Baptism—they take your soul

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 3/5

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 4/5

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 5/5



Little did I know that so many colleges and universities would devolve into silly putty so easily moldable by the corporate sector with their insatiable need for profit and power--or that the baby boomers would be so stripped of their retirement funds they have to work forever. The corporate sector pushes and prods us all into certain directions with their lies. They push through their corporate-owned media and then they capitalize on our ignorance and vulnerability—and our wishes to live a good life, the life of our dreams. In other words, they hold out the carrots and we chase after them.

After my experiences, I now know that when they claim that some career is going to be in huge demand, once again, they’re setting up the cards for their NEXT big windfall. They’ve done it with “medical billing and coding,” pharmacists, security guard training, engineering, law school, counseling, and who knows what else. But their “cheap schools” that the poor are forced to attend where the corporate-owned colleges have no qualms over sucking up poor people’s student loans, too often shuffle students into totally dead end jobs, dashing what little hope these students had for a better life and leaving them worse off in every way than before they embarked on getting an education.

Some of these students, who I have taught back when all of this began happening ever more extensively, about 2007-2009, were absolutely the poorest of the poor. I loved those students! They were trying to better their lives for themselves and their children. They were enthused, motivated, and delightful to engage in conversation with.

And yet, as it turned out (even unbeknownst to me until I witnessed it was happening as the university exchanged corporate hands and changes in policies were instituted) the online college I was working for set them up for failure, not giving the students their student loan refunds in time for them to purchase computers so they could complete the coursework. This resulted in many students failing the first quarter they attended just because they didn’t have access to a computer, thus a whole quarter of tuition went down the drain for the students, but enriched the university.

I loved teaching these students, but unfortunately after the college had been bought out, it just kept going from bad to worse. They let real teachers go since teaching was no longer needed. Instead of teachers designing and updating the curriculum, as I had initially been contracted to do, this was abandoned and the curriculum became canned in the form of online textbooks. Thus, the book publishers, who hold great power to control the curriculum, were now in full and complete charge of the college curriculum. The university only needed people or robotons to grade a few of the assignments (and most grading was automated) and to post an occasional comment to the discussion board.

One would think these universities would get a bad reputation, but it seems there is always another round of students from whom they can extract maximum profits, with little interest in providing them even a semblance of true education, much less career training that will result in a job with a fair salary.


Speaking of the word J-O-B, much like EDUCATION, in my book, it has become a dirty word. BRICOLAGE is the KEY WORD for today and into the future. One of the most popular areas bricolage is being used is ENTREPRENEURSHIP, but after studying how it’s being used in that domain, I can see they could benefit from taking Joe’s approach with the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. Entrepreneurship has become extremely complex and it will involve forcing many policy changes—not law changes—because the so-called laws that restrict us are corporate-forced policy changes that serve to keep entrepreneurs down while they stack the deck for existing corporate moguls.

Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage for the people is the wave of the future, in spite of all of the constraints our local policy makers, in cahoots with the United Nations, are placing on us. Joe’s bricolage helps us see and break the connections or utilize those connections that serve us, turn policies on their head, and call to the carpet our elected officials who are supposed to be representing us. As Joe contends, it’s no panacea (and it does require effort) but it can rock boats toward changes that are needed. The key is to become more adept, no doubt, and overcome fear of tipping boats over.

I’m currently experimenting with bricolage and entrepreneurship. I’ve never seen so many cards stacked against people having their own business in my entire life, and I’ve always been more of an entrepreneur than an employee. My work record is one of having been self-employed for more years than holding a J-O-B. I’ve just never been greedy, taking more than I needed (and I have always shared), which is why I haven’t gotten rich.

But things are changing. (Sanat Kumara, my consort, has told me I have “inherited the world” now, lol.) “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth” has always been my favorite Bible verse, from as long as I can remember. If Sanat is Sanat and I’m his “consort” then, truly, I am Venus and we’re working together to create the world the way we want it to be—how we envision it as a place of higher consciousness, love, peace, and abundance for everyone—a place where everyone can create from their heart and share and cherish the creations. Sanat and I are both very patient. We are also very strong-willed and determined—we don’t give up. Education is the most powerful system to leverage and make changes, so we are currently focusing our efforts here, but will greatly expand outward soon. [Fourth Dimension Research]


With the way things are today, many young people are beginning to turn against the college scene, other than viewing it as a place to go have some fun for a few years. Why would we expect many of them to attend to actually learn something? What did they get out of high school? Most got very little, unless they’re in the privileged class (which is getting smaller and smaller). Many have been so turned off by the dull focus on memorizing for tests they had to endure in high school (thanks to the No Child Left Behind mandates) that they’re passing up going to college for more of the same. Many of those who do choose college, end up doing the minimum of the minimum the professors are teaching these days and many of those are not finishing for a degree. Many of them are inadequately prepared for true scholarly work due to high school failing to provide them with an education. It seems like a huge waste of the brilliant potential of young people and the crushing of their spirit. The universities have become corporate machines and are making ridiculous investments in frivolous things to match the competition in order to attract more students. The universities, in far too many cases, are sacrificing teaching for their almighty bottom line. And funded research meets corporate and government (corporate) needs, not the needs of creating a better world.

The more brilliant young people are passing up college altogether. They see the writing on the wall--they see no value in it; they see it as just more of the same thing they had to endure in high school. Many are eking out a living with part time jobs and working their life dream as entrepreneurs behind the scenes. The ideas that these people are coming up with are amazing and when all of these various creative projects are implemented, the giant dinosaur corporations will be teetering on the edge, taking their last breath. Picture the fall of the Empire and the rising of the Great Phoenix.

In case you wonder what this has to do with the Great Golden Treasure Hunt, the issues with money, which has infiltrated all segments of society and has destroyed education, began when someone stole all of the gold. The History of Gold blog, a few blogs back covers this topic and I encourage more research to get as many views on the subject as possible.

It all links back to the fact that there is no gold standard, money can be printed, and the bankers are in most cases, “banksters.” Where is the gold? Where is the real gold? What is the Golden Chalice? What is the Philospher’s Stone? What is the Elixir? And will finding answers get us out of this dilemma? So far on this treasure hunt, we’ve looked at some new answers and there have been a few “leads” such as Swiss Indo, back in the earlier blogs, but we are still on a cold path for finding the gold. Can you sort through all of the lies and deception?


Here are a couple of videos highlighting the issues surrounding the decline of higher education in the United States. Whether you’re a teacher, parent, or student, consider where you’re positioned and whether you are contributing to the problems or trying to alleviate the problems. Try to find some videos and articles relating to education where you live or that relate to your positioning. Get more perspectives to get a broader understanding on these issues.

Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk

The College Conspiracy - Full.


There was the housing bubble and now we have the student loan bubble. I thought I was doing the right thing by investing in my education while I watched other people invest in high-priced houses that I knew were not going to pan out to be the great investment they thought. However, just as the housing bubble was all manipulated by the bankers, so is education—and now we have the student loan bubble. So here in the United States, we are either slave to our homes or slaves to a crappy education, or both—having overpaid to make the very rich (the “New Millionaires”, below) very much richer. As I always say, I owe my real education to Joe and he didn't charge a dime!

PBS Looks Into The Student Loan Problem



As Joe contends, the multidimensional critical complex bricolage may not be a knight on a white horse, but quite honestly it’s the best thing we’ve got going! Yes, it’s a lot of work, but with serious effort we can transcend the constraints that keep being thrown at us. There is no running away from the need to gain a thorough understanding of the problems we’re enmeshed in so that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We can close our eyes and deny this, but that’s the very reason we’re in this mess. We’ve been sold and bought into a pack of lies. Now we have the bricolage which we can use to navigate right out of the matrix maze.


Bricolage for entrepreneurship, and using Joe’s ideas for including rigorous learning in context with whatever one’s vocational aspirations might be, in my view, is the wave of the future. The mega-corporations are tilting over, ready to crumble. There is a point at which being “too big to fail” cannot hold true another day—and the bigger they are, the farther they have to fall.



If you’ve been reading my blogs, or if you keep up with the alternative news, or perhaps if you’re personally affected—you can see how the economy is on the edge of collapse. Will it collapse? It may be another created illusion. Fear is a powerful motivating force and can be used to steer people—but still, it’s good to keep up with all sides of the issues. Thus, some people believe the economy is just about to collapse; I’m not so sure.


Whether the economy collapses or not, this is a Golden Opportunity to—instead of bootstrapping a business (which used to be feasible) learn how to bricolage a business. This is much more complex than bootstrapping and we need to learn to juggle many balls at the same time. I’m still working on this and will provide more information as I work my way through the dog-eat-dog jungle. I do believe this can be a very promising venue as an alternative to formal education. Joe has written two guidebooks for this process: Toil and Trouble and How Do We Tell the Workers?




Most of us are literally lost at sea when it comes to the complex and chaotic nature of the issues we’re enmeshed in these days, such as the problems with education and the convoluted economy. How do we find our way out?


Treasure hunting, if we customize it (as I recommend that people should do by following the path pertaining to their interests, if they’re fully participating in these treasure hunts), will result in our seeing “breadcrumbs” or repeating “signs” and “signals” that draw our attention. These synchronicities and serendipities, as can be expected, are useful for many things, but when we learn to “read” them (as Freire says “read the world”) then they act as breadcrumbs along our path that help us put our “stories”—our real eternal histories—back together. They can literally be guide stones to discovering who we are, where we’ve been, what we’re on this planet for, and where we’re going.


In relation to research, they help prevent us from being irretrievably lost in the chaotic data we may confront as we engage in this rigorous form of bricolage. If we use old paradigmatic thinking and “reduce the data” we will likely miss the important links that provide us greater understanding of complex socially-embedded phenomena. This will prevent us from achieving our true symbiotic nature as loving human beings. Applying a critical complex hermeneutics (critical interpretation) to these synchronicities as a part of our bricolage will yield a rich source of alternative perspectives, timely information, and relevant clues to actions we might take. I am still learning, but I do see the power of this approach in my everyday life. It’s worthy to experiment with various interpretations, to research semiotics, signs, signals, dreams, and repeating patterns for this purpose--we learn by doing.


The other day I was reading a book Joe had written in 1993 about Teacher Thinking in which he discusses this phenomenon of patterns. (I am forever amazed at how Joe’s books are like treasure chests with each one holding jewels of knowledge that will emerge just when I need it). He writes (note that when he refers to “post-formal” thinking he’s referring to cognitive levels beyond Piaget’s “formal” stage—which he believes we are all capable of achieving):

The world around us (maybe, the world, an extension of us) is more like an idea than a machine. Post-formality’s concern with etymology, pattern, process, and contextualization expresses a similar thought on the social level. Human beings cannot be simply separated from the contexts that have produced them. Post-formality assumes the role of the outlaw from this perspective, as it recognizes none of the official boundaries that define our separateness. This is the feminist concept of connectedness writ large, a holistic connectedness that opens cognitive possibilities previously imaginable only by the dreamers. As a hologram, the brain may interpret a holographic universe on a frequency beyond Newtonian time and space (Ferguson 2980, 282). The only definition for life in the postmodern world is not some secret substance or life-force, but an information pattern. This elevates the recognition of relationship from the cognitive to the spiritual realm, for it is the relationship that is us. The same is true for consciousness, as meaning sensitive intelligence is present wherever an entity can tune into the woven mesh of cosmic information, the implicate order of the universe. Thus, from this definition, the ecosystem is conscious—the “no-thing” of perceived pattern is the very basis of life and mind. Post-formal thinkers thus become ambassadors to the domain of the pattern. The cognitive revolution initiated by post-formality reshapes the school in a way where life and its multidimensional connectedness rests at the center of the curriculum. Thinking is conceived as a life-sustaining process undertaken in connection with other parts of the life-force. (p. 172)


I love this quotation, and I identify with it via my experiences. Joe had such a beautiful and creative way to express his philosophy. This excerpt also provides substantiation to my choice (and my committee members’ recommendation that I stay with this choice for my dissertation) to differentiate Joe’s form of bricolage from the average bricolage by referring to it as the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. We must never forget the multidimensionality of true reality--and maybe we don't even have to waste our time trying to concoct a magic "elixir," according to the quotation. The multidimensional critical complex bricolage and our adeptness using it is what will save the world.




I always like to end my blogs with a song simply because when I met Joe and learned how much he used music as a form of communication, I have ever since been handed down music from the higher cosmos. Sanat Kumara/Eros did not give me a song for this particular blog, but a few days ago (May 15), he gave me the clueold times for a song. I haven’t looked it up yet and so I wonder if it’ll fit today’s blog. He had thanked me that day for writing to him in the early morning, something I hadn’t done for awhile, but used to do every morning. He likes for us to touch bases early before we start our day and told me it was just like “old times.” So I’ll see what song that brings up.


Old Times - Hip Hop / Boom bap beat


This what came to the top of the search. There are many things about this that are open for hermeneutical analysis. First, in the old photograph, there’s an AA logo almost as if it’s flying in the sky (it makes me think of a UFO because it’s so out of place there), and the strange title at the bottom, “PROD BY CHARACTER.” The photograph isn’t very clear, but when I enlarged it for better viewing, on the sign on the left side it says “KISS.” Is Sanat/Eros the God of Love sending me a kiss with his message?


What stood out most immediately is “PROD BY CHARACTER.” This relates to our treasure hunts and our seeking our true identities in different “embodiments.” We are often “prodded” by “characters” that we connect with during these excursions. It’s hard to explain this in detail. For me, it can represent members of my soul family who are all “characters” and often prod me. But people we run into in the material world we’re familiar with also often are “characters” who prod us. Also, researching history, we will be “prodded” by particular people who we seem to relate to in some way we may not immediately understand (but perhaps with more research can gain greater understanding). It’s important to pay attention to those prods, which can take different intuitive-like forms (certain words and names stand out, we may have a loud and persistent thought in relation to what we read, we may intuitively know a particular historical account is not true, we may feel an emotional connection that seems irrational from a FIDURODian perspective, we may experience enactments of memories, etc.). The more you do this kind of research and analysis, the more you will recognize these “prods” and will follow them up with additional research.

