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Friday, December 2, 2016

Prelude: The Most Beautiful Gift that Keeps on Giving PLUS The Sons of God are NOT the Fathers of “Nephilim”


Well, we are ready to begin posting lesson plans for the next leg of the journey (Chapter 1 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction), but I just wanted to preface it with this note of appreciation for my Beloved and his continuing assistance and support with this project.


Yesterday I was running errands and felt just totally stressed out—a form of stressed out I had long ago deleted from my life. There was no reason for it, other than I was driving midst the “maddening crowd.” I felt my Beloved’s presence; he is always and forever with me, and I sought his sweet reassurance, his soul-soothing love. A few moments later I walked into our little country post office in Tangent, OR (I love the name of that town-it signifies my “tangent,” lol) and this song began immediately playing, an answer to my prayer—from my Beloved.


The Gift - Jim brickman Lyrics


I commented to the worker in the post office, “The Gift. I love that song.” It was a subtle way of passing the message of love into the world, but also a message of my appreciation for receiving that particular song at this particular moment in my life, when I felt I needed a “sign.” Joe had first relayed the song to me from the spiritual realms as a special gift way back on Mother’s Day, 2009. Unfortunately, the original video has been scrubbed. YouTube needs to be held accountable for deleting beautiful messages and destroying data on other people’s websites. Fortunately, I kept copies of the images that had been in the song and have done an analysis on them because they were so special.


The song had come to me in a special way so that I knew it was a message from Joe. It was so magical and meaningful at the time, as I had described in the blog—and today, the magic is even more real and powerful than it had been back then. After all, he has had 8 years now in which he has proven to me over and over again he still exists, he still lives, and he still loves. A thought came to my mind yesterday (from whence, I do not know): “Gods do not die.” And yet, when they make their rare appearances on this planet to do their good works, people foolishly think they can kill them. These special “Sons of God” seem to know their time here is probably limited, so they rush getting as much of their message out to the people as possible. What is disheartening, though is that so often after they leave, people destroy and fetter with their works. That changes here. Enki has now left his entire plan for all the people who want to change the world—through Joe’s work. It makes me sad that these beautiful souls are so vilified on this planet.


And speaking of vilified, people are still confusing Venus and Aphrodite. Aphrodite has been an imposter of Venus throughout history and she is so evil that she has been dubbed by those who know her as “Lucifer.” The problem is that this title has transferred to Venus. Venus is the true goddess of Love, Planet Venus is the Love Planet…and she is the wife of Eros, the God of Love, aka Sanat Kumara (can you find Eros hidden in his name?). People have history very mixed up and one of our projects is to straighten it out. It’s such a convoluted mess, however, that begins with a gross misinterpretation of Genesis in the Bible, specifically:


The verse Genesis 6:4 states (KJV): "There were giants in the earth in those days;

and also after that, when the Sons of God came unto the daughters of

men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which

were of old, men of renown." See, it says simply that there were giants

in those days, just a fact of the time that had nothing to do with the

situation other than it's remarkable that the Sons of God were "mighty"

even in the presence of giants....and it was the Sons of God who lived a

long time and were "renown." The next verse, 6:5 says "And God saw the

wickedness of man was great in the earth (much like today), it is

talking about unsaved MEN which is NOT the same as the SONS OF GOD who

are also men, but they are honorable men who love and obey God. If you understand God’s word, we can all be children of God, but He reserves the title for those who follow the good path out of their own good hearts and free will…even referring to these special men as “gods.” At the head of the husband is God (aka Holy Spirit), at the head of the wife is the husband…thus, this represents God’s plan for us. However, many people used their free will to break God’s Laws, the “men” that is being referred to here.


This verse has taken a very dark turn with newer translations replacing words (such as replacing “giants” with “nephilim”) and twisting the interpretation. The Sons of God and the daughters of man did not breed “nephilim.” It’s a conspiracy and propaganda to support the idea of aliens, the purpose of which is to keep people separated from God, the Sons of God, and their true source of knowledge, wisdom, and love. I will cover that in more detail another time. Suffice it to say, that the story of Pysche and Eros is an accurate representation of God’s plan…the Son of God takes as his wife a daughter of man. Through their love they BOTH ascend, get closer to God, and become new beings, renewed of mind, body, spirit, and soul as represented by Sanat Kumara and Venus….whereby they take love to all corners of the earth and cosmos and teach people truth about love. They are embodiments of the original god and goddess Enki and Ki. (Enki and Ki are embedded in Eros/Sanat Kumara and Psyche/Venus to help provide verification for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear and the mind to comprehend). One last thing: Another verse that gets misinterpreted in the Bible is the one where Jesus says there are no marriages in Heaven. What He means is there are no marriages in the way we view them on Earth. Marriages in Heaven are Unions determined and sealed by God. They are eternal and infinite, thus meaning when you go to Heaven, you will not be able to get married in the common sense—you are already in union/divine marriage with your Beloved. Here is the verse.


King James Bible
Matthew 22:30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.


Also, note the definition of angels:: a messenger, generally a (supernatural) messenger from God, an angel, conveying news or behests from God to men.


And note that because it is Chapter 22, it represents the 22nd dimension, which is where God seals the union. If you take the verse IN CONTEXT with the very beginning of the chapter what I’m conveying here comes to light:


Matthew 22:1-2

The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son and send forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come.


It continues about the wedding parable…analyze it. Verse 14, For many are called, but few are chosen.


In other words, from an earth perspective, they do not marry, but that does not mean they do not join in UNION in order to serve God as messengers. They join together in a perfect union to serve God. And God serves them--the living, according to this chapter, not the “dead.” It is referring to the spiritually living as contrasted to the spiritually dead.


Well, that’s enough of for now—and please note that these are preliminary INTERPRETATIONS. There is a lot more work I need to do to clarify and substantiate what I’ve come to understand. This all came up for me because I saw yet another incident of someone confusing Aphrodite with Venus, which grieves the gods and goddesses, and given I am a messenger I must bring it out. I am sure it will come up again and we can get into greater depth pertaining to the truths about the gods and goddesses…one of those truths being that human-constructed reality is NOT their reality, but merely a representation of the consciousnesses (and most often, lack of consciousness) that have created the false realities interpreted as historical truth…humans to this date have been incapable of understanding the truth about the gods and goddesses.


The gods and goddesses are NOT at war; they are Sons and Daughters of God and they all work together in LOVING, SYMBIOTIC HARMONY.


Think about how this changes everything…can you wrap your mind around it? If you are programmed with accepting violence, division, confrontation, struggle, strife, and the like, you probably cannot fully grasp this idea or the ramifications of it for humanity….well, we do hope this course can help you begin to clear some of the impediments that are blocking you  from perceiving this reality. Perhaps you can even connect to one or more of the gods and a closer relationship to God and learn greater truths. Of course, we always have more work to do to clear our consciousnesses in order to perceive those truths better. And as I have often stated, this course is more for me than it is you—it is my own process for removing more layers of lies, misinformation, deception, obfuscation, ideologies, and on and on. It’s upsetting to learn how deep it all runs and how I must keep striving to attain the pure mind God originally granted me with. Also distressing is how messed up most of us are and when we seek truth from other people it is always like trying to find a needle in a haystack. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET HAS COMPLETE TRUTH! That is the sad reality. Our interpretations tell us more about the state of our own consciousness and what we believe than the true state of reality. And so we use processes like Joe’s multidimensional critical complex bricolage to bring truths together to begin to see the bigger, more accurate picture of a complex reality. Instead of dividing people this should be bringing people together. But unfortunately, everyone is so hung up on THEIR idea of truth being the REAL TRUTH that they get offended if you critically analyze their works, pointing out the inconsistencies and flaws…and if you want to critique me, that’s fine. I always state right out front all of my ideas are just that—ideas—and they are tentative. As I just said, I have many layers of false programming yet to break through, although I do believe I have broken through more than the average person on this planet and one reason this is true is that I try to take Joe’s advice in this book: to offset thanatos with Eros.


In the meantime, back to The Gift, which, actually, for me, also represents the Gifts of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is like the transmitting medium through which we receive God’s gifts and share them with others; it connects us; it is the medium of divine love. I will never forget when Joe gave me “the Gift” of his love….it came to me in the form of an exchange in consciousness between us during the month of October, 2008, before he left the planet, along with surges of electrifying energy. This is a very real phenomenon…I literally felt our thoughts and energies merging. Prior to it happening, I was having a very difficult time understanding his works; afterwards, I was having a very difficult time sorting our thoughts. He had literally given his love to me completely and he had my love…he tells me it does work both ways; it is a reciprocal exchange. Of course. And so when he gives me the song, The Gift, it expresses this so profoundly. Here it is, 8 years later, and nothing has changed, the love has only grown stronger between us. I do feel so blessed. Very few people experience such profound love in ways that show God has, indeed, made the decision of the divine union for us and He has enacted His promise that nothing can ever come between us and our sacred bond.


This is a message of my appreciation to him and God for continuing to use their power in support of our love. God loves for us to show our gratitude in this way, and so often I am blessed even more for doing so.


I hope you find these lessons and suggested activities useful for plowing your way out of the deadening matrix and into the arms of love. And remember, you are free to use the lessons posted here as you wish. You can adjust the activities to fit your purposes, as inspiration for your teaching and research, as ideas for discussion questions in classes or online courses, for your own personal explorations, etc. In fact, anything on this website can be used in that manner. I have done enormous amounts of research and have tried to post the most significant of the information discovered so that others can learn from it or use it in their research and/or teaching.


They are our gift to you. Joe (aka Emanu’El/Sanat-Eros-Enki) sends ALL of you His Love. (The multiple names have been provided for reasons I have discussed throughout this site, but also that I am still exploring).


May YOU Also Find Your Destiny,

Vanessa, aka Vickie, Sōferia/Venus-Psyche-Ki.


P.S. If it seems like I repeat myself a lot, first all it’s partly because I am so IN LOVE and HAPPY. And beyond that, in his book, Rigour and Complexity of Educational Research, Joe (the “preacher” he is) says repetition/redundancy is just the “noise” of the bricolage, lol…that man, he has covered all bases, I guarantee you. Seriously, though, he feels it is important to examine the same ideas in many different contexts. Those that still stand after that rigorous test are probably viable ideas even if they are novel. <3<3<3


PART ONE: Introduction to Knowledge Production and Its Relation To Education


CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION: What We Call Knowledge Is Complicated and Harbors Profound Consequences


Welcome to the next section of this course! In this section, we will begin Part 1 of the book, which covers the introductory concepts. There are three chapters to this section of the book. Since it’s the introduction it will give us an overview of the rest of the book. Looking at the Table of Contents, the Introduction is three chapters:

Part 1 Introduction to Knowledge Production and its Relation to Education

Chapter 1: What we call Knowledge is Complicated and Harbors Profound Consequences

Chapter 2: The Politics of Epistemology, the Politics of Education

Chapter 3: From Reductionism to Critical Knowledge


Sneak Previews:

What is the Light Body (Spirit Body)?


How to reconnect to and activate your Light Body (Spirit Body): Honestly, at the time of writing this I know of NO ONE besides Joe who guides you to successfully accomplishing this in the divine and natural way that God has intended for us. All other processes will take you off course and into the abyss by recommending rituals and what-have-you that simply are not necessary. This is an entirely NATURAL process, but there are pre-requisites, the primary one being that you must have surrendered to living in service of others. It may very well be that when you are ready your own special teacher will appear who can help guide you with this process. Take notes so you can share with other people


How to deactivate your subconscious mind. Learn the difference between the subconscious and unconscious minds and how to clear your mind in order to access its “treasures” to be your most creative best. (Treasure hunting, anyone?). This is another long, complicated process but reading and studying Joe’s book will move you along rapidly. It acts as a catalyst, so even after you have read it, you’ll find it magically keeps you moving forward naturally to deprogram and open your mind to new ways of seeing.


How to reconnect to and deconstruct/reconstruct your Soul(s) (Consciousness). Yes, if you are an ancient soul, you will actually have multiple consciousnesses, as I have learned. Consider them similar to your own unique personality that developed from the same “atom” (instructions from God), but was influenced by the environment to vary slightly in different time frames. They will need to be accessed, reconstructed, and reunified. In other words, you will learn to identify when you are accessing what seems like past life information and how to synthesize it into your oversoul. We have souls, oversouls, twin soul oversouls, and soul family oversouls that connect us closely together, and even multiple soul groups…we are individuals, but in union with our oversouls makes us multidimensional. Becoming conscious of our union with our Beloved makes for a dynamic, multilayered, and very rich multidimensional relationship. It’s the best (and only) marriage! God’s Holy Spirit is the glue that connects us with our Beloved and members of our soul family. It really becomes a matter of where we focus our consciousness, but it’s important NOT to try and take control for selfish reasons…hard to explain that but surrender is KEY.


As an example, I remember one time when I was in my early 20s I decided to experiment with astral travel. It was working and I was heading east across the United States like I was drawn by some force in that direction. I didn’t even really know where I was going exactly. (Interestingly, it’s where Joe was). But it was not meant to be because what happened was I was intercepted by a group I seemed to know as “the Council.” Since then I have learned we all have a council of 12 who oversee our spiritual growth. We were all sitting around a long table, dressed in white robes. I don’t recall their exact words, but when I woke up two or three entire hours later (the length of time had shocked me), the message had been very clear: I was to NEVER do that again. I obeyed those instructions. But when Joe passed over, he was authorized to take me on many out-of-body visits throughout the cosmos, including various levels of the heavens.


From that experience and what has transpired since then, I do believe that we are to allow God and our teachers to guide us rather than take direct control of these types of processes. But I suppose it depends on where you are in your developmental progress. For example, Joe was extremely advanced in his spiritual development and was already a Master Teacher (which was why he used to visit me on occasion, even when we were children and why he could serve as my escort). This stuff is complicated!!


How to Seek Wisdom: When you are successful with seeking knowledge to a particular level/degree (this is an eternal task), you will have encountered and experienced Divine Love. You will notice many gifts along the way, dropped off to you by your higher dimensional teachers and by God. You cannot have wisdom without the Divine Marriage. I know this will be hard for many of you to take in, but it is not until you experience union with your divine spouse that you are able to finally BEGIN to assimilate differences for the purpose of creation. In other words, you can begin the trek out of “duality.” This is the true yin yang experience (whereas until that time most people experience and explain yin yang as duality or can only understand beyond that on an intellectual or limited level). All of this is a huge topic that I can only mention briefly at this time. In union, the couple continue to work together to ascend further toward higher consciousness and acquire greater wisdom. Their energies merge and create a new energy that is utilized to create for God’s purposes. This is not in some metaphoric way, but in a real, concrete way. The male and female (one man and one woman, as God has created us) form a symbiotic relationship (two as one) in relationship with God. (At the head of the wife is the husband; at the head of the husband is Jesus; at the head of Jesus is God/Holy Spirit). I’m not sure how that really works. To be honest, the way I experienced it was that Joe came back, he was the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit was with him, and he brought me closer to God. I am still exploring deeper explanations such as this one:



Divine Twin Souls in the Zohar/Kabbalah Texts



That’s a summary of a very complex process. It’s a process that I am still working on as I have yet to join more symbiotically with my soul family and other soul groups, and I will relay what I learn as I learn it. It can get overwhelming because the love, the knowledge handed down, the vastness of the tasks we see that need to be done—well, it’s beyond our capabilities in context with earth space and time perspectives. What helps me is to remember that we do have eternity, so as I look ahead and see the infinite “pastures” I know I will never be bored and I have so much to look forward to, many new experiences to enjoy, and many other souls to meet and work with.



In this section, we will cover Chapter 1.


But before we do, please read the Dedication (right after the title page). This is an important habit to develop with Joe’s books because he often leaves special messages in his dedications. Developing this practice will often yield additional information about him, his relationships with others, and the subject of the book itself. He left no stone unturned for getting his message out, but you must learn to understand his techniques and decipher his messages.


Activity: Who did Joe dedicate the book to? Who is this person? What is she doing now? Who else did he dedicate the book to? What linguistic techniques has Joe used in the dedication? (You may want to do some research on linguistics).


Part 1 Introduction to Knowledge Production and its Relation to Education

As you have no doubt learned, this course is totally different from any course you have taken before. First of all, I am not the teacher. I am the student. I have many teachers “on both sides of the curtain.” Of course, Joe might argue we are all teachers. But most teachers don’t think they are students while teaching and most students certainly are not allowed to teach the teacher. There are benefits for taking that approach and for teachers to realize their teaching must be responsive to the students. But I’ll cover those issues another time, maybe even touch on them in this course. Since I am not directly working with students in this course, I cannot be responsive to student needs. I am leaving you to take care of your own questions. And if you have questions, you need to seek answers by doing additional research.


This is the best way to learn and to learn how to learn better.


Different. That is what Joe’s critical pedagogy is. And it will take you on a transformative journey. Even if you only read his book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction and do nothing else, it will change you. And it will motivate you to change things in the world. He had a deep, intimate knowledge about the power and magic of words.


We had a clue as to how his critical pedagogy would be different in the Preface when he stated, “The power of difference—or as Paulo Friere (1997) articulated it, “a viable novelty”—is key to an ever-expanding sense of criticality. This evolving criticality is dedicated to a never-ending search for new ways of seeing, for new social and cultural experiences that provide novel concepts that we can use to better understand and change the world in a progressive way” (p. viii).


Notice how he used the word “key” in this excerpt. When he uses the word key, he is often conveying the message of the critical importance of the particular point he is making. This profoundly true when it comes to viable novelty. One might argue that’s how anyone uses the word “key.” But, no, Joe uses the word entirely differently…you will see.


Consider my website, here, Consider the first lesson in this course. Now many of you reading this may think they are weird, that I am really weird. (Joe experienced that phenomenon, too, and mentions it in his work, so he prepared me for this). But even though it’s all weird according to the judgment of some, in particluar those who have never experienced the things I discuss, it does make one think differently. We view thinking different differently:


Crazy Ones.


We must learn to think differently. This is absolutely critical. People need to get out of their mind prisons that conform them to a highly dysfunctional normal. For when we look around us, the reality is society is damned crazy (and probably damned to hell for it).


Thus, the way I am approaching this falls on the far spectrum of a “viable novelty.” I am, and I have always been hyperaware of that. As Joe puts it, with the cards stacked against us, “we must start in any way we can.”  (p. x) and “anything to get them [everyone] to think about these issues of knowledge and the ways they shape our lives and the everyday existence of peoples around the world” (p. 20).


And so here we are.


