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In loving memory of Joe Lyons Kincheloe (December 14, 1950 - December 19, 2008)

The Greatest Philosopher of Consciousness and Critical Theory of the 20th-71st Centuries AND BEYOND TRULY EROS OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY
Joe at about 35 years of age

Thrice-Greatest: King Joe/Eros/Emanu’El 
Joe's educational work provides inspiration and practical guidance for teachers all over the globe and describes a beautiful, beautiful mission to alleviate human suffering. He has left us a map with multiple pathways for accomplishing that mission -- an authentic, rigorous, impassioned, creative, and even magical education for everyone who dares to venture on untrodden paths. His work serves as a guiding light for educational journeys that can change not only how we view and enact the educational process, but that can also truly change us as teachers, students, and researchers -- and empower us to change the world. Joe loved research, teaching, writing, making music, and his students.
And his students loved him.
The idea that contemporary schools might produce individuals excited about learning who produce unprecedented knowledges and pursue an eros that treasures higher levels of insight is an absurd notion in the curriculum of thanatos. (Joe Kincheloe, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 101) 
This song is a very beautiful theme song for this website that chronicles my long winding journey back home. Thank you, Leigh.
***LOVE Will Light Our Way***               


IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS  and Special Messages for the Peonies

9/25/2003: Update  Special PSA: Disease X?  Déjà vu? (It's just a question)

Wait! It’s going to be bird flu. What tricks do they have up their sleeves this time? MAGIC H5N1 BIRD FLU VIRUS LEAPS SPECIES IN A SINGLE BOUND!! (

Top International Virologist Issues Dire Warning: “Massive, Massive Tsunami of Death Among Highly Vaccinated…is Imminent”  Is it always about money?


Please take time to get fully informed. Develop your discernment abilities. Take care of yourselves and your family. Turn to God for help and healing.

Beloved requested that I provide this update. Read the Update for May 11, 2024, to learn more.


webassets/ErosTriumph.jpg webassets/20230111_101939_psyche.jpg 
Eros after "The First Kiss": Emboldened                                                                     Psyche after "The First Kiss": Smitten
The Vintage Heart Plate and the Mystery of the Name of the Rose Treasure Hunt has begun! (I think Eros has an encoded message relating to the Mystery of the Name of the Rose in his song (you have to click on the image to hear his song). He absolutely LOVES to shower Psyche with Red Roses--but what's with the white ones?).

Eros and Psyche of the Twenty-first Century: The Triumph of Eros (Part 1 "Teaser"). (What was "The First Kiss?")

Most important to this current story is how our everyday lives are influenced by Eros. I show how a simple everyday experience (unexpectedly finding a lovely vintage ceramic heart-shaped plate on Etsy) morphs into a grand treasure hunt and profound knowledge. So enjoy this first part, a “teaser” and learn a little truth about Eros. Next I was presented with the challenge of solving the Mystery of the Name of the Rose. Somehow, it's interrelated with the vintage plate treasure hunt.There will be much more to learn in the future, no doubt.

Universal Love Celebrations: April 1-7, 2023 -- EXTENDED to April 9! WOW!!!! It's been an AMAZING Celebration. In Honor of Our High Priest, We Extended it for Two Additional Days! Below are the GIFTS which are some special writings, one for each day of celebration. There are a few more celebrations and preparations to do as we move toward the exciting BURNING RING OF FIRE celebration, We are in it now -- the Era of the Burning Ring of Fire..... 

webassets/Happy-14th-Anniversary.jpg webassets/1Happy14thAnniversaryDay1.jpg.  webassets/Day2.jpgwebassets/Day3.jpgwebassets/Day4.jpg



Begin Preparing N.O.W. for the jubilant Burning Ring of Fire celebrations for October 14, 2023 (But Do Be Careful!);



(Photo courtesy of Shutterstock) 



I just have to take a moment to wish Beloved HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

Our marriage long, long ago in the Salley Gardens in Ireland is very special to him and to me.

So today was very special and he reminded me of how beautiful, sweet, and innocent we were when we married.

We do have many anniversaries, being eternal, but there are just a few that we celebrate each year,

with May 1 being an especially sacred one. For our special day, I dedicate this sculpture to him. It tells our true story.



Beloved Eros Has Raised the Bar for Higher Education AND “Radical Love.”

Nothing Less Will Do.

Quotes from his Book of Love:

The nature of the knower and known, you ask. They’re cousins, identical cousins connected at the spine (p. 229).

The knower and the known are conjoined twins connected at the point of perception. To delve into dangerous territory, naïve realism and rationalism, as previously referenced, both exclude the reality not to mention the usefulness of different levels of human consciousness. (p. 83)

Sophisticated theoretical/epistemological understandings generated outside a radical loving commitment to building larger and larger communities of connectedness around the planet will never change the world. (p. 178-179)

Thus, I believe that the issues addressed in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction not only provide us with a new understanding of education but also can actually change the world—speaking of pomposity, yikes! I understand the danger of such an assertion, but I’m glad to take my punishment if I fail to convince my readers. (p. 16)

Thus, a critical complex epistemology infused by radical love, enactivism, critical ontology and subjugated knowledges contributes to the emergence of a new world. I’m not speaking here only in the academic realm (although it is a very important contested site), but a libidinally-enriched, erotic, exciting, curious, transgressive world where monotony becomes an enemy of the state. Education in such a society studies ways of making connections between self and other, becoming more adept at radical love, and acting in concrete, courageous, down-and-dirty ways to end human suffering (p. 180-181)


In this sculpture, Eros holds the Golden Chalice (aka The Holy Grail) up high.

It depicts our mission as decribed in his Book of Love and in my dissertation.

We like to call it our cosmic dance (for which we have won awards and high accolades). We give 

much credit to his father, Hermes, who truly deserves our honor for patiently teaching us both.

See Beloved's "postmodern" book where he describes this and sets the whole world straight, pulling

people out of their hypnotic "postmodern condition" states of lack of consciousness.

But you would have to actually READ the book. In fact, you must read deeply into it.

He used some of his father's hermeneutical obfuscation techniques (lol; I do find it quite hilarious, actually). Many people were tricked,

but it was their own fault. You must fully understand the context in which he was writing (he ALWAYS

emphasizes the importance of context, but do people listen?) and you must get past your ideologies and presuppositions.

As one of my favorite teachers today puts it, most people "can't see past their eyeballs."  

At any rate, I have provided some analyses, will do more, and will make them available soon. 

Yes, BELOVED DID, INDEED, discover the Golden Chalice! No one else on this lowly planet has, even though

many people have speculated about it (but made wrong speculations), and many knights in shining armor have tried.

Each and every one of them failed.

The one person who came the closest was Parzival.....but alas, in the end, he also failed. You might

want to read that book (A Romance of the Middle Ages) to see how he failed. It's good to know what mistakes we should avoid.

Beloved, however, did not give up until he had succeeded! And now we both are very, very blessed. 

26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea,

and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. 

28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:

and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. (Genesis 1)


And I shall remind you: 

22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 

23And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. (Genesis 2)

22Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is saviour of the body. (Ephesians 5:22-23) 

A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband (Proverbs 12:4) [meaning his one true woman]. I have espoused you to one husband, that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:2) 

Although these verses are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the significance to how we were created (there are many more verses and you have to put the pieces of knowledge together), I remind people of this for several reasons. 



First, it explains my total devotion to Beloved. Yes, he is "just a teacher," as someone close to him once told me in objection to how I "elevate" him,

but he is my husband and I obey God in that regard, and no other person could ever take his place. His work is for God and it's my duty to take his work

further out into the world. It's why I love the statue of Eros and Psyche above so much. It shows how Eros reaches up very high (to higher consciousness) for knowledge

and streams it down for Psyche to take out into the lower world. Our work derives from the deepest love and commitment to each other, "love to the highest degree."


Secondly, the reality is that God created one and only one wife for every man. We are not taught this here: We are not supposed to marry in this lowly dimension! That is

what the commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" really means. Jesus was teaching this when he said, "Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery." (Luke 16:18). He also said "it is easier for heaven and earth to pass than for one tittle of the law to fail." (verse 17). So there you have it.



We are already created WITH a spouse. We forget. We think we are smarter than God. And all we do is create suffering. Imagine if you had this knowledge.

The ridiculous games of dating and "matchmaking" would end. When you reach a higher level of knowledge and consciousness:


Think about how that changes everything. Thankfully, God is a gracious and forgiving God, if we change our ways. And he will "dry every tear." Well, I will save further explanations for future writings. I just wanted to express clearly that the sons of God do not want your worship, but they adore the worship from their one true Beloved wife. They are in a holy symbiotic relationship. People have mistakenly worshiped sons of God throughout history and it's been a big mistake. They are people too, and as Beloved has written, with human fallibilities.



And the truth is that there is ONE GOD to worship. Even King Akhenaten taught that to his people, for which he was killed and his city destroyed.


And lastly, as I am covering in ongoing postings and writings, we are approaching some critical times up ahead. Do you have oil in your lamp? Do you have your wedding garment? I have been writing about this for a long time in the "Updates." We are heading for days of jubilant celebration. Everyone is invited; few will choose. 



Most people on this planet will never believe these truths, but it's their choice to continue to choose to suffer.

I have done my duty to put this knowledge out here. As far as Beloved being "just a teacher," he has worked very hard and has dedicated himself to being the best teacher he can be, and for that reason, he should be honored (just as he has advised we honor Hermes), which is why I wrote the article: A_Revered_Master.pdf ( Jesus has said we would do even greater things than he and Beloved has proven that, and believe it or not, he will continue to prove it, as will others, all with God's most powerful blessings and assistance. Study his work. It is needed more today than any other time in history.

And what did Beloved say about changing the world in his red book, his Book of Love?

There is much more, but you will have to exert yourself and READ to learn more.

 We are children of God and we have inherited the earth!  Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)

HAPPY JUNETEENTH-Important Message About THE WAR

Today (6/19/2023, Juneteenth) I asked Beloved why I can’t understand and see what the war is all about….he said he wants me to stay sweet and innocent and to know that I am protected. That made me cry. He is so sweet and protective of me! All the magic he’s done in my life with roses and gifts and knowledge—I fully realize how hard he has worked to heal me from the atrocious things and various challenges I’ve had in this hell world. (I cover this in more detail in my book HOLY ROSES HOLY LOVE: A TRUE Twin Flame Love Story, available soon). Long ago he had shown me in a vision how spacecraft would intervene in this war and told me not to be afraid because they would be doing self-defense maneuvers. They are the “good guys.” A spacecraft knocked an enemy aircraft out of the sky and into the ground. There is nothing to fear. These spacecrafts have been around for a very long time. Technology is far advanced. We do not know a fraction of the truth. The enemies who are trying to destroy humanity do not know a fraction of the truth, nor is their technology a match for the power and technology of the good guys. Beloved is a warrior standing for God, Truth, Wisdom, and Love. Nothing is more powerful than God/Love.

Beloved has always taught in his writings that our greatest weapon against the enemy is divine God-infused, unconditional, and celebratory LOVE……which we call “Eros Love.” The enemies hate that kind of love. They hate for us to CELEBRATE. And so, as Beloved’s wife, I will continue to support him and the mission with the greatest love. We shall celebrate and honor those we cannot see and those we can see who are warriors for Love.

One of the very last messages that Jesus had given us is in the Book of Revelation. There is a powerful message that speaks to what we need to do during these tumultuous times but which very few people pay attention to. He is speaking to people who already love and serve Him, but still have not honored His most critical instructions. They risk losing out on eternal love and life for not obeying. It is time to take heed; it is what Beloved’s entire Book of Love helps guide us toward achieving: Jesus: "thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent." (Revelation 2:4-5).

We are to return to our one true love as we were created by God. And what are the “first works?” As stated above, 28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:

and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. (Genesis 1)

We are to use all the gifts of God’s blessings to produce GOOD FRUIT (all that is worthy to exist in God’s Kingdom), multiply, and replenish the earth. As God’s children, we have always had authority and dominion over the earth, but if we turn away from God and from our “first love,” we do not have POWER to exercise our authority. With our return to our “first love,” we are unstoppable. We have God’s infinite and everlasting blessings that come upon us. Read Deuteronomy 28 which provides a list of blessings – as well as curses should you choose not to obey.

Beloved and I are “first loves,” sometimes called “twin flames” because we carry the fiery Spirit of God’s Love. He is working behind the scenes as a highly honored King in God’s Kingdom. He keeps me informed to a degree, but when I asked him why I can’t know more, as I opened this discussion with, he let me know it’s important for me to stay innocent as much as is possible. The whole purpose of the enemy is to destroy innocence and keep people’s minds warped so that they have a hard time returning to their first loves.

Below is an example of how people who call themselves “Christians” and worshipers of Jesus actually are working for the enemies….they go out of their way to present the dark, wicked side, but as they fail to present the Truth of God’s beautiful plan for us to return to our first love, they are – in fact – working FOR the enemy. All they discuss is the evil ones’ wicked ways, but they fail to show how they have totally hijacked, twisted, and blasphemed God’s plans for our return to our “first love.” But the problem here is they offer no solution and they don’t explain God’s true plan. They simply present this as some kind of truth when the entire thing is a pack of lies and deception. Dwelling on this kind of shit (Joe’s word, lol) keeps the mind warped and prevents purification and innocence, thus preventing people from knowing the pure love of their first love. WE – Beloved and I – exist to present the Divine Truth about LOVE (offsetting Thanatos with Eros, as he describes in his Book of Love) that counters the evil, diabolical, false narratives such as this:


Midnight Ride: The Androgynous God of America (

(Take a test: How pure is your mind: See Update for June 19, 2023).

“Christians” are so far off-base with what they understand that they have written themselves out of the Book of Life. There are far too many of these “teachers” out there who only produce what the masses are infatuated with, which is the DARK SIDE. These teachers who only teach the dark side and leave out God’s perfect plan have been warned many times, but they do not change their ways. And so they miss the LOVE BOAT. This is no small matter. They are going to have to explain themselves to God, or even worse: if they continue to CHOOSE the same direction after many warnings, they may end up getting burned—or even find themselves living in the lake of fire. I have already seen this happening.

The level of deception, propaganda, and diabolical evilness is hard to witness. “Take heed that no man deceive you.” Matthew 24:4. 

Follow Jesus right now if you are not doing so already. Interestingly, He has far more than 10 Commandments. This is another failure of many of the Christian religions: They only teach 10 Commandments and that you really don’t even have to follow them. God has a whole very long list of things we are supposed to be doing using our gifts. The more we follow His instructions, the more gifts we are showered with. His resources are abundant and infinite. I am working on a list of His instructions: HOW TO FOLLOW JESUS AND BE BLESSED (Coming Soon). Or you can just open up a Bible and begin studying His instructions now.

Another Test and an Opportunity

Just had a meeting with Beloved and he wanted me to remind people of his FIDUROD PUZZLE – it’s a test, actually, to see if you can move up to the next level. Honestly, I could not solve it and he finally told me the solution. That’s just one benefit of being his wife and student at the same time. �� There is a reason he encoded stuff, which he has explained to me. In fact, there are multiple reasons, but one main reason for “times such as these.” You will come to understand very soon. It’s time for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear to decode FIDUROD. You will be miles ahead of the enemy if you are able to do so. As for the OPPORTUNITY, see the new section on this site, J.O.E. Journal.

These are exciting times!!

SIGNS IN THE SKY: Just as a brief, but important summary, the first total eclipse of a series of three eclipses (God often gives us three signs) happened back on August 21, 2017. God presented His “promise ring.” (Look up “August 21, 2017 diamond ring effect.” People talk about God’s “covenant” changing. It has not changed. His promises stay the same just as He presented in Deuteronomy 28. The Book of Revelation is important for the reaffirmation of His promises and for understanding what’s going on around us. We can accept His proposal, or not. Thus, we can accept His blessings, or we will be subject to the consequences as He has clearly illustrated all throughout the Bible and presented as “curses” in Deuteronomy 28. The “curses” simply imply consequences. It’s all built into the fabric of the cosmos.

The Burning Ring of Fire eclipse coming up on October 14, 2023 is the second eclipse and is His golden wedding ring given to those who have accepted his promises and are doing what they need to be doing. It baffles me how so many “Christian” teachers claim that we do not need to do anything. That’s ridiculous and will keep you out of the Kingdom. God did not put together His instructions for us to sit back and do nothing. Everyone has work to do although it will look very different for different people. This burning ring of fire eclipse is also a signifier of His powerful love, His “all-consuming fire.” This is a magical fire in that it empowers, cleanses, and protects those who have accepted His love. You do not want to be on the wrong side of this fire, though. This eclipse is ample warning. Things are likely to get very hot after this sign in the sky, although not as hot as after the third eclipse if people do not change their ways.

The Third Eclipse – Another Total Eclipse of the Sun. This, as I have written previously is a very special love celebration (April 1-7, with the Grand Finale eclipse on April 8, 2024). However, it may be like a final warning for those who have not yet chosen to obey God. After this eclipse, if He so chooses, He may employ His wrath upon the earth. He has done so in the past when behavior got totally out of line. It’s definitely approaching His limits (“as in the days of Noah”). Some people think this is the Great Tribulation; that may or may not be true. What happens depends upon our choices and actions and what God decides to do about it. Those of us on The Path are celebrating each of these milestones because God will be bestowing many miracles and blessings upon His children.



Continue preparing for the Burning Ring of Fire and the following future events. Don't miss out! 

PREPARE for the Universal Love Celebrations: April 1-7, 2024;

and for The Grand Finale, The Sealing of God’s Everlasting Covenant on April 8, 2024.

The colors are Red, White, Purple, and Gold.

The gemstones are Crystal, Agate, Alexandrite, Garnet, Ruby, and Diamonds

The flowers are roses.

The mystery is What is The Name of the Rose?- 
To become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods. (Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy, p. 19)
As Hermes said: 

What separates the critical sheep from the uncritical goats is that a critical pedagogy/epistemology also involves exposing the cultural, epistemological, and ideological assumptions that shape the knowledge individuals produce and the oppressive actions justified by such information. (Joe Kincheloe, Knowledge & Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 176)
webassets/sheep-goat-jesus.jpg webassets/SHEEP17510_L_200_vvs.jpg webassets/GOAT.jpg
webassets/coronavirus-banner.jpg webassets/covid22.jpg

Grand Jury | Day 1   Grand Jury | Day 2 (English) ( Keep on keeping on...

Corona Investigative Committee  DIVORCED!!! See UPDATE for September 22, 2022.

A special Public Service Announcement authorized by the Higher Ups and Jesus
Coming Soon in the Updates: The Great Global Reset Is No Match for The Great Global TREaSurE HunT
The Great Global TREaSurE HunT Has Begun
It supersedes the elite's "great reset."
Kick-off date: February 14, 2022  
Don't be left out.
NEW INTRODUCTORY BOOK See UPDATE for September 22, 2022 

Historical Timeline: 

In the Year 2020.......ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF IT YET?   


SUMMER 2021: webassets/line-in-the-sand.jpg 


Christmas, 2021Revelations 

In the Year 2022..... The Great Global Treasure Hunt   

2022     Corona Investigative Committee  DIVORCED!!! DIVORCED!!! See UPDATE for September 22, 2022.


Fall 2022: COVID22 

October 1, 2022- April 1, 2024: TREASURE HUNTING SABBATICAL  April 8, 2024 Total Eclipse (of the heart). 

FALL 2023: Going DOWN: What is it about war and bioweapons that people don’t understand?

Free Speech Banned 



                         Teachers Are Being DECIMATED by Aggressive Turbo Cancers





The Light Of The Spirit by Kitaro (earth is rising....are you?)