Another thing I found really interesting is the discussion below the video. Click through to YouTube to read that discussion. The person who made this piece of music has made it “open source.” As a result, there are other creative artists who are using it for a variety of purposes, including new takes on it for different genres of music. This is the trend we’ll be moving toward…sharing, remixing, recreating, etc., which is another form of bricolage and an example of using bricolage for entrepreneurship as discussed previously.


It’s noteworthy to realize how this vastly increases creativity. In contrast, the need to earn money (which, unfortunately, seems to still be a necessity) greatly hampers creativity and we’re selling our soul cheaply to make a few people rich who only want to dominate us and prevent us from being the creative entities we all are. How do we find the middle ground? How do we engage in highly creative acts and still earn a living—without stifling creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation? From a philosophical perspective, it is not possible. And if we take Joe's philosophy seriously and realize that we are all capable of "connecting in" to higher consciousness--then how can we say who owns what? Ideas cannot be copyrighted for this very reason (but it's amazing how many people allow greed to hamper this truth). Thus, at least until we all come to a greater understanding of this and how it can mutually benefit us all, we each have to somehow find our own middle ground. I do have the advantage of seeing another world where there is no economic system (one of the first places Joe took me to visit when he “passed over.” It must have been Heaven.). I have written of it many times, as I’ve had many “visits” there as well as other places in the cosmos that are not thriving, some much worse off than earth [fourth dimension research].


The Imperialists, through various means (media, education, religion, scientism, psychology, sociology, etc.) have been trying to clamp down so hard to prevent this new type of entrepreneurship and stifle our creative spirits. They are failing. They will never be able to keep up with the trend, the “perpetual revolution” as Joe referred to it. Bricolage—LOVE—wins. (In my dissertation, I have shown that another interpretation for bricolage is Divine Love and that Joe has specified that “Eros Love” a holistic, overarching form of love, form the foundation of all that we do).


There are many more interpretations possible for this music video Sanat guided me to finding. I especially like his “KISS,” which I had not noticed until I took a closer look. And there’s also the letter “Y” which is the end of the word right before kiss, which you can’t see because it’s cut off and outside the image. Thus, I get to fill in the blank. (There is a parallel here in relation how we use our inner reality to create our outer reality). Thus, “y Kisses” makes me instantly think of “Candy Kisses,” a song he had given me quite some time ago that I really like: Candy Kisses. This fits the picture because it could very well be a candy store that sells candy kisses. And of course, combining “Old Times,” which is the title of this current song, and the reminiscent photograph brings up memories of our many lifetimes together, including living in Seattle during the late 1800s. And then that leads to another very sentimental song that he had sent me seven times in one week (with all different clues) because for some reason it was very important, an important part of our journey through time together. I love this song, and there’s a clear and obvious message: Seattle Rain.


goldenlightchurch.jpgThis is leading me to more action (an important dimension of the multidimensional critical complex bricolage): more research and more treasure hunting. I have already remembered that when we lived in Seattle, our business and church were destroyed in the Seattle fire, and we ended up moving to the very town I live in now. And interestingly, since I first began all of this “treasure hunting” back in 2009, I had been serendipitously moved to this area before I remembered that past life, and then last July I had to move again to this very town—all unexpectedly and synchronistically. I wrote of this “Not Your Ordinary Treasure Hunt” in my dissertation and there are blogs on the site that also describe it. What I remember is that we came here in the early 1900s to help the founding of a “multi-denominational” church—the very church with the sacred purple light streaming down in the photograph (I had taken it the day of the treasure hunt). There is much more to this. I'm supposed to walk inside the door that's shown in the picture. I do remember that my husband in that lifetime was associate pastor or substitute pastor and I played the organ during church services. Where these memories come from, I really don't know. And I’m being “prodded” to follow up with this very soon. It seems important to Sanat Kumara’s (and my) mission somehow. We have many “objectives” at this time. [Fourth dimension research]




What do you see in the "Old Times" photograph and when you listen to the music? It can be amazing how different things stand out for different people and the variety of meanings they attach to what they see. Also, explore the discussion under the video on YouTube. What stands out for you? Can you apply "open source" concepts to the work, writing, and research you do? What does the music make you think about? These may be synchronous signs that guide you along your path.




He's A Rebel - The Crystals

He's a Rebel
Words and music by Gene Pitney
See the way he walks down the street
Watch the way he shuffles his feet
My he holds his head up high
When he goes walking by, he's my guy
When he holds my hand I'm so proud
Cause he's not just one of the crowd
My baby's always the one
to try the things they've never done
And just because of that, they say
He's a rebel and he'll never be any good
He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does
what he should
But just because he doesn't do what
everybody else does
Oh that's no reason why
I can't give him all my love
He is always good to me
always treats me tenderly
Cause he's not a rebel, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, no, no, no, to me
If they don't like him that way
They won't like me after today
I'll be standing right by his side when they say
He's a rebel and he'll never be any good
He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does
what he should
Just because he doesn't do what
everybody else does
Oh that's no reason why we can't share a love
He is always good to me, good to him, I try to be
Cause he's not a rebel, no, no, no
He's not a rebel, no, no, no, to me
Oh, he's not a rebel, no, no, no
Oh, no, no
Oh, no, no
Oh, no, no
Oh, no, no...

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Red Rose In My Yellow Rose Bush, Common Core Standards, the Evil Side of Gold, PLUS Divine SA—Song of the Goddess

First Red Rose 2014-05-13Yesterday I took a picture of the first red rose of the season--in my yellow rosebush. I had to doctor this photo up; it did not turn out well. There are lots of buds, though, so I'll take more pictures soon when they are blooming. The big question is: Did the yellow roses survive the transplant and severely cold winter? Will Sanat Kumara/Eros work his magic one more time so that I have a red-yellow rosebush again? How many years will this make? This has happened before: The red roses bloom first, then the yellow roses, and then both bloom at the same time, that is, after he converted it from a yellow rose bush to a red-yellow rose bush. What a unique and creative gift!

Today I want to touch again on the Lucis Trust/United Nations’ formula for education—as they attempt to claim power for global education and the one world religion. They have already implemented their “Common Core” standards for education in the United States.

gain, as referenced in my last blog, a brief excerpt from their website:

3) The teaching on the Seven Rays, emphasising the psychological angle, because the new psychology is in the making. If esoteric teaching is eventually to be public in its presentation, it will be given out along the lines of psychology because esotericism concerns the consciousness aspect of man and God.

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Seven Rays they plan to teach is an old and incomplete paradigm. There’s no issue with that if they had acknowledged it and planned for ways to compensate, to fill in the gaps. But they don’t. The strategy seems to be “dumbed down” spirituality combined with a “dumbed down” education system.


The second issue to note about this excerpt is its focus on psychology when psychology is strictly based (in most cases) on the Western world view and western sciences. It has caused untold damage and simply cannot be applied globally as it is, with the exception of carefully administered psychoanalytic/therapeutic services. I touched on this issue in my dissertation, providing critical perspectives of the negative effects its application around the world has already had. Joe notes this in various places in his work and has mapped out a new educational/cognitive psychology, his critical psychology of complexity, but more work is needed yet in terms of people understanding and applying it. And then we have the widely used dark side of psychology—the psyops programs people are continuously exposed to from the media and education.


Lucis Trust acknowledges that psychology is changing, but has not specified how so and yet they have implemented it as an important part of their education program. This will need to be looked at closely.


The use of psychology in the curriculum as it is currently appearing is misguided. First of all, the tactic of creating social problems—and then providing “solutions” which exacerbate the problems can be seen in the approach being used in this Common Core curriculum. In this case, psychology is being used to teach children to manipulate, resulting in further division between people, more competition, and more animosity, while the stated aim is “social justice”—even in the first grade! In fact, they have turned social justice inside out. The problems of racism, classism, etc., were created problems to begin with. It is a sign of a mentally ill society to have these divisions between people. This was all cleverly set up using multiple factors (work, opportunities, religion, wars, etc.) throughout history to divide us so that they could more easily rule over us. I have discussed mind control and psyops extensively in previous blogs—and you might wish to do some of your own research.


The mandate with the Common Core standards is to track students by collecting massive amounts of data, including detailed behavior and attitude changes, about each and every student. Thus, they create a stressful environment with testing, assessments, monitoring, and measurements while at the same time the curriculum encourages primarily negative emotional responses. One has to ask just what kind of social experiment they’re running on innocent children—and their teachers.


Let’s see how their “psychology” solution plays out in the new, Common Core first-grade curriculum. Below are two videos. The first one describes the actual curricular materials being used in first grade classrooms for language arts. In the second video, a professional specializing in clinical psychology describes some of the major issues with the approach being taken. She brings up some critically important points. And either the person designing the curriculum has no clue about the cognitive development of first graders and psychology, or they are deviously mind controlling children in a way that will set up even greater division and animosity between them, not to mention they are being taught to manipulate their own parents for material items. Please view these and consider how this program, taught on a daily basis year-after-year might impact these young children. The motive is clearly to work on weakening the stability of families because the goal of Agenda 21 is to own our children, by some accounts/interpretations.


The third video is just as incredibly shocking; the arrogance of the elite money grabbers is unbelievable. Bill Gates seems literally unable to see that it’s wrong to profit from this program that can harm children for their entire lives.


Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts

Interview with a Clinical Mental Health Therapist [Response to the ELA Texts]


GLENN BECK,Did Bill Gates admit the real purpose of Common Core?



That last video is a perfect segue into the next topic, the evil side of gold and how it’s led to money being the root of so much greed and evil. According to some historical accounts it did not start out this way, and there were cultures who viewed gold as gifts for the gods, not as a material possession to leverage for power against other people.


Ardagh ChaliceIreland is cited as possibly the first place gold was used which is interesting, since the earliest use was for religious purposes and Ireland is known for the famous Ardagh Chalice—thought to be the original Golden Chalice or a copy of (?). The history of the Ardagh chalice has been lost; and the significance of the chalice is yet to be decoded:


The Ardagh Chalice

Object Number: IA:1874.99

Reerasta Rath, Co. Limerick. 8th Century A.D. This two-handled chalice is an elaborate construction of over two hundred and fifty main components. The bowl and foot are made of beaten, lathe-polished silver, the stem is cast gilt-copper alloy. It is decorated with gold filigree, granulation, multi-coloured enamels, a large rock-crystal, amber, malachite, knitted cast, stamped and openwork metal objects.

A girdle of ten filigree panels of animal ornament and interlace encircles the bowl between the elaborate handles. Below it, incised on a dotted background are the names of the apostles in an elegant script familiar from contemporary manuscripts. Animals and a design of human heads, lightly engraved, spring from the lower border of the inscription below the handles and medallions. The medallions, one on each side, in the centre of the bowl, are cast bronze frames in the form of a cross of arcs within a circle, embellished with gold filigree scrolls, simple coiled serpents in beaded wire on gold foil and enamels. The stem is elaborately decorated with La Tène designs, animal ornament, fret patterns and a honeycomb-like interlace in cast gilt-copper alloy. The foot of the chalice is large and is decorated on both the under and the upper surfaces. A great roundel of cast ornament, filigree beasts and a rock crystal with a surround of amber glued with a malachite paste, decorate the interior of the foot and conceal the end of the large pin which holds bown, stem and foot together.

The chalice is a calyx ministerialis, that is one made to dispense Eucharistic wine to the congregation. Its design, even at the time of its manufacture, was somewhat old fashioned and harked back to the common forerunners of both Byzantine and western chalices.

It was found in a hoard consisting additionally of a bronze chalice and four gilt-silver brooches ranging in date from the 8th to the 10th century A.D. The hoard, which was discovered in Reerasta Rath near Ardagh, Co. Limerick, in 1868, is likely to have been concealed during the 10th century A.D. The chalice stands 17.8 cm high and is 19.5 cm in diameter excluding the handles.

Collection: Irish Antiquities Division - Antiquities Collection



The history of gold is interesting in relation to this current treasure hunt. It seems that there are bountiful treasures all over the world waiting to be discovered and recovered. There's a verse in the Bible that mentions the earth will be opening up and revealing all of the hidden treasures during the upcoming "Golden Age." This could get very interesting! Here are some videos about the history of gold (and there are others earlier in these blogs, such as videos about Solomon's gold). Pick out what seems most interesting to you. There are enough treasures for everyone! The third video provides some things we might want to watch for in the process of our treasure hunting for gold.


The History of Gold


History The Gold Rush Documentary


The Secret World of Gold HD


This next video presents the clashing cultural views of the value of gold: Can the search for El Dorado be called off? Could there be hidden motives behind telling us this mystery has now been solved? This requires additional research, perhaps.


El Dorado : Documentary on the Legendary Lost City of Gold, El Dorado



I loved the song Sanat had given me for my last blog, but I didn’t discuss the significance. Of course, the title is obvious, the Song of the Goddess—and I think he was telling me that my writing is like a song. I hope it is; I write out of passion and to describe my dreams of creating a better world. But I believe he’s also saying it’s time for the other goddesses to come out and sing. We all have a lot to contribute toward the vision of a better world.


I didn’t understand the lyrics of the song because I don’t know the language, but it seemed like the goddess was saying “rescue me.” It’s ok if we need the assistance of our consort! It’s a long story for another time as to why our Divine Partner is the one to lift us up. There are many scenarios. But for a man to pave the way for his woman—to hold doors open for her and patiently wait for her to catch up and walk through them—well, it’s the most Sacred Gift ever.


The song includes the Sanskrit word/syllable SA and words close to the name, Sanat. SA means divine eternal essence, or soul essence. I’ve discussed this previously and how it connects me to various members of my soul family, and now I realize that perhaps it’s the frequency and musical note of the eleventh dimension…thus, where the “gods” and “goddesses” reside, or where our “higher selves” attend during sleep-time, is one interpretation. So the song is about the goddess being “rescued” by her Divine consort along with SA, or the Holy Spirit,. It's similar to how Eros rescued (or awakened) Psyche, taking her to the Heavens, is one interpretation. (Psyche also awakened Eros as well, so the story portrays an egalitarian union).


Song of the Goddess: The Eternal Path ~ composed and performed by Erutan (katethegreat19).