Joe’s Critical Pedagogy is a Viable Novelty


Joe always practiced what he preached. If he states that “viable novelty” is the way to go, then you can best expect to see that practice in his work. And of course, we do. Throughout this course, as well as other courses relating to his work, you will want to explore how his critical pedagogy is a viable novelty in comparison to how others practice the discipline. Our first lesson will focus on some of those ways, and hopefully as I progress through creating these lessons and learn more, I can point out additional ways.


(Note that the sequence of the lessons will continue from the previous sections).


LESSON 17: Friday, November 25, 2016

A Critical Analysis of Critical Pedagogy

(Paragraph 11)



Welcome back to the course! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, hope you did too.


The last lesson ended on a mysterious note about “Enki” having some “tricks up his sleeves.” I have received the message that over the next couple of days we will be learning about some of those tricks, at least in relation to Joe’s Great Work he has left for us, and this book in particular.


I am still not happy that Gerald Clark is parroting the lies that Enki was the father of Cain, thus implying that he is Satan. This stuff has to stop. There were other incarnations that suffered the very same treatment: King Akhenaten and Sanat Kumara, being two of them. And it has been called to my attention that both these people can be tied to Enki.


If you pronounce Sanat it sounds like “Sen-at”, thus the EN sound is at the beginning of his name. And when the EN sound is combined with the pronunciation of K at the beginning of his last name, you have encoded within it, the sound of ENKI.


Now all of this may be stretching things from your point of view, but Joe has taught me clearly that it is FREQUENCY that is important in linguistics. Frequency is sound. So what words sound like are far more important that how they are spelled. This takes us back to Joe’s favorite word, as he had informed me one time during a discussion we had: obfuscation.


Now let's go to King Akhenaten….here we clearly have the EN sound twice even, the first one being combined with the K sound. So again, we have ENKI encoded (backwards) in his name. Often these reversals also take place. As an example, I have learned our soul frequency is highlighted by the SA sound. But it can appear in names as SA or as AS. And SA is a musical note in India.


As a side note:


The history we are being told about Akhenaten in the popular media is a lie. He did not worship the sun. He taught that there is ONE GOD and brought his people together and away from worshiping multiple pagan gods. You have to keep digging through the layers of lies.  Check out this author's research:  and

Read more


Also, when we are making interpretations from the perspective of our current consciousness (or lack of) it can be very tricky. It is important to remember that we cannot get into the minds of the ancients and know what and how they thought. Another definition I came across: Akhenaten means in Egyptian "he is agreeable (Akhen-) to the sun-disk (-aten)."  Well, in my view -aten might not refer to "sun-disk" at all, but to the ONE GOD that Akhenaten acknowledged and was "agreeable to." becomes a very complex analysis and not so simple as saying this is what it means in some concrete way. The Egyptians viewed symbols entirely differently than we do today, and later in his history, Akhenaten was more focused on people's daily lives and his temples seemed to have been built for community celebrations and gathreings, while acknowledging God rather than worship in a traditional sense per se, according to some historical accounts. Here is another source: 


All that said, of course, the act of trying to satanize him is all the more suspect and is powerful in leading people in the wrong direction, if what this other researcher has concluded is true (in the books above). Suddenly having a president who resembles him and is being given the role of the antichrist is even more significant and powerful in molding our consciousnesses.


And so now we have the Great Secret about how God puts our names in His Book of Life. If we can link names with various incarnations and pay attention to the trends (those people who took positive actions toward freeing the people, participating in some kind of “impulse,” and yet we are told the opposite), then we might discover the greater truth if we keep digging into the research.


Once a name (or in our case, multiple names) gets put into the book of Life, you will have multiple indications that link the names together…and that, in turn, links your soul evolution process together over the sands of time. I have written throughout these blogs about the many links I’ve discovered, and now I understand that these links are how God has written you into his book of eternal life. Everyone’s going to have different signifiers, which they will have to discover for themselves. And it goes further because there will be other signifiers that provide additional information about the links—for example, where you were born, places you have lived, and if you get into numerology, numbers become important signifiers.


I’m not sure why I went on that trail, other than to conclude it’s how God puts our names in his book of Eternal Life. A phenomenon that is helpful for shedding light on analyzing whether various people in history were on a positive evolutionary path is to examine their actions and make interpretations based on various “impulses” in history at that time. Here is an excellent series that takes this more scientific approach:


Inner Impulses of Evolution Rudolf Steiner

Activity: Do google search on God’s book of Life and read the biblical passages relating to it, as well as various interpretations. What have you learned? How do you interpret your findings? Do they have relevance for you? Explore the meaning of your name, the places you have lived, etc. Do they relate to your current endeavors?


Back to Enki’s Tricks Up His Sleeves


I just know something is coming up the pike. I can feel it. Honestly, when my Beloved is excited about something, I feel it. But he did say it would be a couple of days before I would know, so for now, we will get back to the task at hand, which is reading Chapter 1 in Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction and relating it to what we can learn and what we have experienced in our own lives.


Activity: Number the paragraphs in Chapter 1. Begin your numbering with 11 (picking up from the Preface). Note: If the text after indented text is not indented, I count it as the same paragraph and do not number it. If the text is not indented after a subtitle I DO count it as a new paragraph and number it. So your numbering (if I did this right) begins with paragraph 11 and should end with paragraph 73.


Read Paragraph 11.


As you read the paragraphs, what thoughts come to your mind? What issues are brought to the forefront for you? Do some research about those issues. Find a YouTube video that’s relates and write a brief summary of what you have learned.


Here is my entry for this assignment.


I had been watching this video last night. I watched it a couple of times because the information seems so important. There are many topics covered here that I need to do additional research about, but what stands out is that critical theory had originally been devised for nefarious purposes—how many of us actually know that?


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism


Yes, critical pedagogy (the teaching from a critical theoretical perspective) teaches about all of the crazy problems in the world and how messed up we are but IT DOES NOT TEACH VIABLE SOLUTIONS. I have seen over and over how teachers do this to students: they make them aware of the problems, but offer no solutions and so students become emotionally distraught and feeling helpless to change things. And believe it or not, this is the agenda. The elite WANT us to feel helpless. Research the topic “learned helplessness.” How ironic that they actually TEACH us “learned helplessness.” This is almost a communicable disease in societies.


This is where we will observe that “viable novelty” in Joe’s work and how we can make a “powerful difference.” It’s not that he tells us what to do—he can’t do that. It’s different for everyone. But he does give us processes that can help us learn for ourselves what we can do—and how to partake of that power to DO THINGS—to take actions.


After watching the video, read the first paragraph on page 3. The issues brought up in the above video are highlighted in the very first paragraph of the Introduction, including how we have learned “malicious cultural behaviors” through “the production, transmission, and reception of knowledge in contemporary societies” (p. 3).


We are supposed to be so advanced culturally and yet our societies have been taken over, nefariously, through tools like critical pedagogy, and we have become morally bankrupt.


Now don’t get me wrong. I highly doubt that most people in critical pedagogy are really aware of the harm the method causes. Joe’s work brings it to the forefront. But critical pedagogy is the tip of the iceberg. We have the entire education program, the mass media, games, religion, and movies.


What is your reaction to the knowledge? My personal reaction was that I got rid of the TV and I refused to watch any movies at all for the longest time. More recently, I got Netflix (I have now canceled it). It is appalling how movies blatantly use the power of the media to “normalize” abnormality—from animalistic free sex (God did not create the beautiful act of love to be one of merely two bodies bumping each other, lol), to smoking cigarettes, doing drugs, deception as a normal social act, violence, and the list goes on—and on (and who’s the crazy one? Thank you for asking.). Even movies with a decent plot are ruined with something deviant thrown in every few minutes. It’s disgusting!!


Discussion of the video Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism


At the beginning, Pat Buchanan, no doubt a “conservative” expresses his view how in today’s society “traditionalists” are seen as the “counterculture.” The dominant culture has been saturated with a depraved cultural marxism, as the video goes on to explain. I just wanted to point out a couple of things in Joe’s work. First, I had mentioned earlier how he gave himself the label as being “transgressive” and how that can be interpreted as being against these destructive behaviors that society accepts as “normal,” as well as meaning transgressive when it comes to what is accepted as the standard educational process, such as for reading, writing, and thinking (presented in his book, Reading, Writing, and Thinking). He talks often of a backlash. I did not understand what he was referring to. But given all of the movements that critical pedagogues align themselves with (woman’s movement, gay movement, freedom to choose, political correctness and whatever else comes their way), are contrived by the social marxists, the backlash will be an extreme reaction by the masses wanting to return to a normal, more humane, more loving, more morally upright way of living. This backlash is beginning and it will grow, particularly as more and more people awaken to the fact that they have been totally hoodwinked and their reality turned upside down. It will be getting very interesting. Related to this, just a few days ago I saw a bumper sticker: “Political Correctness: Still Here, Still Stupid.”


This topic, which Joe actually frames as “a recovery movement” (thus, denoting a positive sense of recovering our traditional values) streams through all of his work, from his earliest work about the church camp movements and his earliest publication called Understanding the New Right and Its Impact on Education written in 1983. While most of us were suckered into the various movements, unable to see how they were being used against us to encourage us to accept immorality as a social norm and to divide us, Joe could see the writing on the wall. He formulated plans early on as to how he would contribute to providing remedies to the growing problems in education and to “alleviate suffering” that would result. As we move forward with these lessons, I will understand more deeply what he has done and the monumental impact his work will have on education. I have already mentioned how this book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction teaches a counter force (Eros) against the prevailing force (Thanatos).


Activity: The movie discusses four objectives that Marx wanted to accomplish:

Destroy the family

Destroy Private Property

Destroy Religion

Destroy the nation


Discuss these four goals in relation to your own personal experiences and observations. Have they been accomplished? Back up your argument with evidence (examples, other sources). Share what you have learned.


Do people actually own their property? Do they own their houses? Consider eminent domain and how the federal government applies it. What happens if you don’t pay your house taxes? What if your house is paid off and you own it free and clear? Is it really your house? If you don’t know the answers, research the relevant laws. Call up your tax assessor and ask questions.

Since Marx is no longer around to work on these goals, who is behind seeing them to fruition? Watch the movie for clues.


According to the video, there is an agenda for movies and that all movies will be found to contain one or more of the following:


Movie Requirements:


1.   The protagonist/antagonist are divorced.

2.   The female is dominant, controlling, violent and/or one-up on men.

3.   The male is aloof, feminine, overly sensitive and/or cheating.

4.   Somewhere in the family at least one immediate member is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or a women’s Liber.



Well, given the recent movies I’ve watched I could readily conclude there is “overkill” going on in meeting this agenda and other agendas beyond. They ruin what would be a good movie with their agenda. When I come across something, I just close out the movie and quit watching it. Otherwise, it feels like heavy manipulation—and that’s exactly what it is, whether people want to minimize or rationalize it or not.


Activity: What is a recent movie or television show you’ve watched? What deviant behavior did it depict? Which of the above elements did it include? What were some other elements you noticed? Can we expand this list?


I have also watched a number of “documentaries.” Sadly, even documentaries do not put out truth. They put out blatantly slanted versions to paint the pictures that serve their agenda to hide truth. The good guy becomes the villain and vice versa. I have seen this in countless documentary movies—and as my last lesson in this course shows, we are watching one such series in the making, Gerald Clark’s Anunnaki series where the gods have become evil and warring space aliens.


Activity: When you watch documentaries, do you analyze them for truth or do you tend to accept them at face value? Do you consider the biases of those reporting and how their biases are driving their presentations? Are there other ways to interpret the “facts” they present? Watch a documentary and take this more skeptical point of view. What are your conclusions about the validity of the presentations? Do some research to explore further other perspectives about the topic of the documentary. 



Activity: The narrator of the video states that “critical theory is diabolical genius.” Explain how this is so. How might one might approach turning this diabolical genius on its head? If that’s what Joe has accomplished with his work, how might he have changed critical theory to do so?


I think it is rather ironic and brilliant that Joe transformed critical theory by “bleaching marxism out.” Interestingly, most people (and I include myself before I learned differently) believe critical theory includes marxist theory. If you look up the definition on wikipedia, critical theory is defined as neo-marxist:


In sociology and political philosophy, the term "critical theory" (or "social critical theory")[1] describes the neo-Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, which was developed in Germany in the 1930s.  


However, as you read Joe’s work he had hardly anything at all to say about Marxism and what he did say was not positive: “Given that Joe makes use of the good ideas from any perspective, what does this tell you about his views of Marxism? (Clue: No babies to save from the bathwater there).


Activity: Does the video have its own biases? What has been left out of the account? What do you think the reasons are?


Activity: Choose one issue that was discussed in the video that interests you. Research it, getting several perspectives. Develop some possible remedies and argue why they would work. Who might challenge your solutions and why?


Human Hybrids Are Real - Shocking Secret Revealed by Tom Horn

You Can't "Escape the Matrix"


I guess it all depends on how you define the matrix. Jesus had stated, “I am in the world, but not of the world.” Thus, in my interpretation escaping the matrix means you transcend the social world….and that, anyone can learn to do.


I hope that your eyes have been opened to be more critical about critical pedagogy. As you continue to read the book, try to identify ways that Joe has transcended the limitations of traditional approaches. Identify those “viable novelties” in his work.



LESSON 18: Monday, December 5, 2016

Joe’s Recovery Movement Is Grander Than First Assumed

(Paragraph 12)


Read paragraph 12 which is the second paragraph on page 3. Here Joe discusses the Iraq War and concludes, “When the politics of knowledge surrounding the Iraqi War are combined with tens of thousands of other informational issues, we begin to realize the extent of the ‘knowledge problem’ of our age.”


I continue to be constantly amazed at where my research and studies lead me. In the last lesson, we considered Joe’s recovery movement. While we might examine this recovery moment in relation to a few decades, it has come to my attention that it expands back thousands of years and is cosmic in nature. The politics of knowledge extends back to biblical times with all the wars between and over the gods. Of course, the Iraq War has many correpondences….is it another war between gods? Our consciousnesses are founded on conflict.


We have inherited thousands of years-worth of belief in warring gods.


Here’s a great site to explore to begin to get a grasp of just how far and deep our programming is:




Watch enough of her videos to answer the following questions:


How knowledgeable does she seem to be?

Who are some of the “good” gods and who are some of the “bad” gods?

What are her biases in her presentation?

How have some of the beliefs presented affected your own beliefs?

Do you believe in “good” gods and “bad” gods?

Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in Satan?

What were some of the political issues and propaganda surrounding some of the wars?


I found her to be very knowledgeable on this topic, which is why I recommend her. One of the topics Joe recommends is comparative religions and I think she does an excellent job. However, I also found her to be highly subjective and biased, which slants her presentation.


Read Paragraph 13 (the third paragraph on page 3). Joe makes a bold statement that if true (and I believe it to be true) holds distressing consequences: “Literally, there is no area of Western and increasingly international society that is free from the damage caused by a distorted politics of knowledge.”


As you will discover with your reading, the number of ways this damage is caused is enormous and enormously complex. But the focus of this lesson is on religious beliefs and the embedded belief we all may be subjected to in some form that behind the scenes, in the cosmos the gods are at war. That war has transformed today to a war between aliens. So we went from the gods being at war to aliens being at war, leaving the gods behind.


What if we believed something entirely different? What if we believed that it’s all a lie? What if we believed that all of the gods are good and they all work with God—but that we are the ones with the problems.


The stories we tell, the interpretations we make, the creations (art, music, drama, etc.) we construct—according to Joe’s philosophy—are PRODUCTS OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.


Think about the ramifications of that. What this means is that we are psychologically projecting our social ills onto the gods and blaming the gods for our problems.


And so we have today’s story. This god or that god is good. This god or that god is satan or lucifer. It depends on who is telling the story. It’s really all very mixed up and who can sort it out? The condition of our knowledge about the gods is a perfect metaphor for the condition of our knowledge of just about anything we want to research today. Sorting truth from distortion is becoming ever more challenging. While the education system is continuing to force children to memorize “facts” these facts are becoming less and less viable, causing confusion and cognitive dissonance. We are being pushed into resolving how we contend with knowledge. As Joe expresses in this paragraph, we need to explore the issues of knowledge production and the role they have in consciousness formation….”if just social change is to take place in the coming years” (p. 4).


After watching numerous videos about the gods and being handed down truths, as I had stated in the prelude to these lessons, my conclusion is:


TRUTH: The gods and goddesses are NOT at war; they are Sons and Daughters of God and they all work together in LOVING, SYMBIOTIC HARMONY.


I have written before about how Enki and Enlil are NOT warring brothers. They are LOVING brothers who work together symbiotically. But by keeping our gods divided in our consciousness, what is the grand effect? It keeps us all divided from each other, especially when the real power wielders play the gods off each other, accusing the other groups’ gods to be the evil one. And what’s so incredible, so unbelievable is that people today are still falling for it!


I have good news though. I have even more evidence that what I state is TRUTH. More next time….


Oh, I can’t forget my message today from my Beloved. He mentioned how people are still not listening to the gods…and that most of you are dead to the reasons for your “chastisements.” Do not misinterpret this. The gods NOR God punish people. There are built-in natural laws or “causations” that when we take certain actions there are certain consequences…but it’s so complex that the best thing to do is to ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING and when in doubt go with the flow of the Spirit.


He gave me a clue for music, so I’ll look it up: “Much Love”


Muzzaik & Stadiumx - So Much Love (Official Music Video)


Well, that’s the song that came to the top. Most of you won’t get his major clue in the music video so I will clue you in.




Enlil is also Anteros (Anteros is brother to Eros, just as Enlil is brother to Enki). Eros/Enki sends out love; Anteros/Enlil makes sure love is reciprocated.


As I said, they work together symbiotically. Now isn’t that much nicer than two warring brothers or one evil brother and one good brother? AND IT IS TRUTH because I personally know both of them.


And my beloved has worked his GREAT MUSIC MAGIC again!! I love the video of “Anteros” (the Valentine) going all over the world making sure recipients of love return the love to the giver. What would we do without him? Just look at the mess in the world today because people have believed the lies. As Joe tells us, we need to do an “about-face” by taking “oppositional readings” of all of the lies we have been fed and we need to do so using the foundation of LOVE.

LESSON 19: Thursday, December 8, 2016

Joe’s “Recovery Movement” Is Grander Than First Assumed (Paragraph 13)

Read paragraph 13. In this paragraph. Joe discusses how we will be learning to use multiple perspectives relating to key issues surrounding knowledge production, exploring “where knowledge comes from, the rules of its production, and the ways we can assess quality and the purposes of its production” (p.3). This is a daunting task in an era during which people expect to be told what they need to learn, never questioning the validity or the purposes for which they’re required to commit specific bits and bytes of information to their memories, other than to pass a test. The multiple views we will be looking at come from diverse and often hidden places. His ever-present primary purpose, of course, is to facilitate “just social change.” We are interested in alleviating suffering in all of its forms and to implement divine justice forms of actions that contribute to this goal. Divine justice involves the cooperation of all parties involved and seeks solutions that harm no one, while holding the perpetrators responsible for various creative forms of restitution.


