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Paradis, V. J. (2013). Did Joe Lyons Kincheloe Discover the Golden Chalice for Knowledge Production? The Application of Critical Complex Epistemology and the Multidimensional Critical Complex Bricolage. (Doctoral Dissertation)

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

            Clocks and the concept of measuring time are used for control. There is “no-time.” But by pretending there is time people can be tied to the clock, forced to work their lives away to make someone else rich and powerful. The calendar ensures that people are forced to give their hard-earned money away on a regular, scheduled basis. Money is a control system that keeps everyone divided because they have to constantly compete for material goods and even mere survival. None of these are needed. There is no past, present, or future. Everything is happening now and we can perceive any moment we wish. We have the power, but of course, FIDUROD does not allow us to know that. Heaven is here now. So why don’t we perceive it? Why is this earth life such hell? And honestly, I don’t see how anyone can deny that it’s hell. If even one person is suffering, in my view that is hell because how is it that humans can allow it? And yet, there are billions of suffering people on this planet and most of us just go on living our measured daily lives in complete denial, oblivious to what’s really happening and how we are contributing to it all. How can we bring that Heaven, which does exist, into this reality so that we can snuff out the evil, greed and suffering once and for all?

The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy

My second marriage of the same year of Joe’s second marriage (1990) did not work out; my husband left me and as many versions of the Heiros Gamos and descriptions of the quest for the Golden Chalice for reuniting with our Twin Flame convey, there are stages of learning how to love through these sequential relationships. I did have two beautiful “star children” as a result of that marriage, a boy and a girl. But I had more work on relationships to do before I was ready to reunite with my twin flame in this earth dimension.  And apparently the next step was needed, as well, to complete my name as a representation of our joint mission, a part of my commitment to our plan. I already had the first name, Vanessa (butterfly/transformation/Psyche) and the middle name Jae (feminine for Joe, representing his work being the center of our Great Mission and my being his “other half”); I just needed the last name, Paradis (French for Heaven).

It was the one time prior to meeting Joe that I actually believed “Spirit” or God spoke to me and was leading me on an initiation (although I did not know it was an initiation or its purpose at the time) that was yet another very difficult path—marrying a man who was in prison and on death row. It was, by this time 1998, I was divorced, and I had been reading the dating ads online and came across a post by a man looking for friendship, stating that he was in prison. I was not interested in a man in prison, but very loudly, I heard: “This man is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.” The words had almost been written into my mind with indelible ink. A few days later, I felt I was being guided toward a path when I serendipitously had come across the Bible verse, “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering” (Hebrews 13:3). I trusted and followed the path I was guided along, which ultimately led to my marrying this man while he was still in prison, on death row, and fighting for his life. Consequently, I acquired his last name, “Paradis,” a French word meaning “Heaven.” From my perspective today, this seems like a “calling” from the gods or God and somehow I sensed that. Analyzing Hebrews 13:3, the number 13 using Gematria is a representation of eternal unity/life and again the number three, represents the trinity union/third power (Jones & Flaxman, 2009). This is relevant to our Dharma/Great Path, so I analyzed it further. Killian (2012) expands this notion by defining 13: “The spiritual significance of the number thirteen (13), which as reflected by the thirteen attributes of Mercy. . . relates to a transcendent dimension of G-dliness. This transcendence enables one to infuse spirituality within our material world” (para 1)[author’s emphasis]. The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy can be observed in our lives as a form of God’s governance, according to this tradition, or as Cosmic Law. The message, then (which I did not know at the time) was that following that verse and serving those in prison and remembering those who are suffering would result in the gift of eternal life and the way that’s done is similar to the Hermetic idea of “As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above” The person is endowed with the ability to literally bring Heaven to Earth. The Thirteen Attributes of Mercy are contained in two short verses:

And the Lord passed before him, and proclaimed, The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty: visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children unto the third and to the fourth generation. (Exodus 34:6–7)