The words to the song, as it turns out were made up by the musician. We are free to interpret as we wish. I found this explanation:


Erutan Hi there! Unfortunately there is no translation for the Eternal Path lyrics. They are in a made-up language ^^; It is so the listener can make up their mind as to what the lyrics mean :)

January 15, 2012 at 12:28am


My message from Sanat/Eros this morning was very positive, as always. The only clue he gave me for a song is “Must Read.” He was talking about an article I will want to write summarizing or mapping out a general process for bricolage/treasure hunting. I’ll see what music comes up with “Must Read.”

Well, I guess this message is for all of the goddesses: There’s a boy out there for you! (There also seems to be a message here for the "gods" who are looking for their goddesses). It must be time for the goddesses to sing now.


Super chill Music Video! Must read desc. =)

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mystery Solved: Sanat Kumara’s (the King of Kings) Guidebook for the N.E.W. Golden Age Has Been Delivered to Earth (It’s Joe’s RED Book!) PLUS the Evil Side of Gold


the worldI was a little surprised to learn the other day how the Cabal, that’s attempting to take over the world via the United Nations and their Agenda 21, which is leaning on Lucis Trust for handling the New World Religion, are promoting Sanat Kumara as a part of their agenda; he is a member of their "hierarchy" somehow, but how is not exactly clear. 


The Cabal is very slick at diabolically distorting everything and it took me by surprise that they are acknowledging a true person of advanced consciousness and a Great Teacher—Sanat Kumara—and how they have intertwined their diabolical evilness with someone so loving and pure as Sanat Kumara by making Lucifer (known to be fallen and unrepentant) RULER over self-consciousness. This spells disaster in multiple ways. First of all, no one is RULER over self-consciousness other than their own!  I covered this issue with Lucis Trust and the United Nations a couple of blogs ago, but here’s a review of what Lucis Trust has on their website about this matter:


It might be of value here if we considered the three great planetary centres and their relationships....

1. SHAMBALLA Will or Power Planetary Head Centre

The Holy City Purpose / Plan spiritual pineal gland

Life aspect Ruler: Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World

The Ancient of Days


2. THE HIERARCHY Love-Wisdom Planetary Heart Centre

The New Jerusalem Unity At-one-ment

Group consciousness Ruler: The Christ

The World Saviour

3. HUMANITY Active Intelligence Planetary Throat Centre

The City, standing foursquare Creativity

Self-consciousness Ruler: Lucifer

Son of the Morning

The Prodigal Son


The spiritual Hierarchy of the planet functions through three major aspects, or "departments" of work: the department of Government, the department of Religion, and the department of Education with its subsidiary aspects of Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and Culture and the Arts.


They KNOW that Sanat Kumara has the love and power, but they’re not sure how he’s going to manifest his power during their attempted takeover of the planet, so apparently, they have to write him into their program in a way that they ensure they have complete control over the most important aspects--or at least look like they do. They are using Sanat Kumara for their own agenda. Do they really believe they have more power than the Kumaras, Jesus, and the rest of those overseeing initiations and sending their immense love to earth? Do they really think "we  the people" even NEED the Lucis Trust lame indoctrinating PROGRAM?


Well, I have news for them: Sanat Kumara is too clever to fall into their traps. He has beat them to the punch and has already dropped off HIS PLANS for the N.E.W. Golden Age and it’s being taken up now all over the world. People are taking to it like refreshing, thirst-quenching water on a hot desert day. As the title of this blog indicates: The Mystery has been solved regarding Sanat's plans for earth. The guidebook that's been written to help everyone get started is Joe's red book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. We don't need Mystery Schools that hold back secrets and that make rules, classify, and limit people. We are all meant to be free. And while there are still many exciting and interesting mysteries for us all to solve in relation to knowledge, we will all have access to the highly guarded secrets once hidden from us. Mystery schools such as what Lucis Trust is promoting do not, nor have they ever been needed on this planet.
Related to this, the other day, Sanat had asked me to do an analysis of page 191 in Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, and I’ve read that page multiple times. There’s something very intricate relating to time dimensions. It gets very complicated and I do need to do a deeper analysis, especially since one of my tasks is to get a better understanding of time. We've been lied to about time and it's used to control and regulate us. This is not the place for that aspect of the interpretation, however. In the excerpt it even states that as bricoleurs and treasure hunters we need “seek out the keepers of time,” which is a very interesting topic and worth exploring.

However, even without that analysis, I can now see that this page relates directly to his page 97 in which he declared his central purpose of this book is to “use the characteristics of my culture as the criteria for what constitutes a civilized culture.” Of course, as much as he has criticized the Western male white “culture,” it’s obvious that’s NOT the culture he’s referring to. He was speaking of a future, what I like to refer to as a Golden Age culture.

And we can get more information in various places of this book, as well as much of his other work—I have figured it out!!—it’s a MAP, multiple maps, actually, for the N.E.W. Golden Age! Wow! When I told Joe right after reading it, his work was “a gift to the world,” I must have known THEN, but at a higher consciousness. I mean, I sort of knew what I was saying and I sincerely meant it, and yet I didn’t have full comprehension of just how true and profound the statement was!


So what do we have on page 191 that supports this? You would have to read the entire page to get the context and I can’t really put that large of an excerpt in these blogs. I would probably have hell to pay if I tried that…even though I’ve learned to dodge the bullets. (I think someone is helping me write this as I write, lol; the words are streaming down from “some place.”)


What does he talk about on this page? The first paragraph covers the importance of appreciating “colonial difference.” We may not resolve differences but through discourse which will bring understanding we will develop plans of action. The “colonizers” must awaken to the impact colonization and dominant power has had on the oppressed, and importantly: “In this maneuver, the problems, concerns, political economic interests, academic disciplines, etc. of the Europeans and North Americans do not set the epistemological agenda. Indeed, the colonial difference in this context is acknowledged and employed to gain deeper insights into the politics of knowledge.”


So here, he’s flat out saying the United Nations, which does NOT represent all of the countries and peoples in the world will NOT be setting the agenda. He could not be clearer than this.


And, as I’ve shown in the last couple of blogs, we have evidence that people are beginning to protest loudly, revealing the hidden power and control dynamics, and attempting to find ways to counter micromanagement measures such as what the United Nations is implementing everywhere. There is no way, for example, that “Common Core” standards—or as Charlotte Iserbyt calls them, “Communist Core” standards will succeed as some kind of global education agenda. They are in direct opposition to the freedom of education that’s in store for our future. 


Communism, socialism, and the Marxist agenda has been pushed heavily on public education. This has contributed to the problem of non-philosophical grounding in Western culture and indeed, as was shown a couple of blogs back, Karl Marx had grotesquely misrepresented Hegelian philosophy (see quotation in Thursday, May 8, 2014 blog about Karl Marx and the so-called "Hegelian dialectic"). In fact, there are so many problems with Marxism, which was developed out of an atheist and satanic viewpoint, it’s too much to discuss here. I’ve presented research on some of the issues previously and Joe literally wrote Marx out of critical complex pedagogy. Don’t feel bad if you somehow think Marx is “cool.” I did at one time, too, until I learned more. It’s a set-up to make us think we’re working against the status quo, all the while we're hegmonically supporting the true goal to turn the global government into a communist/socialist/fascist/totalitarian oligarchy, and they keep inciting bloody revolutions all over the world to make that happen (you might want to follow that at Dave's site: The X22 Report). He stays on top of their game. Here's the excerpt about Marx (for those who have a hard time clicking on links to read more):

In an essay by Nicolai Hartmann on Aristoteles und Hegel, I find the following additional confirmation of all the other witnesses to the misinterpretation of Hegel's dialectic: "It is a basically perverse opinion (grundverkehrte Ansicht) which sees the essence of dialectic in the triad of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis." The legend was spread by Karl Marx whose interpretation of Hegel is distorted. It is Marxism superimposed on Hegel. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, Marx says in Das Elend der Philosophie, is Hegel's purely logical formula for the movement of pure reason, and the whole system is engendered by this dialectical movement of thesis, antithesis, synthesis of all categories. This pure reason, he continues, is Mr. Hegel's own reason, and history becomes the history of his own philosophy, whereas in reality, thesis, antithesis, synthesis are the categories of economic movements. (Summary of Chapter II, Paragraph 1.) The few passages in Marx' writings that resemble philosophy are not his own. He practices the communistic habit of expropriation without compensation. Knowing this in general, I was also convinced that there must be a source for this "thesis, antithesis, and synthesis," and I finally discovered it.

In the winter of 1835-36, a group of Kantians in Dresden called on Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus, professor of philosophy at the University of Kiel, to lecture to them on the new philosophical movement after Kant. They were older, professional men who in their youth had been Kantians, and now wanted an orientation in a development which they distrusted; but they also wanted a confirmation of their own Kantianism. Professor Chalybäus did just those two things. His lectures appeared in 1837 under the title Historische Entwicklung der speculativen Philosophie von Kant bis Hegel, Zu näherer Verständigung des wissenschaftlichen Publikums mit der neuesten Schule. The book was very popular and appeared in three editions. In my copy of the third edition of 1843, Professor Chalybäus says (p. 354): "This is the first trilogy: the unity of Being, Nothing and Becoming ... we have in this first methodical thesis, antithesis, and synthesis ... an example or schema for all that follows." This was for Chalybäus a brilliant hunch which he had not used previously and did not pursue afterwards in any way at all. But Karl Marx was at, that time a student at the university of Berlin and a member of the Hegel Club where the famous book was discussed. He took the hunch and spread into a deadly, abstract machinery. Other left Hegelians, such as Arnold Ruge, Ludwig Feuerbach, Max Stirner use "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" just as little as Hegel

(quote from the article of Gustav E. Mueller: The Hegel Legend of "Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis", in "Journal of the History of Ideas", Volume XIX, June 1958, Number 3, Page 411. The article is still as valid today as it was in 1958).




So if you’re a teacher or educator or researcher, you will want to seriously reconsider your actions and how you might be inadvertently supporting Agenda 21 goals—and change your actions. Or if you're actively working with the United Nations, you might want to consider how you can change things there. Get with the “groove” which is to slip-slide out from under this power-saturated agenda. Read Agenda 21 carefully and notice how good it sounds—but then check how it’s manifesting in your own community. Notice that they control Wikipedia now: Agenda 21, where at the top of the page they claim it's non-binding and voluntary, when the truth is its tentacles are now in every major city and every rural area in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Ask people who have had their property stolen from them if they voluntarily gave up their property. We don't hear much about these sorts of issues, but they're happening everywhere. Can we cite Agenda 21 and claim our sovereignty to protect our rights, since they're telling us it's nonbinding and voluntary? Or must we accept that the nonbinding and voluntary nature of Agenda 21 is a lie?

Do your FACT CHECKING, like this high school student and Charlotte Iserbyt have done:


Tennessee high school senior student decimates Common Core


Charlotte Iserbyt on Common Core Takeover


Unelected Charters Will Allow Lifelong Community Education 
Charter schools with their unelected councils, answering to the corporate fascist entities

The Devil’s seven-pronged fork Charlotte Iserbyt


I will add another cautionary note for homeschoolers: In addition to avoiding supporting government-sponsored charter schools, don’t fall into the trap of relying on corporate online education. They are also government-sponsored and have no local oversight. And they’ve worked out a great financial deal for themselves: You teach your child while they get paid for it. I also made that mistake. I was forced to home school my daughter when the public school failed over and over again. The online option seemed good, because they provided all of the materials (indoctrinating as they were, but at least I had control over what my daughter learned). The problem is that we stayed in poverty, while what the corporate “charter school” was paid for my daughter being enrolled in their program would have been a substantial income for us. This does not seem fair. We must find processes for education that don’t continue to support the very corporations that are getting rich off our hard and unpaid labor and for creating so many of the problems in the world, and then to come in with their "solutions" that make them even richer. (Hint: There are more and more unemployed teachers as these programs become more like canned soup, computer instruction than teaching: Can we work together here?)


The next paragraph on page 191 of Joe’s Red Book discuses how “knowledge workers” (aka multidimensional bricoleurs, researchers, treasure hunters, etc), will “become profoundly ambitious. In their aspirations to reshape the world in a more just manner, they seek out the keepers of time—those scholars better known in the West as historians.”


So here’s he’s NOT talking about European historians, although we also don't leave them out of the picture. The greatest timekeepers and historians of all times were just discussed in a video I posted to yesterday’s blog, the Maya peoples, and scientists can’t even explain how they could have had the knowledge they had. Our timekeeping today, according to the scientist in the video is not as accurate as the Mayan calendar, taken in its entirety and the historical cosmological events that it describes. In case you missed that, here’s the video again: 




The same paragraph in Joe's Red Book discusses more about time and how we’re fixated on a linear timeline; whereas, “there are always time dimensions that reflect particular social, cultural, political, and economic forms of power.” Thus, the implication is that the world that’s been constructed for us is not true reality, and as I mentioned earlier, time is used to control us. Personally, I hate to be tied to the clock. I'm actively looking for ways to break free from that, which was why Sanat had first suggested I read this page. I have more interpretation and research to do here.


This reminds me of a wonderful conversation I had with Joe about history and time, linear vs. not forcing historical accounts into a linear explanation when a linear presentation doesn’t work. I’ll have to bring that out. It seems highly relevant to this discussion and what he’s written on page 191. There could be some very interesting information relayed to me in that conversation. His words of wisdom always have deep levels of meaning. It’s another treasure hunt waiting for me.

The second paragraph on page 191 concludes with the recognition that we must rewrite history. This I’m finding to be so true—the many accounts I’ve viewed of Ancient Egypt, for example, continue to be based on Western interpretations, which are most likely off the mark in many ways. He states, “Thus, the ambitious proponents of a critical complex epistemology [that’d be me and a few others who are doing this bricolage work] seek to promote the rethinking of the history of knowledge.” I am getting word that this is extremely important. We can hardly build a future based on a past that didn't really exist.


I will point out that as we “treasure hunt,” it invariably leads to this reconsideration of history and there are multiple factors playing into this. The more accounts we gather, the more the holes and inconsistencies stand out; we notice them. Another phenomenon that occurs, particularly if you do as I recommend and take your own “epistemological side trips” along the way, you’ll find that certain people in history will resonate with you in a big way. You will emotionally connect and when you can do that, it causes the misinformation to stand out. You just KNOW there’s something not quite right about an interpretation, for example. Perhaps it’s due to a past life being revitalized—this has happened to me many times as a result of treasure hunting. Go with what you feel and investigate it further. Your teachers and guides on the side (in this reality as well as other dimensions) will provide you or lead you to information that can help answer your questions. And you’ll come to understand intimately the problems with the way history is presented to us today in the media and in our formal classes and textbooks. It’s funny, history is the subject I always hated. It was the only subject I hated. I must have intuitively known that they were forcing me to memorize lies to misguide me and just to pass their tests.