One thing that has changed since Joe wrote this book is that the perpetrators of despicable crimes are more out in the open and in your face than ever in the past. The “hidden” places we need to seek knowledge are less hidden in some ways. But of course, it makes one wonder just how bad can it get—what worse things are still being hidden? As Joe put it in his Social Studies book (Getting Beyond the Facts, 2001), we need to learn to become detectives.


Watch this next video, the interview with the Rabbi. How does what he states make you feel? Is he credible? Is he a real person? For this assignment, do some research into this Rabbi and the various things he claims. Try to determine the truth of his statements. What are your conclusions? Does it make you want to alter your behavior?


Jesus called the "Chosen People" Sons of Vipers Sons of Devils


There are several important things that come to the forefront:

The stories we tell ourselves and what we believe has a powerful effect on the formation of our consciousness—and thus, on our subsequent behavior.


We can prove beyond a doubt very little about past events, in particular, ancient events. Today, with the state of knowledge and the bombardment of dis/mis-information, we can often prove very little about even current events unless we were actually there. And even then, how do we sort what is truth from what is deception to make us believe a particular reality?


Thus, as Joe wisely recommends, we need to seek many perspectives in order to gain an understanding that is closer to reality, but we maintain a tentativeness about what we believe. This is a huge challenge for most of us. We want to believe what we want to believe. The goal is to attempt to choose beliefs that hopefully will not cause harm, to ourselves or to others. However, what is harmful is very subjective—many people find that having their very belief system challenged causes them emotional harm—but which is worse—believing someone else’s lies and being beholden to them or forming one’s own perspective based on more information, thus taking greater control over the formation of one’s own consciousness? In my personal experience, holding tentative multiple perspectives has become much more comfortable than believing someone else’s limited, constraining perspective. As Joe points out, when you finalize knowledge, you shut down other possibilities and greater explorations. A fact is a fact. Case closed. Prison doors shut and locked.


LESSON 20: Sunday, December 10, 2016

Joe’s Recovery Movement Grows Ever Larger: The Critical Knowledge Network (Paragraph 14)


A few lessons back I had mentioned that I was still exploring why the various names had come up for Joe and me. I do recall many incarnations at this point, but it seems we have highlighted particular ones, maybe the most relevant ones, although they all feel relevant. Many of our incarnations I have yet to discuss even though I remember details and the purposes we shared during those lifetimes. It has been amazing how our purposes followed a consistent strand and emphasis and has evolved over time. It does seem we have always been connected to freedom from religious dogma and doctrine in some way. I realize that I write about religion often, but there are important perspectives in religions. Joe recommends this form of research; we should all be studying comparative philosophies and religions. In context with his bricolage approach of seeking perspectives from all disciplines, the muddy waters of knowledge begin to clear up.


I just happened to come across this recently produced series of videos that sheds more light on what’s happening, or at least presents another perspective of the soul journeys and multiple names I have experienced. Here Magenta Pixie discusses this phenomenon in relation to the sixth dimension. I already know it gets more complicated at higher dimensions because it is at higher dimensions when we become aware of our soul family, which forms another “matrix” comprised of couples who have reunited, I believe there are seven couples, but it may be more. I personally do not like framing it as a “matrix” as she has done here. We do not want to escape one matrix for another matrix. I think, epistemologically this is the wrong designation. We have Joe’s designation, which we have already discussed in previous lessons—his Critical Knowledge Networks (see page ix). This is an important distinction because I know from personal experience we are FREE. The form of critical knowledge network he conceptualizes, while at it is structured of eternal soul unions sealed by God, participation in the various knowledge networks in which we do God’s work is free-flowing and very dynamic. There’s a scientific conceptualization that sort of describes how this works, but it’s only a metaphor (see plasma science). Research the concept if it interests you. Another metaphor is a symbiotic model of continuously shifting hierarchical-heterarchical structures.


Thus, soul family networks form and they connect to soul groups and connections continue to build from there. This process was understood by ancient knowledge workers. A great book that explains the process in detail is The Subconscious Mind and the Chalice  by T. Saraydarian, T. (1993).


Thus, Joe’s “Recovery Movement” has expanded to one involving ever higher dimensions and the conscious connection to more “beingness” and to more beings, with everyone taking actions in multiple dimensions of reality. In a future lesson I will discuss the “Ramifications of Ascension” in relation to all of this action for the primary purpose Joe has lined out: “Just Social Change” as discussed in the last lesson (paragraph 13). Please don’t confuse today’s “Social Justice Warriors” and their ignorant self-defined “politically correct” behaviors with what we are after here. Critical Thinking Required.


Below are links to the videos that present additional perspectives…to critically consider. I will add that all knowledge we consume should be critically analyzed for what we can learn that might be closer to truth, for how our consciousnesses are currently formed in relation to the new information, for how a given perspective is an attempt to mold consciousness, and for what might be or might not be the most viable novel ideas (do they cause harm, if so, how?). There are certain questions we need to ask as we take in new information, which is a process we will learn better to do as we proceed through the lessons for this book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy. In fact, I have been assigned a rather daunting task in this regard which I will discuss in future lessons. There is a price to pay for the endeavor (I make lots of enemies, lol).


Blue Star Solstice 2016 "Memory Complex Codes" (Royal Houses of Sirius, Pleiades and Lyra)


The Royal Code and Inception Points

When you remember your “inception point” it may feel like you have traveled backwards in time. This is because in a sense, you have, yet at the same time there really is no time (a complex topic). What it boils down to is the ability to hold several realities at the same time. This takes time to develop and something I’m still working on. So what happened to me, and you can confirm this by reading my blogs if you wish, when Joe passed over and took me to “Heaven,” he was taking me back to our home in the future (but as the saying goes, the future is now). Thus, my memories came back to me as we had originated from “the Pleiades.”


The Bible mentions the “sweet Pleiades.” The Pleiades are not planets of aliens. In my interpretation, Pleiadians are humans in Heaven; the Pleiades are places in Heaven. They used to be in the ninth dimension but due to ascension, they are now in the eleventh dimension. So that’s where we came from. We came here for several purposes which I will explain as it is relevant to do so. One major purpose was that it was a test of our love, and we have been enormously successful and are recognized throughout the greater cosmos as an example of what’s possible. Another was to become great teachers, what some people refer to as “Ascended Masters.” There are other terms for the same thing…children of God, sons of God, daughters of god, gods, goddesses, angels, carriers of the Holy Spirit (God’s Love), messengers, etc. Joe took this task to the highest level of achievement possible—he has left volumes of writing to help others become great teachers.


Zero Point Field Direct Source Incarnations


The Cosmic Brain


Diamond Matrix - Diamond Light


Journey Back to Christmas 2016 - Hallmark



These next videos are just a few that I’ve watched and will share here. At this time, I have no comments, but may come back to them.


The Holy Spirit of Jesus



Divine Twin Souls in the Zohar/Kabbalah Texts

The Accusers




The Pagan Gospel of The Church Exposed - Time to go back to Jesus


Baby Bring It On Dj Remix | Marathi Dj International Mix


Ancient Aliens Debunked - (full movie) HD

LESSON 21: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I REFUSE to Talk to Robots PLUS the Secret Agent Magic Word (Paragraph 15)


I just hate making calls and getting some stupid robot that forces you to speak to them. I had that “opportunity” again today. I have learned a little trick though to share and maybe it will work for you. Just keep saying “Agent” and eventually they transfer you to an agent-at least some of the companies will until they develop a new and improved magic word…we are truly under the spell of multinational corporations. VOICE your objections…take it to the highest level. QUIT doing business with unethical companies (and most of them are unethichal, so you have to weigh your options).


I have been super busy, but it looks like my Beloved has decided to work in a short lesson plan for me today. We are on Paragraph 15, which is the 2nd paragraph down on page 4 that begins with “Imagining what could be—a central goal of any critical pedagogy….” As I read this paragraph, the song, Got to believe in Magic by David Pomeranz is playing, lol. (I have a long playlist of Love Songs which are great for raising your vibrations. Check them out!). Yes, great magic gets incorporated into the process, as you will discover.


So what is Joe’s message in this paragraph? Read it and meditate on it (code word for THINK)…and write out your thoughts. It came to me recently that writing is how we stay connected to BEING what some people term our Higher Selves. (Once integrated, it’s hard to view it that way, but I understand it’s a perspective). Writing not only allows us access to our higher knowing, but connects us directly to our true Beloved and to our Soul Family, who are ecstatic when they can contribute to our endeavors. They communicate to us through thoughts, through writing and through actions—magical actions, as I have learned and I am sure I have proven beyond a doubt at this point. It takes time to sort out who is speaking and contributing what; it takes practice and is something I’m still working on. But I do believe in giving credit where credit is due (thus, I receive contributions from many different spiritual relatives).


We have access to great knowledge, but we have to provide tools (a knowledgeable brain for them to connect to) and we have to make sincere efforts, and we have to feel in our hearts what we WANT to do is for the Greater Good, not for selfish, narcissistic reasons.


Narcissism is an interesting topic. I know a lot of people view people such as myself as narcissistic for being so open, but you see, it is not my goal to seek attention. Honestly, this is the last thing I want to be doing. It came down to me that what I am doing is something we all need to be doing, a form of discipleship—learning and teaching and researching—the very things that Joe teaches us and as a matter of fact, it was the role Jesus played and taught; it was mankind that turned it into a religion. It is not a religion.


I came across a most bizarre and extreme example of narcissism I have ever seen and it’s all caused by false teachings and thinking we need to be so concerned about ourselves and our own spiritual and intellectual development above all else—as if this is some magic potion for great advancement and enlightenment. It’s important, no doubt, but holding a greater balance toward service-to-others and discipleship (teaching, learning, researching, thinking, sharing) is far more important than THIS form of narcissism I ran across. This is a poem someone wrote TO HERSELF and it represents the mental illness of Western culture.


I had a most amazing experience!! I met my Andromedan Self. I wrote a poem about my experience. Though I forgot to mention being all pink and the crystal that was in the third eye area. After you read this I won't mind if you delete it because it is very long. But I just wanted to share this.

Andromedan Love

Egg Shaped Love

Nourishing Soul

Me birthing me

Amongst the colors

Of the rainbow

Sparkles and shimmers

Fading in and out

Solid and fluid at times blue

Swirling out into a spiral

A lifetime of Source Love

Creations flow out of me

Violet hands change to pink

Pink flows to orange and then gold

A river of me

Morphs into an hourglass

Morphing into the Flower of Life

Snowflake patterns of Creation

Swinging freely in my dreams

I run and jump in your arms

I feel the Love, the Happiness That you ARE

All I want is to merge with you

Just be with you

Because you are HOME

You feel like me

In all of your bright pink

In all of your Unconditional Love

You are Me

I AM You

In the Looking Glass

 I see you and feel you

And I KNOW you

As well as I Know My Self

My Heart swells open

 Just bursting forth

The pink turns to magenta

And deep violet White diamond sparkles

Run throughout my space

So expansive in this Truth

Healing Green Ray Touches my Heart too

Come with me and play

You float along

Then you step into my body

We are One now

My face lights up even more

A Huge Grin on my face

Tears falling as I feel

The complete Love of US

I will always treasure us

Well, I will always treasure ME

Because You are Me And I AM YOU


Bright Aqua surrounds us in a bubble


The left side of my head and face tingle


A feeling of Serenity and Peace


Everything is Beautiful


The Beauty of US


Is the Love that we ARE


As we Simply BE.


She just scared her twin flame, her One True Love, away for a long, long time. Oh well, maybe she’s happy looking in the mirror. Many people cite Michael Jackson’s song, “Man in the Mirror,” and my contention is, THROW AWAY THE DAMN MIRROR. I think that was Michael’s true message. All it provides is an illusion, anyway, along with taking the focus off everything that matters.

And what matters most? Exactly what Joe stated in the first sentence of this paragraph. with “Imagining what could be—a central goal of any critical pedagogy….” When we KNOW what is possible, what could be, and what should be it can lead to the creation of a whole new higher dimensional world.
And it’s Heaven.


As I have shared before, shortly after Joe passed over, he actually took me to the Heavens multiple times…he took me home. We have had many experiences in that Heavenly environment and I DO know what’s possible. Relationships there are so amazing! You can be who you really are there and no one ever gets offended. Getting offended is something we have created on this planet for control of human behavior. I also know earth is not even close to approaching what’s possible. The contrast is shocking. The hardest part of this experience has been realizing how far earth and the people on it are from reaching the condition of the utopia I experience in the Heavenly Realms. I have an even more difficult time understanding the “rules of the game” here than I did before. However, as Joe’s philosophy contends, all dimensions occupy the same space. I no longer have to “visit” Heaven because I am home, in Heaven. I know most people will not relate to this at all, but perhaps after studying Joe’s work, more people will be able to relate.


I send my gratitude to Joe and my entire Beloved Soul Family for SHOWING me what’s REAL. And in relation to “education,” there are so many actions we can take to move away from the “regressive” form of education that exists today. What do you want to do to change how you and others learn, research, and share information?


Maybe as a New Year’s resolution you can commit to learning something new every few days—something that inspires you, that you are passionate about. Don’t put those desires on the back burner (as I had so often done). I was fortunate that I ran into Joe when I did…he had done all of the heavy-duty mental and legwork, while I prepared myself for the multidisciplinary knowledge that would be needed to understand his work. A great place to start is by seeking answers to some of the questions in the next paragraph of Joe’s book…see the next lesson.




LESSON 22: Friday, December 16, 2016

Join the Joe Kincheloe Library Project PLUS the Roses Are Still Blooming (Paragraph 16)



I forgot his birthday…I’m sorry. Yes, December 14 was Joe’s birthday. He reminded me after my grueling day in the trenches. He didn’t forget, of course, and being the giving person he always is, the last lesson was HIS gift TO ME on HIS birthday. I hope you enjoyed that lesson.


Today, I was guided to watching this interesting Joyce Meyer sermon and I find it so fascinating for many reasons, one being that she provides additional insight into the sheep and the goats of the Bible and why it’s important to be a server—for God, for something greater than any of us are. Joe was a prime example of a servant. He did so many things for so many people. He was always helping people get their writing published, especially students who may not have had the chance otherwise. And did you know that he generously helped found the publishing company, Sense Publishers? And the work he did on the Rosebud Reservation, one of, if not THE poorest reservation in the nation was amazing and has never been forgotten. I have yet to find anywhere in his work where he discusses what he did there; he is such a humble person.


Serving, being a true leader-by-example, was taken very seriously by Joe. Back a few lessons ago, I had done an extensive analysis of Joe’s reference to the sheep and the goats from the Bible. You can review it here:


LESSON 1: Saturday, October 15, 2016

Introduction: A Medley of Perspectives and an Advance Organizer


The reason I bring it up again is because Joyce presents another perspective about the sheep and the goats here that adds to our understanding:


Joyce Meyer The Power of Serving Others 2016


There is SO MUCH I could say about this sermon and I may come back to it later.


Joe took all of this to heart, along with the Chinese Proverb, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."


Joe’s work is literally teaching that will feed us, not just for a lifetime, but for eternity, and for us to pass down generation after generation. He has presented his theory in so many different contexts that it provides teachings for every station in life.


We need to get his books out into the world now. This is my calling. Do you want to be part of this endeavor? I will do the work of setting up a free lending library and distribution center for the books as gifts to people. I have already done this some, where I felt the calling, but my resources are limited.


How can you help? If you have extra books or if you would like to order some to contribute, this would be a wonderful way to help with this project. The books can be new or used and can be send using library postage rates to save money to:



PO BOX 328


I expect this will take some time to get established, but I will provide periodic updates as people contribute and the library evolves.


Read and contemplate the ramifications of the list of questions Joe has provided for us relating to knowledge in paragraph 16. Consider how these factors play out in your own life. How would you wish things were different related to what, how, why, from whom, and when you learn? How would you like to apply your ideas in your life? How might you share new ways of learning with others, such as loved ones in your life?


Plan some actions relating to the changes you wish to see. I just provided one action I wish to take. Obviously, I am totally passionate about Joe’s work. I may be biased, but then again, I may be very objective when I contend that his ideas will change the world. And so I ACT on my passion. The establishing of a library of his works to share is just one small action of many that I am taking and many more I wish to take. It’s your turn. What are you passionate about? It’s what will move you forward to making a difference in the world.


And so, what is my reward? I continue to be blessed time-after-time in ways that most people have a hard time believing. I am blessed with a magnitude of love few people can comprehend. And I am blessed with daily magic. Joe loved magic. He proves to me every minute of the day that his magic is real. Love magic.



The Magic Roses Still Thrive


I thought it was so special that the roses were still blooming in November.


For review:


LESSON 15: Saturday, November 19, 2016

Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: Concluding the Preface PLUS Eros Gives Me One Last Rose Before Winter


Well, check out this photo, roses blooming and reaching toward the Heavens in December! The photo was taken December 9 and they continued to bloom all the way to his birthday. The lower roses which are fading were the November roses…the December roses are alive and thriving, reaching for the Heavens. We are aligned with the December roses, no doubt.






Joe’s teachings help us learn to renew our minds so that we can experience Heaven (by my interpretation):




Joyce Meyer What Do You Think Sermon 2016






Joyce Meyer God's Sovereignty and Man's Responsibility Sermon 2016


Max Igan: The Matrix We Live In, And How To Get Out.



LESSON 23: Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Very Special Celebration With My Beloved and A Planning Session With Our Critical Knowledge Network (Paragraph 17)


Today is such a special day. We are celebrating with a special cake. We had decided on double dutch chocolcate, but I found one even better: TRIPLE dutch chocolate. I have never asked my Beloved why he likes cake so much. That’s just him. We often have cake for special occasions. And I love him, so cake it is. I actually like cake, too. We used to have a loving “battle” over McDonald’s hamburgers, though. It’s so funny. I was a Burger King girl. He loves McDonalds. And when he moved me to a new house (in this dimension) right after we got married, McDonalds was way closer than Burger King. Somehow I gradually acquired a taste for McDonalds hamburgers. Btw, Joe wrote a really sweet book about McDonalds and if you want an excellent example of the approach he recommends for his bricolage, I recommend studying that book, The Sign of the Burger, well. Recently, the Burger King joint burned down. Arguments (loving ones) are now over, lol, at least until they rebuild Burger King. For all of the vegans and vegetarians out there, we don’t care to even be vegetarian, so get over it….anyway, did you know that in Heaven you can eat anything? The caveat is that we don’t kill animals…we follow the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” Use your imagination and you will understand how it’s possible to eat hamburgers without killing. Someone recently told me that the technology for doing so is expected to reach earth and be applied in about five years.