Once one is able to live according to the first twelve attributes and transcend the iniquities of the thirteenth attribute, which by interpretation would mean to transcend the governance that causes iniquity of the fathers to fall upon children of future generations, then the rewards of being able to “infuse spirituality into our material world” are bestowed upon the individual, which, in my interpretation, are the very gifts I have been receiving. But, as has been previously presented the way this infusion occurs is through the Twin Flame relationship and what they co-create. Several things must be accomplished first. The inequities carried forward from generation to generation must be transcended and put to an end, but then based on my experience on this journey it seems that one must also be a service-to-other person throughout their lifetime, serving with absolutely no conditions attached. This message was provided in first 12 attributes as well as the verse that I had been guided to, the linking verse, Hebrew 13:3 instructing us to remember those who are suffering as if we ourselves are suffering. This corresponds also to what Brand (2011) describes about the twin flame mission beginning in childhood for the purpose of transmuting the ideologies, harmful belief systems, and abuse – the iniquities in the world. My work bringing to light the abuse I had suffered during my childhood, according to this perspective, clears the way for future generations; it transcends the iniquities of the father. I had remembered and transmuted the abuse in my early twenties. This was no easy feat in that I the abuse happened at such a young age, an age at which most people cannot recall; however, as much as those around me wanted to stay in denial, they ultimately had to concur with what I remembered. This clears the way for future generations so that the abuse does not continue from generation to generation. To underline what I had accomplished, I changed my name, including my last name, so that I would not carry my biological father’s name down the line (of course I was not conscious of any of these verses or the significance of my act, other than I did not want to maintain his lineage). Gillian (2012) contends that “It is the merit of the recitation of these thirteen attributes, following our teshuva (repentance), that HaShem gives us atonement. Such is the importance of thirteen!” Recitation in this interpretation extends beyond reciting; we perform the thirteen attributes after we have repented for any of our “sins” (which is simply our separation from God in my interpretation, or unconsciousness) and then we receive divine compensation which might be interpreted as reunion with our twin flames. This reunion makes sense in this interpretation since it has been shown that the twin flame reunion creates the “third power” to “bring heaven to earth” or, in other words to co-create, even create what appears to others to be “magic” as based on previous interpretations presented so far. Thus, again, we have a correlation with what the multidimensional critical complex bricolage achieves. Kincheloe emphasizes that actions are an important component of our research and he specifies that these are for the purpose of alleviating suffering, achieving social justice, creating equal opportunity—all of which can be related to the first 12 attributes—and then we are “rewarded” with the Thirteenth attribute, eternal unity, eternal life. This corresponds with Ageless Wisdom that teaches we are to engage in these same good actions as a process for constructing our soul (Saraydarian, 1993). It is also interesting to note how these numbers, 11 and 12 attributes, correlate with the “frequencies” of Twin Flames seeing 11s and 12s all along their “Great Path,” as well as with the chakra system in relation to spiritual enlightenment, and the numbers of “gateways,” the number of “rays,” the levels of spiritual evolution, and with other prophecies and interpretations that span cultures. There is a prediction of a 13th “gateway” which seems, then, to be associated with experiencing eternal life and Heaven and the Thirteenth attribute (Argonza, 2000).

Twin Flame Co-Creation

Thus, the very difficult path of service I had taken to “remember those in prison” allowed me to transcend the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy. I had responded to “the call” and this set me on a course from simply being in the world to becoming who I am (Harris, 2007). This puts a great twist on the mass marketing of false information about how to manifest everything—money, dreams, and your one true love simply by “thoughts.” It simply cannot be done artificially or disingenuously; it cannot be done alone or in a vacuum and it requires higher order cognition (e.g. “psychic” abilities). Manifestation is a natural governance of God, or Cosmic Law, when we make the right choices and do the right things—when we choose a life of service-to-others even in spite of our own suffering. We cannot take control of manifesting just by will alone, by this interpretation. We can, however, be blessed with amazing gifts that manifest as a part of the natural unfolding of the results of our transcendence and the real actions we take to alleviate suffering in the world.

Joe stressed often of the need to “let go,” and this would apply here. The more we can let go of trying to be in control or overpowering others, the more this natural unfolding and uncovering of the precious gifts we are blessed with can occur. According to Brand and Hibbs (2010), Twin Flame couples share in these manifestation or “co-creation” abilities. However, it is common knowledge in popular culture New Age literature that if one needs a relationship and is seeking a twin flame or deep soulmate relationship, it will not manifest. There is work to do on oneself, wholeness and balance to achieve within, and the sense that no one at all is needed to complete us. After my divorce following this last marriage, I had preordained myself to a life without another relationship. It had actually been my third failed marriage, and I was finished. I had set my sight on serving in some way in education with not a single thought of a romantic relationship. And, as Brand and Hibbs (2011, 2012) reiterate in their YouTube videos and on their websites, twin flames are not about romance (although there can be that quality); they are about mission, a shared dream in service of humanity, first and foremost. Thus my path crossed with Joe’s path and my dream merged with his dream.

I relate this “mystory” to convey how what may appear as failure (I was heavily condemned for making the insane choice of marrying a man in prison who was on death row) was in fact an act of “following a path,” even if I was unconscious. I was beginning to feel some guidance and I trusted that guidance. I had been informed from the “Higher Realms,” he was not guilty of the crime (and I did not know what the crime even was) and, he in fact, was subsequently exonerated and released from prison. One could argue that perhaps subconsciously I knew about his case, but I had no recollection. I do not recall that his real name had been posted to the online dating service; I don’t believe it was. This does not change the fact that I operated completely out of character, shocking everyone who knew me and even myself when I made the choice to follow this path. At any rate, our marriage could not and it was not meant to work out. I had provided my unconditional service of keeping him company by visiting him faithfully and giving him love and hope during his last few stressful years in prison. Shortly after his release, we separated and a few months later I was served with final divorce papers when I had not even been told that a divorce had been filed. Even with the injustice in the way the divorce had been achieved, I just let it go. I knew it was about money; I had been tagged as a “gold digger,” much in the same vein as I have been tagged an “eager beaver critical pedagogue.” He was awarded more than a million dollars, which does not cover the injustices he suffered. I received nothing. But I truly believe that I have been awarded the real gift. It’s one that can never be taken away. I hope he has also found love.