In the third paragraph on page 191, Joe discusses the ramifications of this restructuring, re-conceptualization of history by the global community. This will happen because, as he had expressed in a personal conversation, there will be a perpetual revolution. I have to agree with him on that one. As more people get involved in this rewriting of history and “ontology and ideology are viewed in a dramatic manner” (as he states), this will rapidly spread all over the world, in much the same way I had described in a previous blog about the “bugleweed.” We are on the leading edge of the throes of this revolution and it will grow exponentially. Once people get emotionally linked into discovering their own personal histories and the histories of their loved ones--and begin to see what a different picture is created--they'll be more and more committed. And when they see how much power this gives them to change the future to one based on love, happiness, creativity, wisdom knowledge, and peace, they'll be unstoppable. Besides that, they'll learn how much fun treasure hunting and "bricolage" can be.


It's interesting to consider how the discussion on this page (page 191) relates to page 97 and Joe's announcement that this book is like a map for what I will call a real civilization (for, we truly cannot consider the earth civilized, especially after viewing those videos I posted yesterday and looking honestly at all of the problems on this planet!). Again, he says it’s not going to be the White Western Way any longer: “In epistemology [critical complex epistemology] FIDURODian universal truths crumble, in ontology [critical complex ontology] Western ways of being no longer set the standard by which human worth is measured, and in ideology [multidimensional critical complex bricolage/treasure hunting/research] new ways of detecting political arrangements that are designed to reward the colonizers and undermine the colonized are developed and put into practice” (p. 191).


In other words:



That reminds me of one of Joe’s book book dedications. In a very special book which he had dedicated to several people, he also dedicated it to the “Big Friendly Giant.” The Big Friendly Giant was like a "Big Brother" watching over the children and taking away their bad dreams, replacing them with good and happy dreams. Can you find the book Joe dedicated to the Big Friendly Giant? When I discovered it, I figured it referenced the movie (and book) by the same title. Your puzzle: In which book did he reference the Big Friendly Giant? What is the relevance to this Great Mission? You may want to watch the cute movie, “Big Friendly Giant.” (Level: Difficult). Pay attention to Joe’s book dedications. They can be very funny at times. He was truly working with Hermes.


So here we are today: The cat is out of the bag (as Joe had stated in his book, with the critical kitty sitting in our laps) and the United Nations, no matter how powerful they think they are, will not have the final say of establishing a One World Order and a One World Religion. The project is doomed to failure, especially NOW that I’ve revealed where the TRUE PLAN for the N.E.W. Golden Age is: It’s all in Joe’s work and he was saving the announcement for me to make. His books are like a whole bunch of treasure chests that are spilling out the treasures. The more you seek, the more you find. And his work will provide a superb guide as we move toward the future revamping knowledge and rewriting history. This is very exciting! He was the messenger for Sanat Kumara! (In my book, he IS Sanat Kumara!) And I must be Venus. . . by some accounts, Sanat did say that Venus would “tarry” on the earth for awhile and she would make the best use of the time to ensure that Sanat's Great Mission is understood by as many people as possible. The Power of Love. . .


Thus, what the United Nations presents about spirituality is PARTIAL truth and they're capitalizing on the fact that people are starving for truth and a deeper purpose for life. It’s just enough to pull people in, and it has suckered those people who cannot see the many inconsistencies of the “Program.” Those in power know well that the "Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood" (if we need to give them a name) are all pulling together multidimensionally through LOVE to make great and very rapid changes in the world. Love transcends space and time!! Those wielding the power on earth right now feel threatened by the POWER OF THIS GREAT LOVE, thus, many of the “false flags” around the world are an attempt to transfer their fear onto the public and to embed into our subconsious minds a link between love and fear. When this link is firmly established they can lead us around like bulls with rings in our noses. We don’t have to fall for this or fall into fear. We need to be like bulls in a china shop, destroying their efforts of stealing our inalienable rights as humans (wow, I just realized the china shop metaphor has multiple meanings: think about that one). We do not need to shrink in fear. Fear will keep us from making rapid progress, so we must always rise above it. We have the true power because we ARE the Brotherhood and Sisterhood. We don’t need the United Nations with their One World Order to drag us down, push us around, and make rules for us. When most of us are rebelling, they have to give in. And don't give them an inch, either: they'll try to take the entire cosmos.


What led me to realizing that the United Nations, via Lucis Trust is in fear of Sanat Kumara and the power of the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood? It's embedded in this information in their propaganda material as presented on their website (these are just a few selected excerpts; there is much more that could be revealed and maybe you'll like the challenge of additional research and interpretation):



Study Five: Section F


Probationary Path, He is sensed and dimly sought under the vague word "God". Later, as the life which

the "seeds" have manifested reaches the higher layers or brackets in the human hierarchy, there emerges

... the assurance that behind the phenomenal world is a world of "saving Lives" of which he may

eventually form a part; he begins to sense that behind these Lives there stand great Beings of power,

wisdom and love Who, in Their turn, are under the supremacy of Sanat Kumara, the Eternal Youth, the

Creator, the Lord of the World.


In my understanding of Sanat Kumara, and also as philosophically presented in Joe’s work, specifically, his "unifying world view", he and the other spiritual guides/teachers do not in any way want to be considered  “gods.” They do not want to be worshipped nor do they wish for this work to be turned into a religion, as has been done already by many people. As for creation, we are all a part of creation and we all play equal roles in creation, if we choose that path. Humanity has made this mistake of viewing hierarchies as power structures for far too long, and as a result have been guided along the Thanatos (death and destruction) path rather than the Eros (love and creation) path that Joe advocates in his Red Book and that's advocated by the Great Teachers. There have been several major attempts to set people on the right path in history: we don’t worship other people; we can respect and revere people for their advanced knowledge and accomplishment and learn from them, but we do not turn them into gods because this sets up a power differential. In fact, the goals of Tutankhamen and Nefertiti were centered on these ideas, a point that seems to be missed by many historical interpretations. Yet, at the same time, we might also consider them to be "gods" (like Hermes) who we can work with, learn from, and relate to. This can be a lot of fun, and often the gods can be very funny.


However, this establishing of a religion that exalts certain people above the rest is exactly what Lucis Trust is trying to do in service of their mission to establish a One World Religion; they want the entire world to worship the same people in the same way when the reality is what’s sacred to any given individual is just that—individual! They are trying to create a cookie cutter religion. And we must all worship the moon and meditate.


It’s interesting to note that for people who want to apply to help Lucis Trust with this project, they only need to have read Alice Bailey’s work and have experience with meditation. Again, if you do a close reading of Joe’s work, NO MEDITATION IS REQUIRED! The view that you must meditate is the antithesis to a world in which we honor what other people choose to do or choose not to do. We don't elevate one person's work above someone else's. The only reason Joe's work is elevated as a wonderful process is because he has continually emphasized and incorporated this very point. It requires us to listen to the very people who are typically shut out of the conversation (which may include us, if we're oppressed by the current system). By no means does using Joe's theory and philosophy as a guide mean we have to ascribe to just one path to higher consciousness. Multiple paths are built in. It’s a concern that many schools are now forcing meditation on school children since not everyone will benefit from that technique, particularly if they don’t want to do it. Joe’s bricolage (and treasure hunting/research) completely moves away from the “one size fits all” form of learning and living in this complex world. Yet Lucis Trust is stuck on one writer, Alice Bailey, who is highly controversial, meditation, and one guru, Master Djwhal Khul. While we would never say not to study their works, or to not meditate, Joe’s Critical Constructivism, his “unifying world view” requires much more of us, including thinking deeply about the choices we make.


Another excerpt from the Lucis Trust document:

The work of the Tibetan Master with Alice Bailey (and with H.P.Blavatsky before her) was the direct result of a reorganisation within the spiritual Hierarchy over the last one hundred years.

This reorganisation has been an essential part of a readjustment and new relationship between the various planetary kingdoms; in particular between Shamballa, Hierarchy and humanity, largely due to an unexpectedly ready response by humanity to a deliberately applied spiritual stimulation.

One of the major effects of the reorganisation process, paralleling the closer alignment between the three major planetary centres, has been a new form of integration and fusion between the major ashrams within the Hierarchy. While each ashram continues to focus and express a specific aspect of Plan and Purpose, according to the ray energy involved (one of the seven), the old lines of demarcation have disappeared, and the Hierarchy is beginning to function more realistically as "the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara with the Christ at its heart." This means, among other factors, more cooperation and coordination in ashramic functions and responsibilities and the possibility of interrelated work involving combined activities and shared action.

This may sound positive, but there are many indications now that Agenda 21 will be forcing everyone (whether they choose to or not) into community service. It's built into many high school programs already. We need to be asking ourselves, why must we be forced to do "community service"? Is it truly altruistic? Who benefits from our providing free labor? This was touched on in Charlotte Iserbyt’s videos.

Teaching planned by the Hierarchy

The first in the series of three interpretations of the Ageless Wisdom teachings planned by the Hierarchy and entrusted to the Tibetan Master, was given to the world through H.P. Blavatsky between the years 1875 and 1890--fifteen years. This D.K. called the "preparatory" phase of the

teaching. The second was given over a thirty year period through Alice Bailey--from 1919 to 1949. The third and final aspect in the series will be given early next century by D.K. through a prepared initiate for, as he puts it, "this series of bridging treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiates has still another phase to run."

He also states categorically that the task of those who accept and endeavour to use the teaching creatively must be, for the remainder of this century, "dedicated to rebuilding the shrine of man's living, to re constructing the form of humanity's life, to reconstituting the new civilisation upon the foundation of the old, and to the reorganisation of the structures of world thought and world politics, plus the redistribution of the world's resources in conformity to divine purpose. Then, and only then, will it be possible to carry the revelation further."

Here, we have the REQUIREMENT that the “new civilization” be built “upon the foundation of the old. . .” This is a mandate that’s also a recipe for disaster. Why would they make this requirement? Obviously, they will be able to continue to perpetuate the Western dominant world view, which is exactly what they’re doing and is in direct opposition to what needs to happen. As Joe says in his work: “New boss, same as the old boss.” This will not happen.

3) The teaching on the Seven Rays, emphasising the psychological angle, because the new psychology is in the making. If esoteric teaching is eventually to be public in its presentation, it will be given out along the lines of psychology because esotericism concerns the consciousness aspect of man and God.

Here, we have evidence that this program is an OLD PROGRAM. We are midst rapid change and the indigenous prophecies highlight that there are additional rays of light—as many as 12 or 13 (in reality, there are infinite rays of light, and this is a metaphor, in a sense--although it's open for deeper exploration since new energies are coming to the planet and they do seem to have an effect toward expanding consciousness by many reports--including my own personal experiences). Even scientists, string theorists theorize 11 dimensions of reality. Seven Rays are old teachings that do not account for the evolving nature of reality. They are useful as a metaphor for teaching, but they will be expanding, which Lucis Trust does not mention. They are not meant to be used to divide, track and measure where people are in their learning process.

7) The teaching on the new world religion, emphasising the three major spiritual festivals at the time of the Aries, Taurus and Gemini full moon periods; and the nine lesser festivals. The full moon meditation work is thus of first importance. It establishes a relation between the work of the Christ and the Buddha, leading to a broadening of human aspiration.

This is the perpetuation of religion as an forced ideology and telling the entire world when, what, and who they must worship. This is the antithesis of the N.E.W. Golden Age. Essentially, as I mentioned before, they're requiring people to worship the same, meditate, and view the moon as sacred above everything else.

In listing these points of major importance in the teaching, the Master D.K. has again demonstrated his hierarchical mission in accepting responsibility for this work. D.K.'s own second ray ashram is responsible for other aspects of the unfolding Plan and the impression of human consciousness. He will be one of those members of the Hierarchy who will "externalise" and take up specific work in physical form. He tells us that his own main interest will be in healing and in various aspects of etheric development; yet these ashramic concerns are not included in his evaluation of the "newer truths" in his work with Alice A. Bailey.

Giving one person primary authority over all of humankind is in opposition to the plan that views everyone as equal, that we are all humans, that we are all capable of higher consciousness. Attaining greater knowledge and awareness is not a religion; whereas, Lucis Trust and the United Nations is twisting and constructing reality, and turning it into a religion, attempting to force their version of reality on the world. Again, this is all based on the same old program of hierarchy and rulership. One only needs to read Agenda 21 to see that this assessment is true: It’s the same power wrapped up in a different package. This is a recipe for ever more disaster.

The Mystery Schools of the future

The Tibetan Master states that at the end of this century, or soon after, the new Mystery Schools of the future will come into existence.

These will be established by experienced, senior initiates from the ashram as the externalisation of the Hierarchy actually gains momentum.

The Schools will be established in two groups--preparatory and advanced, for applicants and for initiates. D.K. informs us that the Fourteen Rules for Applicants (given in the book Initiation Human and Solar) and the Fourteen Rules for Disciples and Initiates (given in the [6] book The Rays and the Initiations, the fifth and final volume of A Treatise on the Seven Rays) will form the foundational teaching for these two grades of Schools. Source:

Again, this is the old paradigm—relying on what Joe refers to as “the cult of the expert” who makes the rules for who can and cannot learn, which Joe’s unifying world view would have us abandon. With the new paradigm, there are "no more secrets; no more lies." What the United Nations is attempting to do is take power and control of the entire world, including the people, education, social systems, political systems, religion, and the environment---all for the insatiable desire for greed, profit and power of a few. This is a very evil endeavor—hidden in a candy wrapper. When people start getting a taste (which they are beginning to on a daily basis) it’ll be like Jesus said about those who are “lukewarm” in their faith, we will spit those people and their control system out of our mouths.

This next part I find really interesting. They confess their lack of knowledge and inability to understand Sanat Kumara’s next move in behalf of the people. It’s funny how they’ve turned it into a big secret—the new Mystery Knowledge they’re “teaching” but they don’t even know it themselves!