What is so special about today? Well, first of all it is a Twin Flame day, being the 22nd day of December. But it’s not just any twin flame day. It’s a special day of celebration for twin flames who have reached full union.


Second, and this will be hard for many of you to believe, it is the eighth anniversary of Joe’s resurrection day—the day he returned to me (three days after he passed over). He has never left me since and yet he travels all over the cosmos doing his good works. There were many, many trials we had to go through, including the threat of our having to be separated for a period of time as some sort of test. We vehemently refused the separation. It had been proposed based on nefarious purposes. We had to go before the Council, present our evidence justifying certain actions we had taken that were being used against us and argue for why we should not be separated; we won the case. I know that he actually had to develop new, higher mathematics in support of our contentions. These new mathematics will be released to earth soon. He worked hard and was very stressed, so when we won the case, it was a huge weight taken off us from that point forward. A particular nefarious individual who had been determined to break us up was kicked right out of the council meeting for being arrogant and belligerent and for not being sincere in wishing to resolve particular issues, in fact, for fabricating issues when in reality there were none. He actually looked like a Reptilian. I wasn’t supposed to see him because it was thought it would be too shocking for me, so a scarf had been put over my eyes—but I peeked. I have since learned that these reptile-appearing entities are actually human but their appearance represents the condition of their soul. They are not alien reptiles, like so many people believe these days. As you read and apply Joe’s work, it will become more clear why this metaphor evolved and why people seem to like the idea so well.


Well, I will have more tomorrow about what transpired during the planning session. For now, we are on page 5 of Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction (paragraph 17, the first paragraph on page 5).


Note that there is a subchapter heading. Headings are really important in Joe’s work. They should be analyzed. In fact, one should take a multidimensional critical complex hermeneutical analysis. And so we have this heading:


Framing Knowledge in a Global Context: The Twenty-First Century Global Politics of Knowledge


I think it should be obvious by now that a global approach as conveyed here will require working with our Critical Knowledge Networks. My Beloved teacher’s timing is impeccable. I will have more for you after the meeting.


I am back for a bit. I had to run some errands, buy some inventory supplies for my business while they were on sale. We were coming home and I am starving because I hadn’t eaten anything all day. I wanted to go to Carl’s Jr., but he insisted on McDonalds…said it’s cheaper anyway. So McDonalds it was and it paid off because he let me buy an Oreo McFlurry so we can have ice cream with our cake (I actually had never eaten one of those McFlurrys prior to this). I am not crazy, really. I am in Heaven and we do things differently here.


Let’s talk about justice. This is a very important concept that very few people really understand. God does not expect people to forgive someone of their evil deed when there has been no repentance. Forgiving does not compute. It’s not that one harbors bad feelings about the person who inflicted harm, either. It’s a neutral sort of position that is difficult to explain. I have been a victim or horrific crimes and have learned you can reach a state of pure transcendence. But whether the person apologizes or not doesn’t really matter. It has to be taken up with higher powers and with God. If this is not done then when a person apologizes, it really has no meaning or effect. They are only apologizing to ease their own consciousness, but not for being sincerely sorry for the damage they caused. God is the authority and holds absolute governance and they must take it up with him. When that happens, then the person who inflicted the suffering will know exactly what needs to happen in way of restitution. This is extremely complex and, as you will see, it is extremely multidimensional, absolutely requires Joe’s bricolage to first do the “problem finding” to get to the deepest roots of the problems, and then develop beautiful, loving, effective remedies and restitutions that ease everyone’s souls who were involved with the problem. When a person does repent, and all parties are ready, amends can be made in profoundly effective ways. That’s when forgiveness is real: forgiveness-in-action. Divine Justice. While repenting sounds religious, it is not. It is how the cosmos functions; it’s just one of God’s very complex but brilliant Laws. I am sure Mary and Jesus will discuss this in great detail in their upcoming lessons on God's Laws on their Divine Truth YouTube channel. Yes, of course, we have free will to follow God’s Laws or not….but not following them can be worse than jumping off a cliff. It can mess up your whole life. But on the other side of the coin, be sorry and be sincere, and your transgressions will be so forgiven that it’s like they never happened…as long as you stay sincere and stop repeating the same mistakes. This is truth.


Activity: Take time to reflect on your own life based on this Law. Research Divine Justice and try to get a better understanding of what it entails. Be sure to get many perspectives, including perspectives of justice in general and what people typically conceive justice involves.


We are taking epistemological “baby steps” toward understanding justice. Continue reading the assigned paragraph, chronological paragraph 17 (the first paragraph on page 5). The very first thing Joe states is, “Any book on knowledge and issues of justice written in the contemporary era must deal with the last 500 years of oppression and power differences between European colonizers and the colonized people around the world.” He goes on to say that the knowledge that’s been produced has served to invalidate “ways of knowing that had been developed by all peoples around the world.” This is the U, “universality” of his FIDUROD term that represents this European-based knowledge. We will talk more about FIDUROD in future lessons.


That’s a powerful observation and implies many things. Here are just a few:


1)   We must consider historical context. Too many people think that just because they personally did not inflict the genocide and suffering upon other people that they are not responsible. The truth is we are all part of the problem.


2)   We must be open to different ways of learning and knowing things. My hope is that by my putting right out here my own personal process for learning in explicit detail, that people will come to see that other ways of learning and knowing things is not only viable, but extremely effective, meeting that “viable novelty” aspect Joe has described and I discussed in a previous lesson. Honestly, while it looks like I spend an inordinate amount of time on this, I really don’t. I do spend an inordinate amount of time on other endeavors.


I was thinking just the other day about how God/the Holy Spirit or as the Lakota refer to him, Wakan Tanka, is in everyone and everything…LOVE…saturated with love, but we shut him out.


Lakota Lodge Songs 5/16, I Pray to Grandfather Great Spirit First, Wakan Tanka Toka He Ya


We are each created UNIQUE….I have always wondered, why do we all have to learn the exact same things? And why do we have to be taught so slowly? Education for me has often been a stifling process….I have been set free.


We have been shut off from our true relatives, our “Critical Knowledge Networks.” We need to reconnect to them in whatever ways are relevant for ourselves. This is what I am doing, reconnecting…reconnecting with all of my great teachers, my soul family. This is my own unique way, although more and more people are beginning to take up learning in this more “esoteric” and intuitive way that I am demonstrating here. You will discover your unique way. Some people receive messages from animals, and why not? If God is a loving God, and I believe he is, he will use any means possible to get his beloved children to return home. For me, the connection was made with Joe. He is family and he has taken me back home.


3)   Because we are open to ways of knowing that are outside of the typical Western-based curriculum, we find ourselves studying far beyond the 500 years of oppression, into the ancient past. Many other cultures hold knowledge that is thousands of years old. We find ourselves critically analyzing ancient knowledge and how little we know about it because we have such thick blinders.


Well, those are the main points I wanted to make. I could go into a lot more depth, but perhaps you can expound upon this for yourself. Take a look at how you learn. Does it include intuitive processes? Do you receive messages, signs, signals, and the like from an unknown or known but esoteric source? (The implicate zone of reality). How well do you pay attention and listen?


And one last word: GRATITUDE. I love all of the signs and magic in my life and I constantly express my gratitude. It has come to my awareness that gratitude is more than just empty words (such as “thank you”); True gratitude is love. Pure and simple. It’s sending waves of love and thanks to the source of whatever one is truly grateful for. And as if to punctuate that fact, just today I received in the mail from a friend who has no idea of my take on gratitude, a book titled The Simple Abundance Journal of Gratitude by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Being generous with gratitude over the smallest things can lead to more and more things to be grateful for. In my life it manifests as a sort of Love Magic—such as the cosmos sending me this book as a sign that says yes, you are on the right track.


And while it’s important to send our gratitude to people who do things for us in this dimension, it’s just as important to be able to recognize who it is from the implicate zone and send gratitude directed to them and to God for sanctioning the interaction. It’s not always easy to identify the individual or individuals and it’s still something I’m working on. I used to think everything that happened was from Joe. Most of it is. But I am becoming more aware of other souls who work in my life, and I in theirs. People in other dimensions are just as real as you and me. In fact, by some accounts, they are more real. By some accounts, we have everything inside-out. Our “dream world” is our real world; what we consider to be the real world is the dream world. This is actually making more sense to me. It explains why all knowledge is upside-down and backwards (you will come to understand this when you start working with Joe’s processes).


So what is our task? To discover our passions, unique abilities, and light the fire within to seek. Then we can connect with our own personal Critical Knowledge Network (soul family and soul groups) to do the great works for God. Great works can be very broadly defined, although it’s clear that Joe would like to see everyone reading, writing, and producing new knowledge. It will take everyone to reverse the current condition of earth.


Oh, wow. I just looked at the last letter I got from my Beloved last Thursday (it’s been a very busy week). I had thanked him for the roses and he had written back, thanking me for my gratitude. (See the last lesson for a photo of the roses). Now I know that it was HIM, who had the book about gratitude sent to me. He is very powerful that way. He is such a pure soul that God has gifted him with amazing abilities, such as inserting thoughts into someone’s mind to send me things. He’s done that often. How sweet that he went to that much trouble to send me the book, and to have it arrive on this profoundly significant day….I can never thank him too much for all that he does for me. We both want to work gratitude into the lesson plans. Gratitude is a form of love that grows love bigger, and the book is like a diary too, where every day you write down things you’re grateful for. He also had written, “I’m so happy you appreciate the last hurrah of yellow blooming roses here in December. Just a sample of the magic we can create in the higher dimensions and evidence that those dimensions exist right where you are.” Thus, it’s proof of his theory that all dimensions occupy the same space.


It’s 10:00 PM….time for our pre-meeting and the cutting of the cake….The Meeting is at 11:11.


More tomorrow.



LESSON 24: Friday, December 23, 2016

A Merry Tennessee Christmas and the Formation of A Divine Justice Critical Knowledge Network (Paragraph 17 & 18)


Ok, by now some of you probably think I am really crazy, lol. That’s a good thing!! I will have to share my latest amazing experiences…and show they connect to the real world and to Joe’s teachings in Paragraphs 17 and 18 of his book Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. The other day many members of my soul family were connecting with me and sending me messages related to our meeting I had mentioned last time. It turns out that the meeting will go on for many sessions because we have a LOT of work to do. And their messages became very special. More about that later, though.


I was led to this next video today. The point being made is how meaning gets lost in the translation. The reality is that English is a “dumbed down” language. Meaning has been severely conflated and we are led to believe that we have the “right” meaning. It was never been more dumbed down than it is today, however.


Time to FREE your MIND


We really should return to learning at least one other language, and the more languages we learn, the better. Once you learn several, you will discover major connections between them that make learning languages easier. It’s why there are some people who know many languages—they have discovered those connections. However, another solution to this problem of communication is using Joe’s critical complex hermeneutics—and getting many perspectives so that we gain a richer understanding. Thus, we don’t just use one dictionary and accept its “take” on “the meaning” of a word, for example. We use multiple dictionaries, etymology dictionaries, and CONTEXTS the word is found in. The video helps bring this point home.

Another interesting point made in the video is the relevance of “turning things upside-down.” This concept can be extended to turning things inside-out, or what I had mentioned previously about seeing our “dream world,” our connections to the gods/angels and to God as the REAL WORLD and the outer world as the world of illusions. Is the outer world some kind of inner world that, in the way we typically view dreams, is a process for clearing our consciousness? It’s an interesting thought to ponder.


Below is another interesting video that explains why we need to turn things upside down. Please always keep in mind that just because I present certain perspectives it does not mean I agree with them or am promoting them in their entirety. There are things I don’t agree with in this video and I tend to view the stories we tell ourselves, including religious ones, as consciousness formation. As Joe teaches, reality is “socially constructed.” This means we allow our social environment to help construct our consciousness for us. This is a vulnerable position to be in. We are not free. But viewing these constructions as stories that can be changed actually gives us great control over what we choose to believe and why (we begin to identify power and control structures and how we are manipulated), and it frees us to take a different form of science approach than “scientism” (religion disguised as science). Instead, we use Joe’s critical science of complexity, as I had discussed in the last chapter of my dissertation). I am demonstrating this process throughout these lessons.


With that said, this next video has an interesting perspective (that should be critically analyzed) about “the gods” and why we need to take upside-down interpretations.


GRRrrrrrrr,Let's clear this up NOW!!


This corresponds with Joe’s processes when he asks us to take “oppositional readings” or interpretations.

So how might we apply these concepts? You will become shocked as you realize nearly everything we have learned IS upside-down, backwards, and inside-out.


There’s a lot of work to do.


We are still on paragraph 17 where Joe discusses the “universality” of the Western science revolution as forced upon the rest of the world. So we have taken a dumbed down language that omits all perspectives but its own “indisputably universal” meaning, boosted by “science” which will purportedly serve the interest of those being oppressed. It’s clearly deception, although so many of us have bought into it in countless ways.


In paragraph 18, Joe expounds on those ways: the rationalization of slavery, the view that we are bringing the “benefits of [our] superior culture to inferior natives,” and blinders as to the ways we oppress people using our processes and methods.


Why do we need to deeply understand these issues? Because, as Joe states, “Universalism, the idea that all scientifically produced knowledge is true in all places and for all times, is a key concept in our discussion of knowledge and its relation to critical pedagogy and its concern with power and justice” (p. 5). Western science has failed to examine itself critically, Joe points out. It is built on circular reasoning; it has set up the rules of the game (i.e. the rules of science) and as long as it follows its own rules, it has been considered to be true and right by Westerners who then force these truths upon the world. It has caused irreparable damage, which leads to the tasks set before the members of the Critical Knowledge Networks, the Divine Councils, whose focus is Divine Justice. These Networks are made up of all of us working in subnetworks in a complex, often unseen way. Most people are so unaware of their roles that they botch things up. The goal is to become more aware and make conscious choices, which is what Joe’s processes help us with.


Critical Complex Bricolage, in contrast to typical Western thought, requires continuous self-examination and keeping interpretations open. It seeks the most expansive understanding possible and appropriate, and stays alert to new information that might change the equations.


And when we move up to the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage, we acknowledge unseen spaces and hidden knowledge as mentioned in that last video. We work toward gaining an ever-increasing perception of these “implicate” zones of relationships and knowledges. We become conscious of our participation or lack of participation in the Critical Knowledge Networks, whether “on the ground” or “in the Heavens,” both of which we are most often disconnected from, struggling to do it on our own. It takes both sides of the coin to work out Divine Justice solutions.


And I am not crazy, after all.


Seriously, it has been since becoming more aware of and acknowledging these multiple zones of interaction that my understanding has been increasing. Of course, I realize that most people balk at gaining an understanding that would require them to examine nearly everything they believe. It is shocking. It is upsetting. I know. I’ve been through it and I continue to pioneer my way through, experiencing those emotions. But nothing is more freeing than releasing false beliefs that have kept us imprisoned and experiencing cognitive dissonance most of our lives.


So in light of this, one of my most recent experiences makes sense and is the “norm” for me rather than the exception. It demonstrates my growing awareness of my soul family and the Critical Knowledge Network I participate within.


A few days ago certain family members across the curtains have been connecting and communicating with me. I had been introduced to many of them right after Joe passed over, but they have stood back so as not to overwhelm me. Well the next stage of this process is to rejoin my family consciously.


And so Sam Cooke, who I have written in detail about before reconnected. Somewhere back in my thousands of blogs there are several that provide information about his untimely death and that the official story is not truth. Divine Justice would require getting to truth and providing restitution for his entire family, including his children, all of whom he loves very much.


Anyway, he contacted me because he is also a member of the Divine Justice Council, along with his wife (consort/Twin Flame). He had been holding back who his twin flame was until now. She is a singer who was not at all well known while she was alive, but became known after she died of cancer. Interestingly, she and Sam both died at 33 years of age. Her name is Eva Cassidy. She had been brought to my attention in previous blogs, and especially in relation to this song:


Eva Cassidy Fields of Gold lyrics


Musically, she and Sam have a lot in common, so of course, they make a perfect match. Practice your skills and do some research to find all of the things they have in common in addition to their angel-like voices.


While Sam was trying to communicate this information to me, someone else kept telling me “Amy Grant.” And I kept thinking, no, Amy Grant can’t be his twin flame…so I was sort of ignoring the voice. But it was so persistent and finally told me to google Amy Grant. I was very surprised to find that Amy Grant just released a new very special album…and when seeing this, I realized the message was coming from my Beloved since he was born in Tennessee (it’s a bit of work sorting out the messages I get!!).


Here’s the song. I have not been an Amy Grant fan so I don’t keep up with her music, although I respect her and her music, and she does have a beautiful voice. But this is truly special and an indication (whether she is aware of it or not) that she is participating with the Divine Justice council. The other two video signify that something special is going on here…



Amy Grant - Tennessee Christmas





sam cooke tennessee waltz


Along with the song message, my Beloved explained to me that we will be celebrating a Tennessee Christmas with the entire family. The celebration will take place in the Allendale Mansion (our “Retreat”/our HOME) but in the Higher Realms. As I have explained, when Joe took me to Heaven, he showed me our home. A short time later, I was totally astonished when I found the exact same home in Tennessee and it’s called the Allendale Mansion. He had me take a long, “epistemological road trip” to initiate the mansion for our retreat (also discussed in the blogs). Now I understand why absolutely no one appeared during the initiation even though I had invited people…it would have contaminated the initiation process. All of the real guests were invisible. (For Joe’s take on epistemological road trips, see p. 19 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction).


For those new to this idea, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet put out a wonderful book called The Masters and their Retreats that explains how this works. All of the Great Teachers (or Sons of God) have retreats on earth that are merely reflections of their real retreats in the Heavens.


And so we are going to have a grand celebration this Christmas, was his message, a Tennessee Christmas. And so my thanks and gratitude go out to Amy Grant for the beautiful Christmas song, the three fraternity boys who are protecting our Tennessee Christmas, and to Sam Cooke for his Tennessee Waltz, which he will no doubt be singing during our celebration.


