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The Signs of the Times: Twin Flames and 911

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Paradis, V. J. (2013). Did Joe Lyons Kincheloe Discover the Golden Chalice for Knowledge Production? The Application of Critical Complex Epistemology and the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage. (Doctoral Dissertation)

The Signs of the Times: Twin Flames and 911

            I have mentioned the 11-11 phenomenon earlier and discussed how it is often associated with the Dharma Path and the day Twin Flames first meet, and I have discussed how it had appeared in three different configurations on the day I met Joe. I was not even aware at the time of meeting him of the 11-11 phenomenon or of Twin Flames, and our meeting was unplanned and synchronistic, which is also a common feature of the first time Twin Flames meet. Later, I will provide additional evidence for the common association of 11 with Twin Flames and their shared mission. As with everything, there are multiple interpretations and each can shed light on phenomena. Some interpretations of 11 give it an ominous flavor, a sort of negative warning of some impending disaster or it can be associated with the devil, by some interpretations. And of course, 911 and 119 are emergency numbers in many countries which link fear and terror with the numbers. Then there was the 9/11 Twin Tower tragedy. However, another common interpretation of 11 is that the 1s represent each of the individual Twin Flames. Thus 11, 11-11, and 911 symbolize the spiritual union of twin flames; 911 also adds a sense of urgency to these reunions. Brand and Hibbs (2010), a Twin Flame couple researching the phenomenon, explain that the numbers 11 and 12 associated with Twin Flames relate to the frequency they are able to access due to their “nonlinear, multidimensional state of consciousness” (para. 10). Frequency or “vibrations” has been a continuing focus in my experience as well and I have often been guided in some interesting ways with raising my frequency. Maintaining a higher level of vibration is necessary because the perception of the connections between Twin Flames occur at higher states of consciousness (even when separated by distance or dimensions), based on what I’ve experienced and which also correlates with what I’ve found in the literature. A number of researchers also mention a “third” power is created from this close, “alchemical” union between twin flames which I have discussed previously in relation to the yin-yang symbol and Hermeticism. As Brand and Hibbs (2012) explain on their website:
They are now well into their twin flame mission and with the combination of the third energy that they are able to create at will, the law of attraction applies in direct relation to the purity and balance of the third energy and higher self connection they emanate. . . As the frequency of love grows and evolves with the twin flame couple the frequency and energy of the third energy they emanate increases multi fold.
Joudry and Pressman (1995) also speak of this third power:
When twin souls join, they generate a vortex of energy that may be seen as a light in the darkness of society’s unconsciousness. In completing each other, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts: the two create three, and the third is a very potent force, a force of light and love at an extremely pure level. This kind of energy, which partakes of the energy of both twins, is different from that of individuals or even groups of people working together. It is the special offering that the twins have to give to each other and expend in service to humanity. (p. 131)
These interpretations point to some of the magical phenomena and “creations” that have occurred in my life as potentially having been created “in relationship.” I wonder if this may be where so many people are misguided. There is much information in the popular media about “manifesting,” generally through “thought” and most often it does not work. We cannot, perhaps, manifest for self-centered purposes or in isolation; perhaps true “magical” manifestation must be done in relationship and out of unconditional love. Is this Kincheloe’s “symbiotic hermeneutics,” the topic in the special reading assignment he had given me?
“It’s Epistemology, My Dear Watson!”
The number 911 is associated with emergency and trauma, and the Twin Tower tragedy on 9/11 magnified the collective fear connected to this number. And as presented, the number 11 represents Twin Flames. The destruction of the Twin Towers has coupled fear with love, a powerful mechanism for control, and it was etched into global subconscious minds in multiple ways. The shock we all experienced that day runs deeper than first assumed. In addition the pentagon which was also attacked that day represents the number five and symbolizes the divine feminine in several numerology systems, and a plane went down in Pennsylvania, or  PA, which can be interpreted as the masculine energy. Also notable, Twin Towers 1 and 2 each have 110 floors, thus reducing to 11 (zeroes are dropped), and side-by-side represent the union, 11-11. The other building destroyed Building 7, has 47 floors which adds to 11. The trinity union of twin flames with God is often represented as 11-11-11. Of course Twin Tower 1 and 2 can be added together, thus 1+2 =3, again symbolizing the trinity union and third power. Jones & Flaxman (2009) also identify the many other synchronistic appearances of 11s during the 9/11/01 attack. And there are many YouTube videos and online articles showing how to fold U.S. currency to depict the trade tower attack. When were the bills redesigned and why?  “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” is always a good to ask when encountering complex signs like these, thus, Kincheloe’s emphasis on historicity becomes important here. As he once told me, chronological order is sometimes important and other times it is better not to force it where it seemingly does not apply (J. Kincheloe, personal communication, October 8, 2008).