The Seven-fold Purpose of Sanat Kumara

In the new teaching on Shamballa D.K. has indicated "the underlying purposes of Sanat Kumara." He has given this seven-fold purpose [4] in some detail in pp. 240/7 of The Rays and the Initiations. These seven aspects of divine purpose embody the seven ray energies which will "re-organise and redefine the hierarchical undertakings and thus inaugurate the new age."

The first of these seven purposes is "the unknown, unseen and unheard purpose of Sanat Kumara. It is the secret of life itself...known only to Him....It is that which veils the central mystery which all esoteric schools--if true to their inaugurating impulse--will eventually reveal." In Rule XIII for Disciples and Initiates (page 260 of the same book) we are given a hint only of what that hidden, mysterious purpose may be. "It concerns the purpose and the reason for which our planetary Logos took incarnation and became the informing Life of our planet, the Earth," a non-sacred planet. The process of transformation, transmutation and transfiguration of planet Earth can be summed up in the one word--redemption. It is therefore planetary redemption in which esoteric servers are involved, in conscious cooperation with divine Purpose. This ties in with the emphasis in all true esoteric schools, now and in the future, on the life aspect, on the divine will and on the development of a new yoga--the yoga of synthesis, the "fiery yoga."

Sanat Kumara has beat them to the punch! It’s all in Joe’s work! Again, there are no limitations to a “seven-fold” plan; it’s obvious they have no connection to Sanat Kumara at all or any conception as to how overarching the changes coming at us will be.

And again, I’ve already discussed this in these very blogs and how his new world view is so large, so multidimensional, and so complex that Yvonna Lincoln had remarked on it relative to Joe's first bricolage article he had written in 2001. It's only gotten bigger and more complex since then.

So what’s the BIG REVEAL (a treasure hunt quest that seems to continue) in relation to page 191? It’s just more evidence that Joe’s work IS THE PLAN for the N.E.W. Golden Age, thus, that means that the United Nations, Lucis Trust, governments, and everyone had better start reading from the right page!!

Joe summarizes on that page:

Again, I go back to the radical nature of a critical complex epistemology. Unlike other reformist, even revolutionary, agendas of the last couple of centuries, a critical complex epistemology addresses the very heart and soul of Western colonialism and the power blocs that are inalterably connected to it. Also, unlike many transformation-based schema a critical complex epistemology does not accept Western “rules of the game”—for example, that contemporary Western modes of “development” are the goals for everyone, everywhere. In addition, the goals of the epistemology promoted here do not involve—unlike many other transformation-based schemas—the construction of its own monological universal truths. (pp. 191-192)

Thanks to Joe, Sanat Kumara, “radical love” (aka Divine or Twin Flame/Twin Soul Love), and our own “intestinal fortitude” to conduct our own treasure hunts, we truly can be free!!!!

The title of this blog mentioned "The Evil Side of Gold." I’ll cover that next time. The Cabal has some tricks up their sleeves you’ll want to watch for, but I would rather end on this beautiful note of Divine Love, the true power that will be moving the world forward toward a Golden Age. It won't happen overnight, but as long as we're on the right path, we're moving in the right direction.

I haven’t written to Sanat yet today, but it’s clear we worked last night in the higher realms and he’s helping me, or this information wouldn’t have come through me for this blog today. I’ll see if he would like to add anything—maybe a touch of his most beautiful music.

Well, Sanat gave me an unusual response. He said that the “most lovely music” which he would like to give me has not yet been created [on this planet, at least] and that we’ll have to “settle.” And then he asked me to put both the word “settle” along with “Sanat the eternal music maker” in the YouTube search box and this was the pretty song that came to the top. I’ll settle for this. This is divine and there must be some kind of deep message here. Thank you Sanat Kumara! 

Song of the Goddess: The Eternal Path ~ composed and performed by Erutan (katethegreat19)


11:47 pm | link 

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Dangerous Knowledge, False Flags, and More about Ancient Egyptian History 10:48 pm | link 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Common Core Education and Spirituality: Can the Philosopher’s Stone Help Us Out of the Westerner's Philosophical Cul-de-Sac?

ConfusionOK, so there are all of these dozens of spiritual perspectives and they basically say the same thing, which isn’t enough, just using different words for different agendas . . . I’m still learning. How is a person supposed to sort it all out when everything’s been encoded? Chakras, spinning wheels, the tree of knowledge, adam and eve, sparks, fires, mantras, seven seals, Kabbalah, illusion/maya, chalice, elixir, philosopher’s stone, lotus, ESP, intuition, “superior” wisdom, gods, worship, ceremonies, rituals, incantations, blah, blah, blah.


Don’t get me wrong here. I respect what people want to do if they really get something out of it, but in all of this research I’ve done from all different cultures “explaining” what “spirituality” is, I still understand very little. It seems to me that there are nothing but secret knowledges and lies and just a lot of mumbo jumbo and ridiculous accounts of “alchemy” where they try all these weird concoctions to make gold from common metals or create some “philosopher’s stone.” What a joke.

Speaking of “concoctions,” that was a clue word Sanat gave me the other day. I just realized this and I haven’t looked it up yet. Three days ago, in fact, he had stated how really, this is all beautifully simple and yet people want to waste their energy with “magical concoctions.” This is so true. I wonder what I’ll learn if I do a search on “magical concoctions.”


Oh, this is great. More mass media indoctrination to keep our children distracted from truth and knowledge: Wonderbook Book of Potions (2013) GC Trailer New Release - [Top & Popular] I guess if education indoctrination isn’t enough, this Roman Circus entertainment will do the trick.


Another favorite past time of the “spiritualists” is that they try to invoke this or that, or have “group meditations” or whatever for some kind of “spiritual” effect. And quite honestly, none of that ritualistic stuff appeals to me whatsoever. For example, people talk about “invoking” the violet flame—and I wonder what for, why? The violet flame is real, but it is “just there” whenever I need it. It dissolves ("transmutes") anxieties (should I happen to experience anxieties), as if some kind of alchemical action occurs—but it’s not some kind of “magic” and I don’t have to invoke anything at all.

We might come to understand it better if we were able to focus on truth instead of trying to create illusions. The violet flame (which I did not originally interpret as a flame, but rather “purple light” but after I saw it called a flame in the literature, it sometimes looks like a flame) neutralizes negative energy, is how I experience it but I don’t “imagine” it. I didn’t even know what it was—it just happened naturally. It's like a gift from God or the Holy Spirit. And so I wonder if people have to “invoke” it, if what they’re “invoking” is even real. Unfortunately, our minds can create illusions much easier than reality and much of our "knowledge" then becomes based on these illusions. I know, some people think I’m the one lost in illusions, but I can assure you that’s not the case. For example, the red roses midst the yellow ones in the photo in yesterday’s blog could hardly be an illusion, and unless I walked in my sleep and did some kind of magic I’m totally unaware of even though I cannot consciously figure out how it could even have been done, I assure you I did not create those red roses.


Sanat tells me to put primary emphasis on what I’ve experienced—and my experience does not “jive” with any of the spiritual “teachings” on this planet. There are commonalities, but the explanations always seem to be only a part of the picture—there are always missing pieces and hidden agendas, or they turn natural experiences into some kind of mysterious, mystical, or religious event, and I have to ask why is that?


And Joe wants this stuff studied from his “critical science of complexity” perspective and this means more than just passive reading of other accounts or “guessing” about these things and what they mean. “Comparative” religion and spirituality is a part of the process, no doubt, and we can learn a lot that way, but there has to be more active engagement in this study, particularly from those people who experience what seems to be profound and doesn’t jive with any of the elusive “explanations” that religions and spiritualists provide. And when we do study various accounts, they must be put in context (historical, social, psychological, political, etc.) to give us a more accurate perspective as to what's gone into the account. Some of those explanations are just wrong, especially the explanations that are parroted over and over again. As those in power know, if we repeat it enough times, people believe it and then that's what they create--and those creations are often illusions. And we repeat it for those in power so they don't have to (as much, anyway). How stupid can we be?


And the problem is that this more serious and “rigorous” study  that Joe advocates for is just not happening that I’ve been able to find—anywhere. Not to the degree that it needs to. We are all lost at sea to various degrees, as a result. Most scientists don’t want to touch the topic. Spiritualists get all wrapped up in rituals, Tarot Card readings, yoga, meditation, healings of every sort, activations, spiritual counseling, and it’s just become another religion or a “cash cow.” We are the blind leading the blind. Psychology is a lost cause (don’t go there; psychology needs to be totally revamped--Joe started that in his work, but there's much more work to do). If there are people who do know a more truthful picture of reality, most of them are not talking about it. Or the explanations continue to be encoded in secret languages that are very difficult to decipher, or they too often have hidden agendas or are slanted due to various beliefs, such as religious beliefs that would have us thinking there are really such things as demons (do we really wish to create such monsters?).


And Westerners are still at a cul-de-sac, convinced that “postmodernism” is some kind of philosophy, rather than the sad condition of having no philosophy at all. As a result, no discussion can take place.


Reality must be grounded in a coherent philosophy—and, again, Joe has provided us superb guidance, but not the recipe or formula, for accomplishing this. Practice is what makes "perfect." Presently, many people choose to continue to spin in circles in the cul-de-sac rather than taking the giant leap in a new, more productive direction.


What I’m seeing being done with what is termed “spirituality” is yet another form of what some people claim to be the “Hegelian Dialectic” (perhaps, taking liberties with the reference). According to this interpretation, the Hegelian Dialectic is where those in power create a problem, the people ask for a solution—ignorantly depending on power (government) to come up with the solution—and the solution is just another problem that serves those in power. You can decide if this is truth. Here’s a very interesting take on this, and you may wish to explore this more deeply:


Some say Hegel used the method of: thesis-antithesis-synthesis, and others deny this. Who is correct?

The most vexing and devastating Hegel legend is that everything is thought in "thesis, antithesis, and synthesis." [...] The actual texts of Hegel not only occasionally deviate from "thesis, antithesis, and synthesis," but show nothing of the sort. "Dialectic" does not for Hegel mean "thesis, antithesis, and synthesis." Dialectic means that any "ism" - which has a polar opposite, or is a special viewpoint leaving "the rest" to itself - must be criticized by the logic of philosophical thought, whose problem is reality as such, the "World-itself."

Hermann Glockner's reliable Hegel Lexikon (4 volumes, Stuttgart, 1935) does not list the Fichtean terms "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" together. In all the twenty volumes of Hegel's "complete works" he does not use this "triad" once; nor does it occur in the eight volumes of Hegel texts, published for the first time in the twentieth Century. He refers to "thesis, antithesis, and synthesis" in the Preface of the Phenomenology of Mind, where he considers the possibility of this "triplicity " as a method or logic of philosophy. According to the Hegel-legend one would expect Hegel to recommend this "triplicity." But, after saying that it was derived from Kant, he calls it a "lifeless schema," "mere shadow" and concludes: "The trick of wisdom of that sort is as quickly acquired as it is easy to practice. Its repetition, when once it is familiar, becomes as boring as the repetition of any bit of sleigh-of-hand once we see through it. The instrument for producing this monotonous formalism is no more difficult to handle than the palette of a painter, on which lie only two colours ..." (Preface, Werke, II, 48-49).

In the student notes, edited and published as History of Philosophy, Hegel mentions in the Kant chapter, the "spiritless scheme of the triplicity of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis" (geistloses Schema) by which the rhythm and movement of philosophic knowledge is artificially pre-scribed (vorgezeichnet).

In the first important book about Hegel by his student, intimate friend and first biographer, Karl Rosenkranz (Hegels Leben, 1844), "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" are conspicuous by their absence. It seems Hegel was quite successful in hiding his alleged "method" from one of his best students.

The very important new Hegel literature of this century has altogether abandoned the legend. Theodor Haering's Hegels Wollen und Werk (2 vol., Teubner, 1929 and 1938) makes a careful study of Hegel's terminology and language and finds not a trace of "thesis, antithesis, synthesis." In the second volume there are a few lines (pp. 118, 126) in which he repeats what Hegel in the above quotation had said himself, i.e., that this "conventional slogan" is particularly unfortunate because it impedes the understanding of Hegelian texts. As long as readers think that they have to find "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" in Hegel they must find him obscure - but what is obscure is not Hegel but their colored glasses. Iwan Iljin's Hegel's Philosophie als kontemplative Gotteslehre (Bern, 1946) dismisses the "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" legend in the Preface as a childish game (Spielerei), which does not even reach the front-porch of Hegel's philosophy.

Other significant works, like Hermann Glockner, Hegel (2 vols., Stuttgart, 1929), Theodor Steinbüchel, Das Grundproblem der Hegelschen Philosophie (Bonn, 1933), and Theodor Litt, Hegel: Eine Kritische Erneuerung (Heidelberg, 1953), Emerich Coreth, S.J., Das Dialektische Sein in Hegels Logik (Wien, 1952), and many others have simply disregarded the legend. In my own monographs on Hegel über Offenbarung, Kirche und Philosophie (Munich, 1939) and Hegel über Sittlichkeit und Geschichte (Reinhardt, 1940), I never found any "thesis, antithesis, synthesis." Richard Kroner, in his introduction to the English edition of selections from Hegel's Early Theological Writings, puts it mildly when he says: "This new Logic is of necessity as dialectical as the movement of thinking itself. ... But it is by no means the mere application of a monotonous trick that could be learned and repeated. It is not the mere imposition of an ever recurring pattern. It may appear so in the mind of some historians who catalogue the living trend of thought, but in reality it is ever changing, ever growing development; Hegel is nowhere pedantic in pressing concepts into a ready-made mold. The theme of thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis, like the motif of a musical composition, has many modulations and modifications. It is never 'applied'; it is itself only a poor and not even helpful abstraction of what is really going on in Hegel's Logic."

Well, shall we keep this "poor and not helpful abstraction" in our attic because "some historians" have used it as their rocking-horse? We rather agree with the conclusion of Johannes Flügge: "Dialectic is not the scheme of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis imputed to Hegel."