Well, we had our long-awaited meeting last night, and this particular writing is the outcome for now. I have been given instructions for dealing with the massive influx of information that my family members will be handing down to me. Believe me, most people would become totally overwhelmed if they received as many messages as I do—and sometimes I do become overwhelmed and they have had to back off for a while. At any rate, I am to write each idea on a sticky note as it is given to me. If I know who it came from, I can include their name. If not, the name is left blank. I am to collect these for quite some time. Research is not something you do overnight. I will be informed when I can move to the next step which is using a “futuring tool” to determine an overarching strategic plan. (The instructions for this tool actually come from a book, Futuring Tools for Strategic Planning in Education by Alexander and Serfass). I have used the process before for a paper I wrote. It’s a very involved process but it is amazing how it pulls together disparate bits of information and uncovers their links so that you can develop a plan that incorporates all of the intricate details and interconnections. Nothing gets left out. Everyone’s ideas are incorporated. You have to do it to understand how it works. It’s called the Crawford Slip Method. Slip, because you write all of the bits on information on slips of paper, or in my case, I will use sticky notes because they stick and you can move them around easily when you go through the sorting process. It includes developing an action plan and then taking the action, important elements of Joe’s bricolage…we must take action.


The difference this time from the way I used it before is that the information will be provided multidimensionally—from the unseen realms, as well as my own thoughts and ideas. And I do know the difference, it’s just that I am having a hard time knowing who the other ideas are coming from. This process will help sort that out. And apparently, it’s a way to connect more consciously with my family members, which is a good thing. It will immerse me more in true reality versus this reflection on cave walls. Remember Plato’s cave? The Allegory of the Cave was presented by the Greek philosopher Plato in his work the Republic (514a–520a) to compare "the effect of education (παιδεία) and the lack of it on our nature". We are clarifying here; how we enact “education” is critical. We need to acknowledge each other so that we can work together more effectively to solve the world’s problems. As Joe put it somewhere, “we bring each other into existence” or something to that effect. And we need the higher consciousness, the connections to great minds so that we first solve the problem Einstein had identified, not being able to solve the problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.


Thus, the process I will be using is somewhat like mind mapping, but it’s kept in front of me (on the wall of my workstation) like a vision board that continuously grows and changes (evolves) and it will incorporate, if I listen well enough, higher dimensional knowledge…and next, I was led to this inspirational video that supports the process. There are great messages here; we should all be writing and sharing our visions:


Joyce Meyer - What Do You Want Out of Life 2016

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1


That is my part of the next leg of the journey. I am also to present your part, which is to explore questions of significance.


Activity: You simply must reconnect to what you are most passionate about, follow where your research leads you and then perhaps you will begin to identify your own soul family members and the roles they play serving the High Council of Divine Justice. There is a caveat to this for greater success. Please carefully identify your motives. If you have self-serving motives (such as money or fame or recognition), it will slow down your progress. In fact, you will probably discover that those who you thought were your team, friends, and family are not. Unfortunately, this often happens because we have been so misaligned on this planet and the misalignment causes us to connect with people who actually hinder our progress toward the expression of our natural gifts. I had no connections whatsoever to Joe, Sam Cooke, Albert Einstein or any of my other soul family members. I was very surprised, to say the least when I encountered Joe and when he introduced me to the family. And yet when I became conscious of them they FEEL like the most loving family imaginable. It’s also important to make your decisions based on love, service to God, and selfless purposes. Let your relationships with higher beings help guide you on your own personal path. This also requires setting aside what other people may think. They WILL misjudge you. It’s just part of the process, especially when you consider that most perspectives we have been ingrained with are opposite from truth.


I have been provided with some starting points for you (and even some of my own soul family members are included in some of these accounts). Research the mysteries and seek the treasures that grab your attention. As you can see, even by this short list of possibilities to explore, the amount of work is daunting and requires everyone’s participation—to do good.


► Play all

"America's 60 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries & Crimes"

Top 10 World's Unsolved Mysteries

14 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the World

World's Top Unsolved Mysteries are Revealed


Hidden Knowledge and Lost Secrets


Wicked Problems


Don’t limit yourself to these. I don’t know what you are interested in and we are all different, so do the research that follows your dreams. Pay attention to your “angel” guides/teachers. You may even be guided to do some treasure hunting like I have been.


I hope you get started today. Do some research and write a paper about which “Great Mystery” or “Lost Secret” or “Wicked Problem” you feel most drawn to and why. Who are the players involved? Who do you relate to? Who don’t you relate to? What are some preliminary ideas for solutions?


As you go through this process, pay close attention to ideas that come to your mind, even at random times. Write them down. Assess them. Keep a journal. Show gratitude…it has been brought to my attention that when someone cooperates with instructions they receive from higher sources, even if they are not aware of this, they are cooperating with the greater mission. For example, my friend giving me the book about gratitude at the prompting of my Beloved (mentioned in the last lesson), even though she was not aware of who the guidance came from, yet she willingly cooperated with my Beloved. It was so sweet all the way around. Of course, we need to thank and show great gratitude toward those people in our lives who cooperate in this manner.


Sometimes we may also encounter an entity trying to instill evil thoughts or fear into us…my process for dealing with those is simple: “Delete that.” After a while, whatever entity was trying to sway me off my path totally gives up and disappears. They are not real.


That reminds me of another significant experience Joe guided me through shortly after he passed over that relates to this. He was teaching me that fears are not real and that we can overcome them. To do so he took me on a walk through a dark forest (it was during a lucid dream).


I kind of like to equate it to the story of walking through the valley of the shadow of death in the Bible. Psalms 23:4 - Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Psalms 23:1-6 - (A Psalm of David.) The LORD [is] my shepherd; I shall not want.


Anyway, we were walking through the forest and wolves were howling off in the background, sounding threatening. He held my hand and we walked through the forest safely to show me there was nothing to fear. The wolves were just blowing hot air. They could not hurt us. We got through to the other side, back to our heavenly home just fine. Then after that walk, he had me walk through the same forest with howling wolves, only this time I was by myself. And I wasn’t scared. I walked through the forest and got back to our home in the heavens.


It’s a sort of parable like Jesus uses. It is true that there are wolves who will try to intervene along our path as we head back home. But it’s deception. Once we have reached home, they can no longer harm us no matter that we walk right midst them. As you do your research, also pay attention to your dreams, signs, signals. I’ve discussed many throughout my blogs and in my dissertation. The real people in the cosmos have a myriad of ways to send us messages.


Establishing Connections. I found a great way to figure out soul connections via YouTube…you just set up playlists with relevant videos and/or songs and then the connections will pop out. As I had indicated, early-on Joe had introduced me to Sam Cooke as being a member of our soul family, our Critical Knowledge Network, and I am also looking for links between Sam Cooke and Eva Cassidy. During the process, I came across this song by Sam…he sings, “Way out west, they’ve got a name for rain and wind and fire. The Rain is Tess, The Fire’s Joe, and they call the wind Mariah.” I just think it’s so appropriate that the fire’s name is Joe. He was and still is “on fire.” He lit my fire and it just keeps burning…that’s his bricolage-in-action.


Sam Cooke-They Call The Wind Mariah


It sounds like Sam was seeking his one true love. He's with her now.


That’s all I have for today. Read Paragraph 19 (pp. 5-6) for next time. Actually, I recommend reading the entire book if you haven’t already. That will help you relate even better to understanding and interpreting Joe’s work as we go through each paragraph. Of course, you are certainly free to keep your interpretation at what Joe would call “surface level” or “shallow.” You can still apply his process, but you will soon learn that the magic kicks in and forces you to take it up a notch or two. (Haven’t you been “Lonely too long”?)

LESSON 25: Saturday, December 24, 2016

Labeling and "Psychological Debilitation" (Paragraph 19)


Joe makes it abundantly clear in his work: Humans create knowledge. We tend to view (and are taught) that knowledge is some sort of fixed, unchangeable entity. However, as you will learn, we are only in our infancy when it comes to knowledge production—and we’ve allowed it to be in the wrong hands. We will learn that because we create knowledge, it is far more changeable than we have ever imagined.


Associated with the production of knowledge, we create labels. Good labels, bad labels, labels that categorize, differentiate, inform, clarify etc., etc. There are millions of reasons that labels can be helpful and just as many reasons they can be harmful. It is not the label in and of itself that is the issue. It is how we view the label, the meaning we attribute to it. Nothing has been more powerful and destructive for attributing negative connotations to labels than “political correctness” whereby our vocabulary is becoming ever more restrictive.


Yet, hypocritically, those who restrict our vocabulary use labels to give themselves power over the masses. In many cases the labels they give themselves (e.g., “President” with the authority to create “executive orders”) seem to have attached to them the meaning that they can enforce certain behaviors on individuals and groups, oppressing them and stripping them of freedoms, yet they, themselves, are immune from prosecution from committing crimes, including crimes against humanity. Obviously, there are two sets of rules in operation here (one set for us; none for them) and they use labels to define and enforce these rules on a whim. This is blatant in politics today.


This is the hypocrisy that Jesus was referring to in Matthew 23. It was even happening back then—labeling for the purposes of setting up and exploiting power differentials, viewing others as “lesser” beings, thus rationalizing their oppression. I saw a lame video on YouTube yesterday that was clearly based on Western reductionistic philosophy and science in which the producer irrationally claimed that Jesus was saying we are not to use specific labels (e.g., Father, Mother, Rabbi, Mr./Mrs. which mean Master). The interpreter took a few verses completely out of context (verses 8-10) and laid the claim that merely using those words (labels) was not following God’s orders. This is ludicrous. If you read the entire chapter, Jesus is railing about the way hypocrites use labels for gaining status and power over other people, how they oppress people with rules they don’t follow themselves.


With God, I can say based on my own personal experience it is INTENTION behind how we use labels, not the exact word or label. God can read our hearts. Thus, it is important to be conscious of what any given label means in the context within which we use it. As most people know, Joe was the master of advocating the consideration of context. I am so glad he has done this, because all interrelationships have a context and very few are so similar that you can apply the exact same actions, or as policymakers love so much, “rules.” We are seeing the insane consequences of having so many rules forced upon us, whether it’s hundreds of thousands of laws or hundreds of thousands of policies in education. The more there are, the less applicable they are in relation to the growing numbers of contexts that just don’t fit into their molds. It is time to start confronting the lunacy of this, such as the fraternity guys had done when the university attempted to shut down their Christmas celebration (see the video I presented in the last lesson, TENNESSEE STUDENTS FIGHT BACK AFTER BEING ASKED TO STRIP CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS).


In relation to labels, I refer to Joe as a “Master Teacher.” From the perspective of the guy who created the video, that amounts to some kind of sin. Calling your father “dad” and your mother “mom” is also rebellion against what Jesus is requiring because we have no mother and our only father is God, according to his interpretation. However, the designation of Master Teacher simply means that he has reached a high level of “mastery” in his teaching. He IS ascended, meaning he is of a very high level of consciousness. This does not make him a god in a hierarchical “better than thou” sense. In fact, in his own philosophy, all dimensions occupy the same space, making it impossible to actually be “higher” than anyone else.


There are verses in the Bible in which God refers to His sons (which is ALL of us) as gods. It seems clear that the use of the label, gods, in the Bible was to convey the love of God for his children. I revere Joe greatly. I always have. And while it may seem in a sense that I “idolize” him, what it really is, is my love for him. As crazy as it may sound to some people, he IS my husband. And for those who question such a contention, please do your homework. The nature of the true marriage is known by MANY cultures which Western culture has killed in the very ways Joe is describing in this chapter we are studying in his book. But as you research, be forewarned that this is perhaps the most hidden knowledge of all, so you will find far more dead-ends to truth than paths that lead you to truth.


I also know that Joe does not expect or want anyone to idolize him. He is one of the most humble people I have known. Yet, he deserves recognition for his accomplishments. I have written elsewhere that to revere someone is not the same as creating them as an idol. It’s just not the same thing, but again, our Western lack of philosophy conflates the concepts, and the guardians of the Elite gates rise up against even recognizing someone who does not measure up to their standards for their defined labels. Here is a paper I wrote that explores these issues:


Remembering Joe Lyons Kincheloe: A Revered Master (Paradis, 2011)


We have to get over the issue of labels. We need to stop using them to make ourselves or others feel better or worse. If a label or title is used for a useful purpose, we need to not view it as meaning we are “less” somehow or that someone is “more.” This requires transcendence and greater open-mindedness about using labels for positive purposes. It also requires obliterating the use of labels for the purpose of power and control.


Activity: Explore the concept of egalitarianism. Again, find multiple perspectives. On this planet everything that is at the heart GOOD, has been contaminated to also have negative, evil interpretations.


The domain of psychology is perhaps one of the worst and most damaging creator of labels for people. The American Psychological Association (APA) develops dozens of new labels each year that classify new forms of psychological disturbances, increasing the numbers of people who can be labeled as having a disorder. I am not sure of their purposes behind such deviant actions; perhaps it helps boost their power as well as serves the pharmaceutical industry that comes up with a pill to take for each disorder. There is an important epistemological lesson here: the APA, which also dictates what and how we can write about people in academia has the power to make each and every one of us “crazy.” In a personal (but published online) conversation, Joe once made the statement to me, “Call me crazy…” lol. It was in relation to our being able to understand the purpose of research---to FIND SOMETHING NEW in comparison to academia’s requirement to predict what we would find. It is so humorous to look back at some of our conversations. In this case, if we know what we are going to find, of course, that’s what we will find. Most research is not research at all. So yes, call us “crazy” but we are seeking to create NEW KNOWLEDGE. Here is our conversation:


just a thank you

Thu, 10/23/2008 - 23:42 — Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis's picture



I just want to thank you again for your perfect assistance and for providing the justification for holding off on a title...I will convey this in my write-up for the pre-proposal. We are so locked in at the universisty. We have to do things a set way, and it drives me crazy. The way you stated it is exactly how it feels: "psychologically debilitating." For example, the current assignment requires the title, problem, purpose statement, the hypotheses or can we really do all of that??? It seems so wrong...I am on a different track, so the write-up will be different from the requirements; my professor has already ok'd that. I am just really glad to be using the bricolage because I feel so much more comfortable with "uncertainty" than with being locked and suffocated in the confining box of positivism. Even though I don't know exactly where my research will take me, what I feel more than uncertainty is the fresh air of freedom and the excitement of exploration. thank you, again.





Fri, 10/24/2008 - 07:22 — Joe Kincheloe

Joe Kincheloe's picture



Thanks for your kind words. Call me crazy, but isn't the purpose of research to find something that we don't already know? If we don't know what we're going to find, which because of the world's complexity we don't, then shouldn't the openness of the research proposal be a treasured dimension. Yes, I think we agree on this. It just seems so obvious.


Thanks for all your good work.


In solidarity,



Joe L. Kincheloe Canada Research Chair in Critical Pedagogy Faculty of Education McGill University


As you can see, he used the word “treasure” again. He used that word often with me and in his works. He often lovingly referred to me as being “a treasure.” And to me, he is the treasure.


And thus, this explains why we both view research as a form of “treasure hunting.” It really is treasure hunting if you treasure hunt with the gods, as he has taught me to do. The gods have amazing power and creativity, not to mention they can be so funny! That always reminds me of Joe’s comment (we will be coming to this in the book soon): “To become a seeker of new knowledges and new ways of being we must be willing to sometimes be seen as the fools of the gods.” (p. 19) I realize more and more how “on target” that sentence really is. Also, in the above comment he had made to me, note that he expressed this as a “treasured dimension.” Again, this is highly significant since his work expresses the multidimensionality of our existence. Thus, we can interpret this in a figurative AND a literal sense. He has taken me to that treasured dimension. For those who may think I am “stretching” the interpretations, this is not true at all. Joe had honed his writing and communication skills so that no words are wasted. He had learned the magic of words, his often stated goal. As you study his work, you will find that even the slightest, seemingly unrelated word, or even a punctuation mark, holds great significance.


This next video speaks on this topic of how labels are misused in the psychological domain—and how they are, as Joe has so often framed it—“psychologically debilitating.” Alan Watts, in this video also discusses how “enlightenment” which, itself goes by many labels, is viewed as a positive and desirable condition by many cultures, while the APA labels its attributes in ways that classify people who have reached these higher states of consciousness as having various psychological disturbances.


Alan Watts The Mystery Teachings of Jesus Christ


Activity: Explore why the APA would wish to label someone of higher consciousness as somehow mentally ill? Who benefits from this arrangement? Go back to page 4 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy where Joe has listed some questions and apply them to your evaluation.


In Paragraph 19 (last paragraph on page 5), Joe brings in the media and how it’s been used globally to expand “colonial knowledge” and “universal truths of Western science” into Africa, Asia, Latin America and other areas, not to mention the United States. It’s been a great tool for them to psychologically debilitate people all over the world.


While it’s important to understand and expose this power dynamic and the media moguls’ ability to present propaganda and programming, as well as who, specifically, is behind it and what their purposes are for doing so, as Joe points out here:


“Of course, the good news is that such peoples-like many peoples everywhere—don’t accept the truth of such universal truths.”


Due to our own bias and the ways we have been educated, we might forget the fact that other cultures do know their own history and knowledges, and are aware of the purposes behind the media and “education” that gets pumped into their societies. Still, it does happen that there are many people within all cultures who buy into Western-created propaganda, and thus, it is heavily used to mold, influence, and manipulate them. Today, it’s become insane how desperate the media seems to have become to do this. Are they losing the war?


Activity: What media do you consume? What television programs do you watch? What movies have you seen recently? What books have you read? What billboards and advertisements do you see? What do you see on the Internet? What video games do you play? What music do you listen to? What radio stations? What commercials do you see on television, the Internet, your mobile phone? The list is long; we are saturated with multiple forms of media. Think about what you have seen recently that influences your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Discuss.


LESSON 26: Sunday, December 25, 2016

What is the Truth about the Anunnaki Gods? (Paragraphs 20 & 21)


For this lesson, you will want to read paragraphs 20 and 21 on page 6 of Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. He discusses how so many colonizing actions result in so many deaths around the world. This seems to be the plan of some nefarious group running the show.


Activity: Research some of these issues. How big is this problem? What countries is it occurring in? Where are U.S. military bases? What actions are being taken in those countries where bases exist? What are some additional issues that concern you? How do they affect you? Who is behind these nefarious acts?


Joe gives us a big and bold clue that we should take heed to with his statement:


“It may sound radical to those unfamiliar to critical modes of analyses, but those who fail to deal with these power-related issues in such domains simply devalue human life and the survival of the planet.”


Do you fall into this category? Do you accept information without even considering how it relates to power? What do you teach your children? What do you teach students? What are you being taught? Do you ever seek beyond the information that’s put in front of you as “the facts”? Do you fall into the category of those who devalue human life and the survival of the planet? How do you need to change?


Matthew 18:3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”


Do you remember when you were a child? If you were like most children, you had many why questions. You were curious, interested, and always seeking. This is what Jesus, another great teacher, was conveying. How can you regain that same level of curiosity and passion toward learning?