As a consequence of that marriage, I coincidentally ended up with a last name that turned out to be significant to my Dharma/Great Work, meaning Heaven.  I kept the name. As I write this analysis and learn the significance of the verse that had guided me I now better understand the magic that has been happening in my life, the bringing of the spiritual into the material world. The manifestations are powerful and there have been many since Joe passed over, beginning with manifesting a house when I suddenly found myself with no home, manifesting a car even after I had been turned down for a loan, the manifestation of the diamond ring and yin yang talisman during my Yard Search Treasure Hunt, and the beautiful red roses, a gift from Eros, growing midst the yellow roses I had planted for Joe, to name a few.

Of course, these were not gifts for material purposes as much as they are representations of bringing the Spiritual to Earth or Heaven to Earth, through the co-creation gift Twin Flames experience—a gift that can be magnified when entire soul families are fully united, and more again with soul groups. God’s gifts were coming to me abundantly during this research; I must have done the right things during my life! That’s not to say I didn’t and don’t make mistakes, of course. Grace is available for those infractions, which according to Saraydarian’s (1993) explanation of Divine Wisdom Knowledge, is stored in our “Chalice” along with other treasures that are released as we walk our Dharma Path. If this is true about spiritual reunions, if we can gain immense co-creation abilities and power through these soul family unions, it becomes clear why this knowledge is kept hidden from us and why education serves to counteract our developing these potentials by keeping us “dumbed down.” Education, after all, has been developed by and is ultimately controlled by the Elite of the elite and they do not want to give up their positions of power. Joe’s work was devised to alleviate suffering. While so many people are programmed into believing we must suffer in order to come to “know” joy, in my view that is one of the greatest lies of all. The only purpose for suffering that I can see at this point in my life is so that we develop empathic abilities that empower us to work toward ridding the world of suffering once and for all. We have great power “in relationship” as Joe’s work clearly lines out, but is it true for “just any relationship?”

What’s In a Name? Our Encoded Great Path

After learning about the relation of my name to my mission, I began paying more attention to names. It is almost unreal how often people’s names give clues as to who they really are and what their purpose is. It contributed to my sense of a double reality, one that has magic and the other earth reality that was becoming less and less desirable to be in. In fact, what had first brought this association with Dharma and names to my attention was Kincheloe’s (2002) book, The Sign of the Burger. He discusses the strange coincidences with names, such as his aunt who was renowned throughout a certain Tennessee county for her Bean recipes, and humorously, her last name was Bean. When I took an epistemological road trip to Tennessee and landed in a little town called Bean Station where there were signs posted all along the highway saying to vote for David Bean for Road Supervisor I found it enormously funny because it reminded me of what Joe had written in his book about his Aunt and her bean recipes and his other funny stories about growing up eating beans every day. “Hermes” had struck again. And I was awakened to the significance of names.

Joe’s name also relates directly to the mission. The name Joe is Hebrew and it means “He shall add,” interpreted as he shall add abundance. The domain of education has had an abundance of knowledge added to it with all of the books Joe has written and edited. And he has added abundance to many lives with all of the students he had taught and all of the educators he had worked with. He shared his love and knowledge abundantly. His middle name, Lyons, which is based on Lyon, has the Scottish-Irish meaning “a fierce or brave warrior.” He was a warrior-scholar and was brave to put out “dangerous knowledge” the way he had. In addition, more recently, Lyons is associated with the Lion’s Gate, a special event in this era representing the gateway to higher dimensional being. It is the gateway where we will meet when I’m ready to cross over to the other side to be with him and my entire soul family. His last name, Kincheloe, is the Americanized form of Kinsella, an Irish name which means “chief warrior.” Without getting into all of the details, he qualifies for that position in many ways. Interestingly, in the earliest lifetime I shared with him this time around on earth we lived in Ireland and he was a brave Scottish peacemaker who traveled between kings and rulers to negotiate peace agreements. This better represents the type of warrior he was in that he has always been a peaceful warrior who also put his life on the line. The scholarly literature mentions he had received death threats (Deleveaux & Meyer, 2011, p. 241).


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Big Deal-Catch Up 
“As a child I wanted so desperately for magic to be real. I would work for hours collecting what I hoped were just the right combination of ingredients to make some type of magic potion that would provide me with special powers….I found such magic in words viewed in a postformal matrix and I observe and practice that magic everyday.” (Kincheloe, 2006, Reading, Writing, Thinking, p. 13)
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