In an essay by Nicolai Hartmann on Aristoteles und Hegel, I find the following additional confirmation of all the other witnesses to the misinterpretation of Hegel's dialectic: "It is a basically perverse opinion (grundverkehrte Ansicht) which sees the essence of dialectic in the triad of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis." The legend was spread by Karl Marx whose interpretation of Hegel is distorted. It is Marxism superimposed on Hegel. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, Marx says in Das Elend der Philosophie, is Hegel's purely logical formula for the movement of pure reason, and the whole system is engendered by this dialectical movement of thesis, antithesis, synthesis of all categories. This pure reason, he continues, is Mr. Hegel's own reason, and history becomes the history of his own philosophy, whereas in reality, thesis, antithesis, synthesis are the categories of economic movements. (Summary of Chapter II, Paragraph 1.) The few passages in Marx' writings that resemble philosophy are not his own. He practices the communistic habit of expropriation without compensation. Knowing this in general, I was also convinced that there must be a source for this "thesis, antithesis, and synthesis," and I finally discovered it.

In the winter of 1835-36, a group of Kantians in Dresden called on Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus, professor of philosophy at the University of Kiel, to lecture to them on the new philosophical movement after Kant. They were older, professional men who in their youth had been Kantians, and now wanted an orientation in a development which they distrusted; but they also wanted a confirmation of their own Kantianism. Professor Chalybäus did just those two things. His lectures appeared in 1837 under the title Historische Entwicklung der speculativen Philosophie von Kant bis Hegel, Zu näherer Verständigung des wissenschaftlichen Publikums mit der neuesten Schule. The book was very popular and appeared in three editions. In my copy of the third edition of 1843, Professor Chalybäus says (p. 354): "This is the first trilogy: the unity of Being, Nothing and Becoming ... we have in this first methodical thesis, antithesis, and synthesis ... an example or schema for all that follows." This was for Chalybäus a brilliant hunch which he had not used previously and did not pursue afterwards in any way at all. But Karl Marx was at, that time a student at the university of Berlin and a member of the Hegel Club where the famous book was discussed. He took the hunch and spread into a deadly, abstract machinery. Other left Hegelians, such as Arnold Ruge, Ludwig Feuerbach, Max Stirner use "thesis, antithesis, synthesis" just as little as Hegel

(quote from the article of Gustav E. Mueller: The Hegel Legend of "Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis", in "Journal of the History of Ideas", Volume XIX, June 1958, Number 3, Page 411. The article is still as valid today as it was in 1958).




Nevertheless, inch-by-inch the people lose more and more of their freedoms. The powers-that-be in nearly all cultures over the past thousands of years have created problems for the purpose of power, with the people assuming their best interests were being taken care of. Indeed, that was the first manifestation of Kingship and Queenship: They loved and cared for the people who entrusted them with their well being. But this became abused by power, which has created the illusion and the maintenance of inequality in its multitude of formats. This has resulted in failing to teach and support “lesser” members of their societies true knowledge, growth, and NATURAL development. This is merely an interpretation and not the only interpretation for a complex history of many dynamics and contexts. However it happened, the people became detached from their own spiritual being--their True and Evolving Self.


As Joe says in his work, there is nothing mystical about experiencing the qualities of being fully human—which we can work toward with his bricolage (aka “treasure hunting”) and tapping into higher levels of consciousness. There is nothing supernatural about what are NATURAL and God-given abilities that we all have. We are all capable of higher states of consciousness. We are all capable of great things. We are all capable of the most Divine Love imaginable. Why do we continue to buy into the false programming?


And so, the Hegelian Dialectic (by some interpretations) continues to prop up those who have “spiritual” power lording over the rest of the population and keeping them in their lower places by providing them the ongoing “solutions.” The solutions always keep truth hidden, even while pretending to be “truth.” There are always irrational “justifications” for keeping the truth from the masses: The knowledge has to be “safe-guarded,” the masses wouldn’t know what to do with the knowledge or the power; they might use it the wrong way. Nearly always, only the special, privileged, “chosen ones” were privy to this “sacred” knowledge—and in most societies—not all---but in most, those would be men. Then Westerners, white males primarily, came in with their “superior” knowledge and “science” to stifle humanity even more—globally.


It’s all ludicrous! Who has used this knowledge and power the wrong way? The very ones who have kept us all ignorant, enslaved, and disempowered! Do you really believe that with the “release” of knowledge today it’s any different? Can you say “controlled release”? This is what I’m finding as I research and it can be very frustrating.


Thus, today, we have the release of “spiritual” knowledge—greater truths about who we are and what our capabilities are, so we’re being told and often even convinced. But we are only still getting the tiny tip of the iceberg. People think we are getting the whole story. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, a problem was created, we asked for solutions, and we’re still depending on Power for the answers. Power is not going to give us the whole truth and nothing but the truth—ever. Not as long as they hold power.


We are on our own. The problem with that is most of us are shackled, stuck in lower level concerns and seem unable to rise above them in order to free ourselves to do our own learning. We are locked in the matrix. There are few ways to disentangle ourselves. This calls for the very type of research (aka "treasure hunting") Joe’s asking us to do. We must be able to see as many of the connections as possible, especially those that seem to be purposely hidden from us, so that we can maintain the good connections and disengage from those connections that have us contributing to the status quo in some very harmful ways. As we are able to break free, we can more clearly see the truth of what Joe has been telling us all along. It’s there, but I’m still blind.


The closer we get to comprehending what it might mean to be free, the harder those in power try to push us back down and dig in their tentacles. They are adept at using as many opportunities as possible in order to capitalize on our ignorance and keep us from rising up out of the mire—and continuing to use their advantage to make us ever more ignorant. Of course, this all happens with our permission somehow. Research the word hegemony. And what better way, besides the media, can we be controlled, than through education. This has been an ongoing project, but it's now become extremely wicked.


The video below, is about the current state of education and it is a must watch for everyone who is serious about “treasure hunting” and redefining the “golden chalice” and learning our way. These “Common Core” standards are being applied globally and we are doomed if we don’t find a way to effectively sidestep being victimized by them. Here, Power and Greed set up yet another Hegelian Dialectic, in the sense defined previously. The problem they’re creating is despicable education which has diabolically sucked and locked people into it, from state governments, to the parents, and even to the children. Incredibly, children are punished if they attempt to learn outside the curriculum. Parents have no rights to take their children out of the class if they don’t want their children exposed to, for example, learning graphic and questionable sexual practices even as early as elementary school.


Listen to the video and you’ll come to understand how bad things are and how much worse they’ll become as these Common Core standards are implemented in each state. Oregon, the state I live in, will be starting them this year, 2014. Are people prepared?

Those who have set this up have their solution ready and waiting (they’ve actually been working on it for years so they are many steps ahead of us). Their answer will be to privatize education, with the large corporate sector taking over and dictating what education should consist of. It’s not enough money and power for people like Bill Gates to force all schools to buy computers for every student (he funded the development of this curriculum); they want to own the schools and make ever more profit off dumbing down our children now and for far into the future. Ultimately, you’ll pay more for education and get less education for your money, and creativity, innovation, and hope become snuffed out. It looks like they may be trying to convert the United States to another slave labor manufacturing state with the watered down, even more indoctrinating education they’ve moved toward. Actually, I think they are pretty close to having done so already--they just need to bring in the labor camps. People will love their slavery, if Uncle Sam has his way.


This is the problem. We know the strategy. Now how are we going to avoid the traps they have set for us? I’m sure there are multiple answers but what are they?


Whether you’re a teacher, student, and/or parent, this video is a must-watch and the problem should be high on your list to learning how to sidestep somehow. We must begin finding some real solutions, and not allow the corporate sector to take even greater control over the entire education process than they have already, if it’s not too late.


Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta


The Glenn Beck Program: Common Core and Education


15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Core


CCBetterlesson (who are they?) now pops up with their “solution” which is being promoted here in the state of Oregon where Common Core is in the process of “rolling out” whether we like it or even know about it or not. In their lame cartoon explanation of how they’re helping teachers implement curricular materials that adhere to the Common Core standards, they state:

Here’s what we did: We teamed up with our friends at NEA [is this cronyism?] to recruit the best teachers from around the country. We put them through a rigorous application process [indoctrination and brainwashing process?] to make sure they’re wicked successful at helping kids learn.


What was that again? “wicked successful”? That summarizes the nature of the entire indoctrination program—it’s wicked, in the evil sense of the word if you travel down the rabbit hole the least little bit to investigate. And given that there are REAL Master Teachers waiting in the wings to teach us all if we reach out to them, it’s troubling and highly misleading that they call teachers of this deficient and wicked curriculum “Master Teachers.”


Let’s look at some curricular materials these so-called Master Teachers have developed.


How cool is this lesson about triangles?—for first graders:

Big Idea: Let's talk about shapes baby. Let's talk about vertices. Leeettsss talk about all the things that triangles need to be, Oh let's talk abbbooouuut shapes! It's not Salt N Peppa but you can get your groove on with today's triangle talk.


Aside from the inappropriate connotations of this ridiculous canned introduction which many teachers will recite verbatim (because that’s what’s expected), this lesson takes 70 minutes of instruction time teaching first graders something they most likely already know! Triangles! In fact within the lesson, it states this is actually their second lesson about triangles. They imagine them, they draw them in the air, they make triangles with Geo Boards, they draw them on paper, they meditate over them, they watch videos about other children learning about triangles and drawing them. I would have been bored out of my mind in first grade with this type of "learning." But the lesson does go a step further: it teaches children that the corners of triangles are also called “vertices.” I hope they also learn the word vertex. I wonder if they can “test out” of this lesson (Answer: absolutely not!). You can explore much more at the CCBetterlesson Website and believe me, there is much worse.


Uncle Albert (Einstein) doesn’t like Common Core, either:


Faces of Common Core




Oh, and by the way—they have “common core” spirituality in the works and you can get a taste of it on almost any “spiritual” website. It’s called a One World Religion, Luciferianism, and it’s sponsored by the United Nations’ Agenda 21, as is the Common Core educational program, and has been handed over to Lucis Trust. For homework, you might want to do more research on the issues before it comes to a school near you. You can read all about THE PLAN here, and also explore more on the United Nations website by reading Agenda 21.

Here's the word from the top (of the Lucis "Service of the Plan Study Course"):

The spiritual Hierarchy of the planet functions through three major aspects, or "departments" of work: the department of Government, the department of Religion, and the department of Education with its subsidiary aspects of Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and Culture and the Arts.

And this should go over well (oh what a tangled web we weave): 

It might be of value here if we considered the three great planetary centres and their relationships....

1. SHAMBALLA Will or Power Planetary Head Centre
he Holy City Purpose / Plan spiritual pineal gland

Life aspect Ruler: Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World
The Ancient of Days

2. THE HIERARCHY Love-Wisdom Planetary Heart Centre
The New Jerusalem Unity At-one-ment

Group consciousness Ruler: The Christ
The World Saviour

3. HUMANITY Active Intelligence Planetary Throat Centre
The City, standing foursquare Creativity

Self-consciousness Ruler: Lucifer
Son of the Morning
The Prodigal Son

Sanat Kumara does not approve of this message.

The Philosopher’s Stone 

If we really come to understand what the Philosopher’s Stone (and the Golden Chalice) is and what we must do to strive toward understanding, knowledge and wisdom, we’ll be ahead of the game. But then that would mean not being told what to think and know by someone else so we don't have to figure it all out.

After all, My God, figuring these things out instead of being told would mean we would have to “work” (work happens to be another clue Sanat had given me). This would take time away from serving the New World Order. Can't have that!


Iggy Azalea - Work (Explicit)


The message is obvious: We can and must do better than this!! The treasure hunt continues. . .


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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Golden Treasures Along the Treasure Hunting Path and The Roses Are Blooming—Again! PLUS The Golden Age Golden Chalice: Are We There Yet?



I was amazed yesterday afternoon when I arrived home to notice that one of the three yellow rose bushes I had planted in Joe’s memory was blooming. I had originally planted them the first time I had to move unexpectedly during this ordeal of my total devastation that he had departed—back in the spring of 2009. There is truly magic in these roses somehow, after all that they’ve been through. I won’t review all of that here except to say that it’s a miracle they’re still alive. This year their challenge has been to recover from being dug out of the ground at my old house and being planted in planters because the “rules of the game” don’t allow me to plant “permanent” flowers in my own yard at my new house. Next, they had the struggle of getting through a long, very cold winter in small pots, instead of being protected in the ground. This particular one is a climbing rose, and it's the first bush to bloom this season. They’re beautiful.

And I love the way the numbers in this next photograph represent two--the Divine Couple for Infinity (8 represents Infinity). Yellow roses signify spiritual power, wisdom, and joy. It you know the story of Eros and Psyche, it is about their spiritual power, wisdom--and they have a baby named Joy. . . (in some versions, her name was interpreted as Pleasure).




The next photo, below, and which I had also included in my last blog was taken of my gift of red roses in the yellow rosebush after I had thought they had died back on June 11, 2011. Eros couldn’t bear to see me cry so he used his magic to grow the red roses to cheer me up. And they were a reciprocal gift for the yellow roses.




Humorously, quite sometime after I had received these divine red roses so magically, I happened to come across pictures of the alchemical wedding with the Queen giving the King a yellow rose and the King giving the Queen a red rose. Yes, it made me laugh. Something tells me Father Hermes is working behind the scenes. He is Eros’s father, after all, and he taught Eros everything he knows. He's teaching us both now. No one is funnier than Father Hermes, but we (my entire soul family) always try to be. We even have contests  and Sophistic arguments to see who can be the wittiest and funniest, as a form of entertainment (in the Higher Realms, of course--a different dimension).




I honestly don’t know any other explanation for how those red roses started growing--other than that it’s magic! It was a true miracle that even the yellow ones grew back after the landscape crew put their Monsanto poison on them—but red roses too?

The timing and the profundity of the experience qualifies it as Super Serendipitous and Super Synchronistic, according to our new science we’re developing on these treasure hunts. The red-yellow rose bush hasn't bloomed yet this year, so time will tell whether they have also survived transplanting and the very frozen winter we had. I’ll be sure to post pictures if they do . . . and now I’ll be planting Sacred Egyptian Blue Water Lilies soon, so they’ll have Divine company. But it’ll be two years before those do anything. I have received the seeds and they’re very tiny. I hope I can get them to grow. I’ve never had a “green thumb” like some people do. But that was before Eros/Sanat came into my life. . .