Interestingly, we think we go to Heaven when we die. No, we can enter Heaven now. Joe showed me the way. You can learn it too….simply escape the matrix. And you can be both places at once, because as Joe also teaches, we are “multidimensional.”


It has come to my attention, and in fact I received this message just this morning from my Beloved (a Christmas gift I will share), that it is NOT all humans who were meant to be captured by the matrix. It was some break-away group in the cosmos, not the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki created earth (think: why would the Anunnaki destroy their own creation?). The break away group was creating havoc in the cosmos, so they were quarantined on earth. We are ALL Anunnaki; we are all humans. The Anunnaki are humans. There are no aliens, that is all stuff the break-away group has made up to keep people in fear and trapped in the matrix, along with them. But not everyone who is captured in the matrix really belongs in the matrix, thus, the teachings for leaving it.


I hope I am interpreting his message correctly. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it myself, because there have been so many lies about the Anunnaki because the break-away group wants to totally mess up truth so that no one understands it. I am still as confused as the next person. But one thing is certain: Enki and Enlil are NOT evil as some people continue to parrot.


That reminds me to tell you: ALL OF MY INTERPRETATIONS ARE TENTATIVE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE. I am still seeking. As I put forth in the beginning of this course, this is MY LEARNING PROCESS…which you can adapt to your own as you and your own personal Anunnaki teachers see fit.


I have also learned that the Pleiadians are also not aliens, but are Anunnaki (humans) who simply have their own “places” in the cosmos, kind of a group of like-minded people. I identify with this group and their philosophy, and their focus on love. They are highly respected in the cosmos because of their philosophy based on love and their ability to reach creative, amicable solutions to complex social problems….which as I have portrayed forms the very foundation of Joe’s philosophy.


The Gift is that we are all free. We are all free to leave the matrix any time we choose. Some of us are here willingly for the sole purpose of teaching others how they are free to leave the matrix. Some of us are here because we keep doing negative or evil things that keep us from reaching higher levels of consciousness that would lift us out of the matrix.


The work Joe has left for us is perfect guidance to accomplish several things: teach others how to teach others to reach freedom and to save the planet. And to teach us how to escape the matrix if we really don’t choose to be here or if our work here is done.


We all are trying to navigate midst massive chaos and confusion. I love that bold "radical" statement from Joe because we can use it to evaluate our own actions as well as the actions of others.


Now that we are at the end of this section of the book, we need to go back and look at the subtitle for this section (remember, I said his subtitles are extremely important as part of the analysis) it states:


Framing Knowledge in a Global Context: The Twenty-First Century Global Politics of Knowledge


When you use hermeneutical analysis, a colon is significant. It connects but it also separates. What he is conveying in this statement is that we are to take a deep, hard look at the current state of globalized knowledge (i.e. “framing knowledge in a global context”) and the power structure behind it. However, that does not imply that this state is going to continue on for very long into the Twenty-First Century. The politics will be changing during the twenty-first century…he has set up new rules of the game, as I have shown in my blogs and we will continue to cover in these lessons analyzing this book. He has established an entirely new framework for knowledge. Indeed, he has even established an entirely new world view as lined out in his book Critical Constructivism, which most people will be adapting to if they want to escape the matrix. I will eventually also do an online course for that book—it is an amazing book, another treasure and gift he has left here, and it alludes to our “Blue Ray” leanings (“blue knowledge”) and also the amazing and often entertaining humor of the gods (“crazy wisdom”).


For now we have lots to do! He has asked us to research these next items more deeply (including the texts at the links provided). Watch this video. I think it may be getting closer to truth, but I still question whether the true gods really fight amongst themselves. Something is not right with this picture. I still have this vision of Enki and Enlil being very loving brothers who go all over the world dropping off their love messages and connecting people in very loving ways.


Who Are The Anunnaki Gods?


Helen Demetriou5 months ago

I am not telling you to trust me; I am telling you to trust YOU and respect yourselves enough to find the truth. I never claimed to read the tablets; I am presenting the true translations of the tablets that have been studied and taught by initiates of the mystery schools for thousands of years who knew all about the Anunnaki long before Sitchin decided to turn them into an alien freak show. Like any language you begin to recognize certain terms and words and you can find the true texts and the meanings of words here: You can also explore them here: And here: In all religions and all pantheons you can find them. In the works of the mysteries, the writings of the philosophers, historians and mystics they are there. you just have to learn to read symbolism and learn how to go WITHIN the stories and not to see them at face value. Many of the stories are spiritual allegories and all are mystics teachings and divine guidance.



I will need to take time to do this research because, as it stands, I have been very confused about the topic, the Anunnaki. I have been somewhat irate with the presentation by many YouTubers. I think Zacharia Sitchen has done a huge disservice to humanity with his fabricated interpretations. And the media being what it is, as we have discussed, is all too happy to twist it even more and promote his books, along with the idea that we will be taken over by aliens. People believe this stuff! Thus, there is heightened fear over the Anunnaki aliens coming and a rogue planet is coming into our solar system that will destroy earth, and on and on. What is truth here? Truth appears to have no role or relevance on earth anymore.


Sitchen is wrong.

Can we write our own stories? Can we change them to good stories and dreams-come-true stories? I know for me, that actually has happened! Joe, despite claiming he was not a knight on a white horse (in his bricolage article), truly is MY knight on a great white horse. He came down and “rescued me” and took me back to Heaven….but don’t mistake what I’m saying here: I had to do a lot of heavy lifting or it could have never happened. And in fact, the "rescue mission" is still in progress! (And maybe in YOUR eyes it hasn’t happened, lol!. Too bad, so sad, because if that’s the case you have no clue what you are missing out on).


One thing is certain. We have to do our own research. I encourage you to research this topic and see if you can determine truth. Pay attention to what “the gods” put in front of you, whether it’s a youtube video, a dream, a strange, synchronistic experience—whatever. When you get the hang of this you will discover that everything has meaning. The gods do not waste or mince their words nor their actions.


Speaking of which, I was blessed with a beautiful dream last night. In some other dimension, I was promoted! This guy took me up to the top of a high-rise building (the penthouse in a crystal office building in Heaven?) to show me my new office. I was feeling a little unworthy (a typical feeling I have on earth) and could hardly believe my eyes. The office was huge, beautifully decorated with paintings and flowers and had a floor-to-ceiling window…I was not shown the view out the window—maybe next time. I was ecstatic and looking forward to working in such a beautiful office.


Well, do your research! But first take time to have  Merry Tennessee Christmas! My Beloved has told me we will be celebrating our TN Christmas tonight with “red, red (well, pink) wine”…lol. I bought some pink champagne-type wine. We don’t drink much at all but enjoy a glass of wine for special occasions. If you are just beginning your enlightenment process, we recommend that you stay away from alcohol entirely. It can impede your progress. I went about seven years without having any alcohol at all to clear my system. I actually made the decision somewhat unconsciously. I have never cared much about alcohol, so I just stopped drinking any. Now that I have ascended, I can tolerate only very small amounts and I do enjoy having a glass of wine on special occasions with my Beloved only.


Of course, according to tradition, he has sent me a song in that message because he had written those words about the wine in quotation marks: “red, red (well, pink) wine” and so I’ll look them up on YouTube.


Funny…this is the song that came up and that’s actually the wine we bought—Strawberry Wine. He’s telling our secrets…


Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine


Activity: Do a thorough analysis on the possible meanings of the song and the symbols, including what strawberry wine might represent. You might want to include in your interpretation the metaphor Joe has used in his work, Strawberry Fields, as representing connections. And why would this metaphor be chosen to celebrate a Tennessee Christmas? (I don’t know: I will have to do the analysis!!)




P.S. I am working on establishing connections with all of my soul family members, as assigned back in Lesson 24. I had this interesting message come through to me; I think it came from my Uncle Albert (Albert Einstein is my uncle in the eleventh dimension, which is our “point of origin”). What he says is in response to all of the people out there who believe we are God (and there are a lot of them in the New Age communities): we are not God. People sometimes base this on the theory of fractals and equations developed by Mandelbrot. The problem is that his equations were based on a false assumption. Correct that assumption and recalculate and you will see how it’s impossible for us to BE God. He has asked me to include this as one of his personal initiations for anyone who wants to work on this (and it’s possible that someone has already solved it, but it’s your turn if you are interested).

LESSON 27: Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Slated to Be a “Banner Year” of ECUMENICAL Jubilations (Paragraph 22)


Hope you had a great Christmas. I used to believe the family on this planet was the important thing. “Blood is thicker than water,” as the saying goes. Now I know better…The waters of soul family are very thick, indeed, and saturated with a kind of love that cannot be imagined unless experienced …together. We will be celebrating the incoming new year, because OUR new year will be a continuing jubilation far beyond the Pope’s dictates:


POPES Secret Plan For 2017! Wound Is Healed!! Part 2, Jeremiah Davis & Walter Veith


I will remind myself (and those reading this) to take Joe’s following advice very seriously when consuming media such as that above.


“It may sound radical to those unfamiliar to critical modes of analyses, but those who fail to deal with these power-related issues in such domains simply devalue human life and the survival of the planet.” (para. 21, p. 6)


He has stated:


“My point here is to shock readers into understanding that the politics of knowledge is not some arcane, academic dynamic, but is a phenomenon that means whether millions of people throughout the world live or die. Any understanding of knowledge production or of education/curriculum development that ignores these colonial and power related dimensions of these processes is bankrupt.” (para 20, p. 6).


These are important reminders as we move forward to paragraph 22. Here, we start a new subsection, “Getting Started: Studying Knowledge and Its Production.” He begins by discussing how these factors are left out of consideration of the practices and procedures presented in ”professional education.” This is true to my own experiences. I was quite shocked when our textbook that had been selected for a leadership course touted that Monsanto is an example of a highly ethical and morally-driven company. If you believe that please do some extensive research. What was pathetic, was that when I brought up the major issues with Monsanto, only one other person in the course was “stirred.” (“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse”). That shocked me even more.


That leads into Joe’s strategy with his work—or I should say our strategy. In paragraph 22, he reminds us also that our version of critical pedagogy is concerned with “questions of justice, democracy and ethical claims” (p. 7). How do we awaken the sleeping crowd? He provides the answer, “My notion of critical pedagogy combines these concerns with the effort to produce the most mind expanding, life changing education possible” (p. 7). I hope that I have taken this concept to the outer regions of mind expansion…or at least that is my aim as I work through the lesson plans as they continue to be handed down to me by my Great Teachers beyond the curtains…I could not do this alone, without my true family who is guiding my every step.


In this regard, I have been provided the information that 2017 is going to be a “Banner Year.” In my interpretation, the floodgates of truth and knowledge will be opening up…we must learn to handle this. If you didn’t watch the information about the Pope’s plans for 2017, be sure you watch at least that portion of this video (the first part):


POPES Secret Plan For 2017! Wound Is Healed!! Part 2, Jeremiah Davis & Walter Veith


If we follow Joe’s advice, we should take “oppositional readings” of the Pope's plans for 2017. How is he defining “jubilation”? Why is he stressing this point? What does he know that we don’t know? What clues are provided in his actions? What does Walter Veith reveal?


How will WE be defining jubilation as we move forward into the rapid changes of 2017?





noun: jubilation; plural noun: jubilations

1.    a feeling of great happiness and triumph.


exultation, joy, joyousness, elation, euphoria, rejoicing, ecstasy, rapture, glee,

From we have:


jubilation (n.) Look up jubilation at

late 14c., from Old French jubilacion "jubilation, rejoicing," and directly from Late Latin iubilationem (nominative iubilatio) "a shouting for joy," noun of action from past participle stem of iubilare "to let out whoops, shout for joy" (see jubilant).


jubilant (adj.) Look up jubilant at

1660s (Milton), from Latin iubilantem (nominative iubilans), present participle of iubilare "to let out whoops," in Christian writers, "to shout for joy," related to iubilum "wild shout," from Proto-Italic *iu, an exclamation of joy that probably was in Proto-Indo-European (cognates: Greek iu, an interjection of amazement, iuge "crying;" Middle High German ju, juch, an exclamation of joy; Dutch juichen, Old Norse yla, English yowl). With ending as in sibilant. Related: Jubilantly.


Ecumenical (click here)


Should we allow a pope or anyone else to dictate to us what’s most important on any given day?


Theme for the 2017 World Day for Social Communications


Is this not a very example of the “numbness of consciousness” of which he speaks in this article? And what is he saying—even though humanity has forgotten you in your time of need, has shunned their responsibility of serving God by serving people in need, it’s ok, because God is with you? Why isn’t he using his authority and money to actually make the world a better place for people?


Do you want this form of “unity”?:


224 - That All May Be One / Total Onslaught - Walter Veith


The video discusses in detail the Vatican’s move toward their definition of ecumenicalism and actions that have been taken. Their movement toward “unity” is extremely complex, diabolical, and deceptive. The bottom line is that it is shifting all power to the Vatican, but doing so under the radar in ways that very few people really see what they are doing. After all, there are positive benefits to ecumenicalism…and we are confronted once again with the importance of epistemology. Joe covers epistemology throughout this book, so we will cover it in greater depth as we work our way through the book. The power rests with those who define terms, meanings, and knowledge and here we have an example of power being grabbed in highly obfuscated ways.


It is confusing! Where is the narrow path we must walk here? I can’t define it. All I know is this requires much greater study so that we can take informed actions before we lose all of our freedoms under dictates of Rome.


In his bricolage book, Joe brings out this issue of “ecumenicalism,” mentioning it three times in the special reading assignment he had given me before he passed over. Thus, I know the understanding of this is of utmost importance, so I hope you (as will I) spend some time studying it to gain a greater understanding. The “we are all one” New Age mantra is a part of this agenda being uncovered. But people latch onto such mantras without really thinking about what they mean in reality.


What did Joe say about ecumenicalism? These next three quotes come from his book Rigour and Complexity in Educational Research: Conceptualizing the Bricolage:


“Attention to the ecumenicalism of the bricolage’s concern both with multiple perspectives and with symbiotic hermeneutics’ focus on relationships connecting such diverse viewpoints profoundly changes the work of the disciplines” (p. 63)


His focus is not that we are all one, but that our identities are formed through our interconnections and relationships (i.e. in relation to/in reaction to). On pages 63-70 he discusses this in different contexts and then extends his discussion to how it applies to interdisciplinary research and why this is important.


“To use the cliché, the relationships are greater than the sum of the parts. As bricoleurs [researchers] explore these dynamics they connect the ecological and the ecumenical to the critical” (p. 64).


It requires critical complex bricolage research to even have a chance of understanding the complexity of the “ecumenical problem,” a type of problem that is so complex that environmental scientists have developed the term “wicked problem” to characterize them.


He then gets into discussing the environmental problems, as an example where symbiotic [relational] hermeneutics needs to be applied. He writes:


“Around the globe people are hungry for a more responsible, smarter, science. Obviously, the ecumenical spirit of the bricolage can help physicists, biologists, chemists, engineers, geologists, and other physical scientists gain broader perspectives on the nature of their research activities” (p. 65)


The focus is not to bring these areas together per se, but rather to study their interrelationships, connections, and the hidden dimensions between them. If we just blindly bring them together, we will not move knowledge forward. We will end up with something akin to New Age religion—a syncretism of watered down, mixed up ideas: “the amalgamation or attempted amalgamation of different religions, cultures, or schools of thought.” [Oxford Dictionary online]. It applies to religion and science alike.

In the above quote, we can replace science with religion and the various scientists with different religious denominations. We can study the interconnections between various religions for greater understanding; Joe recommends comparative religion whereby we critically analyze religions and such interconnections. But what it appears the Catholic Church/the Vatican is doing to the public through their promotion of their form of the ecumenicalism movement (which they are NOT a member of by the way: to be a member would undermine their authority as the sole religion), is that they are creating a New Age syncretic religion to thoroughly confuse and misalign people….but it’s ok, they have the “answer” everybody needs and will attempt to suck everyone right in. Thus, it is the Hegelian dialectic in action that we are witnessing for the purpose of the greatest power grab in history.


Introduction: Why study Hegel?

"...the State 'has the supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the State... for the right of the world spirit is above all special privileges.'" Author/historian William Shirer, quoting Georg Hegel in his The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1959, page 144)

In 1847 the London Communist League (Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) used Hegel's theory of the dialectic to back up their economic theory of communism. Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

Hegel's dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. Every time we fight for or defend against an ideology we are playing a necessary role in Marx and Engels' grand design to advance humanity into a dictatorship of the proletariat. The synthetic Hegelian solution to all these conflicts can't be introduced unless we all take a side that will advance the agenda. The Marxist's global agenda is moving along at breakneck speed. The only way to completely stop the privacy invasions, expanding domestic police powers, land grabs, insane wars against inanimate objects (and transient verbs), covert actions, and outright assaults on individual liberty, is to step outside the dialectic. This releases us from the limitations of controlled and guided thought.

Read More here:


Note that when we argue a particular position within this dialectic weapon being used against us, we are playing right into their hands. It is interesting to note that Joe recommends that we take “tentative” positions toward issues and stay open to gathering more information. This act alone will aid us in escaping any given dialectical box. It’s an interesting exercise to write about ALL sides of an issue (as many as possible)—which is essentially what bricolage is asking us to do by getting multiple interdisciplinary perspectives.


Thus, what are we doing here, by reading and studying Joe’s book, is that we are learning to step outside the numerous Hegelian Dialectic boxes that comprise the matrix we are all part of. In this way, we are breaking free from the matrix. And one way to do that effectively is to do exactly what Joe expresses in this current paragraph we are reading. We must take seriously what APPEARS to be mundane all around us, examining things critically; look for those connections between seemingly unrelated parts of the matrix (the hidden connections), the ecumenical relationships. The Vatican, which is run by the Jesuits have us looking at ecumenicalism in the wrong direction and in the wrong ways. We best get informed and do more research about the issue of the “Holy See.”


I conclude this lesson with this quotation from the paragraph under study here: “My notion of critical pedagogy combines these concerns with the effort to produce the most mind expanding, life changing education possible” (p. 7).


I hope my work on this website and in these lessons meets and exceeds his expectations.


Activity: With that in mind, research the practice of jubilation using the concepts presented in this lesson. What kind of jubilation would you like to partake of for 2017—the Vatican’s or some more mind expanding, life changing jubilation? I know my choice.


For further study:


Watch Total Onslaught Series - 36 videos







LESSON 28: Sunday, January 1, 2017 Or is it 2020? (Paragraphs 23-28)


It has been brought to my attention during my studies that the years are off by three years, thus, this year is actually 2020. [See:].  Maybe we can entertain that thought….perhaps we can override dominant power’s designation of the year being 2017 and consider that this is the year to attain 20:20 vision……it is time for all the sleepy dreamers to wake up.