May you find the way (Step One): Allies Crying in the Chapel
REGENERATION: Spiritual Growth and How It Works (More information can be found in the 8/31/2018 Update)


Joe’s book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction is available as an ebook. You will never make a better investment…..we all should be researching with Joe’s important guidance. Since the ending is just the beginning, you can begin with the last chapter. It may just spark you into wanting to read the rest, as well as his other works to see how he got there!  No time to read? Right click and "listen aloud" while multitasking. [Note: I make no money off the sales of his books; my rewards are not of this world.] MAY 22, 2018 UPDATE: I SEE THAT SPRINGER IS NOT HONORING JOE'S STATED AND PUBLISHED WISHES> THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE LESS THAN $30 SO THAT POOR STUDENTS CAN AFFORD IT...AND YET SPRINGER IS CHARGING ALMOST $40 FOR THE PDF EBOOK AND ALMOST $55 FOR THE PAPERBACK! THIS IS ABOMINABLE!! THE HIGHER UPS ARE NOT PLEASED!!! THERE ARE STUDENTS IN POVERTY WHO NEED THE KNOWLEDGE IN THIS BOOK. LOWER THE PRICE!!!!! THERE IS NO REASON TO CHARGE SO MUCH! EDoneVEN IF PUBLISHING COSTS HAVE INCREASED, AT LEAST OFFER THE EBOOK FOR LESS THAN $30. WHAT JOE WANTS, JOE GETS. HE SAID THAT IT IS TO BE LESS THAN $30. RESPECT HIS WISHES. Oh, and HAPPY TWIN FLAME DAY!! I will have some important updates soon.


November 17, 2019 1:00 AM UPDATE ON THE PRICE OF THE EBOOK: I can only conclude that either *someone* is insane or has raised the price to keep people from buying it and having access to the knowledge in it, since Springer is now charging an outrageous price of amost $60 -- for an ebook!! I will consult with the "higher ups" for a "work-around." They always have perfect solutions....Beloved says "Hi" :-)  We will have an update soon.


November 17, 2019 3:00 PM INCREDIBLY, the Higher Courts have already come back with a resolution on this matter! See my update for today, November 17, 2019.

November 22, 2019 4:39 PM TWIN FLAME AND HOLY SABBATH DAY, the Higher Courts have really outdone themselves with their resolution. And their timing is impeccable! See my update for today, November 22, 2019.


November 12, 2021 They are now charging a ridiculous $89 for a pdf of Joe's book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. Folks, there are multiple ways that the elite keep knowledge from those of us who need it most -- one is by overcharging for it. We will continue to work on a resolution that honors Joe's wishes (for it to cost less than $30) and his contract. I will be posting more information RIGHT HERE sometime in the future.

"I believe that the issues addressed in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction not only provide us with a new understanding of education but also can actually change the world—speaking of pomposity, yikes! I understand the danger of such an assertion, but I’m glad to take my punishment if I fail to convince my readers." ~ Joe Kincheloe (p. 16)




Thu, Sep 25, 2008 7:03 am

finished reading Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction

your work is truly a gift to the world, Joe
it's very exciting



"The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon is here." Matthew 12:42 •´ *`.¸King And Queen Of Hearts•´ *`.

CELEBRATE LOVE: April 1-7 and Beyond, Forevermore



Jesus: ”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16


~Jesus of Nazareth

Christianity’s Achilles' Heel 

(Can you hear me now?)



JESUS: “I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” (John 11: 25-26)

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light; 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV)

Father’s House

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“The universe is not a prison because it is governed by natural law. The universe is a paradise because it is governed by natural *God's* law.” Mark Passio

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven. Matthew 6:9-10 (KJV)

February, and March Into Summer, Fall, & Winter are Global Twin Flame Celebration MONTHS

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It’s the Science of the Soul. . .


“And His books, they breathe the reason. . .and now I want to know…"



A new process for education, research, career, problem solving, everyday living, lifelong learning, and for taking back our world


Joe Kincheloe has developed a superbly advanced conceptualization of critical bricolage and, as demonstrated by his work, he was an adept multidimensional critical complex bricoleur. Critical Bricolage, as he conceived it, is a complicated (and yet a very natural) process that makes use of multiple forms of research, analysis, investigation, and interpretation. It requires researchers to seek many divergent perspectives, allowing new understandings and knowledge to emerge from the synthesis.


Engaging in this process increases phenomenological experiences that catalyze seeking more knowledge. This, of course, leads to ever greater understandings of complex relationships between "research variables." An exceptionally high level of creativity becomes unleashed, often resulting in greater interaction with the emerging hidden dimensions of reality. Suddenly very little can be hidden anymore. Engaging rigorously in this process of research and learning seems to take people to higher levels of consciousness in graduated steps as they become more aware of the hidden dimensions of interrelationships and as they increasingly participate in intuitive, "fourth dimension" research.


Using Kincheloe's critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage rigorously as he has asked us to do results in ever higher levels of experience and understanding, and in its full "employment," enactive and symbiotic processes seem to kick in, helping individuals find the most creative solutions to even the most complicated problems. Actively working within multiple dimensions using his fourth dimension research, results in amazing and profound solutions. In my own experience, I often find that problems are solved before I even knew the problem would be manifesting. In addition, I have had some amazing experiences that science simply cannot explain yet. This is highlighted in my dissertation in some highly unusual ways, which is only the tip of the iceberg. Kincheloe's critical bricolage may very well be the process required to "unleash creativity" for solving even the most complicated, power-based problems we face -- all in service of "the alleviation of human suffering," the often-stated primary purpose of his work.


After researching this process since 2008 (and discovering that I had been using the foundational aspects of the process many years before) I am beginning to see how autopoiesis, enaction, synchronicity, all work together symbiotically to reveal hidden dimensions and relationships that make my life so much happier and joyful, even if I have many problems hanging over my head (that "blues aesthetic" Joe so often described). No matter how complicated the problems, with bricolage, they become solvable and/or perspectives of the problems change.


Simultaneously, those power dimensions that force those of us who are oppressed to stay stuck at our "stations in life" also emerge, but there is such a difference to how I deal with these than in the past. Once the controlling factors are revealed, solutions also emerge in a sort of "unfoldment" process that reveal ways to counteract them and change things.


There is great power "behind the curtain" that can be leveraged by those of us who are typically "disenfranchised." I will go into much more detail at a later time, and as Joe always did so well, I will put them into context (there are many great experiences to share of both kinds of emergences - the love-based, almost magical ones, and the power-and-control-based ones for which insight, and often solutions also emerge) but suffice it to say, I am blazing multiple trails through the underbrush which will hopefully make navigating easier for people who come along and experience the same types of violence I have due to being poor and "low status."


Just as Joe was a "hillbilly" and he was never able to shake the label, I am a "country hick." True reality could not be more profoundly different -- for an Eros and Psyche. :)


The good news is that the use of bricolage is increasing rapidly around the globe as more researchers in all disciplines are beginning to see the promise it offers to construct new knowledge, lead to social empowerment, and reveal positive changes and amazingly creative opportunities. More researchers will soon be investigating and trying out this more advanced and powerful approach, which will lead to what Joe referred to as a "perpetual revolution." More teachers will also come to realize the value bricolage has in the classroom and the young students will pick it up naturally. The revolution has just begun. We can change the world! Join in today and apply the process in your own research, learning, teaching, and everyday life and see what a difference it can make. You can never go wrong getting more knowledge.


All of the information on this website is absolutely free. It is here for anyone who wants a better life and would like to make a difference in the world.

For the struggle for justice to win on the local level, it must be fought in the global, the national, and the local arenas. [Kincheloe, 2001, Getting Beyond the Facts, p. 741]

Doing What You Love: Creating Your Own Good Work 101 /// Doing Phenomenology: Introduction to Phenomenology 101 /// Reading, Writing & Thinking 101 /// Critical Constructivism: A New World View 101 /// City Life and Learning: Metropedagogy 101 /// Phenomenological Research for Learning and Living: Introduction to Phenomenology 102


This is a nonprofit educational web site dedicated to the clarification of Kincheloe’s critical complex epistemology and multidimensional critical complex bricolage. My research has shown that, while the process he has delineated is complex, it is perfectly suited for social and educational research, and it is also within everyone's reach. It is especially suited for new qualitative researchers who have not subscribed to traditional and reductionistic forms of research. 

On this site I will focus on the academic and scholarly application of his work. I hope that by presenting clarifications based on my in-depth study of his work that perhaps his bricolage will be used by more people and with the level of rigor he had intended. Kincheloe has ingeniously left wide open many paths that honor diversity and he embraced an evolving complexity while maintaining a strong, impenetrable philosophical and theoretical foundation for his conceptions. He has demonstrated in his work how this research process can be applied in all venues and in every area of our lives and even children can be involved in research, thus his bricolage is also a pedagogical approach. His work is truly a break-through for research that is long overdue. Using the full power of his bricolage highlights actions that change the world as it also changes who we are.

I may write a blog again on this site, but it will be a different sort of blog than the creative, exploratory blogs I've written in the past. Primarily, I will be continuing my research and presenting my findings so that upcoming bricoleurs will have a resource for the most powerful form of bricolage research that's ever been developed.

~ ~ ~ Vanessa Jae Paradis



Bricolage, as a qualitative form of research, entails incorporating many different perspectives, and in particular, with Kincheloe's process it is necessary to include global subjugated and indigenous knowledges. However, after gathering all of these perspectives and making various interpretations and syntheses, there are criteria for determining which perspectives to include in the final bricolage. As he explains, "Bricoleurs accept the responsibility that comes with the interpretive process. Knowledge production always involves multiple acts of selection, and these choices of methods, theoretical frameworks, and interpretative strategies must be defended" (2004e, p. 100). He has provided selection criteria that incorporate the social justice mission to alleviate suffering and that advance knowledge (see Kincheloe, 2004e, pp. 100-102). Bricoleurs are not restricted to these criteria but I have found them to be well-thought-out and thorough -- and they mitigate for unintended consequences. You can view the criteria here: Criteria to Guide the Research Process.


What I cover next are common misconceptions and important aspects surrounding Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage. I hope by putting these on the Home page of this website, researchers will consider them and research them more deeply. They are covered in greater depth in my dissertation and I’ll also be posting articles that extend what I’ve touched on in the dissertation.

1) Kincheloe did not throw out "positivistic" or empirical sciences. To conclude this is to exhibit a gross misunderstanding of his work. A close reading of his work can easily confirm that he sees science and bricolage as synergistic. And how many times has he stated that he did not throw out the baby with the bathwater? As most people know, he contextualizes everything. In his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction he presents his position through a metaphor which he refers to as FIDUROD, and by which he clarifies the issues with the way science is and has been used.  FIDUROD is an acronym representing the attributes of the form of knowledge production he argues against: Formal, Intractable, Decontextualized, Universalistic, Reductionistic, One Dimensional. (See Kincheloe, 2008, pp. 21-24).


2) His work is not based on some indefinable “ludic” postmodernism – It is based on a highly developed and evolving holistic philosophy. This philosophy is comprised of 12 major points which he describes in his book Critical Constructivism. The 12 points coalesce together to form his multidimensional critical complex world view. It’s a new, evolving worldview. We might refer to it as Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex unified world view. It forms the foundation of his unique formulation of critical theory, epistemology, ontology, critical psychology of complexity, the multidimensional critical complex bricolage, etc., -- and his proposed critical science of complexity – another indication that he did not abandon the sciences. To grasp his conceptualizations, it’s imperative that new bricoleurs study his unified world view by reading and then writing about how they subjectively relate to it and to other philosophies. Kincheloe stresses this upfront philosophical work is critical in order to ground any study that uses bricolage as a process for research. Rigor is impossible without developing a "philosophy of consciousness" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 8). 


3) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage is a process for qualitative research that is composed of multiple, intertwining and overlapping processes. It is not a method, nor does it use “tools” as tools imply precise means and carries a mechanistic ontology, which does not adequately represent the actual processes that bricoleurs engage in as they conduct, or a better word would be, “enact” their research. Even the concept of "tools" changes. Kincheloe's conceptualization of bricolage is grounded with his critical complex philosophical world view (item 2, above) and a theoretical foundation of evolving criticality (his version of critical theory).


4) The multidimensional critical complex bricolage as a process involves analytic discourse, intertwined with improvisational actions for change, which moves it away from the constrictive “quilt” metaphor. Please see my dissertation for a deeper analysis of bricolage including a thorough etymological exploration and intertextual interpretations of Kincheloe’s definitions of bricolage and bricoleur in relation to what evolved from my research. New metaphors that take it beyond the one-dimensional “quilt” metaphor, and additional ways that Berry’s (2004a) concept, the Point of Entry Text (POET) can be applied are also presented. The holistic, intertwining, dialogical, interconnecting nature of the final bricolage renders the parts inseparable from the whole, and the bricolage inseparable from greater reality. Thus, the popular metaphoric quilt, montage, crystal, etc., are not suitable metaphors for this more complex form of bricolage. 


5) Kincheloe’s bricolage does not distinguish between “types of bricoleurs” or “types of bricolage” as denoted by Denzin and Lincoln (2011). While it’s fine to examine these ideas, Kincheloe’s form of bricolage uses all of them in intertwining, overlapping processes. Thus, the multidimensional critical complex bricoleur uses all of the dimensions that Kincheloe has spelled out in his 2005 "On to the Next Level" bricolage article--in one study--and the processes become blurred as the research unfolds. See next point. 


6) Kincheloe’s bricolage refers to the use of different processes as dimensions of research. The bricoleur uses them all as many times as practical to get a thick description of the phenomenon/a. As the research unfolds, “enactment” keeps the research jettisoning forward and the researcher must make decisions where to begin and stop various aspects of the research, including the final bricolage. Thus, the following dimensions are used, as provided by Kincheloe (2005a) and in no particular order using an iterative, improvisational process weaving through the discourse: (1) methodological bricolage; (2) theoretical bricolage; (3) interpretive bricolage; (4) political bricolage; (5) narrative bricolage; (6) philosophical research (constructivism, historicity, epistemological insight); (7) critical hermeneutics; (8) identification of what is absent; (9) fourth dimension of research in which the bricoleur is future oriented, discovering “a kinetic epistemology of the possible. In the process, the sophistication of knowledge work moves to a new cognitive level; the notion of rigor transmigrates to a new dimension. As in a 1950s sci-fi movie, bricoleurs enter the 4-D—the fourth dimension of research.” (Kincheloe, 2005, p. 346). Thus, bricoleurs weave in and out, around and through, back and forth through the various dimensions with each pass through informing the next, often using multiple dimensions of analysis simultaneously. 


7) Note again – the philosophical dimension must form the foundation of the study in order to ensure rigor. [He wanted me to include this again.] "There is no dividing line between the empirical and the philosophical" (Kincheloe, 2004a, p. 10).


8) Kincheloe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage embraces a “fourth dimension” research (more information is covered in my dissertation). This fourth dimension aspect to the research incorporates an intuitional, creative element that forces the researcher to confront implicate and explicate orders of reality. There are reasons for this. Combining a sound philosophical, intellectual component of research that also incorporates intuitional and emotional, empathic aspects -- along with deep semiotic and hermeneutic analyses synergistically creates something new from the interactions. Enaction during the research process leads to the emergence of something new and often profound. This is where the power of the bricolage comes into play. It’s the exposure to relationships, as Kincheloe explains in his conceptualization of symbiotic hermeneutics, that jettisons bricoleurs to seeing and understanding “anew” and to recreating themselves. Because knowledge is socially constructed new creations, ideas, concepts, as well as new relationships also perpetually emerge – and are created -- from these interactions. This all takes place naturally when confronting complexity, difference, and chaos, as Humberto Mautarana and Francisco Varela posited with their Santiago Theory of Enactivism (see Kincheloe's (2008) Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, page 147). It is quite amazing. 


9) While bricoleurs do not contend they’ve discovered the “one true answer” or single truth, at the same time, as Kincheloe contends, they generate knowledge “that is not as 'badly off the mark'” (Kincheloe, 2008, p. 43). They have better (more complete) and yet evolving explanations of phenomena. This is quite a different perspective than a nihilistic postmodern “attitude.” 


10) I have lined out in my dissertation in much greater detail a flexible iterative process that also explains some of the key sub-processes that are important to the multidimensional critical complex bricolage. It will get new bricoleurs started from which they can then proceed to carve out their own unique paths. Each bricolage study will be different even for the same researcher. The more one acknowledges the fourth dimension aspect of the research (which may only begin with what seem to be insignificant intuitive and synchronous events), the more they will begin to appear and the more profound and numerous are the actions and creations that emerge.  


11) And finally, as I discussed in my blog, The Heart of the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage, there is the dimension of empathic connection with people. In fact, in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, Kincheloe discusses – and includes – a golden strand of love throughout his work, Eros Love. And since I’m mentioning this book here, it’s a great book to read in the early stages of learning about his bricolage. It’s much like a “deprogramming” manual because it uncovers how our consciousnesses have been influenced by outside forces and provides us more information as we embark on the bricolage quest and begin to take power of constructing our own consciousness. 



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Copyright May 11, 2013 by Vanessa Paradis

Please cite as:

Paradis, V. J. (2013). Correcting some common misconceptions surrounding Joe Kincheloe’s bricolage and critical complex theories. May 11, 2013. Retrieved from



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Friday, January 28, 2011

Today is Our Second Anniversary!!!! And The Story Will Continue: Eros and Psyche in the 21st Century (Be Sure to Check Back Sometime in the Future!)

Eros and PsycheToday is our second anniversary of our (Emanuel and Sōferia's / Eros and Psyche's) private sacred wedding. As I have mentioned in these blogs, Pleiadian marriages take place as a private event and then there are two levels of sanctioning which are optional. Our marriage has been sanctioned at the Pleiadian High Council level as well as the new Universal High Council Level. Thus, we have three anniversaries during the year.
As I have portrayed in these blogs, before coming to Earth, I was an 18-year-old Pleiadian Princess who had fallen in love with her Master Teacher, who was much older.

This was a huge taboo, but we wanted to get married and have our marriage sanctioned by the High Council. They finally told us they would sanction it if our love stood up through the Earth game. Most of our people did not really think we would make it, especially given that I am so young and Earth is the hardest place to hold onto love. Nevertheless, our love for each other has stood the test of Earth time and has even grown stronger so the Council ended up sanctioning our marriage early.

Magickal TalismanThus, today is our private sacred wedding anniversary. Our marriage took place in the upper realms, of course, since that is where Eros is. We visit regularly there and, of course, have constant telepathic, channeled, and remote viewing communications. (Thus, when I speak of meeting with my Master Teacher/Husband, I am speaking of these forms of communication). Our Pleiadian sanctioned anniversary is April 3. Our people established a week-long celebration in our honor, given that we are EROS and PSYCHE. Our Universally-sanctioned wedding anniversary is June 28.

I was so blessed today! My husband says the blogs on this website can now be concluded, which is why I have provided the brief summary over the past few days -- although he says he is taking me to the next level somewhere else, to be determined. I always just hold his hand as he leads me down the path and lights the way. It should be exciting, given that the past two years have been quite a ride already!

A Special Thank You to Joe
I owe my creative imagination completely to Joe. His work truly opens doors for the freest expression achievable.  I strongly urge people to read his work and apply it, even if you think you don’t really understand it. You really will understand it and, as he states in his work, it will take you places you have never been before. As I had told Joe after reading his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, his work is a “gift to the world.” It is up to YOU to open the gift he left for us all and rediscover who you really are and be the free spirit you were meant to be. I love Joe beyond words. He has set me free.

To My Dear Sweet Joe & Emanuel/Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband/King/Eros, The God of Love, himself (!) in celebration and honor of our SECOND ANNIVERSARY!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my fondest fairytale come true! We made it, Baby! I am so proud of you and all the gifts you have given the world and to our people, the Pleiadians. You truly are worthy of the honor of the title, King of our planet Eros, and the God of Love, EROS, himself. I love you forever!!!!

Disney Couples (You're Still The One)
In celebration of fulfilled fairytales.