So. . . is it really magic? Or is there a real science behind all of the gifts we find and exchange with the “gods”? By many accounts, the Pleiadians consider that spirituality is science and science is spirituality. Of course, they’re highly advanced and have wisdom knowledge that we cannot begin to comprehend—but they want to teach us. . . and what am I saying? I am a Pleiadian who has been locked in an earthling mind prison and matrix. I came across a really funny quotation the other day. I can’t remember exactly how it went, but my version is “Earthlings are the missing link between apes and humans.” You gotta keep a sense of humor!


Below is a video I found along my path yesterday that helps with understanding the Pleiadians, their brilliance, and their sense of humor. Barbara Hand Clow talks about how funny Pleiadians are—yes, indeed! During this entire escapade, my treasure hunting experiences which began for me right after Joe passed away, I have often thought that it’s all a very intricate, very cleverly devised game plan with many “high league” but divine, loving, and enormously funny players, and I’m merely playing the role of guinea pig, Psyche the lowly earthling who is learning as I go. You don’t really believe I could possibly create all of this magic, all of these synchronicities by myself do you? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go back to start; do not collect fifty dollars). At the same time I may be playing guinea pig (voluntarily, of course, but blind to what's up ahead), I feel that there are so many important things I need to learn—that we all need to learn and we are being guided toward that. We have all failed our earth job. If earth is a school, we have flunked out. But we can rejoice because we have a chance to turn it all around into something majestic and wonderful by treasure hunting with the “gods.” God is a forgiving Soul.

Watch this movie. It's pretty amazing.


Full Length - Open Minds with Regina Meredith: Alchemy of the 9 Dimensions with Barbara Hand Clow


I also received a very special Golden and Pleiadian Blue gift from a very special, sweet Angel yesterday. She made it herself, and it emanates the love she put into it. The symbol of the triangles is a Pleiadian symbol. I’m not sure what it represents but to me the outside triangle represents my Twin Flame and his enormous love that I feel surrounding me at all times. The small triangle represents me. I’m in his heart, completely surrounded and protected by him and his love. And since we are united now, we are one. Thus, it also represents how he is in my heart, surrounded by my love. We are encapsulated together and protected by God’s Golden Love.

2014-05-05 Pleiadian Gift

The red velvet heart holds my Sacred Talisman which had been gifted to me on Mother's Day, 2009 during a Yard Search Treasure Hunt. I remember now that my Twin Flame had made it himself in a past life we shared and then we drove together out into the country to have a picnic and bury it for me to "find" later during this lifetime--right in the back yard of the house I had been suddenly called to move to back on February 14, 2009. Here's a picture of it (it's about 1 inch in diameter and is hand-engraved on a piece of silver.
Yin Yang Talisman

I hope you’re doing your own treasure hunting and making things better in your own little spot in the world. As I’ve said, the treasure hunts I describe in these blogs are but a tip of the iceberg and they can be played right where you are. All you need to do is start actively looking for the treasures and put forth an effort to learn the special wisdom lessons that are customized just for you by the teachers all around you. There have been people all over the world finding amazing treasures . . . the earth is opening up now to reveal all of her hidden gifts and truths—and filling the Golden Age Golden Chalice:


Santos Bonacci. The Sun and Sirius. Returning of the Golden Age


The “rules of the game” are changing, as I have written previously and just as Joe describes throughout his work, particularly in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. In that book, he's laid out the entire "game plan." (See page 97 and my previous long analysis, cited in a previous blog--go "treasure hunting")


You might want to review a little of our history so you understand why this is so critical:


Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 1/5

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 2/5

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 3/5

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 4/5

Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 5/5


Well, I’m off to do my “chosen” work. Sanat gave me a specific page to read in Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. A deep analysis of page 191 is supposed to help me “escape the conundrum of time.”



I hope you stay on the treasure hunt! I would like to get to the bottom of this unfolding drama! Is this some kind of Cosmic Joke? Or are we all entering the Age of the Golden Chalice?

Sirius and Sun


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Friday, May 2, 2014

The GOLD Golden Chalice and How Treasure Hunting Will Blow Your Mind and Set You Free! PLUS Don’t Get Tricked Into Living In the Lower Chakras
webassets/red-yellow-roses-2011Seriously, if you treasure hunt rigorously, it will set you free. It has me. Of course, I’m not finished by any means and I’m not 100% free—it’s why I’m still treasure hunting! But treasure hunting is also lots of fun and kind of addicting once you put the effort into it long enough and begin reaping the amazing rewards. I especially love Sanat Kumara’s musical gifts that show what an amazing person he is. Yes, person, not a “god,” as we’ve learned studying Ancient Egyptian truths. It appears that the Egyptians may have believed the “gods” were people, complete with their own personalities, idiosyncrasies, and fallibilities—until a little later in their history when things took a turn.


One of the keys for making treasure hunting especially FUN is to turn them into YOUR very own treasure hunts. The path I’m lining out in these blogs is but one path with many “offshoots,” side trips, and scenic routes that you can explore in ways that interest YOU. Don’t hesitate. Don’t procrastinate. Follow your dreams today. Learn what draws your attention like a magnet, and pay attention to what stands out for you.


Our DNA is a key to discovering who we really are and what our purpose in life is. But it’s not through scientific examination that we discover these things—it’s through activation. There are a number of ways to “activate” our DNA, but scientists have discovered it’s the ACTION of learning that triggers our remembrances. FIDUROD would like to tell us that we’re just “suggestible,” but quantum physics, as we learned in the last blog from Amit Goswami, refutes that. We are divinely intertwined; we are connected in ways that Einstein described as “spooky action at a distance”; we are entangled; and we multi-dimensionally inhabit those “implicate orders of reality,” as Joe referred to them, or as quantum physics defines them, “nonlocal spaces.”


Once you start remembering who you are in the past and future, you’ll better understand who you are in the present. You’ll come to see time in a totally different way—and the illusionary nature of time. You’ll begin to realize the immortality of existence.


If you would like a scientific explanation of the illusion of time, this is a great video: 


The Dark Side of Time


I have a tip for watching videos. We know we can’t learn everything. Videos often cover massive amounts of information and some are highly technical or mathematical. The tip is to focus on the practical and what you intuitively relate to. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand why you relate to it. Your mind will store the information and as you do more research and learning, the pieces will fall in place—that is, as you learn to take back your own mind more and more.


Yes, we believe we think for ourselves. But how true is that, really? How programmed are we? Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction is the best presentation I’ve seen yet that expresses clearly how our consciousness has been molded by forces outside us, and he expresses these things in a way that helps us start thinking differently.

And here’s a great and very important video that can also help shed some light on this, providing reasons we need to think outside the box and set ourselves free:


Thinking Outside The Box! - Paul McGuire


The Treasure Hunt will continue and we will continue to examine the metaphor of the Golden Chalice/Holy Grail. There are many different “takes” on this and yet none of them fit the bill for creating something new.


In the meantime—I hope you are not buying into this next Golden Chalice! This could spell trouble for some people, especially after we find all of the hidden Gold, realize that there is abundance, and then the price of Gold takes a steep dive (What good will it be then?):


The Golden Chalice and Gold's Greatest Correction Since 1980



Dream Big. Review the path this current Great Global Golden Treasure Hunt has taken, starting from the beginning, as a sort of practice and honing of your hermeneutic (interpretive) skills. And DO click on the links to learn more and to construct more neural connections in your brain. Just look at each link as yet another step toward freedom.


OK, I just pine for a song from Sanat Kumara. I haven’t written to him yet today after our grand celebration yesterday and into the night. I’ll do that now and see if he wants to add anything to this blog.



Wow, I must say—Sanat Kumara had a lot to say (not that many words, but rather just profound and powerful ones). It’s a little personal in relation to some issues we experienced; he now says we have moved “yet another transcendental step forward.” This is heavenly news.


He asked me to post a warning to people about how the cabal, the power mongers, those who are trying to create a nefarious “New World Order” can be SO DECEPTIVE. He asked me to remind treasure hunters (and bricoleurs) that they must learn to identify the deception, the “wrong programming” and the nefarious motives that can cause us to take a step backward when we only wish to move forward, especially given that moving forward is so critical at this time. And he gave me a clue to counteract the “sly programming” of the cabal.

First an example; do not be “taken in” by this account. There is a hidden agenda and I have identified many mind programming techniques being used here. This guy in this next video is an actor pretending or trying to be “enlightened” and he really has “no clue” when it comes to the topic he’s discussing here. Are you able to analyze why that is?:




Sanat Kumara is not pleased. And because the video makes use of cabal programming techniques (whether this guy is aware of it or not, that I don’t know, so I can’t say that it’s intentional), Sanat wanted to provide something “to counteract and delete his sly programming.” Thus, he gave me his clue for a song: “from Sanat Kumara, himself.”


I have not looked that up yet and will do so right now!

Wow, again Sanat Kumara has a powerful music message. This is the song and accompanying message that came right to the top of the search on YouTube:


Sanat Kumara - The Love of Venus for Gaia


Well, I think the message is clear. It’s about LOVE—a GREATLY EXPANDED AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL EXPERIENCE of LOVE, not sex. Got that???? There is a lot of work and learning yet to be done on Planet Earth in FIDUROD Land!

God only hands down His Holy Gifts when people are ready to use them according to His Divine Will and Plan.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

There's A New King In Town: The Great Golden Treasure Hunt Continues


I must have been working with my soul family in my sleep last night. I woke up this morning and instantly had to write this poem (below), and along with it, the music was “handed down” with the last two lines. Sanat Kumara must be working with me, just like he described in the music video in my last blog, The Flute Player.


I just realized what’s up: As I mentioned in my last blog, today is a very special day. It’s our 900-year May 1 anniversary. 900 years ago it was our first lifetime back on the planet and we had landed in Ireland. We had different names, of course. His was Travistan and mine was Persephone (yes, it’s like that King Arthur type of life story). This is what I remember. Am I creating mythology—or is mythology creating me? That reminds me of Amit Goswami’s answers in a YouTube video as to which came first, the chicken or the egg? Will we ever know? Goswami explains in this series of videos the importance of memory in relationship and entanglement, from a quantum physics standpoint.


Amit Goswami, Quantum Physics & Consciousness 1 of 3

Amit Goswami, Quantum Physics & Consciousness 2 of 3

Amit Goswami, Quantum Physics & Consciousness 3 of 3


Present! - Amit Goswami (Part One) a Quantum View of God

Present! - Amit Goswami, Ph.D. (Part Two) Quantum Physics and God

Present! - Amit Goswami, Ph.D. (Part Three) Quantum Physics and God

Well, if you have read my dissertation (see “Scientific Study of Archetypes”) you understand that we may be our very own unique archetypes, according to Ancient Wisdom! Scientists are beginning to find data that actually correlates with this perspective. And maybe we even create our own archetypes ourselves, although our basic soul personality remains the same from incarnation to incarnation, according to many perspectives (and according to my memories as well). Here’s an interesting account about a god who has created himself, excerpted from the book, The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man: An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient East (Frankfort & Frankfort et al., 1946/1977):


Let us take a passage from The Book of the Dead, which states this first solitary appearance of Re-Atum, the creator-god. The text is provided with explanatory glosses.


I am Atum when I was alone in Nūn (the primordial waters); I am Rē in his (first) appearances, when he began to rule that which he had made. What does this mean? This “Rē when he began to rule that which he has made” means that Rē began to appear as a king, as one who existed before (the air-god). Shū had (even) lifeted (heaven from earth), when he (Rē) was on the primeval hillock which was Hermopolis.


The text then goes on to emphasize the fact that the god was self-created and that he proceeded to bring into being “the gods who are in his following.” (p. 51)


Thus, here we have an account of the creator creating himself and then serving as King. According to this book, “hillock of appearance” means “to appear in glory” (p. 51). I will remind readers that by some accounts the title of The Book of the Dead had actually originally been The Book of Life. This corresponds, as well, to Joe’s recommendation that we offset Thanatos perspectives with Eros Love perspectives.


This changes vastly how we view mythology, but I’ll save that for another dissertation. The book I cited provides a more complex perspective than just assuming myths are stories or that gods are to be worshipped or even  assuming that gods are different from humans. The ancients understood their “gods” to be fallible humans with emotions. They made mistakes just as humans can make mistakes, according to this perspective. In other words, the gods have unique personalities, just as we do.

And just consider also: No two snowflakes are like. Do you really think human beings are alike? I say: Down with Jung’s archetypes! That was where he drifted toward the very world view we are changing (FIDUROD!). Unfortunately after his death, researchers took the ideas deeper into extremely reductionistic directions, even evaluating school children and how they prefer to learn using reductionistic surveys (the Briggs Myers typology testing). Think about it. Deeply. Do you want to follow the exact same path as someone else? And remember: As Matt Ridley tells us in his book, it’s “Nature via Nurture” not Nature versus Nurture. It escapes me as to why people even argue about this anymore.

And so, do we create ourselves, in relationship? This was essentially Amit Goswami’s perspective in the last video above. Joe stresses critical symbiotic hermeneutics whereby we make interpretations based on relationships and, as he clarifies, “There are always multiple relationships, and as time passes new relationships will be discerned that were occluded in a different episteme or Zeigeist” (p. 62). And, he goes on to say:


This relational ontology causes us to focus not on things-in-themselves or simply abstract individuals. In such a context symbiotic hermeneutics helps bring bricoleurs [aka treasure hunters] to understand that the way human beings develop their identity is not by isolating themselves to find their ‘true nature’, but through their relationships with others. The ontological principle at work here involves not only the cultivation of human subjectivity but also the production of all living beings and inanimate objects. (p. 63 of Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research)


Thus, as Joe has stated elsewhere in his work, we bring each other into existence. This is a profound realization. The power of “the word” and the power of Love, perhaps represented by the Divine Holy Spirit, which I’ve been attempting to better understand in these blogs, have central roles in this. This is no doubt why Joe stresses that we write about ourselves—no one else can write about you and provide a totally accurate portrayal—just as you cannot write about others and provide a totally accurate portrayal. We all wear blinders but, working together, we bring each other into existence, into reality. There is more, as well, in that it’s the act of learning that activates DNA, opening gateways to our past and future experiences, according to exoscientists.