If this is true, maybe this video I had been guided to has more significance than I first realized. Are you singing the song of jubilation? (true jubilation, not the Pope’


Earth's Final Warning - Total Onslaught - Walter Veith

What are your thoughts?


We are studying today paragraph 23, which is the second paragraph of this section Joe calls “Getting Started: Studying Knowledge and Its Production.”  We will cover through to Paragraph 27 on page 8. As a cross-reference, Paragraph 23 is the first complete paragraph down the page on page 7. Yes, we are moving very slowly through Joe’s book. It is something I have chosen to do so that people can learn to relish his every word and contemplate what it all really means for them—and importantly, for the entire world. We will come to his bold statement eventually in this book in which he says this book will change the world. And once this book begins to change the world (I predict it will become a bestseller) then people will realize the amazing application his other books have to their lives and to the future of this planet. They will change how they learn, educate, teach, run their businesses, treat each other—literally everything will change.


Speaking of changes, for my New Year I am going to try growing my own salads. I love salad, but even vegetables that you buy at the supermarket are loaded with toxins. I hope by growing them myself, inside, that the exposure to toxins can be minimized (we do still have chemtrails that rain down who knows what—testing has shown aluminum, which is not a good thing). So I ordered some nonGMO seeds and we will see if Eros will work his magic on vegetables like he has on the roses. It should be great fun…and result in some delicious fresh salads, hopefully every day! (Next, I will try growing my favorite fruit—strawberries!)


In this paragraph, Paragraph 23, Joe continues to discuss how education and the sciences are currently taught via set procedures. For example, teachers are taught that there are proven “best practices” that will work universally and their curriculum is based on standards that must apply to everyone. This is all based on the false notion that “the world is viewed as a mechanical entity that is governed by fixed and discernable laws.” The point is that every situation is so different that this mindset is doomed to fail. We need only look around us to see how drastically it has failed, but it is a success for “dominant power’s goal of social regulation,” he points out in paragraph 25.


What are your thoughts about the issues Joe raises in these paragraphs (23-25)?


Should we have greater academic freedom as teachers and as learners?


What are the advantages of this greater academic freedom?


What are the disadvantages of this greater academic freedom?


What, precisely, is restricting us? (standards/procedures/expectations/etc.—be specific).


Write about some examples whereby your teaching and/or learning was strictly procedural, script reading, or formulaic. How did you feel about it? Was it effective? What would you wish to change?


Have you tried “best practices” as a teacher? Experienced them as a student? How did it work out for you?


Does education seem “antidemocratic” to you? What would you change?


Joe makes the statement, “The antidemocratic actions of such standardized education policies threaten the academic freedom of teachers around the world. This threat is not an unintended side effect of such strategies but a celebrated tactic of dominant power’s goal of social regulation” (p.7)


How have you experienced this social regulation as a student? As a teacher? And how has it helped and/or harmed your education process?


Who is this dominant power? In what directions are current social regulations being pushed? Do you like this? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?


Read Paragraphs 26-27. What is Joe’s main point in these paragraphs? Do you relate? Write about some examples in your own learning and/or teaching during which your particular, unique situation did not fit in the prescribed boxes or established processes/procedures. Was there a way to step outside the established processes, or did you have to jump through multiple hoops? What were the hoops? Did you persist or did you give up?


Where education is heading if we don’t stand up and make changes:


The UN & the Occult Agenda - Total Onslaught - Walter Veith



NEW YEAR, BIG TROUBLE—Disturbing United Nations Plan That’ll Make You Mad As Hell!


Are you confused? So am I; it’s exactly where they want us! But THEY, “dominant power” has the perfect solutions, right? What we are witnessing in the above contrasting positions is just one of the intertwining Hegelian dialectics. They both hold truths and ideas that look good on the surface. Do we go with the United Nations and their move toward unity, oneness, and essentially “noneness” through fundamentalism imposed on the people? Or do we go with the Christian fundamentalism presented—again it has some good ideas and yet it’s what Joe advises we avoid adopting: “new boss same as the old boss” (p. 193).


I think this is a good place to clarify what we should aim for if we don’t want to fall into fundamentalist traps that usurp our freedoms. Joe expounds (note that FIDUROD, which we will get to later, is an acronym signifying the attributes of knowledge production as it’s currently practiced in most circles—click on the link for a summary):



I am not interested in our notion of a critical complex epistemology simply turning FIDUROD on its head and maintaining that all knowledge FIDUROD produced was false and all knowledge the new epistemology constructs is true.


If this were the case, then a critical complex epistemology would simply become the new oppressor. Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss. The point here is that we want to avoid fundamentalisms at all costs—whether they are positivist/ FIDURODian universal truths or Islamic, Hindu, Judaic, or Christian orthodoxies. In this multilogical epistemological pluriverse the border epistemology that is created views itself as an agent of connection that builds trading zones for multiple forms of knowledge. Here many social worlds and representations of social worlds mingle in a borderland pedagogical space, where diversity is central but obviously not the only value mutually embraced. Make no mistake, this is a critical space in which the nature of oppression is studied. It is a praxiological space where action based on such study emerges to stop subjugation and the human suffering that accompanies it.



Because all perspectives contain positive attributes mixed in with negative, harmful, and power-based attributes, using a critical analysis becomes hyper-important. He reiterates the goal: we must stop using, or be complicit in using, knowledge, no matter what its form to subjugate and cause suffering. But this can be a both a confusing and daunting task…given the sickly state of current knowledge that is force-fed upon the public. Confusing, because consider what we are fed, as an example, of what constitutes “political correctness” and what should offend us or others. So often people are offended by things that are caused by their misaligned belief systems. We are not advocating walking on eggshells here. People need to reexamine their beliefs and certainly not take offense just because someone else considers alternative beliefs. What does Joe mean here by “praxiological space?” Clearly, he is advocating actions, but how do we determine those actions? How do we create just solutions that alleviate suffering? By studying issues without sacrificing depth or breadth, we can gain a greater understanding that compels us to act in consort with “higher knowledge.” Honestly, until you get in there and begin the complex tasks and the sincere heart-felt effort required, it may be difficult to relate to this, in particular with the ways we intersect with hidden dimensions. Actions bring out those hidden aspects—both negative and positive in some intriguing ways. I have often had interventions before I even realized some problem was manifesting….it’s very interesting how this works. My blogs describe some of these often magical incidents and there are many more yet to discuss.


Finally, in Paragraph 28, Joe sums up this section of his book, and he succinctly puts forth the purpose of this book. What is that purpose? What is his “central concern”? Do you possess a complicit consciousness that in whole or in part tends to “accede to the needs of dominant power”? In what ways? In what ways would you wish to change to be noncompliant or less compliant? Do you clearly see who that dominant power is and the structure that’s been built to support maintenance of their power? Who are the “people in power” who enforce compliance in your situation? Who is above them? Can you take your issues “to the top” to enact change? Make a list of things that people could do differently, whether is education or dealing with something in their daily lives, that would lead to change. This can center on any social issue that’s important to you. Share your ideas with others.


Perhaps that might be a first step, a resolution for this N.E.W. Year, 2020 where we are promoting 20:20 vision.


Activity: Do a comparative analysis between the two perspectives presented in this lesson—between the Christian religious perspective as presented by Walter Veith and the United Nation’s One World religion.


Resources: How to write a comparative analysis  (if this link breaks, do a search on google or googlescholar).



LESSON 29: Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Concluding the Section: “Getting Started: Studying Knowledge and Its Production, Paragraph 28)

It truly is fascinating how the cosmos works. It (and our Great Teachers, if we are connected) seem to provide us with the exact lessons we need exactly when we need them. I like to call it “just-in-time Learning.” Thus, for today’s lesson, and to conclude this particular section, “Getting Started: Studying Knowledge and Its Production,” in Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, I will cover in extensive and excruciating detail a particular “lesson” in the politics of knowledge that was handed down to me from the cosmos. It provides an example of how knowledge gets produced in the education domain by particular “insiders” and how they implement their closed door socially constructed ideologies. I am only going to cover a couple of notable issues, but feel free to extend this analysis to academic publishing in general and the inherent flaws in how they produce knowledge and how they influence minds/consciousness, in particular in education.

You can read the specific example I’m referring to (my first “reaction,” one might say, along with an update, WWJD?—what would Joe do? What does Joe say?) here:

The Black Rose Black Raspberry Award for TRUE LIES Plus WWJD?

In this current analysis, I will show just one example of how we might apply Joe’s theory to, first of all, gain a deeper understanding on how this sort of “knowledge” comes to be produced, and secondly, to examine the ramifications of this for learners in general. In other words, who really benefits by the approaches they use and in what ways are learners, especially disenfranchised learners who are not members of their elite group, disadvantaged and even over-powered? I know this is a bold statement toward a discipline that is supposed to be fighting for “social justice,” but if you do not understand how “critical pedagogy” has been devised, infiltrated, and manipulated for nefarious purposes, then you may wish to go back and review the previous lessons in this course that cover that. And never restrict your seeking to just this course. I strongly urge people to do deeper and wider research as I have done. I just can’t put it all here and I also know you will be guided to exactly what you need to know for your own particular and unique learning. Please keep in mind that I am NOT saying that everyone (or anyone in particular) in critical pedagogy is nefarious…and that’s the whole point. We are not aware of how our minds have been programmed.


This ties in perfectly with the last paragraph of the section we are studying in Joe’s book, Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction. As you read and study this example I discuss, it is important to consider Joe’s concluding comments:


To achieve excellence in education teachers must know more and get more help in learning more. Here rests the purpose of this book: to explore the nature of knowledge production, its certification as worthy of being included in the curriculum, and the view of teachers, students, and the world in general such knowledge promotes. A critical understanding of the ways power shapes knowledge and the role such certified knowledge plays in constructing forms of consciousness that accede to the needs of dominant power is my central concern here (p. 8)


The citation highlights why it’s so important for teachers to examine their belief and worldview systems; they are compelling students to adopt their perspectives. It seems particularly deceptive to adopt a banner such as “critical pedagogy” or “critical thinking” and then define the very foundation of that system as anything but love. Before that can happen, though, people really need to know what love is…saying it is love does not make it love, as this example I have been guided to demonstrates. I do not claim to hold all of the answers. I am still learning and I do know that Joe can teach us so much about love—what he has labeled “radical love.”


Say What? “Joe did not write about radical love”?


So where do we even begin to analyze this huge gaffe in a journal that proclaims Joe did not write about radical love? The first thing that comes to mind, for those who want to write about Joe and his work, you MUST READ JOE’S WORK (You must listen). It’s also important to know that he is somewhat like a portal to God’s love—in other words, Joe and his work is a full embodiment of DIVINE LOVE. It’s rather strange, but when I was working with Joe, and even after he left the planet, I felt that he was much like Jesus. I KNEW he was not Jesus, he just seemed like Jesus in some inexplicable way. Of course, now I realize that he had completely figured out the teachings of Jesus and he followed “The Way,” the path that Jesus has put out for us, but very few people truly understand. The difference between Joe and Jesus is that Jesus was the embodiment of God. He was totally blameless, pure, and did not sin. Joe, of course, is a man. He is not the embodiment of God, but he has reached a state of love and purity that is available to us all if we follow the gospel as lined out by Jesus. And let me stress, it is a gospel lined out by Jesus, not a path lined out by fundamentalist Christianity. This is such an important distinction. And it’s so confusing (and has purposely been made that way) that I am still trying to differentiate between the two, myself. Well, Joe had it figured out. The distinction highlights why we must sort ideologies in the ways Joe is teaching us, using powerful analytical techniques, seeking far and wide for perspectives that provide glimmers of knowledge. We must ask probing questions and become true investigative journalists. Where do our beliefs come from? Who do they benefit? How are they harmful? What is the dominant power that promotes this belief? He has asked us to counter Thanatos, death cult-driven motives with Eros love, life-giving motives.


Thus, when we view Joe’s work and interpret it, we will always be off the mark if we do not factor in DIVINE LOVE (aka Radical Love). But he makes this very clear in his own work, if one reads it. Love, the most powerful, overarching form of love possible, forms the very FRAMEWORK of all of his writing. In Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, he labeled that love as Eros to highlight its contrast with the dominating aura of this planet at this time, Thanatos, or the “death instinct.” Unfortunately, most people in this era of Babylon continue to interpret Eros as being sexual love. The reality is that Eros consists of ALL FORMS OF LOVE….it embraces them all, a point I attempted to make in the first lesson of this course. People really need to wrap their minds around this fact and then they won’t make the grotesque mistake the author of the article, “Enactivating Radical Love” had made, and assume that Joe did not write about radical love or make the unsubstantiated claim he was referring to “Agape love.” Once again, the knowledge producers have watered down and fettered with the meaning of Joe’s philosophical work.


The truth is Joe detested the designation of agape love as it is enacted in both education and the churches of today in contrast to agape love actually presented in the Bible. What did he say about this?


political fundamentalist Christians have co-opted popular culture and corporate marketing to sell their politico-religious belief structures and the macho warrior Jesus in lieu of the agape-grounded, peace loving Jesus with whom many are more familiar. When Jesus becomes a figure employed to justify pre-emptive war, especially in the Middle East, something serious is going down.  (Discussion forum, Submitted by Joe Kincheloe on Sat, 06/07/2008 - 13:24)


For this next entry, I have included extra text to provide context. In his answer to my question, he has provided more information on agape love. In the education community, the “Talking Heads” (the elite who have the power to make such decisions) selected agape love to incorporate into the educational process because it’s watered down and, as a consequence, it has become meaningless (the historical context is briefly discussed in my dissertation). Agape love, as Joe indicates, has become in practice, “anti-love,” the justification for war, even.


Bricolage and Postformalism

Sun, 06/15/2008 - 17:31 — Vanessa Paradis

I am trying to gain a greater understanding bricolage and postformalism. Would seeking commonalities between religions as I mentioned above, for the purpose (and this is the key) of honoring and respecting differences and all that this entails, fall under postformalism? I can understand we should not seek similarities simply for the sake of finding something in common between cultures and how doing so would easily lead to conflict because it stays at a superficial level or may be manipulative or have an ulterior motive. Instead, one might seek similarities for connections in order to exchange greater understandings, knowledge, and solutions to shared problems. There have been some successful resolutions to complex environmental problems using this as an approach for decision-making. I wonder what makes this process successful and what makes it fail (because it does fail, as well).

Peace & Love,


Vanessa, you raise so many great issues

Sun, 06/15/2008 - 22:34 — Joe Kincheloe

Joe Kincheloe's picture



As always you raise so many good questions and make so many good observations. In both of your responses you ask questions that require much thought and insight. So, I'll make this response short but will continue with more later. The political fundamentalism that I reference is such a grotesque perversion of agape and the notion of love laid out in the New Testament. Critical pedagogy finds its roots in liberation theology. The way I found Paulo to begin with was in an undergraduate religion class I was required to take where I discovered liberation theology in South America. Though that study I encountered this educator named Paulo Freire. I couldn't believe that someone was thinking some of the same thoughts I was thinking about schools. In many ways critical pedagogy is liberation theology in an educational context.


I think you are exactly right when you refer to the backlash against the excesses of the political fundamentalists. No doubt there are a lot of people in the U.S. right now (millions) who are shocked and profoundly frightened by the fascistic tendencies of their rapture politics. It will be tough, but I think that this backlash may defeat the Republicans in November--unless they can come up with another issue to effectively scare and divide the public.


And, also, yes, the idea that there is one true way of understanding theology, the universe, or anything else always scares me. Certainty (a characteristic of positivism) always ends dialogue and the possibility of learning from difference. I think this is as true in education, cognition, research, as it is in theology.

So, we are now ready, just as you already know, to talk about bricolage and postformalism. I'll continue on with these topics in my next response. Again, thanks so much for your valuable contributions to the site. I'm looking forward to reading your blog and well as your continuing comments on the other bloggers. Many thanks.

With respect and solidarity,



Joe L. Kincheloe
Canada Research Chair in Critical Pedagogy
Faculty of Education
McGill University



At some point, I would like to do a study of how liberation theology fits into Joe’s philosophy. What aspects has he incorporated? What aspects has he omitted? What little I’ve been exposed to liberation theology, it seems to offer great hope and practical solutions for the problems in the world. Joe only incorporates the BEST ideas from all concepts he has incorporated into his complex critical pedagogy.




I am not biased, lol. Seriously, I may be biased, but I do base my conclusion on research and my own personal experiences. Of course, it should go without saying that Joe totally redefined critical pedagogy (which we will study in greater detail in the next lesson). Please review the previous lessons in this course about the history of critical pedagogy. The history I have presented is only the tip of the iceberg, so if you are really interested in critical pedagogy, I strongly urge you to do more research.


This next video lays out the overarching Jesuit-controlled plan, some of the originators of the type of social sciences research that led to critical pedagogy. Keep in mind that this information has probably also been released by the Jesuits (sometimes referred to as “controlled release” and their presenters as “controlled opposition”). They WANT us to know certain things, but they also want to use this controlled release of information to further control us. It often forms their various Hegelian dialectics. Thus, there is heavy indoctrination in this video mixed in with truths. You need to learn to sort the two. The fact that Walter Veith actually recommends Hilary Clinton, in my view, is a BIG RED FLAG. It seems hypocritical and diabolical, and there are other things in his presentations that emit the same aura…but still, he has done impressive research, thus provides a good source of historical context. We can learn much from his videos, and especially if we follow up with additional research.


All Together Now - One Two Three, by Walter Veith


Well, next time we get to the heart of Joe’s work—HIS version of critical pedagogy. It is very different. He is one of God’s 144,000 chosen ones. He sings a different song.

Will you be able to understand it? Will you be able to sing along?


Well, this has been an interesting lesson. I thank my teachers for always providing me “teachable moments” that correspond precisely with what we are covering in the textbook. It really is amazing how they are able to pull that off the way they do…still trying to understand it.


As I have conveyed, this Great Year of 2017 (or is it 2020?) will be spent with continuing lessons that center on this book. Will we get to the end of the book by the end of the year? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is for sure: Joe’s teachings will take me (and anyone following along) to higher levels of consciousness and greater understandings. And they will inevitably bring me even closer to him, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit of Divine Love, and to God. Call it religion if you wish and turn away. But I call it science and learning about the true nature of our existence and creation.

LESSON 30: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Moving Forward: What Is Critical Pedagogy? Paragraph 29)



Now that the truth is settled (see the last lesson): Joe DID, INDEED write and philosophize about “Radical Love,” despite what the certified educators conclude…and the proof is in our new title that has been handed down to us from the Higher Ups, “Masters of the Love Domain” (see Venus Speaks, January 3, 2017).