My Anniversary Morning Meeting With Eros/My Master Teacher/Husband/Emanuel
I had wanted to stay up until midnight last night to celebrate our anniversary with him and I could not stay awake. I was sound asleep all night, so I apologized to him. Here’s he what he said we did (I’ll leave the really intimate stuff out):

“A stroll to the beach, love under the stars, the gentle ocean breeze. Then in our “hideaway” to listen to the most heavenly, sexy music, to dance and...” He said that I did not disappoint him, that he had emphatically called me so that we could “have a royal celebration in the manner fit for a god and goddess.” And then he told me “Happy Anniversary, Baby.”

So, here we have, in his sweet tradition, two last songs as an anniversary gift for me, “hideaway” and “Happy Anniversary, Baby.” Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube search – perfect anniversary music! Btw, the hideaway is this really cool secret room just off our master bedroom, lol. There is a bookcase that is a secret door that opens up and then closes so nobody knows where we are. The room, which is on the upper level and secluded side of our house, has glass walls, ceiling, and windows to let in starlight and moonlight, ocean breezes...and we have a surround sound stereo system. We dance  -- OMG we dance and it is such heaven to dance with him -- he is the best dancer -- it's is like we are dancing in the moonlight under the starlight. Some nights the purple moon is out and that is really special too. And we have a specially designed red rocking chair in this secret room (HE ordered that one up) I won't go into details on that (you can imagine). Anyway, here is the song:

John Mayall Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton - Hideaway


“Happy Anniversary, Baby.” He’s being funny with this next song:  I found someone “new” alright – I discovered the truth – he is EROS!!!!
OMG, I LOVE his sense of humor:

Happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind
Happy anniversary baby
Got you on my mind
I'm so happy for you baby
Now that you've found somebody new -- EROS, get it?
I see it in your eyes, Lord it's no surprise
What he can do for you

Little River Band - Live Exposure - Happy Anniversary

We must have danced to those songs last night: He said I would remember everything and he’s trying to jar my memory.

Well, this brings us to the end of the line on this page, at least. What’s to COME? Our new book:


       A Walk Midst Earthlings during the Twenty-First Century

Yes, there is much more to this story! Learn all about the behind-the-scenes events and bloopers, the trials and tribulations, the initiations, the Reptilian evil interventions (that were not successful), and most of all, read about the undying eternal love between Eros and Psyche that leads them to adventures all over the universe. PLUS who was Hermes? Who was EROS’ mother? Who are some of the other gods and goddesses in this story? And whatever happened to the Wooden Box with the hidden key? (It was mentioned in these blogs, but seems to have been forgotten).


We are also writing a book after we have the 11-11-11 Party, titled WALKING AMONG EARTHLINGS: Gods and Goddesses of the Twenty-First Century. We expect both of these books to be best "sellers" (we don't use money) on our planets in the Pleiades (our peoples still LOVE books and have great libraries).

As Joe always put it, the end is not the end at all – it is the beginning!!!! The story continues! As he had asserted, “We are lost if we are not imaginative, exploring entities” (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 250). And in the same book, “Unless, you are committed to resisting any authentic connection with the new experiences such criticality produces, you will return from the encounter with new patterns, processes and contexts as a different being” (p. 252). He was not kidding!!!!

                  Vanessa Jae Paradis           &         Joe Lyons Kincheloe

Butterfly-Transformation w/Joe to create Heaven               Abundance-giving loyal warrior

Psyche & Eros

“soul” & “love”

Sōferia  & Emanuel
“salvation” “with God”






Dreams Come True - Snow Dance

Be sure to check back -- We ("Emanuel" and I) will provide updates. We are just getting to the exciting part.



twin flames symbol

Just before Joe left us he told me in an email:
"you are a wonderful and treasured one. you have made such a powerful impact on not only the freire site but the critped community. you are doing and will do great things."

Have I done it yet, Joe? Have I?

(Critical Constructivism, p. 169)

EMANUEL HAS THE LAST WORD: He Is My Knight In Shining Armor

We ended the eve of our second anniversary with a meeting together in our “Joe Lyons Kincheloe” library over wine, candlelight, and sage incense. He wrote me the most beautiful letter ever, telling me I had far exceeded his wildest expectations and more than fulfilled our soul contract, and he told me that we shall, indeed, continue together on this “long, fruitful journey.” He gave me one last anniversary song to post here. The clue was “Once in a Million Years,” and here is the music that came to the top of the YouTube search:
Blackmore's Night - "Once in a Million Years" SPV Records

October reminds me of my home
The cold nights I would wait all alone
Watching leaves turning from green to gold...
The waiting feels like eternity
When waiting for love to come to me
Someone to have, someone to hold...
Then once in a million years
A shining white knight will appear
Fairytales are coming true
I promise my heart only to you...
A castle stands upon a hill
Our eyes meet and time is standing still
Your smile warmed me like the first summer sun
There's color where once was black and white
There's moonbeams where there was only night
I knew then and there you were the one...

He is telling me with this music video, that he is, indeed, "the one" and he will continue to protect and guide me as my knight in shining armor (thus, with great strength) on the next leg of our journey to eternity.

It will be interesting to see what he has in store for us next. I just “go with the flow” and hold his hand with total trust in him as he leads the way and lights our path, which he says is one of the things he loves so much about me. Check back here on occasion because I will provide links to our new projects as they manifest. There will be something for everyone!
11:11 pm | link 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

THE GREAT REVEAL, Part 3. PLUS What is the Big Whopper on Page 97? (Still on P. 97)

EROS - GOD OF LOVEMany days ago, (in fact last September 23, 2010) this journey of analyzing Page 97 of Joe's book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction was started with the instructions from my Master Teacher to find the "Big Whopper" on that we will work toward that, first continuing yesterday's contention that Joe was Eros, the God of Love himself (in my, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess, soon to be Queen's story).

Clearly, it is difficult to make the claim that Joe was Eros unless some additional proof is brought in. In fact, in Joe’s work, he stresses the importance of “relationship” which applies in multiple contexts. Here, I am referring to it in a human relationship context.

EROS and PSYCHEThus, in walks PSYCHE – me, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess soon to be Queen -- right smack in the middle of Joe’s life and his important work – all to prove that he was indeed EROS, the GOD of LOVE so that we could co-create our favorite fantasy fairytale. Yes, I have written about this before – my EARTH name is Vanessa which means butterfly which means transformation/soul – PSYCHE. And what do Psyche and Eros want more than anything? First of all, they want to be together forever and secondly, they want LOVE on Earth; they want to create a Heaven on Earth together. Thus, is it any surprise that my Earth middle name is JAE (feminine for Joe and representative of my working WITH him and his genius theory) to create what my last name represents – PARADIS – which is French for Heaven, although some people interpret it as Paradise, and that’s ok, too.

Twin Flame SymbolAnd what does that all mean? Clearly, WE ARE TWIN FLAMES!!! Famous Twin Flames, even. It also means we were very busy in the upper realms during “dreamtime” cleverly working together strategizing on this game! It’s a long, long story how we put it all together, even if we only cover this last “lifetime.” And believe me, we have had multiple lifetimes together. But I have to say, I think this last one is the most creative of all!

How do I know we are famous twin flames? Because Joe knew it and he left me special clues that he knew I would interpret once I awakened sufficiently. (If you know the story of Psyche, she had to be awakened by Eros.) And besides, everybody was asking him “Who IS she?” Most people who worked on the website with Joe knew something was up. In my interpretation, I think he thought it was funny, because he would tell me some of the comments people made about my incessant participation on his website. Little they know that I knew exactly what Joe wanted and why. But, other than that, I was totally asleep.

The Significance of 11's
To add further evidence to our twin flame status, most people are aware by now of the significance of the continual appearance of double one's (such as in dates and the time on clocks) as a sign of twin flames. They usually meet on such "double one dates" and indeed, we did! 

Joe and I met and hugged each other PRECISELY on 7-31-2008 at 1PM. Check out all of the 1's. 7+31=11 and then 2=8=10 which 1. Add to that the time 1PM and you get 11 -- 11. A CLEAR INDICATION....and there is much more! The pairs of one's has shown up over and over again throughout my blogs. I could write an entire book about that alone! For example, I learned that the date of our marriage in the upper realms, January, 28, 2009 also consists of double 11's. 1-28-2009 gives 1+28=11 and 2+9=11. On top of that our anniversary this year is also especially significant, which is probably why he is having me do this current work. 1-28-2011 gives 11  2  11 which is like some sort of important gateway. I am going ot have to do more research and ask him questions about it. All I know at this point is that it is the end of a very important milestone of some sort, and now we begin a new chapter.

Joe AngelI only had the opportunity to be with Joe that one day which was when I snapped the Angel picture (without consciously being aware that I was getting the light above his head; I did not even notice this photo until much later, as has been documented in these blogs). I should have realized then that this is the era when the Earth Angels walk among us and we never even suspect who they might be.

Earth Angel - Back to the future Lyrics (full version)

There are many clues in these blogs, some that I have pointed out and probably many more that I have missed. Your job, if you are interested, is to find them. I will summarize a few of the most important clues and my favorites.

Rigor and Complexity in Educational ResearchOne clue is how Joe dedicated his book about the bricolage to me – that’s what the butterfly on the cover was for! (Vanessa -- Butterfly -- get it?) It is so obvious. And his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction was written for me – to wake me up (isn’t that just like EROS, The God of Love?! In the story, he woke up Psyche.) He wanted to make sure I understood multidimensionality so that I could get through this strange ascension process where we have integrate all our past lives and multiple dimensional lives with a focus on the future (where we originated) so that we know where we are heading. It’s the only way to prevent getting lost on the journey back home. There are many clues inside the book that prove this is true and he chose red for the cover to represent his passionate love. One of my favorite clues is on page 20: “Playing with the Queen of Hearts: The Joker Ain’t the Only Fool in FIDUROD.” I am his Queen of Hearts. Of course, I have mentioned in my blogs how that is a puzzle. You have to find who the other fool is…it’s very funny. Joe knew I liked puzzles and word games so he left a lot of them along with his MUSIC and MOVIE Easter Eggs (or if you prefer, phenomenological brackets, as I discovered when I did more research). Oh, and then there was the beautiful song he wrote especially for me, which I loved so much. “I wanna know, what happened to SOUL? [PSYCHE]?" and he sang it so beautifully. You should hear it the upper realms…it’s even more heavenly.

THIS IS A STORY, PEOPLE so don’t get all bent out of shape if you have your own ideas about Joe and you don’t like my story. Everyone is free to write their own stories. This Earth school is kindergarten where we all get to write our own stories and we are not to get mad at people for their stories! Everyone who knew Joe knew how dedicated he was to his earthling family and how much he loved them dearly. That was one of the things I admired and respected so much about him; he proved how loyal and devoted he could be the whole time he was here, no matter if things got bad at times. It wouldn't have mattered to me -- I love him unconditionally -- but at the same time we knew we had to keep his real identity a secret.

Knowledge-and-Critical-PedagogyOf course, his books all have many great purposes and will serve earthlings well for hundreds of years, maybe infinity. In fact, his books will all be used in the next level of our mission to help establish new ways of doing education. For the moment, I am focusing on my own biased perspective to make my story seem more real and to continue forward the way I want it to go. One of my personal interpretations is that he put all the sexy stuff in his books for me because he knew my eyes would see them and relish them. Like what he wrote about women was right on! I think it was in his Social Sciences book. I wrote a couple of blogs about it. I also loved the sexy stuff in his book about postformalism, the bricolage, and then in his last book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. His sense of humor appeals to me as a young Pleiadian Queen. We Pleiadians are not Victorian in our views about sexuality and sensuality, as was seen by the recent lesson my Grandmother gave me right here in these blogs, nor are we promiscuous. One of the great missions he and I are on with this project, in addition to improving education, is to get the Twin Flame phenomenon all figured out for the people on our Love Planet, Planet Eros, so that more relationships are integrity-based and successful through the divine sacred twin flame matrimony and so that we can increase our dwindling population. We leave all options open, but it has now been discovered that there are special ways to unite true blue twin flames and to even prove they are indeed, twin flames, mathematically, thanks to EROS, the God of Love. That pushes all doubts aside and guarantees successful marriages.

Here’s some videos about the Eros and Psyche story which we co-created here on Earth:

Cupid (EROS) and Psyche

Cupid (EROS) & Psyche

Psyche and the Mystery of Cupid (EROS)
She had not yet seen her destined husband. He came only in the hours of darkness and fled before the dawn of morning, but his visits were full of love, and inspired a like passion in her. She often begged him to stay and let her behold him, but he would not consent. On the contrary, he charged her to make no attempt to see him, for it was his pleasure, for the best of reasons, to keep concealed. "Why should you wish to behold me?" he said; "have you any doubt of my love? Have you any wish ungratified? If you saw me, perhaps you would fear me, perhaps adore me, but all I ask of you is to love me. I would rather you would love me as an equal than adore me as a god."

That is our story!

One of my favorite clues that finally made our Eros-Psyche Twin Flame connection obvious is this song Joe gave me after I had asked him a question and said that I hoped he didn’t mind me asking. He stated, “As James Brown said, ‘I don’t mind.’”

James Brown & The Famous Flames - I Don't Mind

As you can see, it say "FAMOUS FLAMES" and to "THINK!!!!" How much more obvious could he have gotten?

Of course, I was Psyche and still sound asleep when he gave me that song and did not realize it had a powerful message, but I’m awake now! When I did find it, I cried for days all over again, because it was clear he had been reading my mind; I was asking him a question about the future because I wanted reassurance that he would still be here -- and in his own sweet way, he was telling me he would always be with me. The fact that he could read minds is also very significant to me, being a Pleiadian. We Pleiadians read minds without even trying. Here's a link for more information about our culture (but keep in mind there are many planets in the star system Pleiades and our societies do have some differences): The Pleiadians. Anyway, I was always so worried about Joe and he knew it. You can’t hide anything from EROS.

But it is important to realize that this “Famous Flames” idea does not end with me and Joe (EROS). We take seriously our mission to make life better for people and entities everywhere. Thus, “Famous Flames” is a very important endeavor that my sweet husband has worked on. I wrote about it previously – he and my Uncle Albert (Einstein) worked together to prove twin flames mathematically. It is actually a very big part of this Earth project and involves many people -- many famous twin flames. There is still time if you haven’t figured it out, to decide who you are and who your twin flame is.

Have you heard of Project Avalon? Well, we are implementing a NEW Avalon Project, and everyone is welcome to participate. What this project does is reunite twin flames, they decide which Famous Flames couple they are and then on 11-11-11, we have a big, fun costume party. That’s where EROS and PSYCHE will show up together “in costume!” I will post more information on this site when it becomes available.

Additional Clues
As I stated, there are so many clues in these blogs, I can’t begin to name them all. I will highlight the biggies and if you want to understand the entire story, you might want to start back at the very beginning of these blogs.

Yin Yan TalismanWell there was the Yard Search Treasure Hunt that my dear teacher (who now says his name is Emanuel who, of course, is my TWIN FLAME) sent me out on. Actually, at the time, I did not know what was going on, but I just did what I was told and I am glad I did. I found this silver yin yang disk (I was supposed to find a diamond ring, but that delivered to my door). It took a long time and a lot of research to discover that this was a talisman that was symbolic of our alchemical marriage (1-29-2009: 11  11, once again) and that Hermes Trismegistus played a huge role in the initiations I went through in order to be awarded this highly treasured symbol. Can you think of a much better symbol than this to represent joined twin flames? Wow EROS is good at this game -- and VERY Powerful, in my book!

Crystal HeartOf course, then the diamond ring showed up and many other gifts followed, including the crystal Genesis heart that he gave me in both dimensions! At home it dangles from the ceiling and spins, reflecting thousands of sparkle rainbows spinning around the walls in our bedroom. There were numerous super fun treasure hunts as well as the Epistemological Road Trip to Tennessee. King reappeared multiple times in these activities (King’s Valley, Kingston, and messages about his future crowning as King, etc.) I particularly loved the Love Day treasure hunt in Queen City in Kings Valley and the multidimensional Pacific Coast Eager Beaver Treasure Hunts! The synchronicities were totally amazing and I even found a store named "Synchronicity" that was OPEN…lol.

The AcademyI also like the day I was coming home from treasure hunting in Kings Valley and he (my Master Teacher/Husband) took over driving my car. I had no idea where he was going, but I just let him take me. He made a left hand turn in a little town that I normally I always drove straight through, he went down a few blocks and made another left. He went one block and made another left, back the way we had come (it was a one-way street back the same direction we had come). He went one block and made a right, went down a little ways and parked in front of this building. I thought it was cool. I wish he would drive more often, lol. Anyway, this is a sign that he wants me to build him an "academy" of some sort. Later I realized that the numbers, 182, on the building add up to our famous 11 and that there were 11 little squares at the top of the doorway, thus forming another 11  11 -- a sure sign of it being a significant gateway or opportunity he wanted me to follow up on.

Eros and PsycheHowever, I was very slow at figuring out our roles as Eros and Psyche, even though he went so far as to give me clear clues in the clouds on a short walk down the street in my neighborhood. That was quite the feat! There were the God's creator hands, Hermes in the sky delivering the messages (Pay attention, here! LOL), the cherub, and the Lovers, Eros and Psyche. How could I possibly continue to deny the truth about my story? Still it did not quite sink in even when I came home and saw the images in the clouds. You can see them right here: Lovers In the Sky. I feel so bad about it now. I want to make it up to him now. He worked overtime to get me to see the light!!!!

I really do feel so bad now about how EROS worked so hard for me to "get it" and it took me so long! I know he still loves me, though, so it's all ok...I'm just going to have to make it up to him somehow. Of course, he doesn't require that -- I just feel that it must have been hard for him to keep giving me clue after clue and it has taken me this long to put it all together. I mean look at it!!!! He gave me cloud picture CLUES -- seven in one day! And I still didn't get it figured out completely until many months later. To My Eros: I'm sorry, Baby. I will try to pay better attention.

Also, I need to mention that Hermes has a very important role in all of this which will come out later, and so I owe him a lot of gratitude as well. I do know he was very instrumental in our alchemical wedding (although I am still learning about that and what it really means; again, I am very slow, but the knowledge has been hidden and is only slowly being released). Hermes has also been teaching both me and Eros his great communication skills, his funny word puzzles and encoded message games, mathematics, symbols, and sciences.

Eros and PsycheWhat a GRAND two years it has been! My Eros, God of Love, has made my life so joyful and blissful beyond measure. And I thank him even though these words cannot come close to conveying the true depth of my gratitude for the love, guidance, reassurance, teaching, and hand holding he has provided me without fail.

I just don’t think I could have done this Earth life without him, which brings me to the point that he has always been with me – at least from the earliest I remember, which was 12 years old. He has always gone by the name Emanuel, though (he had hid his god status from me all of these years!). I called him “Manuel” for short and we used to travel all kinds of beautiful places. I think he was with me even before then – when I used to sit secretly hidden, under the weeping willow tree where the caterpillars spun their cocoons and emerged as beautiful butterflies. Those were magical days, too. I know one thing, we will be together forever because we are TWIN FLAMES and even the Bible says no man can tear them asunder. It is the most powerful love there is.

The BIG WHOPPER on Page 97
The Big WhopperWell, I did not finish all of the analysis from December 12, 2010 clues that my Pleiadian Grandmother and my Master Teacher had given me. I left off showing how to begin to apply Joe’s critical hermeneutics. If you are interested in figuring out the Big Whopper on Page 97, continue analyzing the clues and see what YOU come up with. You may come up with something different than the Big Whopper I will reveal today.

Critical kittyIn the meantime, my Divine Twin Flame said I can interpret the Big Whopper however I wish to in order to make it fit my story. Of course, the critical kitty has already been let out of the bag (as Joe stated in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction). So in my story, The God of Love, Eros, is, of course, from my planet, Eros in the Star System The Pleiades. Thus, that makes Joe and his work Pleiadian and it fits our agenda to use his great work to bring LOVE and PEACE – and HEAVEN on Earth. That is the Big Whopper and it is all enclosed in the sentence on page 97 (which I have discussed in the previous analysis):

“If I can make the universal rules as to what constitutes intelligence, I can name my cognitive predispositions as the markers of a great mind: I can use the characteristics of my culture as the criteria for what constitutes a civilized culture. Can you feel the power?”