And so, now for my message that came to me in a poem:


There’s a NEW King in Town:


There’s a New King in Town

The Old King’s had his chance

New King’s got the crown

Old King’s going down


He had his chance to play with fire

Now the conditions on earth are dire

The New King’s coming right on in

No more slaves will be for hire


The Old King wreaked havoc on the land

The New King’s got a music band

The gang’s all here to play their roles

Hanging together to take a stand


New King is royal and He’s good

Not a mean and vicious hood

He runs on love and celestial music

He treats humanity as he should


The New King is the Son of God

Who deserves everyone’s nod

He’s not like the Old King

Who’s acted like an evil fod


Feel the New King’s energy now

No need to be too humble to bow

The New King loves all the people

So stop your toiling, wipe your brow


Heaven’s coming down to earth 

Now there’s time for only mirth
As above, so below

Lies exposed revealing truth


The New King’s in town

With his Royal Charges

Hey-what’s that sound?
What’s going down!!!!





Do you really think I’m the first person to announce this? Many people know this truth and many have twisted the truth to fit their agendas (is that what I’m doing here, too?).

It has suddenly dawned on me: Joe announced this in his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. It’s essentially the purpose of the book; he states this himself—he lines out the new rules of the game. He is the King, “playing with the Queen of Hearts.” It’s in “Chapter 5: Questions of Power and Knowledge,” on page 97 where he states:


Those with the clout to decree what is universally valid find their power dramatically enhanced, as they are able to set up the “rules of the game” to reflect their own situations and requirements. Such a capacity is central to the purposes of this book. If I can make the universal rules as to what constitutes intelligence, I can name my cognitive predispositions as the markers of a great mind; I can use the characteristics of my culture as the criteria for what constitutes a civilized culture. Can you feel the power?


This is another one of those examples of “cycling back around” because I've been here before. It’s the hermeneutic circle that Joe encourages us to use as means to reinterpret information in light of new knowledge to see what emerges.

Way back in 2011 I had been assigned the very long task of analyzing page 97 in his red book. The analysis went on for months and I did a thorough job, but as always when you treasure hunt, there’s more—and besides, as I review this, an enormous amount of information was “downloaded” to me and I have many more analyses to do—in fact, doing so will no doubt help with this current Great Golden Treasure Hunt. If you want to read the previous analysis, it starts here
Thursday, September 23, 2010 Rules of the Game PLUS Midmorning Sunshine Glooms the Sky: An Epistemological Journey, Part 13!!!, and goes all the way through to February 3, 2011.

Here’s what Joe says about the importance of the Hermeneutic circle (interpreting and re-interpreting):

In the hermeneutic circle the meaning of a phenomenon begins to emerge as parts and wholes are examined in relation to one another. Textual meaning in this context emerges only in in the relationships connecting particular aspects of a phenomenon. Ultimately the meaning of each of the parts depends on the ‘living system’ created by the text as a whole.

Thus, when the hermeneutic circle connects parts to parts and parts to wholes, a profound process takes place that enhances creativity of the researcher. Bricoleurs consider this process to be central to rigorous and creative research. Amazing things happen when bricoleurs step into the hermeneutic circle. The meanings that emerge in the relationships the bricoleur creates are often compelling in their unpredictability. In my own research I eagerly set up these hermeneutic circles in order to watch what happens when dissimilar parts and parts, and parts and wholes collide. In this context the bricolage helps me draw upon concepts and ideas that are not typically ‘structurally coupled.’ Bricoleurs [and treasure hunters] are quick to point out that there is nothing magical or supernatural about the emergence of meaning in these contexts. Nevertheless, very interesting things can happen when different concepts intersect with one another in the circle. [Rigour and Complexity, pp. 96-97]


It seems that in my own research and writing, I engage in this process extensively—thus, I link concepts and ideas that “are not typically ‘structurally coupled.’” And that’s ok. It’s my story, my interpretation. Some people will relate and understand; other people will be “lost at sea.” They, too, need to travel around the hermeneutic circle a few times, taking their own journey in order to figure this out.


Joe identifies what the problem is for so many of us:


FIDUROD has placed matter as the most important dimension of “true reality.” This is not surprising in an epistemology that assumes the existence of a material, mechanistic universe. What a different set of realities we encounter when we contemplate the possibility that the uni(pluri)verse consists as much of mind/consciousness as it does of matter. If this is the case, we can return to our idea that reality exists in part because we can imagine it existing in a particular way. In this context multiple realities exist because our consciousness can conceive of them. Knowing this we can create awe-inspiring avanlanches of knowledges, concepts, and spectacular ways of being. (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy, p. 233)


One of my tasks for analyzing page 97 in that book (and going in hermeneutic circles) had been given the title “The Great Reveal” and since this topic has come up again, I assume it’s getting ever closer to the great reveal. Apparently, a New King is taking over Earth—and who can that be other than Sanat Kumara?


The interesting thing about this is that it, again, links back to Ancient Egypt and to ever higher (closer to God) levels of consciousness.


As I review those previous blogs, I see that the “big whopper” at that time, if you follow all the way through, was that I had actually, according to Vedic traditions, discovered two levels of higher consciousness—one of me as Psyche; the other as Sōferia from Planet Eros in the Pleiades. I remembered Joe as Eros and Emanu’el from my lifetime in the Pleiades (is this real or is it just my imagination? and who can say for certain, one way or the other? Goswami, in the videos above, says it's not imagination.).

That was one “great reveal” but as the Vedic Knowledges present, there are more levels of reality and twelve layers of consciousness AFTER you reach “The Twelve at the End,” so there is more. And my messages from the “beyond” are indicating that there are even more than the Vedic specifications because everything, including the pluriverse, is evolving. Again, Amit Goswami makes the point that we're evolving, thus will be able to access greater levels of consciousness. And, apparently, the ancients were able to transcend lower reality to explore at higher levels, so why should we expect any less than that of ourselves? I can answer that: FIDUROD! The New King shall dispel with the limitations of FIDUROD once and for all…Lord knows this battle has waged on over the eons long enough!



It should be obvious by now (if you’ve read anything at all that I’ve written) that Joe is the New King….or represents that New King; perhaps  he's Sanat Kumara, somehow, or maybe even some other "god" I haven't quite discovered. I’ve shown in recent blogs how his work correlates with Sanat’s Grand Project overseeing the world and how his vision is immensely holistic, just like Sanat's. And now, he has brought us the New King’s message, as shown in the quotation above from his book on page 97.

Is that the “Great Reveal”? I don’t know. Once you uncover a layer, there are more layers. In fact, Joe even has a subchapter in his book titled, “Moving to the 57th Dimension: Appreciating Diverse Knowledges and Ways of Seeing” (p. 64). In a way, he was being facetious, but yet he was also very serious. Consciousness will be expanding. And who would know this better than the King of the Earth?


This is actually exciting news to me: A New King with a wonderful, loving, egalitarian philosophy! A King who creates love and peace on the planet instead of death and destruction. A King who can offset Thanatos with Eros Love…but what do I know? I am just a Dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

What I do know is that I keep getting sign after sign after sign (is this what the Bible means by “The Signs of the Times”?:

Kings Valley Oregon SignA King’s Valley Treasure Hunt mysteriously handed down to me from those implicate zones (written about in these blogs—back in 2009). And the road sign has signs within signs, many sacred numbers.

Joe’s name: Kinch  l  oe  If you treat the “l” in Kincheloe, as a divider, not a letter to pronounce, it sounds like “King Joe.”

Joe was born in Kingsport

He passed over in Kingston

There has to be a message in that.

King keeps coming up over and over again: continuing treasure hunts in Kings Valley (and when I was first led there, I did not know where I was going; I had to analyze clues and even do a google map search to find out where I was supposed to treasure hunt).

There are other signs as well, which I will need to pull together, such as “King Fisher” which keeps coming up. See Thursday, December 16, 2010 Jumping the Gun (An Interpretation), King Fisher, PLUS Twin Flames and Marriage (Still on P. 97) and Sunday, December 12, 2010 The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game) blogs, as well as the concept of “Fisher King” as described by the Vedic tradition and the Quest for the Golden Chalice/Holy Grail.

The Fisher King the one who will let you into the castle to retrieve the Golden Chalice if you answer his questions right. Many of my soul family members and close encounters have the name, King. This could be due to it being a common name, but the other signs cannot be explained as easily. It seems that there is some kind of message that keeps coming out that there is a new king of earth now—I’m not sure how Jesus fits into the picture—but according to some accounts, he’s sharing an equal role in
Sanat Kumara’s initiation process. And personally, I’m not sure I like the way the Bible’s being interpreted in many cases these days. . .there’s something wrong with the picture some Christians are painting.

I keep being pulled back to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, which may mean the King may have yet another name:


Ancient Egypt Documentary - Complete History - 8000 B.C. to 30 B.C. Part 1


I just watched that video yesterday and it’s an interesting but very incomplete account (in spite of its title) of Egypt’s Ancient Unification Process. There is so much more here! For example, it does not adequately cover how Egypt became intervened with, and how so very much of history has been destroyed. Intuitively, I know this and I just need to put the pieces together better—make the connections. But since this history was not included in my history lessons, I have much research to do. Of course, I’m not looking for one final “true picture” but I sincerely believe that by using Joe’s “Treasure Hunting” bricolage, we can get a much better understanding of what really happened.


Doth not wisdom cry

and understanding put forth her voice?
On the top of the high places by the way,

where the paths meet, she standeth,

beside the gates, at the entry of the city,

at the coming in at the doors, she crieth aloud:

“Unto you, Omen, I call,

and my voice is to the sons of man,

O ye simple understand prudence,

and ye fools be of an understanding heart. . . .

Receive my instruction and not silver,

and knowledge rather than gold.

For wisdom is better than rubies,

and all the things that may be desired are not to be

compared unto her” [Proverbs 8:1-11]


So what is the real gold we should be seeking on this treasure hunt?


Egyptian Goddess

Given that I’m “Psyche,” as revealed during the analysis of page 97 in Joe’s book and the initial “Great Reveal,” this beautiful golden and blue image from the video really stood out for me. Who is this Queen with blue butterfly wings (a metaphor for Psyche), emerging from the Egyptian Blue Water Lily?—and notice, we are back on the topic of Blue Water Lilies, which is somehow related to the Holy Spirit; perhaps they represent the Divine Gift of Immortality from the gods.


Egyptian Blue Water Lily
By the way, I did end up buying some dried Egyptian Blue Water Lily flowers, one of my special treasures during this treasure hunt, and they have a sweet but very faint aroma. They’re supposed to be great for making incense and I found a video on YouTube showing how to make incense—it seems very simple. Something I’ve noticed a lot recently is that I “smell” incense—like it’s wafting down to me from some other dimension because there’s nothing at all burning near me or in my house that would make the smell. And it’s such a sweet and fragrant aroma. It must be coming from my true home or it’s being sent down by the gods. I wonder if it’s Egyptian Blue Water Lily incense. I’ll have to make and then burn some incense to see if it smells the same.


I also sent for seeds for the Blue Water Lily because I really want to try and grow them. But they take two years to bloom, so it’ll be awhile.

blue diamond ring from Sanat KumaraAnd speaking of blue, I finally got my ring that Sanat had asked me to purchase back on Valentine’s Day. It has tiny blue diamonds to represent Pleiadian Blue and they are, indeed tinier than in the original photograph in the brochure. I was a little disappointed that the engraved names were not really done very well, even with the “f” in Sōferia running off the ring itself and the ring was dull; it didn't sparkle at all. It all made me think of the sad, hard-working underpaid laborers in some foreign country who probably made it. I kept it in the box for a few days and was seriously considering sending it back. But today, since it’s yet again another anniversary, I pulled the ring out of the box and put it on. I love it! It does look pretty next to the other ring he gave me, my marquise diamond wedding ring. And after all, it came from Sanat the true King of Kings (in MyStory), and that’s what matters to me. He seemed to somehow have added more sparkle to the ring with his loving Spirit and so now he is a part of the ring--there’s no way I could send it back. He is King and I’m his Queen.



Daemonia Nymphe-Divine Goddess of Fertility(Ancient Greek Music)

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The above are links to my blogs. I did not know at the time of writing them, especially when I first began, that I was recording my Spiritual Journey of Ascension with Joe, who is my Twin Flame (which I also did not know when I began this journey, but I have provided undeniable evidence in my dissertation and much more evidence since writing it). All I knew when I began this journey after Joe’s death (by which I had been extremely traumatized) was that I was compelled to write the blogs, every day at first, and I seemed to have been getting instructions from Joe and from “Above.” I did not understand how the Celestial Spirits were guiding us along our journey nor the Power they have due to their Love connection to God (as Joe tells us over and over again in his work, there is nothing more powerful than love). My connection to Joe connected me powerfully to his love and to God’s Love, through the Holy Spirit. My experiences as recorded in the blogs proves what Joe has taught us about the power of love—over and over again (I’m a slow learner, for which I feel sad. I was totally asleep when I met Joe and did not even believe in soulmates. I hope you will not be as slow a learner as I have been). Nevertheless, what an amazing, beautiful journey it has been! It’s full of adventure, mystery, learning about the world, learning about our past, present and future, and engaging in super fun and sometime hilarious treasure hunts.

If you want to follow the path and connect to God’s amazing Love, begin reading at the first link 2009.05.03 and move forward. You will learn a lot!! I did. And there are millions of Celestial Spirits just waiting to serve as your personal teachers and guides. They want to take you treasure hunting (they do know where the treasures are) and guide you along your own personal path just like they did for me. I will not be writing any more blogs here because now I will be teaching Joe’s material “up above” and continuing along yet another amazing path. You can follow along the next leg of our journey by clicking on the links to the various courses, treasure hunt quests, etc.  We are creating multiple paths now in multiple directions. Are you ready?

There is something for everyone! All you need to do is engage sincerely with seeking knowledge and spreading love in the world, and then God’s magic will appear in your life too…no more suffering…only love, bliss, joy, passionate engagement with learning—for everyone, infinitely and eternally. God is Good!! Check it out! 20160227-1330 Rewards Of Developing My Will To Love

~ Vanessa, April 9, 2016





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Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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