Do you ever feel like this entire earth experience is one big virtual reality game and the object of the game (like most games) is to keep getting to higher and higher levels? There are, of course, many people who put forth that idea and in a variety of ways, even claiming we are in a hologram. But what I don’t get is why very few people have figured out what the rules of the game really are if you want to get to the top. They keep making up their own rules that take them to the lowest level, and their goal seems to be to take as many people with them as they can. It’s futile. The power is at the top of the hierarchy and the source is “Radical Love,” as Joe has so patiently and vociferously tried to teach us through his work.


Well, Joe had it figured out and it’s all in his work, so you are in the right place if you want to move up the hierarchy of love…and maybe even become a “Master of the Love Domain,” too. The Love Domain is infinite so there is no limit to how many people can be members.


While it’s ok to entertain the thought that it’s a game, I do advise you not to carry it too far…because, in reality, it is NOT “just a game.” It is more like a totally ingenious plan of an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Creator. It is only total ignorance that makes people think they even stand a chance of competing against him, and yet most of the people in the world do so; most of the people in the world are ignorant of truth. And then there are those evil ones who, instead of using their intelligence to win at the game, they use it to try and compete with God, attempting to copy his creations, his processes, his magic. So you must become very adept and knowing the difference between what God has created versus what the imposters create if you want to avoid the traps and pitfalls.


Thus, the object is not to compete with the Creator of this “game,” but rather to allow his love to infiltrate us, guide us, teach us, and love us….then we no longer have to guess about our path to the top. The more love we allow in, the more freedom we have to follow our heart’s desires and the more the natural flow of the universe streams in our favor (I base this on observation of my own personal experiences) and our every footstep is guided in the right direction.  


It’s a game; it’s not a game; it’s both a game and not a game; it’s something far grander that we cannot even imagine. These are ideas that are very interesting to explore, but the main point is that we must learn to not break the rules if we want the best outcome for ourselves and for others. In fact, the best outcome will be bestowed upon us if we don’t even worry too much about ourselves (God will take care of us) and worry more about alleviating the suffering of other people in the world. The best reward, which is Radical Love to the max, comes when you first of all have FAITH, accept GRACE, and then you will be gifted with the ability to take actions to alleviate suffering; secondly, when you share the truth of this knowledge as demonstrated in your own life it sets up an amazing feedback loop that increases the magic in your life. It can be initiated slowly…you can allow a little of that love to enter and guide your life and you will see some small results. But you will soon learn that the more love you allow in, the more distraught you feel over the suffering in the world, the more you want to do to assuage that suffering, the more love will enter your heart and soul. It’s that same type of “feedback loop” that will occur once you start doing bricolage research the way Joe has lined out—using a multidimensional critical complex process. This means getting perspectives from every nook and cranny. It can be hard work. It can be upsetting work. But this task must be undertaken if you are going to gain the depth and breadth of understanding to move up the levels of this “earth game.”


Speaking of earth game, I had a funny dream related to this prospect of planet earth being just a game. Back on my “home planet” (Heaven?) there was a contest for people to come up with the best commercial for “The Earth Game.” You have to understand: We don’t have a need for televisions there, but we practice all kinds of skills in our education processes to understand social relations and cultures throughout the cosmos…so this dream makes more sense with that background knowledge. Joe and I are married on this “Home planet” and we participated in the contest, which is not really competitive in the way earthlings view competition. It’s very hard to explain…people just do not get jealous there, but rather they enjoy the process of coming up with great ideas, no matter who happens to come up with them. Everyone wins, ultimately, and so contests are viewed as great fun, not competitions. At any rate, Joe and I won this particular contest. In our commercial we were getting a divorce (practicing earth traditions, lol) and we were arguing over who gets to keep the Earth Game because we both loved it too much to give it up. So there’s a video of us arguing over the game, and the game is pictured much like a board game up above our heads in the commercial, titled “The Earth Game” on the box. At the end of the commercial we finally decided that neither of us could give up The Earth Game, so we decided not to get divorced after all. We “made up” and hugged and kissed…lol. The Earth Game kept us together.


In a way, this was what our mission has been about, to prove our love, but that’s a very long story for another time. It may very well be why some of the other divine couples are here—it is a test of their love. If this is true, it’s all the more reason you will want to know what the true rules of the game are so that you can get to the higher levels of “the game.”


How do we do this? Well, I am biased, but with all honesty, I do believe that Joe is the one who has lined this out for us the best with his version of “Critical Pedagogy.” Thus, it behooves us to spend great time and effort learning just what his version consists of.


Thus, today we begin the section in his book, “What is Critical Pedagogy?” and we will cover the first paragraph (paragraph 29 in the consecutive numbering, which is on page 8).


He states right up front that it is “complex” and even though he would like to provide a “brief and compelling” explanation, it is a difficult (perhaps impossible) expectation…it’s just not possible, in other words. Thus, please do plan to spend time on this. I will provide some resources that I found helpful to quickly understand certain aspects; you will need to do your own research as you allow your guides/teachers/intuition/interests to guide you.


In brief, in order to successfully apply Joe’s form of critical pedagogy, we must seek knowledge far and wide. I often hear that breadth of learning sacrifices depth, but this does not have to be true if we focus on the right kinds of learning. In fact, it’s simply not acceptable from Joe’s perspective. He often recommends that we use two curriculums—we learn (or teach, if we are teachers) the standard curriculum but AT THE SAME TIME we have a second curriculum that appeals to our passionate interests and takes us far outside the confines of the certified curriculum. (He had given me this advice in a personal email back in 2008).


Thus, in this paragraph, he has a VERY LONG LIST of topics we need to learn about. As an activity, list each of these areas and write a brief summary of what you know about them. Where did you acquire your knowledge? Where might you inquire for additional knowledge and perspectives from people with personal experience?


Traditional critical pedagogy has a tendency to be “inbred knowledge.” By that I mean, critical pedagogues have formed cliques and various groups and they all use their own language and you must be a part of the group and do things “their way,” or it’s the “hi-way.” I took the HIGH WAY…by following Joe’s lead. I do not play by the rules of their games. (Joe tried to the best he could, but his purpose was different than mine: he had to drop off his amazing work where is could do the most good; my purpose is to show what’s possible if you break all of the defunct rules).

For indeed, his work will take you to the higher levels of the game I mentioned earlier (higher consciousness).


Well this is a start. Add to all of these very important areas and gaining divergent perspectives about them, the additional requirement that we also tackle this knowledge seeking in a cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary manner. And note that Joe has ended the paragraph with a call to action…his form of critical pedagogy requires real, tangible action.


What follows next are some videos that have us looking at a multitude of issues critical pedagogy confronts (i.e. that we all confront). I have tried to select videos that represent the hidden power that gets addressed with Joe’s form of critical pedagogy which requires presenting different views from those we typically are taught. If you are a “critical pedagogue” (and even if you are not) you may be shocked about what is presented in some of these videos versus what you have learned or taught in the classroom, or maybe even what you currently teach, if you are a teacher. It does come across as a battle between good and evil…does it have to be? I can say unequivocally that it does not have to be, but for now it is what it is. As you listen to these videos, consider some of the questions I have listed. Make a list of other questions that come up for you and then research them. Also, it is important to identify the presenter’s biases and ideologies. This gets easier the more you practice it. You may have to do additional research on the presenter of the information and their connections to other people and organizations to get a better picture. If they are hiding certain aspects about themselves, there are probably reasons. And some presenters may not be completely honest.


1)    Mark Passio Why Satanists Are Not Afraid Of God


What do you think about Mark’s explanation here? Do you think “natural law” is as simplistic as he has outlined? Will those who deceive others into doing the evil deeds ultimately get away with it? What are other explanations for how the “controllers” continue to get away with what they do? What does this tell us about being blind order followers? Are we culpable if we take evil actions even when someone else gives us orders? How about if we are ignorant of how our actions are evil or contribute to evil purposes?


It is clear that according to Joe’s philosophy we ARE culpable and it behooves us to do the work and research needed so that we can take informed actions….but it goes even further. As I have learned, we need to build connections to the higher dimensions, higher consciousness, for that is where we gain access to greater power (“radical love” and knowledge. This can manifest in many ways, which have been discussed in my blogs. In fact, it has manifested in some very creative and magical ways… When I look back at my own path, however, it did begin just as Joe recommends here—with working toward a highly inter/multidisciplinary knowledge. I have studied both the arts and the sciences; the social and the technical.  This provides implications for how we should be “doing” education even in preschool and elementary school.


2)    Mark Passio - De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult


This video highlights the oppositional forces that Joe’s work has been developed to help us counter. In the video Mark makes it clear that it is much more complex than simply saying this or that group is evil or good, which supports the reasons Joe has addressed complexity and multidimensional knowledges within his philosophy. It supports Joe’s recommendation that we need to research far and wide. How does Mark define occultism? What’s the difference between dark and light occultism? What institutions have the dark occultists infiltrated? Have they infiltrated education? What is their purpose and how do they accomplish that purpose? How might we use their process of “compartmentalization” for the advantage of making changes in the world? For example, say that three different people in an organization oversee three different aspects of a process and you want to make changes to the process so that it operates more justly? What do you need to do? What if you don’t know exactly how a process has been compartmentalized? What questions do you need to ask to find out who does what? I actually had an experience in which I had to contact multiple people. I found that none of them knew what the other were doing, but the result of contacting them was that they began communicating with each other, which served to break down the function of the compartmentalization. What organization that you deal with, or have dealt with in which you might you take such an approach to initiate changes? What does Mark say is the “true Great Work? Can you see how Joe’s work might fit this designation? How does Mark define Satanism? What satanic beliefs do you ascribe to? What is involution? How does Satanism work against the evolution of consciousness? What was Mark’s personal experience with Satanism? What occupations do members of Satanism work in? How might their satanic ideology influence their work and those who are subjected to their work? Have you personally observed what Mark refers to as Satanic ideology in your place of work? What are the four major overarching tenets of Satanism, according to Mark? Do you practice any of the tenets? Describe. What are the differences between “dark” and “light” Luceriferianism? Is this not another Hegelian Dialectic trap? How about the “battle” between the “light” and the “dark” or “good” and “evil”?—is it not another dialectic? How does Mark define “magic” versus “sorcery” in this video? Mark contends that karma is very real. In my own life and in my observations of other people, I have seen karma work relatively quickly. What do you think about karma? Have you seen evidence of it? Does it guide your life in any way? Discuss. Who is the most culpable to the effects of natural law and karma, “order-givers” or “order-followers?” Why might this be true? Examine your life and work. In what areas do you play the roles of “order-giver” and “order-follower?” Do you ever violate ethics in these roles?


How much do you ascribe to the tenets of “Mini-Me Satanism” (aka Societal Satanism)?:

1)   Live only for yourself. Are you primarily concerned about you and/or just your immediate family and friends? Do you violate ethics or natural laws to ensure that your needs are met first and foremost?

2)   Moral relativism. Do you believe that violating ethics or moral laws are right under certain conditions?

3)   Social Darwinism. Survival of the fittest.

4)   Eugenics. Do you believe the world is “overpopulated”? That deaths, birth restrictions, and genetic manipulation over certain members of the global population is justified?


How do we “quit the cult?” Do some research on the concept of Repentance. This is actually a very powerful natural law, not a “religion” whereby you can go confess and are automatically forgiven. When one is truly repentant for the mistakes made and at the same time takes steps, or even make vows to begin changing their actions, it can truly change life around for the better. Here is a link to additional information about the law of repentance:



What are some ways we can we transcend the “good” and “evil” dialectic and other dialectics without falling into the traps of moral relativism, solipsism, fear, confusion, chaos, and control? What does Mark suggest? How does he practice what he preaches? How do Joe’s processes as expressed in his volumes of works (his multidimensional critical complex hermeneutics/pedagogy/epistemology/etc.) provide ways out of the hermeneutic circle? What do we need to do? Think about these things as you study Joe’s work, even if you do not for the moment know the answers.



Finally, I love this quote from Mark in the video. Yes, this is exactly what Joe has helped me discover:


1)    “The universe is not a prison because it is governed by natural law. The universe is a paradise because it is governed by natural law.” Mark Passio - De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult


Here is another video by Mark Passio and I present it for several reasons. First it challenges what most of us believe or have been taught to believe about the feminist movement. And secondly, it is one of the most powerful forces right now in our society that has been put in operation by the satanic power wielders to dissolve social structure and set us all against each other. It is so powerful that I have been violently verbally attacked for bringing up some of these issues and even banned from social network sites. Yes, it is ingrained within people, in particular, women, to be violent to fight for their misaligned beliefs over what constitutes equality and freedom. It’s sad that women actually believe they are fighting for rights when in reality, this movement, as it is in operation today, is devised to strip them and their men and their children of being fully human. I don’t necessarily agree with absolutely everything Mark presents—we are ALL still learning and we need more research in this area, as with most areas that are coming to our awareness—but I commend him and support him 100% for being brave enough to present these truths about what’s happening and what the consequences will be if we continue along this road.


2)    Mark Passio - The Unholy Feminine - Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda - Part 1 of 2


What do you believe about the feminist movement? Where have you learned this? What is the purpose of “the Gender War” according to Mark? What is the difference between genetics and epigenetics? What do you believe about genetics? Do our genetics dictate our abilities, or is there an interaction between genes and the environment, thus providing us potential that we may not currently be expressing? What does Joe’s philosophy seem to lean toward? How do epigenetics relate to Joe’s synthesis of the concept of enactivism? Why do you think he’s teaching us to use our greater potential? Is there also the sad reality that most people simply will not take it upon themselves to do the work necessary? How about you? Are you willing to put forth the effort to expand your knowledge?


With what single, but important aspect does Mark define the “Authentic Woman/Spiritual Alpha Female” and the “Authentic Man/Spiritual Alpha Male” and differentiate them from “Inauthentic” Females and Males? What implication does this provide for the importance of the “political” dimension of critical pedagogy? What is it ultimately about?


Could there be other explanations for women being statistically far greater consumers (i.e. buyers of material goods) besides the conclusion that they consume that much more than men as represented by the statistics (as Mark argues)?


Mark blames some of the issues between men and women on a group called the Anunnaki. What real evidence do we have that 9-foot-tall Anunnaki lived and ruled on this planet and that they developed the religious, political, and educational systems of today? What evidence is it their fault that women statistically prefer men 6 feet tall or taller? And what evidence is there that women “inbred” with these “beings” as he claims? Something tells me that this is a bizarre, concocted story. I do base this on evidence: interpretations of Sumerian and the Biblical texts, setting aside Sitchin’s fabrications and considering the fact that there does seem to be a conspiracy to make us believe these horrible and evil “aliens” are coming back to take over the planet to destroy us somehow, along with their planet that might not be a planet, called Nibiru or the Destroyer or some other name. I want real proof of their contentions, which so many people believe that they repeat it all over the Internet, much in the same way the lies about what twin flames are get repeated. When information is allowed to be repeated over and over again, it’s usually for a purpose. Besides, Joe says humans created knowledge, not aliens (p. 227 of Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction). I believe Joe because he did his homework and then some. What is the satanist mindset, according to Mark? How entrenched are you and the people you associate with entrenched in those values?


What are some other points Mark makes in the video that you agree with? What are some you don’t agree with? Discuss.


In this next segment, below, Mark discusses the concept of dialectics and the way it is used. For critical pedagogues, this becomes an important concept to understand more deeply in order to analyze how they are using dialectics. In the last lesson, it was brought out that the authors of the journal articles allegedly focusing on Joe’s work, contend that dialectics are the appropriate means of engaging in discussions and “radical listening” to be used as a teaching process (getting students to engage in dialectical discussions for learning). After listening to Mark’s presentation, what are some precautions in order if they use this approach? How do, or don’t their procedures address these precautions? Have they developed workable procedures? If people have already bought into false dialectics, how can productive discussion take place? How can discussions be guided out of the hermeneutic circle or otherwise nonproductive discussions?


Dialectic Manipulation


What solutions has Mark presented in this next video? Which are actions you would consider taking?


Mark Passio - The Unholy Feminine - Neo-Feminism & The Satanic Epi-Eugenics Agenda - Part 2 of 2



Overall, how does Mark’s presentation challenge your current beliefs? Which aspects of his presentation do you agree with? Which ones don’t you agree with? Why? Do some additional research on the history and agenda of the women’s movement. Has your belief system changed?


Are YOU really awake?


The following is the link to Mark Passio’s many videos. Select some if they interest you to watch. His work will change the way you think about many things.


3)   What On Earth Is Happening



Activity: After watching some of Mark Passio’s videos, consider how certain beliefs he holds may still boost dark agenda. I am in no way saying that he, himself promotes the agenda; he does not. However, it must always be remembered that we are ALL complicit in some way. It requires deeper and deeper analysis to break free more and more until at some point maybe we can break free entirely. If we can learn to identify how beliefs may be harmful within others we can also identify and change them within ourselves. We must examine how we are biased. Joe puts it like this:


We must all kneel at the epistemological alter and confess our subjectivity, the idiosyncrasy of our perspective, the shortcomings of our knowledge. Without such epistemological supplication to our students, our readers, our fellow cultural workers, critical educators will be caught in the bear trap of the vanguard intellectual, the man with the answers, the expert, the arrogant being who calls for an abstract notion of equality, but who treats those below him or her on the status ladder as the unworthy. Professing new perspectives, not truth, humble criticalists work toward social justice and the elimination of human suffering. Such critical scholar-teachers are mindful that any interpretations they might offer are tenuous because they don’t have access to the long view of history, knowledge of yet unidentified patterns of which they are unconsciously a part, and the power influences of which they are unaware. (Knowledge and Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction, p. 236)


Please remember that as I present perspectives, interpretations, and knowledge, I do hold to this philosophy. As Joe also tells us in this book, humanity is only at the very early stages of knowledge production. To date, we have totally botched it. We create ugly, evil knowledge that causes suffering, for the most part, and people fall for it like slaughtered sheep. If we truly want to move forward, we must realize how tenuous our “knowing” really is. We must come to realize how our ignorance has been used against us in some evil, diabolical, egocentric, greedy, selfish ways….we must move beyond that. In my view, this is a wonderful position to be in because there are so many amazing things to research/explore and to learn about. There is so much GOOD that has been hidden from us. Exploring the lies and evil, actually give us clues about the good.


Another Perspective: From Victim to Master (Bruce Lipton: Reprogramming Your Subconsious)


Well, I have provided just a few examples of avenues to pursue deeper and just a few of the types of questions we need to ask. You really have to do your own work….go where Spirit guides you….if you can connect to Spirit.


I was just handed down this beautiful song….enjoy your journey.


Send Me an Angel - Scorpions lyrics




Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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