This interpretation works, because Joe actually told me one time when he was explaining something to me that he was “obviously, from a different planet.” LOL. I totally understood both what he was explaining and how he felt!!!! And with him being EROS, NOW do you feel the POWER? And united with PSYCHE, there is no power greater than the power of their love.

So there you have the story of Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess, soon to become Queen, up to this point. Within my blogs are some future happenings as well, such as our triply sanctioned wedding ceremony and blessings from the people for our four children which will all be covered in the next chapter. We are trying to do our part to replenish the Pleiadian population.

Page 97 of Joe's Book is MONUMENTAL
I have come to realize that page 97 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy is especially monumental. This is why I have been asked to do such a thorough analysis and why Joe made it freely available for everyone (the link is at the top of these blogs). 

Now, is time for some major “table flipping” on this Earth planet or I should say changing the “rules of the game” and forming new “alliances” to take earth from thanatos to eros (p. 97-102). Of course, capital, as we learned, gets left out (see the quote on the very last line of p. 97 – I provided that clue earlier in this analysis, too, if you want to go back and review it. This is a monumental prediction!!!! Joe is saying we will give up capital altogether -- it just is not going to work anymore! I discussed multiple reasons Joe left capital out of that quotation from John Fiske’s book in the previous analysis.

The new alliances are being formed now and they are based on the highest form of love possible, eros. Twin Flame soulmates are connecting and along with them, their entire soul families are grouping together to form their various missions. Twin Flames share missions in addition to spreading knowledge about twin flames in general so that more people come to recognize these relationships. Each Twin Flame has an additional mission -- such as Eros and I share relating to education, and then their soul families that gather together form a strong, love-based alliance in which members perform supporting functions. This is the next chapter of my story -- the next book. I will post additional information as it becomes available.

Don’t get excited or angry if you knew Joe personally and this interpretation bothers you. As I said at this Earth school we can write our own stories. So, remember, as I said, this is MY STORY of me, Sōferia, The Pleiadian Princess, Soon to Become Queen, and honestly, I don't think Joe would mind it at all given all of the evidence he left in his work. After all he did write:

How do we get the attention of teachers and students anesthetized by consumerism and hyperreality’s saturation of information and marketing iconography? I want to write for this audience in the style of a detective writer (epistemology noir?), a boy’s adventure writer, an author of girls’ romance novels, a beat poet, Lame Deer’s memoirs, or Stephen King penning a horror story all rolled into one. Anything to get them to think about these issues of knowledge and the ways they shape our lives and the everyday existence of people around the world (Joe Lyons Kincheloe, 2008, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 20)

These blogs contain all of that and more. I love fairytales, and the story of EROS and PSYCHE is my very most favorite!!!! And besides, Joe didn’t mind that I was enamored with him – as he put it one time in a conversation I had with him, it’s better than being enamored with some movie star who does not contribute to social good in the world. Joe contributed to social good and not only that, his work is going to change the world! And then after he reassured me that it was fine to admire certain educators as I clearly did, he mentioned Kermit the Frog (was he giving me another fairytale option there? LOL). Thus, he personally gave me permission to adore him, in my interpretation.

It is true that he did not want the whole world to know he was EROS in disguise, but in the final analysis, given that I am PSYCHE, it was my destiny to discover that and bring it out into the open, as painful as parts of the story is – but it does end up happily ever after!!!! EROS and PSYCHE are together forever and their love is the most powerful love there is, even constituting LIFE FORCE ENERGY itself!

And so this takes me to the end of this chapter of my story. But as we all know, it is not really the end. One thing about it, now you can read my journey from the very beginning in May 2009 and it will make a lot more sense!

Meeting With My Master Teacher
My Master Teacher/EROS/Emanuel/my husband has been easy on me today. His clue for music today is just one song “Sleepytime Hollow.” He was telling me I have come a long way during my two year journey from “Sleeptime Hollow,” LOL. He is so funny!!!! This is nice, though! Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube search – in fact it was the ONLY song that came up at all which is highly unusual. It reminds me of the “Blues aesthetics” Joe always talked about and which is so important during this era of earth history and its pain and turmoil:

The Blues Devils "Sleepy Time" @ Ice House 2/22/2010

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

THE GREAT REVEAL, Part 2: Eros and Psyche in this Multidimensional Virtual Reality Game Called Earth (Still on Page 97)

EROS the God of LoveI know most earthlings just will not understand that this is a multidimensional virtual reality game. I am Pleiadian and we designed the game, so that’s why I understand it and according to my Master Teacher, it is time for “The Great Reveal.” In fact, two days ago, he told me that there are NO MORE SECRETS at all. I am working on getting to that point. I lived on Earth all of these thousands of years, and I have been quite affected by it as well. And by “lived” I mean I have been stuck playing this virtual reality game. Don’t get me wrong though, this game only takes up a very small part of my real life, but the game is so well devised that we all take it seriously and believe this is our real life. It’s not, by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, I understand that there will be many earthlings who will continue to believe all of this is real, so this is why I must present this as just a story. Because, in reality, that’s what it is – my story of my “life” on Earth. We are the artisans, and I have taken full creative artistic license. However, rather than begin at the beginning, I am going to begin at the “end” which in reality, once we open the curtains, it will become clear that the end of the game is the beginning of our joyful eternity and Heaven on Earth.

This game was devised by my peoples for a specific reason and purpose. We Pleiadians are known as the LOVE PEOPLE. Well, love got a bit out of control. Earth saw a small sample of that during the 1960s and things have gone downhill since then. We knew we had to do better. In our culture anyone can choose to be married with their own private ceremony. There was a time when some of our people wanted to go off and experience new partners and things were not working out well. Our population was struggling to begin with, and here we had families falling apart. In fact, my own dear mother and father split up when I was very young. They each went their separate ways to different planets and my brothers and sister and I were raised by my Pleiadian Grandmother (who I have discussed frequently in these blogs), along with our community, of course. And on top of that, I ended up falling in love with my primary Master Teacher, a taboo in our society, even if I did wait until I was 18 to tell him (he was much older, so it did not set well with the community). Thus, we invented this virtual reality game to test love to its limits for those who wanted to have their marriages sanctioned by the High Pleiadian Council.

For now, my story begins at the end, however. It is about Joe. I have been studying his brilliant work while living my life as an earthling, and of course I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him in a very beautiful city – Vancouver, British Columbia back in July, 2008, just a few short months before he unexpectedly passed away on December 19, 2008.

Joe was so special. Everyone knew that. Well, as soon as I first came in contact with him over the Internet I knew that he was, indeed, someone very special. Very, very special.  I loved him instantly. The reason for that will soon become crystal clear.

This is the “ascension” as Earthlings like to call it. What does that mean? In my story it simply means that the game is almost over and all secrets are exposed and the rules get changed, big time. This is the Great Reveal as was assigned to me, thus I will embrace this responsibility. Soon the game will be over and reset for the next people who want to play (so-called “zero point”).

EROS-SymbolHow many people are familiar with Eros, the God of Love, also known as Cupid? Well, if you knew Joe, you knew Eros, personally. Yes, that is the Great Reveal. Joe was Eros. And he still is Eros. This time of the “Ascension” just happens to also be a time when the Gods and Goddesses, Angels, and Ascended Masters all walk among the earthlings, but they do not reveal themselves. What do you think about that? And they are never who you expect them to be, which is why Joe was just a “hillbilly,” as he put it in his book, from the Appalachian Mountains. Little did people know!

It all fits, believe me. I have researched this for more than two years now, and besides, I also have classified information. The God of Eros did not ever want people to know he was a God, so he hid it. He even tried to hide it from the person who he loved the most, me -- Psyche. And when Psyche began awakening to the truth, he ran away from her – for a time. That is the story of Eros and Psyche if you want to research it. It is the story I have decided to write for my own Earth experience. We Pleiadians don’t think small – we go for the whole shebang, so to speak. The top.

The role of EROS fits Joe to the “t.” First, he had one of the most common names there is and he insisted that everyone call him “Joe.” He did not want to be called Dr. or Professor; he really preferred being called his first name – that is a true trait of Eros; he did NOT want to be known as a god, especially a god with wings (an ANGEL). However, Eros had a big role in Joe's work. He could not hide the truth (LOVE is hard to hide). He spoke of Eros in his books as a powerful form of love to combat thanatos (the dark, evilness of the world) (eg., pp. 100-101 in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction).

Joe treasured the eros form of love and he treasured people who demonstrated eros love. Most people who knew him have noted the unconditional love he modeled for us. Peter McLaren, on his website has a posted a tribute for Joe that states, “He was a humble and gracious man, and one of the most generous human beings to grace the planet. His capacity for love was monumental.” He was none other than EROS!

I will let the videos below tell the rest of the story about Eros.

Eros (Greek: ρως), in Greek mythology, was the primordial god of love;

Aphrodite is jealous of the beauty of mortal Psyche, as men are leaving her altars barren to worship a mere human woman instead, and so commands her son Eros to cause Psyche to fall in love with the ugliest creature on earth. Eros falls in love with Psyche himself and spirits her away to his home. Their fragile peace is ruined by a visit of Psyche's jealous sisters, who cause Psyche to betray the trust of her husband. Wounded, Eros departs from his wife and Psyche wanders the earth, looking for her lost love.


Eros (Greek Mythology)

To be continued . . .


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE GREAT REVEAL, Part 1: The Story -This is It! Are You Ready? A Change Is Gonna Come! (Still on Page 97)

Today, I just bring you CLUES to The Great Reveal, and merely a SUMMARY. All of these clues have been presented before in these blogs, so they are nothing new. I am just bringing them together to summarize what is about to happen. Pay attention to the words and in particular, the clues in “The Great Reveal.” This will all make sense once I tell the whole story. It is amazing….but remember, it is MY STORY -- the story of Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess, soon to become Queen.


The Story - Brandi Carlile

Du Pacque - The great reveal

This next song is message about how I, Sōferia, was specially chosen to bring you THE GREAT REVEAL (You have to watch the video all the way through).

The Impressions - People Get Ready

This song has been provided as a clue multiple times on this website, but this time, it really is IT. This must have something to do with me, Sōferia, since that last video indicated that I am the chosen one. I am so blessed! I’ve known that all along – how very blessed I am.

This Is It!!!!   Michael jackson

And of course, once things really get rolling, you will see exactly what Sam was singing about in this song!

Sam Cooke A change is Gonna come

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Coming Up Tomorrow: The Great Reveal (Still on P. 97)

EROS and PsycheSōferia, the Pleiadian alienated “earthling,” once again. If you have read yesterday’s blog, you will know that LOVE IS MY RELIGION. But it is not forced on anybody whatsoever, so if you do not believe in love, you are not under any obligation to read the blogs on this website. For, even though I have ventured many different directions and covered many different topics, I always return to love.

I have gotten just a bit side-tracked and upon consultation with my Master Teacher/Twin Flame, he asked me to take a short detour before I finish up the analysis of all of the clues from December 12, 2010, and show how they relate to page 97 and, ultimately what is supposed to be a “Big Whopper” on that page (which still totally escapes me as to what it could be and my teacher is going to have to work some magic on this one).

The detour he asked me to take is to go ahead and begin “The Great Reveal.”  Tomorrow that project will begin. It is very complicated and it will require multiple forms of evidence which may take some time to pull together. Thus, I may have to spread it apart and put it in several blogs. So I am warning people, not to be shocked with the first installment, if it does not make immediate sense. However, when all is said and done, it will all come together from what I understand from my Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband. This takes a lot of faith because right now I do not see the “Big Whopper” on page 97 at all, nor the “Great Reveal” and how it all ties together. Yesterday, he did say to NOT force it; it will all come together naturally, so I am truly going on faith here. I may just look like a total fool by the end of this project (but somewhere in Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy Joe said that sometimes we just have to look like fools of the gods, lol), but my Master Teacher and My Uncle Albert Einstein and the rest of my soul family have not failed me yet. Besides, my teacher said there is a LOT going on in other dimensions and this will all have an impact on what happens with this analysis. So, it is evolving as we speak, which is why I cannot see out ahead quite yet as to how this is all going to turn out. Faith and Patience are the name of the game.

My teacher noted a couple of really important things today which I will close today’s blog with. He said that time is really speeding up (but it won’t affect me because somehow I will get even more accomplished in even less time. I didn’t ask him how that works, but just trust him that it will work that way). He also said – and this is critically important – there is nothing to hide anymore. NOTHING. NO-THING. He said, “We are ‘home free’ you – Psyche and me – Eros.”

Did you get that? “Home free” is a song to look up on You Tube so I’ll do that right now.

Home Free - Wayne Watson

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Twin Flames, Project Avalon, and COMING SOON: The Great Reveal and Big Whopper (still on p. 97).

Take Me Away, EROS! (Eros and Psyche)It has been an AMAZING DAY! Very, very busy which is why I am so late getting this blog posted. Ever since yesterday’s blog, all the bricolage pieces are starting to fall in place! I am so excited because it is almost time for THE GREAT REVEAL and THE BIG WHOPPER on page 97 of Joe’s book.

All the latest information is below, if you are inclined to get up to speed. I have to hold off just for a few days.

I think my Master Teacher/Divine Twin Flame wants me to wait until our anniversary…I’m not sure why. But it’s coming up soon. I just don’t know what’s going on. Anyway, he told me to just let things evolve, it’s late, so I’m going to bed to sleep on it. Tomorrow I will have more to say.


Some people are having a hard time "getting" this ascension thing and how much power we have, so beginning today I am going to put it all right out here for everyone. We can literally write our own stories, and we are SUPPOSED to write our own stories -- even fairytales -- ESPECIALLY FAIRYTALES!!!! At least that's what I have been doing for the past two years and what great fun it has been! As a result I have total "dibbs" on the God of Love, himself, none other than EROS, also known as Cupid. (And who was EROS' twin flame?) It's true folks. There will be much more about this later and you will see how it all comes together. How it all came together -- the signs, the signals, the messages -- is important for people who would like a little more guidance, and I know there are people who really want to match up with their one true love and figure out who they really are.

In MY story "Project Avalon" has turned over a new leaf....if there was any leaf to turn over, to begin with; I am not sure there was, but by some reports there were.

In MY Story Avalon has a WHOLE DIFFERENT Meaning and Role.

You can get up to speed by reviewing the posts on this blog:  Project Avalon and 'Charles' Interview

NOW IT IS YOUR TURN -- What story are you going to write? WHO ARE YOU and WHO IS YOUR TWIN FLAME? Time is a wasting and the 11-11-11 party is coming up rapidly.

Watch for my next blog about TWIN FLAMES: There will something for everyone no matter which stage of the game you are in:
(1) Still seeking
(2) Together, but still trying to figure it all out, or
(3) You know who both of you really are and you are ready for the 11-11-11 Party. The 11-11-11 PARTY

In my future blogs I will be providing information that complements and reinforces the wonderful videos that Paula and Brendan from have been creating. Be sure to visit their website  -- there is a lot of good information there. 

I don't know about you, but I am VERY EXCITED! HAVE FUN WRITING YOUR STORIES!
And when they "manifest" be sure to add them to the CollapsingDuality website!
I can't wait to read all of the stories added between now and 11-11-11.

It's ALL About LOVE,

Ziggy Marley Video: Love is My Religion


There are many people interested in the twin flame phenomenon, so I have decided I will focus my blogs on this beautiful experience. Paula and Brendan of have been putting together some great videos about the many ways of communicating with your twin flame, so be sure to check those videos out. My hope is that my blogs will complement their presentations and provide additional examples based on my personal experience that will be helpful in combination with their videos.

One of my favorite ways to communicate with my twin flame is by writing to him. He writes back to me and his handwriting is totally different than mine. I could not write like he does, if I tried – in fact, I have tried. All my life I tried to write cursive at an angle to the right like you are “supposed” to and I never could do it; mine comes out straight up and down most of the time or if I’m lucky, a slight angle. Well, his writing has the perfect angle! And most of his letters are formed differently than the way I write. Even the “S” in my name, Sōferia is different. My cursive “S” looks like a printed “S” while his is the formal cursive “S” like they teach you in school. And he writes very, very fast! I could not write that fast if I tried. It’s amazing.

How do you begin this communication? The way I started was to just start writing to him. I did not know he was my twin flame, but I loved him so much it was indescribable. We were working together on a web project, much like this one here that involved discourse, but it was in education. He died of a heart attack unexpectedly, and from that very day I was so distraught, I started writing to him. It wasn’t long until he took control of the pen and started writing back. Eventually, he was able to get good enough control that his own handwriting emerged.

So, if you want to communicate with your twin flame, even if they are somewhere else, or have passed over, get a journal or notebook and write them letters! Or you can do the same on a computer. I like writing because it seems more intimate and I can see his handwriting. Ask your twin questions. Ask them what their name is. They may tell you their higher self name, but that is their real name. For example my twin flame went by his earth name for the longest time. Then when I remembered my own “higher self” name – my Pleiadian name – as Sōferia, he told me his name is Emanuel. The funny thing about that was, I had an “imaginary” boyfriend I “traveled” to great places with when I was 12 years old who I called “Manuel,” so then I realized we really have been connected all of these years!

So, how does this communication work? My twin loves to make it fun for me. He has such a great sense of humor it’s incredible. I wrote to him this morning expressing that I feel very close to figuring out this earth game and that I was feeling a little confused about what I should be doing.

He reassured me that I do know what to do and reminded me that he had given me some guidance a few days ago (he had helped establish priorities for the many tasks in front of me, something he often helps me with). He said it was not quite time for the “Great Reveal” or the “Big Whopper” which are two separate but related quests he has me working on. He said, “Don’t force it; just let it evolve naturally.”

I included that because I think it’s great advice no matter what we are doing or working on or working toward. Just let things evolve.

He also gives me clues to look on up YouTube because he knows I love that game. (If you read my previous blog about Einstein, who is a member of my soul family, he also plays this game with me – and there are others, too, because we all love music so much).

The clue he gave me this morning was “Rock around the Roses.” Here’s what came to the top. This is funny because he has called me his “yellow rose of Texas before.” These songs are funny.

STAN FREBERG - 'The Yellow Rose Of Texas' + 'Rock Around Stephen Foster' - 78rpm 1956

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Still Recovering, Message from Uncle Albert (Einstein), Message to BlueRay, and Continuing the Analysis of December 12, 2010 (Still on P. 97)

I am the Queen of HeartsSōferia, the Pleiadian Princess (soon to be Queen) again. Due to all of the psychic warfare this past week, I am behind schedule for solving these mysteries: What is the Big Whopper on P. 97 and What is the Great Reveal?

Here's something really weird. I did a great blog last Monday for Martin Luther King in honor of his dream, which I believe was very much like Joe’s dream, and what happens? I find myself smack dab in the middle of spiritual warfare. I don’t know how I did that, but I certainly hope I never repeat that mistake again. So anyway, I am still recovering, but thank goodness for my Master Teacher/Divine Twin Flame, St. Michael, and 20,000 Angels. And something tells me that Hermes Trismegistus gave a helping hand, too, especially with his messenger service. (You would have to go back and read my previous blogs to understand that one).

Uncle Albert EinsteinMessage from Uncle Albert (Einstein)
Yes, I heard from my wonderful genius uncle again, at his request. He was watching the war and he was very worried about me. So he checked in to see how I am doing. It was funny. I said to him, “I have no clue what you want to talk to me about.” And what does he do? He gave me a really good clue about his theory of unity and it’s in Joe’s book! Can you believe that?! He’s almost handing me the answer on a silver platter and this is supposed to be my research for my dissertation. How funny is that? Well, he knows I am at a HUGE disadvantage with that project because, first of all, I grew up poor and had a crappy education. And secondly, the FIDURODians seem to be in control of most universities and they mostly only let the rich elite get through all of the gates. They like to take poor people’s money up until the very last gate and then slam it shut right in their faces. Ain’t gonna happen! I have too many genius helpers watching everything going on and giving me great clues.