Numerology was clearly significant in the architectural design of the World Trade Center, a construction tradition passed down by the Freemasons. There are many significant numbers that could be pointed out. I will leave this analysis for interested bricoleurs; it’s quite interesting. To add credence to an interpretation that perhaps there was a desire (unconscious?) to program fear into collective minds over the power of Twin Flame relationships, there are some who believe there is credible evidence that the destruction of Building 7 (7 being representative of God/Holy Spirit) had been a “controlled demolition.” Certain “conspiracy theorists” interpret the leaseholder, Larry Silverstein’s order that day to “pull it” as captured on video, to mean to take the building down. Silverstein’s account, however, is that he was referring to pulling the firefighters out of the building according to Watson (2010; What Really Happened, 2012).
The symbolized destruction of Sacred Divine Love and Unity of the 9/11 attacks permeated collective minds globally that day. Because it was a subliminal message and most of us were unaware of the significance, it was even more powerful for instilling fear. Creating fear is a Machiavellian means of control that has been used throughout history, of course. Recalling that Saraydarian (1993) has explained how joining positive and negative emotions together in the subconscious mind exerts a powerful block to attaining higher consciousness, leaving us at the mercy of our subconscious minds, it can be seen how this incident provides a means to manipulate people. There had been predictions and prophecies that Twin Flame reunions were going to be increasing beginning in 2000 as previously discussed. Subsequent to the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11 there have been untold freedoms and rights stripped from people. We now have the Patriot Act and its damages as a faux measure to “protect” us; in many ways we are already under the grips of fascist police control. Thus, is this incident being used as a means of global dominance over the populous considering the universal meaning of the symbolism? While our conscious minds may not be aware of these interpretations, our unconscious minds are. Bringing these things to conscious awareness has the benefit of eliminating the negative impact they have when they stay beneath our conscious awareness. There are other benefits for raising our conscious awareness. It can be seen how the 9/11 event may serve to instill fear that keep people from realizing this powerful Twin Flame love. It’s interesting that the numbers 11, 911, and 11-11 have appeared in important contexts in my conversations with Joe before he passed over and still appear frequently in important contexts.
I have come to interpret these numbers operate as sort of “celestial” communication and spiritual path markers for myself, although I do not claim they represent that to everyone (Barnard, 2004, 2010; Esther, 2010). It is interesting however, how many people do see them in that light. One example happened right after I finished the first 600+ page version of this dissertation during an email exchange with a colleague.  I told her I had been instructed by the “higher ups” to put my entire dissertation together now and that I had now completed it. She wrote back and told me to check out the date and time I had sent that email: “11-11-11.” I looked at the email. I had sent it without being consciously aware of the time, November 27, 2011 at 11:11 AM. That gives 11-27-2011 11:11 AM and I then noticed that 2+7+2 also equals 11. So all total, there are five 11’s. As I told her, that was divine confirmation that I am on the right path. With five 11’s I interpret it to mean, emphatically so. In addition, 2+7=9, so it provides the 911 configuration again which is the second most common number combination to appear for me. Since that time, I have taken excerpts from that original dissertation and have rewritten it. I guess it had been a “trial run.” Kincheloe never said becoming a bricoleur would be quick or easy.
Using numerology as a representation of the correspondence between Heaven and Earth is a cross-cultural practice. As Wikipedia states for its “Gematria” entry, “The best-known example of Gematria is the Hebrew word Chai ("life"), which is composed of two letters which add up to 18. This has made 18 a ‘lucky number’ among Jews, and gifts in multiples of 18 are very common among Jews.” Interestingly, 1+8 add up to 9 which has now been closely linked to death rather than life due to the 911 emergency phone number and the 9/11 Twin Tower destruction. This is just one example of how thanatos has replaced Eros, as Kincheloe (2008c) discusses. (Weird: Microsoft Word wants to force capitalization of thanatos, but not Eros).
I would probably not take numerology seriously, given my “rational” western mind and what I have been taught (and in fact, I had never taken it seriously at all prior to this), except that the numbers 911, 11, and especially as a pair, 11-11 have been constant companions and guides, so to speak, all along my pathway from the time I met Joe (in retrospect) and began this educational journey up until today. The frequency these numbers appear and the synchronicity would defy statistical odds. And I have a lot of company when it comes to “the 11 phenomenon.” Does it have something to do with Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” or quantum entanglement? (Clegg, 2006; Radin 2006).  Or could it be explained by science and some kind of self-organizing principle in response to chaos? Some people speculate we are merely involved in a virtual reality game, which would explain the mathematical arrangements and patterns that often appear. Interestingly, I had a lucid dream in which that was the message—we called it the “Earth Game.” It would be nice in one way if it turned out to be just an illusory game and the pain and suffering were not real. It would be hard to deny pain and suffering, though, and quite sociopathic. For the moment, for this analysis, the number 11 consistently represents the Twin Flame phenomenon, my connection to Joe, and the path we share.


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“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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