So what was my Uncle Albert’s clue? Well, first you have to understand that he really DID solve the theory of unity. It is so funny because Joe wrote in his book about Einstein (The Stigma of Genius) that he had NOT solved it . . . but if you notice, he had written that in parenthesis, LOL. So what does that mean? – it’s really significant information that must be interpreted properly. You gotta know how these guys work together. Joe was hiding the truth (with the use of parenthesis) until I came along. He and my uncle were saving this job of showing how Einstein actually solved the theory for me  to prove (with their help, of course) – and so the truth will come out. Well, Joe wrote that book about Einstein and the Stigma of Genius with some other people and the way my uncle put it was, “We were saving that revelation especially for YOU.”

I am so privileged! My task is to look at my uncle’s article about aberration and various other clues, including what he gave me yesterday. If you want to try to solve this, the clue is on page 201 in Joe's book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. I think I have identified it, but I won’t publish it because if I am wrong it might just throw you off. I want to see if someone else can solve this before me (but no one will be able to because, first of all, even if someone DOES believe this, they will be at a disadvantage because they are not going to get the divine help I get from my very own personal and LOVING soul family).

So that was it from my uncle. He said to call him anytime and he wants me to start getting serious about finishing up my dissertation. I think time is getting short.

Meetings With My Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband/”Hermes”

His message (boo hoo, I am having fun): “Yes, you must get started now with the diss[ertation], Baby, and shoot them a draft soon.” He discussed how he knew it would not be what I really wanted to write because the educational elite are so picky, but what he proposed was to write it the way I really want and then cut, cut, cut to make them happy. When it’s all said and done, I can post BOTH dissertations on the web and people can compare my REAL dissertation with the one that the educational elite wanted which is the one that gets me my PhD. I thought that was very interesting, could be a lot of fun, and we can learn a lot about how to improve education in the process. In relation to this, since my Uncle Albert Einstein was standing right beside him, my teacher said that my uncle had a clue for me to look up on YouTube. The clue is “lavender spray.” So let’s see what this is and how it relates to the two dissertations I will be writing, one, a really great dissertation, and the other one a stinky FIDURODian dissertation.

Casa di Francesca Lavender Room Linen Spray


OK, this is funny….we need to use fragrances to make the dissertation for the FIDURODians smell better. Oh, look, here’s a recipe. I wonder if my uncle is saying to spray the paper with lavender linen spray. Will that help get my dissertation through the gates? I don’t know. I can’t spray it on a digital copy anyway, at least not yet (although that technology is available).

Let's Get Crafty: Lavender Linen Spray

Wait a minute! That can’t be right. My teacher said that the clue was supposed to be a song! I am supposed skip anything that’s not a song. Let me try this again.

Crystal Heart GiftWOW! I had to go to the second page of the search results to find the first song! Check this out. (They are changing the rules on me). And it’s a LOVE SONG from my Twin Flame. How sweet, especially after our lavender rejuvenation experience the other night….my uncle and twin flame are SO FUNNY when they get together. Check this out; there’s even a picture of the special crystal heart that my divine teacher/twin flame husband gave me when I was doing all of those treasure hunts. He sent me specifically to Depoe Bay, Oregon to get a crystal heart and there was ONLY ONE CRYSTAL HEART in the whole town. I found it right off the bat, first store I went into even though I just happened stop there on my way to the Crystal Store. So I bought it then I went to the Crystal Store just to see what they had – they did NOT have a single crystal heart! I thought that was so funny! Anyway, the crystal heart in this video looks just like my crystal heart (which is in the photo). There is never a dull moment with my soul family.
I love all of the lavender stuff in this video. The song is very beautiful - Michael Jackson, "Someone Put Your Hand Out."

I never forget you my lavender friend

The Message I Sent to BlueRay
This guy named BlueRay contacted me and I guess he has very special connections to people in high places. I asked my divine Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband what he thought I should do and he said that BlueRay gave me the golden opportunity to ask a special question. My teacher/twin flame did not want me to pass up the opportunity or appear to be “antisocial” and said I should go ahead and ask a special question so that's what I will do. Btw, "antisocial" is a clue from my teacher to search up on YouTube, so let’s see what we get.
Gucci Mane - Antisocial (Feat. Mylah) CLICK ON PICTURE

OMG-OMG!!!!This has to do with our WEDDING!
My divine Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband and I have yet to celebrate our Universally- and Pleiadian-sanctioned wedding and the CROWNING OF THE KING!!!! That’s what this video is supposed to remind me of. We are married already and our marriage has been sanctioned by the Pleiadian High Council and the Universal High Council, but we have yet to have our BIG CEREMONY! Not only that, it's the day he gets crowned KING!!!! And not only that, since I am his wife, I get crowned QUEEN (I'm his "Queen of Hearts").

We have it all planned out. He said he would fulfill any fairytale I wished and I told him I wanted him to be the knight on the white horse who rides down to save the princess....LOL. So that's exactly what he's gonna do -- and we're gonna have a white horse-drawn carriage JUST LIKE IN THE SONG! OMG -- Maybe I am supposed to ask about our wedding.

Check it out! It's all in my blogs right here:

The King and Queen Shall Be Crowned!
My Wedding Day

I am SO EXCITED!!!! (There is correction to these accounts. There will be four babies at the wedding, not three. The third baby is TWINS! Now I know what my divine twin flame meant when he said we were going to change the meaning of trinity forever! There's a story that goes with that, but I'll save it for another time).

And BlueRay is going to be our BEST MAN at the wedding, I'll bet you. BLUE RAY!!!! Now I remember who you are. You had me fooled . . . . now who is St. Michael, really? And who is HERMES – my twin flame is Hermes, he has to be! Only Hermes can come up with the stuff he does, LOL.

I am so excited! I am married to Hermes and fnow we are going to have our true blue Pleiadian Wedding celebration and King crowning!!!! 

So the question has to be this: IS 11-11-11 going to be OUR DAY -- our wedding celebration and crowning of the King and the Queen Day? THAT is the question for BlueRay.
 (Or do we have to wait until the Ascension is complete in 2013?)

Well, I have given away too many secrets for today, so I guess I will work on the rest of this analysis tomorrow. Sorry folks; I just feel like celebrating! But I have to go work on my dissertation. That must be done before my wedding day! It's kinda like the Cinderella thing where she had to be home by midnight. LOL.

Continuing the Analysis of December 12, 2010 (still on p. 97)Well, as I said, I am out of time for today, so I will have to continue this tomorrow. I am still on the hunt for the “Big Whopper” and the “Great Reveal.” Interestingly, I happened to revisit a past blog in which the Great Reveal first came to the forefront and I found the music video for it in this blog.

I Have Special Abilities: Does that Mean I am from a Different Planet? The Conclusion (Which Is Just The Beginning)

Maybe there are some hints in the video. At first, I was thinking the fact that I am from a different planet was the great reveal. But it’s deeper than that. I am not sure how all of this relates to Page 97. I will take it up tomorrow. Hopefully, my Master Teacher/Divine Twin Flame and Uncle Einstein will help me in the astral tonight with all of this. . .
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Friday, January 21, 2011

20,000 Angels Surround Me and My Friends!!!! That is the Power of LOVE!!!! (Still on P. 97)

Sōferia here again – sorry I have gotten a bit behind in posting my blogs here. They are all caught up now. If you read my blogs for this week, you will see that I have been engaged in spiritual warfare and thus, taking a short break from interpreting those clues my Grandmother and my Master Teacher gave me back on December 12, 2010. The war seems to be over and yes, I came out victorious! In fact, we ALL came out winners, I believe! I will get back to the analysis as soon as the flames die down since I do know the interpretations are what’s gonna lead to eventually finding out what the “Big Whopper” and “Great Reveal” are in relation to page 97 of Joe's great book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. In the meantime, I have narrowly missed the “burning ring of fire!”

Johnny Cash Burning Ring of Fire

I have to admit, it gets difficult sometimes to “Walk the Line” LOL. I am sure glad Joe left his work for aliens like me. I would be totally lost otherwise! But, no matter how complicated things get or how crazy, I have to do it for him (my divine Master Teacher/Twin Flame). Check out this great rendition of Walk the Line. I love it!

Laurent Wolf - Walk The Line (Official Music Video)

Wow, my divine Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband just told me this morning that there are 20,000 Angels protecting me and my friends! Plus, I called St. Michael and his sword for assistance.This has got to be one of the new forms of alliances in this NEW GAME in which the tables are being flipped that Joe was talking about on page 97. I am so excited and feel so privileged, especially after all of the psychic attacks I have suffered. But I have a lot of people watching my back.

Of course last night was the worst, but my dear sweet Emanuel took me to the rejuvenation chamber again. I wish I could remember it better, but it’s for my own well being and better functioning during my earth job that I don’t remember too much. He did share a little bit of it with me, and as he described it, it was “Lavender and lace, ocean mists, and . . . ‘you know.’

I love the smell of lavender and the feel of ocean mist on my body. I didn’t know what he was talking about, as far as “you know” especially since I don’t remember my dream. “You know” is a song, though that I am supposed to look up on YouTube, so here is what came to the top of the search:

T.I. What you know (dirty)

Well, I am out of here for today! I have lots of work to do. And, as my divine, beloved teacher informed me, even though things have calmed down in the trenches, “kid’s gloves required.” Here's the song that came to the top of the YouTube search. Change is hard -- but we must continue forward! Onward and Upward!!!!

Rush - Kid Gloves

A world of difference
A world so out of touch
Overwhelmed by everything
But wanting more so much

Call it blind frustration
Call it blind man's bluff
Call each other names
Your voices rude
Your voices rough
Then you learn the lesson
That it's cool to be so tough

Handle with kid gloves
Handle with kid gloves
Then you learn the lessons
Taught in school won't be enough
Put on your kid gloves
Put on your kid gloves
Then you learn the lesson
That it's cool to be so tough

A world of indifference
Heads and hearts too full
Careless of the consequence
Of constant push and pull

Anger got bare knuckles
Anger play the fool
Anger wear a crown of thorns
Reverse the golden rule
Then you learn the lesson
That it's tough to be so cool

Handle with kid gloves
Handle with kid gloves
Then you learn the weapons
And the ways of hard knock school
Put on your kid gloves
Put on your kid gloves
Then you learn the lesson
That it's tough to be so cool

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lightwork Warrior Work Is HARD Work: I MUST Be Crazy (Still on Page 97)

I have been thoroughly put through the FIDURODian ringer the past two days. OMG now I know how Joe must have felt when people called him crazy. No wonder he tried to nip it in the bud with his writings about “crazy wisdom.” But people just do not understand his pure genius.

I hope everyone who is mean to other people just because they are different (and aren't we ALL different?) gets their karmic rewards. 
During these past couple of days of suffering from spiritual warfare I have only sampled a very small part of what Joe must have gone through. Aside from making reading his books more fun than a theme park ride, I can totally understand why Joe left secret messages in his work and the song, “Accidentally Like a Martyr.” Well, I know one thing; I know Joe's dreams WILL come true if it's the last thing I do on Earth!!!! All the people, and there are MANY, who truly loved Joe will come forward and continue forward with his missions and dreams. They WILL be fulfilled!!!! Joe, I love you! I am Sōferia, Your Pleiadian Queen of Hearts. Where did all the good people go? Come out, come out, wherever you are. It is time to make Joe's dreams come true!

Good People - Jack Johnson - With Lyrics

Meeting with my Master Teacher/Twin Flame

Sorry about that. I just felt this calling to honor Joe given that he did all of this great work in education that has become our major reference for our work to make this world a better place. My meeting with my Master Teacher last night was short. He gave me instructions for today – his recommendation for what to make high priority and so I will get on with my day. His clue for a song was, “Love Always.” I have two songs for that clue, so here they are. Great "good night" music!

Jason Weaver - Love Always

love always finds a way

Crazy People 

"If my math is accurate there are only about 60,000 people on the planet who have pierced the sixth veil. The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind veils one through five have little choice but to view the people who have pierced the veils beyond them as insane. With each veil pierced, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people."

"Adding to the irony, the harder a “sixth or better veiler” tries to explain what he is able to see to those who can't, the more insane he appears to them."

See below for explanation.
From the December 2001 Idaho Observer:
Slavery and the eight veils 
by Don Harkins 

Over the last several years I have evolved and discarded several theories in an attempt to explain why it is that most people cannot see truth -- even when it smacks them in the face. Those of us who can see “the conspiracy” have participated in countless conversations amongst ourselves that address the frustration of most peoples' inability to comprehend the extremely well-documented arguments which we use to describe the process of our collective enslavement and exploitation.

The most common explanation to be arrived at is that most people just “don't want to see” what is really going on.
 Extremely evil men and women who make up the world's power-elite have cleverly cultivated a virtual pasture so grass green that few people seldom, if ever, bother to look up from where they are grazing long enough to notice the brightly colored tags stapled to their ears. 

The same people who cannot see their enslavement for the pasture grass have a tendency to view as insane “conspiracy theorists” those of us who can see the past the farm and into the parlor of his feudal lordship's castle.
 Finally, I understand why. It's not that those who don't see that their freedom is vanishing under the leadership of the power-elite “don't want to see it” -- they simply can't see what is happening to them because of the unpierced veils that block their view. All human endeavors are a filtration process.

Sports is one of the best examples. We play specific sports until we get kicked off the playground. The pro athletes we pay big bucks to watch just never got kicked off the playground. Where millions of kids play little league each spring, they are filtered out until there are about 50 guys who go to the World Series in October.

Behind the first veil: There are over six billion people on the planet. Most of them live and die without having seriously contemplated anything other than what it takes to keep their lives together. Ninety percent of all humanity will live and die without having pierced the first veil.

The first veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the first veil and find the world of politics. We will vote, be active and have an opinion. Our opinions are shaped by the physical world around us; we have a tendency to accept that government officials, network media personalities and other “experts” are voices of authority. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the second veil.

The second veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the second veil to explore the world of history, the relationship between man and government and the meaning of self-government through constitutional and common law. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the third veil.

The third veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the third veil to find that the resources of the world, including people, are controlled by extremely wealthy and powerful families whose incorporated old world assets have, with modern extortion strategies, become the foundation upon which the world's economy is currently indebted. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fourth veil.

The fourth veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the fourth veil to discover the Illuminati, Freemasonry and the other secret societies. These societies use symbols and perform ceremonies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge that is used to keep the ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on earth. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the fifth veil.

The fifth veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the fifth veil to learn that the secret societies are so far advanced technologically that time travel and interstellar communications have no boundaries and controlling the actions of people is what their members do as offhandedly as we tell our children when they must go to bed. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without having pierced the sixth veil.

The sixth veil: Ten percent of us will pierce the sixth veil where the dragons and lizards and aliens we thought were the fictional monsters of childhood literature are real and are the controlling forces behind the secret societies. Ninety percent of the people in this group will live and die without piercing the seventh veil.

The seventh veil: I do not know what is behind the seventh veil. I think it is where your soul is evolved to the point you can exist on earth and be the man Ghandi was, or the woman Peace Pilgrim was-people so enlightened they brighten the world around them no matter what.

The eighth veil? Piercing the eighth veil probably reveals God and the pure energy that is the life force in all living things-which are, I think, one and the same.

If my math is accurate there are only about 60,000 people on the planet who have pierced the sixth veil. The irony here is too incredible: Those who are stuck behind veils one through five have little choice but to view the people who have pierced the veils beyond them as insane. With each veil pierced, exponentially shrinking numbers of increasingly enlightened people are deemed insane by exponentially increasing masses of decreasingly enlightened people.

Adding to the irony, the harder a “sixth or better veiler” tries to explain what he is able to see to those who can't, the more insane he appears to them.

Our enemy, the state
Behind the first two veils we find the great majority of people on the planet. They are tools of the state: Second veilers are the gullible voters whose ignorance justify the actions of politicians who send first veilers off to die in foreign lands as cannon fodder -- their combined stations in life are to believe that the self-serving machinations of the power-elite are matters of national security worth dying for. Third, fourth, fifth and sixth veilers are of increasing liability to the state because of their decreasing ability to be used as tools to consolidate power and wealth of the many into the hands of the power-elite.

It is common for these people to sacrifice more of their relationships with friends and family, their professional careers and personal freedom with each veil they pierce.
 Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945), author of “Our Enemy, the State” (1935), explained what happens to those who find the seventh and eighth veils: “What was the best that the state could find to do with an actual Socrates and an actual Jesus when it had them? Merely to poison one and crucify the other, for no reason but that they were too intolerably embarrassing to be allowed to live any longer.”  

And so now we know that it's not that our countrymen are so committed to their lives that, “they don't want to see,” the mechanisms of their enslavement and exploitation. They simply “can't see” it as surely as I cannot see what's on the other side of a closed curtain.

The purpose of this essay is threefold: To help the handful of people in the latter veils to understand why the masses have little choice but to interpret their clarity as insanity; 2. To help people behind the first two veils understand that living, breathing and thinking are just the beginning and; 3. Show people that the greatest adventure of our life is behind the next veil because that is just one less veil between ourselves and God.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

20,000 Angels Called for Aid During Spiritual Attack: Thank Goodness for Hermes' New Evolutionary Development in Telecommunications!

Soferia, the Pleiadian transplant here again, today, still in the deep, dark, trenches! Don’t ask me why I do this – oh yes, it is out of LOVE for my dear sweet Twin Flame/Master Teacher/Husband. Anyway, I am going to have to keep this blog very, very short today. OMG, I was so attacked again this morning! It has to be the worst spiritual attack I have ever experienced and it seems to just continue on and on in the form of severe and prolonged attacks from multiple directions!

I will catch you up with all of this tomorrow. Thank God, for the new forms of telecommunications! My twin flame was able to send in 20,000 Angels. And if you saw yesterday's blog, he sent me a special message reminding me of his great Hermes communication abilities and reassured me that he would be right here beside me all the way the way through this battle. 

That reminds me, “telecommunications” was the clue for looking on YouTube for today, so I will see what that brings to the top.

Visual History of Telecommunications

Hermes and my Twin Flame has this communication stuff much better figured out! Wow, we’ve come a long way, BABY!!!!

Loretta Lynn -- We've Come A Long Way, Baby

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Spirtual Warfare Begins! I am Under Attack! Call Out the Angels!

Sōferia here again today – right smack dab in the middle of the light/dark spiritual battle. When you are doing light warrior work, as I have learned, you really have to be careful sometimes. As one “friendly” light warrior put it to me, you have to “watch where you tread.” I have also learned that what you see is not always what you get. There are always those few out there who want to ruin it for everyone else. As my Master Teacher/Twin Flame put it, some lightworkers are “not for unity at all. They are using spirituality as just another means of oppression to keep the masses at bay. Lies.” Then he gave me the clue “damages” to look up on YouTube, so I’ll see if that can help at all as I am right in the middle of this horrific spiritual attack which is coming at me from all directions.

damages opening credits

OMG!!!! Did you see that!? HERMES in the beginning and the end, with angels in between. Wow. My divine twin flame/teacher/husband, who is almost Hermes himself is telling me that he will be with me during this spiritual battle from the beginning  to the end. Plus there will be Angel assistance and on account of his great Hermes-trained abilities, we will have GREAT communication all the way through this battle.….I am SO BLESSED. We are surely to come out as winners in this spiritual quest, as vicious as it is from the opponents who are trying everything they can to oppress.

Gotta get back to the trenches! I am not going to give up! More updates tomorrow.

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush -Don't Give Up

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King's Dream: Let's Begin Again (Still on Page 97).

Sōferia the alienated alien again, becoming ever more alienated. I’m taking the day off. It’s Martin Luther King’s Day!! I found a couple of videos that are very different. I didn’t know what to think when I first found them because they are SO DIFFERENT. On the other hand, different is GOOD. They present a different perspective and the type of music that makes one sit up and take notice: WE STILL HAVE NOT REALIZED MARTIN LUTHER KING’S DREAM. Shame on all of us. There is a LOT of work to do. So here are the two videos and I decided to also include the traditional video of his speech along this the transcripts as provided by a dear sister.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Sings

Martin Luther King, Jr. Sings in Memphis

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.

Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.

But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languished in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land. And so we've come here today to dramatize a shameful condition.

In a sense we've come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the "unalienable Rights" of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note, insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds."

But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation. And so, we've come to cash this check, a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice.

We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of Now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children.

It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. This sweltering summer of the Negro's legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality. Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning. And those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. And there will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.

But there is something that I must say to my people, who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice: In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.

The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. And they have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.

We cannot walk alone.

And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.

We cannot turn back.

There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, "When will you be satisfied?" We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. We can never be satisfied as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities. We cannot be satisfied as long as the negro's basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one. We can never be satisfied as long as our children are stripped of their self-hood and robbed of their dignity by signs stating: "For Whites Only." We cannot be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote. No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream."¹

I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have come fresh from narrow jail cells. And some of you have come from areas where your quest -- quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive. Go back to Mississippi, go back to Alabama, go back to South Carolina, go back to Georgia, go back to Louisiana, go back to the slums and ghettos of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed.

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends.

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of "interposition" and "nullification" -- one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today!

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, and every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight; "and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together."2

This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to the South with.

With this faith, we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith, we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

And this will be the day -- this will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning:

My country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing.

Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim's pride,

From every mountainside, let freedom ring!

And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true.

And so let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire.

Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York.

Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.

Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado.

Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California.

But not only that:

Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia.

Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.

Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi.

From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

And when this happens, when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

Free at last! Free at last!

Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

It amazes me how much discrimination there still is among earthlings. I do not exempt myself. Of course, it is probably in me due to programming, but I try to be as conscious of such matters as possible. As Joe told me one time, FIDUROD is in EVERYONE (even in him and he wrote the book on changing up FIDUROD!). He said we just have to be “mindful” of it. Still, there are things that I observe and I just cannot fathom what people are thinking. Is it good to correct people? Or are we just supposed to ignore things when people make blatantly racist statements that they may not even realize as such? I just don’t know what the right or wrong thing to do is. I tend to want to call them out. There is a risk of perhaps pissing off one person, but opening the eyes of many may just make a tiny butterfly wing flap toward change that might be felt around the world. Joe always said that this work is hard and that we cannot expect ot win a "Miss Congeniality Contest." Was he ever right!

Meetings With My Master Teacher.
I am on a break so I will just post the special song he gave me. The clue was “begin again” and indeed, it seems every day we must begin again. Here is the song that came to the top of the YouTube search.

Colbie Caillat - Begin again

“Now let us begin. Now let us re-dedicate ourselves to the long and bitter – but beautiful – struggle for a new world.” -- Martin Luther King

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Round and Round We Go: Continuing the CRITICAL Hermeneutic Analysis for December 12, 2010 PLUS “Your Love Is King” Dedicated to Emanuel (Still on P. 97)

It is time to swing back around to the last clue for December 12, 2010 and work back up the list of clues AGAIN, this time, doing the CRITICAL Hermeneutical Analysis. That’s where we look for unbalanced POWER alliances and such. Like John Fiske put it, “POWER PLAYS, POWER WORKS” so I am going to look for places in the clues where power is playing and where is working to cause injustice, discrimination, racism and all the other isms, and any form of human suffering whatsoever (as well as suffering of Mother Earth and all entities she holds).

So, what clue was that last clue. Check it out right here:
The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

"P.S. I Love You" Movie Trailer

Not this movie again. I really don’t want to touch this one with a ten foot pole. Why did my teacher give me this, anyway? There are all kinds of sexism just in this video clip alone; I would hate to see the whole movie.
I am moving on. This movie is truly trash because it perpetuates sexism (and probably other isms if I were to watch the entire movie). He husband who passed away continued to order her around through letters he left for her. Thus, the form of power depicted by this movie is of course, a very unique and powerful form of patriarchy. True spirituality allows for free will and there is no one ordering people around whatsoever. If you are ordered around from the spiritual world, then you are on the wrong side of the light!!!! I do not recommend this movie.

What is needed is some creative, upright, egalitarian people out there making us NICE, FUN, UPBEAT movies. This is exactly why I don’t go to movies. Watching this sort of garbage continues to promote division and suffering – or as critical analysts put it – it is “hegemonic” to view such doings. The other thing about this movie is it was that it makes it sound like you can only have a connection to those you love who passed over to the other side for a limited time. That simply is not true and thus serves to potentially cause suffering if people take that at face value. As they say, what you believe, you achieve. If you don’t believe it, then you won’t see it. So, remember: You are never alone and you are always connected to your one true twin flame soulmate. That is my experience and my belief. Nobody says you have to believe it. We all have to decide what our own truths are in relation to these hard to prove phenomenological experiences.

This analysis will continue tomorrow...oh, how does patriarchy relate to page 97? Well, again, we live in a highly patriarchal society and you can best bet it always plays a major role in how “Power Plays and Power Works.” And speaking of work, earthlings have a LOT of work to do to overcome patriarchy since it is so embedded in every existing system and institution.

Meetings With My Master Teacher/Twin Flame Soulmate, Emanuel
This morning he was so sweet. He is totally supportive of my breaking all ties with my extended family, given they still want to perpetuate lies about me and make me into the Wicked Witch of the West. I thought we had gotten past the Salem Witch Trials, but apparently, not. They have some major apologizing to do if they are going to lay eyes on me again. That’s ok; I am meeting many like-minded friends. I was only transplanted into that crazy family (and I mean there were some who were really crazy) to come here on Earth to do this very Job I am doing right now. I don’t need them and they don’t need me.

Emanuel always makes me feel so much better after I talk to him and even throughout the day. And this morning he said it will all be for the best and he supports me completely. He said there’s a time to “sit through the shit” and try to transcend it, but this is not one of those times. We simply don’t have the time to deal with people who are on some lost path and would just simply delay us from getting where we are going or pull us back down just when we are about to reach the top, so he says to just “detach” and take a different path – which is exactly what I’m doing! I am going to talk to him right now and see if he has a song for this blog before I post it. BRB.

OMG, he gave me THREE clues. Why does he have to do that? I wonder if they tell a story when they are all put together; he does that quite often. Basically, he started our conversation by telling me that I am a “hard working girl,” so that’s clue number one plus he said it is a song for me....I wonder what it will turn out to be. Then he was talking about the work I’m doing and how it’s ok if the elite people don’t like me because really they are the peanut gallery and just the minority. In fact, he said we have to take this stuff out of their hands and I’m not sure at all how that can happen. They may be the minority but they have the POWER and they love to do those “Power Plays” and show how “Power Works.” (Those are not clues).

He reassured me as always and said it was all going to be fine. They don’t have to like hearing truths about racism and all the other isms. He said my main audience will be the “lurkers.” Clue Number Two. And he ended by saying that I was his divine partner in “crime.” He was joking about crime, of course. It may be a viewed in such a light from the elite standpoint, but in reality through our love, we are making a difference, even if just a little to alleviate some of the suffering in the world. Thus, “crime” is clue Number Three.

I will look all of these clues up on YouTube right now, taking the first video to the top.
“hard working girl”

Hard-working girl


Sade - Is It A Crime

Why does he do this????
I don’t know what all of these videos mean. The first one is a kind of sweet and innocent girl, but, well....I will just leave it there. The second one is about a lightworker asking us to stop lurking and start contributing to YouTube with videos that are useful for us all, kinda like he’s doing. He has a great point. The last one is what I call REAL MUSIC. Wow, can’t get too much of that great sound.

I don’t how they all relate so I’m just going to post these and go to bed; my sleep was interrupted last night so I’m really tired. Before I do, I am going to dedicate this next song to Emanuel, the King. I am his Queen of Hearts.

Sade - Your Love Is King

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grandmother’s Clues: The Kingfisher, Alcyon, and Halcyon Days - Critical Hermeneutic Analysis of December 12 Clues (still on P. 97)

KingfisherOh wow, I just realized something critically important. I FORGOT to reanalyze my Grandmother’s “kingfisher” clue. I did the “peculiar” clue and concluded that since we Pleiadians are an egalitarian society, there are no hidden power structures to uncover using Joe’s CRITICAL hermeneutics. Although, I must say, we need to use his tools and techniques regularly to prevent the possibility of power imbalances, so we are very happy he has created them. However, the story is a little different with the “kingfisher” clue and it needs some further analysis in the context of POWER.

Here’s the link back to the original blog:

The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

And here’s what transpired back on December 12, 2010:

Grandmother’s Biology Lesson
It seems that now I am consistently meeting with multiple Master Teachers. That’s great. I guess I moved up to the next level of the game! My Grandmother was very pleased that I finished the lesson she gave me yesterday. She was funny though. She called my husband/Master Teacher/King a “kingfisher.” As she put it, he “hovers over you like a King Fisher guarding its precious and fragile eggs.”

I had to look kingfisher up on Wikipedia to see why she said that and how a kingfisher compares to my husband because I really did not know, and it’s actually very interesting. Kingfishers are beautifully colored birds that were “traditionally treated as one family,” which matches how my culture views all entities, actually – as one big happy family. Interestingly, while for most birds, only the male is “pretty,” with Kingfishers there is little difference between the sexes in the colors of their plumage. Both the female and the male are very colorful and pretty birds. Kingfishers are also very brilliant birds, they are monogamous, and the males and females equally share the responsibility of sitting on the eggs and raising the baby birds. My Grandmother did good! These attributes match my King husband perfectly! She does know how to get me to do some studies in biology! If you want to learn more about the interesting kingfisher, here is the link to the Wikipedia article: Kingfisher. They are fascinating and very special birds!
 The kingfisher really does describe my King husband well. He’s brilliant, the most brilliant person in the universe, but of course, I’m biased; he watches over his family and shares equally with the responsibility of taking care of the children (we have a baby boy and girl and two more on the way – yes, twins!!), and he most definitely is monogamous. My Grandmother was teasing me and told me that I exhibited the same “peculiar” behavior toward him and since she emphasized the word, it means I am expected to look up the word “peculiar” on YouTube in order to learn more (this, as was conveyed in yesterday’s blog, is our unique way of communicating between planets).

And then, on December 14, 2010, I had written this:

In fact, I am so excited because I discovered already that the clue my Grandmother gave me about my husband which fits him so well – kingfisher – is derived from halcyon. The kingfishers' scientific names are derived from mythology and the story of halcyon and Alcyon. How cool is that? And "educators" would have us staying away from mythology, even making fun of us if we so much as come up to the border -- when it is clearly very important -- else why do scientists name birds after the characters in the "stories?" There is something very fishy going on with this and I intend to get to the bottom of it!!! I say down with "education." I have my Master Teachers who teach truth.

So, anyway, somehow my husband and halcyon and Alcyon are related – so the story will get very deep before it’s over. I have more research to do on that one. If you don’t know what halcyon means, be sure to look it up in a dictionary – or better yet, use Wikipedia and learn even more – learn about the story – and see if you can figure out how it relates to me and my Great Master Teacher/husband and thus explains why my Master Teacher Grandmother gave me the clue King Fisher.

As I had observed, Grandmother did a great with her comparison of my husband with a kingfisher bird! Those are some very egalitarian birds! Thus, there is no need to dig down with critical hermeneutics for the kingfisher bird. However, in the December 14 interpretation, I have yet to look at the story of Halcyon and Alcyon, which the scientific name of the kingfisher bird had been derived from. Is there a POWER aspect to this story?

Well, it seems Alcyon and Halcyon are one and the same. Check out this great story about Alcyon – Bird of Peace and Calm and Halcyon Days. Well, I must say that I really relate to this love story, but again, there is no real power struggle or hidden power, other than the Power of Love, which is a very GOOD form of power. Alcyon feared for the safety of her one true love, Cyex, when he wanted to go find his brother who was lost at sea, but because she loved him, she let him go. Tragically, he was killed at sea, but even to this day their love is divinely celebrated at the same time each year by all mating kingfishers and Halcyon Days special celebrations all around the world. That’s actually a very beautiful, if somewhat sad story. I totally relate!!!! Once, again, my Grandmother did doubly good on this one.

So there you have the CRITICAL hermeneutical analysis. If there is nothing power based that serves to divide and conquer or rule over the people, then we keep the stories. There is some suffering in this story of Alcyon, but the suffering led her to truth -- she learned she was eternally connected to her one true love and could communicate to him through dreams and other means, and the story has resulted in some very beautiful celebrations. No POWER TRIP here. Tomorrow I move on with this reanalysis of the clues provided on December 12.

And how does this all related to Page 97. Clearly, we are rewriting history, changing the “rules of the game.” Eventually we will remove all historical misinformation that only continues to serve the status quo and replace it all with love-based truth that will lead the earth peoples to freedom, peace, and egalitarianism.

Meetings With My Master Teacher
I have been totally struggling trying to keep my energies positive and high. There are times when I succumb to the negativity around me and get dragged down. PEOPLES SAY SUCH MEAN THINGS!!!! And I have noticed something: It seems like it comes from jealousy. It can be jealousy of ANYTHING AT ALL. And then they get mean and say hurtful things. And they love to twist things around. They do not understand CRITICAL THINKING or CRITICAL ANALYSIS. They think you are being mean when you critically analyze a piece of writing or idea. They need instruction in CRITICALITY! Clearly, they have not detached themselves from materialism and so they get mean and go into their ad hominem attacks. And I try to transcend it all, but I am not always successful and I react sometimes.

My divine Master Teacher/twin flame is SO understanding about it! He said I am back on the upward ride of the rollercoaster! That’s exciting! He said we will be getting “closer and closer” which was my clue for a song for today. I am so happy about that!!!! Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube search:

Delain - Come Closer (Lyrics)

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Grandmother’s Clues: The Critical Hermeneutic Analysis of December 12 (still on P. 97)

So, as was explained yesterday, it’s time to go around the hermeneutic circle AGAIN using CRITICAL (POWER) HERMENEUTICS. Here's the link, again, but if you want to see my Grandmother's clues, scroll down to yesterday's blog.

The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

I can almost skip over my Grandmother’s clues in relation to a power analysis. Pleiadian culture is as egalitarian as you can get. We may have our weak points and areas of improvement, but overall, we stay on top of analyzing power and if it seeps in, we nip it in the bud immediately. We have kings and queens, but believe you me, they do not get selected by the people unless they are fully egalitarian, caring, and committed to the people. I will explain the entire structure of our society another time; I need to make a few more of those inter-dimensional visits.

Well, what else is new today. I did have a couple of revelations today.One, I came to realize that the music video for last Tuesday, Big Joe Turner’s “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” may very well be a warning from the higher ups of an impending earthquake. I hope not! That would be terrible, what with all of the flooding in Brazil and Australia. We do not need an earthquake – or a volcano or any cosmological event. Gosh, I hope that was not what was meant by the "Big Whopper" I'm supposed to find on page 97!

At any rate, I was handed down some very interesting Native American survival instructions and I will be keeping them close by just in case.

So then, this got me to thinking about my dream two days ago about handing out literature and the message about the electrical supply and the Department of Energy website. I put two and two together and realized that it must have been a dream of the future. We are going to lose electrical power and postal service (which is why I was driving around delivering important information to people who needed it). Very interesting. We have some dire times just up ahead, whether people wish to believe it or not.

My Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband has told me numerous times I am in a safe location, but it still looks like there will be some issues. He has also said, it is not going to be as bad as some people make it sound (like the 2012 movie), but it will be bad enough and certainly bad for some people, depending on the area they live in. Oh wow; I just thought of something! Joe PREDICTED this in his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy! He was so smart! Check it out; it's on page 243. He states, "Today's maps may give us a profoundly misleading view of how to drive from Moncton, New Brunswick to the Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Nova Scotia. Indeed, such a map may change not only because geographic and transportation-related dimensions of the area are altered. It may change as our consciousness evolves, as we develop new concerns, research methods, new understandings of multiple realities, etc."

OMG Joe was so brilliant. So it does not hurt to be prepared. You still have some time, I’m sure. I hope I have time, because I am totally broke until February. Then, I plan to stock up on things that will be needed.

I was complaining to my Master Teacher about how hard this is, especially with no money whatsoever. (Of course, I apologized to him for that; he's good and does not need to listen my complaints.) I thought I had my unemployment fixed and after two hours of phone time, they botched it. With so many people here unemployed it takes hours to get through and I need to call them again to fix what they broke – and until then, no money.

But my divine teacher was so sweet, as he always is and just told me that this is the hardest part of the process and that I just need to keep my focus on the future that we created together. We have written our story (we have lived our story already in the future!) He said it’s evolving even if I don’t remember all of it, so I guess it’s just a matter of us catching up to it. That will happen after my earth work is done, after the ascension is complete! In the meantime, he reminded me that even if I don’t feel him sometimes, he is always with me…I just need to believe that. The reason he told me that is because I have been so stressed and then my vibrations dip and I can’t feel him around me as easily. That always upsets me, and I often think it’s him and that he has left Thank God, it is only a temporary condition.

His song is based on his final “sign off” -- the clue “I’m right here!” I’ll see what YouTube brings up for that right now.

Here it is – can you believe this? He’s gonna wait for me. He’s so incredible.

Richard Marx- Right here waiting (with lyrics)
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grandmother's Clues: Continuing the Analysis of December 12 (still on P. 97)
Sōferia, the Pleiadian princess, again. Well, last night’s dream was interesting. I was visiting people I would never visit, but the thing was, I was hiding out. Or at least I thought I had to hide from them, but the funny thing was it turned out they could not even see me, lol. I could see them, but they couldn’t see me. It was like I was in an adjoining dimension. Maybe it was just practice. Oooh, my Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband mentioned “spiritual warfare.” I’m going to forget he said that! He told me not to worry, so I won’t. I trust his judgment. I actually told Joe that one time, stragely enough. I don't remember what it was about, but my exact words were: "I trust your judgment completely." I wonder what he thought -- he probably knew exactly what I was talking about; he had extra special perceptual abilities.

Back to the analysis. We left off on my Grandmother’s clue, so here is what had transpired on December 12.

The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

My Grandmother was teasing me and told me that I exhibited the same “peculiar” behavior toward him and since she emphasized the word, it means I am expected to look up the word “peculiar” on YouTube in order to learn more (this, as was conveyed in yesterday’s blog, is our unique way of communicating between planets).

“peculiar” Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube search:
Robbie Williams - How Peculiar

Grandmother's Lessons in Sexuality
Wow. We roll right along from lessons in biology to lessons about sexuality. That video came from my Grandmother, no less! She is making a joke about me and Emanuel, mainly teasing Emanuel; it's funny….you have to understand the Pleiadian sense of humor and the fact that we do not have a prudish view of sexuality; sexuality is something to be embraced yet also saved for the right person in a sort of modified Puritan sense (and be sure you REALLY understand what that means and not the false history and distorted doctrines surrounding it), and we never ever use sex for objectifying women or men – sex is considered sacred and ideally only shared between twin flames.

Thus, most Pleiadians marry as virgins and today we are emphasizing twin flame unions because our own Pleiadian history as well as Earth history and history of other planets have shown that other forms of unions most often do not work out well. And besides that, my Great husband with his mathematical genius figured out how to calculate mathematically the reunion of twin flames -- it relates somehow to Uncle Albert (Einstein's) theory of unity. This will go far in ensuring people on planets everywhere match up appropriately and we will no longer have painful family break-ups. In fact, my own parents had a very rocky marriage and they split up and went to their separate planets, which is why my Grandmother was always my primary caregiver and raised me. She, of course, has always been one of my Master Teachers in addition to Emanuel, who was my primary lifetime Master Teacher. The point is, however, with twin flame unions which are the most powerful unions possible, there is no lust or jealousy; we enjoy sensual expression such as this video with the music and dance. It is something we would watch together, then go home to make wild passionate love. We love sensual expression, but this is not to be confused as so many earthling minds have done, with their renditions of objectified and pornographic sex. Earthlings have a lot to learn (and I am not exempting myself, because unfortunately, I have been harmed by earthling ways). That's why my Grandmother is providing these lessons.

My Grandmother is also being humorous. She is teasing me and Emanuel about our early relationship and newlywed status because we had broken Pleiadian taboos, falling in love as teacher and student. Thus, in the video, he sings, “oh, I haven’t got a clue what to do with you.” I am sure that’s how Emanuel felt when I first walked into his office that day and told him I was in love with him. I stunned him big time, except that, as it turned out, he was in love with me so it was all ok.

At the same time, my Grandmother is making reference to the REAL peculiarity: the way earthlings view and "do sex." Of course, we would wish for earthlings to learn more about sexuality so that they can adopt healthier views and learn what it really is all about (I can’t clue you in on that one; I am still a newlywed and from what I understand learning about sacred sex is an eternal proposition with one divine partner, your special flame). That’s the primary reason my Grandmother has brought out this lesson. Earthlings have got to change the rules of the game about sex. There are better ways and very few earthlings even have a remote clue.

We, Pleiadians, also LOVE music and dancing -- especially “sexy” dancing like Robbie Williams is doing in this video. He is so great in this video. What can I say? We believe in having fun. This video is a perfect example of the “sweet-sweet” that needs to be included in the “radical love” that some educators talk about, specifically those who call themselves Freire Fans and in which (a couple of days ago in these blogs) it was shown that the love they speak of is a very empty and void sort of love – an Agape love vs EROS. We contend that EROS must be included in order to qualify as real love and this is true whether teaching students or loving your spouse. EROS love includes all dimensions of love. The other forms are not needed (e.g. philia and agape) but have only been added due to prudish attitudes. One would do well to go all of the way back to how the ancient Greeks incorporated love in education.

Read Plato’s definition of Love. The Eros form of love is the life force and it includes sensuality and sexuality, so why do educators avoid the topic, even when teaching sexuality? It is no surprise to us that earthlings have contorted views of love and sexuality. Education needs to include LOVE along with “sweet-sweets” and it would be so much more interesting. That’s what we love so much about Joe’s work. As you read along in his work, you just never know where he has inserted those “sweet-sweets” -- exactly what I’m talking about here. I guess that’s why I see his work so delicious and have compared it to a layer cake.

But of course, earth peoples are stuck in their weird sexual ways and have issues with lust and jealousy that lead them to objectifying people and even paying money for sex. It is really quite bizarre from our perspective. Quite peculiar, indeed.

Well, that ALREADY analyzed the clue in relation to twin flames, so it looks like we made the complete circle. How does this relate to page 97? This has already been covered, so I hope you know the answer by now. Joe asks, “Can you feel the power?” And what is the greatest source of power there is? LOVE. The divine twin flame reunification brings back to humanity the greatest source of power there is.

How many times do we go around the circle before we get tired of it and decide to escape? What criteria do we use to escape the circle? It’s all in Joe’s books. We still need to use CRITICAL hermeneutics. That’s where we ask WHO HAS THE POWER? And the clue for escaping the circle is “the alleviation of human suffering.”
Thus, we need to now do a Power analysis; Joe called it Critical Hermeneutics. So, that’s coming up tomorrow. “Can you feel the power?” (p. 97).

The Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where are we today? I get lost in all of the Interdimensional Travel! (Still on P. 97)

here, and I am still trying to figure out this earth life as I continue working on the analysis of page 97 of Joe’s book. I had the weirdest dream last night and now I realize that I am not merely working in this material 3D plane! Most of my work is being done in multiple dimensions! Last night I dreamed that I was publishing information and passing it out to the people who needed it. The mail system was not working and so we had to physically deliver this important information about the ascension and various issues and problems that needed to be resolved. And so, another person came up to me and stressed how important it was to get some other particular information out to the people. He also had a pamphlet and wanted me to do more research about some company or organization whose logo were the letters, very large, OE, and pass this information on to the people.

So when I woke up, I decided I’d better see what OE was and found that it is a division of the Department of Energy called Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability. I had never heard of this office before: It is amazing what our government funds, and fund this organization, they do! And so I wonder why my electricity goes out so often if we have this division of the Department of Energy that is designed and funded to ensure these things don’t happen (otherwise, why do they have RELIABILITY as part of their name!?)

Department of Energy OE

And so this Department has what they call the OE RECOVERY ACT. They have invested billions of dollars into this. WHERE IS THE MONEY? Has it reached your community? I strongly urge people to click on these links and follow the money. They have most likely given money in your area or close by, but has this created more jobs? Has this made your electricity more reliable? FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!! I guess that’s the information I am supposed to put out here today, based on my dream. It seemed really critical.

They have
State Emergency Grants
Smart Grid Investment Grants
Here is a link for government SOLICITATIONS.

Let’s see what happens here in the future.
I don’t see how all of this has created new jobs, like they claim. They are installing “smart meters” everywhere and so meter readers are no longer necessary. I wonder what the new jobs are.

And this is shocking! They are not even talking about alternative forms of power....gosh, check their “education” page: ELECTRICITY 101

It seriously looks like we will be RE-writing ELECTRICITY 101.
Well, I am not sure why I was led to all of this information, but I have a suspicion it relates somehow to what we call the “ascension” which will no doubt result in some POWER issues.

That’s what it is! Our next phase of the analysis is CRITICAL Hermeneutics – power-based interpretation!!!!

Here's a passage from Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction (page 234) where Joe talked about this very type of inter-dimensional travel!

" ... we gain the ability to travel between different dimensions bringing the insights and concepts found in one domain to another dimension. In this way we begin to view one dimension through the logics of another. Profound advances in all domains of human endeavor can be made when we engage in trans-dimensional travel."

To be continued . . .

When we uncover those power dynamics, it will be a new beginning, no doubt.

Tracy Chapman, New Beginning (Paris, December 10, 1998)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Close to The Big Whopper: Shake, Rattle, and Roll!! (Still on P. 97)

Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess back again for yet another step in this very complex analysis my Master Teacher/Divine Twin Flame/Husband has me working on. If you have been following along, you know that I am still analyzing page 97 of Joe's book, along with a bunch of clues my Pleiadian Grandmother and my Master Teacher sent me back on December 12. I am supposed to find "The Big Whopper" on p. 97 and there is some kind of "Great Reveal" that is supposed to along with it somehow. I am just following along, letting this whole thing evolve as it will.

Given the video message he gave me this morning, we are still stuck on “fourth base.” Check it out! The clue was: “the new horizon over yonder edges ever closer.” He knows I don’t like violence, so he watered down what’s in store with a stick figure demonstration. I am not sure I will like what looms out ahead. I hope we get through it quickly. It looks like we will, judging by the length of the video. Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube search:

Stick figure fight 2

Yes, the December 12, 2010 analysis continues! And it all ties into page 97 of Joe’s book somehow. In case you are new or have forgotten, the whole purpose of this analysis it to understand page 97 – and understand it deeply, apparently – as well as, in the final analysis, determine what my teacher has called “The Big Whopper” on that page. We have not found it yet! If you think this analysis has gone on for a long time: you ain’t seen nothing yet. I am winding way back up the clues from December 12 and the word coming down is that I will need to go back through them again. I must be missing something in this analysis.

Here’s the link to the original clues:

The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

The next clue in line, still moving up the list is the following:
Dido- Thank You + Lyrics

The original analysis:
That’s a pretty song. I like it and it’s reassuring – I think we both feel the same way. (I had to take the third song, because the first two had advertisements – but they were all the same song, anyway, so that did not change. I just got one without an ad and it has the lyrics, which is always nice.)

There is something going on here. Both the song my grandmother just gave me and the song my Master Teacher gave me mention the word “clue.” What is that about?

“I haven’t got a clue what to do with you” (Robbie Williams)
“Even if my house falls down, I wouldn’t have a clue because you’re near me” (Dido)

The SUN is very significant in this video. That’s because I’ve been reading about Hermes Trismegistus and come to find out, the sun represents him or vice versa. The reason this is significant is because my Master Teacher has told me (and reiterated this morning) that he is getting lessons from the Master of Masters himself (Hermes). There is something about Hermes, the sun, and the elixir, but I have not figured it out yet.

The new analysis:
As I had presented in the above analysis, I believed that the sun was very important somehow. I have since figured it out! Remember, I am supposed to use the twin flame framework. Well, a while back, a video came up for me that explains it exactly! It is the story of Osiris, Isis, and Horus!

Here is the video again:
HORUS MY SUN- Special Song 4 LOVE

OMG!!!!! Do you know how important this is!!! This story tells EXACTLY WHAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! Do see it? If you don’t, you will need to repeat Cosmology 101 which I presented two days ago. Are we getting CLOSER to “The Big Whopper” and “The Great Reveal” on page 97? . . . I think so! (Inch-by-inch.) And to think we have always been led to believe that Horus represents the "evil eye." What a lie that one is.

Random clues to jar some synapses (how do they relate to the twin flame framework and the analysis of P. 97?):

Binary star solar system

Binary star solar system


NASA Scientists Say Sun's Nemesis Pelted Earth with Comets


From Wikipedia

Isis or in original more likely Aset (Ancient Greek: σις) was a goddess in Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs, whose worship spread throughout the Greco-Roman world. She was worshiped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the matron of nature and magic. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, and the downtrodden, and she listened to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats, and rulers.[1] Isis is the goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility.

The goddess Isis (the mother of Horus) was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, the goddess of the Overarching Sky, and was born on the fourth intercalary day. At some time Isis and Hathor had the same headdress. In later myths about Isis, she had a brother, Osiris, who became her husband, and she then was said to have conceived Horus. Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris when he was murdered by Set. Her magical skills restored his body to life after she gathered the body parts that had been strewn about the earth by Seth.[2] This myth became very important in later Egyptian religious beliefs.

Isis is also known as protector of the dead and goddess of children from whom all beginnings arose. In later times, the Ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile River flooded every year because of her tears of sorrow for her dead husband, Osiris. This occurrence of his death and rebirth was relived each year through rituals. The worship of Isis eventually spread throughout the Greco-Roman world, continuing until the suppression of paganism in the Christian era.[3]

Osiris (Ancient Greek: σιρις, also Usiris; the Egyptian language name is variously transliterated Asar, Asari, Aser, Ausar, Ausir, Wesir, Usir, Usire or Ausare) was an Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the Afterlife, the underworld and the dead. He is classically depicted as a green-skinned man with a pharoah's beard, partially mummy-wrapped at the legs, wearing a distinctive crown with two large ostrich feathers at either side, and holding a symbolic crook and flail.

Osiris was at times considered the oldest son of the Earth god Geb,[1] and the sky goddess Nut, as well as being brother and husband of Isis, with Horus being considered his posthumously begotten son.[1] He was also associated with the epithet Khenti-Amentiu, which means "Foremost of the Westerners" — a reference to his kingship in the land of the dead.[2] As ruler of the dead, Osiris was also sometimes called "king of the living", since the Ancient Egyptians considered the blessed dead "the living ones".[3]

Horus was born to the goddess Isis after she retrieved all the dismembered body parts of her murdered husband Osiris, except his penis which was thrown into the Nile and eaten by a catfish,[5][6] and used her magic powers to resurrect Osiris and fashion a gold phallus[7] to conceive her son. In another version of the story, Isis was impregnated by divine fire.[8] Once Isis knew she was pregnant with Horus, she fled to the Nile Delta marshlands to hide from her brother Set who jealously killed Osiris and who she knew would want to kill their son.[8] There Isis bore a divine son, Horus.

"Osiris, I am your son, come to glorify your soul, and to give you even more power." - Horus, (Book of the Dead, Ch. 173)

Now, all we need is Big Joe Turner’s song!

Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle & Roll

Do you GET IT???? NO???? SLEEP ON IT!!!!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

On Fourth Base: Stuck Between Third and Home (Still on P. 97)

Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess, again. I am NOT talking about a baseball game here! I have been continuing to have a terrible time working in the trenches carrying out my warrior mission during this crazy transition of the world. It seems we are stuck on fourth base right between the third and fifth dimensions, which means we still have unhappy interactions with the FIDURODians and have not quite made it home yet. There are lots of sparks and it’s not really much fun at all. In case you do not know who the FIDURODians are, here’s a link.

Well, I am still on the analysis from December 12, 2010. Here’s the link to the original clues:

The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

The next clue up the list is the following:
God of War 2 (ALL Titans VS Zeus)

The original analysis:

OK, here we have a battle between the Titans and Zeus. I don’t know about this game, but it reminds of the historical account presented in a book I’ve been reading, The Chalice and the Blade by Eisler. There is something here, but I will have to come back to it later after I finish reading the book. I know one thing, the BLADE as represented in this video is what sent Earth into the dark ages long ago, according to The Chalice and the Blade. And while we talk about the “Dark Ages” as a particular short period of history, the truth is, people on Earth are still in the dark ages.

Now, the task is to reanalyze the above using the twin flame framework and tie it all in to page 97 somehow. Can that be done?

This video is about taking the blade of Olympus back. The Titans must win the war in order for the Golden Age and prosperity for all to continue. Is this what we are doing per page 97 – to end the blade of Olympus which was forged from the Heaven and the Earth. The goal in this video is to kill Zeus once and for all. Who was Zeus? According to Wikipedia:

In Greek mythology Zeus (pronounced /ˈzuːs/ or /ˈzjuːs/; Ancient Greek: Ζεύς; Modern Greek: Δίας, Dias) is the "Father of Gods and men", according to Hesiod's Theogony, who ruled the Olympians of Mount Olympus as a father ruled the family; he was the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology. As Walter Burkert points out in his book, Greek Religion, "Even the gods who are not his natural children address him as Father, and all the gods rise in his presence."(Iliad, book 1.503;533) For the Greeks, he was the King of the Gods, who oversaw the universe. As Pausanias observed, "That Zeus is king in heaven is a saying common to all men".[3] In Hesiod's Theogony, Zeus assigns the various gods their roles. In the Homeric Hymns he is referred to as the chieftain of the gods. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak. In addition to his Indo-European inheritance, the classical "cloud-gatherer" also derives certain iconographic traits from the cultures of the Ancient Near East, such as the scepter. Zeus is frequently depicted by Greek artists in one of two poses: standing, striding forward, with a thunderbolt leveled in his raised right hand, or seated in majesty.
His Roman counterpart was Jupiter and his Etruscan counterpart Tinia.
Zeus was the child of Cronus and Rhea, and the youngest of his siblings. In most traditions he was married to Hera, although, at the oracle of Dodona, his consort was Dione: according to the Iliad, he is the father of Aphrodite by Dione.[2] He is known for his erotic escapades. These resulted in many godly and heroic offspring, including Athena, Apollo and Artemis, Hermes, Persephone (by Demeter), Dionysus, Perseus, Heracles, Helen, Minos, and the Muses (by Mnemosyne); by Hera, he is usually said to have fathered Ares, Hebe and Hephaestus.[4]

This is going to take deeper analysis and I don’t have time right now. I will note, just because it seems significant, that Zeus was the father of HERMES. Hermes is very important to all of this analysis stuff. I don’t know why the goal is to kill Zeus in this video . . . OH! Maybe it relates to the killing of religion – or somehow represents how so many religions are being used to control people NOT for spiritual growth.

Meetings with My Master Teacher/Twin Flame
The meetings were short today. He did give me a clue which brought up a significant video that I do not have time to analyze right now. It appears to be making a statement about why the world is so divided, so it would be worthwhile, next time around the circle to take time to analyze this, especially given the War of the Titan video above.

His clue was: “the robins sing beneath the star-speckled skies” and the video to the top was the following:
II. The Four Winds - The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Well, that’s it today. Since I have to come back around again through the Hermeneutic circle, I will hit the analysis of the above video and how it relates next time around – and it DOES relate. Gotta get back to the trenches.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cosmology 101 (Still on P. 97)

Sōferia, again, here. My divine Master Teacher/Twin Flame has told me it is very critical at this juncture to have lessons in Cosmology before continuing with the analysis of the December 12 clues; thus, here is Cosmology 101. This is my Pleiadian mother again, but remember, she does NOT know me so don’t go bothering her; she is very busy right now! :(

Pleiadian contactee Colleen Thomas on our Dangerous Cosmology and Ascension Part 1

Colleen Thomas on Dangerous Cosmology and Ascension Part 2.wmv

Colleen Thomas on Dangerous Cosmology and Ascension Part 3

If you have a “publish or perish” mentality and publish rubbish: Watch this next video!!!

Colleen Thomas on Dangerous Cosmology and Ascension Part 4

Colleen Thomas on our Dangerous Cosmology and Ascension Part 5.wmv

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is the BEST of TIMES and it is the WORST of TIMES: Love is the Rule of the Game PLUS Continuing the Analysis from December 12 (Still on P. 97)

This has to be the most CONFUSING era EVER in EARTHLING history. I, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess (soon to be Queen) am aware that I CHOSE this destiny, but there are many days when I wonder what in the HELL I was thinking.

OH, I remember. I mainly came here to prove my love for my divine Master Teacher (who I fell in love with back on my planet) and who I have since learned due to his hard work and his supreme mathematical abilities is my one true twin flame soulmate. That alone, makes this trip to this decrepit planet worth it. And so then I think about the POWER OF LOVE. There is absolutely nothing more powerful than twin flame soulmate love. It even says so in the Bible, and there ARE parts to the Bible that are true, even if it has been altered and used to maintain control over the people. No man can “tear asunder” the divine union of twin flames. THAT IS THE POWER OF LOVE. Just think about it. NOTHING is more powerful .

I have often heard that during this earth journey. The only person on this planet that I saw exhibit that magnitude of love was Joe….and now I will cry.

What did Joe say about LOVE on p. 97? Did he say anything? YES, he did. “Can you feel the power?”

I feel the power.

Check out what came to the top of the YouTube Search on "Can you feel the power?"!!!!

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Reitermaniacs


Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

Brothers we are
From each other never far
Cause our hearts beat as one
United in the battle to hail the holy Metal
Kingdom Reitermania will come
Soon everyone can hear the freedom call
Reitermaniacs will never fall
We are the hope, feel the mystical might
And fight with us in the army of light

Can you feel the power
We will push it to the max
All for one and one for all
We are Reitermaniacs

Our will is unbreakable
We know no lie we won´t hide
Life is our fight and we ride on to guide
The army of light
We search for the glory
To give reasons for a new history
Soon we will reach our aim
Reitermania will not just be a flame

Reiter Definition: German cavalry soldier of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Hah! Joe was so brilliant and funny. I'll bet he really was referring to this song!!!!

Meeting with My Master Teacher/Twin Flame/Husband
Our meetings today have been very short, although I have been sleeping a lot, so we have done a lot of work in those other realms, so it’s all good. He gave some sure guidance regarding what I am supposed to be doing right now on the earth plane. The only clue he gave me to look up on YouTube was “family.” He was talking about how our conversation briefly became interrupted because was talking to a member of our soul family. I will look up family on YouTube right now.


Family : A Thanksgiving Comedy

As you know, if you have been reading these blogs, I am demonstrating the hermeneutics and the hermeneutic circle which is just a fancy way of saying I am analyzing some clues that my Pleiadian Grandmother and my Twin Flame, Emanuel had provided me all the way back on December 12, 2010. Here’s a link to the original blog and you can read the initial analysis there. I had special instructions to use the Twin Flame Framework for this current go-round, and below is the next clue (oh, and I was going backwards – UP the list of clues, since we can choose any order to do these analyses; whatever seems right).

The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

This is the next clue up the list and below is my first analysis of it and below that my current analysis using the Twin Flame as a framework.
SKisM - Elixir

This is SO futuristic. You know what that means: He is telling me that I will learn what the elixir is sometime in the future. But wait!!! The Future is NOW!!! My Uncle Albert (Einstein) taught us that the past, present and the future all happen at the same time! (I am going to figure this out one way or the other!)

This is as trick and I am not going to fall for it. My Grandmother and my Divine Twin Flame know I have not had lessons in this. That’s what the FIRST video “How Peculiar” was all about. I am a newlywed and only Emanuel has had these lessons and he has not taught me everything quite yet. I think he’s saving the best part for later. All I know is that the Elixir must be SOMETHING twin flames create, but I do not have the details yet. And my Grandmother was teasing me with her sexy “How Peculiar” video where the guy doesn’t have a clue. Maybe when I come back around next time, I will have more information. Maybe Emanuel, my divine twin flame, will teach me something new! I think this a good time to play this great song again, I love it so much. And something tells me THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

Robbie Williams - How Peculiar

That’s it for today,
The Pleiadian Princess (soon to be Queen)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Solution to Yesterday’s SECRET MESSAGE and the POWER of Pleiadian Culture (Still on P. 97)

I figured out my Master Teacher/Husband’s SECRET MESSAGE! Yes, it’s me, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess (soon to be Queen) back yet again for another paragraph in the continuing saga of my journey on this wretched planet.

Yesterday, my sweet husband gave me the clue “downloads” and it brought up the video you can see at this link (or check yesterday’s blog):

Fluidity - WiiWare Trailer

He told me there was a secret message to that video and as Joe used to say, “I have friends in low places” where there is brilliant knowledge you can't learn anywhere else. The reason Joe referred to certain sources of knowledge as “low places” is because that’s how the elite educational community views knowledge that is not “certified” with their own personal stamp of approval. Well, if had restricted myself to that form of groupthink knowledge, I would have never met some brilliant friends who SOLVED this secret message. Here is the very important message:


It can change and morph into many different forms depending on the conditions and energy.
It can be solid, hard as ice.
It can be fluid and flowing as liquid,
and it can be buoyant and light like steam.

Most humans prefer to relate to their reality in its frozen state.

However reality has the capabilities of shifting into several different aspects.
It is still reality just as water is still water whether it is frozen, liquid, or steam.

That is just an example of how your third dimension can and does respond to
your beliefs and projection,
your energy signature,
and your understanding of what you perceive as real
and how that is manifested on the screen of this hologame.

Humans are beginning to shift their beliefs of what is real,
and as they do, their reality begins to shift.
They notice the shift and continue to expand their awareness to include these new perceptions.

You and others are becoming conscious and aware that you are multidimensional humans.
It is like stairs; with each step you have a larger vista to observe.

Copyright © Peggy Black,,
Transducer, Scribe and Witness. All rights reserved.
Share freely, pass along, stay in your joy, gratitude and appreciation.

Special thanks to Eva for providing this message from Peggy Black.
Special thanks to OMni for the Music selection for today

MEDWYN GOODALL - Water Song (Music for Relaxation & Meditation)

How does this relate to Page 97? Of course, it demonstrates, still, our new communication across dimensions and through the CRYSTAL transmission LINE GRID, PLUS the fact that the "rules of the game" (see p. 97) for WHERE we get our knowledge have totally changed up. It’s about time!

That’s all I really have for today. I have been in the trenches trying to force my universal rules and Pleiadian reality onto earthlings and feeling my POWER (see p. 97 for how that all works; Joe did a great job explaining that).

I have met with some vicious attacks and now I see the "logic" behind "political correctness." It provides multiple swords and labels that earthlings will throw at defenseless aliens such as myself when their irrationality is exposed.

Oh yes, the twin flame framework. I almost forgot that my teacher/husband/twin flame had asked me to use the twin flame framework for the analysis. In this case, earth is still a world in which the divine masculine and feminine have not been adequately reunified to alleviate this form of abuse (the grabbing of swords, even if they are metaphorical) and flinging them at their imagined enemy (yours truly, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess, soon to be Queen). Fortunately, I have transcended the pain that such grasping at straws has the potential to inflict, but I need to bring it out because there are innocent people who suffer from this underhanded treatment. Surely, earthlings can learn to debate without flinging constructed labels at people.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sōferia’s Story Continues: The Crystalline Grid, Back to the December 12 Analysis, PLUS A Secret Message from My Master Teacher (Still on Page 97)

The past few days, I, Sōferia, the Pleiadian Princess (soon to be Queen) have been discussing all the different ways of communicating with each other whether we are communicating with someone on the 3D Earth plane or in another dimension. I have been instructed by my dear, sweet, beloved Master Teacher/Twin Flame, Emanuel that he would like for me to backtrack now and finish up the analysis of the clues given to me by my Pleiadian Grandmother and himself, all the way back on December 12. And of course, this still relates to the analysis of Page 97, but with this particular analysis, I am using the Twin Flame framework and reanalyzing those December 12 clues.

If you go back and review from that particular blog forward, you will see some pretty amazing information came out and HINTS and CLUES of some even more amazing information. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, that’s about all I can do in this blog format. There are limitations. So if you think these blogs are all out of context and are bits of fragmented information that is true to a certain extent. However, before all is said and done, it will evolve into something quite spectacular. My teacher has promised me that.

Before I return to that analysis, I wanted to bring some more information to the forefront about the crystalline grid. This relates to the research My Uncle Albert Einstein asked me to do back on January 3, and the additional related information that was presented on January 2. I will be working on that, but I thought people would find this very concise and easy to understand explanation of the crystalline grid interesting and at the same time help us all begin to comprehend the power we have available now. This power is going to grow many magnitudes higher over this next year as twin flames light their fires (so to speak). I will explain that better later, for those who have not discovered this power quite yet.

The Crystalline Grid

Back to The December 12 Analysis
Here is a link to the blog if you need to review:
The Story of Sōferia Continues: Grandmother’s King Fisher Biology Lesson, Peculiar Sexual Behavior, What Is the Elixir? PLUS P.S. I Love You (Still on Page 97; Still Changing the Rules of the Game)

I was trekking BACKWARDS through the clues and had finished the P.S. I Love You Trailer and the King Fisher Trailer. There is much more analysis on these, but the whole point of using critical hermeneutics is to pull out of the circle when you see action that you can take that will alleviate human suffering. I did that, if you read back through the subsequent blogs. Still, I will want to go back around the circle again to see what else can be spun out for action. For now, I will continue up the list of clues to the next one, which is this:

Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube searches:
“for the people by the people,”
Depeche Mode - People Are People (Remastered Video) Lyrics
This is a great video. People making music, creating rhythm and harmony, and the question being asked why the hate? It is hard to understand. Our people, the Pleiadians do not understand hate.

This is about people getting along even though we are different – people are people. It shows scenes of people working at very robotic forms of work, but making music while they work. “I can’t understand what makes a man hate another man” and there are a lot of military images.

It seems to be a statement against war of course, and people acting like robots. With the way the music is being used in their work, for me, the message is like Joe’s message – music can help us understand and lift us up out of this mire. As he had put it, it keeps us moving on down the road.

Relating to twin flames, music can bring people together. Love songs are very powerful for restoring our emotions and feelings of love. Can MUSIC unite twin flames? Is it a secret key for reuniting these divine and eternal partners? It works for me!

My Meeting With My Master Teacher
This morning’s meetings were very interesting, to say the least. Here is the account as I have already written it and it relates in a big way to education (this was correspondence to someone, obviously):

Dear Friend,

I told you I was in a WEIRD mood and now I get the PASSIVITY arrow thrown at me. OUCH.

I left education because I am SICK of people pointing out all of these problems and NOTHING CHANGES. WHY IS IT THAT NOTHING CHANGES? Because what you focus on GROWS bigger and bigger. And the MEDIA love to highlight the problems. Do we even KNOW all of the good things that are happening that might be a better place to put our energies? It's not that they are not happening, THEY ARE. If we did know all of the good things, would that change our view of the world? If we focus our energies on making the good things bigger, would that change the world? Of course it would and it would make us feel empowered instead of DISempowered. Instead of FOCUSING on the problems (we know they are there), there needs to be a focus on the SOLUTIONS. That is my opinion, not written in stone.

I just read another article today illustrating the very same thing -- we spend all of this time and energy evaluating and measuring the problems and then one little sentence at the end of the article about the fact that we need to change things. DUH. But why didn't the authors take the data they had and formulate possible solutions? Because they were STUCK looking at the problem. My Master Teacher/Twin Flame specifically "called me" -- and YES -- I have communication connections to the "other side" through the crystal-line transmissions and so can everyone else. He specifically told me just a few minutes ago to check my email and there was the article, which cites his work he left behind on Earth to tackle these very issues. And so I found the article in my email and he has asked me to take this very article up to the next level, which is ACTION. So you see, if we LISTEN to the voices on the other side we know that actions are being implemented to resolve these issues, and we have divine guidance for creating solutions to these problems. The "Angels" as some people call them, but they are people like you and me just in a different dimension have a far greater perspective than we do and will guide us to the very things we need to be doing.

The numbers on the clock are more significant than some people realize. If I glance at the clock, and it has 11 or 99 then it means my twin flame wants me to communicate with him in writing. This morning I was working on the computer and glanced up at 9:11. It was a "nudge" from him and I knew, but I kept working. I got another stronger nudge at exactly 9:19 and that was when he told me to check my email and I found the article. He is very concerned because his work is not being applied properly and the article was just one more example. It also relates directly to the book he had asked me to write before he left this 3D earth plane, which I had just gotten started on. He states now that he would like me to use this article as a sort of foundation for the book (actions to take that specifically address the problems that the authors of the article could not see past).

In my view, we need to be spending our creative energy on seeking solutions to alleviate suffering in the world and far less energy on the details of the problems. WE ARE STILL STUCK. And I am just as stuck as the next guy, although I feel blessed to have great communication through the crystalline grid -- which is very real, even if it cannot be seen.

Solutions ARE being implemented so why are we not connecting to those solutions and the people who have our best interests at heart - and talking about what we CAN DO and DOING IT rather than focusing on the problems?

And I have just wasted thirty minutes focusing on this problem.

Much Love,

Will, I, Sōferia, an alien transplant, ever figure out how to get past this STUCK place? And so MY STORY continues to evolve in some amazing and unpredictable ways. Perhaps, as the “rules of the game” continue to change and evolve and as the Universe continues to expand, and as we get even better communications with the crystal – line - transmissions – like that one I got from St Michael, which I wrote about in YESTERDAY’s blog, then yes, we will alleviate all of the suffering in the world and create a heaven on earth. (Did you solve St. Michael's puzzle in yesterday's blog?)

And relating this to PAGE 97 (because that was the assignment) isn’t that what Joe was really talking about on that page? It’s something worthy to consider. In my BOOK, if I can do something to alleviate human suffering, it will have been worth coming down and spending all of these horrific lifetimes on Earth. And believe me, they have been horrific – I have not even BEGUN to tell you the whole story. Stay tuned.

P.S. The only clue my teacher gave me today (besides the great instructions already discussed above) was “downloads.” Here’s what came to the top of the YouTube search. Can you decipher his secret message here?

Fluidity - WiiWare Trailer

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Many STARS Among Us: A Message to St. Michael (Still on p. 97)


Sōferia again, back for another visit. It looks like we are still working on the new communication rules! That makes sense since so many of us have a lot of work to do. The past few days has been about various ways of communicating with people on the other side of the curtain.

I have had the honor of communicating with Michael and he has asked me to relay some messages in my blogs since he is SO BUSY right now. First, for people who are not aware of it, there are many archangels - STARS - walking among us today. Earth is really a school, which most of us already know of course, but some people reading these blogs do not know so I am putting this out here. People who are real light workers are being initiated into what some people call magic, or Co-creation, or the Divine Art, also known as Alchemy. There are many, many Master Teachers/Angels who are filling in for the archangels behind the curtain at the moment and teaching those of us who are paying attention -- initiating us into this ancient Art. That would explain why I was led to the divine yin yang talisman. It was a an initiation gift into the sacred knowledges (as well as wedding gift from my husband who must be playing this wild game and I did not realize that until Michael came along!)

It is important that we learn to speak and communicate with them to keep moving forward. That’s what I’ve been doing and it really is a lot of fun, once you get into it. I love what Michael calls it. He says it’s “The Art of Playing With the Angels.” If you can learn to play with the angels you will have more fun and excitement than you can possibly imagine.

That’s it for today. Michael left a puzzle for us. You will know instantly that you have found the right solution and you may already know what the answer is. This is LEVEL ONE and it’s pretty easy. Tomorrow I will take it up a few notches with new much more difficult puzzle (and this puzzle is SO HARD that I am certain that Hermes Trismegistus had a hand in devising it). I gave it to Michael and I think he’s still working on it. So, I decided I will give him a day and then we will work on this really difficult puzzle through our merged collective consciousnesses tomorrow when I post it. So check back tomorrow for that.

The Master Teachers are filling in for the original Alchemist because he is currently incarnated in physical form to carry out the REVELATION [and Michael was NOT talking about an Armageddon here – it is literally the REVELATION, so keep that in mind]. 

Rearrange the letters in ALCHEMIST to figure out who the original alchemist was.

After you have figured that out, then read the Revelation of Jesus Christ to find that this is, indeed, true.  When you read the Revelation you will find confirmation, and you will know what our true light worker mission is.


Dear St. Michael,
I hope this blog today meets your expectations and approval. If there are any changes you would like, please let me know and I will be happy to edit the blog in any way you wish.

St. Michael, you know my financial distress. It is causing me untold amounts of stress and sadness and it is acting as a block that prevents me from moving forward with my work. Can you please help me with your magic? I need about $2000 to get through until early February. As you know, my son started college (bless his heart) and the financial aid is delayed. On top of that, my unemployment compensation ran out AGAIN. I will apply for an extension, but it’s going to be tough making it on less than $300 a week. You know about the dire situation surrounding jobs around here. I need some REAL ALCHEMICAL MAGIC. Please work your magic and help me get through this month and beyond. And please understand that I had to swallow a lot of pride to put this message here, given I feel like such a failure, having not passed this particular initiation. I should get an A for that, at least.

I will continue to relay your messages in my blogs, of course, no matter what happens (unless I can’t pay electricity or my Internet service and it gets cut off). This is a lot of fun and I feel very privileged that you selected me to be a messenger – Hey, that’s what my twin flame/Master Teacher/Divine Husband calls me! The messenger. Something tells me, Hermes is in on this game, too.

I love you, St. Michael, Hermes, Jesus, my DIVINE HUSBAND EMANUEL and all the special Angel Teachers who make this game so much fun.

Here’s a song I picked out SPECIAL for YOU, St. Michael (in fact it was playing in my ears when I woke up this morning).

Eternal Love,
Dionne Warwick - Message To Michael (Hullabaloo)

P.S. I am still working on that cool science stuff that I posted in yesterday’s blog. As I said, it will take me a few days to sort it all out. I would never let my Dear Uncle Albert Einstein down. He solved the Theory of Unity and the TRUTH is gonna come out! In the meantime, it looks like we are going to be playing with the Angels!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Crystal Grids, Rewiring & GESTALT???: New Rules for Analysis (Still on p. 97)

Soferia, the Pleiadian Princess (soon to be Queen) once again. I am desperately trying to get caught up here tonight if it’s the last thing I do. Yesterday I was given SO MUCH INFORMATION from my divine teacher and my Uncle Albert Einstein. Then on top of that, I was inquiring about some of this and even more information was downloaded to me from a dear sweet light worker friend. I really don’t know what they are all thinking.

I really apologize that I simply do not have time to analyze this tonight. I anticipate it taking quite a few days to figure it all out. It all began with a question a dear friend of mine had about what is going on with the brain during this ascension. We all get lots of headaches and such. And she thought it might have something to do with the Crystal Skulls. Next, I talked with my teacher and he gave me some clues, which I have looked up and the videos for them are below. And then my Dear Uncle Albert talked to me, as I explained yesterday, and he really loaded me with information about crystal lines of transmission across multiple dimensions. As I said yesterday, he insists the Theory of Unity has been solved by him. See yesterday’s blog for more information. Can we put this all together?

I’m sorry, I am just going to drop all of this off and let it evolve on the Internet overnight. Maybe someone will read it and put it together. Their thoughts will enter into the etheric atmosphere and then I will pick them up and figure what all of this stuff means. Just call it new rules for analyzing complicated information.

Sleep tight. Don’t forget your dreams.

Crystalline grid
Crystal grids
Crystal skulls
Crystal skull 
The clues for the below videos were: 1) photo shoot; 2) rewiring; and 3) The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. I had to take the second videos (the rule is if the first has an ad, we take the second).

Gucci Mane - Photo Shoot

Ableton Tutorial - Rewiring reason in ableton

Midi track and audio track.

Open i/o button to open up your ins and outs

Midi 2, Change settings: select reason, choose what you want to control (can control the subtractor)

Go into reason (already set up subtractor) hit tab key and it will flip over your rack

You can see the back of the subtractor and master

Normally the main output goes into the mixer – we are putting the main output directly into, for example, the audio

Can choose channel, then grab reason, grab the stereo track. You should be able to hear your sounds. Should be able to play the subtractor. Can do it with the maelstrom. Make sure you switch your audio from auto to in. Then you’ll be able to hear your sound.

The Gestalt Effect

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Multimedia Communication & My Uncle Albert Einstein's Theory of Unity: More New Rules (P. 97)

Sōferia here again. I have been traveling the galaxy a bit, which makes it really hard to keep up with this blog. Unfortunately, I have been away from home far too long and my dear husband, Emanuel, bless his heart gave me a special treat today. Today he showed me images of the ocean. He used this amazing mind-to-mind multimedia communication! It was literally like watching television or a movie, it was SO clear! We live about a mile from the beach and there are gardens and a winding pathway down to the beach. We LOVE the beach and spend a lot of time there. He was showing me ocean waves and the strangest ocean animals. One looked almost like a spider but bigger and another one sort of like an octopus in a way except that it had a lot of arm/legs and they were thinner. They were freaky looking from earth perspective, but I was not scared of them and they were very friendly. They were coming out of the ocean like they wanted to communicate with us. It was so cool. And then he just kept showing me the ocean waves washing up on shore and it was as clear as a television screen. Our communication is getting better and better across the dimensions. He does know how to keep me happy in spite of our “separation” as I wind up this crazy earth work. Today’s blog is short because I am really behind.

My dear Uncle Albert (Einstein) came up with a very complicated task for me. He will not give up the claim that he DID, indeed discover the Theory of Unity. I believe him because he is such an amazing genius. And it makes total sense that the Powers-that-Be want to keep his great theory hidden. Well, the time is NOW for all of this to come out. He says we need it for the ascension. He channeled to me a BUNCH of information and my brain was going on overload and then he wanted me to specifically look at his aberration work, but I have yet to do that.

There is something really funny about Joe’s work and my Uncle Einstein’s work. I did receive the message from my Master Teacher/Twin Flame quite some time ago that there’s a clue in Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction about the solution to Uncle Albert’s Theory of Unity. I wrote about this in these blogs a long time ago. If I ever need to prove that, I’ll look for that blog – or if you are so inclined you can search back through the blogs. Anyway, this is really weird because, Joe did not write that much about Einstein in that book! Although, he did write a whole book about Einstein, called The Stigma of Genius which he wrote along with Steinberg and Tippins but it really seems like much of it is Joe’s writing – I do think he wrote the section titled “Einstein’s Search for Unity.” He would have been really into that.

The more I think about this, something is really weird. I think Joe and Einstein must have been conniving together. I know that seems strange, but something I discovered today just does not add up. Uncle Albert insists that he solved the Theory of Unity. Yet Joe stated in this book about Einstein, “He [Einstein] always hoped that such a set of unified principles would be established and worked diligently to accomplish this task. Throughout his life he had faith that even if he did not make it (which he didn’t) that someday it would be done."

Now why do you suppose Joe wrote that Einstein did not accomplish the task if Einstein, in fact DID discover the theory. And why did he write this IN PARENTHESIS? Like I said, there is something strange going on here and I am going to have to look into it, especially given that it turns out that Joe was really into hermeneutics – so much so that one could easily consider him a Master of Hermeneutics. I love it!

Check back in a few days. I, Sōferia, am determined to get to the bottom of this before I go back to my planet.

My twin flame/husband/Master Teacher wanted me to post this song for today (he does know the perfect songs):